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Country Club to Open May 5.
Opening day nt the Country club
has boon net for Friday. Mtiy 0. The
vnrlotiH coininltteoa arc already gel-
ting bimy to ninke the day a successful -
ful one. A good program Is to bo ar
ranged. A special mooting of the di
rectors was bold at the home of 8. M.
Hraden Saturday evening , at which
time the opening day wast arranged.
A fihowor bath will be Installed In
the club house , before the opening , If
afrangomonts of the directors are
completed by that time. President
Hraden Is having experts examine the
club house for the purpose of Install
ing this bath.
The following committees for the
ensuing year wore appointed :
Committee on Grounds Dr. P. II.
Salter , chairman ; D. Mathewson , W.
A. Wltzlgman.
Soulal Committee C. 13. Cabanlss ,
chairman ; J. II. Delaney , E. F. Husc.
Committee on Golf G. U. Chrlstoph ,
chairman ; C. U. Salter. A. 13. Cham-
Committee on Amusements J. B.
Maylard , chairman ; S. F. Ersklne , Jr. ,
M. C. Huzcn.
Farmers Are Holding Grain.
A .sudden slump In the receipts of
all kinds of grains has put a peculiar
.situation In the local elevator busi
ness. One local elevator which lias
been doing a transfer business of
about four to six cars each week re
ports that most alt kinds of grain is
unavailable. In explaining this situa
tion , John I'hlnney , manager of tbe
Tanners Grain and Live Stock com
pany , declares that grain is being held
all over the country for higher prices.
"I have been buying much grain up
to today , " says Mr. I'hlnney , "but now
I am unable to buy any at all. Satur
day Omaha was paying 45 cents a
bushel for corn and we bid as high as
4G and were unable to buy any. "
Two prominent elevator men repre-
ttenting concerns who control about
200 elevators in the state were in the
city Saturday and announced that
grain is being held all over the state
for higher prices. One of the grain
men representing a concern controll
ing forty-four elevators not
says a car
load of grain was bought Saturday for
any of the elevators. The other man ,
whose firm controls 150 elevators ,
says his concern is managing on tbe
c'orn they shell from their own cribs. .
$12,000 Needed to Finish Y. M. C. A.
The committee collecting pledges
for the Y. M. C. A. building reports
that the pledges are being paid as
well as they expected. Most of the
unpaid pledges range from $2 to $25.
It Is of great importance that these
Hedges be paid promptly. The ex-
tonlor of the building has been com
pleted. E. M. Huntington. one of the
executive committee , declares It will
cost about $11,000 to complete the In
terior of the building. About $1,000
W.U1 furnish U.
The day on which the wife becomci
a regular ad-rcnder was a day of evei
better fortune than the one on which
'ho husband had a salary-raise. '
William E. Purvlance.
' William 10. Purviance. brother of
.lotih S. Purviance , 1107 South Fourth
street , died at Omaha at 7:30 : Friday
evening from Bright's disease. The
remains were brought to this city by
his brother Sunday evening. Funeral
services were held by Rev. J. W. Kirk-
Patrick of the Methodist church at 3
o'clock Monday afternoon , at the Ses
sions & Hell undertaking parlors. In
terment was made in the Prospect
Hill cemetery. Mr. Purviance was 39
years old.
Samuel VanSyoc.
Samuel VanSyoc died at S o'clock
Sunday evening from a stroke of pa
ralysis at the home of his daughter ,
Mrs. John Koerber , SOO Madison
street The remains will be taken to
Valley , Nob. , at 6:30 : Tuesday morn
ing and funeral services will be held
from the VanSyoc farm near that
place at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. VanSyoc became 111 at Valley
about five months ago and was
brought here , attended by his ( laughter -
ter , Miss Ruth VanSyoc. He was a
member of the G. A. R. post at Valley.
His wife died at Valley about five
months ago. lie leaves live daughters.
They are : Mrs. John Koerber of this
city ; Mrs. J. McMorton , South Oma
ha ; Mrs. George 13owle , San Antonio ,
Tex ; Mrs. W. K. Whlttiugham. Los
Angeles , and Miss Ruth VanSyoc.
Mr. VanSyoc was born in Pennsyl
vania 74 years ago. Since leaving
Pennsylvania , he has been living on a
farm near Valley.
He belonged to the Second regiment
of Iowa volunteers. Company I , enlisting -
ing November 21 , 1801 , and serving In
the union army all through the civl
He Threatens Whole Family.
Neligb. Neb , , April 24. Special to
Ttho News : Deputy Sheriff Bennet
was called from his bed Saturday
evening about 9 o'clock by the vigor
ous ringing of the telephone. There
was a woman at the other end of the
line , who apparently was so excited
that It was for some minutes before
lie could gather Jii detail her wishes
Her urgent request was for him to
come out at once to the farm o
Stephen George , as the husband ant
father was attempting to murder the
entire family. Mr. Bennett hastily se
cured an automobile and accompanied
by Officer Jackson went to the scene
of the trouble , which is about eleven
miles northeast of this city. Upon
their arrival George was In bed , am
to all appearances sleeping off the
beautiful Jag ho had accumulate )
while In town during the afternoon.
The family consists of a wife , dau
chtnr nnd three crown young men
two of whom are reported as of age
A family conference was held which
was to the effect that the officers
should return to Neligh without mak
Ing the arrest , but promise was mad
by Mrs. George- that she would bo 1
town today and Illo charges against
her husband for attempting to do great
bodily injury , which she states la
an I to a common occurnnco when the
elder gentleman goes to town and be
comes crazy drunk.
Stephen George , who Is past Co
years of ago. according to his wife ,
lias repeatedly made threats on the
lifeof one of bis sons , and during the
Saturday night episode had a revolver
lliit | ho claimed would clean out the
family. The weapon was taken away
from him by his sons , but not being
satisfied , and possibly murder In his
heart , he attempted to use his knite ,
which was also taken from him.
The scene in the house upon the
arrival of the officers from Neligh
plainly showed that the old gentleman
had successfully accomplished the
complete destruction of dishes and
glassware , with other Indications of a
rough house nature.
Big Suits Still Undecided.
Wnshlngon , April 24. The supreme
court of the United States today con
cluded Its duty of handing down de
cisions without announcing opinions
In cither the Standard Oil or the To
bacco suits under the Sherman anti
trust act.
Senior Class of High School Appear
on Stage Friday , This Week.
Following is a synopsis of the local
talent play , "The Merchant of Venice
ITp-to-Date , " which is to be given Frl
day evening at the Auditorium under
the auspices of the senior class of the
high school :
Cast of Characters.
The Duke of Venice Bessie Ward
Antonio , captain of high school foot
ball team BenJ. Willey
Uassanlo. his friend , and suitor to
Portia .Donald Mapes
Gratiano , another friend..Earl Denton
hylock , a wealthy gambler
Ema Hllbert
Tubal. his friend and .captain of ri
val football team..Alva Bowman
-ancelot Gobbo , court clown
Harry Sterner
'rof. Sweigenhaugenblumenhelmer ,
X-ray photographer Ray Lobdell
'ollcemau Leonard Rlggert
'ortla , a rich heiress. . .Theo Sprecher
N'erlssa , her friend. . .Dorothy Durland
esslca , Shylock's ward..Marian Stitt
Hss Abble S. Threedice , a teacher
iPearl Livingston
oily , Portia's maid Nadine Cole
Vntonio's mother. . . .Marvel Satterlee
Irs. Gobbo , an Irish washerwoman
Vera Hay ward
Football playora. - . , . r ' "
Act I A street in Venice.
Act It A doom in Portia's house.
Act III Shylock's house and yard.
Act IV A room In Portia's house.
Act V Scene 1 , football gridiron ;
cene 2. the court room.
Act I A street in Venice Enter
\ntouio , Uassauio and Gratiaiio. Bas
nnlo confesses his love for Portia.
Conditions to be met as a suitor for
er hand : an examination in Caesar ,
'Irgll or Cicero , depending on the
hoice of the casket. Gratiano sug-
ests usluc a pony. Pony borrowed
rom Shylock. Time limit one mouth ,
'enalty , if not returned at stated
ime , OIK- pound of Antonio's hair to
le fit off nearest the brain.
Act II Room in Portia's bouse.
Portia and Nerissa discuss suitors
vho have already come. Enter Bas
anlo and Gratiano. Bassauio chooses
nd draws Caesar casket. Miss Abbie
Threedice conducts the e.tamina
Act III Shylock's house and yard ,
hylock proposes to Jessica and is re
ected. ' Lancelot , led by the fiend , de
ides to desert Shylock. Lancelot and
ils mother meet and converse with
ach other. Jessica , locked in by Shy-
ock , cries for help. Lancelot comes
o the rescue. Shylock and Tubal en-
er and discover flight.
Act IV Room In Portia's house.
Miss Threedice announces to Portia
md Nerissa that Bassanlo has won.
.ancelot tells Portia of Antonio's and
lesslea's flight , and discloses Shy-
ock's plot. \
Act V Scene 1 Gridiron. Shylock
carries out his plans. Scene 2 Court
room. Called to order by Duke of I
Venice. Portia and Nerissa enter dis
guised as doctors of law. Portia pleas
'or mercy. Shylock demands the for
feiture. Enter professor to tbe rescue
also Lancelot. The duke doe. * the
lireful deed.
Bankers to Norfolk Next.
Norfolk next year gets the annual 1
Arbor day convention of the North
east Nebraska Bankers association.
The convention at Tekamah Saturday
was an emphatic success In every
way. Following are the new officers :
II. J. Linderlck , Emerson , president.
T. A. Anthony , Wausa , vice presi
C. A. Smith. Tllden. secretary.
Trustees : II. M. Hopewell. Teka
mah ; George N. Seymour , Elgin ; H.
A. Cheney , Creighton ; W. P. Logan
and E. W. Zutz , Norfolk.
C. E. Burnham of Norfolk was toastmaster -
master at the banquet , which was a
delightful affair. There were 173 reg
istrations at the convention and the
regular program was considerably ex
tended by impromptu addresses from
many of those present. Lieutenant
Governor Hopewell , Mayor Harring
ton , George N. Seymour of Elgin , T. C.
Huston of Tekamah and Mm. Good-
well of Tekamab , all spoke. Mrs ,
Goodwell , who comes to Norfolk today
for the Women's club convention , waa
one of the best speakers of the day.
This was the fourteenth annual con
vcntion of group No. 3 , Northeast Ne
bmaka Bankers association. Mayo :
Harrington , who welcomed the con
vention , has been in T fcamah flfty-eli
years. A unique feature waa the ad
dress of Florence E. HopewoT of Te
knmah on "Banks , Their Origin and
Purposes. " This was the first time a
woman ever addressed this associa
tlon , and the paper showed careful
study and deep thought. W. H
Uucholz of Omaha read an able address -
dress , favoring the new Aldrlch cur
rency system. Congressman Latta
was one of the interesting speakers on
the toast list at the biinqtict in the
evening and Kd T. Kearney of Jack
son made a "hit" with his toast on
"Hope. "
Last year's officers were : H. M.
Hopewell , Tekamah , president ; II. J.
Lenderlnk , Emerson , vice president ;
L. S. I .a Rue , Tekamah. secretary ;
W. L. Mote. Plalnview , treasurer.
Atkinson Wins n Debate.
Valentine. Nob. , April 2J. Special
to The News : The debate between
Atkinson and Valentino was held here
at Qulgley's hall , Valentine having the
alllrmatlve In the Htnte league ques
tion , "Resolved , That the policy of
maintaining the United States navy at
Its present strength Is preferable to
the policy of substantially increasing
it. " Tbe debaters for Valentine were
Miss Alice McLain , Miss Maud Row
ley and Laurence Rice , while the team
from Atkinson was Oscar Stratton ,
Harry Miller and John O'Connell.
Both sides put up a good talk and the
Judges gave their decision in favor of
the negative , thereby giving the vic
tory to Atkinson. The Atkinson de
baters were accompanied by Superin
tendent E. R. Hall.
A Tragedy In Nebraska Town.
Merrill , Neb. , April 24. As a result
of family troubles C. C. Hewson yes
terday killed his mother-in-law , Mrs.
George Jenkinson , shot his wife three
times , and wounded Leland Jenkinson ,
14 years old , after which he killed
himself. Mrs. Hewson is not expected
to live through the day , while the boy ,
who was shot in the neck , will re
The Hewsons have lived at Mitch
ell , Neb. , for several years and but re
cently separated , Mrs. Hewson com
ing here to live with her mother. Mr.
Hewson yesterday afternoon dined
with several friends and afterwards
called at the Jenkinson homo as the
family were at dinner.
He insisted that his wife return
with him to Mitchell , and upon her
refusal to do so he drew a revolver
and shot her through the head. He
then turned the Weapon upon ' Mrs.
Jenkinson , killing her by , a shot
through the jugular vein. He then
fired two more shots which took effect
in Mrs. Hewson's head , and after fir
ing one shot which struck the boy in
the neck , he shot himself between
the eyes , dying instantly.
Coroner Welt and Sheriff Hunt ar
rived from Goring to hold an Inquest.
Would Make Court Real.
A draft of a measure which , if enact
ed in law by congress , would make
federal court at Norfolk a reality in
stead of a farce , has Just been forward
ed to Congressman Latta at Washing
ton by M. F. Harrington of O'Neill
and the people of Norfolk , as well as
those in the territory affected , will
be vitally interested in the bill's pro
gress Mr. Harrington thinks that the
people of Norfolk should organize to
help push the bill through congress
and the Norfolk Commercial club will
probably take up the matter. Follow
ing is the text of Mr. Harrington's
letter explaining the hill , as well as
the full text of the bill Itself :
Means Much to Norfolk.
O'Neltt , Neb. . April 21. Hon. W. N.
Huse. Norfolk. Neb. , Dear Sir : I en
close you a copy of bill which I am
sending to Hon. James P. Latta for
Norfolk should be interested in this
measure because it is affected more
than any other part of the state by the
bill. At the present time there Is only
one regular term of federal court at
Norfolk , and the delay is so long that
the tendency of lawyers is to settle
everything and get it out of the way
or change the same to the Omaha
division , where they have plenty of
This bill provides for two regular
terms instead of one at Norfolk. In
addition to this. It puts more counties
in the Norfolk division. For example :
The way the thing is now lined up ,
Platte county which adjoins Madison
on the south , is connected with Oma
ha for federal court. The absurdity of
this Is plain. Of course , it was done
as a matter of favoritism and on re
quest of Senator Miller who was then
in the senate. Boone county which i
immediately west of Madison , haste
to go clear through to Omaha to
court. Wheeler which is still west of
Boone. has to go to Omaha. Cumlng
has to go to Omaha , etc. I have tried
to arrange the new divisions fair to
all. The only thing that the proposed
bill takes away from the Lincoln dls
trlct , Is Hamilton county. That coun
ty adjoins Hall , where there is a
federal court. The only reason whj
the people of Hamilton county Are re
quired to go to Lincoln to court is
because Senator Burkett wanted it so
in the bill and It was done accordingly
With the exception of taking this one
county away from Lincoln and taking
several counties away from Omaha
and giving them to Norfolk , no other
change is made in the boundaries o
the different divisions of the state
I am sure that the boundaries as
fixed by this bill will , meet the ap
proval , ' pf any fair minded man who
simply'desires no favoritism for any
citizen , but that the courts shall bo
arranged for the convenience of the
people and not the people placed for
the convenience of some courts.
Yours truly ,
M. F. Harrington.
The Text of the Law.
And this is the text of the bill :
A BILL FOR AN ACT to provide the
judicial district of Nebraska Into
divisions and to fix the time for the
holding of the terms of court in said
Be It enacted by the congress of the
United States :
Section 1. That for the purpose o
holding terms of the circuit and dis
trlct courts in said district of Ne
braska , said district shall bo dlvlde <
into eight divisions , known as th
Omaha division , tbe Norfolk division
the Grand Island division , the North
Platte division , the Chadron division
the Lincoln division , the Hastings d
vision and the McCook division. The
territory comprising the counties o
Douglas , Sarpy , Washington , Dodge
Burt and Tburston , shall constitute
the i Omaha division , all terms of court
> r which shall bo held In the city of
) nmhn. The tcerrltory comprising the
oiintlus of Colfnx , Cumlng. Stanton ,
Imlldon , Platte. Nance. Itoone. Wheel-
r , Antelope , Holt. Rock , Brown. Koya
'aha ' , Hoyd. Kmix. Pierce. Cedar.
Vnyne , Dl.xon and Dakota shall con-
tltute the Norfolk division , all terms
f court for which shall be In the city
f Norfolk. The territory comprising
10 counties of Cherry , Sheridan ,
) a\vcs , Box llntli- and Sioux shall con-
tllutu the Chadron division , all terms
f'court for which shall bo held at the
Ity of Clitulron. The territory com-
rlsiilg the counties of Hall. Morrlek.
lumllton , Howard , Greeley , Garlleld ,
'alley , Sherman , Buffalo , Custer , Loup.
Jlalne. Thomas , Hooker and Grant
hall constitute the Grand Island di-
Islon. all terms of court for which
hall bo held at the city of Grand Is-
and. The territory comprising the
ountios of Lincoln. Dawson. Logan ,
IcPherson. Keith. Bcuel. Cheyenne.
Merrill , Klmball , Banner and Scotts
Huff shall constitute the North Platte
llvlslon , all terms of court for which
hall be held at the city of North
Matte. The territory comprising the
ountlcs of Cass , Otoe , Johnson , Ne-
iiahn , Pawnee , Richardson , Gage ,
aiicastor , Saunders. Butler , Seward ,
aline , Jefferson , Thayer , Flllmore.
Vork , and Polk shall constitute the
ilncoln division , all terms of court for
vhlch shall bo held at the city of
jlncoln. The territory comprising the
onntles of Clay. Nuckolls , Webster ,
Vdams , Kearney , Franklin , Harlan and
helps shall constitute the Hastings
llvlslon , all terms of court for which
hall bo held at the city of Hastings.
Mie territory comprising the counties
3f Gosper , Ftirnas , Red Willow , Fron-
ier , Hayes , Hitchcock , Dundy , Chase
uid Perkins shall constitute the Mc
Cook division , all terms of court for
which shall bo held at the city of
Section 2. That the regular terms
of the circuit and district courts of
ho United States for said district of
Nebraska shall beheld at the follow-
ng times and places , namely : At
Omaha , beginning on the fourth Mon-
lay in September and the first Mon
day in April ; at Norfolk , beginning on
ho second Monday in September , and
the third Monday in March ; at Grand
sland , beginning on the second Mon
day In January ; at North Platte , be
ginning on the first Monday in Jan-
mry ; at Chndron , beginning on the
first Monday in September ; at Lin
coln , beginning on the fourth Monday
Odooer and the second Monday In
May ; at Hastings , beginning on the
second Monday in March , and at Mc
Cook , beginning on the first Monday
n March.
Section 3. That special terms of the
Ircult and district courts may bo held
n said district whenever such special
erins are deemed necessary by the
udges thereof , and the time or times
of holding such special sessions of
aid courts shall be fixed by the judges
either by rule of said courts or by
special order of a Judge thereof.
Moisture Amounts to a Third of an
Inch Was Badly Needed.
Valentine , Neb. , April 24. Special
o The News : The government
veathcr bureau reports one-third of
in inch of rainfall here Friday night
nid it was needed , as there has been
10 moisture for some time , but this
rain , followed by a cloudy day. has
lone lots of good for this section of
ho country.
Norfolk 9 , Neligh 3.
Neligh , Neb. , April St. Special to
fho News : The second baseball
: amo of the season took place in this
city at Riverside park Saturday after
noon , when the high schools of Nor-
'oik and Neligh clashed on the diamond
mend for supremacy before a large
crowd of fans.
At no stage of the game was there
he slightest hopes of the home boys
laving .a look in. They were outclass
ed from the1 start , and the individual
playing instead of team work , coupled
with numerous bono head plays on
the part of Neligh arises the ques-
Ion how they managed to get the
three measely scores recorded them.
Despite the fact that the many ques
tioned decisions on balls and strikes
made by the umpire for the visitors ,
s no excuse whatever. It was plain-
y demonstrated that he did the best
ie could if ho had but meager knowl
edge of tbe game. Not until the last
half of seventh inning was Neligh
allowed to score , and Norfolk rolled
up four In the first.
"Mlko" Jenkins pitched his usual
good game , and aside from being wild
at times , did better than during the
Atklnson-Neligh game the week prev
ious. Catcher Fred Sellery was
steady at all times. The battery work
of the visitors was of excellent quality
and were the main factors of their
team. Following is the score by innings -
nings :
Norfolk 40010020 2 9
Neligh 00000012 0 3
Batteries : Norfolk. Keleher and
Lucas ; Neligh , Jenkins and Sellery.
Struck out , Keleher 9 , Jenkins S. Hits ,
Norfolk 4. Neligh 5.
Atkinson 11 , Valentino 3.
Valentine , Neb. , April 24. Special
to The News : The Atkinson high
school ball team played ball here
against the Valentine high school and
won with a final score of 11 to 3. The
Valentino team was somewhat crip
pled , as seevral of their players were
on the sick list and unable to play.
The score was as f alloys :
Valentine 100001001 3
Atkinson 24011003 0 11
Batteries Valentine , Daniels and
Wilson ; Atkinson , Miller and Raymer.
Session Held at Wayne Was Largely
Wayne , Nob. , April 24. The pres
bytery of Nlobrara met at the Presby
terian church. There were present
Rev. D. A. Dickey , the retiring moderator -
orator ; Rov. J. W. Angell of Atkinson ,
the stated clerk ; and also Rev. Samuel
Light , the pastor at large in the pres-
hytery , as well as the following min
isters : Rev. J. M. Caldwell , Wake-
field ; Rov. II. G. McClusky , Laurel ;
Rev. I Henry McClenagliHii , Madison ;
Rov. I W. O. Tiilhol , Emerson ; Rev. J.
B. | Cherry , Ponea ; Rov. A. E. Schaftor.
South Kloux City ; Rev. F. E. Thomp
son , Pender ; Rev. C. P. W. Wimberly ,
Osmond ; Rov. I ) . B. Ralston. O'Neill ;
Rev. II. H. Gallic. Rev. K. P. Wlgton.
Elgin ; Rev. E. F. Hammond , Norfolk ;
Rev. Mr. Heathcoatc. Wynot. The fol
lowing elders wore also In attendance :
Elder Sevens , Pouca : Mr. Bultuutyne.
Norfolk , Mr. Kryger. South Sioux
City : Mr. McWhartor. Mr. Potter.
O'Neill : Mr. Rosecrans. L ) . Cunning
ham ' , Wayne.
In addition to these regular mem
bers Rev. W. H. K earns , Lincoln , the
synodlcal superintendent of Nebraska ,
and Dr. A. E. Turner , president of
Hastings college , were In attendance.
The presbytery was opened by a ser
mon by the retiring moderator , Rev.
D. A. Dickey , after which Rev. II. G.
McClusky was elected as moderator.
Two clerks were also elected. Rev.
W. O. Talbot and Rev. D. B. Ralston.
Two commissioners were elected to
represent this section of the country
it the general assembly of the Presby
terian church , which meets this year
at Atlantic City , N. J. , in May. Rev.
H. McClenaghan and Elder Rosecruns
were chosen.
The presbytery will meet again on
May lf > at Emerson.
Oakdale News Notes. '
C. H. Ray returned from a business
trip in the western part of the state.
Frank Selms , sr. , and daughter Nora
returned home on the evening pas
Miss Inez Durham , principal of the
high school , entertained the seniors at
her home.
Marjorle Jenkins of Neligh was vis
iting Oakdale friends.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Peterson and two
children and Mrs. Carrie Cunningham
and son of Tllden were guests at the
home of O. B. Manvllle Sunday.
Mrs. George F. Boyd was reported
on the sick list the fore part of the
R. E. Palmer , a railroad man from
Norfolk , moved here this week from
Norfolk and Is occupying the Blesh
property on the southwest corner of
Third and Grant streets.
Son Blesh of Emmet Is here this
week lathing the Torpln residence on
Walther street.
J. P , Booth arrived with the grad
ing outfit Wednesday and Thursday
morning commenced work on the road
south of town.
Mrs. Hanson of Fremont was here
tills week visiting at the home of her
parents , W. R. Launt.
Painters have been busy this week
painting the front of the E. A. Martin
hardware building , also the front of
the Oakdale Drug company's building.
O. B. Manville and A. C. Beach were
business visitors to Xeligh Thursday.
E. A. Brodboll of the Antelope Coun
ty bank entertained the members of
the Social Dancing club at a dance
held in the K. P. hall. There was a
good crowd in attendance and a good
time was enjoyed by all.
The Oakdalo concert band has had
three valuable additions : Mr. Means ,
harness maker , Robert Leith , who will
open a moving picture gallery , and E.
G. Elhiney , who will be connected
with the W. L. Payne & Son paint
house , all of whom are old and ex
perienced musicians.
Will and John Wade and wife and
daughter are in town this week from
Bismarck'N. D.
Business Portion of Custer County
Town Wiped Out.
Broken Bow , Neb. . April 24. The
principal business part of the town of
Auselmo , twenty miles northwest of
here on the Burlington line , was com
pletely wiped out by fire at an early
hour. The lire originated in a small
jewelry store and in a short time bad
communicated Itself to other buildings
and gotten beyond control. The town
has no water facilities for fighting
fire and the citizens were compelled to
stand by and watch their business
places go up In ( lames. One whole
block was destroyed , entailing a loss
of probably $7i > ,000.
Anselmo is a thriving town of about
400 population.
Eight stores and business bouses
with the greater portion of the stocks
were destroyed. As near as can be
estimated at present the damage is as
follows : F. C. Wilson , dry goods and
furniture , loss $20,000 , partly Insured ,
but not certain whether some of the
policies were renewed in time ; Baker ,
hardware , implements and buggies ,
loss $8,000 , insured ; Christen , hard
ware and furniture , loss $9,000 , Insur
ance $5,000 ; Williams , general mer
chandise , loss $7,600 , Insurance $3,000 ,
and about $1,000 worth of goods
Runner's Jewelry store , where the
fire originated , loss $1.000. The gen
eral merchandise store of Warren and
Boss was not burned , but goods were
damaged to the extent of $1,000 , fully
The whole south side of the bust-
ness block excepting the building of
Warren and Bass is In ruins.
John Mulllnex of Crawford Struck
While Returning from Field.
Crawford , Neb. , April 24. John
Mulllner , aged 17 , was Instantly killed
by lightning during a heavy thunder
storm. He was returning from the
field with a team when struck. Over
one Inch of rain fell.
Governor Aldrich Selects Lawyers to
Recodlfy the Laws ,
Lincoln , April 24. Governor Aid
rich made announcement of his ap
pointment of Judge A. M. Post of Co
lumbus , E. L. King of Osceola and
John H. Broady of this city as mem
bers of the commission which will re-
codify the Nebraska statutes , accordIng -
Ing to the provisions of the Quacken
bush-Hardln bill passed and approved
during the recent session of the legis
lature. Each man on the commission
will receive a yearly salary of $ it.OOO
and will report to the next session of
the leglHlatnre.
Un.idllla Suffers.
Lincoln. April 21. The business sec-
tlon of the town of Unadllla , In Otoe
county , midway between Lincoln and
Nebraska City , was practically wiped
out by lire. Only two business houses
are left , the bank and a ntoro. The
loss is roughly estimated at from
$125,000 to JIKO.OOO. The fire started
In the postolllce from an unknown
cause. All the mall matter was burn
ed , rnndllla has no fire department.
A Fire at Ewlng.
Ewlng. Neb. . April 21. Special to
The News : The warehouse of the
Nebraska Lumber and Live Stock
company was damaged to the extent
of $ lr > 00 by lire. P. M. Conger Is
malinger. The Ewlnr firemen prevent
ed a serious blaze.
Business Section of tbe Town is Prac
tically Destroyed.
Grand Island. Neb. , April 21. The
business section of Phillips , a clllage
sixteen miles east of here , was prac
tically destroyed by fire early yester
day. Seven places of business were
burned. The loss is j-stlmated at
$12,000 , less than half Covered by In
surance. The fire started In the Chap
man pump shop. Its origin has not
been learned , in addition to the pump
shop the following places were de
stroyed :
Phillips opera house , Littcral meat
market , Pachln Brothers' pool hall , the
Claussen saloon , the Campbell Barber
.shop. .
The alarm was given by telephone
and by ringing church bells and a
bucket brigade fought the ( lames. As
sistance was sent from Grand Island
mil Aurora In response to requests.
Daughter of Yale Professor Victim of
"Misunderstanding of Status. "
Washington , April 24. An apology
from Captain John M. Bowyer , super-
ntendent of the United States naval
academy to Miss Mary H. Beers and
ier father , Professor Beers of Yale ,
las been ordered by the secretary of
the nary for the slighting remark re
garding Miss Beers made by same one
it the academy as a result of her at-
.eudnnce at a dance there. Miss
iieers was governess In the family of
Lieutenant Tarrant and her escort was
ater Informed that he should not have
nvited the young lady because of her
In explaining the incident in a let
ter to Representative Korbly of In
dianapolis Secretary Meyer said : "It
grew out of a misunderstanding of the ,
status of the young lady. "
The secretary expressed the regret
of the department and advised the
congressmen of the instructions for a
otter of apology. This , however , docs
lot satisfy Mr. Korbly.
Unadilla Fire Loss $40,000.
Lincoln , April 24. A revised esti
mate of the loss by fire at Unadllla
Saturday night places the figures he-
ween $35,000 and $40,000. Only about
; 13,000 insurance was carried on the
destroyed buildings and contents. |
Twelve stores and the postofflce were
> urned , the fire originating in the
alter place , destroying all the mall it
Fish Licenses May be Secured Here.
You can secure that fishing or hunt
ing license right here in Norfolk , now.
Deputy Game Warden A. C. Stearns
las received a supply of blank li
censes to be issued to persons desiring
them. His office is in room 9 , Citizens
National bank building.
No person may fish in Nebraska
under the new law , except women and
loys under 18 , without a license. The
license costs $1 per year.
R. S. Lackey Breaks an Arm.
R. S , Lackey , 1210 Koenigsteln av
enue , fell down a flight of stairs in a
tiarn near his home Saturday and
broke his right arm.
Cotner Beats Mormngsldc.
Lincoln , April 21. In a game mark
ed by hitting and many errors , Cotner
university defeated the baseball team
of Morningside college , Sioux City , by
a score of 10 to 9. The visitors had
a good lead but were overtaken in the' '
last two Innings.
Art Display is a Success.
The art exhibit at the high school
building was closed Friday evening
with a recital by Miss Alice Howell ,
professor of elocution of the state
university. Miss Howell Is a clever
impersonator and her audience of
about 500 persons who crowded the
assembly room gave her a great ova
The eighth grade sang two choruses
and made a fine showing , there being
about sixty in the A and B divisions.
Mr. Solomon rendered a solo and Ruth
Halversteln gave a piano solo.
In the three days of the exhibit hero
over 1,500 persons examined the pic
tures and attended the concerts and
entertainments. The candy selling
contest was a success.
Mrs. H. C. Sattler presented the
Grant school building with a beautiful
picture , a large photogravure of
"Saved. " This picture will bo placed
in either tbe first grade room or the
kindergarten of the Grant school.
Superintendent Hunter pronounces
the exhibit a financial success.
The proceeds of the exhibit amount
ed to $275 , of which about $235 will
be clear for the purchase of pictures.
Mildred Christoph of the second
grade won the prize for selling the
most tickets , and the same grade , Miss
Brush teacher , won the prize for sellIng -
Ing the largest number of tickets.
This prize is an extra picture for the
room. Margaret Parker and her room ,
third , B grade , Miss Jennie Mills
teacher , won the second prize , also
an extra picture. Probably LMich room
will have money for the purchase of
two pictures.
Mr. Vlele. president of the board of
education , gave an excellent Introduc
tory talk on "The Relation of Art to
the Public Schools. " He made the
audience and I he teachers feel how
deep an Interest he has In the highest
welfare of the schools.
The program Wednesday evening ;
given by the Herman club , consisted
of music and two'clover farces , "Alter
schutzt vor Torholt nlcht. " and "Kat
focklalBch. " In the first. Leonard
Rlggert as the old bachelor and Mlsw
Helen Lobdell as his housekeeper ,
took their parts excellently. The
scene In the park , whore the bach
elor's mischievous nephews watched
the outcome of the trick played upon
their elders , was very pretty and
amusing. DeWltt Ihinluivor and Wll
bur Hlbben. us the nephews , acted In
exceedingly realistic manner. Thn
second farce , which represented a Ger
man afternoon tea. In which there wan
the traditional gossip , was also good.
.Those . participating were Martha Win
ter , the hostess , and Ruth Shlvely , Ag
nes Xutv. and Emma Koerber , the lat
ter of whom acted her part with great
energy. The musical numberH wor
solos by Boulah Ha > es and by Opal
Dunn , a duet by Ethel Colwell and
Ruth Rouse. The program was con
eluded by a chorus by the club , "Tho
Watch on the Rhine. "
Thursday the program was given by
the grades. A large and enthusiastic
audience greeted the performance of
the children. The costuming of the
"Sleeping Beauty" wa3 especially pret
ty but everything was very good ,
The following waa the program : "
Chorus , third grade Washington
school ; plnno solo , Elmer Beeler ; rec
Itatlon , Doris Brush ; dramatization of
"Sleeping Beauty , " east Lincoln ; cho
rus , sixth grade , west Lincoln ; life
illustration of pictures. Grant kinder
garten ; vocal solo , Beulah Hayes ;
duet , Hilda Johnson and Edmond Cur
ran ; recitation. Mae Rollins ; ( lag drill ,
fourth and fifth grades , east Lincoln , ; ,
recitation , Easter Currier ; chorus , second
end grade , east Lincoln.
A Great String of Fast Horses.
Well Informed Norfolk horsemen de
clare that absolutely the best strln
of high class , bred in the purple , light
harness horses west of Chicago , owned
by one man. is the stable now sta
Honed at the Norfolk driving park
and owned by J. M. Askey of this city ,
who is just moving here from Plain
view. Neb. The entire stable Is bred
to go the route and there are none
better , old racing men say.
Mr. Askey is locating permanently
in Norfolk because of this clty'a ad
vantagcons geographical location and
railroad facilities. He is a valuable
acquisition to the city and through
his work It Is expected to put Norfolk
on the map as a high grade light har
ness horse breeding center. Mr. As-
key has bought a house here and i
now moving to the city.
A Classy String.
Among tbe horses in the Askey sta
hie Is the young stallion Our Reaper ,
1457 , a handsome mahogany bay 15 %
hands , and weighing 1150 pounds.
Ho is sired by Early Reaper 2:09 : % ,
the sire of that sensational trotter
Early Alice 2Of : V , , and many others ,
and his dam is Our Girl , the dam of
Early Alice 2:06 : rl , making Our Reap
er a full brother to the great mare
Early Alice 2:06Vi. :
Next we find that great handsome
cherry bay stallion Our G. G. , by Greg
ory the Great (3) ( ) 2:23VJ. : This fellow
stands 17Vj hands , and weighs over
1300 pounds , and is a whirlwind nt the
pace , for with light road work he can
show a 2:10 : clip , and wears nothing
but the harness. Gregory the Great
Is also the sire of that heavy money
winning trotter Angiola 2:06y : , and
last season's champion trotting geld
ing Henry H 2:07M. : and many others.
Our G. G. will make a great pacer for
the slow classed this season.
Then comes the big handsome son
of Early Reaper 2:09tt : in the bay
stallion Our Early. He is a full
brother to Our Reaper , also Early Al
ice 2OGVi. : This fellow stands 16y2
hands and weighs 1350 , and is a sure
stake trotter.
We also find Kame On , a rugged
handsome black stallion with great
quality and substance , standing 15
hands and weighing 1050 pounds. He
Is a great trotter , for with light work
hs has shown 2:20 : speed. His sire is
Spokane 2:15V4 : , the sire of Starlight
2:12 : > / , . The dam of Kame On is by
Shadeland Onward 2:18. :
Feast for Horse Lovers' Eyes.
Perhaps the one nearest ready for
the races is the big handsome bay
mare Maude Star by George Star , p. ,
2:17. : This mare is 16 hands high
and weighs 1200 and bos been trial
miles in 2:29 : and ought to give a good
account of herself in the slow classes
this season.
Then comes the baby pacer MInne
G. G. , bay filly (2) ( ) by Our G. G. , dam
Ginger by a son of the mighty On
ward 2:25 : % , and while this youngster
has had the harness on but a few
times she can show a 2:40 : clip and
will bo staked in her class this season.
We also found a handsome bay mare
In Lady Reaper , sired by Our Reaper ,
dam by Nebraska Bourbon. She
stands 1C hands and weighs 1100 , and
will be heard from.
There are several other youngsters
In the stable , most of them sired by
Our Reaper. Then comes that grand
old matron , Our Girl or ( Katy Did (2) ( )
2:41) : ) . She never lost a race in twelve
starts. She Is the dam of Earl/ Alice
2:00 : % , Early Storm 2:21 : % , Early
Harvest , p. , 2:16 : % . Early Reaper
2:29 : % , Early Harvest 2:19 : % . This
grand old mare Is now 17 years old
and has a handsome colt by her side
by Karno On.
In all there are a dozen or more , all
of the same top-notch class. If you
are Interested In the light harness
horse it will do you good to go out to
the stables and look them over. Trainer -
er Shoemaker , who la In charge of the
stable , will take pleasure In showing
you around.