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Iniurnnco Men Finish Session ,
A business Huxnlun , liiclndlng the
uicctlon of officers for the ensuing
yenr , nppdhilmunl of legislative and
program committees , delegates to the
national convention , reports of vari
ous committees , wore features of
Thursday's tesHlon of the Nebraska
Association of Mutual Insurance com
panies , holding their two days' con
vention huro.
Lincoln was the city chosen for the
next convontlon. After many resolu
tions were adopted , Including the en
dorsing of Fire Commissioner Ran
dall's campaign against fire , and the
vote of thanks to Norfolk , the Com
mercial club , Ex-VU'O President Ev
ans and the resolutions of respect to
the late John Emmanuel who , before
his death , wan for ten years presi
dent of the association , thu conven
tion adjourned at noon Thursday.
The following officers were elected :
President. A. C. Hull , Hastings ; vice
president , M. C. 1)111 ) , Belvldere ; HOC-
retary-troiisurer , Mrs. M. C. Hitchcock -
cock , Lincoln. The secretary's salary
was fixed at $ f > 0 per annum. Last
year's legislative committee was reelected -
elected and Frank Mills of Lincoln
succeeded Herman Bnoltow on the
program committee. W. J. Eyostono
of Lincoln was selected on of the en
tertainment committee for the Lin
coln convention.
( ! . L. Carlson delivered an Interest
ing address on "Co-Operation" during
the morning session and M. C. Dill
rend a valuable paper on provisions
for Insuring automobiles.
Acting Mayor Herman Winter , who
delivered tin , address of welcome at
( .be opening of the covcntlnn , was
given a vote of thanks for his co-opcr
ntlon with local committees.
The address of J. E. Curt ! of South
Omaha on farm risks was one of the
feature impels rend during the after
noon session Wednesday.
Chief Deputy Fire Commissioner C.
A. Randall of Lincoln , who was sched
uled to address the convention Wed
nesday at'teinoon , was unable to bo
present , but his paper was rend by
Secretary Hitchcock.
"During the pnst yonr there have
been 1.IM8 fires reported to the fire
commission department , " says the
fire commissioner's paper. "The total
value of buildings that have been
damaged by fire was $8f > 87-lH. The
value of contents In buildings dam
aged was | SOC > 7.S17. There was In-
Mirnncc on the buildings damaged
amounting to $ r > ,70r > , ! )01. ) and the In
surance on the contents was $5,289-
M10. The total value of buildings and
contents that have been damaged by
fire is $ ir.,7ri5,2l ! , but the actual dam
age has boon reduced to $1,778,1:58 :
largely through the efforts of the paid
and volunteer fire departments.
"This army of figures ought to con
vince the most skeptical that money
Invested In adequate fire fighting faci
lities , manned by loyal and courage
ous men who constitute these various
fire companies. Is money well expend
ed. "
The reports of the various compa
nies and the round table questions
took up the remainder of the after
noon. rT
A banquet was served In the Mer
chants cafe during the evening , al
which many toasts wore responded
to. State Auditor Barton was unnbh
to be present at the convontlon am
ho telegraphed his regrets.
Delegate .7. A. Moses of Aurorf
wns taken suddenly 111 during the afternoon
tornoon and Vice President Evam
took him In charge. A physician wai
called , but the delegate's attack wai
not n serious one.
Coal Rate Increase Held Up.
Washington , Feb. 17. Increase
\ freight rates proposed by the Chicago
Burlington & Qnincy railroad on coa
from mines in Wyoming to jnnetloi
points in Montana and beyond wen
suspended today by the Interstate commerce
merco commission pending an invest
Defendant Testifies He Shot Gorey I
Fremont , Nob. . Feb. 17. With com
sol starting upon their final argt
inents this morning It was expecte
that the jury which has been hearln
the trial of Al Prnyn for the mimic
of Michnel Goroy will take charge c
the case this afternoon. The defens
late last night closed Its attempt t
establish the contention that th
shooting of Goroy In his own saloo
by Prnyn on Christmas day was don
in self-defense.
The prisoner testified that he dl
not fire until Gorcy was within si
feet of him with a gun pointed at hi
Columbus School Has Class Striki
Columbus , Neb. , Fob. 1G. The loci
board of education is facing one
the most peculiar and perploxln
problems ever placed before then
The entire high school has refused
.iiUMiil their classes until either Prii
olpnl Vance is asked to resign , <
Miss Barrett , the mathematics teac'
or. who was recently dismissed 1
Supt. Campbell , is reinstated to hi
former position.
Miss Barrett , whose home Is In Has
Ings , Neb. , was the victim of a figl
made upon her by the principal , tl
htudents declare. Ever since he can
to Columbus Inst September , Vam
has been continually at war with tl
others on the faculty. It is alleg <
by the students that he has rcpeate :
ly told young ladles of both the stu
ent body and the faculty to "shut ur
"close your face , " and "go get a bo (
on etiquette. " Mr. Vance denies th
absolutely. According to the story 1
tells the board , several members
the faculty are Jealous of his pow
and have combined with the studen
to oust him from his office.
The fight on the principal is boi > :
led by Steve Kent , a member of t
senior class , and Earl Munson , scion
teacher and until this year a stude
in I th - I nherslty of Nebraska. They
have I secured the active support of
I'M gar Howard. Judge Hecder , County
Attorney McElfrosh and a large share
of the countunity. Principal Vance
Is being backed by the board , Snpl.
Campbell and some of the parents.
Every ono In the city has taken Hides
upon the question , and there Is little
talk being hoard about anything ex
cept this controversy.
Affairs reached a climax on Monday
of last week , when barely n do/en pu
plls out of an enrollment of 175 came
came lo school In the morning.
Classes weie dismissed for the day ,
and the boa id hold a special meeting
In the evening. The entire student
body , and ns many of the patrons as
could crowd Into the assembly reemit
it the high school , attended the
meeting. The board refused to take
iction upon the demand of the stud-
1'iiln that the principal bo expelled or
that MIs.i Harrett bo reinstated. They
postponed the matter until Thursday
'veiling , and In the monntlmo asked
the pupils to go back to school. The
pupils agreed , but refused to attend
any of Vance's classes.
At the Thursday night meeting Miss
llarrott was present to refute the
charges that she was not able to keep
order In her classes. In her behalf.
Judge Roodor asked that she be given
the privilege of denying the charges
In the presence of the students and
others who had hoard the accusations
made. The board , after refusing to
allow the teacher this privilege , went
Into executive session , but did not de
cide upon anything definite.
The matter Is still In the air. Mr.
Vance Is still principal , hut he has
no pupils , because they have stuck
Ktoadfastly to their announcement
that they would never again attend
his classes.
Vance was elected to his present
position last Juno , following Principal
C. 10. Collett's resignation In order
that he might become superintendent
of the school at Fairmont. The pres
ent principal ciime hero from Wilbur
whore he held a similar office last
Paving Material Matter Settled.
Bituminous concrete paving , the
kind recommended by the property
owners' committee who visited Oma
ha recently , is the kind of material
that property owners ask to be used
- for the Norfolk avenue and North
Ninth street paving , the new paving
district , No. 2. The committee circu
- lating the petition for bituminous con
crete paving finished its work yester
day afternoon , and filed' the petition
with the city clerk. There were S.ODO
, feet of frontage signed for on the pe
tition. This gave the petition COO
more feet than necessary. The advocates
cates of a regular concrete paving
were active in circulating a petition
hut this petition has not been filed
with the city clerk.
ais Hurt Mapes went to Omaha.
isr James Dlgiian returned from Ponca
r- S. M. Braden returned from Chi
Tat cago.Mrs. . George A. Brooks and Mrs. A
Helm of Bnxille Mills were in tlu
Ed Hruggeman went to Sioux Git
on business
J. Wulz of Pierce was here transact
' ing business.
C. 1. Bernard went to Mondamin , In
' on business.
Carl and Otto Zuelow have gone t
Houston , Tex.
Mrs. E. A. Wnddell returned froii >
Chlcngo am' ' Omaha.
. Miss Leona Goucher returned fror
St. Paul and Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Drebert of Oal
dale were here- visiting with friends
A. Zorba , merchant and land denlo
m. of Herrlck , transacted business in th
! . city yesterday.
W , B. Hninos went to Auburn wher
ho was called to the bedside of hi
father , who ! s ill.
Miss Edith Voile went to Lincoln t
in spend a few days with her sister. Mis
x Voile , vho is attending the stat
u- Miss Bertha Johnson of Verde ! ha i
ued accepted a position in Norfolk.
ng A meeting of Damascus Commnt
lor dry No. 20ill be held for work thl
of evening.
iso The Norfolk Automobile club wl
to hold a meeting In the Commercit
ho club rooms tonight.
on The (5-yenr-old ( son of Mr. and Mr
no Albert Schelbe Is suffering with an a
tack of pneumonia.
lid C. E. Thew has gone to Mlnnesot
six where It is reported that his fatlic
Ills is not expected to live.
N. A. Halnbolt , who accidentally fo
and sustained severe injuries , spei
ke. a restless night , but is reported nine
cal improved today.
of Charles Gray , the Dekalb , 111. , ba
Ing bor who was arrested for vagraiu
MIL Thursday and put on the street coi
to ) misstoner's list to work out a $7.1
Inor fine , has escnpod.
or M. PrentlsR , traveling nudltor of tl
chby Nebraska Telephone company of Om
by : ha , checked off the Norfolk office ye
Her terday. Mr. Prentiss and M. .1. Sn
ders went to Butte on business toda
ist- S. K Hrown of Farnnm. Neb. , h
Kht purchased the stock of the Peoples d
the partment store from J. W. Ransoi
.mo Mr. Brown has several stores In tl
nco suite and expects to continue the Nc
the folk business.
ed Miss McClalrd of Minnesota will i
cd- in Norfolk Sunday , Monday and Tm
ud- day in the Interest of young people
work , and will aim to visit all t
ook bible schools in the city. She w
ibis speak in the M. E. church Sunday a
heof ernoon at 3:30 : p. m. and everybo
of is cordially Invited to attend.
ver , J. A. Montague is asking for bl
nts for the construction of a one-stc
brick building on his lot on Norfc
ing avenue between Fourth and Fil
the streets , Thn proposed building has
inco ready been leased by R. E. Pepple a
lent H. L. McCormick , who will install
barber shop and cigar statm in the
new building
The crowd of young people bidding
farewell to P newly wedded Norfolk
couple with the aid of rice and old
shoos Wednesday evening , surprised a
m-wly married couple from Trlpp
county , S. ! . , who wore on the same
train enronto east. When tired of
"pestering" the home couple , the new-
lywedH from the northwest were given
a shower.
C. S. llayts returned from Chicago ,
where he declares his son , Clyde
Hayes , Is "making good" ns "caller"
In the now Northwestern passenger
depot. "Every word he calls Is easily
understood , notwithstanding the echo
In the largo building , " says Mr. Hayes.
"I believe Clyde would make a good
finger and i am going to have his
voice tried out. "
Funeral services over the remains
of Herman lanson were held at 11
o'clock Friday morning from the fam
ily home on South Eleventh street.
Rev. Mr.VllhaustMi of the St. Jo
hannes church had charge of the serv
ices. Interment was made In Prospect
Hill cemetery. The pallbearers were :
Fred llaase , Charles Bolorsdorf , Chris
Kronch , John Herman , Fred Gall ,
Henry Munsterman.
At the instance of County Commls
slonor Bur- Taft the 10-year-old
( laughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Vans-
colk was slit to the school for the
blind at Nebraska City. The girl had
been deprived of the sight of ono of
her eyes when born. The other eye
has been giving her much trouble and
her case has Interested county auth
orltlos who believed she would receive
coive bettor attention at the school.
Among the day's out-of-town visitors
In Norfolk were : A. L. Zavitz , Mitch
ell ; C . L. Do Grnsh , Elk Point ; P. L
llagoman , Platte Center ; Mrs. .1. G
Mark , Platte Center ; E. E. Adkins
Wisner ; H. J. Snhr , Emerson ; H. O
Lewis , llartlngton ; E. B. Brown
Wansa ; O. C. Anderson , West Point ;
F. B. Llndley. Gordon ; L. W. Vnuth
, Wayne : T. C. Burns , Gregory : C. B
Booth , Lynch ; A. Lorha , Herrlck ; W
II. Kramer , Humphrey ; Or. C. C. John
son , Creighton ; A. F. Dills , Scrilmer
II. M. Kidder , Scrlbnor.
U. P. Officials Here.
Vice President and General Man
ager W. B. Scott of the Union Pnclfi
Railroad company paid Norfolk ai
early morning visit today. Accomp ;
nled by Assistant General Manage
Ware , Division Supt. W. R. Cahlll and
Assistant Engineer Scott , the now
\ice president of the Union Pacific ar
rived in Norfolk with Ills special train
at ( ! : IO a. in. After inspecting the
grounds and yards of the company
and a short conference with C. W.
- Landers , local agent , the railroad officials r-
ficials went back to Columbus , from
, which place they started on the main
line inspection.
The new aepot was locked nt the
time of the officials' arrival and they
were nimble to Inspect the building.
Vice President Scott recently suc
ceeded A. L. Mohler , who Is now
a. president of the road. This wns Mr.
Scott's first inspection of the road In
his new capacity.
lie Rush Beginning to New Lands.
The second rush of settlers into the
ty ; new lands of the Rosebud , to be open
ed to settlement this spring , is now
ct- on. Homesteaders with horses and
household belongings , are passing
n. , through Norfolk.
m Lincoln , Feb. 1C. Articles of incor
porntion were filed yesterday for ira
HU proposed ne\v railroad which is pro
jected to run from Springview in Keyu
ik- Paha county to Spaldlng in Greeley
is. county , passing through the counties
lethe - of Greeley. Gnrfiold , Wheeler , Holt
here Rock and Koya Paha. The capita
stock of the company is fixed at $ " 00
re 0(10 ( , with authorization for n bonded (
lis debt of the same amount. The incor
porators are Charles F. Lear , Join
to F. Cnrr , C. A. Ripley , J. N. Cassady
iss jr. , and C. E. Coon. The ncknowledge
ite inont of the papers wns made In Omn
as Keya Paha county at present If
without a railroad , the nearest lim
being the Northwestern to the south
Ills Numerous plans have been formulat
ed in the past to got a line into the I
county to connect it with the North
ial western , but up to the present thej
have mot with little encouragement
rs. : The article. ? just filed provide for
at- line operated either by steam or eloc )
ita. :
Attorneys and Representatives
Rockefeller Must Answer.
'lit St. Louis , Feb. Ifl. Attorneys am
representatives of the Standard Oil
Rockefeller interests , who attendei
inr" the annual meeting of the stockhohl
ers of the Waters-Pierce Oil com
Jin- pany , have been served , It was an
nounced today , with subpoenas to ai
pear Monday and glvo depositions re
the garding the methods employed by th
ma- Rockefeller Interests In the Standar
es- Oil company. The subpoenas wer
inn- served on AI. M. Vanburen and Wn
lay. ter Taylor of New York , R. W. Stew !
has : art of Chicago , nnd George N. Mayer c
do Kansas Cty. It is believed that th
om , taking of depositions will servo t
the stay the mandamus proceedings be
for- fore Circuit Judge Kinsoy tomorrov )
The mandamus proceedings are t
belies force H. Clay Pierce and his assoc
lies- ates , owners of the minority stock I
le's the Waters-Pierce Oil company , to co :
the tlfy the votes of the Rockefeller stocl
will holders in the Missouri corporatio
aft- Pierce contends that the votes shoul
ody bo counted , and in a statement h
lawyers charged that the Standard 01
bids company was attempting to porpctua
tory a trust.
'ifth Brig , Gen. Whlpple Retires.
al- Washington , Feb. 16. Brig. len
and Charles II , Whlpplo , paymaster ge ;
a'oral ' of the army , was retired on h
own application yesterday , after more
than thirty years' service Ho Is suet -
t ceded by Brig. Gen. George R. Smith.
Gen. Whlpplo had a strenuous career
In the frontier days and In the Philip
pines. Porto Rico and Cuba.
A Dance at Long Pine.
Long Pine , Neb. . Fob. Hi. Special
to The News : The ladles of Long
Pine gave n dancing party at the The-
atorlnm Wednesday evening , which
which was attended by more than 100
Invited couples.
The hall was beautifully decorated ,
and the music wan furnished by the
Peterson-England orchestra , who have
made themselves famous In the vicinity
of Long Pine by rendering such music
as Is seldom hoard In small towns.
A committee of five ladles was uni
formed In bountiful white gowns , and
a splendidly arranged program was
carried out , which afforded great
pleasure to all present.
Twenty gallons of punch ( nearly
plain ) were served by thrco young
misses In uniform , and card tables on
the stage were at the disposal of those
who did not dance. From every point
of view It was the most brilliant so
cial event of the season.
Mother of Kimmel Declares This Man
is An Imposter.
St. Louis , Mo. , Feb. 10. Mrs. Julia
Estello Kimmel , the last witness for
the plaintiff , took the stand this morn
Ing when the United States district
court reconvened for the continuation
of the hearing of Klnum-l's case In
which a defunct bank of Niles , Mich ,
is suing an insurance company ol
New York for a payment of a pollcj
on the life of George A. Kimmel. win
disappeared from Arkansas City , Kan.
in July , 1808.
Mrs. Kimmel is the mother of the
missing man.
Counsel announced that after Mrs.
Kimmel had completed her testimony
and had bren cross-examined , the
plaintiff would close Its case with the
reading of it deposition by II. T. Kim
mel , father of the missing man.
Witnesses Introduced in Fremont Tell
of Drawn Revolver.
Fremont , Feb. lli. After introduc
ing the evidence of seven witnesses
of the killing of Mike Gorey by Al
Pruyn last Christmas , the state rested
Its cnse and the defense proceeded
with the introduction of testimony.
The witnesses cnllcd were to substan
tiate the theory of the defense that
Pruyn shot in self-defense and that
the saloonkeeper had drawn a revolver
ver on him.
Davis for Elector.
Wayne , Neb. , Feb. 16. Attorney A.
R. Dacis will bo a candidate for re
publican presidential elector.
. Brown May Win Case.
Denver , Feb. 10. Raymond Brown
cashier of the Central Lumber com
. pany , whose removal to Nebraska Is
sought by the Box Bntte county grand
jury , charged with having removed
Denver books containing evidence
against the lumber trust , may succeed
in liis fight against extradition. Aftei
long argument today , Gov. Shaffrotl
had the facts stated In the affidavit
against Brown wore not sufficient
constitute a crime. A continuance 01
ten days was granted.
ir- Denver's "Swell" Prisoner Is in Bee
n from a Beating.
o- Denver.Colo. . . , Feb. 10.Harolt
Frank Hen wood , former globe trottei
y and slayer of "Tony" Von Puhl am'
George Copeland In n local hotel bar
, room , is no more a special privilegei
! prisoner in the county jnil here. I low-
ever , he is confined to his conch witl
his face and head badly disfigured
n result of a fight today with Isnac M
: Goldman , a guard , and said to be
former prize fighter. Sheriff Arm
[ strong ordered that Hen wood be treat
_ ed as other prisoners in the jail.
According to reports , Henwood im
is bibed freely of wine while enjoying
meal in his scrumptionsly furnisluM
cell in the jail and sauntered fortl '
' into the corridor. Goldman said hi '
attempted to escort Henwood back t
his cell when the latter tried to strlk
ilm with a hammer , and to disarn
he prisoner Goldman resorted to via '
' ent physical methods.
C- Albion.
Announcement was made this wee
of the marriage of Arthur Baker t
Miss May Miinslnger , the sister c
of Mrs. Charles Schnller , on Wodnes
lay , May 2.V
This week witnesses several bus
- less changes In Albion. The Quallt
' .rug store , operated by Clark & JCln
- nerman in which L. S. Wood , forme
- y of Petersburg , Neb. , was a slier
- inrtner , has now passed In the po
ip- session of Mrs. Clark , under the mai
rc. agoment of Fred Hoffman. Mr. Won
herd las not decided what he will tnko u
rd George Worth has purchased tli
grocery business of Clark & Son , M
- Clark retiring to private life and h
\V- son will represent a cream compan
VOf on the road. Mr. Worth will move h
he butcher business Into the Clark gr ;
to eery and operate a combined grocei
and meat market business.
W The John Door Manufacturing coi
to pany of Omaha has leased the bull
ing vacated by Mr. Worth and w
in cpen up a retail implement buslnes
or The Albion Electric Light compai
ck and the II. E. Hallstead Job prlnth
plant will occupy the C. n. Mills bull
uld ing , recently damaged by fire.
his Barney Hnigman and Emma O. Be
ler were married nt the St. MIchae ,
ate church nt 9 o'clock Wednesday moi
At a meeting of the Commerc
club this week it was decided to cat
out the policy in reference to llcei
en 'Ing ' the saloons that prevailed U
his year , viz : To recommend a numb
f men for the uirlniip city offices and
f no opposition prevails the caucus
8 done awny with. The club will give
heir annual banquet April 10.
I' . S. Holmes was called to his old
lomo in southern Illinois by a tele
gram announcing that his mother wns
lot expected to live.
Will Llermnn of Pierce spent the
alter part of last week In town visit-
ng relatives
Mrs. T. T. McDonald of Tllden was
ho guest of her son , H. C. McDonald ,
ho latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Boyer of Til-
Ion spent Sunday visiting relatives
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Berger left Mon-
lay nfternoot. for Clenrwnter.
C. H. Frady received n new slide
[ rombono this week from the Conn
lactory and A. D. Cllngmnn received
i now baritone.
Miss Dora Loren/on left Monday
morning for Dos Molnos , la. , to bo
gone several months.
W. L. Stanton of Meadow Grove
was n business visitor In town Tnes
T. H. Bronton of Nollgh transacted
business bore Monday.
L. A. Fisher of Norfolk spent Tues
day forenoon In town.
Carl Benhler returned Wednesday
afternoon from the state university
nt Lincoln , where ho completed the
short course In the agricultural de
W. II. Wyatt of Meadow Grove was
a business visitor here Wednesday
Ray Bettendorf and Miss Phoebe
Provo wore united In marriage nt the
Catholic church here Wednesday aft
Jacob Kraft , living five miles sontl
of town on the old Brooks farm , bin :
liis team pull him out over the dash
board In the east part of town the
first of the week , and suffered a severe
vore fracture of the bin.
A convention was held hero yester
day afternoon by several of the Moth
odlst pastors of the district for th
discussion u ml working out of plan
to raise funds for the Wesleyan endowment
dowment fund.
Calls Him White Hope.
Wlnside Tribune : The Norfolk
News of a recent date gives the de-
mils of n pugilistic encounter which
: ook place on the principal thorough
fare of that city. Johnson , u giant
. negro , was thrashed by a "pale face"
who was n much smaller man. The
bout lasted fifteen minutes before it
was stopped by the police and the
nigger showed the "yaller" in him by
begging for mercy. Wo believe that
the "big smoke" that holds the title
of heavyweight champion will be In
. about the same condition ns his Nor
folk namesake wns , when ho goes up
against a real man. There wns neith
er credit nor honor In laying an old
man low on the burning sands at
, , Reno.
toe Son of Jolm Cert , Theatrical Manager
toMl Marched Home
by Irate Father.
Ml New York , Feb. 10. - A story of
er spectacular elopement to Europe and
th a marriage in Germany that wns unromantically
It mantically halted by a vigilant parent
te is being whispered along Broadway
of where John Cert , manager of a chain
of theaters , and his youthful son and
heir , Harry Cert , are widely known
The young woman whose romance
was shattered , is Miss Mablo Towers
d a beautiful golden-haired daughter ol
the plains , who lives in Miles City
Id Mont. Her father , James Towers , is
er a wealthy land owner.
id Towers and his daughter sailed last
ir- Tuesday on the Prinz Frledrich Wil
helm for Bremen. They were nt the
steamship early. A few friends were
thus on hand to see them sail. The boat's
usM. whistle had warned the visitors off '
M. and several seamen stood about ready
to swing the gangplank. A shrieking
motor car raced up to the pier , and
from its tonneau jumped an excited !
shouting man of middle years.
"Hold her ! Hold that boat ! Don't
n' dare to lift that plank , " ho yelled
Ql ( and ho leaped up the gangway and
'n wns lost among the passengers.
10 | Tlie officers of the ship were seer
° < scurrying about the decks in pursuit
< 'of ' the frantic man , whose eyes litn ,
' ned each passenger. Finally he nns
° 'seen on the lower deck holding nsa
handsomely garbed young man by tlu
nap of the neck. Occasionally ho
boosted the young man by none oo
gentle pressure of the knee. Just be
hind was a weeping young woman
who pleaded with the stern middlo-agei
es- man. He ignored her and busied him
self making observations to the cnii
lsl' tlvo youth.
"Not yet , my son , " ho said. "Yoi
in- can't fool your old dad yot. I'm sorr
or- for the young lady , but there'll be n
elopement in this way at least , lot
os- : this time. "
nii- And down the gangplank went fnthe
ml son. Behind them were two poi
up. ] ers carrying four valises , and stnm
the ng by the rail wns Miss Towen >
Mr. veeping hysterically , with her futht
his endeavoring to sootbp
his To Jump from Airship.
ro- St. Louis. Feb. 1C. Bert Berry , av
ory ator , announced that he would make
parachute jump from a speeding aer
sin- ; > lane at IKnloch field Sunday nfte
lid- noon. The fent has never been n
iVlll tempted. He says that to be sure h parachute will open he must go i
my about a mile before jumping. Tl
Ing aeroplane will bo operated by Jannu
lild Berry will occupy a scat beside Ja
nus , and the parachute will hang :
Jed- front of them on the footrest. Bofo
el'B making his jump Berry must crawl h
srn ward on the runners in front of tl
machine , reach under the footrest ai
clal catch Jiold of the parachute. He w
xrry then swing himself free of the n
ens chine while it Is going full speed , '
last preparation for the feat , Berry a
iber Janirua have been conducting expo
iiientsllb uolghts Hern says that
if he sin ccssfnlly makes the parachute
jump ho will make a dot Ice which avi
ators can wear to check their fall and
protect thorn In accidents
Poems of An Iowa Life Convict to
Win His Parole.
Dos Molncs , In. . Fob. Ifi. James
Stell. a life convict at the Iowa peni
tentiary at Fort Madison , Is to ho lib
erated the coining spring by the state
board of parole ami it may bo truth-
lully said this young man has sung
himself out of prison.
Stoll is a poet , ono whose verso has
attracted the attention of music lov
ers throughout the state and the board
lias been Importuned from many sides
to open the cage door for the young
But Stoll will not go forth merely
as a dreamer. Besides being equip
ped with a trade in the workshops of
the prison l.o has been taught to play
the cornet by Warden Sanders , who Is
a musician of ability , and Stell Is now
a cornotlst of no mean ability.
Kent to prison under a life sentence
Stell did not surrender to remorse and
become sullen. He fell the pathos of
It and cried.
I know the awful ehlll of stone , the
con vie ! V tears ;
How blood yes , life may not atone
for sins of years.
Full well 1 know , and would forget
the price of sin.
And oh , how sweet to know ( ho debt
Is nearly in.
But hold the debt is never paid ; ( In
record stands ;
The sins of lifo can never fade ns
mankind plans ,
The hate , the tears , the walls nm
blood can Time efface ?
Can Hope IMU ! Love again rebuih
where thrived disgrace ?
But even this first Impression of hi
disgrace sung in poetry was overcome
and cheered by his own songs. He
later reveals his reawakening of hope
In poetry thnt has touched the hearts
of board mer.ibers. He writes :
The new morn's sun , across the way
Had turned night's tears to gold ,
Had blazed n path for blushing day
Across the do.w wet mold ,
When I , with prison bars between
My earth , heaven nnd hell.
Gnzed out upon the rise of green
Thnt lies beyond my cell.
A fnlr-hnirod boy of tender years
Romped o'er the velvet sod ,
And as I gazed , forbidden tears
Welled in my eyes nnd. God !
The morn , the child , the slope of
green ,
The sunlight's mellow glow ,
Recalled to me n memoried scene.
And joys I used to know.
The memoried scene wns of my youth
My childhood and my play ,
When all my paths were paved with
When life was over gay ;
When I , a child , unspoiled , unstained
Dreamed life was but a song
But now , ah , now by sin profaned ,
I know thu prlco of wrong ,
f steeled my heart ( the night I came
Within the prison gate )
To pay my debt with voiceless shame
' To stifle love with hnte ;
a To still my sobs , my hopes , my fears
. But when I saw this child
I welcomed back love , hopes and tenrs
- I mourned , ami , mourning , smiled.
And in between his hopes nnd tears
, , Stell has written a volume of poetrj
that uncovers the emotions of a sensitive
tive heart. Philosophically he receiv ;
. ed the final breaking of love tie.1
e without the prison and did not deigi
, , to grieve for the lost. But to the faith
less woman sent response : hII.
, Your love is vain and ( lend ? Ah , well
Go , dear , alcng your wny ,
Forgetful of the woven spell
Which wns--for but n day.
- I will not lie and say I weep
For love of yours , the dead ,
May silence close around its sleep.
-a Deserted be its bed.
The quickened sense that droops am
.I dies ,
> Be It of love or hate.
But proves it wns n worthless prize-
Why should I mourn its fate ?
, For love or hate with death a-wing.
Or dead for days or years ,
Wns , living , but n tortured thing :
, And dend , not worth my tears.
And now he is approaching the tinn
when he can sing a song of freedon
for It Is understood he Is to be turne
again free into the' world where all hi
n- love is dead free to "welcome bacl
love , hopes and tears. "
a Stell was sentenced for burglary.
. M. C. Ha > .en returned from Poncr
John Flynp. has been appointo
trustee of the Abe Levine estnte
ill- Charles Carstonsen hagoiu - '
IP- Winner , S. D. . to take charge of Mi
Goldsworthy's bakery ,
on A number of Norfolk automobile ei
ry tliuslasts n IP arranging to attend th :
no automobile show in Oinahn next \\eel
The Norfolk high school bnskotba
team goes to Elgin for a game Fridn
icr night. Saturday the team will phi
or- Columbus.
nd- William Dnwson. a linotype opor
, tor on The News , was summoned
ler Columbus Thursday afternoon .
news thnt his father. William Daw o
sr. , of that city , had died suddfi
at Oconee , while on a visit
ivl- Referee E. P. Weatherhy preside
n over the bankruptcy hearing for tl
jro- A. W. Fulton case of Plainvle
ter- Among the attorneys present were
at- G. Cole and Fred H. Free of Plal
his view , and E. M. Corbett of Sioux Clt
up County Attorney James Nichols ai
Hie Sheriff C. S. Smith of Madison a
1US. hero transacting business. Wh
Ianin here the county attorney called on t
in Charles Sweet family in South N <
tore folk. According to Sheriff Smi
for- Sweet returned to Norfolk yosterdi
the Mrs. Sweet , says the sheriff , declar
and that she would sue the city for $22. (
will If her husband was not returned 1
ma- her.
'In Charles Gray of Dokalb , 111. , a I
and bcr by trade , was arrested last nil
erl- on n charge of vagrancy. Gray is n
availing his turn at labor on Ilm
streets , where ho Is expected to work
out the $ fine Imposed by Judge
Klseloy. Gii-y offended the city ordi
nance by bogging on the streets , llo
had about Hi ) cents when he wn *
hailed. This sum purchased htm a
meal this morning.
The Y. M. C. A. solicitors mootlUR
and supper has been postponed until
next Tuesday night. The executive
cotnnilttee believe Unit by that dat <
they can report $ S.OOO In the fund of
the prollmliu'ry campaign. The moot
Ing was postponed because the Com
morclal clubs rooms , whore the moot
Ing Is to be hold , bad been engaged
previous to the application hy the Y
M. C. A. committee.
II. C. Matrau went to Lincoln to at
tend the reunion of former members
of the state legislature. Judge C. F
Elsoley , who expected lo he present
at the mooting , wns unable to leave
the city. About KIM ) ohl-linio legisla
tors were expected to ho seated al
the Imnqiiol Judge Klsoloy was a
member of the territorial legislature
and ho exported to meet n number
of his old ft lends al Lincoln tonight
Herman J. Jansen.
Herman J. Jansen , n pioneer rent
dent of Norfolk , died yesterday at hi *
home , HIU South Eleventh street. Fu
neral services have not yet boon ar
ranged , but they will bo held In Sac
red Heart church by Father J. C
Buckley. Besides the widow , Mr
, lanson Is survived by four sons-
Emll , Robert and Paul of this city and
Herman of Portland , Ore. and ono
daughter. Mis. llallle Spooror of Chicago
cage , who Is expected to arrive today
to attend the funeral services.
Herman Jansen was born In Nen
kork , Geldern. Germany , Juno 7 , ISI'.i'
He came to Norfolk twenty-four years
ago , settling on n farm ten miles
south of the city , on which place his
son Robert , now resides. Ten years
ago he moved to the present family
home on South Eleventh stroot.
Notice to Creditors.
Tlie State of Nebraska , Madison
, county , ss :
In the matter of ( ho estate of Ame
lia Wegonor , deceased.
Notice Is hereby ghon lo all per
sons having claims nnd demands
against Amelia Wegonor , late of said
Madison county , deceased , that the
time fixed for filing claims against
said estate is six months from the
10th day of February , ! ) ! . All such
persons are required to present their
claims with the vouchers to the coun
ty judge of said county at his office
in the city of Madison , In said Madi
son county , on or before the lOlh day
of August , 11112 , nnd thnt all claims
so filed will be hoard before said
, judge on the 12th day of August 1912.
at 1 o'clock p. m. Gustavo S. Wego-
ner Is the administrator of the es
ll. , It is further ordered thai notice to
all persons interested in said ostnte
bo given hy publishing a copy of
this order In The Norfolk Weekly
News-Journal , n weekly newspaper
1C printed , published nnd clrculntlng in
snld county , for four consecutive
, weeks prior to said day of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal this 10th
s ,
day of February. A. D. 1012.
s. M. S. McDuffeo.
( Seal. ) County Judge
WANTED All parties Interested In
ves the Gulf coast , Texas , country to writ *
us for information. Come to a coun
try where two crops can be grown
each year , where the soil is good , wa-
t < sr sweet and pure , where the sun of
summer Is tempered by the cool
breeze from the gulf and where stock
does not hnve to bo fed more than
half the year. Get in touch wp.h the
Tracy-Eiios Land Co. , Victoria , Texas.
WANTED Success Magazine rid
id . quires the services of a man in Nor
folk to look after expiring subscrip
tions and to secure new business by
means of special methods usually ef
fective ; position permanent ; prefer
one with experience , but would con
sider any applicant with good natural
qunliflcntlons ; salary $1.50 per day.
no ( with commission option. Address ,
in witii references , R. C. Peacock , Room
< 102 , Success Magazine Bldg. , Nrw
: York
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