The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 17, 1911, Page 8, Image 8

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W. Phelps of Madison wti
A. T. Harbor of Oinnd Inland w.i
C. I. Hurnnnl of I'lnlnvlow wr
dun ire K. Hchlllor , after ti few day
vlclt here , icliiincd to Ills homo I
cVntral L'lty.
OeorgoV. . Smith of Columbus wt
it visitor In the city.
( ' . V. Mitchell of Crolghton was I
the city on business.
Dr. C. J. Verges returned from
btislnuHS trip to Madison.
C L AndcrHon i ctnrncd from
bnslni-HH trip to Nnpor.
S Itandolph of Omaha was In tl
city transacting business.
I Hloom of Crolghton was In tl
city transacting business.
Shoilff C. S. Smith , omoute to No' '
man ( liovo. was tu the city.
Attoinoy .lohii A. Ijluhault of Staten
ton wan hoio tiaimactlng business.
/ \i \ Tliorliurn , apodal agent of tl
Aetna limuiancc company , IUIH KOI
to Chh ago to attend a. company inuc
lns .
MID. John UUhr , who has boon bo
veiling \vlth thi ! A W. Finkhoii' '
famll } , has i etui mil to bor homo
' n Ighton
Mi and Mis Hey H Foster , onion
tiuiii Cliojonno to Sallun , Kan1
weio hoie visiting with tbo Chnil
siioi lei liimlh. luno KOIIO to Iowaf <
tew dajB1 visit with iclatUos.
visiting with Mr and Mrs John Phi
II .1 SandeiH of 1 low oils was a v !
iioi in the city.
M J. Sanders lotuined fioin a bir
inns tilp to Pllgor.
Dr. I' . H. Salter wont to Foster <
Uobort King wont to Lincoln <
II. K. Mason of Meadow Grove w
in tbo city.
M H. Smith of Nlobrara was a vl
Uor In tbo city.
Mia lUsor of Fremont and Mrs.
C Hlshon of Lincoln are In tbo cl
Captain I\or S. Johnson of Stanti
was In tbo city visiting with Capta
C L. Andoison.
\mong tlie daj's out-of-town vlslto
in. Noifolk wore. 1C. 10. Krlckso
Newman Gnnc ; Dr. and Mis. Howe
Wakellold , J. II. Filcdericksen , Ce
toi ; Joe Tioutt , Platlo ; Henry Eric
son , Hastings ; Dan Schwoiin , Plcic
Dr. J. Weiss , Ponder ; Nlla Hannhi
Wlnnobago ; Giaco 13. Manall , Mai
= 011 , H. J. Sanders , Howolls.
John Scbwlchtonboig hat * gone
Hoskins , whoie ho will build a IK
bam on hlh lanii
A steel ( .oiling is being placed
i ho Abe Lovlne loiin olllco Other i
iUod"HliE is being done In the ollice.
Handsome new book cases and
iuw set of law books ha\o been
tailed in the olllco of Mapes & I
ZlMI.A special meeting of the Lllks h
IK in called foi no\t S.ttuida > evt
ink. to ellseuss plans foi futuio cm
! IJ
Aha K Leoiiaul , 11. 1 ! . McKinn
and I ) . T. Hold ictuined trom : i si
cebsful bunting e\pedltion at Hue
Tuobday night.
Sol G. Mavci lotuinocl last nit
iunn New York , whom he and M
Mn > oi. with their child ) en , have be
uniting foi two months
\l the leguhti mooting of hose co
i tnv No I ! , held in the citj hall Tu
u o night , John Miami and John H
U < MI > initiated as new mtmbeis ,
I ho Ladles , ' Aid soclctv ot the Pi
' oiuiogntloual clnne-h will meet
the homo ot Mis P. H. Sailer , w
Mis ( ! . H Saltei assisting , Tlnnsc
ate moon
Hoiboit King , who will manage i
in w automobile gaiago on 1'nst N
tolk avenue , has put chased the F
McGinnls losldonce on West Noif
Woid was leiehed fsom IJochesI
Minn , lopoiting the successful ope
tion on Mis. H. F. Schiller. Mi. ;
Mis. Sebillei will roluiu to N'ort
Moil is In In and A. Kojen w
.unong the laige partj of hunteii.
nola Tuesday evening. The bunt
lopoit the ducks plentiful , but tlj
too bigli. Twlbb , a foimei NoitolU I
who has been mauagei ot the L
hotel at Piono , 8. D , hab been ' '
a ehnige or the Wulmann notel
Mitchell. S. l >
Fudav ih .St PatiicK's daAm
'io ' loiemost ot the colebiatoi& wll
MIKi O'ilnra of Not folk , who iep <
1 > lias oideud .1 gtoeii vest with p <
i.titii.h ab largo as dollaib.
I n luc-t Tiuelock has completed
uulldiiig ot the lliemen'b lockois in
< .itj hall. The loekeib are noatb b
mil the Hi omen who lm\e vie'
'iom declare them snlisfactoi } .
Much btoc'k f iom the noitli ib IH
-nipped tluouh ( Noitolk to the Sc
Omaha market A double headoi \
HI cxttaemlimuy laigo number of <
tasked thiougli hoie Tuobdny nigli
In a pii\ate gjmna&ium on PI
avenue Tiicsda > o\oning , Cleo Led
n a wiostling match defeated be\
ilhh bchool iithlotob The joungi
ire pi opal ing to bo In condition
the opening of the V. M C' . A ?
The freight business on the vni
rnllioads of this city is leported
idly Inci easing after the reg
slump. Mobt of the freight consibt
merchandise and the carload lots
Noifolk shows an Increase over
of other tow lit. . These reports by
railroads show upery well for a r
porous year.
Judge H. E. Evans of Dakota (
who was in Xoifolk Tuesda > In
ncctlon with the Virginia land i
being heard by Judge Isaac Pow
IB referee in the famous Omaha C
of Police Douohue case , lu the
promo court. Judge E\ans lop
that ho has heard almost the > ei
oral testimony In this cast.
With the exception of one men
of the local national guard comp
the entire company have decl
themselves ready to go to the fi
The exception referred to"Is a men
bor of the company who declared t
the commandant that because ho 1
physically unable to stand the heat c
the southern cllmato he will beunabl
to accompan.v the soldiers.
Workmen Tuesday commenced o |
ciaUotiH on the construction of th
William Koll cement factory on Mai
Imm avenue' , west of the Union P )
rifle tracks. Tlie factory will bo mad
of artificial stone and enc < stor.v I
height Mr. Koll recently purchase
the lot and at the same time ordcrc
artificial stone machinery from tli
east , lloboit King will build a almllt
factoiy near the same place. Wit
the ( omplotlon of those two factorlt
Noifolk will have three cement bloc
] ] dwatd Whlto , a hack dilvor , wr
ai tested on a chat go ofagiancy I
Patiolman Sasso at 1 o'clock Wodno
day moinlng. Whlto has been flee
ing In VIM ions hacks during the nigl
time and Hovoial hack dilvers hav
complained of missing money Tin
also charge White with being slight
Insane at times lie was found gulll
of the chaigo In Judge Klsoloj's con
Wednesday moinlng and t em uncled i
Jail until after Judge nisele.v furtln
tonstdc'icd his case. He will eltin
bo given a tlihly-day term in the cou
ty Jail 01a legular monev line
Di. C. A. McKim has iccoived fie
Covunoi Aldilcb his olllclal appoli
uienl as assistant state veteiinaila
Di Mi Kim will have e bin go of th
distilit but will be iimb-i snpc > ivisic
of the state ve-teilnai Ian foi elutv
any pai t of the state
Pie'sldent C H Dm land of the A
seuhitcd ( toaid ol Chaiitlus Is havii
laigo phtcaids piinted on which w
appeal tlio names of olllcois anil cot
mlttees of the association. The ;
cauls will bo placed in conspicuoi
places In various ofllces and bulletin !
for the pin pose of rofoienco
strangoiB to anv of those who a
i concemeel.
Judge Isaac Powers , appointed I
Judge Mungor as special referee
the- United States circuit court en
of an Important Virginia and Km
county ( Nebiaska ) land deal , hold
teim of court in his edictin tl
Hlshop block , Tuesday afteinoon. Tl
couit adjoin nod late Tuesday aftc
noon and will reconvene at bloomtlo
at a latei date to be set by Jud |
Poweis. 1'dwaid C. Hynard of RIooi
field , one of the defendants In tl
case , was piesent at the taking of t (
tliuony. Tineo witnesses were exai
ined , while the lemnindcr of teatlmoi
was taken fiom record evidence ai
exhibits Among the attorneys Intt
estcd in tlio case who weie piosent
the heating weio Senatoi W. V. *
Ion , Madison , Judge U Evans , Dako
City , Judge KeU'her , Cieigbton , L
toinoy W D. Funk , Uloomheld. Jud
Povvois letuined liom Vitglnin onlv
tow montlis ago , where ho was t
{ .aged In taking te timonin coum
' lion witli tliis case
John Hobiiibon , ptopuetoi of t
Xoi folk "Metal company. Is in pecull
tiotible Wednosdav mninlng lie d
ibaiged t\\o employes because th
insisted on di Inking whiskey while
duty , and a lew moments later he w
attested bj Chief of Police Maiquai
on ehaiges Hied bj ! A Jenkins , o
ot the discliaiged employes , w
claims Mr Hoblnson tlueatcncd
kill him When Uobinson appear
bcfoic Judge Insole } be was let go
ln& own lecognizance and the ti
was set foi late this atteinoon I
Uobinson's stor > of ibe affair she
that Jenkins came lientiom Oina
a week ago and bad no inonej J
Hoblnson gave him woik and Wedn
dav moininu he dcelaies , Jenkins w
diunk and liis companion had a
lieeu di inking He did not object i
til he discoveicd both drinking wl
kcv out of a lottlc > in bis place of bt
ness and when he made known ' .
objection tlie men abused him.
then discliaiged both Tlie men
< a > s , cnteicd into a eoiibpiiacy agal :
him and Hied the ehaiges which
claims have no foundation.
Kill Prohibition in Iowa.
DCS Moines , Maich 15 Th& lo
senate today killed the lesolution
a constitutional piolnbitor > anie
, incut convention by adopting the ce
I mitten lepoit foi indefinite postpu
iiient , 127 to 21.
. I Barefoot Boy Also Arrives.
1 Unlimited ic-ports of robins , me
ovv laiks , blue birds and black bir
and little Peter CJiaham walking
and down Noi foil ; avenue barefool
_ b , announce the fact that spring
--alb an heel
Peter Cliaham Is the son of Mr. i
Mrs William Giaham and the sigln
him nudging along the cement sIP
walk on his tiny barefeet caused m
comment on Noifolk avenue Tuea
: ' Syracuse Still in Rowing Game
: U Syiacuso , N. Y. . March 15. The.
lacnsc unheisity boat crews h
been saved. The students ha\e g' '
IP antecd the payment of the $ G,000
the athletic goveunng board lastn :
'gave Coach Teneycko authoiity to
Ml ahead with his plans. The era
nr will be lepioscntcd at Poughkee :
this year.
us Movement for More Pavlnq.
Pin - A movement Is on foot to r
inot North Ninth , Noitli Tenth and N <
ot 1'loventh streets as far as Pros ]
or awMiue , and Noifolk a\enue wes
at Thirteenth street Petitions cal
je for such pa\ing are now being ci
is- lated.
Refuse Quincy a Franchise.
n- Itloomlngton , III. , March 15. Pi
so dent Plerson says the southern c
rs , will not bo represented in any niai
; cf at any meeting of the league until
ni northern clubs ngreo to grant Qu
ls n franchise.
Meadow Grove News.
or F. W. Cologrovo , carrier on U , I
No. 2 , who has been off duty on
cd count of sickness , is able to bo
it. again and expects to bo able to
MI inn bin duties In a few da >
L L Foe shipped a car of inlghl
good horses and mules to the Soul
Omaha maiket Sunday evening.
N Lee left for Canada on tlio not
11 alii Sattudny , whore he has puicha
ed land and expects to make his f
MHO homo. Ills car of stock and IIOUH
hold goods went out the fore part i
the week In charge of Leo Hoffma
Mr Leo's wife and family will folio
him in the near futuio.
The Meadow Grove News has aga
changed hands , C. W. Clifton havli
sold It to M N. Collins. Mr Collli
has had about eight joins oxperieni
In tlio newspaper business and durli
a pint of this time ho was omplox
on The Not folk Dally NOWH.
12. II Woods , manager for the Cl
cage Lumber company at this plac
has commenced the election of a 111
huge lo.sldonie on the lot ho recent
put chased fiom C. C. Wilson , on Noi
West .sheet.
The mill has again losumod opei
tion with 1C E. Neelo.v at the wheel
Mi and Mis J 11 Colegrovo
Redmond , Oie , came In on No. I Mo
da ) foi a few da > 8' visit with the
foil Fiank , who lias been qulto ill.
A call has been Issued lor a cl
/ins caucus at Hcecho's hall Tlunsdi
evening at S o'clock lor the pmpo
nf nominating thue ttustcos to '
placed on tlio ticket at the comii
v illage election.
1 C ! Al.voa , tiavoling loptosrntall
en the Advance1 Thieshei Co. , came' '
Satuidav night and leniaincd ov
Siinilav with his lamily.
The conceit nnd dance given by t
Omaha Conceit Co at the opoia lion
Filda > night did not call out a ve
huge attendance , but those who we
theie icpoit a very nice time , wl
plenty of good music.
J W. McCallum is guiding up 1 :
lot and putting it in shape to co
iiienco the election of a now dwellli
as soon as completed.
Geoigc1 Mulder was in town t
latter part of the week looking aft
business for the Lytlo Construct
company of Sioux City , with whom
i connected.
V E Twiss , H H. Die and J.
Dve left Sunday evening with thr
cais of stock and household goods f
Chaplin , Sask , Canada , whoic th
expect to establish permanent honii
Their families followed on the no
huln Monday.
Cliailos Uotsfoid , who icoently mi
rd heio from Fieepoit , 111. , has leas
the piopoitj known tin the Eabt hot
and alter lenovating it and making
few improvements lias opened
doois to the public.
Oakdnlc News Notes.
Mis. Hanson of Fremont was
ovei Sunday from Ficmontisitl
O I ) . Main Hie ical estate agen
sold the F. E. Cow in foity ac'ies , tin
Dalles noitheast to Wendell Warner ,
H M An lei son was down from E
met Stindav v ( biting his family
U M. Nesbit i etui nod Irom Omal
wheio he bus been lor seveial d.i
attending the ictail 11101 chants eonvi
The Uoosteis have been busy ted
nitting in the new hitching pofc
They make a laigo impiovomont
tlio looks of the streets. Tlie.v s
ia\e moio to put In
Mis McKinney , wiio ib visiting
the homo ot D C Loach , gave the
in attendance at the Aletnodist cliui
i ticat in the wav of a veij beauti
< -olo Slie lias a splendid voice.
Miss Alice Evans and Miss Lei
fiom Neligh were down irom Nell
lo attend the seivices at the Me
odist duncli. They were the guo
01 Miss Jennie McCoy while heie.
The piospects are good that theg
club of the Weslejan univcisity v
pive theii entertainment here on i
-Otb ot Api II , although not definlt
< k cidcd.
l' '
O. II. Tnrbell is in a piecarlous c
dition at Watertown.
The annual May musical festl
al will take place at Mitchell May 18 :
L. G. Oclipoineiter of Wenster '
enteied on a foity-day fast.
Tlie anniiiil meeting of county a
itors will bo held at Piono March
The people of Glenham are rej
ing over the starting of a mill at t
I- place.
J W. Urowning of Atlanta , 111. ,
been elected superintendent of
Hiookingh schools.
Commencing tomouovv night ov
gelists will hold a terios of ievi
meetings at Mitchell.
) f 1 Tlio annual convention of laymei
! the Methodist church will be held
h Sioux Falls Maich IS and 16.
y | Colonel Adams died at Mitchell
parabsis and will bo buried at his
iner home In Hichland Center , WIs
Michael Smith , aged 28 , bartonde
> 'Abeideen ' , attempted to commit
re cido by shooting. His employer
- the room In time to snatch
d gnu fiom his hand. Despondenc ;
given as the cause.
Lemmon residents presented C
E F. Harrett with a handsome c
upon the eve of bis dcpartuio for 1
neapolls. Captain Uarrett was
lust newspaper at Lemmon and
( list auditor of Pot kins county.
, -e
thl Neligh News Notes.
° l | Nellgh , Neb , Maicli 1U. Spocla
'Tho News' At a iccont meetliij
the school board of this city Dr
W. Chambcrlln was elected to fill
vacanc ) caused by the removal of
L McAllister from Nellgh. The
tion of superintendent and teacl
Jibs was taken up at this meeting. '
high school teachers and ono for
iie sixth grade are still vacant. Tbo
cy lowing were re-elected for the e
ing year : Superintendent , C. A. M
man ; Gertrude Alton , Mrs. O
Housh , Perclo Cass , Grace Jack
D. Lcona Shenofolt , Mildred Then ;
' Grace Warner , Mao Cnvanaugh.
ut' ' Simon Hoby and wife left thee
eof the week for Sheridan , Wy
where the > will make their futun
Hert Wattles went to Lincoln Mon
o moinlng to bo absent n couple o
da.vH on Inmlnc.HH
W L McConnell , vvlfo and daugli
tor weio passeMigcrs Tuesday mornlni
for Omaha.
Getugo Sellerj was conllned to hi
home bv sickness last Thursday.
Columbus Penn and wife returnoi
homo fiom their winter quaitom ii
I'loilda last Thuisday afternoon
C L. WaltloH , H H. Hausor and N
11 Swell/or wont to Omaha last Frl
da.v to be piosent at a meeting of i
Masonic gatheiing
John Gotcholl , jr. , received inedlcn
treatment at Tlldon on Friday of las
week Ho IH planning to return t
Culver Mtlltai.v acadom > about th
first of April
Fiank Moses was down fiom Cleai
water last Fiidaj on business.
Cliailos Glldeisleeve and vvlfo wen
to Chciokeo , la. , on Fiiday of \t\s \
week to bo absent a nhoit time
Albeit M Cool of this cit.v has u
icntly boon granted an incioaso c
pension undei the special act H
will now loceivo Stl pel month
C J. Allison left for Llmon. Cole
'luesday morning , whcie he Is Intel
estod in lands In that viclnHj
Aitliur Hltchlo hti < * accepted a pos
lion as lielpci for the Northwostei
laihoad , and left for Meadow Grov
Tuesdav lo losume his duties in tli
depot at I hat place
U W Paik was up fiom UaKdal
Tuesdav on business
Mis H J Fors.vtbo lias been coi
lined to lici homo bj SOMICillnoc
tlie past sevoiiil da > s
C'ail Kicbs of Albion was in tow
Tliuisda.v and Fiiday visiting ill
many fi lends in this citj
F L Puttie ; , ot Tilden was lenev
ing old acquaintaiues in Nellgh tb
Hist of the week.
MIH J W. SpiiK was compelled t
leave foi Omaha last Fiidav , wbei
she underwent an opeiation on Moi
da > of this week The latest icpoit
fiom the patient is- that she is iccovc
Ing nicely.
Mrs. C. II A Smith left foi Stai
ton Monday to visit a few dajs wit
Mis. Hub.v Parshall was an Oniali
visitor Sunda.v and Mondaj
Sam Huff will look after the bus
ness inteicsts of John MiAllistei clu
ing the absence of tbo latter in Cal
foi nia.
Mis. N L McGinitle went to Stai
ton Tuesdaj moniinc for a shoit vis
with relatives and fi lends
C H A Smith was transactin
business in Omaha a couple of da.v
this week
Ewing News Notes
Mis. S. P. Uoiden. who lias hoc
visiting a sister at 1'.atticCieek , i
tinned homo Moudav
A. Kilgoic is spending n couple i
weeks with fi lends and lolatives 1
low a
At the late meeting of the to\viibln
boaul ! | iL'o was voted foi tlio buildh
up of the loads leading to Ewing
Homy Fiy and daughter weie di
appointed on going to Xoitolk to mei
his sistei liom Iowa to find tliat si
had come via tliebhoit Line to 0
Waller Fuilej has lesipiud Ills 11
sition in Wimiier Uios store and
going into tlie- hog i awing buslne :
with J. S Weaverljng
Contiactor Davis luth loin tes
deuces to elect and has aliead > sig
cd the coiitiaets lor tliem This
the beginning the end i not jet
II. H Poitei has ieslgu < d bis poi
tion in the llo > stoic and lias accept *
a chief clerkship foi Wuunei Bie :
The change is consldeied a piomotlo
"Montana" Gene Sullivan will act i
icfoieo at the boxing contr-st Ftidi
What with a dispersion sale of fj
cy and pcdigieed cattle and hogs ai
the ten-round boxing contest of Goti
and Kane , all roads will lead to E
ing St. Pat tick's day in the morniii
. As a piclimlnary to the bout prop
l' on St , Patiick'.s night , Claren
Thompson of Ewing nnd an athlc
fiom Staffoul named Wollman , in
s wrestle for t
. championship of noithwestern Is
, ' braska will bo an inteiesting featu
' of the evening.
. A iiinior to the effect that an 01
while widow of Ewinp and a pie
Inent widower of Neligh weio iccei
ly wedded tin us out to l > c incorie
It is too bad , as many intended cc
gratulations are now up in the air.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cialg and
\ . Combes Sioux City to cc
suit a specialist , and have ictinn
gieatly leliovcd.
Even the eyes of Sandy Giisvve
would have twinkled with envy b
I lie witnessed a feat performed on t
banks of tlio Elkhotn the other di
. S. W. Drown , jr. , cashier of the P
. neor bank , pumped five loads of si
into a flock of ducks fljing overlie
and succeeded in bagging eleven
. them. It just rained du6ks for
. A now steel structure will take t
place of the old wooden bridge Ji
east of town. The county board 1
oppropilated $5,000 for that purpo
Cincinnati , March 15. In a sen
tlonnl utterance Judge Frank Com
of the court of common pleas tot
dismissed the contempt chaii
against George B. Cox , banker n
10V. political lender. Ho declared the
V. terancos of Cox , which wore publl ed after the latter's indictment
rs perjury , were "Insolent and false. "
In dismissing the charges Juc
lie Gorman followed the finding of a i
ol- jorlty of the committee of the th
attorneys appointed to Investigate i
iran - cumstances of .the Interview. Two
an these men held that neither Cox i
anm the newspaper that published his
marks regarding the grand jury i
the court , was In contempt. The oil
st member of the committee absol'
n. , the newspaper,1 but hold that It v
the province of the court to dotermln
whether Cox should bo hold on th
contempt charge , lu his finding Judg
Gorman said ho agreed with the in
norlty of tho- committee that Cox wa
found guilty of contempt , but Inloi
ot the fact that an nlllduvlt chnrgln
prejudice had boon filed against hit
by Cox , ho mild ho would abide b
the findings of the majority of th
Japan a Buffer if China Awakes ,
"III the yciiiH to como whe-n ( . 'him
has awake-nod either as a great mill
lary power or UN a mighty comiueie-lii
people w hose millions dwarf the luem
ory of the Anglo Saxon race of todn
the Ameiean people will flint thnt ti
tc'ichlng Japan Its tlrst footsteps li
the klndcigaiiL'n of western olvlll/u
( Ion its Inoad minded uneoators wer
ruiuiiig a I'llend that would be ne-cdcM
in times of stioss , " declined Ir Ml
uo.sukoaiuaguchl , M A , Ph D
M. 1) ) , giadiiato e > f Yale , who Is takliij
a I'-jurse of studies ut Columbia Med
Irrl school
"I llilnk Llotileuanl Hobson'a theoi ,
tlint Julian Is pit-paring for war wit !
Auieiiia has been pn-Mv well osploil
oil , but 1 would like to point out som
ejl Ihi' leasons vli. . \ .injUnu bu
( ii idshii | liitwci-n the two countrii
Is impossible-
"I was bom In .Inpin and grew u
there i have been the pastor of on
of thegreati st cbuii he- , lit Japan , ante
to make mv woik nioie thounigh lla-r
I have mine ln < k toiiuiica and lu
como a dot tut of inedi me 1 kno\
Japan 1 gindinteil from Yale , wn
fem je.its at the Western Kcsci v
Medical si heel in Cleveland and bav
lived a grc'at deal In Now Yorlt , nnd
know Ameiii a.
Sentiment For America.
"Theie were alwaja ic-asoiis wh
Japan could not attack America siii
cessfully Theie have for iiiany je-uv
been sentimental IC-.ISOIH why sh
would not if slii > could It was Amei
ten who came knot king at our doot
when wo weie a cl < ise corpoiatlon ,
slay nt home1 piovlnelul people
In the kliidei niens of Japan todn
the little1 elnldtenne tiumht put no
ism , winch bee oines a tioice tne i
eveiy 1 he Ilitle ones aie taiij , !
thestoi.v of how vonr .villein mi saik'i '
tame to Japtui and pointed thew.ij t
oieldenlal < \ \ ili/utlon and how tl
United S : u < 's vv is the fust and be-
* lend \ve litnl in the confess of woil
povvcis Jap in novel forgets tin
What weno toiiias a gloat ? woil
people we owe to Ami'ilc.i , and doc
nnv one think tint we slnill so sou
"Mode-Hi Janin | Is too busy to thin
of the Impossible- task of nnstciliig
( Me It like Aim-Ill tl It 111
bep.i siiiV'sted thatve want tl :
Philippines Now , It is not general !
known that the- climate of the Phlll |
pines Is us bad for Japanese as It
toi Ameiiciuis
Japan Busy Colonizing.
"Wo have been tijlng to c'olonl :
and 'eltle 1 in inn--i , im , alter all tl
time wc > hi\e held Hint island we at
still lightm theie lo maintain a st ib
fiov einmenl and to establish de < ci
'aw ' s \ \ L , n e ti j iny ; to colom/o it , In
at lieiiuMidons i est In tic.isiue ai :
nie-ii It is not vet a pnjincf piopof
tion And v\liat would the Philippine
be ? Foiniosi olleis a fertile field ti
' > nr i'\uifiovvim : population for at lea
twi'iilj five .veins to come , and en
Host neil IK-MI Island In Japan is hit
y spttltd H has loom lor millions i
1101 Ipi Opll-
" 1 have ofti'ii pointed out that
would Impossible to send a Jap
nose fleet with soldieis to Hawaii
hold those islands against the foil
that Ameiiea could lush thereLvc
f we took Hawaii how could we coi
> n nnd nttack anj part of America ai
hold It long enough to get our bieatl
If weciu to sel/o the Philippines
some- lingual dod moment , wouldi
tlic-j be ! iu elephant on our hands
the supioine stiugglc with the Unid
Slates that would follow ? It won
leave our home country exposed to t
" "
Japan Too Poor to Fight.
"Fiimll.v , Japan's finances are not
n condition to vvaiiaut Us nndcrtakli
such a foolhmdy thing as war wl
Ann-lie a , and ' > far as I can sec v
hue i lettj well mapped out how \
an- going to spend our spare cash
the next fifty yeais by the things tt
we aie planning to do In Korea , Mil
< Jimin and Foimosa.
"Like all the lest of the world , i
aie piop.uing for emergencies Wo a
tia'nluj ' ; our joinit , ' men to shoot , n
we aietn.ildiin , ' biittlcahipa and for
The pioblems In the cast are too gie
China Is awakening No one can t
at this moment what turn the grc
Hlccpin , ; m.vstei.v of the ages will ta
Mien she wakes up.
\Vhit would happen if when a
finallj be-sths heiself a Xapoleon ,
Attlla or a Mahommed should step f
waul and point to world empire ?
would bo in such a case that the w
doui of Japan In maintaining
armed fist would bo vindicated , 'i
lest of the world would bo glad tl
China's neatest neighbor , Impregnal
on Its own islands , as England , wn ;
sea power capable of acting as poll
man for the awakened giant. And y
may rest assured that modern Jaji
would cost Its lot with the rest of I
world UH against such a monster. "
At the home of the bride's brotli
In-law , H. D. Kluge , at Hadar , al
o'clock Tuesday afternoon , occuri
the wedding of Mrs. Addle Kluge f
II. P. Carty. Rov. Theodore Rrauer
the Hadar church pronounced i
words which bound the couple In w
lock. The brldo was accompanied
her sister-in-law , Ida Kluge , and
groom was attended by H D. Klu
Only the Immediate relatives w
present at the ceremony , after wh
a 4 o'clock dinner was served. 1
couple left for Chadron Wednesd
near which place they will make tli
Mr. Cnrty is a well-to-do farmer
Chadion and MIH. Kluge lt > well
known at Hadar and thin vicinity. For
some tlmo he has been teaching ut
Santee In the mission school
But Robbort Ttiemielvai Conducted
th Profitable Duilnait.
The bundlti ) of Manchurln and Mini
golIn have adopted a now way of ac
quiring at least n portion of tlio goodi
of the traveler. Tbeso mounted high
waymen In band * not only constantly
attack the peaceful native population ,
but even rob travelers In broad day-
Aa n provision against this danger
an Insurance ) bureau where ono buys a
banner at a cost of about onc-llvo-hun-
drcdth of the value of the property to
bo insuied Is established there.
This banner cairled by a traveler
will save him from the bandits' attack ,
for , curiously enough , they themsolvoM
conduct this Insmance business Hut
It has Its limitations
"Wo paid our picmlum at the Insur
ance bill can. " sajs a Jiipaneso tiav
elor , "secured a ted banner , nud our
patty ( hen started from Hinbln , using
sevcial stutdj ponies for omselves and
tlie c.itrjiin ; of our luggage. Aftei
traveling al/ont / te n mile ? wo reached
i small tow n i nlle-d Takln
"Sevcinl of out customers came to
fieo us lu the evening and warned us
that theie weie many mounted ImndltH
lu the ncigliboihood When wo told
them theie was no i mm for anxiety
on tlioii ii < count because of the lusur
anee thej Info ! mod us that by It out
> afety was guatantecd only on the
hlgliwavs , but thnt the bandit btneau
was nut iestoiislliie | for what might
happen Inside of any building. "
Individuality ta Point of Freaklshnen
a Characteristic of New Parasols.
Indlviduiilltj that goes to tbo point
of freaklsliness Is a characteristic ol
the parasols of Hill While there arc
some absolutely plain styles that depend
pond for their eftect upon the beauty
of the silk of which they nro made ,
mot o p.nasols aie to be found of odd
Rbapc ami with unusual trimmings.
Quite odd and pretty la the stat
shaped patasol ' 1 his is made of two
four-pointed silk tops placed ono above
the other , with tlio poinLs and space *
alternating so that the center Is clou
ble and tbeie arc eight pointed sec
tions of single silk
lllnck and white effects In sun
shades aie wonderfully good , and the
ONE rinon nousB aowM ,
bordering IR u6en In a great ma :
This is a most attractive house gov
with the waist cut In one , with t
sleeves after the latest fashion , ui
the closing is made at tbo left froi
The skirt is narrow without eraggei
This May Munton pattern la cut In at :
from 34 to 42 Inches bust measure Sc
10 cents to this ofllce. ulvlne number. Cl
and Uvlll be promptly forwarded to >
by mall It In tiaste Bend an nddltlnr
two cent stamp for letter postnc * . whl
Insures more prompt ilnlli > > ry
in ,
Third Ward Republicans for Him f
Water Commissioner.
s- Frank Carrick received the una
in mous endorsement of the Third wa
10 republican caucus for the nomlnuti
nt for water commissioner , in the c <
loa \ontion Tlnnsday night
' 0 Below Zero In the North.
) U St. Paul , Minn. , March 15. Ono i
in greo above zero was the official to
lie peraturo hero today To add to t
discomfort after the tompornti :
weather of the last week , a wind of
mated at sixty miles an hour , sw <
2r- over the city
2red In northern North Dakota and Ci
ed ada zero temperatures prevail. Devi
ndof Lake , N. D , reported 2 below ; Win
of peg 6 below , Minnedosa 12 bole
ho Quappello 8 below and Prince Albi
id 8 below. The forecast Is for contli
by cd cold today and tonight
hep Duluth , Minn. , March 1C. With
; p drop of 70 degrees In eighteen hoi
ire the thermometer this morning on t
cb city streets showed five below zero
he Cold Wave Moves East.
iy. Washington , March 15. Stori
3lr weather will prevail along the Atli
j tic coast tonight and warnings ha
of been displayed all the way from E ;
Port. Maine , to CaH' | llattonm. The
Htenm Is moving eastward fioin the )
gieat lake legion Decidedly colduf t
weather IH predicated b > the weather
bureau for the entile country east of
the Mississippi within the next fifty-
six hours.
In Noifolk the loinporaturo dropped
Mi elegtces , fiom till to 111.
Valentine Nominees.
Valentino , Neb , March If' ' . Special
to The News At the clllretm caucua
held heio , Howard Laporto , Cldo
Davenport and ( Jeorgo Chapman vvoro
nominated for the town board , Lu-
poi to and Davenport have been on ,
but their term explios this spring , nnd
Mr Chapman will take the place of
Mr Kcoly
Her Man Friend Was an Expcit at
Making Embioidcry.
Albun.v. N Y Mineh II With a
long list ol witnesses , miniv of thorn
women , summoned lo test if v to tlu <
mental unsoundiu'ss ol Mis I'dlth
Melbei , on dial foi tbo minder of hoi
; little ne n It Hooiued todav that the
defense might not he abli > to lepoit
heloie tomoiienv Iheii expeitn upon
whoso leslliuonv lliev hope to estab
llsh the fail that tile doleiidinit was
nientnllv Im ompoteiillieii she com
milted l ho cilnie
Alvstoiv i ontiniie-i to nttinli lo the
leason of the deleime foi liislsling on
tlie attendance In loint ol Howard
Khk who lias llguied as .Mrs .Melhei s
i loses ! filcnd pi lor to the tiagedy foi
uliiih site Is on tiial Imposing ov
bibits of ail einbiotdeiv bv Kill ; , piled
on the desk of tbo defendant's lotin-
scl , aie highly stimulative ot union
A Rcdmonite Chosen.
Dublin , Maich 15 Augustine Hoche
a Hodmonlfo , was elected today to the
scat lor the north division of Louth
made vacant by the court's decision
that Hlchaid Hn/lctonV oloctlon at
tlio last pailianuMitary pollings waa
seemed by fiaud. Today'n oloctlon
was unopposed , Timothy Healy refusIng -
Ing to reeontest the' seat from which
he was ousted by Ha/leton.
Robins Stay All Year.
llurke. S D Marcli 15. Special to
Tlio Newtiiegoiy county people
bave > been passlvel > interested In the
excitement attending the discovery of
tlio 1011 lobin in Nebiaska , an
noted by The News' correspondents
in v in ions paits of that state Robins
have boon plentiful in thiu vicinity fe > r
tlie last siweokH , and the fact that
tlioj appear about Fobiuary 1 each
jear piobabl.v explains why the oc-
cinicnco excites no comment , It hav
ing become tbo ic-gular annual thing
so that tlio people here do net seem to
icallye that theie Is anything remark
able about It , and no one ban thought
it woitli while to tii' to explain It or
find out why It is so However , this
week the subject was brought to mind
by Chailes F Doegan , a lanchman
living em Whetstone clock , twelve
miles noi th of Huike Mr Deogan
says that loblns do not como to this
pait of the' countiy from the Houth
nnj eailb i than they do to any othoi
) ait of the countiv liit the se'ciot of
he-ir e.nlv appoaiance hoio each year
lies in the fact that they never leave-
He doc-hues thnt he can show anyone
i lobin within ten minutes' walk of
his house any day in tlio jear. It
seems that nature has provided In n
can > on on Mr. Deogan's ranch a na-
tuial w intei homo for biids , where
tlie > stay instead of migrating upon
the approach of w inter. Mr. Deogan
descilbes tbo place as a eleop canyon
sheltered from the north winds by a
high bluff. At the base of this bluff is
a low of hot water springs small goy-
sois , as it weio and the steam and
waim vapor ailslng fiom these , it is
presumed , oveicomos the frigid atmos
phere of winter and keeps the tem
perature of the canyon near temperate -
ate all winter. Mr. Doegan declares
thnt snow falling In the canyon molts
nearly as fast as it falls , the ground
alwa > s being warm , owing to the res-
oivoiiB of hot water which evidently
underlie the locality , and that the
giass and other verdure near the
springs does not die , but remains
green and continues to grow all win-
tor. And hoio the robins and other
biids iemain all winter enjoying the
comforts of a steam heated flat until
spilng , when they scatter over the
surrounding country and select places
for Hummer housekeeping. Mr. Dee
gan declares that the birds which win
ter In this canyon usually start house-
Ifooplng cailler In the sprhig than
those which come In from the south ,
and Is confident that they are already
nesting this year and that within a
week or two lie will bo able to Invite
doubters to como and \levv joung rob
ins in tlio nest Ho states that ho Is
going to attempt the growth of trop
leal plants and trees In the canyon ,
although tbo available space is so
small that his efforts will necessarily
bo on a small scale , the entire area of
the canyon being not over an acre
However , ho will try lemon and orange -
ango tre' Mils year , nnd If h6 IH suc
cessful with them will endeavor to
lay out nnd develop a real tropical
garden on n small scale. The canyon
Is now heavily timbered with largo
trees and shrubbery Indigenous to this
soil and climate.
Mr. Deegan was formerly a resident
of Lindsay , In Platte county , Neb. , and
Is a man of nmiuestloned veracity.
His reports have excited a great deal
of Interest here and bin place will un
doubtedly bo visited by parties from
this town in the near future , and some
project along the line of a winter re
sort may bo broached.
The News' correspondent waa rais
ed in the town of Bassott , In Hock
county , Neb , , and remembers when a
boy of thinking It strange that the
first robins each year arrived appar
ently from the north Instead of the
south , ns the books teach. The rea
son is now undoubtedly made plain in
t the discovery of the Doegan canyon.