The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, May 25, 1899, Page 7, Image 7

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M LV8r
Sff and
fflPl Kidney
Diseases are manifested by
Lobs of Appetite
Foul Tongue
and Weakness
Is the remedy you need bf equal
service in mild or chronic cases
Free Reclining Chair Gars on all Trains
Atchison Kansas City
and St Louis
With direct connections to all South
ern and Eastern points
Unexcelled time and accommodations
to the
Famous Hot Serines of Arkansas
For more complete information descriptive
pamphlets etc address
Southeast Cor Hth and Douglas Sts
Piles or Hemorrhoids
Fissures Fistulas
Burns Scalds
II Wounds Bruises
Cuts Sores
Boils Tumors
Eczema Eruptions
Salt Rheum Tetters
Chapped Hands
Fever Blisters
Sore Lips Nostrils
O Corns Bunions
Stings Bites of Insects
Three Sizes 25c 50c and 100
Sold by druggists or scat post paid on receipt of prloe
Solicitor and Attorney In Patent Causes
1729 New York Ac
IllcoestablishodlSoS Charges moderate Cor
respondenco reiiuestod
Louisville Nashville
Write for Information to
-- t1
Norfolk Drenched by Another
Downpour this Morning
Itcsldonts of the West Ilnd Deluged Iiy
Another Ororflow From Corporation
lulch Gcnernl Hesults or tlte Slorin
llcnefleliil diprrredentcd ltnliifnll Dnr
liiK May Crops Looking lltio
From Fridays Dull
Boforo day break this morning thero
woro goutlo showors but it was ovlilont
to all at broakfaat timo that thoro wero
heavier rains just ahoad During tho
foronoon it raluod tho larger part of tho
timo Much of tho timo it poured At
hood it mado an attompt to clear but tho
clouds gathered up again and thoro is
ovory prospoctof another heavy down
pour before tho weathor lots up
Tho stroots were turned into rivers
during tho progress of tho storm this
morning and tho people living in tho
west part of town for tho socoud timo
thiB spring saw thoir beautiful lawns
and tidy yards covered with tho debris
and garbago that floats down through
Corporation gulch
Tho thunder was very heavy at timos
and tho lightning vivid aud sharp
During tho storm tho lightning struck a
house bolonging to M 13 Cox located
near tho round house at tho Junction
Tho southeast comer of tho building
was torn out and tho iusido badly do
moralized A family by tho name of
Marshall who have been living in tho
dwelling during the winter and spring
fortunately for themselves moved out
Tho raiu fall this mouth already
equals that of any mouth for a number
of years past Last Juuo hold tho record
previously as tho banner month of re
cent years tho rain fall being six inches
This mouth of May has already exceeded
that figure and is liable to go one or two
inches higher before it closes
If A wet May makes hay thero
will bo an immense hay crop this season
Crops of all kinds under tho influence
of the abundant rains that are falling
are pushing forward rapidly This
storm will hinder tho working of some
low lands but its general results will bo
highly beneficial to Northeastern Ne
braska and still further insure tho era cf
prosperity which it is enjoying
Special Council Meeting
A special meeting of tho city council
held at the council chamber May 22 1899
Present Mayor Simpson and Goun
cilmen Brummond Bncholz Bullock
Degner Dexter Uhle and Vielo Ab
sent Hecknian
It was moved to appropriate 20 to
Mathewson Post No 109 G A R to
help defray expenses on Memorial Day
Roll call Ayes Brummond Bnch
olz Bullock Degner Dexter Viele
Uhle Nays none Carried
The application and bond of George
W Jackson for a saloon was read and it
was moved to approve bond and issue
Roll call Ayes Brummond Buch
olz Bullock Dexter Degner Uhle
Viele Nays nono Carried
Adjourned J O Stitt
City Clerk
Ileal Ksinte Transfers
The following transfers of real estate
are reported by Chester A Fuller man
ager or the Madison county aostraot
office at Norfolk
0 B Q R R Co to Hiram
Curtis wd neK 9-23-1 332 00
J R Snyder and wife to T T
McDonald se4 block 0 Mc
Combs suburban lots Burnett 100 00
N F Linderholm to Esther
Linderholm and A Sophia
Linderholm wd n uw
seii wi and ncj f bwK 8-21-4
1 00
Frank M Leach and wife to P
E MoKillip wd sejtf 21-21-1 6000 CO
Omaha Loan aud Trust Co to
Francis M Sutloy wd e ne
14 and pt swK 21 6250 00
Madison Couutv B L associ
ation to John F Newball wd
lot 17 block 0 Kimball
Blairs addition to Burnet 2050 00
Does Co flee Agree With You
If not drink Graiu O mado from
pure grains A lady writes The first
timo I mado Grain 0 I did not like it
but after using it for one week nothing
would induce mo to go back to coffee
It nourishes and feeds the system The
children can drink it freely with great
benefit It is tho strengthening sub
stance of pure grains Get a package
today from your grocer follow the
directions in making it and you will
have a delicious and healthful table
beverage for old and young 15 and 2oc
Letter List
List of letters remaining uncalled for
at the postofflco May 22 1899
A O Anderson R H Cavanaugh R
II Cotton J P Crewman J S Eiten
miller E C Estey Goo Kirk Clarence
Shroyer A S Speuce Henry Stitt O
If not called for in 30 days will be
sent to the dead letter office
Parties calllug for any of the above
please say advertised
P F Sprecher P M
Active solicitors wanted everywhere
for Tho Story of tho Philippines by
Marat Halstead commissioned by the
government as official historian to the
war dopartmont Tho book was written
in army camps at San Francisco on the
Poclfio with General Morritt iu tho hos
pitals at Honolulu in Hong Kong in
tho American trenches at Manllo iu the
iusurgont camps with Aguinaldo on tho
deck of tho Olympla with Dewoy and
in tho roar of battloatthofallof Manila
Bonanza for agents Brimful of orig
inal pictures takon by government pho
tographers on tho spot Largo book
Low pricos Big profits Freight paid
Credit given Drop all trashy utiolllolal
war books Outfit free Address II
h Barber Gen Mngr Hill Doarboru
strcot Chicago
Thoy Trnnsiictcd Considerable lttislncss of
Importance Iiist Night full
port of tho 1rot eedlngN
From Fridays Dnlly
Regular mooting of city council hold
May 18 1899
Present Mayor Simpson aud Council
men Brummond Buoholz Degner Dox
tor Uockman Uhle Vielo and Bullock
Tho minutes of regular meetings of
April 29 May 4 and adjourned regular
meeting May 1 aud alho special meetings
of May 1 2 U G 0 aud 11 woro read aud
Mr Shaw presouted two claims 0110
of 175 for 000 to 700 feet and ono for
18750 for 700 to feOO feet
Moved to allow both claims loss 150
assigned to Norfolk National bank
Roll call
Ayes Brummond Bucholz Bullock
Dexter Dognor Hcckman Vielo and
Uhlo Carried
Thero not being sufficient cash iu
water fund to pay same it was movod
to draw certificates of indebtedness on
water fund Motion carried
Tho treasurers statomont for April
1819 polico judge for March and April
aud water commissioners for six mouths
ending May 1 1S99 wero reported back
by auditing committee as correct
Tho following resolution was offered
and its adoption moved
Resolved That any person or persons
residing on streets provided with water
mains and desiring to put in city water
may lay service pipe under supervision
of water commissioner to nearest water
main not further than 850 feet nntl tho
amount of cost of bringing tho water to
the premises of said party in oxcess of
tho 8 now charged to bring tho water
main to curb lino shall bo credited npon
water rent Provided that such rebate
shall be at the rate of not less than 12
per year until such oxcess shall have
been fully credited Provided further
that tho city shall in no case bo liable
for breakago or repairs on said servico
All claims for credit on water rent
under the provisions of this resolution
shall be audited and approved by tbo
water commissioner as a just and reas
onable charge for material furnished
and labor performed in tho layiug of
of said service pipe
Motion carried
On motion The Daily News and the
Daily Times Tribune were mado the
official papers of tho city for the year
ending April HO 1000
F P Wigton called attention to the
fact that the fire hydrant corner of
Ninth and Koenigstein avenue stood in
the sidewalk and asked its removal out
to a proper place so that a permanent
sidewalk could be constructed
On motion the water commissioner
was directed to replace the said hydrant
The matter of telephones was referred
back to committee
It was moved that the exclusive street
privileges for a celebration of July
4 lg99 bo granted to tho city fire de
partment provided they conduct Buch a
The motion carried
Adjourned J C Stitt
City Clerk
Women as well as men
are made miserable by
kidney and bladder trou
ble Dr Kilmers Swamp
Root tho great kiduoy
remedy promptly cures At druggists
in fifty cent and dollar sizes You may
have a sample bottlo by mail free also
pamphlet telling all about it Address
Dr Kilmer A Co Biughamton N Y
A Magnificent Irocliit tlon
A Cuban war play founded upon our
late war with Spain should be an attrac
tion above all others to win the hearts of
our citiens Tho Prisoner of Spain is
said to contain somo well knowu actors
The unfailing success of this play is in
part owing to tho splendid and pictur
esque scenery with which the piece is
dressed the stage settings tire accurate
in detail as they are beautiful in effect
Tho comedy is first class and the dram
atic element is singularly fascinating
possessing as it does a btirriug and ro
mantic martial spirit tempered with the
qualities of a refined and high class
drama The play is in every way de
serving of the remarkable success which
has attended it To be at Marquardts
hall next Tuesday evening May 30
II J Newman ladles tailor 010 013
Paxton Blosk Omaha Neb 15 years
combined European aud American ex
perience Samples of goods aud prices
for tailor made suits and gowns made to
order ouly submitted on application
Special feature the non repetition of
any style when so desired an established
Sturgeon iu the piano man
Filipino Envoys Seem to Like
American Plan
Army Olllcers of the Opinion It Wilt lie
Clamper mid More niTnotltn to Whip
rtiein Thoroughly While They Are nt It
Adutlrnl Downy Arrive at Untie Kong
Itunnlng Fight Willi Insurgent
Manila May 24 Tho Filipino com
missioners spent the day at tho rosl
rlenco of tho American commlsnlouors
They dlsouHSOl ovory point of the
Gohemo of government and the ionoo
proclamation details asking for Infor
mation as to what personal rights would
bo guaranteed them
Colonel Denby of tho Atnoriran com
mission explained that thoy would bo
the same as under tho United States
constitution Tho Filipinos also do
sired information as to the school sys
tem to bo established and approved of
tho American policy of the separation
of tho church and state Thoy chiefly
objected to tho schomo on tho ground
that it gave them personal liberty
which they know thoy would have but
did not give thorn political llborty
Finally tho Filipinos Bald they woro
personally pleased with tho plan but
could not oudorso It olficlally
Thero is much comment hero 011 tho
outing the Filipino envoys are having
Thoy aro the centers of continual levees
at Filipino housoH whoro thoy lrnvo
boon eutertaluud aud have had every
opportunity to advance the Interests of
the insurrection Military sentiment
disapproves of tho Filipinos being lion
ized by thoir civilian olemont
General OtiH from antebellum exper
ience and owing to tho Filipinos loud
ness of discussion has maintained tho
attitude ho assumed with the first com
mission He has had no offer to make
the Filipinos savo that thoy lay down
thoir arms without tonus Tho army
believes that if we iutoud to remain in
the Philippine inlands it will bo cheaper
in tho long run to whip tho insurgents
so thoroughly that thoy will be glad of
tho opportunity to surrouder rathor
than parloy with thorn and mako terms
which thoy would construe us a com
promise Tho army is also of tho opin
ion that while tho first courso may cost
more men and moro monoy iu tho bo
ginning than tho latter it will prove an
effectual damper upon future insurrec
tions whereas if the war is ended by a
compromise tho professional revolution
ists among tho Tagals may be oncour
aged to try it aguin in a few years
Professor Schurmau speaking of tho
commissions policy said I boliovo
forco was necossary because they
thought us weaklings and cowards but
I boliovo also that conciliation should
accompany forco My oudoavor has
been over slnco I came hore to exorcise
Major Bell with two companies of
tho Fourth cavalry has been recou
noitoring in the direction of Santa
Arita Ho found 100 Filipinos thero
and was driving thorn away when
arge reinforcements of robola arrived
ana ho was obliged to withdraw with
four men wounded
Tho wot season has finally begun and
another weoks rain will make the rico
fields thick with mud
Message Iruui Schnrman
Washington May 24 Socrotary
Hay has received from Prosidont Schur
man of the Philippine commission a
long message giving tho results of the
meotlngs thus far held with tho natlvo
Filipino commission sent by Aguinaldo
to treat with tho Americans Tho mes
sage was laid bofore the president Ho
was very much gratified with its con
tents which wore said to bo very en
couraging for the outlook that some
thing definite may bo accomplished
President Schnrman reports that the
nativo commissioners will tako back to
their people tho proposition for a form
of government etc suggested by the
American commission
Korul Family ut Windsor
London May 24 The gathering of
the royal family at Windsor castlo today
to celebrate tho 80th birthday of Quoeu
Victoria will bo the largest with tho ox
ception of the jubilee gathering that has
assembled thoro in many years Not
only will four generations iu succession
be present but there will be a great
gatheriug of children aud grandchild
ren of her majesty Everything points
to u gorgeous pageant of military
knights Scots guards choral societies
and holiday makors
Ill oiMi I r lurk Conspirtttors Itole tsed
Dljilin May 24 Tho lord liouteiiant
of Ireland Earl Cadogan has releasod
Ollaulou Mullotuud James Fitzharris
the last throo Irish political prisoners
who were sentenced to imprisonment
for life for coaspiriug to murder Lord
Frederick Cavoudish chiof secretary
for Irolaud and T H Burke under
secretary who woro assassinated by
stabbing in Phoeuix park Dublin May
0 1882
Iu a Itunulug Fight
Manila May 24 Tho Twenty-second
and Twenty third infantry escort
ing tho signal corps which is at work
betweeu San Miguol and Balinag have
had a severe running fight all the way
with tho insurgents of that vicinity
The Americans lost one man killed and
inflicted considerable loss upon the
enemy The insurgents ore coming in
back of Lawtous advance
Queen Mutt Undergo Operation
London May 21 Truth in spite of
senii olfleial statements to the contrary
uuistb tuat un operation for cataract oa
the queens eyes is luovitablo It says
The queen his just consulted Pro
fessor Pasentteckor of Wiesbadeu who
guarantees tho success of tho operation
aud opmos tho queen will entirely re
gain tho excellent sight she possessed
until recently
Us Membership IroKrntit of Com
mencement Kicrrlsos to U Hold
Frlriny ICvenlng June
Tho commencement oxoroisos of tho
graduating class of 99 of tho Norfolk
High school will tako plnco on Friday
ovonlng Juno 3 at tho Methodist
church Tho oxoroisos will begin at 8
The class consists of twelve niomboM
Laura Durlatid ICtlna Margaret Stafford
Agnes May Thompson Julia Winifred
Joffories Anna Gertrude Law Anna
Vail Mollrido holla Winifred Thomas
Hvn Mihllls William Meredith Darling
ton Ernest Bridge Edward Goorgo
Hyde Frank Adolbort Masters
March Orchestra
Invocation Hov John JetTorles
Overture -Orchestra
Salutatory The Ideal Country
Frank A Masters
Serenade Orchcst ra
Uctur Tho Waiting Nicho Dr
S Wright Butlor
Overture Orchestra
Valedictory Anna G Law
Address tot iraduntosD O OCon
nor Hupt
Presentation of Diplomas II G
Selection Orchestra
Oiinliit SnjlugH
It is inteiestiiig and instructive to
read bright mid well const met ed advoi
tisomentH Messrs OI Hood A Co
of Sarsaparilla lame must have been at
a Meat feast and taken evorthing homo
with them They mo ustig n blight
selection of qtnuit old sayings nud
pioverbs as the Mailers In ascites oi
clover advert laments wherein the
proveibs are neatly turned end pain
phrased to lit the subject mutter Tho
public like this breey advertising as it
reminds of other provorbs aud opens up
Klondike hotel Sixteenth A Webster
St Host medium priced hotel in Omaha
Try It
Cramp colic aud all paniB cured by
Sloans Liniment Sold by John Koen
Thoro comes a timo in life to all of us
when wo feel mean and out of sorts
and in a condition to invito disease It
is then wo need such a remedy as Dr 1
II McLeans Strengthening Cordial and
Blood Purifier To porsoiiH exhausted
by sickncsB or ovorwork its invigorating
iufluonco is surprising promptly restor
ing health energy and choeiful spirits
Istru Notice
Strayed from tho promises of tho un
dersigned on or iilxmt May 13 a young
cow branded W
Norfolk Nob
Heller In Hlx Mouth
Distressing kidney and bladder
disease relieved In six hours by New
Great South Aineiican Kidney Cure
It Is a great surprise on account of its
uxceedlni promptne s n Tetievintr
pain in bladder kidneys ana bac in
male or female Relieve retention of
water almost immediately If you
want quick relief ntid euro this In tho
remedy Sold by Koenigstein Phar
macy Norfolk Neb
Mrs G W Childfl whom It wan ro
jwrtod Gon Too Wheeler was Boon to
marry says there is no truth in tho
story Mra Childfl ought to know
Cnnr iUAnTiitMA8Tins oinci
Omnlis Noli Mny ir IKllll Honied pro
posnlii In triplicate will Im rcceUed hern ittul
tolllrs of iimitcrinnilntH nt station nniiiml
tniMI 2oclonk p in conl ml llninJtiiin l1HUU
ntiil tin a opntinl for furnishing onts lirnn hay
ntid utrnu iIuiIiik thnfificil loir rmmniiirlnic
July 1 1 MM nt Forts Crook Nlolirnrn ntid lloli
Insoii Neli iOnuilin Depot Nelij Jrirorson flnr
rncks Mo Knrts licntenwnrlli n ml Hllnj Knii
sn Iffii II Knots Ark j Itnno mid Hill
Ikln Iroponnl for ilnlltir nt oilier point
will Imeiiterliiiiiixl U H inrervcN tlht to rn
ject ornccept nnj iirnlliroMiniils nr mi purl
thereof Information fnriilnliiMl on nppllcntlnti
hetoorto UiiilnrinnnterH nt stations nnmnd
envelopes contnltiliiir prnpossls should Un
innrknil Iroiiosnls for Knriin nml nddrnisnd
totiiidgrilHtinilnrgnnrtnriiinstnrs of stnllons
nliciTBiinmad V II HATHA WAY U ij M
Notice to Mnrirnrntt Ann Wnlher wlfn of
Oeorge M I Wnlker ill ensnd mid In his minor
lind tiiiktioun heirs of such deceased person
lleorHiiWnllor Hnrlsoii II Wnlker Mnreretl
Ann Wnlker Hint In tho nmtler of thn
Honor the plnlnllir for n permanent receiver
for lots U Ill ntid II of block 11 KneniKloliiH
1h rdinlilltlnii to Norfolk Nebraska thai the
indue of thiullslrlclrniirt of MiiiIIhiiii rniinti
Nebrnskn linn IIxpiI Ititinll I SOU nitho timo nl
unirii son nreto Hliou cniiHit ulij n imrinatieiit
rereher flioulil nut n
appoliileil to succeed
tjeoiHii W liOHCi liorlir an Ininiiornrj receiver
thai nnleHH iiimiiI ami miiHcleiit cmiHii Ih shown a
permanent reccivur ulll be iippolntiil fur said
prom lues
Additional nllldnWIn or Alum leore t1 W
Ianiiml et nl will ImmiIIiicmI in Hiippori of such
iiliiiiiriiiiiiii nir leceuer ANNA I il otliilc
Dated April
I IHft
My li o A Imii
Ml li Atlornij
Iu Mm District Court of Madison County Ne
1 In Stnlnnf Nebrnskn J
Aniiii leorue HiiliHtltiiii d plnlnllir for dairies
II lliernut vn
Mnrunrolt Ann Wnlker wlfenf leiirgo M I
Wnlker iIkcimihi iI mid Irotito Wnlker llnrl
suii II Wnlker Mnrunrelt Ann Walker an I tin
kiioun heirs and minor heirs
I lieilereniliilitH nlimo limned will tekn liothn
Mini on tint JUIi tlar ir Alii Irtll hetwnmi the
liouiHof Kin clock a in and 0 oclock p m at
thiMilllceof I CNIrliolNoti ill lloiuil of Initio
in thciiilj of CobiinhiiH nntyof Kr an kiln mid
Htiitnof Ohio the plnlntiir nboio natneil will
tnkethiiilepoHltloii of Anna tlioiun nml Dr
InorKii her IiIikIiiiiiiI ultiicHsoH In ths nrlloii
In heiihoillnoUdi in eon the trlnlof thiwihiivoon
t It li drniiHii in li half of lliepliilntlll with an
thorltj tniiiljoiirn I mm day to din until nil or
Hiirh deposltloiiH shall have been taken
Dated prll SI IHWl Anva iKomiK
llj lico liA innit Atlornej Ilnltitiir
Christian Endeavor
Delroit Mich July 5 11
Thu IllinoiH Cuiiti il RuilroiwI
will sell tlclts fiom nl pointH on Kb Wmtern
Dim h to Detroit Mlchiuen account of the In
tornntlimiil Convention otiuu loopleH Society
of Christian Knduavor nt n rate of
Ticket son Hale July Snl tofith inclusive lim
ited for return to Inl lull with prhilcuo of
oxtension iitiM AiiiibI 11 lJ by dopiwititiK
ticket with Joint Annul nt Detroit on or beforo
July lith and payment of deposit fee of fifty
Ior printed matter desTiptho of the beinli
fill city of Detroit which is one of thn hi st con
vention cities iu the United States and infor
mation roiicornitiK excursion rules for sidetiipH
from Detroit to various points in the vicinity
etc etc address the umlersiKUeil
A i A III Cent It It
Dtihuijuo Iowa
S S S is a Great Blessing to
Ago does not necessarily mean
feebleness and ill health aud
nearlv all of tho sickness amonir
Mir POfinlo It RiUQC Thom older people can bo uvotded Most elderly
UlU rCUUIUi II UIICO 1 11 C I II people are very susceptible to illness
but it is wholly unnecessary By keep
KQUf Rlfinrl antl I ifQ their blood pure they can fortify themselves
lion UlUUU UIIU LIICi so as to escape three fourths of tho ailments
from winch they suffer so generally S S S is
tho remedy which will keep their syitenin young by purifying tho blood
Mi J W
pen years I
my skin
thoroughly leuiovitig nil waste accumulations una impart
ing new htrengtli and life to the whole body It increases
tho appetite builds up the energies and smds now lifo
giving blood throughout the entire ey tern
Mrs Sarah Ille 477 Broadway South Boston writes
I am seventy jears old and hud not enjoyed good health
for twentv VetirB I was sick in different ways and iu
addition had Icema terribly on one of my legs Tho
doctor wild that on aeeount ol my age I
well again I took a tlwen kittles of S S S
completely and I am happy to say that
I feel as well as I ever did in my life
Loving of Colquitt Gu says For eight
suffered tortures from a fiery eruption on
tried almost every known remedy but they
failed ono by one and I was told that my aire which fa
sixty six was against mo and that I could never hope
to be well again I finally took S S li and it cleansed
my blood thoroughly aud now I am in perfect health
is tho only remedy which can build up nnd strengthen
old people localise it is tho only ono which is guaranteed
woufel never Ihj
and it cured me
Ireo from jsotasn mercury arsenio ana oiner damaging
minerals It is made from roots and herbs and has no chemicals whatever
in it S S 8 cures the wor6t cases of Scrofula Cancer Eczema Rheumatism
Tetter Open Sores Chronic Ulcers Boils or ony other disease of tho blood
Books on these diseases will bo sent free by Swift Specific Co Atlanta Ga
From ioc a Double Roll up
Window Shades Room Mouldings Paints Oils Glass
04 n ijst Brushes Etc Etc
Painting Paper Hanging and Decorative Work at Fair Prices