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C. II. liny departed last Thursday
noon for n visit to frluntlB In Wis
consin. Ho stopped ever night In
Oiiiaha to attend the land nhow.
Mm. 10. W. Mlnton returned li\Ht
TlinrBdny afturnoon from Chicago ,
where HIO wont Hovornl weeks KKO ,
nt the donth of her sister. Mrs. C. H.
Holzell , her daughter , ciiino up on the
HIUIIU trnln from Stanton for a short
.1. W. JolniHon. formerly of this
place , spent Friday In town visiting
friends , and to pnrtako of the "hunt. "
The Oakdalo IIOJ-H' basketball team
played tlio Elgin tuain here last Fri
day , losing the game with a BIWO of
1C to ft. They , nowovor , redeemed
UioniHolvoH WodnoBday of this week
by defeating Petersburg on their
homo grounds with a Hcoro of 44 to 1.
Charles O'Neal Hold IIH ! general
merchandise Htore here to I ) . L. Shone-
felt the latter part of last week. Mr.
Crlnklnw of Ncllgh , will manage the
store for Mr. Shonofolt.
Miss Lulu I. Durland of Plalnvlew ,
Bpent Saturday afternoon and Sunday
as the guest of Miss Nina Mlnton.
Ciiiy Hawk and wlfo wore visiting
relatives here the first part of this
week , arriving Saturday afternoon.
Nov. .1. M. Loltly of the State Anti-
Saloon league , was la town between
trains Saturday and returned Sunday
afternoon , holding services In the St ,
Clalr country Sunday evening.
The auction of the products exhibit
ed at the corn show was held In the
Strlngfellow building Saturday after
noon. The prl/.o corn brought $5.10 ,
sold to the Torpln Grain company ,
and all other exhibits sold well , whlcli
funds will be used toward the good
roads Idea.
Harry Mason spent Sunday In Lonp
Announcemcent was made the firsl
of the week to the effect that the Her
ger cash store will bo closed out , Mr
Horgor planning to move to the Pacl
flu coast in a short time.
.1. M. llutchlnson of Lincoln , was
transacting business In town the firsl
part of the week.
Those putting In cement sidewalks
around their premises in the past fe\\
days are : P. L. Uakor , half block ;
Mrs. L. M. Hay , half block ; W. W
Hopkins , aiound residence ; and Enr
Kenfield , around residence.
The carload of water mains arrivec
the latter part of last week and hav <
been distributed around town , to hi
laid UH fast as possible. There wll
be eight blocks of 4-Inch mains laid
besides some smaller mains.
Mrs. Leo Adams and Miss Katli
Rotzlaffvere Klglnihltors Tuesda ;
Invitations have been issued for ai
I. O. U. U. social at the homo of Mlsi
Nina .Minion for Hallowe'en , the eve
ning of the 31st , also for a Hallowe'ei
dance and party to be beld in the K
P. hall.
James Yengor returned from Canadi
Tuesday evening , where ho has beci
for some time past looking after bus !
ness Interests.
Miss Lindalo Improves.
West Point , Neb. , Oct. 28. Mis
Anna Lindalo , who underwent a ser
ous operation at the Omaha Goncrn
hospital on Wednesday for a stil
knee joint , the result of a sever
rheumatic affection , is now conva
escont and on the road to speed
Willie Crook , aged 8 , of Mldlaiu
was caught under a caving bank an
killed while at play.
Ilobbers broke Into the store c
John L. Howe , at Garretson , and gc
away with just $15 In cash.
Instruction in the common scho <
branches Is to bo furnished Inmate
of the state penitentiary who have nc
had an education.
A new time card of the Northwes
em's Dakota division shows the r <
moval of the day train which ha
been run between Pierre and Rapl
Sioux Falls Shrlncrs are preparln
for an elaborate festival next mont
on the occasion of the annual cer
menial session of the El Hiad tempi
An agent of the Heinz Plcklo Co.
looking over the ground in the vicii
ity of Pierre with a view to establish
ing a plcklo factory or salting static
The Y. M. C. A. which has recent
been organized at Mitchell has ou
lined a big winter's program , inclu
ing gymnastic , social and Intellect
Boxcar thieves who have been ope
ating in various parts of the sta
pulled off a bold robbery at Brlst
and are believed to have gone to tl
Twin cities.
A daughter of James llutchlnso
near Mitchell , saved her life by jum
Ing into a water tank after her elotln
had caught fire from an explodii
kerosene can.
T. T. Hoseland cleared $1,000 on tl
potatoes raised this year on seve
teen acres of land near Goodwin.
Ross Sifford of Holabird ; Albert :
Freeman of Sioux Falls ; Clyde 1
King of Vermilllon and William A
Reams of Mitchell , have been adm
ted to the South Dakota bar.
An attempt to burn the plant of tl
Deadwood Telegram at Ueadwood w
frustrated by the prompt action
the fire department. The loss w
fully covered by insurance.
A special eolctlon will be held
Pukwana on Nov. 8 to vote on an
sue of bonds for the sinking of a pi
He artesian well.
A special election may bo called
Rapid City to determine whether t
Great Western Telephone Co. may
poles In the streets of that town.
A freight train on the Northwc
em near Pierre was ditched and foi
teen cars badly smashed ,
The automobile club at Beresfo
has ordered two now road drags a
will begin at once on the work
Improving the highways in tl
The third annual session of t
South Dakota state grange has ji
closed at Oelrlrh. Twenty thoiiBant
copies of the mauler's annual addrcs
are to bo published.
The Deupont Powder Co. has a mai
at the state experiment farm at Col
tonwood who Is plowing with dynii
mite. The experiment Is for the pui
pose of ascertaining what can bo don
by this method In loosening th
ground In that district.
Pearl Helden , a young glil of lib
by , In Perkins county , broke one o
her limbs and had to travel slxt ;
miles In a HprlnglosH wagon to ge
medical aid. She may die.
The mining claim of a poor peddle
liiilor of Rapid Oily , Henry Marks b ,
name , has suddenly been dlncovoroi
to be one of the best gold prodiu-in
mines In the Illack Hills. Marks ha
held the ground for years.
Si'\eral hundred people attended
big Irrigation booster meeting In th
auditorium at Pierre which was tulle
to arouse Interest In the new project
of that vicinity.
Frank A. Putnam and L. W. Mom
gomery of Sioux City , la. , have pin
chased a controlling Interest In th
State bank of Spencer and the Stat
bank of Farmer.
Dr. G. A. Young , of Omaha , formerl
mipcrlntcndcnt of the Norfolk hospitti
for the Insane , was called to Itattl
( 'reck during the week in consultatlo
with local physicians over a case e
nervous trouble.
Among the day's out-of-town vlsl
ors In Norfolk weio : P. T. Unrul
Madison ; W. L. Stanton , Meadoi
Giove ; Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Penhollov
Newman Grove ; Martha Glaser , 13v
Ing ; Robert Arthur , Spaldlng ; Cell
Lafler , Bessie Lafler , Browne Laflo
Madison ; M. F. Zimmerman , Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Chamberlain , Ba
tlo Creek ; William J. Hoferer. Cei
or ; E. E. Carper , Bonesteel ; J. V
: , ulkhart , Coleridge ; W. E. Hoope
Jregory ; A. R. Davis , Wayne ; M. S
McDufflo , Madison ; Henry Sumle
nan , Madison ; Bert Mills , Beemor
I. C. Schwlchtenberg , Plainview ; 1
3. Leavlns , Wayne ; Stella Witwe
'relghton ; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Slier
Wayne ; E. R. Chaco , jr. , Stanton
P. O. McFayden , Gregory ; C. !
Smith , Madison ; G. T. Lambert , Fo
Albion News.
Albion , Nob. , Oct. 28. Special <
The News : George Weber and Mis
Mabel Cooper of Petersburg , appenrt
before Judge Riley Wednesday mor
ing and were united In marriage.
Mrs. Mary Kin/or has brought su
In the county court against Hem
Gragert to recover $21 , which she n
leges is due her minor son for labo
Ira Paup his : filed suit In the dl
trict court this week against Alfrt
Paup , et. al. , the purpose of which
to settle up the estate of Willln
Paup , deceased.
Marshal Nelson of Albion drew
claim In south Dakota. His mil
her was fiGti.
Col. F. J. Mack and family returm
to Albion last week from New Yor
where they went to attend a nation
gathering of National Guard officers
Rev. Mr. Franzen , pastor of the L
theran church , has received a call
the Lutheran church at Norfolk. Tl
Norfolk church at a meeting last we <
voted to ask Rev. Franzen to becon
their pastor , but he declined the cr
for the reason he says his labors he
are only partly completed.
Miss Nina Longcor , who was an i
structor In the Albion schools sever
years ago , is the republican Candida
for county superintendent in Km
Naval Cadets Dismissed.
Washington , Oct. 28. Preside
tfnft has approved the dismissal fro
the naval service of Midshipman
B , Anln of Montana ; Fletcher
Bleakly of Now Jersey and E.
Leahy of Wisconsin , all of the nav
academy , for breaches of disciplir
The case of S. Roberts of Illinois ,
cadet involved in the same troul
has not been acted upon.
Their Dissatisfaction Overshado\ \
All Else in the Trial.
Los Angeles , Oct. 28. When t
McNamara murder trial opened ted
it was evident that a little cloud
dissatisfaction among counsel for t
defense , first visible only a few da
ago , had reached sufficient propi
tions to overshadow most other
terest among spectators. Rultn
from Judge Walter Bordwell on Tali
man A. C Winter , challenged I
cause by the defense , and on Tal
man Walter N. Frampton , also urn !
challenge by the defense , were eag
ly awaited by counsel for the defei
ant , but neither ruling , from the i
ture of the cases , could throw furtl
light on the insistent contention
the defense that the court should ri
immediately after such challeiif
are made.
Ordinarily there would have be
no Saturday session of court , but t
ing to the short session of Thursd
which lasted only thirty-five mlnu
because the supply of venlremen i
out. Judge Bordwell decided to
three hours today. This In more tli
half a usual day session , and the we
was pushed rapidly.
The defense in the McNuaiara in
dor case collided head-on wllb a co
ruling. The trial proceeded. 'I
point at Issue was made ground
exception and may be up again ,
torney Clarence S. Darrow , chief
counsel for the defense , brought
the clash for the avowed purpose
obtaining a ruling on the time wh
the court will take in challenges
rected against a talesman. For
purpose of record , ho refused to r
ceed until ordered to do so by
court. It was the third day that A.
Winter , a challenged talesman , sat
the box , and the court had said
would rule on Winter's case if the
fenso desired. The point was pass
and late in the day Walter N. Frai
ton , a farmer , was challenged beca
ho said ho believed both James
MoXaniar.i and his brother , John
it were guilty of murder In connect
with the TlmcB dlflafltcr. The court
deferred ruling on Frampton , who , on
examination by the stale , made sev
eral apparently contradictory state
ments and Darrow stopped the trial In
Its tracks. It Is the contention of the
counsel for the defense that they do
not know how to save up their per
emptory challenges nor when to take
chances on accepting talesman as to
cause unless they know the exact
status of every man In the box.
Important Miners' Congress.
Chicago , Oct. 28. The delegates to
the American Mining congress having
expressed their views on the subject
of the goNornmeiit's policy toward the
public domain , especially Alaskan
coal lands , and heard the subject
finally disposed of by Secretary of
the Interior Fisher , and the leasing
system , was prepared for further en
lightenment today from the lips of
President Taft. The relation of the
federal government to the mining In
dustry was the subject of which the
president delivered the government's
last pronouncement to the mine op
erators and engineers who have as
sembled from every part of the conti
nent to discuss questions of business ,
miners' safety and International rela
The president's statement was the
interesting event of the congress ,
which has been one of the most impor
tant and significant In the history of
the organization Inasmuch as what Is
probably the 'ast ' of the great ques
tions of mineral lands In the public
domain has been settled during thiB
Manchu Official Frightened.
Amoy. China , Oct. 28. Revolution
ary sympathy has developed to such
an alarming \tenl hero that Taotol
Clilng , the only high official in Amoy ,
today sent his family to Fu Chow , the
capital of tlie province , for protec
tion. As a precaution , all the mem
bers of the household on their voyage
northward wore the clothing of native
Chinese , discarding their Manchu
Military Aviator Killed.
Rheims , Franco , Oct. 27. While
trying out a military aeroplane todaj
the pilot , Jeane Desparmet , fell will
the machine from a height of GOO feel
and was crushed to death.
Rev. Peter Trimble Rowe Is Trans
ferred from Alaska.
Now York , Oct. 27. The Rev. Petei
Trimble Rowe , missionary bishop o
Alaska , was today elected bishop o
the Episcopal missionary district o
South Dakota. Other missionary hi
shops chosen by the Episcopal housi
of bishops were :
The Rev. D. Trumbull Huntington
bishop at Wu Hit , China , and the Rev
Henry St. George Tucker , presiden
of St. Paul's college , Japan , bishop a
Kioto , Japan.
Rob Oklahoma Bank.
Shawnee , Okla. , Oct. 27. Robber
attacked the town of McComb , severa
miles from here today , cut the tele
phone and telegraph wires , then blev
open the safe in the town bank. The ;
got a large amount of money and es
caped before a sheriff's posse couli
head them off. Men are on the rol
bers * trail.
School Notes.
Workmen have been busy this wee !
constructing scales , with a substantin
concrete foundation , at the rear of th
high school building. Wben an Innc
cent bystander inquired as to the pin
pose of this weighing apparatus , tli
captain of the football team sagely re
plied that , In the future , the schoc
board aimed to limit the weight c
The pupils of the Ninth grade Eiif
lish classes have begun a six weeks
course in bookkeeping. Business me
often object to such work in secoiu
nry schools on the ground of its bein
impractical. Theory is never equ.i
to practice. Granted that scholastl
8 business training is not practical i
every respect , still , must we not a <
0 knowledge that the immature learne
y establishes a good foundation for hi
lf later experience in the world of con
0 merce ?
s The football squad will go to Nelig
r' Saturday to play Gates academy.
' 'I The picture of Lincoln , presented t
H , the school as a memorial of Asher Gl
' " lette , now hangs in the Seventh .
" ' | room , which would now be Asher' '
3"class. .
! ri .Miss Colleto was taken suddenly i
r" Thursday noon and is now nbsei
* " from her classes in the Seventh an
l"i Eighth grades.
) f LIchtenberg-Friedrich.
01 At the home of the groom's pa
! S ents at , Hadar at 3 o'clock Wedne
' day afternoon occurred the weddln
" of William Lichtenberg and Mis
v' Louise Friedrich. The young coup !
? will make their home on the groom
? s farm near Hadar. Mr. Lichtenberg
11 the son of Carl Lichtenberg of Ilada
11 and Miss Friedrich is the daughter <
u Mr. and Mrs. George Frledrich , wel
' ' { to-do Pierce county farmers.
rtj u. B. nines of Omaha , Is hero vlsl
> ° ing with friends.
Jr i , . p. Pasewalk returned from
t- business trip at Wayne.
of Lape Foreman went to Seward 1
in spend a few days with his parents.
of Miss Nellie Grant of Madison , Is i
: h town visiting her brother , Paul Grar
H * Miss Helen Glissman of Doon , la. ,
ie here visiting with Miss Minnie Brui
omund. .
10 William Hauptll , who has been he
C. visiting with relatives , nas roturni
In to Monowl
ie Mrs. A. G. Heckman and her si
le- and daughter went to Wisconsin
d. upend two weeks with relatives.
; pMr. . and Mrs. August Raasch ai
BO their son went to Milwaukee to spoi
B. | several months visiting with rolatlv
J , and friends
3ii A regular nu-etlng for Initiation w
bo held by the Elku Saturday night.
W. F. Hall , who has been quite 111
nt Kansas City , Is expected home Sat
urday evening.
George Clements and Marie Bailer
of Norfolk were married at Stanton
S E. Malm Is moving Into the A.
J. Johnson residence property on Koe-
nlgsteln avenue.
Mrs. C. Rudat , who suffered a stroke
of paralysis , Is slightly Improved. Mrs.
Hudat's loft side Is affected.
The Remlln orchestra of Humphrey
gave a dancing party In railroad men's
hall at South Norfolk last night.
Actual work on the Robert King
cement stone factory on Madison ave
nue and Seventh street started yester
day morning.
F. J. Hale has sold l.CSO acres of
Holt county land to Fritz Kamrath of
Madison , for $40 an acre , the deal
amounting to $07,000.
The Fremont police have asked the
Norfolk police to looker a typewriter
which was stolen from a car near the
Fremont depot of the Northwestern
Mrs. A. II. Vlele has resigned as
leader of the household economic de
partment of the Woman's club and
Mrs. Culiiisco has been elected to take
her place.
Royce Irvln , who was arrested at
Albion for jumping a board bill In
this city , was given a sentence of thir
ty days In the county jail by Judge C.
F : Elseloy.
Arthur Krahn is suffering from a
badly Injured finger as the result of
getting the member caught between
.ho door of the safe which he was
locking last evening.
The 18-months-old bon of Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. Fleming fell against a table
in the Fleming home yesteulay after
noon and sustained a largo wound on
Ills head. A physician found it neces
sary to close the uotind up with sev
eral stitches
William Jennings Bryan , Dan V.
Stephens of Fremont , and the enter
tainment committee of the local demo
crats will arrive from Wayne tills eve
ning. Mr. Bryan will speak In the
Auditorium and afterward hold a re
ception on the stage.
C. J. Fleming sold his option on the
vacant lot adjoining the Citizens Na
tional bank building on South Fourth
street yesterday to I. M. Macy , whc
will erect a two story brick building
on this lot. The upper floor Is to be
used for office rooms.
The 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs
A. U. Johnson , 507 Lincoln avenue
who sustained a broken tinkle Wednes
day night , is reported well on the roa ( ]
to permanent recovery. The boy was
delivering papers when he fell fron
his bicycle and his ankle was foiiiu
to be broken.
Matters of financial importune *
have been presented tb the officers o
the Norfolk Ad club and because o
their Importance a meeting of that or
ganlzation will be held in the Commer
cial club rooms Monday night. Al
members of the club are urged to at
tend this meeting.
Deputy Postmaster B. C. Gentle wll
not accept the appointment as post
office inspector offered him by tin
postoffice department recently. Mr
Gentle declined the position today
but this action will not forfeit an ;
of his rights to accept another aj :
pointment in the future.
William Krueger was drunk again
The police docket does not show jus
how many "drunks" Bill has beei
charged with within the past fe\
ears , but the judge says they an
lumerous. The prisoner pleaded gull
y to the charge and ventured to sa ;
10 was found drunk at 1 o'clock Fri
day morning. He was paroled untl
Nov. 4 , when he expects to hav
.Miough money to pay his fine.
Chief of Police Marquardt gave twi
loboes a treat with a "square" men
riday noon. Both men were pickci
ip several days ago for being drunl
nd since then they have been dietin ;
on bread and water. They went t
vork under the Leu street law afte
ho square meal.
General Manager F. Walters of th
Northwestern railroad has issued thi
ircular : "Tin ; name of the statioi
on the eastern division heretofor
called Norfolk Junction , will hereafte
be known as South Norfolk. " Th
circular is approved by R. H. Alsl
on , vice president
While enroute to the Grant schoc
Thursday afternoon the 6-year-old so
of Mr. and Mrs. Cox of 704 Madlso
ivenue , slipped and fell on the cross
ng on Tenth street and Madison av <
me , sustaining a broken leg. Th
little boy lay where he fell and hi
father and mother carried him home
The break is a serious one.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Heilnian of Lli
coin , formerly of Norfolk , are her
spending a few days with old triendi
Mr. Hellman , who came to Norfol
with some of the first pioneers froi
Wisconsin , was In business for a tim
with Judge Eiseley. Later he was on
ployed In the Olney store. Ho is no
usher at the state penitentiary nor
Lincoln. His office was created fc
him some time ago. Mr. Hellma
was once clerk of Madison county.
To show the great giowth of No
folk , J. W. Dietrick , local agent for tl
Northwestern road , reports that h
company's business In this city lai
July showed a bigger Increase thn
any previous month In the road's hi
tory in this city. This increase , 1
says , is greater than any month du
ing the sugar beet campaign here. Tl
month of October will show an i
crease over the corresponding mom
last year and probably o\er that
any October for the paht five or t (
The regular lineup of the Norfo
football squad will leave here at no <
Saturday for their game with Gat
academy at Nellgh Saturday afU
noon. Capt. Keleher is In good for
and will bo In the gamo. Logan , who
back was strained recently , Is repo
ed in good condition and will also
In the gamo. Parish will play as qu ;
terback and ho Is feeling tiptop. Fit
IT expects to kick a few goals ai
the entire squad are feeling confide
that they will bring a Gates sen
home. The scalp will come from n
hard head , If Norfolk succeeds In pull
Ing it off , Gates having a good record
this year.
Mrs. Oxiinm and Mrs. F. G. Coryell
have returned fiom Holdrege where
they attended the State Federation ol
Woman's clubs. The session was un
usually full of able lecturers and papers
pors and the different departments ol
work In which the woman's club In
Interested. The library work Is par
tlcularly active , nearly every town In
the state having the advantage of free
libraries whether they have an cxpon
slve building or not. But the department
mont receiving the most attention at
piosenl Is domestic science and man
nual training In the public schools. .
The years are numbered when tin1
schools not having this department
will bo In the minority and very miicli
behind the times , they sny. The teach
ers in domestic science of Holdrege
came to the convention and gave n
talk on "The Expense of Putting This
Department In the School and the
Benefit Resulting From H. " The pee
pie of note on the program wore :
Chancellor A very of the state univer
sity , on "Comparing Gorman and
American Schools ; " F. M. Hunter
principal of agriculture department ol
state university , "Tho Manual Train
ing Department in the Public School ; '
Mrs. W. J. Bryan's , "Trees and the
Love of Tiees In Japan ; " Mrs. liar
Graves , daughter of Mrs. Bryan , was ;
also present. While In Holdrege Mrs
Oxnain and Mrs. Coryoll wore picas
antly entertained nt the home of Mi
ami Mrs. Alfiod Gerecke , formerly ol
Roger Sullivan Testifies.
Chicago , Oct. 27. Roger C. Sullivan
democratic national commlttoemai
from Illinois , told the committee o
the I'nited States senators investigat
Ing the Lorimor case , that friends o
Uov. diaries S. Dlneen aided in tin
ole'ctloii of Lorimor. John R. Tliomp
son and Chaunccy Dewey of Chlcagc
were the men named by Sullivan ii
this connection. This testimony wai
brought out on cross-examination b ;
Attorney Ilaneey , counsel for Mr. Lor
liner. Mr. Sullivan testified that Ii
his belief the election of Lorimer wa
the culmination of conditions in th
Illinois legislature during 190 ! ) regula
session and not the result of corrup
lethods In securing votes for Lor !
icr. A recess was taken until Sal
rday , when the hearings will be re
darle Booth Russell Was Her Hu ;
band's Leading Woman.
Atlantic Highland , N. J. , Oct. 27.-
lopes for the recovery of Marl
looth Russell , wife of Robert Mantel
lie actor , have been practically give
p. Her condition became so grav
few days ago that Mr. Mantcll wa
uinnioned from Canada , where h
. as playing , and he has been at hi
, -Ifo's bedside since. The Mantoll
uvo made their home hero man
ears. Miss Russell has long bee
or husband's leading woman. The
nvo two daughters.
Orville Wright's Feat Surpasses A
Former Records.
Mantc-o , N. C. , Oct. 27. When O
illo Wright , In an aeroplane wit !
ut power , remained In the air I
ninutes and 1 second , he broke all r
ords for gliding machines. This e :
ceded his own record and means a ;
larently that when the present glide
s perfected man may soar aloft a
unlimited time provided he is favorc
iy high winds. It does not mean , hov
ver , that the problem of aerial nav
gallon has boon solved , as no soarln
an bo done in a calm.
The wind was blowing at the nil
jf forty miles an hour when the fliei
arried the machine to the top of
jig sand dune and quickly placed
n position. In another moment ,
vas shooting upward to a height i
wo hundred feet , with Wright mar
pulating the levers. The wind wi
oming in quick gusts , but the grac
ul craft never wavered.
Once up where he wanted it , Wrigl
urncd it on an even keel and it flea
ed in the air as steadily as a shl
ides a calm sea. Over a spot les
ban ten yards square It rested t\\
ninutes. The craft stood motionles
xcept for slight tremors of tl
ilanes as they answered the lever
ind then slowly backed up ever tl
rest of the hill. Then It went fo
vard to Its old position and remal
d there while the gale sang throiu
the canvas. The third , fourth , fif
and sixth minutes passed and still
inn gsuspended. Watch in hand , tl
imekeeper signaled Wright that I
vas close to his 7-mlnute and fifte (
seconds iccord , and he nodded a r
At that moment the piano starti
lownward and seemed about to allgl
but when two feet from the hill
stopped and hovered over the sp
like a living thing. Soon it began
rise and in a fash it was back on
more over the hill top. From th
.line on it remained in a given spi
turning neither to the right nor t'
lelt until the aviator began to descei
by a long and graceful curve into t
meadow , 700 feet away.
Crawford's Rival Will Answer Prlma
Attack at Miller.
.Miller. S. D. , Oct. 27. "Dlck" Rl <
ards has leased the opera house he
for tonight to answer Senator Cra
ford's speech on the primary law. T
hall was rented by John McCullom ,
leading democrat and ex-state senat
Court Will Read Only Part of Th
In Hyde Murder Case.
Kansas City. Oct. 27. Stories
the first B. Clark Hyde murder ti
as published in local newspapers ,
means of settling the qualifications
tered Into the second trial today a
vonlremon who Bay they have formed
fixed opinions of the casn from readIng -
Ing newspaper mports. The defense
asserts these accounts were accurate
and nearly complete , while the state
takes the opposite view. The Issue IB
whether a ventroman could form an
opinion from the stories , which are
liable to be changed from U'Hllmon\
not published In the newspapers.
The question first arose several
days ago , and for a time It appeared
that Judge E. E. Portcrflold would
have to examine the flics of three
dully ne < wspapors for the six weeks
the last trial ran. Agreement was
re-ached lust night , \\horeby only the
transcript of the testimony for cer
tain days , and the newspaper accounts
from testimony will bo compared. At
torneys will assist the court In the
reading , and another venlro of fifty
men has been called. They will re
port Saturday morning at 0 o'clock ,
The first vonlre of seventy-nine men
\uin exhausted , with eight chosen
jurymen In the box.
By-Elcction Results This Year Will
Be Full of Significance.
Washington. Oct. 27. With the ar
rival of the adumco guard of con
gressmen for the winter season and
the loturn from vacations of adminis
tration officials , attention at the capi
tal Is centering on the off-year oloc-
lions. Interest Is keen because of the
bearing whlcli losults In scattered
sections this fall may have on the na
tional elections next. your.
Two weeks from today govoinorH
and legislators will bo chosen In a few
of the states and then- will be some
congressional and local elections of
decided importance. Governors are
to bo elected in Kentucky , Marjluml ,
Massachusetts , Mississippi , Rhode Is
land and Virginia. A rcdhot municipal
campaign Is In piogrcss In Philadel
phia , which carries some features of
national import. In New York City ,
where judicial positions are the prin
cipal offices at stake , matters have tak
en on more than usual off-year concern
corn because of the Intensified bitter
ness of the old fight against Tarn
many under the rule of "Boss" Mur
phy and the piofossed ictiirn t <
the democratic fold of W. R. Heats )
who has declared war ou Murph }
"from the inside. "
The Massachusetts election in in
volved more than any other with tin
national campaign of 1012. Kugcm
N. Foss , whoso success constituloi
the straw that pointed the way t <
democratic control of the house o
repre untatives when ho was electee
to fill a vacancy from a ropublicai
dibtiict several months before tin
1HO ! landslide , and who subsequentl :
loft his seat in congress to beconn
the democratic governor of the eli
Buy State , is a candidate for ie-elo <
tlon. His republican opponent is th
present lieutenant governor , Louis A
National issues have boon injcctei
Into the campaign on both sides. Th
republicans , under the leadership u
Senator Lodge , are defending the Tal
administration as progressive. Th
democrats are combatting the Tal
tariff vetoes and , whichever way th
tide turns on election day in Noven
her , the victorious party outside a
well as inside the state will muk
the most of it for moral effect o
the country , preliminary to the gresi
struggle for the presidency.
National interest in the New Yor
City contest , whore the Tamilian
ticket is opposed by fusion , lies parti
In the charge that Murphy Is strlvin
at this time to nationalize his contn
of politics. He now dominates th
Empire State situation , from the gen
ernoishlp down. He recently mad
Norman E. Mack , who Is nation.
chairman , chairman of the democrat !
state central committee. Hearst , It I
declared by his opponents , took th
action he did with the intention e
first defeating Murphy and then hi
coming a candidate for the democrat !
presidential nomination.
After Twelve Hours' Imprisonment
S-Year-Old Boy Was Dug Out.
New Britain , Conn. , Oct. 27. Whil
playing Santa Clans with several otl
er children Erland Nilson , 5 years oh
climbed to the roof of his homo an
stepped Into the chimney. The othe
children waited a while for him to a ]
pear at the fireplace and then turne
to some other games and forgot aboi
him. Erland , who had fallen fort
feet in the cellar , remained in tli
chimney nearly twelve hours befoi
his cries were heard. Then It wt
found necessary to send for a mnsc
and remove a number of bricks froi
the basement of the chimney He w ;
The Serum Being Supplied by the Ur
versity of Wisconsin.
Madison , Wls. , Oct. 27. The effo
made by the University of Wiscons
to prevent a threatened epidemic <
typhoid fever by the use of unti-t
phoid vaccine at the county asylum
Monroe last week Is being watclu
with interest throughout the stut
Dr. M. P. Ravonel and Dr. M. ' \
Smith of the hygienic laboratory
the university vaccinated 103 inniat
of the asylum , using vaccine prepari
at the state university. The nutho
ties of the hygienic laboratory ha
great faith in the vaccine and are pi
paring to supply it free to all phy
clans in the state willing to give It
trial. Great success has attended :
use In the United States army , whc
it has been made compulsory for :
i. officers and enlisted men under
years old to be vaccinated against
m Theobaldl.
People who care for good inn
° - missed one of the most delightful i
al slcal entertainments ever given In N
folk by staying away from the Am
of orium hist night. The grout Tli
Imldi was the t > tnr attraction , \ \
Mine. North , vocalist , a clotiu second.
ThoDp persona who did attend the
performance were onthUHlaHtlo , and
made the house ring with applause
Theobaldl's descriptive violin play
Ing was fascinating to a degree and ,
though classical , uoic appi eclated
f i inn a popular viewpoint qutlo aw
much as by the trained musician
Mine. Not Hi has a beautiful \olco
with whlcli she charmed her hon t era
Miss Keller , ( ho accompanist , nas
equally clever.
Campaign Documents n Puzzle.
Milwaukee , Oct. 27.- What to do
with Seiuuor Isaac Stophonson'H tain
pulgn documents after ho had expend
cd $107.000 In his fight for noinlna
tlon at the primaries In UK'S ' , proved
lo bo a perplexing pioblom. Accord
Ing ( o witnesses before the senatorial
Investigation committee , the docu
ments brought together at the Mil
\\aukoo headquarters after the i lese
of the campaign woie hauled from
town to town , taken out of the state
to prevent their being examined at u
previous legislative Investigation of
the senator's expenses and were alter
nately packed In a box In giiniiytuicks
and In a trunk before they finally
landed before the present ln\estima
tion. 'A trunk supposed to contain the
papots was produced and although
four hours were spent In examining
witnesses as to the trunk's wundor-
Ings , the contents were not revealed
Snow Over Wide .Area.
Slou\ City , la , Oct. 27. Specials to
the Journal from Iowa , South Dakota
and Nebraska report a fall of snow
over a wide area. At Gregory , S D ,
a foot of snow Is reported.
Dnunhter for Col. Elliott.
West Point. Neb. , Oct. 27. Special
to The News : A daughter was bom
to Col and Mrs. J. C. Elliott here thin
morning. Col. Elliott is ( lie republi
can nominee for congress. Both par
ents are doing well.
Order of Hearing on Petition for Ap
pointment of Administrator or
The State of Nebiusku , Madixnu
County , ss. :
At a county couit held at the conn
ty couit room , in and for said county ,
October 2'.s-l , A. D. HIM.
Present , William Hates , loiinty
judge. .
In the matter of the estate of W. H
II. llugey. deceased.
On reading and filing ( lie petition
Jof Charles II. llugey , jintying that ad
ministration of said estate may be
grunted to Emily M. llugey , us admin-
Ordered. That November 21nt , A D.
1911 , at 1 o'clock p. m. , is assigned
for hearing said petition , when all per
sons Interested in .said mutter may
appear ut u county court to be held
ut the ( ourt room In and for said
( ounty , anJ show cause why the pray
er of petitioner should not bo grant
ed ; and that notice of the pendency
of said petition and the hearing there
of , bo given to all persons interested
in said matter by publishing a copy of
this order in the Norfolk Weekly
News-Journal , a weekly newspaper
printed , published and circulated In
said county , lor throe successive
weeks , prior to said day of hearing
A true copy.
Win. Bates ,
( Seal.I County Judge.
WANTED All parties Interested In
the Gulf coast , Texas , country to write
us for information. Come to a conn-
try where two crops can bo grown
each year , where the soil Is good , wa
ter sweet and pure , where the sun of
summer is tempered by the cool
breeze from the gulf and where stock
does not have to bo fed more than
half the year. Get in touch wl'h the
Tracy-Enos Land Co. , Victoria. Texas.
WANTED Success Magazine r
quires the services of a man In Nor
folk to look after expiring subscrip
tions and to secure new business by
means of special methods usually ef
fective ; position permanent ; prefer
one with experience , but would con
slder any applicant with good natural
qualifications ; salary $1.50 per day ,
with commission option. Addresa ,
with references , R. C. Peacock , Room
102 , Success Magazine Bldg. , New
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tloiiamrlctlrroiituiciiilnl HANDBOOK on l' tcrni
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