The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, April 20, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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The Hortf oik flcms
It nqninMlovtr000HnrR of wtno
to properly vlolrnti JidlYrnoniiin hIih
iillelty by the Now York Crokor demo
Tho Cleveland iliinwrnoy tisotl to
nmko wurfnro upilnst protection heraiiMi
it would di stroy tin foreign ninrkcl
Today undent ilitlnlli unci roiinintiiit
protective tnritT the United States Is tin
leading exporting country In the world
The Atlantic Monthly uml tlic Contury
have n larger subscription liHt in the
Htato of Iowa than in any of the eastern
Htates in proportion to the population
What Iiiih cultured Huston to say to
micli an evidence of enliKliteninent in
the crude west
Orilcru for more than if lnMO000 worth
of automobiles have already been placed
with American lnannfaeturorH The
horseless carriage is here to become a
tlxture among modem utilities and
within it few years will be as common a
Hight in every city in the land hh bicycles
are now
Under the new ballot law passed by
tho last legislature the name of u candi
date shall not be printed on tho ticket
more than once if he is nominated by
more than one political party The
party casting the largest number of votes
for tho state ticket at the last election
will bo entitled to the ilrst place on the
A national peace jubilee ii to be held
lit Washington D 0 May sil SI and
Lfi It is expected that tho occasion will
be in every way a moinorablo ono Tho
program as published calls for an im
posing pagoant of military and naval or
ganizations reviews and receptions by
tho president addresses by prominent
public men and tableaux and floats of
rare beauty and unique conception
Democracy is dying hard Dr Bryan
nays emphatically that tho only harmony
in store for tho party is to stand solidly
on the Chicago platform At the samo
timo Dr Morion insists that nothing
but tho renunciation of tho Chicago
pint form can ever reunite democracy
The Lincoln politician has the most
votes and the Nebraska City statesman
has tho most sense But as doniocraoy
doesnt value the latter and has less and
less of tho former It will continue to
livo only at a poor dying rnto
Tho peoplo of Hastings are in tho
throes of an unparalleled oxcitomont re
Hultingfrom tho eating of drugged candy
by several of its prominent ladies their
narrow escnpo from death and tho im
plication of a young lady as tho alleged
author of tho fiendish deed who has
heretofore boon hold in high estoom in
tho social circles of the city It is ono
of those crimes that striko so directly at
tho peaco and safety of society that re
gardless of all other considerations the
most searching investigation is demand
ed Tho welfare of the community and
its good naino are priceless beyond all
elso However it may effect porsonal
ropntations tho truth tho wholo truth
aud nothing but tho truth should bo
brought to light This is the aspect of
tho case that interests every resident of
Speaking of the return of tho bodies
of somo of the American volunteers and
thoir intermout at Arlington a demo
cratic contemporary gives this character
istic ding Thus is national expansion
carried on by tho expansion of our na
tional cemeteries That is undoubted
ly a sad truth Hut it is no now story
It has been tho samo all along the ages
It was tho blood stiuned feet at Valley
Forgo aud tho death of bravo mon on
tho different battlefields of tho revolu
tion that was tho price of this republics
expanding into life Gettysburg Shi
loh Auteitam and other southern bat
tlefields wero scenes of carnago and des
olation Tho thousands who perished
wero tho price of au expanding national
life nnd uuiou of interests which aro tho
rich heritago of this generation The
volunteers who aro giving up their lives
iu tho islands of the sea as tho result of
tho Spanish war aro only doing in their
day what others havo douo before them
Their death is tho price of lifo nnd lib
erty to countless thousands who shall
yet livo Cemeteries aro always en
larged whenever humanitys rightB aro
widened and more clearly recognized
Whenever mankind becomes humauo
enough to be just warfare will cease
Until theu it is the great privilege of
Americans to battle for and give their
lives when necessary for tho betterment
of tho world Will our contemporary
tell us how men can do better than in
facing fearful odds for tho glory of
the flag nnd love of his fellows Sad as
it is warfare and death in a uoblo cause
i6 glorious Peaco and life at tho ex
pense of human rights nnd human jus
tice is ignominious
It Is Our Hubinesti
If anybody can toll why we aro eter
nally nioukeyiug with that Samoa busi
ness at the risk of trouble with no ben
efit we should like to hear it If tho
natives waut to eat each other why
specially our business Fremont Her
The above editorial paragraph from
an esteemed contompcrary bears all the
ear marks of democracy The demo
cratic party has always been afraid of
trouble It has never dared to courag
eously faco a situation aud deal with It
When tho tiuofltion of human slavery
wns np for settlement it refused to listen
to the cry of the oppressed It took the
position that it wasnt our business
When tho life of tho union was threat
ened and Abraham Lincoln called for
troops to defend the Hag it was inoro
concerned over a technical interpretation
of the constitution than It was for
the perpetuity of the republic and the
liberty of men It declared the war of
the sixties u failure even as late as
lsill Ah a party organization it took
the position that tho great struggle was
not specially our business
When the financial integrity of the
nation was endangered in INK it sur
rendered unconditionally to tho forces
that would depreoiate our currency re
pudiate our obligations and make us
had they been successful n laughing
stock and a reproach in tho commercial
markwtHof tho world Hut what con
cern was that to the Hryanized democ
racy Again they asked Why spec
ially our business y
When tho war with Spain thrust upon
us a grave responsibility to maintain
law and order in tho Philippine islands
this conglomerated mass of contracted
confuslonistH lifted np its voico and Bald
Whv specially our business
It in not strange that tho samo inquiry
is mitdu regarding Samoa
It is u pity that wo have In this coun
try a political organization that has
never yet comprehended tho greatness
of American citieiiHhip
Fortunate It is that tho great heart of
the nation honors tho claims of a party
which has niado it our business to
wipe from tho national escutcheon tho
stain of slavery maintain tho financial
integrity of the country and has now
responded to tho call of manifest destiny
in making it our business to put a stop
to caunibaliBin and cruelty in any part
of the globe that comoH tinder tho sphere
of American influence
Tenths l History MlHHtnted
Tho littlo Americans aro constantly
referring to the Declaration of Inde
pendence as the sheet anchor of thoir
hopes and tho basis of thoir opposition
to the holding of tho Philippines Thoy
quoto from that immortal document
precious to every American citizen
copiously and dwell upon certain phrases
expressed therein as settling tho whole
Their deductions aro that wo have no
moral right to pursue tho presont policy
of establishing law and order on those
islands Hut like many other roasouors
thoy push their logic very much further
than the real facts of tho caso will war
It is true that Thomas TelVorson wroto
that all men aro created equal and that
they am endowed with tho unalienable
rights of lifo liborty aud tho pursuit of
happiness It is also tnto that Thomas
TolTersou was a slave holder aud that ho
did not consider tho black mon who
worked for him either ns his equals or
as free
When tho American colonists decided
to protest against tho tyranny of tho
government of King George tho Third
they frankly gave to tho world their rea
sons for so doing Thoy martialled a
sories of indisputable facts in behalf of
thoir position that wero so impregnable
as to compel tho respect of mankind
Can Aguinaldo have ground for declar
ing tho causes of a rising of his follow
ors ngainst a government which never
had oppressed thorn and had no inten
tion of doing so
These men of Sill who havo called to
their aid tho men of Tit imply that Jef
fersons declaration justifies revolt from
a government which does not concede
political independence to any commun
ity that demands it It is strange that
intelligent Americans at this lato day in
tho history of tho nation should contend
for such a principle It is no loss than
the destructive proposition of Jefiorsou
Davis revamped Tho nation gave
thousands of lives aud millions of treas
ure in a long four years war to sottlo
tho fallacy of such a view of govern
Tho declaration of 1770 based tho right
of independence on tho fact that the
rights of lifo liborty and pursuit of hup
piuess had been denied them They
had no quarrel with the English govern
ment in itself They took up arms us a
last resort merely as a matter of self
preservation They were very careful
to make a clear expression of the motives
which prompted them Read it
When a long train of abuses and usur
pations pursuing invariably tho same
object evinces a design to reduce them
under absolute despotism it is their
right it is their duty to throw off such
Is there any parallel between thoso
men and what they endured and Aguin
aldo and his motives Has the United
States denied abridged or destroyed tho
life liberty or happiness of tho Filipinos
Iu tho clear light of history will any
seusiblo enlightened American compare
tho actions of the noble christian gou
tlomau who as president has directed af
fairs at Mauila with tho tyrnuuical
stnbboruuess of Georgo tho Third
Tho contention is so incompatible with
tho record of events that it is unjust to
tho fathers of tho republic aud an insult
to the intelligence of the country
The trouble is that these timid souls
who shrink from moetiug tho burdens
imposed upon us sjeuil their time in
looking through the wrong end of the
Flnlanilors aro coming ovor to tho
United States iu great numbors at tho
present time owing to tho order of tho
czar drafting them into tho Russian
A Spanish naval writer criticises
Deweys method of conducting a sea
fight It is true now as it over has
been that a capacity for criticism ar
gues no capacity for action
A quarter of a century has made great
changes in tho relative military strength
of Krnnco and Germany At tho time of
tho Franco Prussian war each nation
could place in tho field about the same
number of soldiers Today Germany
has a reserve of one million men for
military service more than Franco can
Referring to the mud slinging and
abuse that has been heaped upon tho
war department and tho different mili
tary and naval heroes of the recent war
with Spain Hov T DoWItt Talmugo
very pertinently says Tho samo thing
happened during our civil conflict Peo
plo called Grant a butcher and Lincoln
a buffoon and Hooker a drunken loafer
Names around which wo now put gar
lands wero then bosputtored with mud
The torriblo nightmare from which
Mr Hrynit sailors of a standing army
that will tako away tho liberties of the
peoplo is thus disposod of by tho cour
ageous and brainy Thoodoro Roosevelt
I shall not discuss tho puerilo sugges
tion that a nation of 70000000 of frco
men is in danger of losing its liberties
from tho existence of an army of 100000
men throe fourths of whom will bo em
ployed in certain foreign islands iii
coast dofenses and on Indian reserva
tions No man of good souso and stout
hoart can tako such a proposition seri
ously If we aro such weaklings as tho
proposition implies then wo aro un
worthy of freedom in any ovent
Tho niiuorul wealth of this country is
as yot hardly dreamed of by tho most
sanguine New discoveries of wealth
aro constantly being niado in this direc
tion A fow weeks ago near Salisburg
North Carolina a voin of gold and cop
per bearing oro was found at tho Union
gold mines Caroful investigation of
tho find by Enginoor J J Nowinan
rovealod a vein half a milo long from t0
to 100 foot below tho surfaco Tho indi
cations aro that it is only a small part of
tho actual hidden wealth in that immed
iate loculity Tho copper has boon as
sayed aud found to bo of tho very best
quality Thoso interested claim that
tho coppor supply at Salisbury will equal
tho famous Calumet and Ilecla and An
aconda mines
Stnml Up Kor Nebraska
Tho season of 180 opens auspiciously
for nil kinds of business iu this stuto
Tho era of depression has passed away
and in its placo a spirit of hopefulness
and contontmont with existing condi
tions has come about
Tho furmors of Nebraska havo beon
doing well thoso last two years and from
poverty and distress have stopped to tho
front slowly but surely until thoy aro
recognized as tho class who havo not
only a competence but in not infrequent
instances positivo wealth Theso val
ues aro not only found in increasing
looks and herds enlarged wheat hold
ings nnd longer corn cribs but the bank
books of tho different financial institu
tions iu this and othor communities will
show haudsomo deposits of cash funds
as well
Tho farmers of Nobraska havo made
money and thousands of dollars worth
of mortgages havo beon paid and real
ownership of fertilo acres has taken
placo in consequence
Agricnltnro is everywhere tho only
true basis of a dofiuito and lasting pros
perity and this is especially true in n
commonwealth like this
Tho evidence that prosperity exists is
found iu tho larger stocks of goods that
aro being carried by merchants the ad
mitted fact that collections are better
and that sales are larger than over be
fore Auction sales of farm stock im
plements aud household goods this spring
have not only been very largely attend
ed but what is significant tho sales
made have been largely cash sales
Nothing proves that the farmers have
money inoro than this
These facts are naturally attracting to
this state many settlers from the east
and the tide of immigration is more pro
nounced than for some years past
Many of these uowcomers are from
Iowa Illinois Wisconsin and Indiana
Thoy are mon of means and large ex
perienco and thoy see the opportunity of
a lifo time to sell their high priced hold
ing in thoso states and reinvest iu the
equally fortilo but much lowor priced
lauds this side the Missouri
Not only farm laud but city property
in tho different centers of population is
bound to feel tho effects of this iutlux of
capital and industry
Thero has never been a time when tho
outlook fora suro and substantial growth
iu values to owners of Nebraska real
estate was as flattering as it is now
Every department of business is sure
to have enlarged prosperity because of it
If thero is a good crop harvested with
in tho borders of tho state this year the
next two years will see not a boom but
a development so prosperous aud phe
nomenal in its way that it will bring
blessing and wealth to all kiuds of hon
est industry and to all classes of honest
toilors It Is a timo when every mnn
can nllbril to bo sanguine
Land Commissioner MacAllistcr says
There hns not been a timo during tho
pnst docado when tho prospects wore so
bright for Nobraska as now Fanning
has brought good returns during the last
fow years and men arc quitting the
stony lands of tho cast and coming out
here They are not going south now
but instead havo started west and thero
is nothing that can stop them If thero
is a ood crop this sensoif thero will bo
tho biggest land boom in tho history of
the stato Nebraska has been well ad
vertised through tho east and now tho
peoplo arc coming Thero will bo a
great many hero this spring and after
harvest there will bo thousands of in
Land Commissioner Campbell of tho
Hurlingtou road speaking of immigra
tion says
Thousands of men who camo hero
last spring uro coming back this year to
buy oithor city property or farm lands
I feel safe in snyiug that boforo tho end
of six months tho agricultural districts of
this state will 1k participating in a move
ment that will bo much akin to a real
est at o boom
Testimony such as this from mon who
keop in close touch with the movements
of tho pooplo aro worth something Ne
braska is all right 1
Thero aro few conimonwoalths that
havo tho prospect for such marked
growth in wealth and population duriug
the next decade as it does
Tho opportunities aro here as thoy
aro offered in but few sections nnd they
are going to bo taken advuntago of by
tho host blood and brawn of tho country
Every man who has a chauco to bo a
part in this onward and upward move
ment which is horo tnkiug placo in in
creasing measure should deem himself
amongst tho most fortunate of living
creatures on the footstool
Stand up for Nebraska
Nutlet to Iiiml Owiirrit
To all whom it muy concern
Tho commissioner appointed to viow
and locato a road commencing at tho
uorthoust corner of section 10 in Bur
nett precinct Madison county Ne
braska running thence north on tho
section lino between sections 17 aud 18
and tormiuating at tho southeast corner
of section 7 in township 24 range 1
west has reported in favor of tho estab
lishment thereof and nil objections
thereto or claims for damages must be
filod in tho county clerks office on or
boforo noon of tho 30th day of May A
D 1809 or said road will bo established
without reference thereto
E G Heilman
County Clerk
South Norfolk News
from Fridays Dull
Ira Hull has returned to visit with his
parents for a short timo
Miss Bertha Willey of Noligh is visit
ing her sistor Mrs Warren Hurlbert
Mrs Lincrodo and daughter aud Mrs
Lano are visiting friends and relutives
at Boouo
Tho Misses Brown and Mrs Joe Green
of Verdigro visited a few days with Mr
and Mrs Murphy
Miss Alice Kennedy has gone to
Oroighton nnd will liuiko her homo with
her sister Mrs Will Greeuo
Mrs Henry Diugmau had a tumor
taken from her uoso last Wednesday
Tho wound is heuliug up nicely
Miss Dot Thomberg of Oakdale who
has been visiting friends vfor tho past
week will return to her homo this even
Mr Pendor and family moved to Oak
dalo yestorday and Mike Stafford and
family will occupy their houso on South
Third street
Mr Harrington and family aro mov
ing back again Thoy havo made their
home in Omaha for the winter but Mr
Harrington has his old position back
and thoy will livo horo again
Tho Kidney Complexion
Tho palo sallow sunken cheeked distressed-looking
peoplo you so often meet
aro afflicted with kidney complexion
Their kidney nro turning to n parsnip
color So is their complexion
Thoy may ab o havo indigestion or
suffer from sleeplessness rheumatism
neuralgia brain trouble nervous exhaus
tion and sometimes the heart acts badly
Tho cause is weak unhealthy kidneys
Usually the sufferer from kiduey dis
ease does not find out what tho trouble
is until it is almost too late because the
first symptoms are so like mild sickuess
that they do not think they need a
medicine or a doctor until they find
themselves sick in bed
Dr Kilmers Swamp Root will build
up aud strengthen their weak and dis
eased kidnoys purify thoir diseased
kidney poisoned blood clear thoir com
plexion and soon they will eujoy better
You cau get tho regular sizes at tho
drug store at 50 cent aud 1 or you may
first prove for yourself the wonderful
virtues of this great discovery Swamp
Root by sondiug your address to Dr
Kilmer Co Hinghumtou N Y for
a sample bottlo and a book that tells all
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free by mail When writing kindly
mention that you read this liberal offer
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The Attornry General Olxen nil Opinion
A firm Cimial Kxitiiilnntlon
From Mondays Daily
City Clerk Stilt received tho following
letter this morning from the attorney
gonoral concerning the Second ward tie
Lincoln April M Mr J C Stitt
clerk of tho city of Norfolk Norfolk
Nob Dear sir Your letter of the 12th
was duly received in which you submit
to mo for my opinion a question resting
substantially on this stuto of facts
At the election recently held In your
city It was found that two candidates
for tho position of alderman received
each tho same number of votes j that tho
mayor after duo notico had beon given
to tho candidates instructed you as
city clerk to draw for tho purposo of
deciding tho tio j and that you refused
to do so on tho ground that you hud no
legal right to niako such drawing
Tho official business of this ofllco is
such as to precludo mo from making a
careful examination of this question but
from a casual examination thereof I nin
of tho opinion that you oro right
There is nothing in tho statuto gov
erning cities of tho Becond class having
over oOOO inhabitants which authorizes
bucIi an action on your part In fnct
there is uothiug thero which provides
for such a caso as the ono under consid
eration Nor can I find anything in any
part of tho statutes which does so Truo
in the caso of tho Stnto vs Bowman 45
Nebr 7VJ tho court through Mr Com
missioner Ryan intimates that tho
statuto governing county elections
might be applied by analogy to elections
in cities of tho second class but tho
court does not decide that and I do not
think that this is tho law
1 repeat however that I have not
given this matter that careful attention
which I would like to givo to it but
which I cannot give it owing to pressure
of official business
Very truly yours
O J Smyth
Attorney General
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for Tho Story of tho Philippines by
Murat Halstead commissioned by tho
government as ollicial historian to tho
war department Tho book was written
iu army camps at San Francisco on tho
Pacific with General Merritt in tho hos
pitals at Honolulu iu Hong Kong in
tho American trenches at Mauilo in tho
iusurgont camps with Aguinaldo on tho
deck of the Olympin with Dewey and
in tho roar of battle at tho fall of Manila
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v T w y v w v v
Does Your 0
Head Ache IT
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you Mcop well 1nln in your
back Lack encrry Amietlto
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tho results of constipation If w
tno contents or tho bowels nro not
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ous substances nro suro to bo ab
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