The Norfolk weekly news. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1888-1900, April 06, 1899, Image 1

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The Norfolk Weekly News
Charles- the City the
ftcport Current In Mnnlln Thnt Ho lln
JJeen Supplnntoil by QonorM Antonio
Luna IroolntUBtlon toNatlrss Ii Given
ltoipocirul Atttintlon Qootl Results Aro
j Eipectoil From It
Manila April 0 Tho cruiser Ohnrlos
ton which has boon cruising along tho
west const of Luzon to tho north sont a
boat in shoro noar Dagupun last Taos-
day to mnko soundiugo Tho robols
opuiiud Hie wounding a United Statos
ofllcor Tho cruiser thereupon bom
barded tho town tho insurgents ovao
Tinting it
Thoro ore persistent rumors that
Aguinaldo tho insurgent leader has
been supplanted in tho control of Fili
pino affairs by General Antonio Luna
comWaudor in -chief of tho Filipino
forces Luna is described as boiug a
typical bolligorout
Filipino Rend tlio Menage
1 Manila April 0 Tho proclamation
of tho United Statos Philippino commis
Bion was posted in tho streets printod in
English Spanish and Taglog It was
also distributed in tho outsido towns as
far as Malolos and has boon recoived
with marked attention by tho natives
generally aud has been approved by a
number of roprcsentativo Manikins
Total disunities In Philippine
Washington April 0 Tho casualties
lu iho Philippines from Fob 4 to April
4 1L09 iuclusivo us roported to tho ad
jutnut general nrc Killed 184 wound
ed 970 total 1100
Suf coeds Gonernl s Clilf or tho
Jluret n
Washington i o president
has appointed Coionoi Aiiuiuurt I Buf
fington to bo brigadier general and chief
of tho bureau of ordnance to succeed
tho lato General Flagler
Colonel Bufllngtou was appointed to
thomilitary academy in 1850 from Vir
ginia coming from that part of tho state
which is now West Virginia Ho be
came a lieutenant at tho beginning of
the civil war Being from tho south
ho was strongly urged to join tho con
federacy but resisted all appeals Ho
becamo a captain before tho close of tho
war Asido from a short service as a
topographical ongineertlio has been con
tinuously in tho ordnance corps His
uamo is conuoctCa with a number of
important improvements in armament
being tho designer of tho Bufflngton
Crosier disappearing gun carriage and
tho field gun carriago in use by tho
United States army
Mustor Out or Third Nebraska
Lincoln April 0 Governor Poyntor
6ent tho following messugo to Washing
ton bearing on tho muster out of Ne
braska troops in Cuba If consistont
with tho policy of tho war department
I desiro to add my request to tho peti
tion of the ofllcers and men of tho Third
Nebraska volunteers that when thoy
ehall bo mustered out it bo at Havana
or tho nearest port of entry in tho
United Statos Tho original intention
was to keep tho regiment intact until it
reached Nobraska but tho soldiers pro
Forty Ninth Iowa Starts For Home
Havana April 0 Six companies of
tho Forty ninth Iowa volunteers loft
yesterday for Savannah by tho steumor
Sau Antonio They will bo quaran
tined at Pulaski Tho Third Kentucky
regiment now at Matauzas will leavo
boou Tho transports Kilpatrick and
Florida aro duo to arrive here by the
end of tho woek aud a day or two lator
will seo a majority of tho voluntoor3
now remaining in Cuba on thoir way
Arseiml MurhliilHta Quit Work
Davenport la April 0 One hun
dred aud fifty machinists failod to ro
port for duty at tho Rock Island arseual
on account of dissatisfaction with tho
wages and workshop rules Major S
E Blunt roferred their grievances to
tho war dopartmout but tho strikers
would not wait its docisiou Nearly
1200 men aro still at work aud tho
manufacture of army equipment will
not bo much interfered with
Wireless Telegraphy
Paris April 0 In viow of tho suc
cess of tho experiments with the Mar
coni eystoin of wiroloss telegraphy
across tho strait of Do Qr tho author
ities propose to transmit mossages to
England from Paris Tho terminal
hero will probably bo tho Eiffel tower
tho distauco to Southforoland being 230
Ilodles Curried Out to Sea
Euheka Cal April 0 No bodios of
those lost on the steamer Ohilkut Tues
day have boen recovered It is doubt
ful if thoy ever will bo At tho timo of
tho wreck the ebb tide was flowing and
this gives a southerly set to the current
carrying the bodies out into deep water
Gubernatorial Appoluluieuts
Pieiuie S D April 0 Governor
Leo today appointed Dr F W Moflltt
of Doadwood a member of the state
board of health to succeed Dr Jen
nings of Hot Springs aud also named
Herman J Baker as fish and gumo war
den of Douglas county
J jKooinllil Joues For OaTurnor
Toledo April 0 The friends of
Muyor Joues in Tolodo and Columbus
simultaneously startod a boom for him
yesterday as a candidate for governor
of Ohio He will endeavor to have a
platform favonr wunioipal ownership
of public utilit
k her Itiir
ths v
New YoitK
Liborato cer
fcurch wedding
MU Sloan wab
Hammond ycstoiJ
turtiioiomow U
ho throo
ones op
SBBSSSk aaJbsssssssssssssss
ohu H
i in St
lauding tho oxprosscd dosiro of tho
biido and her family for a au wod
ding tho avouuo for ss
direction from tho cli
Baonso throng whl
times to pro vont tho arrival oi carnages
In order to roliovo tho crush the polico
drove tho crowd back to tho block
bovo tho church aud to tho block bo
low this leaving tho 6troot clear iu
front of tho entrance
At 11 a m guosts began to arrlvo
And just boforo tho approach of tho
bridal party tho ohuroh was crowdod
Mid guosts stood in tho aislos More
than 300 guests followed tho newly
Veddod to tho homo of the brides par
tuts for tho reception and breakfast
Denth or nil Ohio Leper
Junction City O April 0 Hannah
Garoy aged 22 years tho older of tho
two Garoy sisters who have boen af
lictcd with supposed leprosy for tho
jast 17 years died at her homo three
idles from hero last ovoniug after two
vecks of intense suffering tho result of
Iho dread diseaso invading tho vital
organs Tho remains wero interred at
Ealem cemetery Thero is a younger
lister 12 years of ago also suffering
from tho tamo diseaso Tho mother
ud thrco sons nro apparently clean
Tho family lives on an isolated farm in
Perry county which is shunned by all
tho natives no ono can bo persuaded to
put thoir foot within tho limits Thero
is no idea how the children becamo af
flicted with tho diseaso aud tho only
theory is that it came from the father
who died somo time ago and was sup
posed to havo contracted it in tho south
during tho war
Slider War nt Sau Friiiiclsoo
San Fiiancisco April 0 Thero is a
sugar war on in this city Tho Chron
icle says that a local firm is importing
cano sugar from Java and Manila re
fined in English and Scotch factories at
Hong Kong It is carried by tho steam
ers of tho California and Oriental
Steamship company which is v- af
tho Santa Fo system Heretoforo these
sugars havo been landed in Sau Diego
and ro shipped to this city but iu fu
ture tho sugar will bo laudod in Sau
Francisco Several cuts in tho prico
havo been made tho total reduction
being nearly lcont a pound
Kohliurx Shw Through Jail Ilurs
Oruvu Rapids la April 0 Two
men giving the names of Cooksby and
Miller held to tho grand jury in sums
of i00 each for robbery committed at
Center Point n few nights ago sawed
out of jail last night boforo being taken
to the county jail aud mado their es
Report or Chemist Clill tendon Dr Currlo
Fount Ac lilrt III It
Washington April 0 The two
principal witnesses boforo tho beof in
quiry court yesterday wore Prof Rus
sell II Chittenden of Yale college anil
Dr Samuel A Currio who was liou ten
ant colonel of tho Second New Jersoy
regiment which was stationed at Jack
sonvillo during tho war Prot CliiU
tendon is ono of tho chomists selected
by tho govornmout to analyze tho canned
roast beof Ho presouted his report
showing that tho beof generally was
good No chemicals had been found by
him in its preparation and it was gen
erally wholesome He however ex
pressed doubt as to whothor tho heat of
tho tropical climato would not causo tho
fat in tho cans to liquify and thus ren
der tho food displeasing to tho sight
Colonel Davis stated thsu most of tho
cans from which tho samples wero taken
lor auulysis had boon exposed to the
heat of tropical countries somo of tho
cans being brought from Havana for
tho purposo of tho tost
Dr Currie testified that tho rofrigor
ator beof supplied at Jacksonville had
ou somo occasions mado tho nion sick
Ho had mado chomical analysis of tho
beef which iu one caso showed tho
proscuco of salicylic acid and iu auothor
of boracio acid
Major Loo presented more of tho cor
respondence botweon Goneral Milos aud
tho court and put iu a request ou behalf
of tho general that uiuo of tho 130 wit
nesses whoso mimes ho had heretoforo
suggested bo called saying that thoy
would testify concerning refrigerator
beef aud chemically troatod beof Tho
court did not iudicato whothor tho ro
quost would bo complied with
Aged Cuuple Iluu Down by a Train
Comanche la April 0 Mr and
Mrs E O Lum old residents of Co
mancho wero killed by boiug ruu down
by u Northwestern passeuger train near
horo yesterday
Iroiuliieut Iowa Lawjur Dead
Sioux City April 0 Stophen M
Marsh ono of the best known attor
neys of uorthwebtem Iowu is dead
Almuiine or the Day
Thursday Sun rises at 530 tets at
030 Moon rises at 318a m
Weather Forecast for Friday Iowa
Fair wiuds shifting to northwesterly
Nebraska aud the Dakotas Fair vari
able wiuds
Three Powers Confer at Berlin
Concerning Samoa
otrtlclnl Ilerlln Inclined to tlolleva the
United Statos Will Ajireo to a Friendly
Partition or tho Islnnds In the Kteut
That It Secures a Coullug Station Situ
ntlnn Is Improved
Beulin April 0 Tho negotiations bo
tweon tho Gorman minister of foreign
affairs Baron von Buolow tho United
Statos ambassador Androw D White
aud tho British ambassador Sir Frank
Lascollos continue Tho ropro
sontatlvo of Grout Britain still favors
tho majority rulo withlu tho proposed
Samoau investigation commission Ger
many wants unanimity according to
tho Berlin act and tho United States
acquiosces iu the lattor
Tho ultimate Gorman aim is a frlond
ly division of tho islands to which prop
osition olllcial Berlin believes America
will not object if its coaling station is
secured English polioy rather awaits
cnutiously tho results of tho inquiry
Angry German attacks aro alined now
more at England than America and
come mainly from irresponsible journals
ltlKlit to limit Wire
St Louis April A decision was
rendered by Judgo Peabody in tho po
lico court yesterday that under certain
conditions a husband has tho right to
beat his wife Tho caso was of ono
Bernard Kretzucr charged with beating
his wife because she would not agreo
with him in tho management of their
children Judgo Peabody said in pass
ing judgment In tliip case tho wife
was more guilty than tho husband for
trying to contradict and thwart hor hus
bands will in tho presence of tho chil
dren and setting them a bud example
which ho hail a right to rebuke Thero
are times when a wifo irritates her hus
band To such an extent that ho cannot
control himself aud uses his hands or
his fists As long as no sorious harm is
dono I do not beliovo in punishment
National League Troubles
Boston April 0 In an interview
over tho troubles of tho Louisvillo Baso
ball club yesterday President Sodeu of
tho Boston club says Whether tho
Boston club plays Sunday ball or not is
entirely foreign to tho question in tho
controversy Brush Hart aud others
know tho schedulo was adopted under
misapprehension I am at a loss to
understand why Louisvillo was troatod
so contomptibly Tho talk about tho
schedulo being fairly adopted is tho
merest buncombe Tho Louisvillo club
in nil right fuirncs3 and justico was
entitled to tho dates apportioned at tho
first meeting No ono had any right to
alter these dates without consulting tho
Louisvillo club Tho dates wero
changed by people who had no right to
do so
Interstate Coinmeri o Hearing
Toledo O April 0 Tho interstate
comnierco commission began tho
investigation of tho olovator commis
sions iu what is known as tho uorn
bolt of Ohio Thero was a largo uttend
unco of railway men Commissioner
Prouty conducted tho investigation
Chargos have been mado by a numbor
of cities that tho roads havo boon ship
ping grain at regular rates aud thou
paying tho olovators at interior points
2 cents a bushel commission for corn
and wheat and one half cent commis
sion for handling This amounts to a
cutting of rates A numbor of elevator
men testified showing that tho roads
wore paying commissions
Jamaican Tariff Hill Forced Through
Kingston Jamaica April 0 Sir Au
gustus Hemming tho governor uud tho
representatives havo failod to roach the
hoped for compromise on tho critical
issuos that havo been ponding for sov
eral weeks Tho governor declining to
withdraw tho additional olllcial mem
bers tho tariff bill was forced through
The roproseutvtives then entered an
unanimous protest and it is thought
that this will fire tho movement to join
tho Leeward islands aud to demand an
nexation to tho United States
CoiiiiiiUkIoii to Inwtluto Trusts
Washington April 0 Tho industrial
commission yesterday continued its con
ference with Professor Jenks of Cornell
university iu rogard to tho preparation
of a plan for tho investigation of trusts
mid their effect on tho pricos of labor
Tho commission desires to make u very
comprehensive study of tho trusts to
enable it to roport somo legislation to
congress with a view to thoir judicious
Quay Ircpures For Ills Trial
Philadelphia April 0 Former Sen
ator Quay yesterday spent a long time
in conference with his counsel at tho
Hotol Walton regarding tho final ar
rangements tor his trial which begins
next Monday Ho also had a lengthy
interview with Insurance Commissioner
Durham Mr Durhum said Mr
Quay is in the tight for United States
senator to tho finish
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Have Arrived
J I J 1
Aflk O
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KiiTtlmiH In Little Uhody
Pkoviuunck It I April i Tho stato
election yesterday resulted in a
licau victory though tho Democrats
made gains in many localities Tho i
entiro Republican state ticket was sue- j
cessful and tho goneial assembly will bo
Republican by a largo majority though
not as largo as last year Tho Socialist
voto is largo in tho cities aud manufact
uring towns Eighty districts out of
101 iu tho stato give for governor
Dyer Rep 10812 Greeuo Doin
0082 Herrick Soc Lab 1247 Peck
ham Pro 1013
MiirdtsrdU hy Ilichhlnilors
St Louis April 1 Tho mutilated
dead body of Joo Chouug a Christian
Chinaman was found yesterday undor
an oil tank ou Gratiot stroot Piuuod
to tho clothing was a noto writton in
Chinoso characters aud uoar by au
empty opium pot both trado marks of
highbinders A cousin of tho dead Mon
golian identified tho body and said that
ho had boon pumued by highbinders for
a year going from Now Orleans and
Sau Francisco uud from thero to St
Iowa Fruit Crop Irospncts
Des Moinks April J Secretary
Greeno of tho Stato Horticultural so
ciety recoived roports from noarly overy
county in the stuto ou tho apparent con
dition of fruit troos of tho stato Tlioso
reports indicate that tho blight to tho
fruit crop from tho sovoro woathor of
tho last season is not so great as was at
first roported and that if the spring nnd
summer seasons prove to bo avorago
ones thoro is likoly to bo enough small
fruit to supply tho homemarkotat loast
hloux Falls Im riant Kohl
Sioux Falls S D April 0 Tho
sale of tho plant of tho Northwostorn
Packing company to Thorou Davis of
Now York city representing capitalists
of that city rosulted in tho formation
of a corporation with a capital of 1
000000 to operate tho property Throo
millions wero taken by Mr Davis at
par for tho Now York syndicate Leslor
Hoyer a prominent Now York packer
was selected as president of tho com
AVAl Baking
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
V - - w - Wl SMjIK VH CO TvOr
The Norfolk Building and Loan Assn
C B DURLAND Secretary
i A liUJKAKT lUKHinuvr
HAS B IIHIIXJIC Vki Iiiehidint
XV It JUIAASfH AssT Cahiiiib
The Citizens National Bank
Capital 50000 Surplus 5000
Iluy nnd fell oicIihiikh ou Uijh rouutry and nil jiurts of Europe Farm Loans
Directors Caiii Ahmch XV II Ioiinson Ciiah S Hiiidoi C W Duaascii CM
Hwank 1 A Li iKAin T K Mmimimiiii L Sishionh
The Zwight
Liquor Store
Successor to
Turf Exchange
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables in Season
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