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Remains of His Sister-in-law are
Stolen and Carried Away In n Wagon
gen Believed to be Held for Ran
som Family One of Prominence.
Kile. Pa , Teh 9.Uody snatching
that may equal the daring gnuo lob
bcr > that stlrrod the country more
than a quartet ; of a ccntuij ago ,
Alien the body of A. T. Stcwait , New
YoiUs pioneer mci chant , was stolen , stlned this section as nothing ban
tlum > slneo the sensational Kidnapping
a this \lrlnlty a few years ago
1 IR > mniiBolem of ono of the most
in eminent families of this soutlon of
the state was desecrated some tlmo
between. . .Monday and jostoidtiy after-
cum A body Is missing from tno
> anlt of the family of the Into Con-
, -ressman William L. Scott
The discovery was mndo by two
Aotmii walking through the Kile
emoteiv. The family was linmo-
iwuly notified and a watch was
ul.K i d in tho" cemetery at midnight
vftor all assurances wet o made that
ho missing body was not In the
an It
Mrs. McColIum's Body Missing.
The Ihst information to the public
,11110 fiom the family. It Is known ,
' .ovvcvcr , that the body taken b > the
f.houlrt is that of Mis. McCollum , a
MHtei lu-law of the late Mr. Scott
The police believe 'ho ' body is being
Held for lansom and that the vandals
, ilso intended to carry way the bodes
es of the milllonnlio and his wife
\\hen the women In the ccmcter.v
found bioUeii chains and open doois
in the mausolem they notified Mis
Chailes II Stiong , who Is a daughter
of Mr Scott and the wife of Charles.
H Stiong , puxtident of the JCiie &
r > t clung railway and ov-iier of the
r' >
Mrt , SUons notified the police
As f.o8ii as the news of the giavc
robbeiv reac-hed the Strong homo
Mis Thora Stiong Uonolds , a grand'
ilaughtcr of William L. Scott , stalled
for the cemotoiy with her father
Chailes II. Sttong.
Seals Broken With Chisel.
Pho caskets aio scaled In a wall
ui d d i hhcl had been iif.ed In break
jus the seals before the metallic boon \
( on Id bo cm iled away.
Phis casket was the flrbt ono on the
Uiwor tier nt the north side of tnc
i .uisolom and dliectly opposite It 01
1 e second tier Is the casket contain
IK die body of Mrs. Scott , the win
f the millionaire- who built the man
1 he seal on the niche conlainim
i .isket of Mrs. Scott was alsc
i -olun and when the touib was e\
.mined , it was found that thin ca&ke
TMIS half way out and Jo all appear
. . .ices > was ready to bo carried away
The- remains of the inilllonnin
weio l.vlng next to thobo of his wife
Mit his casket wns not disturbed ;
number of palms stored In the man
solem had been broken down and tw <
-ther caskets were broken inter bu
no attempt \va nmdo to cany oltho
of them nvvaj.
Carried Away In Wagon.
I hut the casket and the body wer
.lined away In a wagon Is Imlicntei
i > tuuks In the snow about the mav
Milciu The footprints of four an
in bonio Instances six men aio dis
01 nablo about n point whore the on
of a wagon might bo placed Th
wa on tracks lend to one of the gate
f the cemetery and these have bee
followed Into the street until 'lost i
ho beaten tracks of travel
The local nolieo have notified th
i ollco of cities within 100 miles of till
i > lace but still maintain that the bed
i < held hero for a ranuom.
Kveiy railroad and freight station I
Mketed and every avenue of outk
s guarded.
An Italian settlement , near tli
( emeteiy has become an object <
-ciutiny by the police and eveiy dwel
mg is being searched from cellar I
ganet , at the command of Chii
Once Threatened by Black Hand.
The Idea that the body of Mr
McCollum Is being held for lanso
t > y doilgnlng poisons Is substantiate
b > an Incident of two years ago. vvhc
the Stiong family was stouned vvli
black hand letters demanding flO.Oi
with the altei native of having the
summer homo west of this city blov
to atoms. The perpetiatois weio su
bequpiitly appichended and mo nc
n the vsestein penitentiary soivii
sentenceb following conviction in t !
: ouits.
Mrs. McCollum was n member of r
prominent family of Philadelphia a :
her maiden name was Tracy. Willln
L Scott , who built the mausolem ov
twenty yeais ago , was a close pi
'onal friend of the late ex-Pi esldc
Grover Cleveland and was ono of t
leaders of the democracy In the lion
of representatives when Clevela
Tcmpernture for Twenty.four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Maximum 10
Minimum , - 0
\ UMHK"0
llatomotei 20JI
Fob. . 7s-
Chicago , P.-Tho bulletin -
sued by thu Chicago atallon of the
United States weather buromt gives
the lotecnat for Nebraska n follows :
Fair tonight and Friday ; Using torn-
wns serving his llrnt term us presi
dent of the Unit oil Slates Orovor
Cleveland was ono of the pallbearers
at IIH ! fitnornl , his remains being the
first to bo Intoned In tbo vnnlt Ho
was ono ot the most prominent mil
road itinKiiatou of his llino and was
known by reputation from const to
The Erie cemetery association today
offered a toward ot $1,000 for Informa
tion loading to thoarrest , and convic
tion of xlioulH who desecrated tbo
Oklahoma City , Feb. 9. Sustaining
the conton'tions of the supporters of
Oklahoma City'in every point in the
capital lomoval contiovorsy , the state
supiemo couit In a decision rendered
today cleclaied this city to be the per
manent capital oi Oklahoma.
Head of Cpiccopal Church In Pennsyl
vania Passes Away.
Philadelphia , Feb. 9. Illght Ilev.
Ole Whitaker , bishop of tbo Protest
ant Episcopal diocese of Pennsylvania ,
died at his lesldcnce here nl noon to
Aicbblshop Hynn is maintaining his
Impiovement , but because of weak
ened condition of his heart , the out
come of his Illness cannot he pro-
die ted.
Judge Kenyon Again Takes the Lead ,
But There's No Election.
Des Molncb , 1'X ' ) . 9. The defeat of
trrow3lttic"im soustfflfrai pTirtifir b'U * !
the senate and the house yesterday
caused scveial changes In the joint
, ballot today. Judge Kenyon tccoived
' some votes which have been cast for
Funk and Young for several days and
, again took the lead
Senator "Young ictaiiied his oilglnal
btandpat strength , Funk diopped back
to twenty and Garst again took a posi
tion in the race. The joint ballot to
day was as follows :
Kenyon ID , Young 34 , Funk 20
Garst 1 , George W. Clark 1 , Porter
( democrat ) 53 ; absent , 2. Necessary
to elect , 7S.
Read Admiral Terfy Dead.
Washington , Feb. 9 Hear Admiral
Silas W. Tctry , United States navy
retiied , died here today of pneumonia
Danville Probe May Go Deeper.
Danville , Feb. 9. H looked today as-
if the grand jury intended to disio
fuml the instructions of Judge Kim
biough icgardlng the elghteen-montl
limitation , and make an investigation
of the election nt which Klmbiougl
was elected. Instead of making a 10
poit this morning , as was intended
Charlob Neco , nn election judge ot the
Wcbtvllle precinct , was called befou
the jury and questioned.
Approving Constitution.
Phoenix , Ariz. , Feb. , 9. Voting 01
the intlflcatlon of the constitution un
der which It U expected that Arlzoni
will be admitted , to the union is ii
progress throughout the territory. I
is admitted the constitution will hi
Rcapportlonment Is Up.
Washington , Fob. 9. The housi
took up the bill today for tbo reappot
10 tlonment of the house under the thli
Is teonth census. The topubllcnn can
iy cus favored retaining the present 1011 l
escalation of 391 members , while th
Is democints favoi a membership of 13
Of By Strictly Party Vote , Senate Corr
11- mlttce Acts Favorably.
11to Washington. Fob. 9. Hy a btilctl
ef party vote , all of the democrats i
oppoblton , the senate committee o
finance today voted to icpoit favo ;
. ably the bill passed by the house t
rs.un create a tariff board Sevotal impot
ed ant amendments vvoio adopted.
° " Buy Our Old Battleships
Santiago. Chile. Feb. 9. It Ib n
mored hero that the Poinvlnti goven
mont has purchased the Ameilcan un
vn tleships Iowa and Oiogon. This r <
ib- poi t follows the acquisition by Peru <
3VV two submarines and 55,000 illlcs.
ho The battleships Iowa and Oregc
wore built In 1S93. The former Is I
n reserve and the lattot out of commi
nd blon
rer Endorse Canadian Reciprocity.
or- Philadelphia , Feb. 9. The icclpi
ant city treaty between this country at
the Canada was Indorsed by the boatd i
ISO directors of the Philadelphia drug a
uul [ boclatton last night.
,1 I
The Indiana Insurgent , Not PretendIng -
Ing to Represent Other Insurgents ,
Welcomes the Agreement as n Com
pact We .Should Maintain.
Washington , Fob.Tho ! > llrst gun
In the congressional bnttlo over Cana
dian reciprocity was Ilred In the sen
ate today.
Senator novorldge of Indiana , nn In
surgent , was the marksman , and ho
lined up on the side of the adminis
tration. Ho did not make n pretense
of lepioaentlng others of the progres
sive camp.
Mr. Ueveildge welcomed the com
pact as the first concrete evidence of
the establishment of such lelntlons
\\ltii Canada which the United States
should maintain with a country so
dotcly adjoined physically and with a
I onple so Intimately allied uIth Amer
icans in klmhlp and inteiest
ii : Pafo , Tex , Fob 0. General
Oio/co Is reported by the Ameilcan
armv odlcers to have left his camp
across from the smelter. He is re
treating south.
Oro/co Is not strong enough to con
test the way with Navarro , who Is
said to be within a day's march of
Juarez , with 800 men. Dlanco Is said
lo be nt Old Casas Grandes with 300
men , where Oio co is bound. The of
fensive campaign of the icvolntlonlsts
has failed to all appearances. Fiom
high Insui recto sources it is learned
that all thought of attacking Juarez been abandoned.
Seize Dakota Man's Camera.
El Paso , Tex. , Fob. 9. There was
no light between Nnvarro and Dlanco ,
as lumorcd ycsteiday , accoi cling to
officials of the provisional govein-
nu'nt. The "Iatl6r flnim.C \ know ' ( he
evict whereabouts of Genet nl Dlanco ,
but declined to make thcii knowledge
The older against the use of cam
eras was cnfoiced against two Amer
icans at .luniei today. A. Pryor of
Pierre , S. D. , and A. 15. Hanglo of Ge
neva visited the city today to take
photogiaphs. Ciiiaicls lemoved the
films and returned the cameras with
a wanting.
Laicdo , Tex. , Fob. 9. Announce
inent is made today that tluee insui-
anco companies doing an extensive
business In Mexico would cancel all of
their poljcies in the lepublic because
of the present upiising.
, San Antonio , Feb. 9. Company A ,
, signal corps , from Fort Leavenwoith ,
Kan , under the command of Captain
William M. Crulekshnnk. and an aimy
- pack train fiom West Point in charge
of I'aekmaster J. W. Ilolliugsvvorth ,
passed through San Antonio last night
: enroute to the bonier. The signal
coipb will establish vvlieless telegraph
: htallono between Eagle Pass and Ml-
nera , Tex. The pack train Is convey
ing sixty-four mules and equipment to
the troops centeiing at Del Rio
Sun Antonio , Tex. , Feb. 9. Stanley
W. Fitch , chief examiner of the do-
pnrtmont of justice , who has been In
Texas ten days inquiring as to iieii'
trality matteis along the bonier , spent
yesterday in San Antonio in confer
ence with army and consular and cus
toma olllcors. lie left last night foi
Son Diego. Calif. , Teh. 9. Fifteen
lobels killed and six hoibos and 2.50C
rounds of ammunition captilred was
the rebiilt of a battle between sixtj
rebels and seventy-five Mexlcai
troops under command of Captalr
r"tJouzales , which was fought in Pica
' "
chlo canyon , eighteen miles east ol
Campo late Tuesday aftoinoon.
Salt Lake , Fob. 9. Elder A. W
Ivlns , who has airived hero from the
Mormon colony In Mexico , leport !
that the Mexican government has ic
quested the Mormon people theio t (
assist it In suppressing the insmrec' '
Elder Ivlns says :
"Wo have boon mott surpilsed ti
lecolvo Invitations fiom the go vein
to mont to take pait with It In suppros
slon ol Insurroctos and fuithermor
we oven have been threatened tha
unless vvo do the goveinment wll
compel us to.
"I may say , however , that the li
suigents aio not unfiloudly to th
Mormon , but expect to enlibt them a
eof friends , If not allies. I think the Mo >
of lean government will never carry on
Its tin eats and compel citizens of th
United States to take up arms In
311 fight that does not concetti them. "
Rasco Case to Jury.
St. Joseph , Mo. , Fob. 9. The nrgi
mont in the of I lor. Hasco , chari
ed with the murder of the Hubbe
ml family , closed at Maiyvllle , Mo. , th
of afternoon and the jury. Immediate !
18- retired. An early verdict was pi
I dieted.
( Copyright. 1311) )
It is Thought Another Woman and a
Man Are Still In th < s Car , Which
Went Into the Water When It
Leaped Through Open Draw.
Slieboygan , Wis. , Feb. 9. Two wo
men and a child are dead and it Is
thought that another woman and a
man me still in a btr ect car which
plunged into the Slieboygan liver at
tlio nighth stieet bridge draw thl t
' * *
The motoiman and the conductor
saved their lives by jumping when the
cai went into the open dtaw and then
swam to the slioic. where they weie
lescucd. The names of the dead aie
not jet known.
_ _ /
1,200 People Applaud Appeal for Ver
dict of Murder Against Man.
Muijville , Mo. , Feb. 3. The mobt
cliamutlc scene in the trial of He/
IJasco , chatgcd with the inurdei of
four mombcis of the llubboll family ,
occmied .vosteiday afternoon when
Assistant Piobccntlng Attotney Mat-
shall E. Foid , pointing at the defend
ant , demanded that the juiv letuin a
veidlct of guilty , with the death pen
Theio was a stoim of applause on
the pait of the audience which com
prised about 1,200 persons Shot Iff
Tilson and his deputies vvoio Itibtant-
ly on their feet shouting for older.
Judge Ulllson pounded on his desk
with a book. When quiet was" ie-
stored the couit instituted the Jmy
( o dUiuganl the oiilbieak
The case vvlll probably go to the
jury today.
Physicians Working In China Disheart
ened Over Conditons.
Pckln , Feb. 9 A letter iccolved
here from a Riitlsh volunteer physi
cian In Hat bin says the plague be
comes moie puzzling In Its symptoms
t'voty day. A thoiough examination
is made of all pet tons placed In quar
antine and the physicians carefully
t-egioguto those In whom the heait
symptoms are consldeicd mild. Never
theless some of those patients are In
variably found to have died.
The toieign doctois In mang places
are clisheai toned over the indiffci-
once , incapacity and conuption of the
otllcials who leftiBO to leurn from the
experience of Harbin and need to be
brought face to face wltb slmllai con
ditions befoio they will sut tender the
work of combating the disease to the
sanitary officers. Dispatches fiom
lint bin sny that while the disease ap
pears to bo decreasing theio , It has
e broken out among the t loops at sev-
etal places and tin onions to spioad
The afflicted Eoldleis have not been
Isolated , but continue In banacks.
Many deaths occur dally at Tlon
Tsin and the medical officials believe
it will slmio the fate of Manchurlan
towns. The masses hero declare Pe
kin. although sunounded. will not be
10 extensively afflicted , because ol the
n presence of the empeioi
To Abolish Circuit U. S. Couits.
Washington , Fob 9 After almost
a > car of desultory consideration the
scnatu passed the bill piovlding foi
the codification of the laws pet tain
ill Ing to the Juiy system of the countiy
Is In the main the bill mciely 10 enacts
existing statutes but It makes an 1m
pot taut change , consisting in the con
[ solldatlon of the clicult and dlstilc
courts of the United States. The cir
cuit com Is aio abolished and their
business tinnsfeircd to the district
com ts
10,109 of Them In State Year's Pro
ducts Worth 17 Millions.
Washington , Feb. 9 Accoi ding tea
a bulletin Issued today by the census
bin can , South Dakota maintains 10-
109 manufacturing plants and has
5 > 12,971,000 invested in them. Last
year the pioducts amounted to $17-
1S. > ,000 In value. The salaries and
wages paid amounted to $2,901,000.
An Eight-Round Draw.
Whvdsor , Out. , Fob. 9 Tommy Dev
lin ot Philadelphia , and Joe Phillips
of Now York , lightweights , fought an
eight-round diaw as the wind up at-
Inaction at the Windsor Athletic club.
. . Throw up the. Sjjonrje. ,
Memphis , Tonn. , Fob. 9. Young
Otto of Now York was too much for
Jack Savage of Uoston , and at the end
of the tliiid lound ol what was In
tended to be an oight-iound bout the
bcconds for the Doston lightweight
tliievv the sponge into the ling. Sav
age had been Hooted twice In the
round and his distress was evident
Nebraska Loses at Basketball.
Columbia. Mo. , Fob 9. The No-
biasku basketball live was defeated
by Missouil university heie. The
score was. Missouri 39 , Nebiaska 28.
Missouri led at the end of the first
half by a score of 18 to 11.
Nebraska lost the game on fouls ,
the referee claiming seventeen on the
visltots and nine on the home team.
Ad Wolgast in Hard Fight.
Philadelphia , Feb. 9 Ad Wolgabt ,
lightweight champion of the world ,
and "Knockout" I'.rown fought a hard
si.x-iouiid dtaw before the Ameilcan
Athletic club in this city. Digger
Stanley , champion bantamweight of
England , was defeated by Tommy
O'Toolo of this city.
Joe Jeannette had the advantage
over Jim i'any and Jimmy L'aiioll of
Callfoinia outpointed Young O'Leary
of New York in the preliminaries.
Guy Buckles Badly Beaten.
Milwaukee , Feb. 9.- Deb Moha of
Milwaukee easily outpointed Guy
Duckies of Omaha in a ten-round no-
decision bout which went to the limit.
! The men fought at catch weights.
[ Eveiy round was Moha's. He knocked
the Omaha boy down eight times , the
tvestcrner taking nlno of the count on
'iich occasion A shoit right Jolt to
he hcait In the llrst round was the
first case ol flooring Each boy closed
the other's lelt e > e In the thlid.
Duckies took an awtul beating In the
fourth on head and body and in the
Ifth the Omnlm boy was sent to the
lloor with a left to the juvv and In the
th round the performance was re
peated. The * Omnlm boy was s-aved by
the boll in the seventh and eighth
when he went down twice from uppercuts -
cuts Moha scored fho knockdowns
In the ninth and tenth and liiil lied
stiong. While Duckies stalled consid
erably , ho was game throughout
A Wrestling Match.
Madison Post. John Hoin , the lo
cal grapplur who pittendd to have
pome Knowledge of the wie.iUiiiH
game and was matched with Hud Uiy
ant of Norfolk lu u mutch tit FnoUi
Saturday night , had uo dillli ully In
throwing Dryunt in jig time , and U
now said to be hankering lot bigei
game. I loin disposed of hi * iiiiiu In
the iiist fall after the t-xj Iration en
six minuter of time , and the tnc'oin
fajl , although taking somewhat longer
came in fourteen mjnutes Motu I.
now champion of Enola , Madison urn
several other places , and is ready tc
111001 any one who disputes , his tiflc
'i ho match nt Uuola brought out qulti
a eiowd of grappling fan * ai'd ' nntcl
Inteiest was manifested in the out
come of the match tis Piv.tnt Is a nov
ire at the game
Thrown Off the Track by the Force
of the Speedily Moving Train , n
Chicago Section Foreman's Body
Strikes Companion and Kills Him.
Chicago , Feb. 9 A man's body
hulled tinough the air after being
sliuck by an ovciland limited tialn ,
killed another man last night and ser
iously injuicd a companion
Tho'human cannon ball was Ed-
waid Donahue , foicman of a gang of
laboieis. Ho smvivcd the effects un
til today. The tialn , on lib way to
the Pacific coast , had not cleat ed the
Chicago & Noithwcstein tallwiiy
yaids hoc when the accident occui-
Donahue , with fifty of his men , wcio
at vvoik cleaning biiow fiom the
tiacks. The foi email appaiontly buw
the locomotive appicaching but bo-
foic ho could es ( pe he was struck
and bis body shot tin ough the air ,
keeling ovei the other two workmen
who were fifteen feet distant and
thouqht themselves safe The uiuit
ed t'oiiig loitv milc > an houi
This Is the Question Uppermost in
Nov. York Minds.
AllTanv , N Y , Feb. U Will William
F Sheehaultlidin \ \ as a candidate
lor United States senatoi ?
That is the question uppermost In
the minds of the legislutois weary
and Impatient ovei iho failuto to
btcak the deadlock which has exist
ed slnco January 17. While jester-
day's confeienco resulted In the dole-
gaten "getting clo-or together , " In
i the opinion of Senatoi Collom , one of
the oilglnal leadctH , It failed to shake
a single vote and many logUlatois
have expressed the opinion that noth
ing shoit of Mr. Sheehan's withdraw
al and the selection of a compromise
candidate vvlll end the stiugglo.
Mr. Sheehan himself sa > s ho is Mill
confident of his election and Chuiles
W Murphy has Indicated that ho In
tends to continue the light for the
caucus ( andidate
No Election in New York.
Albany. N. Y. , Feb. 9. Twentieth
ballot of rnlted States senator : Dem
ounts Sheehnn 7. . , Shepard 10 , Ker-
nan S , CJljnn 3. Littleton 3 , O'Brien 2 ,
Sul/ei 2. Parker 1 , Taylor 1. Repub
lican Depew 72. Total vote cast 177 ;
neeessHiy for choice , SO.
It Compete Him to Remain Indoors. .
Stays Away fropi Court Ball.
ilorlln , Fcb 't. ' it was announced
lotloy that the cold fiom which Em
peror William la suffering was tnkoi
in an otcliiiHiy way and that bis maj
( hl > would njii'.iln iu I is rooms for r
lew day-
Ills Indlti oMHon imide It Impossible
Coi the omioioi to altei , d the cour
bull til tl'p last night and hi
iiLo cum filed ( he aiiaugoiuents fo :
U. < > mllltaiy cefuiuoio which was l <
liavf taken ulaco today Iu connoctloi
with the entry of hit ) sixth son , Prlnci
JouclUm , Into the aimy.
RqfHjq to Probe Bribe Charge.
e Charleston , W. Va. . Peb 9. Th
senate laid on the table tbo
joint resolution for an tnvestlgatio
of the charges of ( oiiuptlon In elcc
lion of I'nited Stnt. - equators.
How the Vote Stood Governor Alcl
rich Submltn Message on Dank Guar
anty Showing That It Will be nn Ex
pensive Proposition to Operate.
Lincoln. Poh. 0. Just buforo art-
journment yestoidny the lower hoitao
of the legislature- put to a votu the
question of removing the state capital
and by M to It lecommondod the bill
for passage. The measure Is yol to
eomo before the sonnto.
The county option defeat Is still bt >
ing discussed today
This doen not necessarily nornm-
uonlly hill the county option bill this
session , aa a similar bill has stalled In
the honso , but the senate vote Indi
cates that no bill will ( tot through.
Tbo vote was :
Ayes HodltiBou , Drown , Cordonl ,
Cox of Kearnov , Cox of Hamilton ,
IIonRland , Jensen , Kemp , Lee , .Me-
Grew. Ollls. Reynolds , Soiled : , Smith
of Hoone , Smith of Flllmoro 1C.
Nays Albert , Donning , Bnrtllng ,
LiailiiH , nahrmnn , Ilorton , Kohl , Moore-
head , Piehons. Plncelt , Reagan , Sldlos ,
Talcott , Tanner , Tlbbets , Volpp , WI1-
cox 17.
The announcement of the vote by
Lieutenant Uovcinor IIopowoll was
gioeted with applnuso.
M. S. Paulson and \V. II. Carson of
the Anti-Saloon league , who were sitting -
ting in the gallery , departed aa soon
as the lesult was known.
Only two incmbeiB explained their
votes , Hart ling , about whoso prospec
tive action thcic bad been much com
ment , and Jansen.
Hartling's explanation followa :
"IIr. President : In casting my vote
on county option , I beg to say , that
when 1 accepted the nomination for
state bonator , I positively Rtntcd that
If the county option plank wns adopt
ed , 1 would lefuse to bland on that
pai t of the platform.
"And the Otoe county lepnbllcan
convention did not way anything in 10-
gaul to county option and I spent my
own time and money making a good ,
thoiongh campaign and did not reecho -
echo aid from the icpubllcnn state
"Tho county option question was
not or open for debate from any public
platfoim In Otoe county , from a repub
lican standpoint , Mr. Dnhlman , clem-
ocialic candidate , carritil tbo county
by a majoiity of 120 over our present
govemor , Aldrich.
"I tbeiofoie cast my vole no. "
Bank Guarantee Costly.
In a message to tbo house ( Jover-
nor Akliich pointed out that tl'O ' ad-
ministiation of tbo Nebiasha bank
guntauteo law , lately held valid by
the UnUed States Hiipieme com I , will
piovo costly. If bunk gunranteo is to
bo put into opcinlion , an tippropi la-
lion of n large sum of money will ho
Goveitor Aldrich submitted llg-
iiies compiled by Seuetaiy lloyco of
the state banking buaid to show Hint
I ho cost of bank guarantee aduilnls-
tuition will bo $02,000 the ftist two
> eais A pieat many expenses will
attach to it , including the employ
ment of mahy Inspetlois. Tbo voilfl-
cation of 10 percent of tbo accounts
of each bank at least oneo a year
alone , will entail n largo amount of
wet It for the iiibpoctoiH Secretary
Iloyco estimated the cost of pobtagu
stamps alone for the flrat two ycuis
of bank guuianit-e administration
would be ? "j'JOO
The j-6veinor did not make any
ioc oinincnd.itlou if thu law Is put inept
opt i at Ion
Columbus , o , I'Vl ) 9. I'lesldotit
Tuft will be ptest'iit at the < oin show
tomoiiow Uo\eiior : ilanuon aakod
the piesident to wake his headquar-
teis ut the cxecutlvo nianslon , but
Mr. Taft decllnrj because of limited
time at his dispose ! The piesldont
will nni\o at 10 43 over the Pennsyl
vania railroad Tinop n , Ohio na
tional guard , will bo his escort.
The present arrangement is to have
the picsldenl address the members of
the legislature at 2 p. in. and ho will
be then taken to the corn show and
i > nt.e his HiH-pcb on reciprocity. Ho
will go to Oxloy hall , Ohio state uni
versity , in the afternoon , and at 810 : !
he will'be taken to memorial hall as a
guett of the lluckoyo club.
Ho will leave at 9:45 : for Chain *
I aign , 111. , where bo speaks.
Valentine , Neb. , Feb. 0. Special to
The News : Edward I'olnn , a 5-yenr-
old boy near Spaihs , Nob. , who was
kicked by a horse some tlmo last
week and was taken to Omaha to a
hospital , died thoio Sunday and the
lomalns wcio brought back hero ,
whcio the funcial was hold fiom thoM
M U clunch of this place Wcdnes-
| daj moinlng at 11 o'clock