The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, April 20, 1899, Page 10, Image 10

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They Tit the test as nature Intended
villbo greatly onliuncod by
won ring graceful shoos
Tbo most comfortable most
liorfoot nttingatul most grace
ful shoes on the markot for
women nro the
Jenness Miller
at 350 Per Pair
Wo nro solo agents for Uioso
superb hygienic shoes for this
ilendiinartci H ltemnvcd fniin Daveupoi ta
bio to lieo Dudley- stable on Titli St
Fifth Street
Ladies Attention
If you nro in peor health InvoatUnto tin
VIAVI THKVTMKNT Mice open nil day
Monday nuil Tiitit luy in Cotton lllnrk over
1I1IUI1 HroV noro Health Hook free by calling
on addreialng the mauajjer MIH S K IOXH
Norfolk NolnnHkn
Aruyou lailciuK m struiiKth ami on
orgy Aro you iuutous dcspniidout
irritnhlo billions constipated mul
HOiiornlly run down in health If so
your livor is torpid mid a fow doses of
Hurbino will euro you Ik rhino has no
oqiml us u health restorer
0 M FoitXKY
C Application Tor Siiloon Liquor IIcciiho
Mat tor of application of Geo II Spear
for a liquor license
Notice is hereby given thai Geo II
Spear did on tho ISth day of April 1SI
tile his application to the mayor and city
council of the city of Norfolk Nebraska
for license to soil Jinalr spirituous and
vinous liquors at Norfolk Nebraska
from the 1st day of May IS- to tho
510th day of April IIOO At west room
Oxnard hotel buildinj in First ward of
said city
If there is no objection roiuonstrauco
or protest tiled within two weeks from
lio ISth day of April ISlM tho said li
cense will be grained
Iskal 1 O Surr
City Olork
GE0 DUDLEY Pronrietor
Good Rigs at Reasonable
Winter Excursion
It tick xmcaulinl help If crippled with
rhpnmfttiem sou cau In cured If tired you
need rest and the paco to K is
1 ho eipense U less than you imukino Tha
Northwestern Mud lias announced ictal ex
careiomi certain days this mouth at
Ttia KvaliB Hotel will remain open nud thin
and nil other hotels and Ixmrdiu hoin en are
giviuir good service and low rates lUirim Hie
Round Trip
nnd correspomliuB
Mo Valley
Sioux City
reductions from other
Climat Bconarv an 1 IIuiU aro ua
LCelled Tliirfy dayB timo allowed and auy
jutK E A MV R Hor J 11 liable
eiln jabsencor Aasnt
vou more about It
ieuiou Iowa can tell-
Application for Saloon Liquor Llccns c
Mutter of application of I A Mar
qtmrdt for a liquor license
Notice Is hereby given that l A
Marquatdl dbl mi the li 1st lu or March
ISDii Hie his application to the Mayor
and Cltv Coimcli of the City nl Norfolk
Nebraska for license to sell limit spirit
nous and vinous liquor at Norfolk Ne
braska from the 1st day id May 1 still to
Hie ilillli ilav of April IIHKl At lot I
blk I Koenlgstelns First Addii In Kirst
Waul of said cil
If theie Is no objection leinolislraiice
or protest tiled within two weeks from
the loth day id April 1SI the said
license will be granted
1 SiTiTCilv Clerk
Application for Saloon Liquor License
Matter of implication of Charles lliee
for a liquor license
Nollce Is hereby given I lull Charles
Itlce did on the JilVd day ol March NHI
tile his application to tin- Mayor and Cltv
Council ol the Cltv of Norfolk Nebraska
for license to soil malt spirituous and
vinous liquors at Norfolk Nebraska
from the 1st day or Mnv 1HIHI to the iitltli
dav of April lllOD At lot I blk 2
Dears Addn In Ward of said city
If there is no objection remonstrance
or protest tiled within two weeks from
the I nth day of April 181111 the said
license will be granted
IC Srirr Cltv Clerk
Application for Saloon Liquor License
Matter of application of Win O Her
ner for a liquor license
Notice Is hereby given that Win I
Horner did on the 21st day of March
ISM tile his avplicallou to the Mavorand
City Council of the City of Norfolk Ne
braska lor license to sell malt spirituous
and vinous liquors at Norfolk Nebraska
from the 1st dav of Mnv 18IM to the iiOth
day or April llUIO At lot 11 blk 0
original townslte In First Ward ol said
inhere Is no objection remonstrance
or protest llled within two weeks from
tee loth day ol April lailil the said
license will bo granted
CSrirr City Clerk
Application for Saloon Liquor License
Matter of application of ticorge Holler
for a liquor license
Notice is hereby given that Jeorgo
Holler did on the l dav of March
ISM Hie his application to the Mayor
and City Council of tho City of Norfolk
Nebraska for license to sell malt spirit
uous and Vilnius liquors at Norfolk Ne
braska from tho 1st day of Mnv 1S1MI to
the 10th dav or April lll At lot J
blk 1 Koouigsteins addn in IMrM Ward
of said city
If there is no objection remonstrance
or protest tiled within two weeks from
the loth day of April KSllt the said
license will be granted
1 C Kitit City Clerk
Noll co ol Halo Inder Clint tie Mortgiigp
Notice is hereby given that by vlrtno of n
battle nmrtgnge dated on tho 7th day of
ISli nml I lily lllitil in tlinotllcuof tlinoonnty
old I of MhiIIhiii county Nebraska on tint tilth
I is- of March Is ami executed by Herman
Tlllenhurg to the Norfolk Nntlonttl llnnMo se
cure tho payment of i000 t tired bundled ilol
Inrs nml a pun which there Is now dun the Mini
of flllUWono liunilreil and sixty dollars together
with cohIh anil expenses of foreclosuin default
huvLng beeiuiiaile ill the pnymenlof said sum
anil no siiil orother pr ceeding tit law havinx
been lliHtittited to recover Niiiii debt or auy part
thereof and the said mortgagee being in tho nc
tiuil poHxesnlon of the said described
in said liiiirttingo thereforo 1 will sell tho prop
o ty therein tlotcrihed to wlt All of tho furni
ture mid fixtures contained in and about the
Merman Tillenbiirg saloon located in
the vomer room of the Mnninitrdt
block corner of Fifth street and
Norfolk avenue in Norfolk Nebriska consist
iiuof counter bick bar cigar canes IcocIipMh
lefrigeratorit tahlo i chairs picture glaiHeti
bottles jms bin rein safe stoves cash register
hot water heaters show cafes front liar dishes
b ir utensils of all kinds mid descriptions enr
puts niKs partition roller tup desk cock
lump corks faucets pumps and other mixed
lanioiis articles mid every thini in and about
stld building belonging to nud used or owned
liyHiid Herman TillonhurK nt public miction
at tin livery barn and htoravo barns ol ioortto
DaMiiport In Norfolk precinct city of Norfolk
MuillHi county Nebraxkii on the 8tb day of
May isyi at 1 oclock p in of said day
Dated April lit lMii
NoniiiiK National IIvnk
Grippo Cured
Last winter I had a bad cold and
severe cough I was lame in every joint
and muscle I was sick and felt as
though 1 was coming down with typhoid
fever It was no doubt n bad case of
grippe Mr 1J P lludge gave me a bot
tle of Urazilian Halm saying he was
sure it would help me The relief was
almost instantaneous It quickly
stopped my cough ami took the grippe
with all the pains and soreness out of
inv svstcm 1 gave the balance of the
50cent bottle to Mrs Itishop Wiley for
her daughter It proved so beneficial
she says she never intends to be without
it Udwin litzjones CiuciuuatiOhio
Asthma Can lie Cured
J R Niblo ex school superintendent
of Rochester Pa says I nave been a
great sufferer from asthma for years but
I have had a splendid winter owing to
the surprising efficacy of Urazilian
balm A lady in Cincinnati who bad
suffered with asthma for 17 years could
not lie down was perfectly cured with
Brazilian llnlm
Ask your
for n Ki iierotM
Elys Cream Dalm
contains no cociotio
iu reury nor any other
It in uckly Absorbed
iiv Uiliof at once
J open mid cleanses
liio Natal Iniis
Altnv ImlimmPion
lluais ami tho Slcnihrane lteetorci the
of Taste and smell Tall Sire 80 Tna
tiuo tOC at Or yittior ly riatl
UlYHHUlKIs v Warren Street Kework
Restore Vitality Lost Vigor and Manhood
Cure Impotency Night Emissions and
wasting diseases an citccts 01
abuse or excess and indis
cretion A norvo tonic and
blood builder Brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks and
restores the fire of youth
By mail 50c ner box O boxes
for S 50 with 11 written
tco to cure or refund tho money
Send for circular Address
Clinton Jackson Sts CHICACO iX
For sale by Foruey D Co Norfolk
Anil It ln de Mini n Inor Inmirnncn
IIInK lit
The mniingcrnf a life insuranco com
pany had the door
Life insuranco companies ho was
flnying nro iih particular about tho
people they already have on their lists
ustheyiiio about getting them on in
the beginning They are rich of course
lint they are no inoio iiiitIoiib to take
in a man who will die of disease within
the Hist year or two than they arc to
take In a perfectly healthy man and
have him hazard his life by taking pet
Hotial risks in dangerous pursuits or by
travel in unhealthy countries
I remember a funny liistanco that
occurred once while I was living in
New England One of our 10000 men
had a way of calling a maun liar in tho
most cureless nml indiscriminate man
ner and with only tho merest or no
provocation One day ho was In our
olllco and casually mentioned tho fact
that ho was going to make a trip to
WlienV inquired tho umuagcr
Next week
On business or pleasuro
Going to buy a pair of horses
Uin or or I hesitated the man
ager Ueforo you start 1 wish you
would stop in mid ncc me
What for Want mo to buy n
horse for you V
No I want to arrango about your
What do you want to arrnngo
about it Isnt it all right
Yes as long as you stay in this
country Hut if you go down to Ken
tucky well have to ndvanco tho rate
until you come back
Well what in began the
policy Holder hotly when tho manager
interrupted him
Dont ily tho track my dear fel
low lie said gently Its all right hero
and tho rate is satisfactory to us but
by Jove wo cant give you tho same
rate and let you go to Kentucky and
call men liars like you do in this sec
tion Not much I We havent got 10
000 policies to give away liko that and
you oughtnt to expect it Wash
ington Star
II Would Not Paint n Mo Iv u For
ii Napoleon
Thero was no love lost between tho
Emperor Louis Napoleon and his cousin
lrinco Napoleon whom the Parisians
called Plon Plon Tho prince used to
make abusive speeches against tho em
peror which people were only too ready
to repeat to him Let him alone
Louis Napoleon would reply Ho is
too well known No one would turn mo
out to place him on the throne
The omporor was correct for no ono
said a good word about Plon Plon
Ho was commonly believed to have
shown tho wliito feather in the Crimea
and never exposed himself whore tho
lead was falling An English lady who
in her young days mingled with French
bociety tells in her Foreign Courts
and Foreign Homes a story as discred
itable to lrinco Napoleon as it is hon
orable to a French artist
While the artist was painting tho
historical picture of tho battle of tho
Alma which tho emperor had ordered
Princo Napoleon called at tho painters
studio to make known to him the facts
On leaving ho said ho wished tho prom
inent figure in the battle to bo himself
mounted on his white charger He sent
tho liorso to tho artist so that ho could
paint its exact portrait When tho pic
ture was finished and invitations wero
sent out for a private view tho
white charger was seen a prominent
figure in the buttle but without a rider
On hearing of this terrible omission
tho prince sent an aid-de-camp to ask
tho reason The honest artist said tho
horse should remain if tho princo wish
ed but no rider would bo on it Tell
tho prince I have never yet painted a
lie Tho hint was taken Tho prince
ordered tho horso to bo rubbed out
HiihIiii nm of n
prosperous theater
Ill en tor
A in tho city of
New York may in u favorable season
do a business of more than 310000
and keep in employment 150 persons
There aro 117 theaters including tho va
riety houses in active operation in the
liorouglu of Manhattan and tho Bronx
while the borough of Brooklyn adds a
score or more Everything which allccts
business in general affects the theater
A man will redueo his expenditures
for tickets to places of amusement long
before he thinks of cutting down his
supply of cigars for tho cigar belongs
to that class of luxuries which subtly
beeomo necessaries while tho theater
linbit as any observant manager will
toll you requires constant cultivation
Tho lnanageiuent of a theater is there
fore an occupation requiring business
sagacity in a greater dogeo than it
calls for artistic taste W 1 Hender
son in Scrilmcrs
Proud of Her Wiirli
Ho looked with forced admiration nt
the slippers forced because ho already
had half a dozen pairs
You dont mean tb tell me that
they nro all your own work What a
talented little wife Im going tohavol
And she smiled though the plain
truth was that slio had bought tho up
pers paid a man to eoIo them and then
managed to sew the bows on crooked
after her nudher had tnuilo them Yet
eho was very proud and really wonder
ed how she had managed to accomplish
so much Detroit Journal
Yes said tho yellow dog I be
lieve aftei death we enter into another
sphere of action I think Ill be a golf
How do yon figure that out
queried the black and tan
Oh Ill be in the link Philadel
phia North American
of Iriidoctn In Clilnino
OpenliiK IokIiir lllKlirnt nml Lowest
1uts and Cull
Todays Chicigo market quotations
are furnished by A K Donne broker as
Onon J II IrIi tow
irUfJViSi 31J4G3W
jtv m w
l 37 9 40 H 30
71 71
Mny wliont 7l calls 73i
July corn IutH aYA calls ariirirV
Crop DitiuiiBo Iteporti Control Qiintntlont
Conrn Grnln nt a StniiiUtlll
Ciiioaiio April II Wlmnt ruled strong to
day on continued reports of surlom crop ilnm
aire Mny which opened weak closed strong nt
nn nilvnneoof Vilc July Ruined lJlJic
Corn advanced e OrtH closed n slimlo lilxlinr
Iork loin 7c nntl lord nud iILm fylc OIoj
Ing prlcuj
WllKAT Mny 7Wa1o July 7Jirfl1703o
UoiiN SIny IBJiSa c July WiMo
OATS Mny Mc July UJMiZo
IMiiK May fliiaj July tOSO
Uins Mnyinr duly M0J
Iahii Mny 5alJS8S July55n7J
Cnnli quotatlniu No i rod whnat 70780
No UsprliiK 0930 No J hard lUi70o No a
corn iJ3Jc No 2 onU
CIiIcuko Live Stock
Chicago April 10 Cattlo llocolpta 15500
iwvIiik to the InfKu supply of cattle today buy
ers hold Imck nml troilo wns uiuiiually -slow
with prices rulliiK InrKely 10c lower fancy
Ki ades lroiiKlit 570r 83 choice stoors f5ma
505 niedinini f 403 1 81 lieof steers 100
100 cows and heifers U0I25 stockornnd
feeders U75t600 wostorn fed pteors fliO
53 Texas nteorsn7o 100 calvos fUiWi10
ltoKS Kecolpts UJOOU thoro was an nctivu do
mind for linus nml jiricos ruled ntrong nt nn
nveniKO udvaucn of Jo fair to choice JWJjJftO
403 heavy packing lots iU70ilJ mixed J373
Hi074 btiiclior a3GJI00 IIbIiI i70W
plKS 315i3 8r Sheep Itucelpts liOOO trailo
inslieep was Rood nml prices steady Intnbs ns
tiktinl ninkim up tho greater part of tho
iiiKs Colormlo unlmrn liiuibs sold nt 57
51KI westerns 37Oi0iSO and shorn unlives
llUi5IV shorn sheep 1151 00 choice
jCiirlliiKS J3u0 choice sheep broiiKht J00I50
Soutli Oiniiliii 11 vo Stock
South Omaha April 10 Cattle Ilecolnts
11700 litfht steady others 10c lower native beof
steers IUKtUi western eteciN 300JI73
Texas steers 300101 cows nnd hcifors 370
rol0 ennners a50 4360 stockors nnd feod
er 410jWIO calves 130CV75 bulls stns
lie J7SgUOO lloK HeceIpts 11000 Lo
MkIiiU heavy f 370iSlS mixed 370372a
IlKlit 355 llbS 3J0313 bulk of
mini 17i373 Slieop Hecolpts 5700 stontly
yeurlliiKS lt3jU3 westurn nuittons IJ5
500 block sheep 3504I0 lambs 4235G3
To Cure 11 Cold In Ono Day
Tako Laxative Bromo Quiuiue Tablots
All druggists refund money if it fails to
euro 25o The gouuiuo has L 13 Q
on eaoh tablet
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Tills Is Your Ojiportunlty
On receipt of ten cents cash or stamps
a gonorouH samplo will bo mniled of the
most popnlnr Cntnrrh and liny Fever Curt
Elys Cream Balm unflicirnt to demou
btrato tho great merits of the remedy
CO Yuuren fcd Iiw York City
Ttov Johnlleid Tr of Oreat Falls Jlont
recommended Flys Cream Halm to 1110 I
can emphnsizo his stntemrnt It is a posi
tivo cure for catarrh if used us directed
llov Francis IV Poolo Pastor CeutralPres
Church Helena Mont
Elys Cream Halm is tho acknowledged
euro for cntarrh nnd contains no mercury
nor any injurious dn Price 50 cents
Bear the v6 Kind You Have Always Bought
TnJdors Buckoyo Pilo Ointment gives
instant roliof It allays inflmnmntiou
aud heals It is uromut in its action
and positivo in its ofTect It is tho kind
that euros without pain or discomfort
It is for piles ouly 50 cents Tubes
75 cents O M Fokney
Stop that harking by the use of Bal
lards Horehound Syrup It arrests tho
cough allays irritation of tho throat
and relieves congestion of tho lungs in n
day It is safe and pleasant to tako
ond nover disnppoints 25 and 50 cents
O M Forney
For Infants nrd Children
The Kind You Have Always taught
Boars the
Signature of
A Sound Idver Mitkos a Well Mini
Are you bilious constipated or
troubled with jaundico sick headache
bad taste iu mouth foul bronth coated
tongue dyspepsia indigestion hot dry
skill pain iu back and between the
shoulders chills and fever eto If
von Imve iiuv of these svnmtomB your
liver is out of order and your blood is
slowly beiug poisoned becauso your
liver does not act promptly Horbiuo
will cure nny disorder of tho liver
stomach or bowels It has no equal
as a livei medicine Price 75 cents
Free trial bottle at O M Fquxkys
The fat undertaker
Who plants by the acre
Poor victims of coneli and cold
Is tdKhltig nml cryiiiK
l or weve alt stopped dviug
Since Ilraiillnn llalm was sold
Aud lor those who desire
Not just yet to ro higher
It Is worth its weight iu gold
Bean tie
ihe Kind You Kate Always nought
Tho Kind Vou Have Always Bought and which has boon
in uso for over HO years has borne the signature of
- ims been innde under his per-
jC4y 77 sonal supervision slneo its inlaney
r Allow no one to deceive you in this
All Counterfeits Imitations and Substitutes are but Kx
lierhnents that trlllo with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castorla is a substituto for Castor Oil Paregoric Drops
and Soothing Syrups It is Harmless and Pleasant It
contains neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcotic
Hiibstaucc Its ago is its guarantee It destroys Worm
and allays Fevcrlshness It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation
and Flatulency It assimilates the Food regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels giving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
St Louts Mo Aug 12
Thotiph only 19 years old I srffercd from
pains nud female troubles two years Last
spring t got so bad 1 had to quit work I hud
to support myself and could not afford n hitfh
priccd doctor I not ono bottle of Wlnu of
Cardiil nnd that made mo feel better llpve
now used several bottles n d am well Mv
mother used the Wine for Change of Litis and
was greatly relieved
ny i a j m
Aany girls and women find it necessary to earn their own living in
various kinds of employment Their work is often so hard and confin
ing that the health breaks down Their delicate constitutions are unfitted
for tiresome tasks Weakness nearly always makes its appearance in the
peculiarly delicate womanly organs Constant standing on the feet
and coming and going at the beck of a superintendent or foreman in
duces falling of the womb leucorriiQM headache and backache The pay
of women workers is often so notoriously small that when sickness
conies they have no money to engage skillful physicians To them Wine
runtiiviLi in riiMN iniiiuuiK
tltrecttoiiK ivlntxf yinitoinrt
ImMmu lMrr llr Ilul II k IT 1 t lllll i
MFIUCIVKI ciiattunooiM Ttim
ot uartuu is truly a Diessing it
cures them of their ills at a small
cost and they can act as their own
physicians No doctor can do as
much for female troubles as
Wine of CarJui
Druggists sell Large Bottles for 100
8 tykri -ml
1 Ml V
JK l 3H lllM I
r niTTnrrr m
Hffl fflX
ranor TtO
Warners Corsets are
7 Standard Shaped Strikingly
eorrcct UpToDate Styles
xquisitely Pine Materials
Unbreakable Bones
4SOR3EXS Rustproof Steels
The Johnson Dry Goods Company
TT lnnW Qlat IfKVLli
r youiaw - Zrm sireral Dhylotatu proopunood my
ke ii -VI a Hiovui ProBtration
rrftiJtnnn Ul flDrvuui aiiivvV w ---- nmwnmttmnmmm
v nil dlseftses and mny
Irom our Wetero urai
tii mIIat nnmiiw nil ahiuii utouu whi w w
rpbyaloun wimoa Ji ma Aau I look il ftnd Um obince wu
ivy nwnuw
wonUertul HooHniiw
vr TL mmM Hnl kln mM
nil 11 nervooa and
dleast tie i
ay It M wortn f ur inw
Oftce Dr a Jajr Medloaico B
WW lavw mm w in -
amw9 ctwiiw mm mMmA
Dr Kays Renovator
- m - k Ml k 4 A MA4 I
m tlsvoodeaqri TlSmK
nluUa Mtt renontM na4
M in Ciooo UTin now tun -
own vrr mavni tuu
- n m
i MAiry pc
by aratj
t It trolal
ond tor the booklet
WVW 5pft5LC
m 1 1