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    THi : NORFOLK WKKKLV NKWS-.IOl h'N.U , . FU1DAY. MAY . * . 1911
The Ni/rfOlk / Weekly News-Journal
Tlie NUWH. KHtablUhctl 1881.
The Journal , Kstabllshed 1877.
W. N. N. A. HUBC ,
President. Secretary.
fivery Friday. Hy tniill jmr year , $1.00.
Entered nt llio poHtolilco at Norfolk.
Noli. , nx second class matter.
Telephoned : Kdltorlal Department
No. 2L' . lliiHlness Ulllco and Job KOOIUB.
No. 11 21 ! .
The government la talking of coinIng -
Ing a two-and-a-half-cent-plece. One
can already smell the cigar It would
Luther Uurbnnk IH working to Improve -
provo the grape fruit. Let UB hope he
will succeed In producing a seedless
A new town In Kansas half way be
tween Napoleon and Wellington has
been named Waterloo. Kansas Isn't
KO slow.
As an armlstlco has been declared
In Mexico , our people on the line will
nt least get a chance to plant the
vegetable garden.
A cactus hedge along the Mexican
border would prove discouraging to a
frequent Interchange- courtesies be
tween neighbors.
In view of the way the supreme
court makes over our laws , Is con
gress degenerating Into a kind of nom
inating committee ?
The quieting down of the Mexican
war talk makes it clear that what the
Mexicans want Is not so much free
dom us rotation in olllce.
These trees that are planted on Ar
bor day are coming along just in time
to glvo the horses some nice juicy
bark to nibble at this summer.
The tercentenary of the King James
bible Is celebrated , and some people's
copies look as if they had been col
lecting dust just about that time.
There have been a number of dents
made In the cost of living in the last
three months. Meat , butter , lard and
eggs have all declined appreciably.
We call the Italians black-hearted
for their Camorrn murders at retail ,
but we have somewhere a dynamite
gang that docs the same business at
The- English had some smart speak
ers at their peace meeting the other
night , but the $300,000,000 they are
spending for battleships talks more
That Camorra trial over In Italy
dispenses a brand of justice almost
equal to what is put up by the mock
trial entertainments given by our sew
ing societies.
There is a hea\y drop hi the stt-el
trust profits , but as Mr. Carnegie got
an article accepted by the May Cen
tury , he can still furnish a few more
library books. .
Cham ] ) Clark has broken four gav
els in keeping the house in order.
That's what comes from only hitting
the desk Instead of the heads of of
fending members.
Although the board of health gave
the garbage heap in Mr. Lorimer's
back yard a shining coat of whitewash
the neighbors are sniffing more sus
piciously than ever.
President Taft' has enough fight in
htm to keep this session of congress
busy , and sticking close to their job
which is to pass the reciprocity agree
inent with Canada.
The Dutch have hauled down oui
flag on Palmas , but the Impression
prevails in this country that the Islam
did not pay Uncle Sam for keeping
the ( lag pole painted.
Governor Wilson is starting out or
n long tour of the southwest. It IE
very kind of him to perform part o
Mr. Taft's duties , while not gottim
any part of his salary.
They've got a new head for the An
uapolls naval academy. Let us hop *
he teaches the boys that a person maj
be able to earn a dollar and yet out
live the disgrace of it.
Caruso was obliged to return t <
Italy $50,000 short of what his con
tracts called for , as a result of throa
trouble. Italy will don mourning ii
sympathy when ho arrives.
A Cincinnati judge rules that moth
ers have the exclusive right to span !
the children. We always knew thos
messages that President Roosovel
sent to congress were Illegal.
Our society people are mortgagln
their houses to see King Georg
crowned , while In England they wll
want one-way fare rebated to take th
bother of going up to "Lunnon. "
Oliver Wendell Holmes said a pa
thing In a very happy way in thes
words : "To bo seventy years youn
IB sometimes far more cheerful an
hopeful than to he forty years old. "
The senators are quarreling eve
omtnitlee placec. but the fact that
ley wrangle over possession of the
uck saw IB far from Indicating a dls-
osltlon to do things to the wood pile.
The country has a balance of trade
ti Its favor of about $400.000.000. Hut
ft IT we have paid the bills of the
European tourists , the cashier will be
ending us the usual overdraw notice.
If ( Jene Debs Is going to bo elected
resident next time , it might be well
o wait until the witnesses are called
n the dynamite cases before running
fr any more of that typewriter ribbon
lipped In vitro ! .
The broom IB one symbol to be car-
led in the New York suffragist parade
in May C. Mere man crouching on
he sidewalks will ask timorously if
his IB displayed as a weapon or as a
lousehold implement.
Mr. Taft told the New Yorkers that
he did not want to annex Canada. As
Uncle Saui has forty-six children of
his own , with two more under way , it
seems unnecessary for him to ask to
adopt his neighbor's family.
In what little spare time the grad
uates of 1911 can get between games ,
hey are carefully writing out , on pa-
ier. the solutions to many of the most
lerplexing problems of modern civili
sation. Once a year they are all
Mrs. Hetty Green is going to give up
ier modest Hat in Hoboken and try
ife at a swell hotel. For Mrs. Greene
o set such an example of reckless ex-
ravagance is discouraging. To whom
shall we point with pride now when
ecturing the youth on th beauty of
economy ?
Champ Clark wants to revise the
a riff by schedules , a piece at a time ,
while Senator Bailey Is in for doing
he whole job at one time. It remains
o be seen which of these men has the
most Influence , but we would be in
clined to place our money on Chump
at this writing.
Professor T. J. See is quite safe in
mzarding an opinion that every star
system is inhabited by living beings ,
for unless Tesla gets Ills wireless go
ng In better shape to the outer plan
ets , not even the supreme court is
ever going to be able to provo that
Professor See is wrong.
The long distance transmission of
electric power has had an Important
Influence upon the development of
irid lands in Colorado and other west
ern states. It Is said that even when
water is procurable by gravity system
( lowing down from the mountains ,
electric pumping is often found pref
erable. It has turned deserts into
orchards and meadows.
The Great Northern Railway com
pany will use moving pictures to il-
ustrate the northwest and its scenes
of Interest. There is no excuse for Ig
norance of scenery of our own or
other countries with the moving pic
tures now pxhibiU'd on every street
corner. The only trouble- that the
picture rompanles cannot be made to
confine themselves to scenery.
Wireless telephones aro. to be put
Into practical use on railroad trains.
Two wireless stations are to be estab
lished , one at Sidney , Neb. , and the
other at Cheyenne , Wyom. , which arc
103 miles apart , and connected by a
single rail track. It is expected that
communication will be kept up be
tween these stations by wireless tele
phone , thus avoiding all danger from
accidents to block signals.
In Grantham , England , a monster
traction engine has been invented ,
which is designed for hauling guns in
war time over rough roads and up and
down hills. Instead of moving on
wheels it walks along on thirty-two
feet like an enormous centipede. The
feet are metal bound blocks of wood
which run on a huge endless chain
It is said to be a success for the pur
pose for which it was built.
The carelessness of the Americar
people is shown by the fact ( hat the
fire waste in the United/ / States
amounts each year to $2.51 and ir
Europe only 33 cents. If we were as
careful in the construction of oui
buildings , and as careful to keep then
from burning after we built them as
arc the people of England and Ger
many our Insurance rates would b <
divided by seven that is , we wouh
save six-sevenths of the amount w
now pay for fire insurance.
Robert G. Ingersoll in one of nil
loftiest tllghta of oratory paid thii
beautiful tribute to women : "I tel
you that women , as a rule , are mon
faithful than men ten times mon
faithful. I never saw a man pursui
his wife into the very ditch of dus
and degradation and take her to hi :
arms. I never saw a man stand a
the shore where she was wrecked
waiting for the waves to bring he
corpse back to his arms , but I havi
seen woman with her white arms lif
a man from the mire of degradatioi
and hold him to her bosom as if hi
were an angel. "
The expansion of the export trad
of this nation keeps steadily or
Whether the tariffs go up or down
under the Wilson hill , the Dingley bill
the McKlnley bill and the Payne bill
the value of the farm and industria
products of the United States which
llnd a foreign market , has steadily
grown until for the tlscal year It prom-
I BOS to exceed two million dollars. If
the record for the next three months
Is maintained , the total value of the
exportatlons for the year "mllng June
30 will be J 1,200.000,000 and the Unit
ed States will be the greatest seller on
the face of-the glob- .
Vancouver , British Columbia , has
put into effect the single tax. or land
tax , which exempts from taxation nil
forms of property and wealth except
land. For some reason there has been
such n rush of population and im
provements into Vancouver that the
prices of city lots have soared sky
ward In spite of the extra taxes. This
pleases the city authorities , who smil
ingly announce , "More taxable value
in sight. " And It Is the sort that can
not be concealed , either.
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander
Hamilton are to be Immortalized by
monuments in Washington. Thomas
Jefferson was not only the third pres
ident of the United States and author
of the declaration of Independence ,
but added a million square miles to
our territoryIt Is time his memory
was honored. Equally deserving of
recognition are the acts of Alexander
Hamilton , Washington's gallant young
aide-de-camp , the first secretary of the
treasury , the man who was America's
first and greatest financier. It is most
fitting that these revolutionary heroes
should be honored.
The entrance of the reciprocity
agreement into the political arena has
produced a curious crossing of party
lines. Probably the situation merely
means that reciprocity is not , and can
not be made , a party question. North
western congressmen oppose it be
cause they fear its effect on their
farmer constituents , Mr. Cannon and
his ultra-protectionist followers fear
it for very different rejisons. They
fear it may prove to be the entering
wedge for lower duties on manufac
tured goods and a readjustment of thy
tariff all around. The two reasonn
are utterly inconsistent , for both fears
cannot be well grounded.
Judge William S. Kenyon of Fort
Dodge , la. , who was elected on the
sixty-seventh ballot to succeed the ;
late Senator J. P. Dolllver after a
brief intervening term rilled by Ed
itor Lafayette Young of Des Moines ,
the governor's appointee , is the son
of a Congregational minister. He was
born in Ohio forty-two years ago. He
entered the legal profession and be
came general attorney of the Illinois
Central railway , and at the beginning
of President Taft's administration was
appointed assistant attorney general
of the United States. The president
is much pleased that so important , n
member of his administration should
be honored with a seat in the United
States senate.
A great many people are rather an
ticipating that the real leadership of
the senate in the next session among
the republicans will be Senator Root
of New York. The St. Louis Globe-
Democrat says of him , "While Root'f
service to the senate has been short ,
it has been long enough to show that
lie is one of the best-balanced men in
that chamber. His services as secre *
tary of war and as secretary of state
gave him a grasp of the larger issue.
such as no other man in that chambci
has , except Lodge. " When it comes
to the democrats perhaps Culbertsor
of Texas will come as near being
leader as any other one man , witli
Raynor and Stone close seconds. Ir
the house "Uncle Joe" Cannon will bt
at the front , although it is doubtful
if ho will be accepted as leader bj
the insurgents who fought him so bit
Boston has from colonial days hole
the pretrtige of being the city of cul
ture , but of late the Bostonians have
been led to wonder why , since Bostor
Is nearer Liverpool than New York Is
It Is not the great American port. The
reason as explained by President Mel
len of the New Haven road , Is be
cause the city of culture has no
thought enough of the minutes tha
determine points of entry and depar
ture by water. A steamer docked Ii
Boston can now land its passengers It
New York by rail two hours quicke :
than they can make the slow and dif
ficult passage into New York harbor
But this will not be true long , for thi
Pennsylvania road has a plan to hav <
the liners land at the far end of Lom
Island , at Montauk Point , where then
Is an excellent harbor and from then
the Pennsylvania could take them ti
its new terminal in the heart of Nev
York in two hours. This is a net gaii
of six hours which in this rushing ag
seems of sufficient importance t
spend millions for its accomplishment
President Taft declares the interest
of farmers will not suffer as a resul
of the Canadian reciprocity agree
ment. He appeals for support of th
And President Taft's word ought t
carry as much weight as that of som
of the politicians who are opposin
the pact. What's more , it will.
A strong resolution favoring fre
print paper was passed by the Amei
lean Newspaper Publishers associatio
at their meeting in New York the pas
week. The things the senate did last
year to the paper tariff are still a sere
subject among newspaper publishers.
This was no cine where the tariff
makers sat In stnlled easy chairs and
submissively consumed cooked up fig
ures representing only one side of the
deal. Representative Mnnn of Illinois ,
a staunch protectionist , and his sub
committee spent eight months study
ing paper. They visited leading Amer
ican and Canadian mills.
The committee established the fact
that the labor cost of making paper Is
less In our country than In Canada.
They therefore recommended and
the house voted , that wood pulp come
In free , and that the paper duty be re
duced from $ ( ! to $2 per ton. Hut the
senate In Its majestic and Impregnable
wisdom raised the paper duty to $ -1 ,
and the conference had to compromise
on $ .375 , subject also to conditions.
The argument has been formerly
used that cheap paper would promote
cheap and disreputable newspapers ,
given to attacks on property.
if motives of tills character still tax
the distribution of Information through
the newspaper , these people seem
reminiscent of several centuries ago
when they used to smash printing
presses. No doubt some of our higher-
ups feel that the foundations of so
ciety would be safer were there no
The paper trust , before the Payne-
Aldrlcli hearings , showed that their
earnings decreased from $2,138,117 to
4l.i2.t10. ( : ! ! in 1U07. To this it was
hiiid that paper which they sold In this
country for three cents was being mar
keted in Europe for less than two.
Leaving wholly one side the ques
tion of the need of the American In
dustry for the present measure of pro
tectlon , as a question onhich there
are honest differences , there is n need
for free paper or at least for a very
low duty , for the protection of our
If the hoary monarchs of the forest ,
which guard the regular flow of the
rivers and perhaps rainfall , too , must
be slaughtered that the American
youth may read about the Katzonjani-
mer Kids in the Sunday supplement ,
by all means let us take the trees of
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland for
this unseemly sacrifice.
Plans were announced In New York
Wednesday for the tallest building in
the world , to be 750 feet high , includ
ing a tower that will run up to the
fifty.fifth story notch.
This edifice , to be erected by F. W.
Woolworth. rises above the famous
Metropolitan building by fifty feet , and
over the so-called ' Singerhorn" by
13S. And in the memory of middle
aged men , olllces could not be rented
in our cities above the fifth floor !
The ancients built the tower of
Babel on the plains of Shinar to reach
to heaven , but the modern sky scraper
is built to escape the "hell of not get
ting money. "
Against the sky scraper it can be
said that it is a vampire sucking light
and air from humbler neighbors , a
concrete expression of the tyranny of
modern business. In thp streets of
lower Manhattan on a hot day trie
healthful -down beat of a vertical sum
mer sun is turned into the sickening
steam of a human laundry.
But on the other hand , what a stun
ning effect of barbaric power is given
by a sight of New York's towering
structures as a whole ! . What mar
velous and enticing story of achieve1
nient It tells , how the finger of for
tune seems to beckon the young man
to' ' enter this city of dreams , and win
for himself his share of the golden
store !
An interesting scene may often be
witnessed on an ocean liner , when a
group of Europeans see for the first
time this manifestation of American
enterprise , these structures built to
conform to the individual needs of
American life. It Is so wholly differ
ent from the more prosaic low level of
European construction , where busi
ness buildings seldom rise above 100
feet , that the foreigner stands breath
less with wonder.
The skyscraper is better fitted to
New York than to many cities that
have erected them , from Imitation ,
much as the chappie turns up his
trousers when It is raining on Lon
don. Some artists regard these build
ings as nothing but a grotesque array
of gaunt parallelepipeds , even lacking
the grace that goes with a bunch of
tapering factory chimneys. But taken
in the mass they convey an Impres
sionistic sense of power.
In a city shaped like a tape meas
ure , they provide an economy of time.
As experts say that a 2,000 foot build
ing can be placed safely on a 200 foot
lot , this airy expansion has only be
gun. The records of 125 people a min
ute passing many spots in New York
streets will In time be greatly ex
The offer of the Episcopal church of
Nebraska to perpetuate and maintain
permanently a hospital In Norfolk , pro
vided the people of this city will fur-
nlsh the site and a suitable building ,
which would not cost more than $10.-
. . 000 at the outside , affords Norfolk an
enviable opportunity to establish an
institution for which there exists an
extraordinary need.
Norfolk needs a hospital. Not only
to care for Its own sick nnd Injured ,
but likewise to meet the demand made
upon thlp city by the territory which
looks to Norfolk as a commercial hub ,
the demand is felt. Everybody real-
l/es that.
The great problem In connection
with hospitals In small cities , is al
ways the maintenance. As pointed
out by Dr. F. A. Long of Madison In
ills response to Omaha's welcome to
the State Medical society Wednesday ,
It Is an open secret that private hos
pitals In small towns , with rare ex
ceptions , seldom pay. Dr. Long's sug
gestion is that physicians and citizens
get together on some sort of working
basis , the physicians bearing a share
of the losses , In order to maintain the
hospital. In Norfolk no such sacrifice
\vould be necessary , tinder the offer of
Hie Episcopal church of Nebraska.
I'nder this plan , the only require
ment upon Norfolk people would be to
furnish the .site and building. Hlshop
Williams has expressed n willingness
to maintain hospitals In a limited nuiii *
her of Nebraska cities , and Norfolk Is
one to which the offer comes.
It is no private hospital that Norfolk
wants. Such Institutions , we are told
on every hand , seldom pay. Sooner
or later they heroine financial burdens
and In the end they are closed , serving
only to discourage future hospital ef
fort H.
But with the guarantee of a church
to perpetuate the Institution , not only
are the lowest possible rates assured ,
for the benefit of the public , but all
worry as to the future of the hospital
Is done away with. It comes to stay.
Norfolk has raised a good deal more
than $10,000 for many an institution
that It needed much less than It needs
a hospital today. Norfolk enterprise
and progrossivonpKS never yet have
failed to come to the front when the
city's needs demanded. And the cost
of a hospital Is really n small matter ,
when the Importance of such an insti
tution Is recognized.
The directors of the Commercial
club have endorsed the plan of accept
ing the offer made by the Episcopal
church of Nebraska , through the local
rector , Rev. D. C. Colegrove , and it is
to be earnestly hoped that the club's
campaign for the funds needed to
build the hospital , may meet with
prompt success. Norfolk never need
ed anything worse tl'-.u It needs a
hospital right now.
A few golf balls In our May basket ,
You MAY not eat oysters any more
this season.
A chunk or two of hard coal in our
May basket , if you please.
Nobody seems to be worrying about
the dandelion crop.
A. Showers didn't wear his welcome
out by any means. In fact , didn't
stay hardly long enough to leave a
It is said that Madero is insisting
that Diaz1 resignation shall not be of
the Senator Bailey type.
A Kansas City man is declared a
great athlete because he can throw a
wet blanket 200 yards in any gather
The old superstition that "three
times is the charm , " is another fizzle.
Fire has tried to wipe out the North
western depot at the Junction a half
dozen times within the last year , and
hasn't , succeeded yet.
But we want to confess one llbelous
statement in yesterday's News. The
paper said the damage to the depot
amounted to $3. We submit that il
$3 worth of damage had been done ,
there wouldn't be any depot left at all.
In fact , It's hard to prove that
there's any depot left standing , as if
There's the same lack of evidence
around the site whore the Union Pa
cific depot ought to be.
The Northwestern has It on the U.
P. somewhat , however the North
western depot is at least trying to
burn up , while the Union Pacific hasn't
had the decency to even try to burn.
Norfolk needs a hospital.
Morning , May.
It's the month of flowers ( snow
balls ) .
Yes , we'll take coal in our May
And theappearance of three blades
of blue/grass ( or should one say
spears ? ) likewise helps some.
The Chicago Tribune '
man has offered to dedicate a bust tea
a deserving saint , if he can master
the mashle stroke this summer. We
offer heartfelt sympathy. We've gone
busted trying to get It
Hero's how not to cure a fold :
Stand out in the yard wltn the lioso
nozzel In your hand , leaking pure ,
cold city water all over your legs
and feet for half an hour.
What's the use of owning a spring
bonnet , when you're always afraid to
wear it , for fear you'll get caught in
the rain ?
About time for another depot tire
In Norfolk.
Dam Near Went Out.
The Pierce dam near went out last
Friday. News Item.
Not all the May baskets went un
hung. Maybe there weren't all the
hangings in connection with this one
that there ought to huvo been , but
there was one. The doorbell zipped
iml there was the little basket out on
Iho doorstep in the chilly night , cryIng -
Ing to come In. But the frost hadn't
hurt It. It was still fresh and greou.
And Inside were the Implements with
which to enjoy life the year round
black diamonds for Furnuoo Uolf
( threw of 'em ) and whlto little guttu
percha spheres for the "cow pasture
pool , " of the vlntago of ISSS. An
Around Town prayer bad been an
swered. And enough's enough - at
least , until another May day.
To tell the truth , wo could use two
depot tires at once , to good advan
Hero's a new suggestion for you to
For that matter , It's been about
time for a good many years.
think about : Norfolk needs a hospi
The Rosebud was willing to stand
for a day's blizzard , for the moisture
that two feet of snow would mean.
Anybody would be.
The Queen o' the May had to wear
furs and her woolens to keep from
freezing to death.
The job hunters are after Hunter's
The May flowers haven't como
through yet ; it's enough to gut the
trains through.
Norfolk wt'ds a hospital.
Why doesn't somebody invent a loft-
or that will loft ?
Don't fret about the fruit. It won't
help things the least hit.
Can anybody remember a month of
May when wo didn't get a killing
frost ? What's the use ?
How old does a boy have to ho before -
fore lie can be given the job of tak
ing care of the furnace ?
You can't make a bogy score at F.
G. with Soft C.
And the three chunks of hard C.
that came in that May basket didn't
last long enough to make a record
But even though we had to take care
of a furnace , there was one thing to
be thankful forVe : didn't have to
go out into the cold , cold garage and
let the water drain out of any auto
mobile tank. There are compensa
tions , after all.
Norfolk needs to draw two depots
and a hospital to fill Its hand.
There are more drag-along * than
complete failures.
It Is probable that you will have to
make your opportunity.
Some mon seek rest when what
they need Is to go to work.
No joke is so good that you ought
to try to tell it over the telephone.
You can't run away from disgrace
and take your conscience with you.
Those who et beat are the ones
who insist there is nothing in politics.
A traveling man who visits with the
help is never very strong with the
Just because you don't care for con
sequences is no sign you can dodge
Don't sing about the last rose of
summer , but think of the first and be
Considering that "to him that hath
shall be given , " the under dog gets a
lot of consideration.
Another very common human frail
ty is to be proud of things which
should cause shame.
It may be said for the cat that no
one is so stuck on it as to call it a
Noble Animal.
Is there any man so modest that he
does not feel inflated when he puts a
good one over ?
Whenever booze or premium
stamps are defendants it Isn't hard to
guess the decision.
If you need a few drinks to make
you feel chserful , you had better go
on with a sober grouch.
"Here's where I pay as I go , " re
marked the dead beat , as he bought a
ticket for a late train.
The average wearer of white shoes
doesn't devote enough time keeping
them at their original color.
There may be some excuse for let
ting your bad temper run away with
you. but don't push It along.
As n rule , a woman who starts a
breach of promise- suit needs money
more than she needs to have her
wounded feelings soothed.
The records of congress also show
that a number of farmers have been
able to overcome their deep-rooted
prejudice against the derby hat.
The crying need of the day is a re
former who can induce restaurant
men to Increase the homeopathic
doses of butter they usually servo.
A man will get used to new shoes
In a little while , but ho requires a
long time to get a diamond ring
"broken In" so that he won't notice
Toil , " 1 uin como to end flri > upon tlit
nrlh.-Uike ill. 49.
Sec the dlBclploH start ! No wonder -
the Prince ( if Peace a HrcbrnHtll
Queer teaching. Fire's the agent -if
death , not life. The world Knaps wltti
horror nt 8nn FranclHco's hnlocnusi
Mother's earliest admonition to chll
rtren Is not to play with mutches. 'I'll *
clang nf the iron th rented flrc tx > H In
the night nrouseH mnu lu terror. Mid
dle KCH put the devil In authority m
hike of fire : Dante describes flume hi
fcrmil regions lu bloodcurdling Htniln.
Dore t-kctchcH them with HvUl brtislu
If the devil IH ruler of the region f
fire , how Mtruuge to rend that our Gml
IB a Gud of fire ! Isn't that an iinoni
lily ? No. Fire Is the chosen Hlgn ot
Goil from naming sword nt paradise
flaming tongues nt 1'entecont. Kvery
new epoch initiated with fire. Pillar of
( lie lu wilderness ; tire nt dedication < > f
tnbernncle ; Shcklnah ( Ire burning con
tlnually In temple. The llguro IH wovmt
into our dally npecch. Ardent until rim.
cnthUHlnmn ( lint kludlcn , passions Unit
burn.Yo complain of coolnenH , Icy r f-
H'ne , cold ninimor.
No vegetation above timber line on
Pike's peal ; too cold. "The utter nb-
Hence of heat and life In the nrcttr
nialtcs our existence Intolerable , " of )
serves NmiM-n. All animal and vcgc
table life depends on fire and heat for
ciTiitlou mill development. Flowcri.
bees , birds , mankind , thrive In tin *
sun. "Say. auntie. " I call to the out
black mummy working In her gurdoa.
"why don't you plant your garden on
this side the house ? Then us v > bite folks
could M'o it from the roitd. " "Humph , "
she grunt.s , "Home preachers got p -
llglou 'n not much else. Mawnin' si
strnks this po'ch an' In de iiflnnoun *
( knvnh bed. Nuthlif grows on tlmt
nnwth side. Groun's lee cold. Set-its
got to have wn'mth to grow. " The RIIW
shine-- , blossoms come , harvest field- ? \
bow their heads with golden grain.
orchard branches weighted wllh fruii- .
1 know a church that needs warmth.
Chill of worlilllness Is there. Kermoiu
are beautiful , but lt' the frigid benuT
of winter landscape. Allans nre ( her" ,
but ( Ires are ont. Wish some ICIIJiii
iron Id chnllenge them to prove "Hi *
God Hint iiiiHHeroth by tire. " A co-lit
stove In the church basement doesn't
fllwnjK iiicin spiritual wnrmth.
Fire Meant Testing.
Know America's greatest exlrnrt-
gancc jipnrt from drink ? Fire ! Lii-tr
yenr more than hnlf the rnlue of all
the year's building. Millions go up In
smoke. "Loss covered by Insurance "
Never ! Any more than lost Bleep < ir
lost years c n be recovered. But whllt *
fire destroys It reveals much. When
the ( jiinke nnd fire were over In FriH .
whnt revelations ! Viiulty nnd < 1U
honesty in building Iny bnre. Pr
tentious ornament nnd flimsy coimtnii--
Uon o\ eryhere. . "Buy , Jim , see
man going there ? That's Smith , th
builder. All his buildings mood' "
There's n eulogy ! I'd rather bo Snilf.d
thiui commander of a battleship fle r
Cliliiiituwn hud n cleansing , first Unit *
In fifty years. Stand nt the Ulln door
of Trenton pottery. "Why do you necil
such heiitV" "To bnke the Impurity
out of the clny. " I peer In at the nwa
moving like figures In Dantc'H "Infer
no" t Slrelton. "Why such greii * :
bliibt furiiiices ? " "No Bteel without
removal of baser metals nnd alloy * "
Fire either i-hnnges or destroys.
Beacon Fires of Triumph.
"I cnmp to bring n sword. " nay *
Christ. .SoniftiincH it's the nre
battle. "Tliere'B a time of war ud
time of pence , " H y Solomon. "War
Is hell , " Indeed , but many a mor-
inent for the betterment of humanity
ban gone forward on a powder care.
Miiuy n fearful wrunt : IIBH been H top
ped oulr by fire suid sword. The * < ;
ord of the Milieu telln when surrender
of Lee vi a * n mum need throughout I hi
north , and many portions of the Houtu
pence fires were IlKUted. Men ami
women elied tears of joy about them.
No more CIIIIUOIIH beluhiug forth fir * .
no more ride Uurrels uplttiiiK tongue *
of fiaiue. Now only catupfirea < rf
pence. Two years Inter.Enjrland w *
burning liencon Crt-H of jubilee in hou
or of her qneen. From Malrern HIU
the hij'iial wits given ; In eight mluuNm
It flubbed from every hill all the way
to the lake country In Ciimberlnuil
If ChriHt ciime to bring fire and i
Kword He alio came to bring peace.
When ChriHt went home the fire of
the Spirit WUB dung earthward. Kin
dled in upper room at Jenmalein , Jr.
KOOU faprcnd through the city , then Jn
den and Smuurin. Presently Aula All
nor wtiH blazing through that other
firebrand , run ) , the Christian. Soon
the spnrks fly across the archipelago
into Macedonia , then Into Greece It-
> elf. Hy nnd by Home IH visited by
the gospel fire , then from Uurop *
across the Atlnutic to America , ev
erywhere "Ills mlnlsterx a flame of
fire , " telling the story with words than
glow nnd burn ami kindle. At th- *
l bt the world ItHtlf to be destroyed br
the fire of hlH judgment. Any place of
tnfely ? Out on the pritlrie. DO rain
for ninny wcuks , ttll xrna * parched
nd dry. cnrcletm herdsman drops n
mutch ; In InNtuut tin wind fans it ; flv-t
minutes Inter it In n wall of fire twen
ty feet high. Frontiersman caught
Outrun it with swiftest home ? Never'
Quickly at bin feet he xtarta another
hlnxe. Flat on tbut Imrue.d grass hit
fafely w H . Over 1,800 years act
the fire of Ood'a wrath xwept over
Cnlvary. On lt tilenk rock we Trltt
wifely Hand ou day of worid'n doom.
Print awant ad tellinjj what it 1 *
and what you'll sell It for and "tun
It Into money. "
New * -wnnt nd * are \ |