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Washington , March IS.John Hays
Hammond , ambassador of the United
Stnteii to the coronation of King
CJoorgo of England , was inado co-dc-
fundnnt with IIH ! HOII and five others In
a suit for fl.HOO.OOO damages filed by
Daniel H. Hully of Now York In the
Hiipromo court of the District of Co-
limiblii today. Named ait defendants
nro Ilarrln Hauimond , Frank S. Bright ,
Dolph IJ. Alhorton , John P. Miller , Wll-
Uain W. llaldwln and 0. Scott Dalg-
Mr. Sully , who was formerly known
an "tho cotton king , " charges a con
spiracy to ruin lilii reputation and
character HB an International cotton
export and to deprive him of largo
profits In connection with the general
cotton securities company.
Roosevelt Dedicates Dam.
Phoenix , Ariz. , March 18. Theodore
HooHovolt and party arrived this morn
ing and loft for the Roosevelt reser
voir , the big reclamation dam seventy
miles east , where the formal dedica
tion will take place at 4 o'clock this
afternoon. Many citizens of Phoenix
accompanied the party.
Taft Ends Vacation.
Auguata. Oa. , March 18. The presi
dent played the last golf game of his
spring vacation on the links of the
country club today. Tomorrow ho will
utart buck to Washington.
Sons of OrUkany Hope to Preierve
Herklmer Mansion.
A small band of the lineal descend
ants of the devoted 800 who fought
under General Nicholas Ilcrklmer In
the battle oC Orlskany In the Mohawk
valley In 1777 dined and renewed ac
quaintance recently In New York.
These men are organized as the Sons
of Orlskany. Only lineal descendants
of those who fought in that battle ,
which the historian , John Flake , call
ed one of the most decisive battles
of the Revolution , because It made
possible the later victory at Saratoga ,
arc eligible to membership.
It was Colonel Campbell who learn
ed and put Into practice in this battle
the putting of two men behind each
tree In fighting the Indians. The In
dlnn was in the habit of waiting until
u soldier had fired once from behind
a tree and then dashing forward to
brain him with a tomahawk. With
two men behind each tree there was
always n reserve shot for the attackIng -
Ing Indian. This new method of meetIng -
Ing the enemy , It Is said , li what won
the fight at Orlskany.
The project which the Sons of Orls
kany hnvo most at heart Is the pres
ervation by the white of the old Ilerkl-
mcr mansion near Little Palls. This
house , a fine type of Hie colonial , !
.Intact , but "urtly In need of repair.
tUmti Anoltnt on Record , English Sc
ntist Declares ,
The skeleton of a man recently founu
In the Thames bed at d'olloy Hill , nenr
Northfleet , Is declared by Professor
Arthur Keith of London to be 170 , < XX >
years old.
Delivering a lecture before the Roy
al college surgeons on the antiquity of
man , Keith tmld ho arrived at his es
tiuiate of age by the work done by the
Thames since the time when the level
of the river was 00 to 100 feet higher
than todny. Measured nt the lowest
estimate the Thames bed had been
lowered and raised at least 170 feet
since the upper terrace of gravel was
laid down in the poatglnclal times.
"Seeing how littla the level and an-
pect of the valley has been altered
rtlnco the Roman period and that there
is no reason to presume the change *
la the level or climate occurred at n
faster rate in pant times than In the
present , one may safely allow , " sAld
Professor Keith , " 100 years it > r every
foot which the river has worn away
or laid down. On this basis of com
putation the antiquity of the Galley
Hill remains may be estimated at 170-
000 years. "
Consideration of parts of this skele
ton shows how old the modern typo
of man is. The Galley Hill man , al
though differing in several features , is
essentially modern In type and Is the
only representative known of the thou
sands of generations of Englishmen
which span the vast period of human
life In that country from the glacial to
the neolithic times.
University of Wisconsin to Celebrate
New Professorship.
The establishment of the memorln
professorship at the University of Wls
oonslu In honor of Carl Schurz will be
celebrated soon. The Carl Sohurz
Memorial association is now cngngct
In raising the money necessary to be
turned over to the regents of the mil
veralty so that an Income of an en
dowraent fund of $30,000 will be avail
able for the professorship.
The exercises will Include addresse
by the two German exchange profes
sors now In this country , Ernest Dae
necl , the German historian , this yen
Kaiser Wllhelm professor at Columbia
and Dr. Max Prledlauder , German pro
fessor of the history of music at Har
vard this year.
The Income from the 130,000 will b
sufficient to provide for securing a pro
fessor from German universities one
In two years to lecture for one HO
raester nt the University of Wlscon
sin. Tbo association also plans to In
crease this fund as soon us posslbl
to ? 00,000 so that a German professo
may bo secured for one semester ev
cry year. Besides lecturing In the un
verslty the Carl Schurz memorial ex
change professor will deliver lecture
before German American and slmlln
organizations of Wisconsin.
Battle Creek News. !
llattle Creek , Neb. , March 17. Spc-
Inl to The News : Myrtle , the !
lonthS'Old llttlo daughter of Mr. and
Irs. Bernard Warnkc , who live one
illo Honth of town , died Saturday
vonlng. It was their first child. The
tmorai was held Monday afternoon
roui the Lutheran church and Rev.
. Hoffman ofllcluted. Mr. and Mrs.
leliner Hint/ , parents of Mrs. Warn-
e. and other relatives from Nollgh
vcro here attending the funeral.
William Webb , who has been rim
ing a restaurant here for several
lonthH , died In an Omaha hospital
londay night of cancer of the storu-
cli. The i cumins were shipped to
) akdnlo , whore the funeral was hold
Vednesday. Ho leaves n widow and n
nrge family of grown and minor chll-
ron. He was well known to old sel
lers In Cumlng , Madison and Ante-
op counties. Ho carried lifo inaur-
nee In the order of the M. W. A.
Floyd Collins and family of Tlldon
Isltcd here- the latter part of last
week with relatives and friends ,
Ernest Frcudonberg of Green Gar-
en was hero Friday on business.
W. C. Austin arrived hero Friday
rom Grayson county , Va. , for an ox-
ended visit with his daughter , Mrs.
' . H. Ingoldsby , and other relatives ,
'he old gentleman was surprised at
s'ebraska when , he saw the southern
> lrds here already. They came hero
ofore him.
Knnnett Hale , formerly of this coun-
y and now at Platte , Charles Mix
onnty , S. D. , visited here one week
vith relatives and friends ,
Frank Vr/al was here Monday on
Hislne.sH from Kalamazoo.
Harry Boiler departed Tuesday for
winder , Wyom. , where he has taken a
Rldnor and Holdcn , who came h'oro
econtly from Leigh , Nob. , bought the
Irs. Clark building west of C. A. Mar-
In's store and remodeled the whole
uildlng and will run a restaurant
vlth lodging.
G. C. Bennlng , cashier of the Val-
ey bank , has started on his new
welling north of the Willis property.
Carpenter Herman Werner has the
John A. Wright has moved his real
state olllce Into the Gardels building
on the south side of Main street , west
of James Blohovek's pool hall.
Dr. G. Hess went to Omaha with
ils wife Tuesday , where Mrs. Hess
vlll be operated upon for appendicitis.
W. U. Fnerst returned Saturday
'rom ' Lincoln , where he attended a
onvention of the Independent Tele-
> honc company of the state. On the
vay home he stopped off at Columbus
or a visit with his brother , Otto
William Cossairt and family of
jonestcel visited here the middle of
his week with his mother-in-law , Mrs.
lose Avery , and other relatives. Mr.
Cossairt Is an employe of the North-
veslein road.
Mrs , George Pratt visited with her
laughter , Mrs. Bertha Barnes , at Xor-
'olk Sunday.
Soon we will have a fire fighting
jompany here , even before our water
works are built. W. B. Fuerst is the
Gusta\e Schlueler of Meadow Grove
visited hero Sunday atthe , home of
"Us brother-in-law , Ferdinand Wisch.
[ loth came here from Cuming county.
A revival started in .Mitchell this
A Y. M. P. A. Is being organized at
Robert Burns has been elected ex-
ilted ruler of the Elks lodge at Mitch
C. E. Hlbbert ana wife had a nar
row escape from death from asphyxia
tion In their home at Pierre , Both
were aroused by neighbors in the nick
of time.
A music festival Is to be held at
Farmers already have commenced
plowing In the Mitchell district.
Phillip Egreaman and F. II. Hir&ch
are building a new hotel at Tripp.
The annual meeting of the Old Set
tlers' association of Dell Rapids was
held today.
Eric Johnson , a Lead miner , was
killed by a fall of rock in the Home-
stake mine.
A newspaper has been started al
Dupreo to be known as the Ziebach
County News. '
Alpena has just completed a new
artesian well at a depth of a little less
than SOO feet.
A nervy thief stole the overcoat o :
the chiel of police from the police
station at Watertown.
Three Lawrence county men have
been arrested by Sheriff Noonan on a
charge of cattle rustling.
Martin Xolson , a bricklayer at Aber
( Icon , attempted suicide by hanging
himself with his suspenders.
JKupree will soon have n cemeterj
association , business men having sub
scribed stock for that purpose.
Miss Susie A. Brown of Sioux Falls
has fallen heir to a fifth of the estate
of tlu' late Isaac S. Lee Webster o
Worcester , Mass.
13. C. George , editor of the New Era
at Wagner , has purchased the plant o
.1 rival paper , the Wagner Leader , am
will consolidate the two.
Mrs. Eva May Krelter , charged wltl
the murder of her husband , will be
tried late in April , the case having
been advanced In the docket. The
trial will be held at Aberdeen.
A special election will be hold a
Pierre to decide whether the city wll
have three or live commissioners un
der the commission plan of govern
Mrs. Minnie Grill of Elk Point , S
D. , secured a divorce from Louis N
Grill , former democratic candidate ii
South Dakota for governor.
The Great Northern road has not
lk d merchants at Garretson that i
will no longer honor "sign up" slip
issued by employes on their time
The county commissioners of Per
kins county at a meeting on Marcl
11 will hear arguments for and against
furnishing free seed to homestcadcra.
Harlaml II. Allen , who ran for reg
ister of deeds of Edmunds county on
ho prohibition ticket last fall , has
Hirchnsed the Roscoe Reveille of Al
ert Schroedor.
Gotch Injures Another One.
Lincoln , March 18 Champion Frank
Gotch added another to his string of
IctorlcH when ho defeated Charles
Sutler of Chicago In straight falls ,
ho first In 3L minutes , the second In
0 seconds. Cutler wrenched his ankle
n the first bout and made a Berry
bowing In the second. Ho was all
hn and aggressiveness In the Initial
tnges of the match , however , and
ave the champion as good as ho got
n the first twenty-five minutes. A
retch hold and a half Nelson finally
ere him down and with it came the
njury , which made him easy there-
Gunboat Stormbound.
Amoy , China , March 18. The Unit-
d States gunboat El Cano , unroute
rom Manila for the Yangtso-Klang , Is
tormbound hero.
Arrest Another Note Raiser.
Cleveland , O. , March 18. The sec-
ml arrest in the campaign being wag-
d by the government against foreign
ers alleged to bo engaged in the rals-
ng of national bank notes and pass-
ng them , was made last night when
ecret Operative Peter Dick took into
ustody a man giving the name of
Inda Gynklts. He is' said to bo an
ccompllco of Hllos Mcndls , arrested
lore last Monday night. It is claim-
d that the men raised bank notes of
he denomination of $10 to $100 and
assed them in this and other Ohio
Jmokers Must Have Highly Seasoned
Foods , Woman Saya.
"With the sense of taste atrophied
by tobacco , men must have highly
seasoned foods to tickle their palates ,
and the constant eating of such fooda
disables the Individual from recog
nizing delicate flavors. "
So Dr. Elizabeth II. Dunn , instructor
of anatomical research nt Chicago uni
versity , told the Chicago Medical so
ciety. She added that 70 per cent of
the Beuse of taste Is lost by the habitu
al nmokor over forty years of age. It
makes no difference whether he smokes
a pipe or cigars.
Strange revelations would occur to
civilized persons were the senses of
taste , touch and smell developed equal
ly , she said , with those of sight and
hearing. She said that In virtually all
persons the senses of taste , touch and
smell were either undeveloped or un
used and that the dormant state of
those senses was moro marked In men.
That's Only Our Future Population on
Eliot's "Six to Family" Plan.
Arthur Baker , a Chicago editor and
mathematical wng , has become Inter
ested in Dr. Kllot'.s anti-race suicide
talk. Figuring on the basis of six
hlldren to a family , Mr. Baker says :
"The thirteenth generation would be
standing three deep on each others'
shoulders , crowding every foot of dry
land , the number bordering on quln-
tllllons. One qulntllllon looks like
thls-1,000.000,000,000.000'000. "
Ohio Increases Coal Output.
Poi the first time In the bbuory of
the Industry In that state Ohio mlnpd
more than 80,000,000 tons of coal lout
Defeat Commission Plan.
Arkansas City , Ark. , March 18. A
> ropoaition to change the city govern
ment to a commission form was de
feated 67 to 625 , a special election
The Sheriff la Arrested.
County Sheriff C. S. Smith of Mad
ison pleaded guilty to the charge of
exceeding the automobile speed limit ,
in Judge Elseley's court Friday after
noon , and paid $10 fine and $5 costs
Imposed upon him by the court. Sher
iff Smith was conveying Mrs. August
Braasch , who is attacked by temporary
ary Insanity at times , to the state
hospital and when his charge was giv
ing him much trouble the automobile
was put to a speed not much more
than the regulation limit.
Tiio sheriff's charge when in this
condition has suicidal tendencies and
to get her to safety as soon as pos
slble the automobile was used. It was
nt the time when the patient was glv
ing him the most trouble , that Sherifl
Smith forgot all about the speed limit
in his anxiety to safely deliver the
woman at the hospital. His anxiety
however , proved a dissatisfaction tc
Mayor Friday , who ordered the arrest
according to reports. Night Patrol mat
Sassc hurried to the police station ant
before the unsuspecting sheriff re
turned from the hospital the patrol
man was In the middle of Norfoll
avenue on guard for the county of
flclal , who was Immediately upon hh
arrival taken before the police judge
Mr. Smith , upon learning wha
charges were filed against him , plead
cd guilty without even asking for
trial. He. paid the- cost , saying he
might have forgotten himself for nt
Instant when ho was BO desirous o
getting his patient to a place of safetj
to prevent self destruction.
The speed limit Is violated in Nor
folk every , but this was the first ar
rest over made for the offense.
"Sheriff Smith was riding in th (
back seat , guarding the patient , " sale
County Attorney Nichols , "and then
were , besides him and tbe patient , i
driver , the woman's husband and an
other woman In the car. It was a llv
cry automobile and just why Shorlf
Smith was picked out IB a mystery
The trip from Madison to the hosplta
required an hour , though the dlntanc
is but eighteen miles. And the ca
ran slower through Norfolk than li
any other portion of the journey. "
Pleasures of the Week.
Mrs. Mary MathcwHon was hostess
t a small supper party on Wednesday
'cnlnR. complimentary to her guest ,
Mrs. J. 1) . Haskcll of Wakelleld.
Maces were laid at prettily appointed
ablcs for the following ladles , who
re all old time friends of Mrs. Has-
tell : Mrs. H. J. Cole , Mrs. John It
lays , Mrs. Hurt Mapcs , Mrs. I. Pow-
TS , Mrs. Jean Whitney , Mrs. Edwin
tooth , Mrs. S. V. Ersklne , Mrs. M. A.
McMillan , Mrs. C. S. Parker and Mrs.
S. MathcVson. A social evening
ollowed the supper.
A missionary tea was given Thurs-
lay evening by' the ladles of the Bap-
1st church In the homo of Mrs. Mc
Veigh , 300 South Tenth street.
Mrs. P. H. Saltcr and Mrs. G. D.
Sailor were to the ladles of
ho First Congregational church on
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs.V. . 11. Jones , 501 South Ninth
street , entertained a company of la
dies at a kcnsington on Tuesday after-
The Yad-Sun-Doxv club met with
Ilss Agnes Zutz Wednesday evening.
Slaboratc refreshments were served.
The Dorcas society met with Miss
iladys Weaver Monday , Miss Marian
Stitt and Miss Conltllu assisting.
The Ladies' guild of Trinity church
net with Mrs. W. 11. .Tones on Thurs-
lay afternoon.
St. Agnes guild met in the guild
oem Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. .1. D. Haskcll of Wake Hold was
i guest in the home of Colonel Cotton
ind Mrs. Mathewbon on Wednesday ,
ilrs. Haskcll was cnroutc home front
i visit in the home of her son at
Sregory , S. D.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. S. Welllb , jr. , of
Osmond came up from Omaha
Wednesday evening and will visit a
ow days in the home of Kev. and
Mrs. J. C. S. Weills , sr.
Mrs. C. II. Reynolds and children
vent to Elgin Friday to spend a few
days in the home of her brother , Wil
ls McBride. Mr. Reynolds will go to
Jlgiu to spend Sunday.
Mrs. C. K. Burnham accompanied
ler daughter , Miss Faie , to Omaha on
londay , returning home Wednesday
Miss Kale Burnham left Monday for
i six weeks visit with friends in
Madrid and McCook , Neb.
Coma at Midnight , Saya Pastor , and
Avoid Lobiiter Palaoea ,
The Rev. John Thompson of the
Methodist Episcopal church In Wheaton -
ton , nenr Chicago , has begun a cru
sade to Induce swrethearU to give up
expensive "lobster palaces. " bring mid
night lunches and do their courting In
the church pown
His rules will allow the sentimental
ly stricken to stay late , with a big
room and piano and 100 pews n roomy
aa davenport * .
"There Is no better place In the
world for a young couple to do their
courting than In a church , " announced
the pastor. "I believe In matchmaking
that IH. In * ho right kind of match
"This tnlU about dinners at 'lobster
palaces' and expensive seats at thea
ters and taxlcnb bills is a mistake. A
good girl who really loves a man does
not want to see him make a fool of
himself when he Is courting her any
more than she wants to see him do so
after they are married. "
On It Bank Depositor Wrote Order to
Pay 20 Cents.
Probably the smallest check ( though
not for the smallent amount ) ever pre
sented to a bank was cashed in San
Frnnclfico when Joseph Taylor of San
Rafael K-celved 20 cents on presenta
tion of a canceled two cent stamp
which had been used by n. H. Mar
cus of the Marln County Promotion
league as a cheek.
"This Is ; the moat diminutive check
ever presented to any banking insti
tution to my knowledge , " said an oin
ilal ! of the Marln County bank , "bu\ .
ns long as there were funds to meet
the demand for payment there could
be no objection to the blank on which
the order to pay was written. "
Diamond Profits In Education.
The De Beew company has donated
$125,000 toward the founding of a
South African university.
Print a want ad and the finder will
probably bo glad to return It to you.
One of the Chiefs of Assassin Band In
Italy la Questioned.
Vitorbo , Italy , March 18. The whole
of today's session of the trial of the
Camorriats was occupied with the
cross examination of Nicola Morra at
the conclusion of which an adjournment
mont was taken until Thursday. Mor
ra Is one of the six of the thirty-six
prisoners who are charged with the
actual murder of Qennaro Cuoccolc
and his wife. Ho was a frequenter ol
the Cuoccojo houuo , to which ho gained
od ready entrance after the husband
had been klllod In a suburb of Naples
It Is assorted that Morra and Cor
rado Sortlno loft their companions af
tor the llrst murder and between them
accomplished the death of the woman.
Later they joined the other assassins
at the home of Maria Stendnrdo , sub
sequently reporting the success of
their mission to Enrico AJfaHo , the
real head of the Camorra , who waa
dining at Mlinl-Ah-Mnre. According
to the prosecution Morra and Sortlno
beat Cuoccolo with sticks while the
others stabbed him to death.
Today the vile record of Morra , In
cluding his participation in murders ,
was laid bare , the crown prosecutor
Introducing much evidence during the
Morra denied all the accusations
made against him and roundly abused
Gennaro Abbatomagglo , the Informer.
The latter maintained n derisive atti
tude as ho heard the denunciation by
lilt ) former partner in infamy.
At Toronto. Mny IS. 2a , I7-Z7 | July 10 , 11 ,
12 ; Sept. 1S-1S. 19 , 20.
At Huffulo. June 1. I. 8-J ; Julr 4-t , l |
Bopt. 21 , Si , 23-23.
At HochcRtor , May 19 , JO-M , tl | Julr . T ,
; Sept. 4-4. 5 , 6.
At Providence , April * 24 , JO , 28. S7 ; June
18 , ID. M ; AllfT. 3 , 4. 6. .
At Jersey City , April ti , 29 , 80. May Ij
Juno 27 , 23 , 20 ; Aug. 11 , 12. 13. 14.
At Ncwuilc. April 20. H. U. ZS ; June 24 ,
K , G ; AUK. 15 , 16 , 17 , 18.
AtTialtlmoic , Mny 3 , 4 , 5 , 6-8 ; June 23 ,
23 ; Aug. 7. 8 , P , 10.
At Montreal , Juno 4 , 6 , , 7 ; July 13 , 14 ,
IB , li > ; Sept. 15 , IS , 17.
At fliiffnlo , Mny 2 ! ) , SO-SO , 31 ; July 6 , 7 , 8 ;
Sept. 4-4. 6 , ti.
At ItoHieslcr. Juno H. 15 , K , 17 ; July 4-4.
Gj Sept 21-21 , 2 : ' . 23.
At Providence , April 28 , 29 , 30 , May 1 ;
Juno 21-21 , : . W ; Alifr. 15 , 16. 17.
At Jewy City , April 24 , 25 , 2. . ! , 27 ; Jun
IS , n. 20 ; AUK. 3. 4 , 6 , G.
At Ncwnrls. Mny 3 , 4 , 6 , 7 ; June 21. 22 , 23 ;
July 30 , 31 , Aug. 1. 2.
At Baltimore , April 20 , 21. 22-2.2 ; Juno 27 ,
i * . 29 ; AUff. 11 , 12-12 , H.
At Montrciil , June 14 , 15 , 1G , 17 ; July 17 ,
IS , 19 ; Hcpt. 7 , 8 , 0 , 10.
At Toronto , Juno 9 , 10 , 12. 13 ; July i-1 , 3 ;
Sopt. II. 12-12 , 13.
At ItochoMer. May 25 , 2(5 ( , 27-27 ; July 11-11 ,
12. 13 ; Sept. It , 19 , 20.
At Piovldcnue , April 30. 21 , 22 , 23 ; Juna
22-22 , 2i ; Aug. 7. 8 , 9 , 10.
At Jersey City , May 3 , 4 , 6 , 7 ; June 24 ,
X , X Aus. 15 , 1C , 17 , IS.
At Newark , April 28 , 29. SO , May 1 ; May
14 , Juno 27 , 2S ; AIIR. 11 , 12 , 13. 14.
At llnltimore. April 21 , 25 , 2i , 27 ; Juno 19.
20 , 21 , AUK. 3 , 4 , 3-6.
At Montreal , Juno 9 , 10 , 11. II ; July 1-1 ,
2 , 3 ; Sept. II. 12 , 13.
At Toronto. Juno 1. 2 , 3-3 ; July 17 , IS , 19 ;
Snpt. 7-7 , S , 'J
At IJulYnlo. Juno 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ; July 10 , 14.
15-lu ; Sept. 14. 13 , 10.
At 1'rovlilence. May 4. B , 8. T : Juno 27 , 28 ,
29 ; AUK. 11. 12. IS. II.
At Jcihey City-April SO , 23 , 22 , ZS ; June
21 , 223. . AUK. 7 , S. S. 10.
At Newark. April 21 , 25 , 24. 27 ; May 21 ;
Juno 18. 10 ; AUK. 4 , 5 , it. 30.
At Italtlmnre. April 28 , 29 , May 1. 2 ; June
21-21. 2i > ; Aug. 15. 16. 17 , 18.
At Montreal-May 21. 2i 22 < ; July II.
AUK. I , 2 ; AUK.0 , 27. 28 , 29.
At Tot onto. May 8. 9. 10 , It ; July 20 , 21 ,
22 ; Aur. 30. 31. S.-pt. 1 , 2.
At Buffalo , Mii > 12 , 13 , 15 , IS ; July 24 , 26 ,
; AUK. 19-19. Cl. 2. .
At Uoi-liPHlfr , .May 17 , 18 , 19. 20 ; July 27.
M. 29 ; AUK. WS3.'I , 25.
At Jeisey Citv. May 25 , 26. 27 , 28 ; July
7. 8 , 0 ; Kept. 14. 15. 1C. 17.
At New ink. June 1. 2. 3. 4 ; July 10. 11. 12 ;
Sept. 1 ? . 19 , 3) , 21.
At Baltimore. July 4-4 , 5 , 8 ; Juna 15 , 18.
17 ; Bopt. 11 , l.-12. 13.
At Montreal , Mnv 12. 13 , 14 , 15 ; July 24 ,
2fi , M ; AIIR. P. 20. 21. 22 ,
At Tot onto. Mny 17. 18. 19. M ; July 87 ,
28 , 29 ; Aug. 23. 24-24 , 28.
At Buffalo. Mny 22 , 23-23 , 24 ; July 31 ,
Aug. 1. 2 ; AUK. SB-M , 28 , 29.
At Rochester. May 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 ; July 20 ,
a , 22 ; AUK. 30. SI. Sept. 1 , 2.
At Providence. June 8 , 9 , 10 , It ; July IS ,
14 , IS , 16 : Sept. 4-4. C. 6.
At New-ink , May 28 , 30 , a. m. ; June E , 8 ,
7 ; July 4. p. m. . 5 , C ; Aug. 27 ; B t. U , 14.
At Bnltlmoie , June 12. 13. 14 ; Jun * 90.
July 1-1. Z ; Sept. 18 , 19. 20. a.
At Montreal , Mny S , 9 , 10. 11 ; Julr , 21.
it. ZS ; AUG. 30 , 31. Sept. 2.
At Toronto , May 12 , 13 , If. 1 ; Auir. 7-7.
S , t ; Aug. > , 2S. 29.
At Buffalo. May 17 , II , II. M ; July 27. ,
39-29 ; Aug. 23 , 24 , 26.
At Rochester. May 23. 2X-M , 4 ; July H.
5 , id ; Aug. 19-19. 31. 22.
At Providence. Jun * II. II , 14 [ June SO.
July 1 , a S ; Sept. 7 , 8 , . 10.
At Jeroey City , May SO. p. m. , n ; Jun *
II. 19 , IT ; July 4 , a. m. , IT. II ; Sept. 11.
28. M.
At Baltimore. Jun * 9. t. 10 ; July IS , 14.
15-15 ; Sept 4-4 , B , .
At Montreal , May IT. II , It , t Jury r.
M , 29 , 80 : AUK. 23. 24. to.
At Toronto , May 22 , 21 , S4-M : July 24.
a , 0 ; AUK. 19-19 , a , 22.
At Buffalo , May 8 , , 10. 11 ; July SO. U.
12 ; Aug. SO , 31. Sept. 1. 2.
At Rochester. May 12 , IS , IS , IS ; July 81.
. 1 , 2 ! AUK. 26-28 , 23 , 9.
At Providence , May 29 , SO-80 , HI ; Juno 6 ,
8. 7 ; Sept..22 , 3-23 , 24 ,
At Jersey City , June 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; July 10 ,
11 , 12 ; Sept. 7. B , 9. 10.
At Newark , May 25 , 20 , SI , 28 ; July 7 , 8.
9. IS ; Sept. 15. 19 , 17.
Ryan to Take Boxer * t England.
Former Middleweight Champion
Tommy Ryaii plans an Invasion of
England In April and \vlll take Con
O'Kclly , lilH heavyweight ; Howard
Morrow and Bobby Plttsley , light
weights , with him , having been assur
ed of bouts across the water for the
Horse Show Prizes Amount to $60,000.
The prize money at the Olympla
horse show , London , will amount to
about $00,000 , and Canada will be rep
resented at the gathering , which takes
place from June 12 to 24. The prizes
for jumping competitions alone will
amount to $25,000.
Pretty Poll Gets a Legacy.
Mrs. Jane McDonnell , widow of aNew
Now York policeman , left $200 to her
parrot , which had been her companion
for years. Her will was probated at
Derby , Conn. , and contained many in
structions as to the care of Polly.
Spencer Elects Teachers.
Spencer , Nob. , March 18. Special to
The News : At a meeting of the
board of education the following
teachers were ro-olcctcd for the ensuing
ing year :
Principal , Mlos Cecil Grace ; assls
tnnt principal , Miss Thee Sabln. In
Intermediate , Miss Elfrloda Carrel ) ;
second primary. Miss Emma Pucollk ;
first primary , Miss Elizabeth Ucrry.
Miss Btnsln Walsh was elected to the
gniminnr room. She comes from Ural-
utml , Nob.
The board Incrcnnod the teaching
force to eight for the romlng year ,
uid will put another room In Hhape
for omipancy. Motions weio adopted
'or the riuo of the grounds , and many
Startling Discovery by the Nebraska
Lincoln , March 18. Evidence- n
mistake or fraud in the engrossing of
ho Ollls utock yards bill prevented
Its llnnl consideration by the house
uid It was sent back to the senate for
Hy the action of the house It maybe
bo taken for granted that the Skllcs'
nltlntivo and referendum bill , S. F.
I , Is going to become a law , while
ho hoiiKo measure by Hatficld , will
bo consigned to the scrap heap ,
The conference- committee reported
n favor of the .senate measure and
ho hotiHo adopted the report after n
Ight. Mockett brought the subject
to a head by moving that the report
10 not received and another commit-
: eo be appointed to prepare a now
one. On veto his motion lost by HI
o 08. Then the report wan adopted
by 71 to 17.
Senator Drown made an address to
the house of representatives. The
senate lias adjourned till Monday.
The senate sifting committee re-
lortcd out nineteen bills. Among
hem arc the following :
Sklles' hoard of control regulation
'or state institutions
The judicial district prosecutor bill
.linking assistants of county attor-
The senate passed : S. V. 77 , pro
viding protection for companies using
shipping packages ; S. U. 124 , provld-
ng that night telegraph offices shall
le maintained at all county Beats ;
Tandy's woman suffrage bill ; S. P.
1(12 ( , compelling railroads to light
heir right-of-way through villages ;
appropriating $12,000 for Thayer's
nomuneiit at Vlckshurg.
The senate killed the approprla-
Ion for a rural life commission , fash-
oned after the Roosevelt plan.
The house passed II. H. 240 , pro
viding for a universal hunters' lie-
cnso and S. P. 137 , quieting title to
and against unsupported loans.
Harbor Improvements Planned ,
f ruaiiiiy I- . to spend * ( ! . : i8 < iHO : In
harbor eMeiifioiu and Improvements
t Montevideo Over $0,000.000 Is to
be spent for improved port facilities
: it ( Senon. Italy
South Dakota's Indians Pious.
Of the ' 'I.OOO Indians of South Da
kota one-hiilf nre members of the
Episcopal church , and one in every alz
N a communicant.
May Take L iter to Australia.
Pormer Ilenvy weight Champion
Fighter Tommy Iturns contemplates
tulclnc his pupil , .lack Lester , to Aus
tralia. Hums SM.VM Lester Is a good
lighter , lint is not a good boxer. Lester
Is live feet ten and a half Inches In
height , weighs 180 pounds and will bo
twcnt.i .venrs of age on May 2. He Is
a Polish American and IH built on lines
similar to the late Stanley Ketchel.
England Has Dog Importing Craze.
The crtm > for importing doga more
or less known to English fame is again
being felt In and around Toronto. Hull-
dogs are the most popular breed In
quired after , and prices range from $00
to $1.200.
Canadian Lawmakers Got Angry and
the Lie Is Paeaed.
Ottawa , Ont. , March 18. "My hon
orable friend is a liar , absolutely a
liar , " thundered Glen Campbell , the
consorvatlvo member for Dauphin ,
Manitoba , six-foot western giant , in
the bouso of commons.
Ono of the most tense situations
and legislative scones ever witnessed
in the house of parliament followed.
The house was in committee and Mr.
Necly of Humboldt , Alberta , in the
course of a speech Raid Olen Campbell -
boll , on a public platform had admit
ted bribing a government official to
get a grazing lease.
The reply by Mr. Campbell brought
proceedings to a standstill and for
seven minutes nothing could be heard
except the liberals shouting "with
draw" and the conservatives yelling
"stick to your guns. "
When Chairman Mclntyro was able
to make himself heard ho declared the
explanation unparliamentary and de
manded that it bo withdrawn.
"I called him a liar and I refuse
to take it back , " shouted Campbell.
"Talk of honesty.
"Where Is the capital of Saskatche
wan , and what did it cost to vote It
there ? "
The chairman insisted on a with
"Mr. chairman , it is a hard task to
withdraw something which is nbso
lutely true , " said Mr. Campbell.
"Tho rule must be obeyed and the
explanation withdrawn , " replied the
"Then I withdraw and bow to your
ruling , said Mr. Campbell.
Speaking later Mr. Campbell said
if Mr. Neely dared repeat his charges
outsldo the chamber ho would chas
tize him.
Senator Stone Much Better.
Kansas City , March 18. Physicians
attending United States Senator Wil
liam J. Stone , who Is ill with grip at
the homo of his son Kimbrought Stone
In this city , said today the senator's
condition was greatly Improved. He
IB still confined to bis bod.
Denmark for World Peace.
Copenhagen , March 18. The Danish
foreign office today sent a letter to
Old Dutch
DOOB all the cleaning
bout the home and farm ,
and keeps everything eplok
and cpan ( or lOo a month
Just try it ,
The farmer's wife has a ready
help in this handy , all-'round
cleanser that will save her much
labor and time. It does the
work of all old-fashioned clean
ers easier , quicker , better
Cleans , Scrubs ,
Pots , Pans , Kttlld , Milk
Ittilt , Separators , etc.
The Best ftttoy
To clean woodenware , tables ,
pantry shelves , etc. , etc. Wet the
article , sprinkle with Old Dutch
Cleanser and rub with vret cloth or
brush ; wipe up
with clean water ;
wring cloth tight
ly and wipe dry.
It cleans clean
and is hygien
ic , no caustic or \
acids a void them
1O *
the peace bureau at Uerno , Switzer
land , saying that Denmark will ac
cept the American government's Invi
tation to appoint a commission on the
lines provided by congress to promote
arbitration among nations and for thu
llmtatlons of armaments.
Suicide of R. F. Carnegie Causes a
London , March 18. A sensation has
been caused in liitaneial circles by the
suicide of H. F. Carnegie , manager
of the Lombard street branch of
Parr's bank , limited , who shot himself
at his residence.
The affairs of the Institution are
said to bo in perfect order.
Parr's bank , liimted , of which C. F.
Parr IB chairman of the board of di
rectors , and R. W. Hawley , general
manager , was originally Parr's bank
ing company , and was so registered
in 1805. In 1892 it was amalgamated
with the Alliance bank , limited. On
amalgamation with the Consolidated
bank , limited , In 1890 , the present
name was adopted. The authorized
capital Is $62,500,000. For years it
has paid a dividend of 19 percent per
annum. -
Explorers Not Massacred.
Brisbane , Australia , March 18. The
report brought to Oouribari by natives
last month that Stanlforth Smith , the
British administrator of Papua , and
his party of exploration had been mas
sacred by Papuans , proves to bar *
been untrue. Smith with bis expedi
tion arrived at Thursday inland yester
day. The explorers left Port Moresby ,
the capital of Papua , on November 18
last , for the Interior , whore they suf
fered great privations and lost a fw
native carriers. Yesterday's advices
from Thursday island contained the
first authentic news of the expedition
since It set out.
Two Eminent American Professor *
Leave for African Interior.
Boston , March 18. Dr. Simon B.
Wolbach , assistant professor of bac
teriology at the Harvard medical
school , and Dr. J. L. Todd , of the med
ical department of McGill university ,
Montreal , have departed for west Af
rica to study the so-called "sleeping
sickness" and Its allied diseases
among natives.
Leads Party Down Into Gorge to See
a Beautiful View.
Grand Canyon , Ariz. , March 18.
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt lunched
beside the boiling waters of the Colorado
rado river many feet below the rim
of the grand canyon. It was bis first
visit hero and ho is the first occu
pant of' the white house who ever
made the fourteen-mile round trip to
what is often declared to be the most
wonderful view In the world. Col
onel Roosevelt led a cavalado com
posed of his daughter Ethel , his BOD
Archie , Chief Justice Kent of the
Arizona territorial supreme court and
others , to the bottom of the gorge.
On his return the former president
went over the address which bo will
make at Phoenix Monday relative to
the Arizona state constitution. This
address the colonel regards as the
most Important of his present tour.
The colonel's party loft Grand Canyon -
yon and arrived in Phoenix this
They will take automobiles at once
and hasten to the Roosevelt dam dis
tant , a six bourn' journey.