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Resolution Offered by Cummins la
Adopted With Amendment , Providing -
ing for Information , "If Consistent
With the Public Welfare. "
Washington , Fob. 23. A resolution
calling on the president submit in the
senate all the information ho has bearIng -
Ing on the Canadian reciprocity agree
ment together with the ! A'0/jnd sta-
tUUci gathered by the i. . % ; ' '
was offered today In the senate . °
Cummins and adopted. Au nmci.
mcnt making the romtest "if consist
ent with the public welfare" wns
May Change McCall Bill.
That a determined effort will be
made on the floor of the senate to
amend the McCall bill and that the
movement will receive the support of
a considerable number of republicans ,
both regulars and insurgents , became
apparent after Mr. Cummins' resolu
tion had boon submitted.
The resolution received the approval
of several old guard senators and es-
jpeclully of Senator Halo , who said he
wan In sympathy with the Idea In that
H might load to entirely now negotla-
'tlons with Canada.
"Cummins Will Try to Amend.
This statement was In response to a
I'rank avowal by Mr. Cummins that he
purposed to offer amendments to the
McGlll bill to the end that articles
which farmers have to buy shall bo re
duced to the plane of products of the
soil , which are put on the free , list
by the Canadian agreement.
Complaint Filed With Railway Com
mission Against Omaha Road.
Lincoln. Feb. 23. Special to The
News : The \Vayne Commercial club
today filed u complaint with the rail
road commission alleging the depot at
that place of the Omahatroad is inad
Judge Names Committee to Investi
gate Alleged Contempt.
Cincinnati , O. , Feb. 23. Judge Gor-
tuan of the court of common pleas
tnnde good today his announcement
yesterda > of the Intention to appoint n
committee of attorneys to investigate
and possibly prosecute George B. Cox
and a morning newspaper for con
tempt of court because of Cox's state
ment regarding the grand jury which
indicted him Tuesday.
The Judge named the committee be
fore the crowded court room this
morning , they being Edward Barton ,
Aaron A. Ferris and Clyde P. Johnson.
Lincoln , Feb. 23. Special to The
Newa : The Hatfleld Initiative and ref
erendum bill was ordered to third
reading this afternoon in the house.
H differs from the Sktlles bill , which
has passed the senate , in only a few
The members killed an amendment
to raise the referendum petition re
quirement from f > to 10 percent.
The senate spent the morning in
committee of the whole with the Ottls
.stock yard bill under debate. A vote
may bo taken this afternoon.
Lincoln , Feb. 23. Debates in the
house of representatives on the sub
ject of Initiative and referendum ac
complished nothing but one slight
change in the bill. The amendment
offered by Speaker Kuhl In the com
mittee of the whole changing the re
quirements for initiating petitions
from 10 to 15 when the contemplated
measure is an amendment to the con
stitution , was passed. This has been
offered as a substitute to the Nelr ol
Hamilton amendment to make all ln <
itiating petitions 15 instead of 10 per
While the house was discussing the
direct legislation problem the senate
was bickering over the stock yards
bill. The afternoon session of the
senate did not take It up , but the de
bates In the morning wore spirited
and developed n strong and detormln
ed opposition to the bill which may
defeat it when It comes to a vote.
Neither house took any definite ac
tlon upon the Important measures be
fore It and the debates were continued
this morning.
-Dakota Farmer Fires Bullet Into Hie
Aberdeen , S. D. , Feb. 32. Despon
dent because of an attack of asthma
of long standing Christian Keppler. a
farmer , living twelve mlleu from Aber
deen , committed suicide by Bonding s
revolver bullet through bis brain. Hit
wife attempted to prevent the act , bul
failed. Keppler bad boon acting
otrangely for several days and la be
ilered to have been mentally-deranged
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Maximum -31 !
Minimum ' 4
Average . 18
Daromotor . . . 80.40
Chicago , Fob. ! 2S.--Tho bulletin Issued -
sued by the Chicago station of the
United States weather bureau gives
the forecast for Nebraska as follows :
Fnlr tunlRht and Friday : not much
chnngo In temperature
j , Paris. Fob. 23. General Brun , inln-
war in the cabinet of Premier
" "IM'ed ' dead from a paralyt
ic Hti- * at the offices of the minis
try hero today.
General Brun entered the cabinet
formed by Brland In July , 1909 , when
the Clemonceau ministry retired. Ho
had been head of the general staff of
the army for three and a half years
and was a personal .friend of Presi
dent Falleries. He Ifns born In 1849.
General Bruu was enthusiastic over
the possibilities In the development of
aeroplanes and dirigibles for use by
the French army qgfl encouraged fre
quent experimental Last fall he gave
a luncheon in honor of aviators then
at Paris. Later ho announced rewards
for aeronauts who participated in the
armv maneuvers at Grand Vllliores.
Washington , Feb. 23. Practically all
the time of the supreme court of the
United States today is to be consumed
with arguments In cases In which the
state of Oklahoma is requesting ac
The first cases Involve the right of
the federal courts in Oklahoma to
grant Injunctions , which would result
It Is said , in the state officials being
prohibited from seizing liquor coming
Into the state as Interstate commerce.
Another case involves the right of
railroads to carry liquor into that sec
tion of Oklahoma that formerly was
Indian territory. In still another case
the state seeks to obtain an injunc
tion to prevent the Atchlson , Topeka
and Santa Fe railway company from
charging a higher freight rate In Ok'
lahouia than Is charged In Kansas.
Fremont , Neb , , Feb. 23. John Beck
an employe of the Kendrick meat market
kot , was shot and Instantly killed yes
terday afternoon by C. H. Bych Buck
lin while- the latter was shooting at
target. The affair occurred at Ken
drlck's slaughter house west of town
A number of young men were dowt
there shooting at a target which was
put up opposite the end of one of th
buildings. Bock stepped out from be
hind the building just as Buckliu shot
the bullet striking him in the neck
severing the jugular vein and killing
him almost Instantly. The gun uset
was a 32-callbre rifle. Both of th
men were employed by the Kendrlcl
company. Beck was a sausagemakei
and Bucklln delivered , sometimes wait
ing on customers.
Beck was a German , 26 years olt
and unmarried. It Is not know :
whether he has relatives in this coun
try and ho has only been here n shor
time. He has some acquaintances a
Wlsner. Bucklln Is about 20 years oh
and has lived In Fremont for the nios
of his life. He is almost prostratet
with grief over the unfortunate affair
A Large Steamer In Trouble.
London , Feb. 23. A large steamer
supposed to be a trans-Atlantic liner
is ashore off the Scilly islands. Tin
funnels and masts have gene by thi
board. Lifeboats have gone to thi
assistance of the vessel.
London , Feb. 23. The craft ashen
off the Scilly islands Is the derelict o
the French warship Richlleu.
Thirty-nine Perished On Ship.
Victoria. B. C. , Fob. 23. The flndlni
of two survivors of the French steam
ship Bln-Thuan , which mystoriousl ;
disappeared in January , has cleared ui
the mystery in connection with thi
loss of the vessel , according to ad
vices brought by the steamer Chlcagi
Maru , which arrived from the orient
The two Chinese , the sole survivors o
the vessel , were found on Tiger Islam
off Annam , by the French destroye
Mousquet. The Bin-Thuan sailed eai
ly In January from Palphong for Li
rain with 16,000 cans of oil. Accord
ing to the story told by the Chines
survivors a terrific explosion set fir
to the ship , which burned all nigh
and finally sank. Thirty-nine of th
forty-two men In the crew were losl
An Interchange Between Senators
Preceding Bcveridge's Long Speech
Against Lorlmer Thursday , Shows
No Vote is Likely for Some Time.
Washington. Feb. 23. The validity
of the election of Senator Lorlmer of
Illinois will not come to a vote In the
senate today and probnhl } not for sev
eral days yetif at all at this session.
That was made evident In an inter
change which preceded the long nut I-
Lorlmer speech delivered this after
noon by Senator Uevoridge of Indiana.
Senator Burrows of Michigan , chair-
mnn of tVr committee which Investi
gated the case and exonerated Mr.
Lorlmer of the charge of being the
beneficiary of bribery in the Illinois
legislature , sought to fix by unanimous
consent an hour for a vote.
Executive Session Pressing.
Senator Lodge objected ; he said it
vas of the utmost importance that the
enate go into executive session at
he earliest possible moment pro-
umably having In mind the Japanese
Senator Stone of Missouri said ho
esired to make a few remarks on
he Lorlmer case himself. Mr. Bur-
ows suggested that a vote be had at
i o'clock on Saturday. Mr. Stone
aid he had no objection to a vote , he
objected only to fixing a particular
lour for it. Mr. Ueveridge , who had
he floor , thereupon refused to yield
urther and the remote prospects of
in early vote became still more re-
Lorimer Doesn't Hear It.
Mr. Lorlmer himself'did not listen
o the Indiana senator's speech. He
sat through most of the other attacks
on his election , but he does not Intend
o speak again in any event. There
were a good many people in the gal-
erieb today , but the crowd was never
to be compared with that which sat
vesterday during Larimer's defense ot
It is not part of the intention of the
friends of Mr. Lorlmer to allow his
neniles to close the debate. Senators
, Gnlllnger and Burrows are among
those who will be heard on his side.
Hitter feeling has arisen among the
. contending factions so the prospect is
that from this time on. the debate will
be more lively. Lorimer't , friends now
claim fifty-four votes of ninety. The
opposition to Lorimer gives no fig
A Clash With Depew.
In the course of a brisk interchange
' between Senators Beveridgo and De-
pew during the former's speech Sen
ator Depew declared he had formed
his opinion of the case , not on the
whole printed record , but from an ab
stract made by counsel. "But it was
made by counsel for the prosecution , "
he added.
In the course of his speech Senator
Beveridge practically charged that the
report in the case originally prepared
and signed by the members was not
the same report which afterwards was
submitted to the senate.
When appealed to say. whether this
was the fact , Senator Depew said he
could not remember all the details and
suggested that the Indiana senator
call some other witness.
c Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill Ready
for the House.
Washington , Feb. 23. The sundry
civil appropriation bill , carrying a total -
tal of $140,590,031 including 13,000,000
for fortifications on the Panama canal ,
( was completed by the appropriations
committee today and immediately reported
ported to the house. This is a cut of
$14,486,503 from the estimates.
n. Arrested in Mexico aa Rebels Who
rt the Prisoners Are.
lt Los Angeles , Feb. 23. Lawrence
Converse , the young American report
ed arrested as a rebel at Juarez , is a
son of Charles Converse , a lawyer of
Glendore , Calif. The young man Is 22
years old. He was a member of the
California national guard. He served
for a while as a flre warden in the
El Paso , Tex. , Feb. 23. Edwin M.
Blatt , the other American now being
held in the Juarez jail along with Law
rence Converse , is a son of Peter
re Blatt , a wagon maker of Plttsburg , Pa.
Mexicans Honor Washington.
Laredo , Tex. , Feb. 23. Nueva La
redo. Mox. , appropriated an American
national holiday and joined with this
city In the celebration of Washing
ton's birthday. Bull fights across the
river , an attack on the city hall hereby
by a band of malce-bellovo Indians and
a pageant Including floats , cowboys
and soldiers , interested 40.000 visit
ors In the two cities.
German Royal Yacht Salts.
Kiel , Germany , Feb. 23. The Ira
porial yacht Hohenzollera srtled today
for Venice , from whence It will take
Emperor William and Empress Au
gusto Victoria and their grandchildren
to Corfu early In March. It is ex
pected Crown Prince Frederick wll
come and the Crown Princess wll
join the partr later.
( Copyrlfflit , 1911. )
Col. Roosevelt Is Preparing for a Trip Through the West.
Pass Veto Bill.
London , Feb. 23. Premier Asmiith
was the recipient of a tremendous ova
tion from his supporters in the house
ast night when the parliament bill ,
otherwise known as the veto bill , a
neasure designed to curtail the power
of the lords , was passed on its first
eadlng by the government's full ma-
ority of 121 , the \ote being 351 to
One Year's Death Roll Because of It
Totals 1,063.
The queer superstition still eiists
that somehow smoke Is good for the
licalth. Perhaps it la the Londoner's
way of consoling himself for having
black instead of pink' lungs I'.ut
Glasgow runs London very closely in
the matter of opaque atmosphere.
StaiKtic-x show during the an
tuinii fogs in Glasgow In 1001) ) l.Oli.i
people died from fog. From beiun
thirteen in the thousand the Glasgow
death rate went up to twenty In the
thousand during the fog season. When
the nation lost about the same number
of mun during the "black week" in the
Boer war It was panic stricken , but
not much notice Is taken of the com
monplace smothering of a thousand
people in the Glasgow "black weeks. "
Sir Wllliifm Richmond , an expert in
fog facts , has recently had something
to say about the way sulphuric acid
bites Into pictures , u fact flfdt diutov
cred by Faraday when he reported
upon the proposed removal of the Na
tional gallery. The Elgin marbles ap
pear to be suffering too. The bits of
color have gone , and the surface has
lost Its old transparent look. Sir Wil
liam Richmond compared the present
surface to "opaque putty. "
Smoke costs London $23,000,000 n
year. R. Russell , another authority ,
says that If London were only smoke
less It would be sunny enough to bo a
health resort for the rheumatic anil
Pennsylvania's Highest Po k.
The highest mountain peak in Penn
sylvania Is located In Lincoln town
ship. In the northwestern part of Bed
ford county. H U known as Blue
ICtiob and has an elevation of " > , ' , ZM
feet above main sea level. The nearest
approach to H In Pennsylvania la Rip ;
Bald Kv.t'b. 'J.000.7 fuel above tide , a
few iuics ! snntliweitvvnrdly from Blue
Knob , at tbe Bedford and Somerset
countv line
Traffic U Restored.
Berlin , Feb. 23. A dispatch from
Tsin Tnu says that second and third
class traffic on the German-owned
Bhang Tunk railroad , which was sus '
pended on account of the plague , have
been restored.
Little Boys , Left Alone In House Near
Pierre , Perish In Flames.
Pierre , S. D. , Feb. 23. Two little
sons of Ilarley Kefhart , a farmer liv
ing near Fort Pierre , were burned to
death yesterday. Mr. Kefhart was
not at homo and the mother had left
the llttlo ones , aged 2 and 4 years ,
In the house whllo she went to a pas
ture to get n horse. The building
caught flro in some manner during
her absence.
Plttshurg , Feb. 23. Harry Kemp ,
3 * . years old , owner of a small theater
and proprietor of confectionery
store , shot and slightly wounded 3&rla
Stelnecke. 1T > years old , and then
killed himself. The Rlrl formerly
worked for Ke-mp. As Kemp's body
was being hurried to a hospital the
girl's father appeared and attempted
to make an assault oa the dead
Pierre , S. D. , Feb. 23. The new
\ \ oman's party organization adopted
resolutions endorsing the movement
for ample appropriations for carrying
on the work of agricultural education
through the farmers' institutes and ex
periment farms for the purpose of
building up the state and making
farm life more attractive and profit
Governor Vessey has sent a reply
to H. O. Richards as to his- reasons
for declining to support the Richards
primary bill , giving a number of de
tailed reasons , one of which is that
the hill seeks to destroy party or-
gani/ntion and the partj pro\idir
ior government by faction- , which in
the end will mean a number of fac
tional followings with minority nomi
nations and no benefits to be gained.
Since the bill to create the now
eleventh and twelfth judicial circuits
has passed both houses , representa
tives from both districts are becom
ing numerous and the fight for ap
pointments to the two judicial places
Is not only warming , but is becoming
somewhat boated , with indications of
bitter personal fights over the mat
ter before the question can be settled
by appointment.
Iowa City , la. , Feb. 23. William
( Farmer ) Baldwin , who claims the
mat championship of Iowa , sustained
a broken neck in a match with "Dad"
House at Iowa City last evening. At
n late hour he lingered , but attending
physicians said there was no possible
chance of bis recovery. The sustain
ing vertebra at the top of his spinal
column snapped from the force of a
throw overhead , House having entrap
ped him Into n-powerful full Nelson
"One-Round" Hogan Win * .
' , N'ew York , Feb. 23. "One-Hound"
Ilogan of California gained the popii-
1 : r decision over "Knockout" Brown
of Now York in a ten-round bout at
' the Madison Athletic club here.
Gotch Throws the Boer.
Hartford , Conn. , Feb. 23. Frank
.Gotch threw Peter Nogert , the Boer ,
[ twice within an hour hero , llo se-
.cured the first fall in 20 minutes and
J45 seconds and the second in G min
Fight Ten Fast Rounds.
Indianapolis , Feb. 2S. Jimmy Gard
ner of Lowell , Mass. , and Jack Dillon
of this city , fought ten fast rounds to (
n draw before the Indianapolis Athlet
ic club. They weighed In at l.r > 4
pound.- ) .
This a Vicious Knockout.
Rochester , N. Y. . Feb. 23. Tony
Ross of Plttsburg knocked out Hank :
GrtfUn of Los Angelea in the first
round. Ross twice knocked the negro ,
through the ropes. When he saw ho i
had things his own way Iloss used his i
right glove to hold up Griffin's face
while he swung his left for the knock
out punch.
Hack Wlni Match.
Denver , Colo. , Feb. 23. George
Ha kenachraldt defeated Cbarkw "Kid"
Cutler of Chicago in two straight falls
at the Auditorium. The first fall came
after 41 minutes and 29 seconds of
wrestling , with a half Nelson and
crotch hold. The second Hacken-
schmidt took easily in 9 minutes 30
seconds , with a half Nelson and bar-
McFarland the Better Man.
Philadelphia , Feb. 23. Packey Mc
Farland of Chicago and Frankie Ma-
dole of Pittsburg fought six rounds
here , and although no decision was
tendered , McFarland had the better of
it. They fought at catchweights.
Keep Schmidt Out of Ring.
Fort Smith. Ark. , Feb. 23. The fif
teen-round boxing bout between Char
les Schmidt , catcher for the Detroit
American baseball club , and Joe Gor
man of Moskogee , which was sched
uled , has been postponed. U is said
an effort is being made to keep
Schmidt out of the ring.
Morris-Flynn Bout Postponed.
Oklahoma City , Feb. 23. The Carl
Morris-Jim Flynn fight , announced to
take place here , has been indefinitely
postponed. Morris , in charge of Con
Riley , is training near Sapulpa. It is
said he probably will fight again with
in the next sixty days , but his oppon
ent has not been selected.
Knockout in Fifteenth.
Akron , O. . Feb. 23. Phil Brock , the
Cleveland lightweight , won the do
cislon over Jack Redmond of Milwnu
kee in the last round of their fifteen
round bout at Akron. The bout was
fast and fierce all the way. Redmom
had the better of his opponent unti
the last round , when Brock came back
'with surprising vigor and overwhelm
ed him.
Whipped by Harry Lewis.
Paris , Fob. 23. Harry Lewis , the
American welterweight , won a twenty-
five-round fight from "Blink" McClos-
key. McCloskoy , who a few weeks
ago was compelled to quit in the third
j round against the same opponent be
cause one of his seconds threw - ammonia
monia In his face by mistake , put up a
good fight but was outclassed.
A Half Million Dollar Fire.
White Plains. N. Y. , Feb. 22. Fire
starting In a chop suey restaurant on
South Lexington avenue here today
burned through the block to Ora
Lamptum street and destroyed n num
ber of valuable business buildings.
The loss Is estimated at more than
$500,000. So far as is known there
was no loss of life. One fireman was
| badly injured through the explosion of
, a gas tank.
Money and Jewelry Found on Them.
j Two of the Men Confess.
GnlncsMlle , Go. , Feb. 23. Three
men have been nneated and more
j than $2,000 in money and jewelry has
| been recovcred as a result of three
dajs' search for. the gang which he'd
up and lobbed the Southern railway
t fast mall train at Whlto Sulphur
| Springs last Saturday morning.
, Two have confessed. It is the bo-
i lief of the office.s ! of the express and
railway rompanle- , that the entire
gang has hoen rounded up , but their
identity has not lieen determined.
Following the capture of a man sup-
po-ed to be one of the robbers about
{ four miles from luhlonega , two were
' arrested by a posse. Tbo men were
surprised on a mad about fourteen
'miles ' from Dnblono a and otYored lit-
tlo resistance. Neaily $100 In cash
j and jewelry valued at between $500
i and $600 was found The ) refused
to give their mime *
1 Whilti they kept thdr Identity sec
ret , the > said tlit * man arrested ear
lier near DahloneMU wan ono of the
ring leaders and was known as John
D. Anderson.
There Is Said to be No Thought of
Anything but Kindly Feeling In the
Japanese Empire Toward the People
ple of the United States.
Toklo. Feb. 21 ! . A mooting of Am
ericans resident In Japan wits hold
n Yokohama recently In the Interest
of the International peace movement
lUnoiig the business done was the
idoptlon of a resolution designed to
refute the reports that public uoatl
nont In this country is hostile to the
rnltcd States as follows :
"Uesohed. thiit In our opinion , the
leoplo of Japan liavo at all times
ntei tallied the most friendly and cor-
llnl sentiments toward the govern
ment and people of the United States
and thnt there never has been nor Is
now nny fooling but of confidence- and
gratitude.Vo believe , upon evi
dence which cannot be doubted , that
there Is not to bo found In the Japa
nese empire any wish or thought
other than to ijyilntalu the most
friendly and cordial relations with
the republft of the United States ,
and that any representations to the
contrary , wherever emanating and
from whatever cause proceeding , arc
baseless calumnies , which , if uncon-
tradicted , can only result in the vast
material losses to the people of both
governments and in creating an tin
liappv prejudice between thorn. "
Following Talk With Secretary Knox ,
He's for New Treaty.
Washington , Feb. -Secretary of
State Knox today talked with Senator
Hale concerning the tariff feature of
the new Japanese treaty .and as a re
sult It was stated that the latter would
withdraw his objections to ratification
But Opposition from Unexpected Quar
ter Develops in Senate.
Wabi'inyton ' , Feb. 21 ! . An effort was
made to crowd through the senate the
now treaty with Japanese on com-
mcrce , and navigation , but It met with
resistance from an unexpected quar
ter. Senator Hale bald the treaty rep-
rerouted a voluntary surrender of a
commercial advantage which this
country would enjoy for another year
over the nations of Europe with whom
Japan is negotiating new commercial
Senator Lodge , who reported the
treaty from the senate committee on
foreign relatives , which agreed to re
port it after its provisions had been
explained by Secretary of State Knox ,
was unable to satisfy the objectors.
Considerable feeling was exhibited
by Mr. Lodge In answering the Maine
senator's criticism. It had been ex
pected there might be Borne opposi
tion from Pacific coast senators be
cause of the elimination from new
treaty of all reference to the immigra
tion of laborers as covered by the ex
isting treatof 18H The western
senators offered no arguments against
ratification beyond demanding time in
which to obtain an understanding of
its provisions. |
_ j
March on Rebels.
El I'aso , Tex. , Feb. 23. General
Nnvarro broke camp at Guadalupe
: ird began an advance toward Apu-
nmda where there Is a considerable
force of insuriectos with Madoro. HP
Is reported to bo camped out about
forty miles from Apiinmdn.
Twenty-five Men Rescued.
LaCro.sse , Wis. , Feb. 23. After be
ing many hours ndrilt on the Ice hi
the Mississippi river , twenty-five men
and nearly a dozen teams of horses
were rescued by strenuous efforts of
LnCiosso boatmen. None of the men
suffered from the experience.
Anarchy Spreads in Japan.
Toklo , Feb. 23. The eprc-ttd of
.Minichlstlc doctrine In Japan was the
basis of an attack upon the govern
ment in the diet today. Members of
the opposition introduced a resolution
censuring the government for having
permitted outlawry to roach a point
where an attempt upon the life of the
emperor had been planned. The reso
lution was defeated by a largo ma
jority. The debate retived the re
cent conspiracy which resulted In the
execution of Donjlro Kotoku and his
wife and ten ether anarchists and
the Imprisonment of fourteen others.
Premier Katsura outlined the efforts
which were being mndo to prevent the
growth of the movement.
Dawson Declines the Job.
Washington , Feb. 23. Representa
tive Alfred F. Dawson of Davenport ,
la. , to whom was offered the post of
.secretary to the president , called on
President Taft and told him that he
did not care to bo considered In con *
no'tlon with that office. Mr. Daws * *
Is to become president of the First
N'atlonaJ bank of Davenport , with u
salary considerably larger than he.
sets In congrosa and bo told the
proaidont that ho preferred to. feturir
to Iowa. '