The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, July 20, 1899, Page 6, Image 6

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Has Never Entered a Foot
Government Land
No Oriiuiul rir the SriiKHllitiuil
Mml 1y Tim New VnrU Trllmiir Wlilrh
Ml tlmt ntT l 10000
Arm 1nilrr tlio ltrmirilr Art
FrnmBMuriliir Hllys
Tho rujHirt Murtwl some thno no that
Ita Siimtor Win V Allen of MimIIboii
mw ninkliiK cxtonstvo entries of land
-under tho now reservoir act pnKscrt by
thu lutu confin m has 1hoii revived in tilt
oiwt and 1r beliiK circulated uxtoiiRivoly
The Kew York TribnnoH WiihliliiRton
correspondent wan tlio latest to pick tho
mntter up nnd other papers hnvo pub
lished the dispatch in full Tlio report
Mates that Mr Allen hiw entered nbout
10000 acres under tho net which wns
championed by him uud Senator Pottl
Krowof South Dakota Tho Tribune
Inst end of bnyhiR cattlo nnd koIukio
fomo convenient spot for his riuioh nnd
digging n reservoir for his own nud tlio
public good Mr Allen has simply on
tered tho land and will control it if some
other enterprising cattlo raiser wishes to
graze cnttlo thereon Nobody can grazo
cnttlo on theso tracts without tho con
Kut of tho one who ontorod them and
jiot being nblo to grazo their cattlo tho
reservoirs would bo useless to them
oven if built
In nu Interview Mr Hormauu of tho
land commissioners ollleo says ho falls
to see wlmt Mr Allen Is driving nt and
states thnt reports of tho ontrioB had
-reached hiB ollleo but that no papers had
lxeu received nud would not bo until
the ex seuntor niado linal proof
Theso roports are in lluo with those
in tho State Journal several weoks ngo
JVt thnt time Mr Allen denied in a col
umn artlolo tho allegations nud tho
Journal retracted Us statements later
developments having disclosed that it
-was an Omaha roal estate agent by tho
jinmo of Allen who had mado tho entries
for othor parties
In an interview with Tin Nuws in
formaut Mr Allon stated that he never
entered a foot of government laud In
his life aud would make a present of
f 1H to nuy person who could find his
name in connection with nuy govern
ment land deal Ho also stated that ho
had never been in a governmont laud
ollleo but ouco in his life and that visit
was not mado for tho purposo of enter
ing land
All tho laud Mr Allon owns ho hns
paid good hard earned dollars for This
property is near Oakdalo aud wns owned
by him and John S Robinson in
Ho hns recently purchased his
partners interest and wns compolled to
borrow tho money to pay for it
Tho following dispatches wero sent by
Mr Allen todny in denial of his alleged
connection with tho reservoir laud
Madison Neb July 15 Hon Bin
der Hermann Commissioner General
Lacd Otlico Washington D O Your
vjstatemeut that I have entered govern
ment land under tho reservoir or any
other act of congress 1b a falsehood and
I demand that you retract it I never
entered a foot of government laud in my
life Wm V Allkn
Madison Nob July 15 To The New
York Tribune Your statemont that I
have entered public lands under tho res
ervoir act is a Mat falsehood I novcr
entered a foot of goverment land in my
life I ask you to retract the state
ment Wm V Allkn
Madison Neb July 15 To Associ
ated Press Washington D O See
and publish dispatch this day sent Bin
der Hermann of the land oflfo
Wm V Allkv
The News goes into this article at
come length believing that an injustioe
of large moment not founded on u scrap
of fact has been done Mr Allen Tho
large dailies of tomorrow will probably
contain a denial of tho Tribune report
which will be no more than the
just dues
It is said by those who know the
country where the laud is clnimod to
liave been entered that even if the sen
ator had made such a transaction tho
entire body of laud to which ho would
have acquired title would bo worth but
-little more than a corner lot in a good
hustling village so that at tho worst
thu rumor would be but small grounds
iox complaint
The name of the party makiug tho
deal and that of Kx Senator Allen nro
tho only excuse for tho stnrting of tho
report and might easily mislead n cor
respondent who was uot cueful as to
Imposition Au Assured Mui pss
The Greater America exposition in
successful operation at Omahn is mak
ing a good record in spite of the difficul
ties it bos had to overcome Lute ad
vices to this paper state that Omaha is
entirely uuited in its support Every
available foot of space for exhibits has
been taken aud most of them are in
stalled The Cuban and Hawaiian vil
Jages are ready for inspoctiou The
Filipinos will be here next week
-Pains fireworks the Indian congress
the War exhibit and scores of other spe
cial features can be seen daily The
night sceue on the lagoon surpasses in
brilliant beauty anything ever 6eeu of
its kind The Midway is good but the
big 6how is in the inuin tenr
fituxgeon is the piano man
rrnrrrilliiRN nf MrrtltiK Urrpntly llrlil
lly llifi County IIiiiIk IIIIU
Madipon Nobr July 0 I81II 1 p m
Bonrd of county commissioners mot
pursuant to adjournment A O John
son 11 W Winter and John J Hughes
On motion tho minutes of lnht meet
ing wore real nud approved oxcopt thnt
tlio clerk was directed to add to tho ad
journment clause tho words and to
transact such othor busiuoM ns may come
boforo tho board
On motion tho claim of the Cauton
Bridgo Co for one half tho cost of steel
bridgo across tho Northfork of tho Elk
horn river on Stanton county lino was
allowed nt l0
Thomatterof tho coutity road peti
tioned for by Henry Borchors and others
commencing at thu northwost corner of
section ii township 2l north rango II
west of Oth P M running thonco cast
-I miles to township lino road running
north nud south botwoou Highland nud
Battlo Creek townships wns taken up
A romoustranco signed by Mrs Bridget
Ollnro and others wns ou motion re
jeoted Tlio aforesaid petition wns
granted nnd allowed and tho county
clork diroctod to plat aud record tho
road ub provided by law
Claims for damages aud services on
filo wero audited as follows
Bridget Ollnro for I ucros of land
making now woll moving pump and
wind mill nud moving 110 rods of fence
nmount claimed lt was allowod aB
For -1 ncres of land 100 Moving
lOOrodsofwirofeuco ifTi Total 105 As
to moving pump nnd wind mill tho board
hold that it is unnecessary and that tho
same could remain without inconvon
ionco to olthor party houcouo allowance
was made thorofor
Henry Borchors claimed for 6 acreB of
land 150 Was allowod 50 whioh
was applied on personal tax aud Carl
Wildo county treasurer allowed an or
der for Baid tax to tho said amount of
Balscr Werner claimed for 2 acroa of
laud 50 which was rejected on account
of evidonco that tho road through his
laud has been open nnd used by tho pub
lic for a period excocdiug ten years
Jacob Holy claimed for 1 aero of land
15 said claim was rejected on account
of establishment by user
Carl Poannor having filed no claim
appeared in person aud stated that ho
would donate tho road through his land
aud upon demand of tho board oxoouted
a written declaration to that effect
Fred Neuwerk aud others beside those
abovo mentioned owning lauds along
said line of road had entered no claims
for damages aud tho board boiug advised
by Messrs Carl Poauner and S K War
rick that tho said land ownors hnvo con
sented to tho establishment without and
free of chargo no further damages wore
W H Lowe special viewer 2 days
and 25 miles 050 applied on personal
Carl Wilde county treasurer account
tax W H Lowe 350
A J Thatch surveying -1 days 1000
J S Curtis assisting surveyor 4
days and 18 miles 080 appraisers fee
and mileage 1180 total 1160
Tim Kennedy appraisers fee and
mileage 380 Icbb personal tax 170
balance 210
Carl Wilde county treasurer account
tax Tim Kennedy 170
J A Wilson appraisers fee and
mileage 880 applied on personal tax
Carl Wilde county treasurer account
tax J A Wilson 380
Philip Beck serving uotices on land
owners 1 50
R D Scott publishing road notices
750 was included in January settle
Ou motion board adjourned for supper
aud met at 7 10 p m
On motion J F Neidig was appointed
road overseer of district No 24 Union
On motion claims were allowed as fol
H W Winter freight on scrapers
H W Winter cash paid for piling
Gust Kuul janitor s salary for June
W Whitla correcting assessors bookB
aud assisting board of equalization
L W Lyou operating county grader
O W Cruni couuty superintendent
salary for Juno etc 12085
State Journal compauy record book
and supplies 1840
Perkins Bros Co supplies 11155
E G Heilmau couuty clerk salary
as clerk of the board for quarter ending
Juno SO 10000
J O Osboru one Hereford bull
15000 less personal tax 10 55 balance
Ul 45
Carl Wilde couuty treasurer account
tax J O Osboru 1808 1055
G W Box groceries for relief of sick
paupers 900 applied on personal tax
Curl Wilde county treasurer uccouut
tax G W Box 000
M Schafer meat for puuner 2 00
T O Waruer 6 wolf scalps 10 00
S H Thatch assisting county sur
veyor in surveying Redman and E E
Low roads 000
11 K Becker mattresses nnd glass
for jail 1010
Jno W Warrick lumber for bridges
Wm Pnrktiisou sundries for court
houso 955
Carl Asmns groceries for sick pnu
pers 1200
Davo Persons grading 8150
John II Hulf stationary and print
ing 1715
R Briiickmnu Son wnll paper nnd
paint for jail 1500 less personal tnx
1185 hnlancof181
Cnrl Wildo county tronsuror account
tax Briuckmau Sou 1185
Times Tribune printing county lusti
tuto notice programs etc 800
Contract with and ofllcinl botid of
M O Wngor superintendent of couuty
poor farm was received and snid bond
on motion approved
Tho quarterly report of M O Wngor
superintendent of tho couuty poor farm
was received ordored placed on filo aud
published with proceedings Uoport
To Tho Honorable Board of Couuty
Commissioners of Madison County No
braska Gontlemen I horowlth run
dor my report for quarter ending July 1
Wo hnvo now sovon Inmates towit
Poto Shopard Anton Toyorl John Cada
Jacob BanBiuun Th Pollock Mrs
Boguo nud Miss Holou Fuuduui
Tho laBt namod camo on July 1st aud
boggod pormissiou to stay claiming
thnt her folks had kicked hor out nud
sho hud uo plnco to stay Although she
had no order for admission wo allowed
her to stay awaiting instructions from
Tho crops growing this year nro ns fol
lows Corn 0 acres outs 20 acres
potatoes i acres
Tho grass is heavy aud will bo ready
to cut in about n week As tho mead
ows aro very wot and none of the in
mates uro able to pitch hay I am some
what porploxed as to how wo aro going
to havo it put up It scorns necossary to
proouro a stacker of somo kind aud
would like to hoar from yon in the prem
During tho last quarter wo havo sold
butter to tho amount of 3015 eggs
000 total 4581 Sold milk to the
creamery from Juno 12 to July 1 8100
pounds Sold hay sinco last report as
follows H F Hoath 2 loads 500
B Werner 4 loads 1100 H Rickeu
berg 0 tons 2700 A W Lintlcum
4 tons 1000 nnd i tons 1800 total
Cash ou hand per last report 10
Collootion from John Ott 80 00
From sales of hay 71 00
Other collections 0 72
110 82
John Ott 104 bu corn s 25c 20 00
Threshers bill 10 12
Hired man 15 00
Hired girl 20 00
Steel range and freight M 05
Advertising hay 2 85
110 82
Tho following claims wore incurred
and are unpaid Allowed by board
and subject to doliuquent persoual taxes
Chas Ulrich meats 785
W B Fuerst balance on groceries
M L Thompson balance 120
White Drug compauy oils etc 805
L B Bakor seed oats 1001
L F Mens milk caus etc 1240
J Severa balance on merchandise
108 applied on personal tax
F Ruzik meats and sausage 520
J S Braisher collar pads etc 80c
Huusen Reavis blacksmithlug 10c
applied on personal tax of D J Reavis
H Miller Lumber company coal
Wm Young horse collar etc 375
O A Hedmnu hardware etc 370
applied on personal tax
P F Zimmerman Co water tank
and repairs 1025 applied n personal
Maas Hamau linseed oil etc
K L Osborn castrating 225
Amount due Ed Fields for farm work
34 00
Amount dne Anna Kelly for house
work 10 35
John A Salzer seed potatoes and
garden seeds plus freight 977
M O Wager quarterly salary 10000
Total claims 27837
Amount deducted for taxes 3018
Warrant to be issued for 2118 08
On motion clerk was instructed to
druw orders in favor of Carl Wilde in
payment of taxes as follows
J Severa persoual tax for 1808 1088
D J Reavis ersoual tax for 1808
10 couts
C A Hedmau personal tax for 1808
P F Zimmerman Co personal tax
for 180S 1025
On motion board adjourned until to
morrow at 8 a m
Board met at 8 a m July 7 and on
tered upon the work of examining the
fee accounts and checking up the couuty
treasurers books and vouchers Con
tinued thereat uutil 12 oclock aud ad
journed for dluuer
Met again at 1 p m to coutinuo the
work of chocking books aud vouchers
uutil 0 p ni then adjourned for supper
and met again at 7 30 p m
The institute account of O W
Crutn county superintendent was aud
ited showing balance in said fuud 280
Tho feo book of E G Heilman couuty
clerk was audited and found correct
showing total amount of fees received
from January 10 to July 7 1890 inclu
sive 100060
Fee book of Wm Bates couuty judge
wns audited and approved showing to
tal amount of fees received during six
mouths 47120
Feo book of Carl Wilde county treas
urer was audited and approved show
ing totnl amount of fees received during
six mouths ending June 30 1690 to be
Fee book of Geo W Losey county
sheriff wns audited nnd approved
On motion bonrd ndjoumed until 8
u in tomorrow
Hoard met nt 8 a in July 8 1899
Continued the work of examining and
checking up county treasurers books
and vouchers until 10 10 a m and then
ndjoumed until 1 oclock July 10
July 10 1899 board met nt 1 p m
Bids for hauling nnd spreading gravel
on public rond at Meadow Grovo wero
opened nnd found ns follows
H E Lowls hauling gravel sand and
clay ns found in bank 35 cents per cubic
yard and pure gravel 70c
John F Flynn hauling gravel etc
as found in bank 81c and pure gravel nt
13 couts per cubic yard
Tho bonrd decided to havo tho mater
ial hauled aud uBed ub found in tho
bank nud tho bid of John Flynn being
tho lowost the snmo wns ou motion ac
cepted nnd tho county nttornoy re
quested to draw up a contract and a
boud in tho sum of 30000 tho snmo to
bo oxoouted nnd delivered on or before
July 21 1899 It wnB nlso verbnlly
ngreed botwoon the board and John F
Flynn that tho saidTohu F Flynn shall
grade- and surfaco a part of tho road
prior and preparatory to tho graveling
thereof omployiug two teams with
scrapors and three men nud that tho
county shall pay therefor nt tho rate of
175 per day for 10 hours work
Tho subjoining petition Bignod by
Will McDonald nud 40 others wns rend
aud considered by tho bonrd towlt
To tho Honorablo Board of County
Commissioners of Madison County Ne
braska Wo your petitioners most re
spectfully represent that wo are resi
dents of seotionB 25 and 20 town 24
raugo 4 of Madison county Nebraska
and that Bald sections 25 and 20 contain
more than two hundred 200 residents
nnd wo nak thnt you cause to be Incor
porated as tho village of Meadow Grove
Madison county Nebraska the said
seotionB 25 and 20 town 24 range 4
Madison county Nebraska The metes
and boundB of said incorporated village
to bo as follows Commencing nt the
northeast corner of section 25 running
thence west two miles thence south one
mile thouco east two miles thence north
to tho place of beginning Your peti
tioners also petition your honorable
body to appoint a board of five trustees
for said village to serve snid villngo ns
such trustees until their successors havo
been elected aud qualified This your
petitioners will ever pray
Tho foregoing petition was accom
panied by tho following certificate
Mkadow Gkove Nob July 8 1899
Wo tho uudorsigued hereby certify
that tho population of sections twenty
five 25 and twenty six 20 township
twenty four 24 range four 4 W
exceeds tho amount required by law to
incorporate same being two hundred
twenty-five- 225 or over
j h coleqrove
Will McDonald
J L Dunn
Subscribed aud sworn to before me
this 3rd day of July 1899
Notary Public
My commission expires March 31
There being no remonstrance or ob
jections to the incorporation of said vil
lage entered or filed and the board being
of the opinion that a majority of tho
taxable inhabitants of the territory des
cribed in tho foregoing petition have
signed the same and that inhabitants to
the number of two hundred or more are
actual residents ofthe territory em
braced the said petition was on motion
granted and the said village of Meadow
Grove declared incorporated and the
boundary lines fixed and established as
set forthin the petition
On motion the following named resi
dents of the said village of Meadow
Grovo having thc qualifications re
quired by statute were appointed as
trustees of said village I G Alyea
E W Johnson Will McDouald J L
Dunn and J I Beech
Onmotion board adjourned for sup
per Met at 7 S0 p ui and resumed the
work of checking county treasurers
oks aud vouohers aud at 1 1 p m ad
journed until tomorrow at 8 a in
Board met at 8 a m July 11 1899
Oonoluded the auditiug of county treas
urers accounts and the following sum
mary as shown by treasurers statement
was found correct towit
January 1 1899 bulanco 01215 47
Receipts and collections to
July 1 97941 55
Interest from banks 014 UU
Total 104771 98
Total disbursements 109921 70
Balance 54850 28
On motion tho following trausfers
were ordered
From 1897 to 1898 general fund
432 51
From 1897 to 189S bridge fuud 51 052
From 1897 to 1898 county road fuud
From judgmeut to 1898 county geuer
al fund 100 99
From poll fuud to 1898 couuty geueral
fund 200 00
On motion claims wero allowed as fol
Oscar Uhle groceries aud provisions
for sick paupers 4 15
M D Tyler salary for quarter ending
June 80 1899 20000
Burr Tuft grading rood 4025
Smith Premier Typewriter company
exchange of typewriters 3250
Dr A L Macomber medical attend
ance nud ineuicitHfi to Mrs Ilest 2115
Gross Marsh work ou rouuty Hag
pole 300
J B Donovan printing and station
ery 800 allowed at 000
C S Evans notice to warrnnt own
ers 200
Chris Schavland clerk district court
fees in enso of J K Martin vs Mndison
county 208
D Q Nicholson Bhoes for insane
prisoner 1 75
O E Gossard medical attendance on
O O Borry prisoner 500
W O Elley livery for commissioners
A O Johnson freight on road plows
aud scrapors 1440
On motion board ndjoumed to meet
August 10 1899 at 1 p m
13 G Heilman County Clerk
Cinnji Funton nt lliiluvlew Now Defterteil
lreHencetif GinnlilerH imil SliHrku
hii liiileanrtiit IVnturc
The Norfolk people who have returned
from tho district G A R reunion nt
Plalnviow report a most excellent time
but wero glad to get home as no matter
how good a time n person may have he
is oouuu to get urea ana mere is uo
place like homo to rebt after several days
of pleasure
There wero immense crowdB at the ro
uuiou and every one seemed to enjoy
themselves Tho speeches drew out big
crowdB Ex Senator Allen wound up
the speaking part of the program last
night holding tho attention of the people
until 11 oclock
The reunion yesterday called out the
largest crowd of people ever witnessed
in Plniuview one estimate placing the
number in atteudanco at 20000
The principal speaker of the day wns
Mrs Mary R Morgan department
treasurer who gave a very fine address
A game of baso ball between the Plain
view team and a nine from Pierce re
sulted iu a score of 8 to 10 in favor of
The reunion will be held at Pierce
next year that village having sent iu a
very kindly iuvitation to the old soldiers
to visit them The citizeus have
pledged 500 and the Pierce G A R
post 100 toward meeting the expenses
There was one feature of this years
reunion which will bo gnnrded against
iu tho future and that was the presence
of gamblers sharks and grafters of all
kinds One old fellow who attended
was relieved of 40 by a wheel game and
was compelled to borrow money with
which to get home A large number of
these gentry passed through Norfolk
today on their way to Humphrey
A pair of hoochy koochy dancers
were fired from the reuuion grounds and
passed through tho city yesterday also
bound for Humphrey
The old soldiers and people of Plain
view were very free in their remarks of
condemnation for this feature of the re
union but for some reason were not
able to prevent it
Commander Matrau and other officials
were firm in their demand that at least
the worst of the vice and licentiousness
be stopped and they promise that a pro
nounced change in this regard will be
made next year
The trouble seems to have been
brought about by the efforts of the com
mittee to dispose of privileges and thus
pay a part of the expenses The com
mittee was not as particular as it should
have been to whom these privileges
were sold and this influx of gamesters
aud other people of questionable charac
ter waa the result
The campers have about all left the
reunion and Camp Fuuston ia nearly
- a wa a iUfTZZl
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