The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, August 25, 1911, Page 6, Image 6

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Davis , Athletics1 Veteran First Sacker
"Silent Harry" Is Slated to Handle the Cleveland Naps
Next Season
Photo by American Press Association.
McBride , Washington's Shortstop
Manager McAleer Says His Brilliant Infielder Compares
Favorably With the Best In the Game
Pftoto by American Proas Association.
Caldwell , Yanks' Young Pitcher
Many Critics Predict That With More Experience He
Will Develop Into a Star
Photo by American Prosa Association.
Bescher , Reds' Speedy Outfielder
Manager Clark Griffith of Cincinnati Says "Big Bob"
Is the Swiftest Base Runner In Game
Ytato by American Prea
In Form Acceptable to President , It
Goes Through Senate.
Washington , Aug. 9. Statehood for
New Mexico and Arizona on a baste
acceptable to President Taft was ap
proved by the senate through the pas
sage of the Flood-Smith resolution pre
sented by Senator William Alder
Smith , chairman of the committee on
The resolution passed f.3 to 8 after
debate In which the house was
barged with ovadlng a vote on the
resident's statehood veto , and In
vhlch the jtrosldont waa charged with
rylng to coerce the people of Arizona
n the proposed recall of judges.
The senate measure will bo conoid *
red In the house today and that body
vlll bo able to pass it if it chooses
o do BO , without having to vote llrst
n a rc-paasago of the vetoed resolu-
Ion. It might go to the president to-
lay or Monday.
The now resolution , favored by the
ircsldont , requires that Arizona shall
llminato from Its now constitution the
ecall of Judges provisions before it
hall bo admitted to the union.
Now Mexico Is instruccd to vote
\gain on n change In its constitution
leslgned to make that act moro easily
uneudablo in the future , but it Is not
undo a condition of Now Mexico's
statehood the people approve that
hango suggested by congress.
Wrights Demand All Gate Receipts and
Destruction of All Planes.
Chicago , Aug. 19. Coroner 1'otor
Hoffman has threatened to close the
; reat aviation tournament bore , by
egal means , If necessary , unless the
ivlators cease Hying over the heads of
the thousands of spectators.
Contestants have Ignored the rules ,
which piohlblt them fiom Hying over
.be crowds.
Suits have been liled against the of-
Iclals of the international Aviation
Meet association by tbo Wright broth-
( . is , charging Infringement of their
talent lights. A permanent injiinc-
.ion to < 3top the tournament , and an
accounting of all money taken hi as
gate lecclpts , aio demanded.
No United States judge is in Chicago
cage and no hearing can bo secured
until tbo moot lias closed.
Orvlllo Wright said his company
would not push its efforts to stop the
meet , but would ask for all money
taken in , as damages for Infringement ,
and that every aeroplane In Chicago
bo turned over to them for destruc
Wright aviators will continue In the
meet , competing for the llrst time
against rival flyers.
Greeted First as Traitor , Later He
Draws Applause.
Mexico City , Aug. 19. Francisco I ,
Madero has Induced Emallo Zapata to
surrender his arms. Ho advised President -
ident Do La Barra of the result of his
interview with the leader of the rebels
In the state of Morelos and the gov
eminent , relying on the word of Za >
pata , will send an officer to Cuavtala
today to muster out Insurrectos. Ma >
dero arrived In Cuavtala at midday ,
The rebels , styling him "traitor , "
threatened to assassinate him if he
entered their camp. Later they greet
ed him with "viva's. "
Standing In tbo public square he
drew from them general applause by
a speech and then began his conference
enco with Zapata.
Today would have seen the begin'
ning of hostilities.
Electric Power Cut Off Newspapers
Inflaming the Mobs.
Liverpool , Aug. 19. The city was ir
semi-darkness a part of last night
Only a fraction of the usual clectrica !
power was available and that was
used to make possible a continuatlor
of the curtailed tramway service. The
railway stations had been closed ant
train service stopped and largo crowds
fought for places on the tram cars
Even then thousands were forced tc
walk long distances to their homes Ir
the suburbs. The tramway service
was cut off entirely at 9 o'clock ani
the power used to light the streets as
a measure of safety.
Only three trains lelt Liverpool foi
London and two for Manchester
Three thousand young men have beer
enrolled as special constables. Al
the city magistrates met in secret con
ferences and the mayor again appeal
ed to the newspapers to avoid inflam
Ing the people by printing sensationa
Business at the markets and on the
exchanges was suspended , notices be
ing posted that labor troubles prevent
ed their usual work. The LIverpoo
Express will be unable to publish to
day because of the cutting off of iti
electric power.
Two loaded prison vans were escort
ed through the streets by the Scotcl
greys. One of them was filled wltl
women , who were singing "Fall In am
Follow Me. "
GETS $2,000,000.
Madeline Force Will Get Cash , Bu
Lose Dower Rights.
New York , Aug. 19. Madeline Fore *
is to receive $2,000,000 in cash whei
she marries John J. Astor , but slu
must sign away all her dower rights
Fremont Boy Meeta Untimely Deatl
In Mississippi.
Fremont , Nob. , Aug. 19. A telegran
from Water Valley , Miss. , announcee
the death In an accident of Royal E
Lucas , a former Fremont boy. Partlc
ulars were not given.
Madison , Neb. , Aug. 19. Special t <
The News : Judge Bates Joined ii
bonds of wedlock , Edward Warnko o
Boone county and Miss Irene Hermln *
Wright of Battle Creek.
F. A. Harrison Announces That Insur
gent Will Support Wisconsin Man.
Lincoln , Aug. 19. George W. Norrls
congressman from the Fifth district
and announced candidate for Unltcc
States senator next year on the re
publican ticket , has declared hlmael
for Senator La Follotte of Wiaconalr
or president In 1912 , according to F.
\ . Harrison of this city.
Harrison assetta the declaration of
ho McCook man was given as an nu *
horlzed statement through n letter
o him. In this Norrls said much had
> oen accomplished In the fight of the
ast two yeiira towards the overthrow
of political control by the machine ,
ho political boss and the trust and
'omblnntloiiH. The next logical stop
vould ho the nomination and election
of n true progressive as president of
ho United States.
Further tribute to the Wisconsin
senator was paid In declaring that the
so-called special interests are made
ils victims In this bloodless war and
hat his nomination would bo the
greatest xlctory to bo achieved by n
regressive people.
Hesse May Have Feared Wife Would
Return to First Husband.
TocuuiHoh , Neb. , Aug. 19. That L.
' . MeMaster , former husband of Mrs.
13. 10. llesso of Teeumsoh , xvhoso body ,
with that of bor
Ifi-yoar-old daughter ,
s found In the old well on the Hesse
place , hoped BOIUO day for a rceou
Illation with bis wife. Is thought by
lolniKcm county people to have been
ho motive for the etlmo now laid at
the door of 1C. M Hesse , one of the
nest known Uiiillngtou brldgo men In
the west.
Old letters saved from the lire which
destroyed the llesso home on the eve
ning of lulv l > ; t. 11)10 ) , and which. It IH
supposed was set by Hesse to hide the
evidence of bis guilt , show that Me-
Master in \\illlng to ills daughter
Wiumctn , thought much of the two
and laid the blame for the dhorce ,
which separated him and bis wife , to
himself. That one or more of these
lotteis may have fallen Into tbo pos
session of Hesse , and caused him to
brood oxer the matter until he commit
ted the deed , Is considered the only
possible solution to the grexvpomu
tragedy , noxv more than a year old.
Rumors to tbo effect that MeMastor
may have been another of the Irate
husband's victims are disproved , fol-
loxvlng the finding of several letters
which Indicate that at the tlmo of
the crime ho was to have been , If bo
carried out his plans , BOIUO distance
from Johnson county. A Tecumsob
citizen saxv McMaster several weeks
ago In Chicago , accordmg to current
report , and an effort Is being made tc
locate him noxv in the hope that nd >
ditional light may be shed on the
Efforts to locate Hcsso have so fai
proved fruitless.
Will Be 01 Much Benefit to the Late
Deadwood , S. D. , Aug. 19. Heavy
shoxvcrs fell throughout the Black
Hills and covered a wide area north
and west during the night , and arc
continuing today , with great benefit to
Into potatoes , corn and pastures.
Vaudeville Couple Will Be Arraigned
for Preliminary.
Fremont , Neb. , Aug. 19. Informa
tion charging Louis Rogers and Mrs ,
Caroline Rietschie , the vaudeville couple
plo , with murder In the first degree
for the death of the Infant found in n
box car at Colon has been filed In jus
tlce court before Justice of the Peace
Allen Johnson by County Attornej
The shoxv people will bo given theh
preliminary hearing either Saturday 01
early next week. Witnesses will be
brought here from Omaha , Colon ani
Wahoo by the county attorney. AJ
yet neither Rogers nor Mrs. Rietschie
has engaged counsel.
Ewlng Boosters Out.
Ewlng , Neb. , Aug. 19. Special tc
The Ncxvs : Ten automobiles contain
ing thirty-eight boosters , including the
Exvlng bind , started out yesterday tc
boost for the chautauqua to be hole :
here five days commencing August 24
The Itinerary planned took in the
towns of Inman , Page , Orchard , Clear
water and Nellgh , and notwithstanding
the bad roads in places caused by the
rain , the boosters made fairly good
schedule time , the trip being pronounc
ed a decided success. The chautauquc
attendance promises to be large.
Thinks Airships Will be General.
A. L. Klllian , xvho was ono of the
spectators at the Chicago aviatloi
meet Tuesday afternoon when two 01
the flyers were killed , believes thai
the time is comparatively near at bane
when aeroplanes will actually be
brought into general use by the lay
man , Just as automobiles are now.
"There were countless thousands o
automobiles out for the airship flights
and I saw four horses , " Mr. Kllllai
said. It occurred to him that in tin
not very distant future the auto woulc
bo relegited to the rear by the aero
plane , Just as the horse has gone be
fore the march of the auto.
"It looks perfectly simple and easy , '
Mr. Killlan paid. "They get in , turn i
wheel and soar Into the air like birds
It looks as easy as running an auto
mobile. They glide along about the
height of a man's head , then rise te
tremendous altitude , then dip and sal
and glide. It looks remarkably easj
and everybody with any nerve at al
wants to go up. One Chicago alder
man bought a plane for $4,500 for general
oral use. I like the monoplanes bettei
than the biplanes. " At one time he
saw nine airships flying simultaneous
Mr. Killlan has been away for Box-
era ! weeks. Ho was at Cedar Rapids
la. , where the Killlan company lias
Just bought a store ; and later went tc
New York and other eastern market
Auto Men Think All Vehicles Should
Have Them.
Considering the ever possible accl
dent between motor cars and car
i tunes at night and In behalf of the I
safety of the people xvho tiavol after
dark In vehicles , the motor car own *
iirs and dealers of Norfolk favor an
oidlunnco requiring all conveyances to
carry tall lights after HUIIHOI. Ltko or *
dlniinceH have been panned In other
largo cities of the country teuently
and are reported to bo the means of
avoiding many accidents.
While the motor car owners have
not started n campaign for a similar
oidlnanco In Norfolk , Its need In up-
paient to all drivers. Norfolk espe
cially IH adapted to such an ordlnanco
according to the oxvuors. It IB a city
with a Inrgo nroa considering Its pop
ulation. The motor car men miy that
many of the streets are not well
Girl Swimmer Han ( flosc Cnll.
Valentino , Neb. , Aug. 18. Special
to Tlio News : Miss Hazel NoyeH liiul
a narrow escape from drowning In
the Mlmiochadimi mill pond. Sim
swum about llftoon foot from Blioro
and , being a beginner , boramo ex
hausted and mink under 11m water.
Miss Josophlno MoLoao , one of tbo expert -
pert swimmers oC ( | IH | Beetlon , wont
to ber assistance and held her bead
abo\o water Until a raft wan piiBbod
out from tbo sliore.
P. II. Davis went to Fiomonl on busi
ness' .
Herman Haaseb of Stanton was lioro
visiting with friends.
Hx-Manager Voro Lnno of tbo West-
em Union lott for St. J'nul , Minn.
Walter 1'llnnt returned from Nollgh
\\beio bo sjient a day with friends.
Miss I.enora liana of llattlo Ciook
Is hoio visiting xxlth Miss Adolla lluch-
Miss Allco Spiclui of Omatia la In
the city visiting with tbo A. Uuchholz
Miss Marie Kmgo of Missouri Val
ley , la. , is tbo guest of Miss Anne
Mrs. Bishop and son of Lincoln aio
hero visiting at tbo homo of Mr. and
Mrs. John Phlnncy.
Mrs. C. L. Anderson has gone to
Holsteln , la. , to spend a few weeks
with her sister , Mrs. Brandt.
Mrs. Fred Benne and Miss Clara
Ilenno of Stantou were heio visiting
with the W. L. Lehman family.
Curtlss R. Stltt , who has boon bore
visiting with his brother , J. C. Stitt
for the past few days , has returned to
bis homo at Lincoln.
Miss Boss ICoxvba of Chicago and
Mrs. Sanders and W. U. Schmidt of
Verdigro are visiting at tbo homo of
Mrs. Charles Holtman.
Dr. and Mrs. Pringle and daughter
of Pierce and Mrs. W. D. Millott of
Casper , Wyo. , visited at the W. II.
Blakcman homo tills week.
II. F. Barnhart Is moving from South
Ninth street to 10G Madison a\onue.
L. C. Lane has purchased tbo pop
corn and peanut business formerly
conducted by Harry Hull.
John Krantz is having his household
goods stored. M. E. Crosier will move
into the Krantz residence soon.
Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Haase are now
comfortably located in their new bun
galow at 434 South Third street.
Harry Boomer Is looking for a rail
road fireman who he declares has
passed a bad chock amounting to $15
on him.
The Norfolk city library will be
closed for one week , owing to the fact
that the new bookcases have arrived
and are being installed.
Gustavo Koerber was fined $10 in
Judge Eiselcy's court Thursday for
using obscene language. Carl Serge
made the complaint against Koerber.
There seems but little improvement
in the condition of David Baum who
has been 111 for ten weeks. The fever
has disappeared but Mr. Baum Is very
Willis E. Reed of Madison was in
the city cnroutc to his home at Mad
ison from Butte , where ho delivered
an address. Mr. Reed has many ad
dresses scheduled for the future ,
among thorn one before the Norfolk
flro department.
Ed Bennlng Is suffering from a bad
wound caused by the ulto of a dog.
Mr. Bennlng's hand Is badly swollen
and it Is feared the hand will become
infected. The dog , when it sprang at
Mr. Banning , gave no warning. It Is
reported that this dog has bitten oth
ers and Is very dangerous.
The special train of Gen. Supt. Pe-
chin of the M. & O. left the city last
evening after a general inspection was
made of the depot and conditions here.
Among the officials on the special were
Supt. Pechln , General Passenger Agent
Seddons , Freight Claim Agent Gro-
chau , Supt. of Bridges and Buildings
Dgier , division Superintendent O'Neill ,
Roadmaster Pierce and Mr. Hall.
A woman claiming to bo Mrs. R. E.
Palmer , wife of Northwestenr Brakeman -
man R. E. Palmer , has secured gro
ceries and other staples to the amount
of $25 at ono of the local stores. R.
E. Palmer was In the city from Oak-
dale , where ho is now living. He de
clares the woman has been getting
goods from other stores in the city
under his name. Ho Is anxious to
meet her.
Switchman Walter Sherbalm is suf
fering from an Injured foot and a
bruised leg , which , although slight ,
might have resulted more seriously
when the night switch engine in the
south side yards went off the track
last night. Two switchmen wore
thrown from the engine. Sherbahn's
feet were caught under the footboard
of the engine and he would have been
crushed but for the fact that ho clung
to the engine with his hands.
The party of four Norfolk men who
went to Omaha to see the golf tour
nament , returned at 10:30 : a. m. They
had remained at Fremont over night.
Great golf they saw. Ono man con
siderably older than Harry Legg , made
Legg play hard to win the thirty-six
hole match. At noon , after eighteen
holes , they were oven , but in the of-
ternoon Legg won , 3 up and 2 to play.
In the party were : Dr. P. H. Saltor.
Dr. C. S. Parker , J. S. Mathewson , S.
Q. Mayer.