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Value of Good Kickers
Clearly Shown This Year
absolute necessity of having
Tlin consistently good punter Im
posed upon the modern football -
ball eleven by the revised code
vtna never made more strikingly ap
parent tlmn when In a recent game
ono eleven , hopelessly outclassed by a
heavier , faster and bettor drilled op-
ponunt , escaped complete annihilation
Fbotoa by American Press Association.
[ Dnlton of Nnvy. Butler of Cornell ani
Dean of Army. ]
by kicking almost Immediately whenever
over It was fortunate enough to BO
cure the ball.
The Value * of a Kicker.
In approximately forty minutes o
play the team In question tried on ! ;
three times to advance the bull rush
Ing. The net gain was less than i
yard. The opposition on the olhe
hand found It comparatively easy ti
make IIrat downs. On the attack I
cut and tore through the weaker team'
line or around Its thinks almost a
readily as It staved off tbo other's pun ;
attempts tit offensive pluy.
Under the old rules the score wouli
probably have run up Into the sixtie
or seventies , yet the game was not ai
uninteresting ono to the spectators
simply because there was ono depart
tncnt In which the two contcstlui
teams were of almost , If not quite
equal strength. The loser's punts a\
eraged almost as long as the winner * *
and his ends , though not a star pair b ;
any manner of means , were yet fas
enough and know enough about tach
ling to prevent long runbacks.
Brilliant Plays to Come.
The really good teams , with the bui
den of having to piny for a champlor
ship this month upon them , have no
shown their best form yet. There ar
( lashes , brilliant enough at times , o
real form , but It will bo lu the bf
games that the real stuff will bo showi
Then , unless everything , Including th
grnndoldopo , goes astray , there wli
be the prettiest duels between klcl
era and ends , on ono side and backs o
the other , that It has ever been th
good fortune of the football rooter t
The very rules make for such ei
counters. Perhaps the kicking sld
1ms an advantage , but It Is of a soi
that Is bound to make the piny all th
more spectacular. There may be few
er of the sensatlonnl forty and Oft
yard runs through broken fields , bu
the change will of Itself crcato a fasi
er , shiftier class of backs , which 1 :
turn will necessitate an Increasing !
open gnme
Harder to Block Kloker.
Given two opposing lines of prai
tlcnlly equal strength , It will bo al
most Impossible to block kicks. Bine
the three Inside men are now permit
ted to lock logs , ono set of forward
must bo Immensely superior to th
ther to get through in time to "gut
up" a kicking play. Add two gcx >
tackles and the chances of intcrferln
with a punt are not one-tenth as goo <
a * they were in the old days.
Even after the ball is kicked the ad
vantnco In with the kicker. Unlcaa th
leather strikes the ground within th
neutral zone a player on the klckln. .
eldo may not bo legitimate/ ! Interfere *
with until bo baa gone twenty yard
beyond the line of scrimmage. Thl
rule IB Itself makes clean handling o
kicked bnlls Imperative , with the loss
of It an the most probable alternative.
Good Kickers Numarout.
Hvcry one of the pastern tennis has
two or more rellablo too artists. I'enn-
nylvanla tins four handy men In Mar
nliall , Minds , Thaycr and Captain Mor.
cor. Princeton has Pcndleton , An
drews and Pcnflcld. Harvard Is well
Kiippllcd with Potter , Fcltou and Wig-
Klcsworth. The latter was Injured In
the game with Holy Cross recently and
will not be able to play until tfho real
big game with Yale nt Now Haven.
Yale bns Anderson , the former Wis
consin halfback ; Francis and Captain
Howe. The latter has developed Into
one of the greatest kickers In the coun
try this Reason.
The Army Is well fixed with Arnold ,
Dean and Hyatt , while tha Annapolis
men have a dandy In Dnlton. In I
Thorpe Conch Warner of thn Carlisle
Indians has a noted boot man.
Cornell Booms to haw Urn best of
them all In "Little Eddlo" Butler , the
Hod and White quarterback. Butler's
educated toe Ims won several games
for the Ithacans this season.
Nearly nil the western conference
teams have men of more or less ability
In the kicking line this season. Cap
tain Andy GUI of Indiana Is probably
the best In the west , hi * work being not
only of the long distance variety , but
extremely accurate. Minnesota baa n
man of great ability In Capron. who
Is said to be better than Johnny M c-
Govern In the drop kicking line and
far bis superior In punts.
Illinois has Seller , who won throe
Raines for his team last year merely
through his ability to kick goals and
who wns bailed as one of the stars of
> -MvMUy ya
vj * > t
% * ! ' ' * '
1'liotos by American Press Association
lllowo of Vale , Sprackllng of Drown an
Moll of Wisconsin ]
the west on this account , although hi
work in other departments of the gam
was 110 better than ordinary.
In Keckle Moll Wisconsin has
noted kicker. During prnctlco his war
Is accurate and his punts very long.
Chicago has not a man of ability , an
Coach Stngg has been working nlgli
and day trying to flnd a player wh
will bo able to cope with the stars c
his four great western adversaries.
Michigan has three rellablo men 1
Captain Conklln , Harrington an
Thompson. Coach "Hurry Up" Yoe
thinks he has ono of the finds of th
season In Harrington.
Electricity In Agriculture.
The British government Is about t
spend a considerable sum In invest
gating the use of electricity In agr
culture. So far oa wheat U concert
cd , the beneficial effect of eloctrlclt
has already been amply demonstrate
by experiments.
Lone Robber Gathers $1,000.
Great Palls , Mont , Nov. 4. A lot
robber Intu yesterday relieved the
bank of Hedges , Mont. , 100 miles
south of here , of nearly $1,000 mid
At no time since the Davis cup team
was picked to represent America In
the International play were tennis en
thusiasts throughout the country ns
happy as they are now. And It was
all because thnt William A. Larncd ,
the nntlonnl champion , is going to
Australia. Some weeks ago the na
tional singles champion said that ho
would not go to Australia ns a mem
ber of the challenging tcnm. Lnrncd
changed his mind , however , and ar
ranged his business affairs so that it
wan possible for him to go.
This was welcomed by every court
player , for without Larncd on the
team America's chances to bring back
* " , , X ' $
. *
) > ' ' 4 y .
V > " < A.
; - : . i
Photos by American Press Association.
the famous Dwlght L. Davis Inter
national cup looked rather slim. Wltl
Lamed , Beals C. Wright and Mnurie
McLaughlln ns United' States rcpro
scntatlves the challengers nppcar t <
have the best chance in years to brlni
back the coveted trophy. The chal
lengers' chances for victory are mad
twofold by the fact thnt the Aus
tralaslnns this year are not as form !
dablo ns in years past.
For several years American tcnnl
players have tried to persuade Lnrnei
to make the trip to the antipodes
but each year he refused to go. Th
reason why ho couldn't go was be
cause of business pressure , Th
American team Is scheduled to arrlv
In Australia Nov. 22. Lamed will b
the singles player and the other tw
doubles men. It Is also supposed thn
McLaughlin will share the burden o
the singles with Larncd , also captnli
the tcnm.
National Association of Canada Wil
Cut Out Position of Rover.
The Nntlonnl Hockey Association o
Canada at a preliminary meeting hcli
Informally and secretly recently ai
ranged for changes In the rules to b
adopted at the annual meeting the sec
oud week In November. It was prnc
tlcnlly decided to cut down the num
ber of players on each team and b ,
doing away with the rover have team
of only six men.
It Is considered that this will male
the game much faster and will als
tend to make It more open , but fo' '
lowers of the sport hero are not o
ono mind on tha radical change.
Two Clever Englishmen Will Battle I
London Deo. 2.
Owen Moran and Jem Drlscoll , tb
English featherweights , have slgno <
articles for a twenty round bout at th
Empire Skating palace , Dlrmlnghan
England , on Dec. 2. Tbo purse is $13
000 , and a gold belt goes with it , whil
each man will bet ' 2,000. The welgb
Is 120 pounds at 2 o'clock.
If both men are at their best critic
In this country believe that Driscol
will be the winner on points , as b
easily otitclnsaea Moran a * a boxer.
Try < H wi Wa&UAi. - ,
Michigan EUven Planning Trlok Playt
For Penn.
"Bent Pennsylvania ! " Is the bnttle
cry of the Mlohlgnn football player.
Since the Benson started Coach Yost
and his Wolverenes keep close tabs ou
reports of the Quaker cloven. Last
year Michigan held Pennsylvania to a
tM ) score , and this year It hopes to do
even better "Hurry Up" Yost is tench
ing his men nil kinds of tricks In order
that the lied ntid Uluc collegians may
be conquered when they battle on
Michigan's gridiron on Nov. 18.
Yost docs not bury the fact thnt ho
has ono of the best teams in years.
He already has gene on record as
saying that ho expects this year's
team to make an great a record as his
great 1004 eleven did. The Wolverenes
look upon the Qunker gnmo ns the
hardest of the season and the best ono
from which to judge Michigan's real
gridiron strength. There Is no method
of obtaining the Wolverenes' strength
since Yost's squad docs not play with
I the conference teams. Both Chicago
and Michigan pluy Cornell , and these
games will go a long wny toward
showing how strong the Mnlzo and
IIIuo team Is compared to other west
ern elevens.
The personnel of Michigan's present
eleven Is much the snmo ns lust year's.
Not only Is Yost lucky to have prac
tically an Intact team , but ho has been
fortunate In locating suitable substi
tutes for emergencies.
A slight glnnco at the players reveals
nt left end Onrrels. who Is a brother
of the famous .lltmiiy Uarrcls of the
'O-I-'OO team , who Is thought to be ono
of the best wings Yost has developed
In years. Stnnlleld Wells , an All Amer
ican end of last year. Is ngnln holding
down n wing position. Yost says he
would not want n bolter man nt tackle
thnn Captain Conklln. Pontlub , while
n new man , hns shown surprising
Photos by American Press Association.
strength as his leader's partner. Tb
worst holes "Hurry Up" found to fll
were the guards.
Michigan felt a severe blow whe
she lost Benbrook. So fnr Almendlt
gcr , n likely looking llncninn , has bee
used ns n guard , while the other guan
hns been Boyle , n veteran of last year"
tenm. Peterson , n new mnn , Is plnylu
center. He promises to be as good n
If not better than Cornwall , wh
played the position last yenr.
McMillan , the sensational qunrtci
back find of last season , Is again on th
job. In the matter of backs Michlga
Is veil fortified with Craig , Torbei
Iluebel , Wetuier , Roblnsou and Hai
Yost Is giving a lot of attention t
Thompson , the fullback , whose kk'l
Ing abilities give him n big advuntng
over the other men out for the uilddl
back position. Thompson has dove
oped Into quite a kicker , and it Is upo
him that Yost depends to score a Penr
sylvnnla victory.
Recent Clashes Upset Alt Dope by th
Wise Ones.
Baseball Is n funny thing. Clevc
land , third placer In the Amerlcat
proved no match for Cincinnati , th
sixth place team In the Nntlonnl , yc
the St. Louis Hniuns , who were a bn
Inst In the younger league , licked th
Cardinals , who finished fifth lu th
old league , and ( he- White Sox , wh
were In Iho second division In th
American , whipped the Cubs , runner
up for the pennant In the Nntlonn
It Is i lint beautiful uncertainty thn
makes the game so Immensely popi
lar. The Athletics beat the Oiants I
the world's * series , but the majority c
experts predicted this , an Fbllndrlphl
Is Individually and collectively a be
ten hall club , as WHS proved in the n
rent games.
Sign Morocco Agreement.
Berlin , Nov. 4. The Morocco or
French Congo agreement hotwet
Prance and Germany waa slcned t
' .the German Minister of Foreign A
fnlra Herr Von KJdorlct Waochtci
and the French Ambassador Logur
many M. Camhon.
James Delnney goes to the C. C
ranch to spend Sunday.
II. 11. Ilarnlinrt returned from i
( business trip at Ynnkton.
Miss Dosslo Kltchlo Is homo fron
! the Kearney normal school for i
week's visit with her mother , Mrs
Mlnnlu llltchlo.
Miss Clara Wltwer of Tllden spoil
the day hero with friends.
Theodore Meyer of Wausnii , WIs
is hero visiting with Ernest Ilaasch
Deputy I'nltctl States Marshal .1. !
Sides of Dakota City was In the city
Miss Sophia Dlmmcl , cnroutu fron
WInslde to her home nt Omaha , wn
In the city visiting with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. R 0. Hclliiiniivli
have been hero visiting with eli
friends , have returned to their honi
[ it Lincoln.
W. W. Wiihson wont to Chicago o ;
business. Mrs. Wasson accompanies
her husband as far as Fri'Oport , 111
where Hlio will visit with her parents
W. A. Dailies of Colorado , twent ,
years ago n partner In the law flrr
of HalnboH & Uarnes , is licio spent :
ing a few days' visit with N. A. Kali
Charles Ostemlorf has moved fror
Gil South Tenth street to IIMH Plerc
street. *
Horn to Mr. and -Mrs. Kline , flv
miles west of Iltuhir , n son.
C. F. Mitchell ol CrelBhton ha
nio\ed to Norfolk and is living a
Ol Norfolk avenue.
W. W. Dcllart was called to Kmoi
son , la. , on account of the HOI Ion
Illness of his father.
II. C. Pcrkhnm has imnod fiom 111
corner of Thirteenth btrcet and Noi
folk avenue to 80(5 ( Norfolk inonuc.
lion halls for the "chain gang
have been iccoivoil. Chief Marquaul
is now looking for n few members c
the "gang. "
The second car of poultry nlilppc
to San Francisco by the Norfolk Pou
try company left Norfolk today. /
G. Lindsay had charge of this car.
Many heating stoves arc belli * ; sc
up and the icgulnr rush of tran&fci
Ing these heaters to bo set up for th
winter's work , is now ( n full sway.
Duck hunting came to a halt till
week when hunters found that all th
ponds , lakes and even portions of th
river were coated over with a thi
layer of ice.
Capt. Kolehor took his footba
squad to Columbus Saturday mon
Ing for a game with the Columbu
high school team. Both tennis wer
said to he about evenly matched.
Two cars of potatoes and a car c
cabbage consigned to the Evans Frul
company arrived here quite badl
frozen Friday. Five cars of apple
are expected here by that company.
After an interesting meeting hel
by hose company No. I of the fir
department last night , ,1 social nice
ing was held. The fife and drui
corps gave several selections. U <
freshments wcro served.
Pastry Cook Nlstle of the Nortl
western eating house was arfeste
Saturday morning by Chief of Polic
Marquardt. The cook was found sloe ]
Ing on the Northwestern rallroa
tracks on Madison avenue and So1
enth street.
F. J. Yerkc , a dispatcher in the en
ploy of the Northwestern road an
formerly chief dispatcher nt Glasgov
Mont. , has resigned his Norfolk pos
tlon and will leave in a few weeks fc
Moberly , Mo. , where he will take up
similar position with the Wabas
The Hoffman & Velio furnltiii
store had an Informal funeral Frida ;
The pet cat which has reigned si
preme over the rats in the basemei
of that store for several years passe
away peacefully during the night an
after being discovered with the aid c
a lantern , the funeral took place.
Mrs. Julia Rock and nor daughter
Misses Jennie and Blanche of Atlant :
111. , have come to Norfolk to spen
the winter. They will make the
home with Mrs. B. A. Waddell at 11
North Ninth street. The Illinois pei
pie have been advised to come t
Norfolk for a change of climate.
When the city council meets Moi
day night a month's work , say som
officials , will make almost an all-nigl
session necessary. Sewer contract
are to be let ; the mayor Is dete
mined to swing his municipal llgl
ownership proposition and many bil
arc to be allowed , including the a
lowing of salary for city employe
Tuesday will bo election day and clt
pay day as well.
George D. Smith has received ii
formation that his brother , Congres
man Smith of California , who h.n
been In a sanitarium for the past si
months , has so far recovered that li
is able to go to his home at Baker
field , and he hopes to return to Wasl
ington after the holidays and reinsl
dining the remainder of the congre
sional session. The doctors said si
months ago that he had quick coi
The M-inonths-old daughter of M
and Mrs. S. E. Rudd , who reccntl
was scalded about the limbs , Is no
suffering from an abscess In both eai
as the result of measles. The llttl
child has suffered much pain froi
swollen glands , sere throat and
now cutting teeth. The physician r
ports that the child Is strong an
will recover. The child suffered froi
convulsions the day after It we
scalded by the accidental drop of
boiler filled with hot water.
South Norfolk News.
Charles Kriz is building an add
tion to his residence.
Walter House is on the sick list.
Lewis Richmond of SIkes , Monl
visited at the M. Moollck home.
Mrs. R. T. Nlchola arrived bora
from Bonesteel after a visit with lu
parents , Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schen ;
baum. ,
Miss Dorothy Myers of Plalnvle
waa here.
L. Van Horn arrived home froi
Wlnni'toon where he visited with hi
sinter , Mrs. Chariot * Poarci1.
Mr. Holmes , roundhouse foreman a
Onkdnle , was hero to attend the ft
ncrnl of the Into C. It. Kjunptimn.
Chicago , Nov. I. The police atlmll
ted totlny thnt tht'.v hnd practical ! ;
reached the end of their mpo In thel
Investigation Into the death of Patro
man Arthur BIsBonetto and the death
of eight others , all of whom had bee
close associates of Mrs. Louis Vei
tnllyn. Although Coroner Hoffnin
hnd satisfied himself that Blssonolt
died by arsenic poisoning and a win
rant charge has been Issued for th
arrest of the woman , the ovldunc
against her thus far Is purely clrcun
stnntlnl. The coroner , the stato's a
torney and the police tlcpartmoii
have had detectives looking up over
possible connection of Mrs. Vermlly
for the last wool ; cvor slnco it wa
suspected that the patrolman's deal
was not natural.
Arthur Blssonettc , ar. , father of th
dead policeman , today tloscrlhod Mn
Vermllya's efforts to obtain his mm' '
body for burial after hl death.
"An undertaker named C. C. lloj
son \\is ; making ready to move th
hotly fho minutes after death , " h
said. "I piotosted til the hurry an
ho Insisted that It would he hotte
to mine the body nt once. I formal !
forbade them to touch It. "
The contents of nine bottles t
medicine taken from Mrs. Vurmllya
homo by the coroner arc- being am
Kllef Kllefson of Elk Point died i
the ago of SO.
A bust of the late Senator Kit
red go will bo placed in the stat
The deer hunting season has openc
in the Black Hills and game is pioi
1 loirs of a claim holder must , piov
up on the claim after Iho death ol Hi
man who filed In older to got tli
Grading work has already begun o
the big irrigation project near Pleir <
The workmen expect to get 400 acre
in shape before the ground freoxes.
The state board of pardons has re
ommcnded n paidon for By Parkin
sent to the pontitentiary from Lav
IPIICO county on a charge of assaul
Hunters In the western part of tli
state report that duck hunting is in
usually poor this year and that gees
hunting is practically a thing of tli
Word Is received fiom the meetln
of the Episcopal House of Bishops 1
session at New York to the cffei
that the state will not he divided inl
two dioceses.
Miss Eva Hutchinson of Mltche
who was severely burned last Sundii
wjillo attempting to start a fire wit
kerosene , has died as the result of he
The program for the South Dakol
Educational association meeting ;
Pierre on Nov. 27 , 28 and 29 has hoc
completed. It contains many notabl
The sportsmen of Ziebach count
have arranged for a big roundup (
wolves to he held on Nov. 30 , Thank
giving day. Hunters from all ov (
the county will take part.
The store and postoffico at Barhar ;
a junction of the Great Northern an
See railways , was burned to tli
ground. It Is believed that the plac
was robbed and set on fire.
H. A. Luniley , who has a big hors
ranch near Pierre , Is shipping nearl
a hundred head of light harnc ;
horses to Kentucky. He expects I
put a lot of his land under cnltiv
tlon by means of irrigation.
J. H. Conley of Presho claims tl
world's record for big spuds. It
asserted thnt he has sixteen spec
mens of the Murphy tribe wlilc
weigh thirty pounds. The large :
weighs two pounds and six ounces.
Women Against Suffrage.
San Francisco , Cal. , Nov. C. Tli
Women's Initiative league of Califo
nia , which plans to bring the questic
of womans' suffrage again before tl
voters of the stale , this time wll
women themselves empowered to e
press their will at the polls , will sta :
canvassers out to get signatures to
petition asking repeal of the constit
tional amendment recently adopte
Miss K. I. Cronoy , president of tl
league , predicts that equal suffraf
will bo overwhelmingly defeated
presented again , now that women en
vote on the question. It is the league
purpose to bring the question up i
the presidential election next year.
To Elect Kansas Congressman.
Kansas City , Mo. , Nov. G. Repu
licans from all parts of Kansas gat :
ered in tills city today for the closin
features of the campaign In the Se
end Kansas congressional district ,
special election to name n succossc
to the late A. C. Mitchell will bo hel
tomorrow. The contest Is expected I
he a close one between V. S. Greei
the republican nominee , and John I
Taggart , the democratic nominee. Tl :
republican campaign will close t <
night with speeches in Kansas Cil
by Gov. W. R. Stubbs of Kansas an
a number of ther prominent repu' '
licans. The democratic campalg
closed Saturday with a speech 1 :
Champ Clark , speaker of the natloni
house of congress.
Every Ten Seconds an Infant Expire
from a Preventable Disease.
Kansas City , Nov. 6. "Watch tl
light flash. Every flash a baby die
from a preventable disease. "
This was the grim wording of a pi
card which attracted wide attentlc
at the Child's ' Welfare exhibit in th
city today.
The exhibit opened last Thursda ;
and has attracted thousands of vlst
ors from other cities. Infant mortn
ity was the question to which especii
attention was given today. A sma
red electric light glebe in a cas
flashing every ten Bocomhi , bearing
the placard caused hundreds of moth
ers to stop and look with startled ex
pressions , moauwhllu drawing tholr
children closer to thorn. The flgurcn
anil photographs showing the Inroadn
of preventable- diseases among Kati-
HUH C'lty children were ithown. Of
Ui.SOO children In the nehools , exam
ined last . \ear by the health hoard , It
WHH shown that IC01 ) were recom
mended for treatment. Tin * records
also shouod In that number it,151 uuf-
fored from adcnolihi , In many eases
oiitlrch unknown to the parents
Leo O'Neill Brown Again.
Chicago , Nov. ( J. Lee O'Neill
Brown , former minority loader of the
Illinois house , was scheduled to again
appear today before the senatorial In
vestigating commit too In the Lorlmur
hearing. It was expected ho would
complete IilB testimony at the morn
ing session. Otlior wltncHBeH , who It
\uw expected would bo called during
the day , Included Mr Charles S.
Luke , widow of u former democratic
momiier of the legislature , and Otis I . .
and Sudney YnrboroiiKh , frit-lulu of ,
CharloB A. White. It wan mild the
committee might tnko n recess at the
end of the present week and continue
Its hearings In Washington In De
Tnft In Cincinnati.
Cincinnati , O. , Nov. (5. ( President
Tnft arrived In Cincinnati from Hot
Springs , Va. , early today. IIo will re
main hero until 10l0 : ! o'clock tumor-
low night , when ho will leave for n
lour of Kentucky and TennesHeo.
State Will Introduce New Scientists
In Kansas City Trial.
Kansas C'lty , Nov. ( i With twenty-
flvo talesmen in the jury room and
forty nevcnlroiueii ready for exam
ination , the third week of the Dr. 11.
Clarke Hyde murder trial began to
day. AttorneyH hellovo the panel of
forty-sovpn temporary jurymen will
ho completed this week. Two days
arc allowed for uxorclHlng peremptory
challeiiKt'H , HO It la possihlo that ovl-
donco will bo heard next week. A
possibility of George A. Smith , a
talesman , having to he released , developed -
voloped last night when ho was taken
severely ill with acute Indigestion. Ho
had been Buffering ; for several days ,
hut his case was not declared to be
serious until last night. A physician
was called to attend him.
It developed today that new scient
ists will enter the case In favor of the
state. At the last trial the state
seemed determined to attack experts ,
declaring they were frequently wit
nesses in big murder trials. The
stale has refused thus fnr to make
known the name of more than ono
expert. He , Ralph W. Webster , of the
University of Chicago , IB a co-worker
of Dr. Walter S. Halnes , who testified
for the state In the first trial.
Mexican Town Attacked.
El Paso , Tex. , Nov. C. The town of
Pedrecnnn , Durnngo , Mex. , was at
tacked by nineteen bandits. The In
habitants put up n sharp resistance ,
firing upon the marauders from the
roofs of their houses. Three of the
bandits were killed and two others
were wounded and captured. All the
bandits were well armed and mounted
and wcro repulsed after many shots
shots hnd been fired on both sides.
The residents of the town fear a fur
ther attack and have made an urgent
appeal to the federal authorities for
Former O'Neill Man Accused.
Hot Springs , S. D. , Nov. G. G. B.
Flanagan , son of a millionaire hanker
of O'Neill , Neb. , has been bojmd over
' to the circuit court In $1,000 bonds at
a preliminary hearing , charged with
, arson. Flanagan is owner of the
Smithwlck Lumber company , whose
yard burned at Smlthwlck , near here ,
Juno 4. After elaborate inquiry by
Deputy State Fire Marshal Crnns in-
formntlon was filed connecting Flan-
nagan with the fire , the property he-
ing heavily insured. State Insurance
Commissioner Basford attended the
I hearing. Principal counsel for defen-
j dant was M. F. Harrington of O'Neill ,
I Neb. Flanagan's father now lives in
Had Pneumonia Five Times.
Nellgh , Neb. , Nov. G. Special to
j The News : John Gerald Payne , the
, 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
i Payne of this city died Friday morn
ing of pneumonia , being the fifth time
during his short llfo that this dread
disease had fastened Itself upon the
little child. The sympathy of the en
tire community is extended to the
bereaved family. Funeral services
were hold yesterday afternoon at 1:30 :
at the homo in Nellgh , after which
the remains were taken to Elgin and
buried in the family lot. Rev. Beach
of the First Congregational church of
this city , had charge of the services.
Chicago , Nov. G. Mrs. Louise E.
Vermllyn , the widow suspected of
having poisoned Policeman Arthur
Blssonettc , was ready today to leave
her homo where she has been under
guard , and become a rcnl prisoner in
the county hospital.
Her alleged attempt at suicide ,
calmly sprinkling her food with an
arsenical preparation resembling pop
per , convinced the police that she
would bo safer under their direct
watch than in her homo and after a
consultation yesterday , they decided
to remove her this morning.
Municipal Judge Walker , who is
sued the warrant for Mrs. Vormllya's
arrest , consented to hold court In ber
room before her removal to a hospi
tal and she will bo arraigned while
still In bed. It will require only the
formal presentment to the widow of
the accusation of Peter Blssonetto ,
brother of the dead patrolman , that
she murdered his brother. Then will
come the committment , without tak
ing ot testimony. \l