The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, April 07, 1911, Page 4, Image 4

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Tiw WMkly Niws-Jiumil
The News , HHttibllBhcd 1881.
The Journal , Kstnblluhcd 1877.
W. N. HIIBO N. A. lltmo ,
PrcHldont. Hocretnry.
iSvery Friday. Uy mull per ycur , Jl.GO.
Entered lit tliu pOHtofilco nt Norfolk ,
Nob. , n st'cond cliiHH matter.
Telephones : Editorial Department
No. 22. HiwIiiuBS Odlce and Job Rooms ,
No. II 22.
ThoHO who put In a garden In the
middle of March now wish they had
put In a ton of coal.
The complaint Is made that it takes
n ton and a half of hay to buy a square
meal In New York.
Defective electric wiring Is said to
have Hot the Albany statchouso ntire.
Perhaps it was tbo wire pulling.
AB the Mexican IiiHiirgonts were of
fered a now cabinet Instead of a pio-
counter , they are still Insurglng.
With a $27,000,000 capital to rebuild ,
statesmanship I ft going to bo n paying
proposition In Now York state for a
In vlow of the opening of the gar
den Beason , let us all sing that beauti
ful hymn , "lay down the shovel and
the hoc. "
Eiploror Mlkkelnon Is reported lost
in Greenland. This is the first round
on the ladder for success on the lee-
turo platform.
Probably the spiritual significance
of the Easter festival can bo properly
noted even If you do not get your
Easter hat done.
They are now talking of carrying
magazines by freight. A carload of
these love stories ought not to weigh
much of anything.
Admiral Togo is coming over to sco
Panama , and there Is no doubt in our
minds that ho means to carry the ca
nal back to Japan.
Banker Vanderllp of Now York may
not say that money is distressingly
easy after the bill for his wife's now
spring hat comes in.
The people who demand safe fac
tories for the garment workers must
bo prepared to pass over more than
89 cents for a shirtwaist.
W. J. Bryan says the newspapers
should not publish reports of crimes ,
But in 189G ho was feeding out hot
stuff on the "crime of ' 73. "
Priceless documents were burned in
the New York capital flre , but the
discreditable record of the legislature
is not got rid of so easily.
Jack Johnson was jailed for over-
speeding an auto in San Francisco.
Ho marked that black streak along
the streets n little too fast.
China yields to Russia's demands.
After some experience of Russia in
our kitchen , wo have found that she
Is given to smashing China.
Chief Yukchoma wants the Indian
youth to be free of school tasks. All
they have to do is to get on the ball
team of one of our colleges.
The wool growers are about to invade -
vado Washington. They seem to
think that the wrong man has run
off with the shearing scissors.
Colonel Cody will appear in a new
role as senator from New Mexico. Ho
ought to be able to round up the old
hoys and drive them to a vote.
The Italian Camorra adopts very
awkward ways of getting rid of un
pleasant people. In our country we
simply blackball them at the clubs.
A millionaire graduate of Harvard
has gone to work In a grocery store at
$9 a week. Ho is going to learn the
business from the molasses barrel up.
They are having wild old times at
the Camorra trial in Italy , and the
scene Is almost as thrilling as when
the umpire decides against the home
The Persian parliament is to engage
live American financial specialists.
The women who promote cake sales
at our church would seem to be likely
The Kansas City council has passed
an antl'hat pin order , and soon they
will know how tbo Russian duma feels
when the czar kicks a session's work
into the coal hole.
President Diaz talks of resigning
since they stoned the palace , but our
senators continue calm while the In
surgents are pitching vegetables into
the parlor windows.
"A Penurious Highbrow" asks the
Now York Sun what to do to remove
gloss from a pair of trousers. Our
advice would bo to wear them while
planting the garden.
Actual regulation of express rates
is very near at hand. There is no
reason in the world why the govern
ment should regulate freight rates and
allow the cxprcEA companies to do
biiHlncES In the monopolistic manner
they employ nt present
President Toft's message will bo
brief. This may have resulted from
our frank Btatwnent that wo would
never hire him for a reporter until ho
learned to boil it down.
Encouraged by Mr. Taft , the dove
of peace was beginning to look quito
perky , when the German chancellor
came along and said she In no bettor
than the old speokeled hen.
Dr. I ) . K. Pearson f Chicago cele
brated his 91st birthday by giving
away $300,000 to colleges. The doctor
seems determined to snatch the bread
and butter out of the mouths of the
Guarantee of bank deposits was the
favorite democratic nostrum In 190G ,
but already in Oklahoma the solid
banks that have had to pay the losses
of the wildcats are sick of the whole
Mexican peace terms are now being
discussed. Wo hope they put in a
clause against these long crowned
cone shaped hats the Mexicans wear ,
which excite the alarm of peaceably
disposed visitors.
There is a shahcup in the railway
mall service , and now If the letters
which have been given the old man
to tuko to the postofflco nro shaken
out of his pockets , mall matter ought
to como along on time.
Champ Clark declines to USD the
speaker's automobile. But if they
would give him a democrat wagon
and a Missouri mule ho could ride to
the capital without giving aid and
comfort to the plutocrats.
It is said that Mr. Aldrich could
draw all the money out of the treas
ury under his powers by the mone
tary commission law. But as so much
of it would be gold and silver , ho
could not get far with his pockets BO
weighted down.
New York Is to get rid of its old
time horse cars. Soon If the youth of
that city want to see a horse , they
will have to hunt around among the
megatherium skeletons of the natural
history collections.
It would have been loss embarrassing
had wo published the spring poetry
recently offered us. But had wo done
so , our years of labor to get the
Pegosuses of this neighborhood lassoed
seed and tied up in their stalls would
have been thrown away.
McCook appeals to the average Ne
braska citizen as the logical point for
the location of the new southwest Ne
braska agricultural school , and north
Nebraska people would be glad to see
Uie Institution settled there. McCook
is ideally located so as to make the
new school of the greatest value to
the section to be benefited.
A beneficial change has taken place
in the attitude of the Diaz government
toward the Insurrection since the
United States troops mobilized on the
Mexican border. Now the administra
tion will have to do ono of two things ,
either promptly suppress the insur-
rectos or sincerely make satisfactory
concession to them. Before the troops
arrived It was doing neither.
Rudolph Spreckles , who has spent
so much time and money in the puri
fication of California politics and final
ly succeeded in getting Abe Reuf be
hind the bars , is now touring the
country speaking to commercial clubs
in various cities , urging the duty of
business men to redeem city politics
from the scandals by which municipal
Hfo is now so generally infested.
The Crimean and Japanese wars
were both Muscovite defeats. The
first denied Russia entrance by the
front door into Turkey. And from
that day Russia has been trying to
pry open the back door in Armenia.
The second denied Russia admittance
Into China through the front door of
Manchuria. And from that day the
czar's forces have been persistently
hammering at the back door of Chi
nese Turkeystan. If evorylasting per
sistence wins out in this old world
then the Russians will eventually get
Some of the insurgents in congress
are finding themselves in a difficult
predicament. Congressman Norrls ol
Nebraska has joined the "reaction
aries" In trying to defeat President
Taft's plan to reduce the cost of living
by a Canadian reciprocity agreement.
I3ut the insurgents don't seem to be
acting harmoniously. Ex-Senator Rev-
eridgo of Indiana , for instance , Is one
of the reciprocity's strongest advo
cates. A few months ago Mr. Norrls
and other reformers were seeking re
vision of the tariff. Now that revision
Is offered in liberal quantity , he re
fuses to support It Ho declares it Is
"a gold brick" banded to the farmer.
Apparently Mr. Norrls is playing pol
itics and wants tariff revision only on
commoditiefl produced outside of his
congressional district
Tbo worst of the Albany state house
fire is the loss of the state library
with priceless documents , records , and
historical books.
A building that serves as the vor
tex for the state's political Hfo , with
a horde of politicians and petitioner ! )
and committees , consuming cigars and
throwing matches Into waste baskets ,
IB about as unfavorable a place for
the storage of important records as
could bo imagined.
Copies of all important records are
usually preserved , and the accumu
lated wisdom of the past is not dissi
pated by the power of the llame. But
Bomethlng more than a sentimental
IORH takes place when n historic docu
ment passes away.
The older generation had Its sharp
limitations of narrowness and ignor
ance. Hut it had grand qualities of
simple living , honest painstaking In
dustry , and patriotic fervor , and every
scrap of paper that makes the life of
the old worthies vivid Is priceless.
Surprising as it may .seem , orga-
nl/.cd opposition to the school bonds ,
to bo voted upon at the coming elec
tion , has developed in some quartern
and it remains for the people of Nor
folk who are desirous ot ednc-iting
the city's children in the best possible
way , to see to It that the bonds carry.
The statement of the board of edu
cation has very deflnito'y set forth the
issue For two years th.j board hue
known that bonds would be needed
this spring , to take crc of the in
crease in the number of school child-
r.i. If the bonds fail , many HttiO
children will go to school In a fire
trap of a building ; many will have
t' walk long distances uvt-i raUo.vJ
tracks to school ; many will be allowed
to go only half a day at a time.
Norfolk has never yet failed to take
care of her children ami it seems a
pity that tltero should bo opposition
in Jii.y quarter to bonds that are so
emphatically demanded by present
conditions as are these.
Not many months ago a man in
Gregory county , S. D. , developed an
acute case of appendicitis and was
rushed to Omaha for an operation.
By the time the long journey was
ended , the man was so nearly dead
that an operation would have been
futile and be expired. If there had
been a hospital at Norfolk , it is more
than likely that man would have been
brought to Norfolk only half the dis
tance to Omaha and his life might
iave been saved.
There Is no assurance , of course ,
that the patient in that particular
case could have lived , even if he had
not been compelled to undergo the
long railroad journey. But the point
is clear. Norfolk is the commercial
hub of a very largo territory in north
Nebraska and southern South Dakota.
And as such , It should be provided
with modern hospital facilities. Its
geographical position demands such
an institution hero. And it is time for
Norfolk to begin thinking about how
to meet this demand.
Mrs. John Hays Hammond has join
ed Andrew Carnegie in declaring that
the poor are as happy as the rich.
There is nothing original or startling
in the statement of either , but the in
ference that the have-nots are as for
tunate as the possessors of wealth Is
as misleading as it is untrue. An
abundance of money added to a sub
stantial fund of character and intelli
gence brings power , comfort and
pleasure that cannot be had without
it. These things help greatly In mak
ing life worth living. While no man
need be ashamed of honest poverty ,
every man who has a particle of red
blood in his veins desires and strives
to gain a competence and even more
if possible , that ho may be worth more
to himself and to others than he other
wise can be. This , no doubt , was the
motive that prompted Carnegie and
Hammond to acquire their millions
and however much they may talk to
the contrary , neither they nor their
families would take the place of the
men who have to struggle all their
lives close to the bread line. Money
does not make people happy. Many
people who have it are miserable as
well as many who do not have it. It
Is foolish , however , to minimize its
value in adding to life's possibilities.
It Is to bo regretted that the Ne
braska legislature has seen fit to kill
the small appropriation asked for by
the business men of the state to advertise
vertiso Nebraska and Its resources.
Only $25,000 a very insignificant
sum as compared with the sums spent
by business corporations of less call
her than the state of Nebraska was
asked for and this would have served
to get the new publicity work started
Nebraska has great things to offer by
reason of its possession of the mos
fertile soil on the fnco of the glebe
and there are many opportunities open
to now enterprises , but Nebraska
can not hope to build up by folding
Its hands or twirling Us thumbs am
waiting for "things to turn up" anymore
moro than mammoth business instltu
tlons can. The advertising appropria
tion of the Union Pacific railroad runs
into millions each year and if a grea
railroad can afford to spend so vas
a sum to advertise the territory into
which it runs , surely the great state
of Nebraska could well afford to inves
a small $25,000 for advertising pur
Thousands of people have been in
duccd to scttlo in Minnesota , in Can
ndn , in Texas , in Colorado , in Idalu
and in other states by reason of ad
ortlelng. Iowa within the last ten
oars actually lost in population. No-
iraska's gain wan small compared
with the gain of many other Ktatcs.
'uroly ' the census figures ought to
crve as warning enough to the state
cgislaturo that it Is up to Nebraska
o adopt modern methods If It ex-
loots any material Increase In popu-
Norfolk needs a hospital. It needs
i hospital right now.
As the commercial metropolis of
mrthern Nebraska and southern
outh Dakota , Norfolk owes it not
only to itself but to the people of the
errltory tributary to this city as a
nib , to provide hospital service for
ho sick and Injured. Moro than that ,
ho city Itself should bo equipped with
itich an institution , regardless of the
Every day people pass through Nor-
oik from northern Nebraska and
southern South Dakota , to seek relief
rom illness or injury in hospitals lo-
ated at points a hundred miles or so
iirther on. They ought to bo able to
; et off the train at Norfolk and find
ho hospital care they need.
Thera are too many people looking
upon Norfolk as a commercial center ,
'or tbo city to shirk responsibility.
Successful hospitals are being operat
ed In towns much smaller than Nor-
'oik and with nothing like the field
to draw from , that Norfolk has.
It's time we were going at the hos
pital proposition in some concrete
orni , and In earnest. There ought
o be some means ot getting ono es
The Immunity of socalled fire proof
buildings from flames got another jolt
when the New York $27,000,000 capitol -
itol went up in smoke , only a few
days after the human sacrifice in an
other so-called fire proof building in
New York City.
There will be no great regret , ex
cept by the taxpayers , for the loss of
the needless luxury provided the leg
islators. There is an incongruity in a
setting of marbles and velvets , wrung
largely from the pockets of toilsome
farmers and mechanics , for represen
tatives so many of whom work first
for their own pockets.
If the loss of all this costly construe
tion could teach our public servants
the value of a substantial simplicity in
our public buildings , the fire would be
worth all it costs. Oftentimes the
simple faces of unadorned stone cre
ate a far greater impression of dig
nity and power than elaborate carv
Our state public buildings should
never give an appearance of stinting
and poverty. But on the other hand ,
there is no reason why they should be
more costly than the average hand
some city business block.
When state authorities attempt to
branch out in artistic lines , the money
is often wasted. Our politicians are
not ordinarily good judges of statuary ,
painting , and the decorative arts.
They are apt to cheese designs , col
ors and compositions , the effect of
which , instead of attracting the admi
ration of the judicious , excites the
amusement of those who are capable
of judging a work of art
Such a public building as that at Al
bany , costing twice as much as the
national capitol , Instead of being a
monument to state progress and en
lightenment , Is a monument to public
extravagance. It is a story shouted
from the housetops and handed down
to succeeding generations , not ot
achievement , but of failure to intro
duce efficiency in administration of
public resources.
A perplexing question in newspaper
ethics is raised by the refusal of H.
H. Kohlsaat , publisher of the Chicago
Record-Herald , to give up the name
of the man who gave him confidential
information about tbo alleged "slush
fund" of $100,000 to elect Senator
Lorimer. Mr. Kohlsaat defies the leg
islative committee , and will put on
prison clothes rather than break his
Tbo public is keenly anxious to get
at the bottom of the Lorimer case.
It is sick of whitewash coats. It
wants the truth regardless of whom
it will hit. One's first feeling is of
disappointment that Mr. Kohlsaat will
not serve the ends of justice , by open
ing up a clew that will go to the
heart of this labyrinth of political mys
But looking at it In a broader way ,
what will happen if the precedent is
established that newspaper publishers
can bo driven to give up sources of
information given in confidence ?
To put it another way , would the
man who gave this tip to Mr. Kohlsaat
over have given it , had ho not believed
that ho was protected by the word
of the publisher ?
A great deal of valuable Informa
tion is constantly being secured in
this way , by men willing to put news
papers on the track of things the pub
lic ought to know , In return for a
pledge of secrecy.
It is not wlso to choke off this ave
nue of approach to wrongdoers.
To most men a promise is a thing
of paper , to bo scattered to the winds
on easy pretexts. When you come
across a man to whom n promise
means something , don't try to force
him off his eminence- rectitude Into
[ ho common herd of easy liars.
In u smaller way this problem Is
ouo constantly recurring In ordinary
newspaper life. The publisher should ,
and usually dues , protect the man
who gives him Information. That Is
ono reason why the newspaper secures
access to sources of knowledge closed
to the general public.
Norfolk farmers should appreciate
the opportunity at their door to es
tablish a horRo breeding Industry that
would make them rich.
Belgian horses tmvo been Imported
by the Norfolk Commercial club ,
through the assistance of ( ! . L. Carl
son , and it is the desire of Uie club
itliwtors that thcao auimals bo plac
ed near Norfolk , in order to build up
a great borne breeding Industry here.
It la well for the farmers of the
Norfolk district to remember that
these > oung marcs have been Import
ed at quito u loss in tlino and trouble
to the Commercial club , and that It
would bo llttlo credit to the commun
ity to lot breeders from outside- the
Btato como in and take these mares
awiiy. There are yet a few very
choice individuals left , and farmers
should take advantage of the oppor
tunity in taking them before It is too
late. Unless these marcs are taken
by the farmers hero the next consign
ment will bo left in Iowa , where they
have already been spoken for.
No district In the United States has
over been able to get imported mares
on any such teruiH as these are de
livered here. Even dealers and im
porters have to put up the cash for
all imported horses before those
horses leave their native land. Other
districts and men have been working
for years for such an opportunity , but
without success. Norfolk has suc
ceeded in bringing these mares to the
farmers of our trade terirtory at a low
cost price. The question only re
mains : Xo what extent will the farm
ers profit by such an opportunity ?
Though men teachers don't draw as
big pay as railway presidents , Htill
there are compensations. The ratio of
women teachers to men teachers , at
the annual conventions , Is about 1C
to 1.
Some people claim that nothing
short of fire could have purified the
New York state capitol.
Wo see by the paper that an auto
mobile went a mile In : 40.82 seconds
Friday. At that rate , it would take
about as long as would bo required
to draw your breath , to get to the
Country club from The News office.
And that would be about fast enough.
Speaking of automobiles , wo can't
for the Hfo of us decide whether to
buy an auto or an aeroplane ; and if
it's to bo aeroplane , wo can't come tea
a decision as to whether it should be
monoplane or biplane.
Wo had given the auto the prefer
ence and almost got ready to buy , but
so many other people have bought 'em
that it isn't necessary. We'll use
We're glad to see A. Showers back
after a year's absence.
Incidentally , we're not weeping over
the departure of M. Winds.
Saturday was a day that belongs to
all the world. ( Hero's hoping the
world won't take offense. )
May day Is the next holiday.
And before very long It'll bo July 4.
Norfolk needs a hospital.
Aren't girls the sassy things ? Think
of the snobbishness of that Chicago
artist model.
We're panting anxiously for the
opinion of the United States supreme
court as to , "What is a widow ? " Some
widows are conspirators , a Norfolk
man thinks.
Another April 1 has come and gone ,
and wo escaped with our lives.
But we must admit the weather man
slipped one over on us.
Also , our napkin was pinned to the
But we didn't bite on any cigar nail
ed down to the desk. ( Wo never
smoke on April 1 , thank you. )
This is Henrietta Crosmnn week in
And speaking of Henrietta , we're
going to take our opera glasses along
and try to see whether she uses
cold cream , or not. We got a
sample of that kind of cold cream
along with a package of drugs the
other day and a llttlo booklet telling
about the wonders of the cream , de
clared that , among the noted actresses
who use it , is Henrietta Crosman. If
we can't answer the question with
opera glasses , we'ro going to have the
dramatic man on The News put the
query to her , point blank. Wo believe
in keeping history straight.
Did you vote ?
Yo gods , but these election days are
There Is this inevitable tragedy
about every election day : Ono side
is bound to lose.
In fact Norfolk Is not living up to
Its opportunities or to Its responslbll-
itles , in not having a hospital. If Nor
folk wants northern Nebraska and
southern South Dakota to regard this
as thu metropolis of this vast terri
tory , then Norfolk must gut In the
game with ItiBtitutlonn which will en
title the city to that distinction. U'B
time we were doing something along
this line. .
Everybody's glad it's over , and that
It doesn't como any oftener than It
The addition of twenty-live men to
thu Northwestern railroad company's
force In Norfolk , to handle transfer
business , has every advantage of u
new factory employing twenty-live
men the year around , so far as Nor
folk Is concerned. In some ways it
has advantages that the new factory
might not have : There's no chance
of the Northwestern running a few
months ami then going broke ; and It
isn't necessary to buy stock In the
enterprise to get the payroll going. It
means much to Norfolk and it means ,
too , that Norfolk is becoming moro
and moro the business center for a
very large portion of Nebraska and
South Dakota.
Norfolk IB getting to have a conven
tion once a week. The next one comes
next Tuesday , when the implement
tra\ cling salesmen and retailers of
north NVbrawka , who recently selected
this city as their permanent meeting
point , will como to town.
Norfolk needs a hospital.
A man's home Is his wife's castle.
An election Isn't exciting unless
there Is abuse.
Some men are too lazy to make
their own mistakes.
New blood doesn't do as much for
a town as now money.
Those who have competition don't
consider it the life of trade.
You can always rely upon a jealous
woman finding something to work on.
The only thing a sober man enjoys
about a drunk is seeing him sent to
An Atchison man is lucky in every
thing that has nothing to do with
Count McGowan refers to a certain
lazy , talky man is a "corn-shucker in
May. "
Pitching baseball isn't the only field
of endeavor where good control Is
Surprising how many people stand
ready to help you when you don't need
The biggest talker in town will tell
you that he knows enough to keep his
mouth shut.
Persons seeking some light form ot
exercise are advised to run on the
prohibition ticket.
People always welcome the break
ing up of a hard winter and the bas
ketball season.
If a man works as much as two
evenings a week he "lets on" that he
works every night
The man wh6 smokes without smok
ing too much doesn't get much satis
faction out of tbo babit.
"All I know about geography is that
the north pole is at the top of the
map , " said Doc Robinson today.
Duck hunters are the kind of men
who would do KjJ ething equally as
foolish if they didn't ' hunt ducks.
If a negro had the making of the
immigration laws , he probably would
begin by shutting out the Greeks.
A funny sight is a very largo wo
man wearing a waist buttoned down
the back with very small buttons.
The only time a boy's personal ap
pearance attracts attention is the first
time be appears in long pants.
When a man likes cove oysters bet
ter than fresh oysters , he IB apt to
have poor taste in other matters.
Whenever it is given out that an
actor is in a hospital it is talked
around that he is really In an asylum.
Theatrical attractions , however , are
better than they look the next day tea
a man who eats supper after the play.
Bill Bowen : "I notice that the mi
nority is usually the side that wants
harmony , and talks about patriotism. "
A lawyer is , in many cases , a man
who drags his client to the shore , and
then leaves him half naked on the
While the safety razor doesn't talk
back in this controversy with the barbers -
bors , it continues to cut considerable
When a boy lives on a farm , his
Idea of Paradise is that happy time
when every day will be Saturday
When a man resigns and goes to
knocking on his former boss , ho
might as well confess openly that ho
was fired.
Spring has this advantage for the
town man : It sends a good many of
the agents out to the country to poster
the farmers.
Women have so much sympathy for
poor dumb brutes that wo wonder
they don't order a day's supply of
provisions at a time , to make it easier
for the delivery horso.
Text "Thou art welghfd In thu b V-
ancft. " Dan. r , 27.
Education la r nlly the cultivation ot
the critical faculty , Judgment Bcttinjt
ono thing over ngaluat another and
rendering a verdict llolongn to nil con-
dltionH. "Robber ! " shrinks juvenlln
voice on bloachrra. "Dut man wnsht
out at first ! " It's the kecncat , moot
lined faculty In human nature. We get
It from the Almighty. Only no man
ever thinks he will ever utrlko tu * .
acalcB hlinnelf "Judgment la archaic , "
Bays the malefactor. "There's to bo o
judgment ! " erica one rogue after an
other. So it nina on to the end of fi
long , disgraceful chapter. Certalntj * S
a sure , swift , terrible judgment wouifl
have a magic effect on butilneag an6
political methods in America today.
"Do I believe in a judgment day ? "
One or a thousand. "For all moaT"
AH or none. If none thro the klnjtAotn
of heaven is woree than some elttofl
that alt "corrupt and contented , " Cor
they punish violator * of city ovfct-
nances If they're poor and frteBdtaH.
"Bat men are Buffering every 4ar tar
their offensei. " Yea , Buffering COB * -
qnencos , not penalties. "Aren't yti
appealing to fear when you talk Judg
ment f Yea , fear and comfort also.
Your Own Goal * * .
Anybody can weigh hlmaelf. 1C l'
too aiout 111 juggle the figures wbeaft'
oome to tell. If too thin the prob- .
loin' * eaaler atill. Figures don't lie , !
but liars figure. But then I myself |
know the truth. A pound'n u pound
uliteen ounces. Not thirty-five , but this- (
ty-fiix , inches la a yard , night's right ;
wrong's wrong. I may scribble figure * )
and multiply words , but all the while X
know. I know with what I filled raj }
shuttle before the cloth wan woven.
The truest human register la in th *
aoul Itself. One is hla own district
attorney , judge and jury. Aye , aulelfa \
Btntlstlcs itbow ono may bo hla own /
executioner. Whether the Bible etorjr.
of heaven und hell IB correct or M >
doesn't matter. They are within OB ,
DOW and here. And the block pagca ,
the closed chapters , the bushed up
things , are on the scales of our own
Your Neighbor * * 8o l * .
The world's scales ara a little un
certain. Depends on when , where anfl
who. In ono age "witchcraft" la a
aerlous thing ; In another It's laughtti
at The world awings from a Puritan
to n "wide open" Sunday. Follow the
crowd on Sunday night in Toronto
you'll go to church ; In San Francisco
you'll go to the theater. One state
hangs for murder ; another adds rape ,
another train wrecking , another arson.
Your friends , your enemies , your
neighbors , your community , Is weigh
ing you. But their scales are mighty
imperfect liable to Ignorance , mistake ,
prejudice. They know only part of the
facts. You're neither BO good ns your
friends think nor BO bad as your ene
mies think. Their Judgments are a
queer mixture of hate , love , klndnese
and selfishness. There's very little
nympathy and a great deal of cruelty
in your fellow's weighing , because ho
takes your worst trait and measure * K.
against his beat. He doesn't mention
his greed when ho condemnu your pan-
elon. He forgets his untruthfnlneso
when he excoriates your fondness for
drink. Nevertheless jour neighbor" ! )
Judgment can be deep , searching amJ
fearfully jturt If your abopmates unite /
in declaring you are untruthful , 13
your neighbors as a whole declare yon
are an imprudent woman. If your beat '
friends or even your wonrt enemleti '
hint that your capital Is empty , ewell- |
Ing , flaunting , pretentious , then it in (
at least time to atop and take account
of stock. It may be that you are mis
judged and 111 abused , but it looks an
if the scales may be giving you your
tm weight
God' * Scale * .
i on cannot weigh all things In name
. .sales. Coal ocnles and gold scales an
different. One scale will weigh u
freight car , another an eyelash. There
are others yet more important OB
which thoughts and motives , conduct
and character , are weighed. They arc
the Invisible scales of the Almighty.
One may be using world scales and
feel satisfied. God balances afterward
and says , "Weighed and wanting. " Na
poleon nays. "God la on Bide of beav
lest battalions. " God's answer la St.
Helena. A great constitutional lawyer
rises In national firmament sways
United States senate. Drink is on on *
pan of scales , presidency the other.
Weighed and wanting ! God puts a
great church In the scales minister ,
officials , choir , pipe organ , cathedral-
like structure on ono side , spiritual life
on the other. Weighed and wanting !
Once upon n day the Master stood
over against the treasury and watched
tbo wealthy Jews drop their rich gift *
into the treasury box of the temple. A
j > oor widow came , dropped in her mite.
He declared she gave moro than any
that day. Ho weighed cost of gift and
how much was left There's no weightIng -
Ing scales , binding beams , wresting
pivots , altering figures after that Hto
scales are awful in their exactness.
But the weighing is really Just Thank
God for that ! He takes heart desires ,
unexpressed feelings , Just purpoeea ,
hlddon repentance , heredity , environ
ment opportunity , health , into account
lie spreads our life out before him.
He Bees It aa a whole. Flo doesn't se
lect one bad gnarled apple from under
our life tree. He notices the wholt
Print a want ad and make it inter
esting to people who might buy your
lots. \
A want ad will find it If it's Undnble ,