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On The
Now York , Jnn. 14. Miss Maude
.Adams' regular HoaHon IB always nn
ovcnt in Now York , but tUls year her
coming will bo of unusual Internal ,
for Hbo IB going to present the long
promlHcd "Chnntoclor. " What will
nlno be BtrniiRO to admirers of Miss
Adams will bo her appearance on a
stage other than that of the Empire
theater , which linn been the homo of
her Now Yorlc engagements for so
many years. "Chantocler" will be
produced at the Knickerbocker thea
ter , with Mltis Adams , of course , In the
loading role. She has been rehearsing
the play for over a year.
Mrs. Patrick Campbell , who Is star
ring this season In "Tho Foolish Vir
gin" will end her engagement at the
Knickerbocker theater to make room
for Miss Maude Adams.
The leading actors and actresses In
Now York will do the handsome thing
this afternoon at the Now Amsterdam
theater , when a testimonial perform
ance will bo given for Marcus Mayor ,
the well known theatrical man. Among
those billed to appear are William Col
lier , Blanche Dates , Amelia Blngham ,
Dustln Parnum , Llna Abarancll , Robert -
ort Hllllard and a long list of lesser
William Gillette , who is making his
farewell tour In repertoire is devoting
this week'to his famous success , "Sec-
rot Service. " His engagement at the
Criterion theater ends next wek , and
after a tour of tlio loading cltleb ( it Is
aald that Mr. Gillette will settle dev.yn
to play writing. % *
Miss Ethel Barrymore in "Trelawny
of the 'Wellls , ' " is doing splendid
work. Not since Mary Mannorlng
headed by the Lyceum Theater con *
pany , produced the play in 1893 has
it been seen in Now York City. Miss
Burrymoro makes a splendid Hose
Trelawny and has the support of ti
( splendid company , In which is hoi
cousin , Miss Louise Drew.
Charles Klein's play "The Gam
biers" has entered its eleventh week
Of the striking successes of the pros
out season the Klein play holds UK
record among the serious dramas.
Mrs. Leslie Carter , who has adelee
to her triumphs by her acting In the
leading role of "Two Women , " lias
joined the largo number of promlneni
women supporting the New Yorl
school teachers In the fight for
pay. She has written a letter to the
president of the Teachers' assocla
tion stating her views on the subject.
At the Astor theater "The Aviator'
with Wallas Eeldlnger In the title role
Is on view. The theme is of the mo
inent , the treatment is farcial , the levi
interest is strong and a real aeroplam
makes the climax.
"Ucbeoca of Sunnybrook Farm , " b ;
Kate Dauglas Wiggin and Chnrlotti
Thompson , is in its fourth month a
the Republic theater. The play ii
one that appeals to old and youni
At the Globe theater , Elsie Jani
makes iid elightful "Slim Princess ,
which is also the name of her nev
play. She takes the part of a Turkisl
princess , whose lack of embonpoln
causes anxiety under conditions whicl
prove to be highly entertaining. Th
play is by Henry Blossom , adaptei
from one of George Ado's best shor
-storle * .
"Baby Min , " Margarey Mayo'
laugh creating farce , is as popular a
ever at Daly's. Marguerite Clark , Iv ;
Troutman , Ernest Glemlennlng , Water
tor .Jones and their companion plaj
era will continue the fun making fo
many weeks to come.
The consensus of comment conceri
"Suzanne" at the Lyceum theater 1
that it shows Olllie Burke at her bes
The play is the story of a simple li
tie girl of no great intellectual pr <
tensions , but with remarkable swee
ness of nature , lovable instincts an
rare tact in deportment.
In "Alma , Where Do You Live ? " a
Weber's theater , Truly Shattuck sing
delightfully , and her delicacy in po
traying the title role robs It of an
coarseness. John McCloskey , the tei
or , Is also a feature.
Miss Annie Russell has settled dow
at the Garrick theater In "The In
poster. " In this appealing 4-act dn
matlc story , life at iirst hand Is pi
upon the stage In closely linked scene
moving In a straightforward chain <
a climax that mixes humor and patho
Dustin Fnrnuin In Milton Royale
comedy , "The Silent Call , " will be pr
Bonted at the Broadway theater ne :
Monday night , Its ilrst presentation I
this city , having been delayed for so
oral reasons. Miss Crystal Herno wl
be Mr. Fnrnum's leading woman , an
the cast Is otherwise equally strong
The performing animals , includln
the elephants and baby bears , dellgt
the little folks at the Hippodrome an
among the other features are the Cu
/on sisters , otherwise "Tho Flyin
Butterillos , ' in their aerial speclalt ;
The three spectacles , "The Eartl
quake , " "The International Cup" au
"Tho Ballet of Niagara , " are , of coun
the bases of the entertainment.
Vesta Victoria will change from tt
American Music Hall to the Plan
yery soon. She includes in her repe
toiro for her present tour of the Amor-
lean vaudovilo theaters , "Don't Sing
the Chorus , " "Skating" and several
now ones , In addition to "Poor John , "
'And Now I Have to Call Him Father -
ther , " etc.
See a Future for Norfolk.
New Norfolk Commercial club di
rectors : A. L. Kllllan , L. P. Paso-
walk , F. A. Heeler , W. A. Wltzlgmnn.
11. A. Pnscwalk , J. E. Haase. C. P.
Parish , C. C. Gow , C. J. Fleming. Mr.
Gow Is the only new member , the oth-
rr eight having been re-elected at the
annual meeting held in the city hall.
It was the most enthusiastic meet
ing that the Norfolk Commercial club
has over held. Despite- the below-zero
weather , every chair in the city hall
was occupied , the gathering being
made up of representative business
men. The atmosphere was filled with
more optimistic faith In the future of
Norfolk than had been known in
years. President Kllllan said ho never
had felt so good over a Commercial
rlub meeting as he did over this one ,
and when the session ended , near mid
night , the business men present scenv
ed all to feel that the time had come
when Norfolk \uis about to do the
great things by way of developing Into
the commercial metropolis of a rich
territory , which its natural location
and railroad facilities have planned
for its destiny.
There was a very pronounced souti
nient among those present that mass
meetings of the business men of this
sort should bo held every little while
perhaps every three months , In ordei
to talk over the possibilities of the
pity and to generate new enthusiasm
President Killlan's annual roporl
was received enthusiastically. II
showed that a good many things hat ;
been done during the year for Nor
folk's advancement which were wortl :
while and productive of results. Tin
report showed that the club has todaj
only 100 members , but from the onthu
siusm manifest at this meeting am
from the fact that there are a mini
her of new business men In the cltj
"who have not yet been Invited to joli
tlu club , It is believed that a cam
palgtt for new members would be cm
Iiiontly successful at this time.
Frank Pilger , present county super
Intcndcnt of Pierce county and edlto :
and publisher of the Nebraska Schoo
Review , was present at the meeting
Ills magazine of fifty-two pages hai
been published In Norfolk two year :
and on motion the Commercial clul
voted to give him It. * , moral supper
and it committee was'- appointed t <
confer with Mr. Pilger.
Treasurer Pasewalk read ns ! report
which showed that there yet reitialnei
in the treasury JliU.Oy , while the-ells
bursements for the year were $ S19XE !
Races Here , After All.
More hope was Injected Into tin
race committee who Thursday nigh
unuouneed there would be no races ii
Norfolk next summer. The club Is ti
give all aid possible to the race coin
uiittee and it looks now as if the race
will come to Norfolk this year at'to
all. A motion was made and carrlei
that Norfolk have these races and r
M. Barrett was asked to meet will
the lace circuit people next Mondaj
when dates are to be made. Till
meeting takes place at the Oxnnrcl he :
tel in this city.
President K1 Mian's Report.
President Killlan said :
Members of the Norfolk Coininercin
Club and Friends : Some one lias sat
"It is better to live a maxim than t
tell it. " Nevertheless I feel that
few words from mo will do no ham
It has been customary here for th
president or sei-ietary to tell what th
board of directors has done the pas
year. Whether we have done nine' '
or little we must leave to you to judge
Some things we have attempted hav
not yet been accomplished , but "Horn
was not built in a day , " nor will Noi
fork be. If you could say that nothln
has been accomplished it would not b
right to condemn the board of direc
ors. I can say that no set of me
ever had a greater desire nor mad
any greater effort for the welfare e
the city In which they lived than ha
this board with whom I have had th
pleasure of working the past tw
jears. I am not here to make e :
cuses. Excuses are not what we wan
It is results we need and must luivi
The present board of directors ai
till business men and .havo their ind
vldual business interests to look afte
In addition to this they have give
their best efforts for the upbuilding <
our little city. True we have not a
compllshed all that we have attemp
ed , but I will ask the man who
prone to criticise if he always accon
pllshcs his end.
There is one tiling more than an
other that I wish to Impress on tl :
members of the Commercial club ,
do not mean the directors , I mean tl
whole Commercial club and all mer
bers of the club.
We need your help , we need yet
suggestions and we need your mone
If something looks good It is our dul
to attempt to get it. Sometimes v
fall because of lack of support hot
iluanclal and moral. . We have put :
time and labor , we have spent our o\\
money and often no credit is given f <
our effort , when as a matter of fa
some one outside and not we is r
spouslblo for failure.
I wish every member of the Norfo
Commercial club would feel that ho
a part of the club , that success d
ponds on his personal efforts , and
wish that we had I50 ! members Instet
of 100. I wish every man was a hoot
or. I wish that everybody would a
predate his own worth to this coi
munity. I wish every man would ret
Izo how good a town Norfolk is and I
possibilities. I have absolute faith
Norfolk , I have faith In its future at
in its growtli and advancement , but
believe , too , that we must all woi
together. It does not make any d
forcnco in what line of business yc
are engaged or what your occupatlc
or profession way be , you can do yoi
share to aid the growth of our city.
The Year's Record.
It does not "listen bad" when v
r- hear what has really been douo
Norfolk the past year. Olvo the credit
where It rightfully belongs , but like
wise take credit to yourself for your
linrt In the attainments of our busy
little city. The citizens of Norfolk
have commenced the erection of a
beautiful $2r,000 Y. M. C. A. building ;
ihrougli tlio offoitB of some a beauti
ful $10,000 Carnegie library has boon
completed ; seven blocks of paving has
been laid ou Norfolk avenue.
Wo have entertained not less than
ten conventions and In every case our
guests have gone away with praise
for our citizens and our city.
Last spring when there was danger
of poor sccel coin being planted , let-
lers , together with a formula feir testIng -
Ing corn , we're mailed to the farmers
living around Norfolk. The study of
good roads tins taken considerable
Lime of your directors and has ended
In our securing through our county
commissioners the inheritance tax
fund of more than $1,500 for the pur
pose of building three mid one-hall
miles of oil roael on South Thirteenth
street. The practicability of oiled
roads has been thoroughly demon
strated and we believe that our little
slarl will bo Ihe means of our getting
miles of good roads leading into Nor
folk , which of course wo all must ael
mlt will improve our city and the farm
land surrounding It.
An effort has been made by your dl <
rectors lo promote an interurban rail
road from Norfolk southwest through
Madison county which would bring us
in contact with some of the richest
farming land In the stale of Nebraska
This project has not been abandoned
Wo ( Irmly believe it is plausible ami
worthy of our efforts. Lack of lime
to devote to tlio matter and lack ol
funds are the only reasons that greater
or progress has not boon made.
An effort lias boon made to organize
n stock company and purchase a tracl
of land ami give the use of it to the
city for the purpose of holding al
kinds of athletic games , race meets
stock shows , etc. While there Is ne
assurance thai Ibis will bo accomplished
plishod yel there is hope , and surelj
a move of this kind Is commendable
even though it does nol iiicel will
every one's views. We have been con
stantly watching for an opportunity o :
securing some factory or Industry le
occupy soiiio of our vacant building !
that are suitable for various Indus
tries.x We have been unsuccessful li
our efforts , but believe that the di
rectors next year should continue theli
e-fforts In Ibis direction. Sooner 01
later we will secure something wortl
while. In several cases exccssiv <
freight rates have boon the means o
our failure along these lines. Tin
Commercial club had a thorough or
gani/.ution of workers to carry tin
paving bonds.
The Commercial club secured spe
clul train service for the state convcn
tion of Commercial clubs at CoUimbui
and was represented by about fort ;
members , Iho l rgesl representatloi
of any club in the state.
You will notice in our report tha
our secretary , Mr. L. P. Pasewalk , ha
made no charge for . . Prc
vlous years $300 per annum has beci
paid the secretary. We have not hui
sufficient revenue to pay a secretary
There are several other things mule
way that if they are accomplished wll
bo wortl. ' ' of your praise.
/'xDepot Coming.
Through tl& > c ( Torts ol the city coun
cil and Ihe CoirtYijerclal club a promts
for a new joint 'tippot of Ihe Unioi
Pacific and Ihe M.V , , O. has been sc
cured ; the depot Is i ; > J built but w
have it coming. An el\jt to get th
Northwestern to run its trains up tow :
was unsuccessful the Imie beliif
bill Ibis mailer may ycl be ii'ljusle '
satisfactorily to all concerned W
have gained a number of most
lent business men and a few inuu
1 trios In the past year. Whether thes
j have come to us of their own accor
is immaterial. They have come be
, cause they see u future for Norfoll
\Ve > areglad to welcome them and wl
3 ask them right now to lend thei
? shoulder to the wheel and help us t
t work for a Norfolk of 10,000 inhal
i Hants In Ihe next five years. I wl
: ' suggest a few things that we shoul
have. We should have a public parl
' \Ve i should have a hospital. Wo shoul
i have a wholesale grocery establisl
ment. We should have a candy factory
B * j We should have a canning factory. W
i Hhoiiid have a small packing plant , an
" I a number of similar industries t
11 , make Norfolk the ellstribuling conic
e thai it-should bo by virtue of its a <
f vantageous location.
s I The last but by no means least-
is yes , the best thing wo have ever dom
D has been to assist Mr. Carlson 1
: . launching "Carlson's Breeders Ri
view" and to secure and place a mm
her of high bred horses amoiig 01
farmers at absolute cost. Mr. Car
son's paper will bo the means of mal
Ing Norfolk famous and his living hei
has already advertised us more tha
anything that has been done. Thes
things will not only give our city pu
liclty all over the world , but will ten
to bring the farmers closer to us. \ \
are In a farming community and vi
penel on the farmers' patronage nn
should do everything In our power I
assist him in making his industi
more profitable and attractive. Thei
is nothing that will create more prlt
and Interest in farming than that i
raising thoroughbred cattle , horse
hogs , sheep and poultry. The farm <
Is likewise interested in our growt
and prosperity. With the growth i
ir our city we furnish him a better ma
ket and increase the values of h
farm lands. So wo can all readily se
thai this movement starled by M
Carlson and supported by the Cot
merclal club will bo of untold value
us all. Mr. Carlson has had llatterir
offers from other places. They ai
> r
. anxious to have him among them ai
want his services to build up the
e- respective cities and communltie
Ho prefers to stay with us and givi
his efforts and labors free of charg
We are glad to have him with us at
we want him to know that we appr
I elate him.
.d I will say that If nothing else hit
t- been done the entire year this 01
P- thing will be worth thousands of de
11- lars to this community in the ne :
, ! three or four years.
ts We are thoroughly enthused ovi
two projects , good roads and "Cai
son's Breeders Review" and all th
goes with It.
Concluding , I will say that the mi
who never does anything never muki
a mistake ; the man who does not
tempt things never accomplishes thei
So wo have worked ou the theory th
it IB bettor to try and fall than not t
at all. Anything that IB worth havii
Is worth trying for , whether it la luri
n or small , and things will come to '
one ? by one , and wo will surely reap
the reward of our efforts.
I thank you ,
A New Factory Building.
A number of those present made
brief talks. Among these was W. W.
Wasson of the Norfolk Oil and Chem
ical company , n new Norfolk enter
prise , who said his linn had selected
Norfolk because of its advantageous
location. He said his company would
soon build a new fncteiry which would
bo a credit to the city. Ho believed
In the town and Its future.
G. L. Carlson , the scientific horse
bleeding expert , declared his faith in
Norfolk and said that tills country
doesn't know the value of Its land.
Blair , Neb. , has been made the seed
corn capital of the world , through ap
preciation of agricultural possibilities.
He wished every man In Norfolk could
take a course In scientific farming , be
cause townspeople must appreciate
the soil to got llto best results. Land
In France , piped with steam beat un
derground and illuminated with elec
tricity , sold for $11,200 per acre , though
It Is not as good as the good land
around Norfolk.
C. C. Gow spoke of the wonderful
development of the land In north Ne
braska , the fortunes that are quickly
made and of the future possibilities.
Ho complimented the club directors
upon their year's record.
Slate Representative Matrau was
present and said a move to appropri
ate a fund for advertising Nebraska Is
already on foot In the legislature.
Among others who spoke brlelly
were : Messrs. Bliigonhelnier , Sanders ,
W. H. Blakeman , Cabauiss , Evans ,
Hoffman , L. P. Pasewalk , W. N. Huso ,
N. A. lluse.
So She Forgot Own Telephone.
Neligh , Neb. , Jan. M. Special to
The News : Fire between 10 and 11
o'clock yesterday morning destroyed
the farm house and contents of Wil
liam Lee , who resides about twelve
miles northeast of Noligli. Had Mrs.
Leo used a little presence of mind
upon discovering the blaze near the
flue , the loss would have practically
been reduced to a minimum , but she
took her little child and ran nearly
three-fourths of a inile to a neighbor
for assistance and to call help by their
telephone , but upon her arrival she
she discovered that the neighbor had
no telephone. In her excitement she
hud forgotten the telephone in her
own homo , and before their return the
house was nearly destroyed.
Only a few days ago Mr Lee se
cured certificates to the amount ol
$285 from the Atlas bank ot 'his city
He took these to Brunswick ind had
them cashed , taking the moi y home
with htm , and this amount , it is slat
ed , was also destroyed by tbo ( Ire.
No Racec This Year.
Norfolk will not have a race meet
ing next summer. Lack of support
and lack of interest is the cause ol
this announcement made by Secretarj
I' . M. Barrett of the > Norfolk Driving
club. The meeting held by this clul
in the city hall last night was poorl }
attended , so that the present officers
p.ive up further endeavors.
"Last night a meeting of the Nor
folk Driving club was called for the
purpose of electing olllcers , " said Mr
Barrett. "The meeting was also callee
for the purpose of sending a reprcsen
tatlve to the meeting of the circuit a
the Oxnnrd hotel Monday , January 1C
Unit owing to the fact thai the attend
a\e ; was so small the present officer !
decided not to claim elates for thii
Alarm Created in Peking by Note Tha
Death Occurred There.
Peking , Jan. W. Alarm was createt
today by a note issued from the Ger
man legation , stating that a deatl
from the plague had occurred in thi :
city and warning the women and cliil
dren of foreigners to depart. Late
the report of a death was 'proved t <
be unfounded and the capital Is stil
free of the epidemic.
A total of 1,400 Chinese have dlei
from the disease at Harbin. Then
have been only seven deaths in th
foreign colony there.
Mukdqn , Manchuria , Jan. 14. Ther
have been thirty-four deaths from , th
plague. The epidemic systematical ! ;
Is fought. Man } have gone southward
Two Negroes Dead , a Third Mortal !
e Wounded.
e Hot Springs , Ark. , Jan. 14. Meage
reports received from Benton , Ark
today say two negroes are dead and
third fatally injured as a result o'f
race riot there. The negroes are sai
) f to have been members of a theatrica
) f
rIs Scotch Rules Barring Mallet-Heade
Is Putters Are Objected to.
! 0 Chicago , Jan. 14. If some of th
' ' dissatisfied members can bring
about , there will be a formal proles
at the annual meeting of Hie Unite
o States Golf association , opened her
loday , over Ihe recent edicts of th
St. Andrews , Scotland , rules comml
tee. The barring of the Schenectad
and oilier putters who use the inalle
headed type of club Is denounced a
autocratic by many American golfer
who are in attendance at today's nice
Aside from this question , little bus
ness of importance will be transaclei
The election of olllcers Is a mere fo
mality , as the regular ticket is expec
cd to go through without serious o ]
posltlpn. Detroit , Chicago and othc
clubs will bid for the western ainatou
Snappy Ten-Round Bout.
New York , Jan. 14. Abe Attell , th
featherweight champion , outpolnte
Patsy Kline of Newark , In a snapp
ten-round go at the National Bportln
club of America. Kline kept after A
tell throughout the tight and took n lot
of punishment In his endeavor to land
n knockout blow. But Attell's clover
foot work and ducking caused many
of Kllno's swings to go wild , In the
clinches Attoll pummelled the Newark
boy's kidneys severely. Kline landed
n stinging left on Attell's jaw In the
ninth angering thu champion who re
taliated with \olley of rights and
lefts to tlio head and body which
drove Kline to thu lopes. Both boys
were lighting sturdily when the bull
Mahmout Hurts Wrestler.
Kansas City. Jan. 14. During the
Hist fall of a wiestllng match at Con
vention hall hero Juslff Mahmout , in
using a too hold ou the left foot of
William Demctral , fractured a bone.
A few minutes later , after tlio men
bad been on the mat 2 ! ! : 10 , Mahmont
downed Demotral with a leg hold. So
'indly ' was Denietral's foot injured thai
lie was unable to compete further and
Mahmont was declared the winner.
Hack Loses Handicap.
Chicago , Jan. 14. George I Inchon-
sehmldl lost a handicap wrestling
match to Charles Cutter hero tonight
when ho failed to throw Cutter with
in an hour.
Change Date of Fight.
Kansas City , Jan. 14. The date of
the Frankle Coiiloy-Tonunlo Dixou ten-
lound light hero was changed from
January 2o to January IS ,
Bonllla's.Men Make Capture.
New Oilcans , Jan. 14. A special
from Managua , Nicaragua , this morn
ing says :
Advices from the frontier of lion-
dm as ropoit that General Duron has
captured practically the entire pro
vince of Choluteeu In the name of
Manuel Bonllln , leader of the revolu
tionists. Duron's army Is now said
to be1 marching on Tegucigalpa , the
Independent Motor Manufacturers Do
Not Owe Royalties.
New York , Jan. 14. Tlio so-called
independent motor ear manufacturers
\\oii a reversal today in the United
St.ites courl of appeals of the decree
of Judge Hough In the circuit court ,
where the Seldeii patent was uphold.
The higher court's ruling declarer
that the defendants "neither legally
nor morally owed anything to the pat
entee and holds thai Hie improved
Otto engine , used bv the defendants ,
is the equivalent of the SoU'.en en-
cine , but that its usi' io nor an in
fringement of the Selden patent. Ac
cordingly Judge Hough's injunctions
against the Ford Motor company , Pan-
hard and Levasser and others , re
straining them from using the Olio en
gine on Ihe ground of infringement ,
must be dismissed by the lower court
to whicn the cases were remanded
with such Instruction. "
The licensed and unlicensed deal-
rs" ground for contest is removed un
less the scope of Ihe Selden palent Is
changed by a subsequent ruling of the
United States supreme com I.
Representatives of the Association
of Licensed Automobile Manufactur
ers announced that preparations wore
already being made to carry the mat
ter to the supreme courl. Applica
tion for a writ of cerliorari will be
nade by the Columbia Motor company
and George B. Selden. it is understood ,
Bubonic Plague In Peking.
Peking , Jan. 11. One death from
bubonic plague In this city was report
.d lo Ihe officials loday. The govern
menl is being urged to Institute a five
days' quarantine of first class passen
gers at the great wall until observa
tion camps can be established at Har
bin , Mukden and Shanhlkwan , and tc
prohibit second and third class passenger
s-enger traffic fiom Manchuria. The
latest reports say the plague is spread
ing throughout Manchuria. Prccau
tionnry measures are being adoptee
Mrs. Edward Eppler.
Mrs. Edward Eppler , a widow , agee
about GO years , died at her farm home
five miles northeast of th city earlj
Saturday nornlng. Some time age
Mrs. Epplei'- suffered a strok of pa
ralysls from \'i ich It is believed hei
death Is the re iilt. Several growi
children survive her. Funeral arrange
ments have not yet been made.
Mrs. Marie Fricke.
Mrs. Marie Fricke , who had beei
suffering with pneumonia . < boul ;
week , passed a\\ay al Ihe hoiiie''pf hoi
daughter , Mrs. F. Moldcnhaucr , 'Fh-urs
day evening at 'J.30. Mrs. Fricke win
born at Ixonla , Wis. . September 8
184S. She came to Nebraska with liei
parents , Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner
forty-four years ago. She was marriei
to William Fricke November 20 , 1873
Four children were born to this union
of which only two survive her. He :
husband , William Fricke , died sonii
thirty years ago. She will bo mourn
eel by her two children , Mrs. F. Mo ]
denhauer of thlc city and Wlllian
Fricke , jr. , of Dakota , and her threi
brothers , Ed and Freel Wagner of thl :
city and Herman Wagner of Okla
homa. Funeral services will bo licit
by Rev. Mr. Witto al the home of he
daughter Sunday afternoon at 1
o'clock , and later at St. Paul's Luther
an church , of which she had been !
member. She will bo laid to rest u
St. Paul's cemetory.
Texas Senator Will Oppose Admlnla
r tratlon Tariff Commission ,
r Washington , Jan. 14. In spite o
the effort of Senator Halo to proven
Us consideration , the senate votei
down by a vote of 43 to 17 his motloi
to adjourn and took up the Borah ree
olutlon amending the constitution si
as to provide for the election of Unll
B ed States senators by direct vote o
ttho people. After an hour's debat
the ftcnato wont Into executive BOB-
nlon , but Senator Borah declared that
ho would call up the resolution" In tlio
Immediate future and would press It
In general discussion Senator Bai
ley effectively blocked ono administra
tion bill providing for the enlarge
ment of the engineer corps of the
army and remarked significantly that
he was prepared to oppose the admin.
Istratlon scheme for the creation of a
tariff commission ,
Tlio hoifse devoted the entire day to
consideration of the army appropria
tion bill. It carries approximately
$93,000,000. The senate adjourned un
til Monday. The house mot at noon
Baltimore Ex-Mayor Dies.
Baltimore , Jnn. 14. General Ferdi
nand C. Latrobe , seven times mayor of
Baltimore , died of pneumonia , after
an Illness of but a few days. Ho WUB
77 years of age.
Train Five Days Late.
Vancouver , B. C. , Jan. 11. As the
result of efforts of a big rotary and
six locomotives , the Canadian Pacific
railroad succeeded in getting the Ilrst
dclaye'd express train through the
drifts in the vicinity of North Bend ,
B. C. The llrsl of the delayed west
bound trains will arrive hero Satur
day evening. Tills train was duo last
An Agreement In Regard to Property
Has Been Made.
New York , Jan. 14. Legal difficul
ties between Nat c. noodwln and Mrs.
Goodwin , formerly Miss Edna Good-
lich , which threatened to go to tlio
court , were settled when Mr. Goodwin
called at the olllco of Herman L. Roth ,
a lawyer at 1102 Broadway , and enter
ed into nu agreement regarding the
disposition of properly valued at $15-
Mr. Roth , who lias been aeling as
counsel for both Mr. and Mrs. Good
win , said that an understanding was
reached , with the agreement favoring
Mr. Goodwin. Ho denied thai Iho matter -
tor had anything to do with divorce
iroeeeellngs and declared that no ac-
.ion looking towaid a separation Is
"No such papers have been served
in Mr. Goodwin and no such action
: ias been filed , " lie sud. ! "So far as
I know today's agreement leaves
everything settled between them. I
would know If llieru were anything
rise , as I am attorney for both. "
Following Trip to Top of Monument ,
He Hears of Bailey Remark.
Washington , Jan. 14. President
Taft , after ofllce hours , visited the
Washington monument , ascending that
historic shaft for the Iirst time , and
then walked to the capltol , whore he
descended Ihe subterranean passage
lo the senate olllce building , lie went
through the tunnel by automobile and
was much Impressed by the conveni
ences with which senators have sur
rounded themselves. It was so hax.y
that his view of the monument was
poor , hut nevertheless he enjoyed the
555 foot trip , which he made by ele
vator.Yheii accosted at the capitol
by newspaper men , the president
asked if there was any news in con
gross. Ho was told Senator Bnlloj
had interjected into debate a state
ment that the tariff commission bill on
which Mr. Taft lias sot his heart would
not pas's at the present session.
"We'll see' , " icspoudod the president
and tils smile looked ominous.
Abbic Rice Gets Divorce.
Denver , Colo. , Jan. 14. It develop
eel that Mrs. Abblo Rico , granted n
divorce lieie from Irving Rico , is the
woman who figured In tlio alleged
triple suicide ugi cement with Dr
Frederick T. Hustiti and Charles Davis
in Omaha , two years ago. The divorce
vorco suit attracted little attention
Mrs. Rico alleging that her husbanc
never had contributed to her support
Her maiden name was Abbie Clay.
Missouri Farmer Quickly Exoneratec
for Shooting Ex-Employe.
St. Louis , Mo. , Jan , 14. A. J. Long
a farmer at Alfton , St. Louis county
killed Reuben Jackson , a negro , at lib
farm. Ho then called up the coronei
and asked that the sheriff of the coun
ty bo sent for him. The coroner's jurj
returned a verdict of justifiable lioml
cide. The negro , who was a farm
hand In Long's employ , was killee
with a sholgun , after a desperate
struggle In which ho thrusl Iho prong !
of a pitchfork into Long's arm am
beat him on the head.
"Jackson had been working for i
short time and I discharged him thii
morning , " said Long. "When I , or
elored him off the premises ho attack
ed me. " .Testimony before the cor
oner's jury was to the effect tha
Jackson was feeding catllo when the
quarrel started. After the pitchforl
allack Long retroaled to his housi
where ho got his shotgun and dree
upon ttio negro who continued tin
pitchfork fight until ho was killed.
Coroner Bracey was suiprised whei
the telephone rang and ho 'hoard tin
following :
"Doctor , I have killed a man. M ;
name Is Long and I live at Affton
Please notify the sheriff right away
I'll bo hero when ho comes. "
Death of N. S. Miller.
Nollgh. Neb. , Jan. 14. Special t (
The News : Nicholas S. Miller dice
at Red Oak , la. , Tuesday , and tin
body shipped to tills place for burial
Mr. Miller was 83 years of age am
died of lung fever. Funeral service ;
were held at the Methodist Eplscopa
church , Rev. Mr. Hlnklo officiating
after which the remains were placet
at rest In Laurel Hill cemetery besldi
those of his wife , who proceeded bin
several years ago. The deceased hai
been on old resident of Antelope couu
Old Dutch
Does /ill. Vo0ir
and Quickly
This new , all-'round
Cleanser in handy sift
er can , takes all the
hard work out of keep
ing things clean. It's
much quicker too.
'deans ,
Scrubs ,
Scours ,
Pots , pans , kettles , wood
work , floors , shelves , painted
walls , windows , metals , cut
lery , in the bath room , pan
try , kitchen , in fact through
out the house.
Painted woodwork and
walls require care in cleaning
do it easily and safely with
Old Dutch Cleanser.
The New Way
Sprinkle a vciy little Old
Dutch Cleanser on cloth or
j sponge , rub easily , nnse with
i clean wet cloth and wipe dry
I No cau&lic or acid. Avoid |
them. ( Not a soap powder )
tv and was highly respected by UK
l.ooplo of ills acquaintances
Crypt for John Paul Jones.
Washington , .Ian. 14. At a cost of
$ Kr ! > ,000 Hie senate proposes to pro
vide a permanent resting place for
the body of John Paul Jones in a
crypt in the naval academy at An
napolis , Md. A bill to this effect wac
passed by the senate and it now goet
to the house.
Adopted Son Asks Share of the Late
Church Head's Property.
Concord , N. II. , Jan. 1 L In addition
to the bill in equity In the mailer ot
the will of Mrs. Mary Baker 0. Kddy.
filed in the superior court of Menl-
mack county by Ueorgc W. Clover of
Lead , S. D. , a bill was filed In tin-
United States circuit court In behalf
of Dr. 0. Foster-Kddy , which
covers substantially the same grounds
he > far as Iho points involved arc
An order is asked restraining tiu
Kddy trustees from removing from
Mcrilmack county any of tlio person
al pioperty of the Eddy estate , which
they estimated to be $2,000,000 in
It Is pointed out that in her will
Mrs. Eddy described herself as of Con-
coid , N. II. , and the stutemeiil Is made
that the construction of a will dispos
ing of personal propeity depends
nlone upon the law of the domicile of
the testator. The bill recites the va
rlous marriages of Mrs. Eddy and says
that her only child by those marriages
Is George W. Glover of Lead , S. D.
Dr. Fosler-Eddy avers his lelalionsbip
to Mrs. Eddy was thai of an adopled
son and says this lelallonshlp Is and
has been recognized by George W.
Glover. The latter and Dr. Foster-
Eddy , it Is asserted , are the only helrs-
Another Violent Earthquake.
St. Petersburg , Jan. 14. A dispatch
deceived hero from Vyerny , capital of
territory of Semlryetchencka , Asiatic
Russia , says Unit a violent earthquake
occurred In Kebcry , in tlio Plshpek
district of the territory , and that the
bodies of 204 Kirghiz have been taken
from the ruins of fallen buildings.
The Spirit of Winter.
The spirit of winter Is with us , mak
ing its presence known In many dif
ferent ways sometimes by cheery
sunshine and glistening snows , and
sometimes by driving winds and blind
ing storms. To many people it seems
to take a delight in making bad things ,
worse , for rheumatism twists harder ,
twinges sharper , catarrh becomes
more annoying , and the many symp-
loms of scrofula are developed anel
aggravaled. There Is uol much poetry
In this , but there Is truth , and it Is n
wonder that more people don't got rid
of these ailments. The medicine that
cures them Hood's Sarsaparilla Is
easily obtained and there Is abundant
proof that Its cures are radical and.
Killed by Runaway Ice.
Kankakeo , 111. , Jan. 14. Ono Italian
Is dead , two are reported dying and
six others are more or less seriously
Injured as the result of the collapse
of an Ice runway leading from the
cars to the ice house of the Chicago ,
Indiana & Southern railroad. Louis
Trublo was killed almost Instantly ,
suffering a broken neck. Two other
Italians are In an unconscious condi
tion suffering from crushed cheats
and Internal Injuries. Four others suf
fered minor injuries.