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On The
"The Prince of Pllscn. "
HO'H tlio Hiinio old Jens Dandy.
Same , "Van you ofor In Hliulnnatl ? "
Hamo "bubbles. " Saino ccHtatlc ex
pression over hid faro when bo accl
dentally fallH Into tlio fountain and
finds bow cooling tbo water Is upon
bis fevered blow. And tbo smno old
bllnrlouH audience , convulsed wltb
inlrtb , an bo takes tbat bath In hlo
dross milt after "rollhiK" all night on
top of n billiard tnblo with a billiard
ball underneath him.
"Ills JoyoUB highness , the "Prlnco
of Pllson" i tiled In Norfolk last nlglf
And the populace voted him the right
to rule. Christmas rush was laid
aside for the inonicnt and a big aud
ience , pretty nearly a capaelty IIOIIHC ,
turned out to see Henry W. Savage's
nil-star east In the great icvlval pro
duction of "Tho Pi luce. " fcvorybody
liked It , too.
The show hasn't deteriorated the
slightest bit. With tbo addition of Us
own complete orchestra , led by Hln-
rlubs , It has , In fact , taken on a now
feature that's gratifying. Otto Vogot
of Noifolk , by the way , who was foi-
meily musical dlicetor In Madlbon
Square Garden , Now York , under Mr.
Illnrlchs , met bis old associate and
played a violin part with the oicnes-
trn throughout the evening.
The now company , containing most
of the original Htais , Is a dlstlnctl\o
one. Miss Frances Cameron , "the
widow , " IB a beautiful woman to look
upon and sho's delightfully clover
She has a real voice , a winsome smllo
and n lot of good looking clothes. Her
gowns and her marvelous hats were
quite a featuio of the show. Miss
Cameron was the original "widow" In
"Tho Merry Widow. "
Edward Mora Is a good looking
"prlnco" and sings well. Ivor Ander
son was again "Lieutenant Tom Wagner -
nor , " tbo same role In which he was
seen hero five years ago Incidentally ,
ho still can sing
Walter Catlett makes a splendid
"Artie , old boy , " Robert O'Connor Is
a nlmblo "Francois , " Ollvo Noith If ,
"Edith Adams" sings prettily and Lil
lian Lawson as "Sldonlo" Is a fnscl-
The costumes woie all fiesb and
new and tbo show up to the usual
Savage standard.
Now York , Dec. 24. Of course the
spirit of Cbiislmas fills tbo air , but
though one finds It expressed most
fully in tbo shops , the theaters are
suffering no loss of pationage. Kor
ono thing , there are moie visitors to
the city this year than usual , every
hotel reporting a record business. The
same Is true of the theaters. Tbo announcement -
nouncemont that the engagement of
Mine. Sarah lleinbnrdt Is to be ex
tended one week conies like a Christ
mas gift to many theatergoers , for not
half of the people who desire to see
the great acltess luue been able to
get accommodations during her short
engagement beie. When sbo leaves
Now York , Mine. Bernmrdt ) will go to
the Pacific const and thence to Aus
tralia , If present plans are carried out.
E. II. Sothern and Julia Marlowe
have added "As Yon Like It. " "Ham-
lot" and "Romeo and Juliet" honors
to the triumph scored by their pres
entation of "Macbeth. " The three for
mer plu > s arc productions In which
Mr. Sothern and Miss Marlowe have
been seen many times , it is true , bul
they are moic complete this season
more lavish and more accurate In
every detail.
Mrs. Leslie Carter continues nt the
J yrlc theater In Hupert Hughes' play
"Two Women , " which is admirably
adapted to display all the cleverness
of America's leading emotional ac
tress. Mrs. Carter's attractiveness
alone Is butUclont to assure large and !
onces at the Lyric for tbo remaining
weeks of the engagement.
James Montgomery's farcical comedy
ody , "Tho Aviator , " with Wallace Ed
dinger in the title role , has settled
down to a prosperous run at the Astor
theater. Mr. Eddingcr is an export
comedian and the playwright has glv
en him a play full of wit , snap ant
Now York must say goodbye to Miss
May Irwln and "Getting a Polish" at
Wallack's tonight , for there arc other
engagements which demand Miss Ir
win's clever .abilities elsewhere. "Po
mandor Walk" will follow Miss Irwln
at Wallack's.
Sam Bernard in "He Came from
Milwaukee" has passed his IGOth per
formnnce at the Casino theater. Mr
Bernard plays the role of a Milwaukee
brewer who encounters all sorts of ad
ventures in Europe and is suppltet
with a long list of humorous sayings
William Gillette reappears as the
Hev. Robert Spauldlng In tbo fnrclcn
comedy "Tho Private Secretary" a
the Empire theater. This Is the play
that brought him his ilrst celebrity In
1884. He is varying "Tbo Private Sec
rotary" with "Secret Service. "
The holiday season has not affected
In the least tbo popularity of "The
Gamblers , " Charles Klein's latest play
nt _ Mnxine Elliot's theater. The
strength displayed by the author ii
the construction of the play and the
excellence of the cast by which it 1
produced , makes "The Gamblers" on
of the season's most effective dramal
Ic offerings.
Daly's continues to bo the home o !
"Baby Minn , " Margaret Mayo'a de
lightful farce. This play has n humoi
that seems to ripen with age , and wll
find friends as long as it remains Ir
Now York.
"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" hat
that the public prefers plays that are
clean as well as entertaining.
At the Now York Hippodrome thou
sands are visiting the throe spectacles ,
"Tho International dp , " "Tho Earth-
quake" and "The Ballet of Niagara. "
The now circus In also a big feature
f the entertainment.
"Tho Commute ! H , " James Forbes"
omcdy , has tolobrated Its IfiOtb per-
ormnnco nt the Criterion theater. Mr.
Forbes shows the same keen scnso of
bscrvntton of men and manners ns
vns so evident In "Tho Chorus Lady"
ml "Tho Ttavollng Salesman. "
Edgar Solvvyn's comedy , "The Coun-
ry Boy , " has reached Its fifth month
t the Liberty thcator. Much of its
ucccss Is due , no doubt , to the human
oto and general appeal that Is em-
odlcd In its Illustration of a country
oy's oxporlonco In coming to Now
'ork to make n iiiuno for himself and
vln a fortune.
At the American music hall this
t'cek the program Is bended by Nairn ,
. Pailslnn whirlwind dancer. Tom
Ferris and his company of fourteen
BBoclntc English players , present for
ho Hist tlmo In this country "A Man's
hadow. " There nro twenty other
Ine features on the bill of this play-
William Collier In "I'll Bo Hanged
f I Do , " nt Collier's comedy theater
ontlnucB to attract crowds and prove
me of the amusing sensations of the
Things That Happened to Patrons of
the Doomed Games ,
Kansas City. Doc. 2t. Now that the
nffles for rooc , fuel , clothing , motor
jyclcs , Jowelrv , motor cars , houses
mil lots and nearly everything else
no to be discontinued after January
, men who ha\o boon playing the raf-
les for the last two years are relating
ncldents. A gioup of men stood in a
Igar store yestciday telling of the
; oed and bad luck of the raffle pat
"I know a woman who spent about
.he last dollar In the house for a
chance on a motor car , " one of the
lien icmaiked. "Tho day she won
he motor car her husband lost his
ob. They'd been up against It right
f she hadn't taken the chance. "
"Yes , and I know a guy that spent
J17G In ono rnfdo and drew nothing
nit numheis , " another man declared.
This got them started tolling stories ,
ind hero are some of the experiences :
A dishwasher at the Savoy hotel re-
uctantly spent a dollar for a ticket
on a car. AVhen he was notified that
10 had diawn the machine ho asked
: ho chef for an hour's leave of ab
"Can't spnie you now , " the chef re-
"Yes , you can , " the dishwasher re
plied. "I've got a $1,500 motor car
Lhnt I Just won and I'm quitting. "
An official of a telephone company ,
in attempting to pull one em elope
from the package offered him , drew
flvo numbers.
"That's lucky , " the clerk remaik-
ed ; "better take all of them"
"One's plenty , " the customer re
plied. The clerk lecoided the other
four numbers , just to see how his pre
diction would come out when the
drawing took place. One of the num
bers the customer declined to accept
won the car.
Some of the merchants where the
raffles are being held declare that
they aie glad the police Intend to stop
them January 1.
"The raffles cieate more or less dis
satisfaction , " one merchant said yes
terday. "When we're in the raffle
business wo ask our customers if they
desire to take chances. Some of them
do not like tlio proposition and get
offended. There arc the others that
Invest considerable money in these
games of chance and get sore because
they fall to win anything. We're glad
they are stopping them. "
Cincinnati , O. , Dec. 24. Serious InJury -
Jury to two nurses and two patients
and minor hurts to several other In
mates of the city hospital resulted
from a life and death fight with an
insane man weighing 215 pounds and
armed with a knife.
Following Is a toll of the seriously
T. N. Smith , night nurse : tendons
and arteries of wrist sovered.
E. F. Mitchell , day nurse ; femoral
artery in right thigh cut , and five oth
er stab wounds in the side and hands.
Will Howe , patient ; stabbed in left
sldo below the heart ; may die.
Ferdinand Hoffman , patient ; cuts
and bruises over the head iccelvcd
while being subdued.
Hoffman became violent yesterday
and was strapped to a cot. He obtain
ed a knife in some manner , and cut
his bonds , hurling himself Smith.
Mitchell and Howe were cut when
they went to Smith's aid , Hoffman
keeping up the struggle until William
F , Kuhlman , a nurse in an adjoining
ward , struck him on the head with n
heavy cane.
Homesteaders to Wed.
Wltten , S. D. , Dec. 24. Special to
The News : The Witton Commercial
club met in special session and dis
cussed the advisability of getting out
some advertising matter for this pint
of the county. It was voted that thorn
bo n systematic line of advertising put
out , setting the advantages of Wltten
and vicinity , that an effort be put fortli
to secure now enterprises. During the
past week the citizens of Wltten have
been making repairs on roads leading
into town.
Nine joung men of this section , nf
tor making final proof on their farms
departed for their old homes to spent !
the holidays , and to sco their besl
Pleasures of the Week ,
A largo number of ft lends gave a
linen shower Monday night In the
r. C. Engolmnn parlors In honor of
Miss Elsie Gntenby. The parlors were
beautifully decorated In linen , and after
tor greetings were exchanged n four-
course dinner was served by Mrs. Bn-
golmnn. Many beautiful linen gifts
were presented to Miss Qntenby
Among the out-of-town visitors pres
ent were : Misses Verna Nesblt , Oak
dale ; Georgia Hall , O'Neill , and Anna
McCafforty , O'Neill.
Eighteen little girls of St. Agnes
Guild met In the guild room of Trinity
church on Wednesday afternoon.
These little workers hnvo Just sent
a nice Christmas box to the Clarkson
hospital In Omaha , filled with all
sorts of useful articles for the chil
dren's ward.
Harry Hlx was host to fifteen of his
friends at a party Tuesday night at
the home of bis parents northeast of
the city Games and rcfieshmcnts
were the features , after which the
guests enjoyed a jlde home in the
Mis II. B Saunders gave her daugh
ter Corlnno a surpilso paity to cele
brate her birthday on Thursday eve
ning. A dozen > oung people enjoyed
a pleasant evening and a delicious
lunch ,
W. C. Roland was surpilscd Sun
day by a large number of friends and
i datives. The enteitaimncnt was in
lionor of Mr. Roland's birthday anni
Coming Events.
A dancing party that promisor , to beef
of unusual Intoicst will be givvn in
Mast hall on New Year's eve Twent.v
of Norfolk's fair > onng ladles will
entertain twenty young men
What They'll Do Christmas.
Miss Durland and Miss Etta Din-
land will entertain a largo family
pait ) at a C o'clock dinner on Mon
day evening Covers will bo laid for
Mr. and Mrs. C B Duiland and daugh
ters , Mr. and Mrs Hurt Mnpes and
children , Mr and .Mrs. L. B Nicola
and son Dick , Mr and Mrs Gilbert
Durlnnd and three daughtcis of Plain-
view , Mi. and Mrs C I Beinaid and
daughter Frances , Mr and Mrs R
Wood and daughter Mildred and Misb
Clara Wood of Plainvlew
Dr and Mrs , C. S. Parker and chil
dren will go to Omaha tomorrow noon ,
where they will vlblt until Wednesday
with Dr. Parker's sister. Mrs. Pugsley ,
and enjoj a family reunion On Mon
day Mrs. Pugsley will give a family
dinner , and on Tuesday Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Parker will be hosts Miss Flor
ence Parker , who Is leaching In Mon
tana , will not return for the holidays.
A Jolly crowd will gather round
the festal board in the home of Mr.
and Mrs H E Hardy The guests
who will share In the pleasures of the
Hardy home are Mr and Mrs. Peter
Boll , Mr. and Mrs L P Pasewalk ,
Forest Norton. Mr. and Mrs. C W.
Landers and family. Mrs H E. Owen
of La ramie. Wyoming , and Elmer
Haidy of Lusk , Wyo
At the home of Mr and Mrs. A. J.
Durland In Seattle , will bo found a
Christmas party which will Include
Mr. and Mrs Nicola of Burlington ,
Wash. , parents of L. B Nicola , Dr.
Frank Graham of Seattle , Charles
Durland of Norfolk who is attending
school in Seattle , and Miss Lena Stew
art of Manilla , formerly from Madison.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.
C. Matrau the turkey will be carved
for family guests , Mrs. O. R. Eller
and sons , Henry and Warren , Dr. and
Mrs. C. A. McKIm and son , Eugene ,
and Miss Agnes Matrau , who is home
from the university at Lincoln for the
holiday season.
In the home of Dr and Mrs. P. H.
Salter there will be a large dinner
party. Places will be laid for Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Salter , Clarence Salter , Mr.
and Mrs. J R. Hajs , Mr. and Mrs. G.
D. Buttertleld and family , and Dr. and
Mrs. Frank Salter and children o !
Mrs Louise Asinus will have as her
dinner guests Mrs Rudat and daugh
ter Dorothy , and Mrs Johnson , Mr.
and Mrs. Ramer , Mr and Mrs. Ludwig -
wig Koenlgsteln and daughter Eve'yn
In the evening Mrs Asmus wll1 entertain -
tain a company of friends
Christmas night all the members ot
the Durland family will be entei tallied
In the home of Mr and Mrs Burt
Mapes Santa Claus insists upon the
greatest becrecy in regard to this af
fair but he has promised them all a
Jollv time
At the home of Mr and Mrs J B.
Ballantyno the list will include Mr.
and Mrs J. B Ballantyne , Jr , ol
Gregory , S D. , Mrs James Ballantyne
and Mrs Walgand of C'rofton , Neb. ,
and Miss Ballantyne of Hartington
Mr and Mrs C , J Fleming and son
will go to St. Paul , Neb , Christmas
morning. Mr Fleming will returr
Wednesday while Mrs. Fleming ami
the baby will icinain for n month !
visit In the homo of her parents.
Colonel Cotton and Mrs Mathewsoi
will have at their table Christmas dn ;
their host and hostess nt dinner.
A family gathering In tlio home
of Mr. and Mrs. John Filday
will Include Mr and Mis J L. founts
and Mr and Mrs A. J Hlght A
dinner and Cbilstmas tloo will bo tbo
pi canines of tbo day
Mr and Mrs Joseph Albcriy loft
I'YIday ' noon for Clyde , Kan. , where
they will celebrate Clulstmas In the
liomo of tlieli daughter , 'Mrs. Sohllu-
gcr MHH | Hnttle Alberry of Omaha
accompanied them.
Mr and Mrs. C. J. Bullock will have
ix family gathering , entertaining Mr.
and Mrs. 1) S. Bullock , Mr. and Mrs.
A Bullock , Charles Bridge and
daughtoi , Melllc , and sons , Charles
and Donald. N
Mrs. Inglls and son Fred , Mr. and
Mis U. E. Blerer of Council Bluffs
and Rex Heeler of Lincoln wlil enjoy
the tin key at the homo of Mr. and
Mis. L M. Heeler on noith ninth
At the home of Mr. and Mis. J. L.
Weaver on south ninth street the
guests will be Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Stltt and family , Lieut. Hand and
fanillv of Ft. Leavcnworth , Kan
Mr and Mis Joseph Shoemaker and
daughter Geitrude came up from Oma
ha Filday evening and will enjoy the
Christmas festivities In the homo of
Mr and Mis E P Wentherby.
Mr. and Mrs. B C Gentle will give
n dinner Christmas day with Mrs.
Mary Davenport , Miss Martha Daven
port and Mr and Mrs. L. B. Nicola
and son , Dick , as guests.
M. Schaffer , sr. , and family and
Mr. and Mrs , . Wilkinson of Ft. Collins ,
Ida. , will tnko dinner Christmas day
with Mr. and Mis Matt Schaffer , jr. ,
on South Third street.
Dr. R. C. Simmons left Mlday for
Lebanon , Kan. , wheio ho will , spend
Christmas with hlb mother. Mrs.
Simmons will spend the day In Bee-
mer , vv Ith her mother.
Mr. and Mib. Max Wilde and chil-
tlieii of Bazile Mills aie guests of Mr.
and Mis. Call Wilde. Air. and Mis.
Wilde will have a family gathering
on Clulstmas day
Miss Fale Burnham went to Madi
son today , and tomoriow Mr. and
Mrs Burnham will join her to cole-
biato the day In the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. C. Fields.
Mr. and Mis. C. H Reynolds will
enteitnin Rev and Mrs. J. C S. Weills
and Mi and Mis. Willis McBride ,
Jennnetto and Logan McBrldo of
Elgin , Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Braden left Fri
day noon for Mason City , la. , to spend
Chiistmas witli Mr. and Mrs. Zingree
as has been their custom for several
yeais past.
M and Mis T D Teeter of Lakewood -
wood City , Iowa , returned to their
homo Kiiday aftei a shoit visit with
Mis Teeters sister , Mis. W II
Dan Fnrr and Hanson Ely , nephews
of Mrs. E. E Gillette , will come over
fiom Sioux City Monday for a holi
day visit In the homo of Mr and Mrs.
Elmer Ilard.v of Litbk , Wyoming ,
is in Noi folk foi the holidays and a
visit in the home of his pmevts , Mr.
and Mis. II E Haidy on North Ninth
Mis. E. H Ely of Iowa City , la. ,
will nirivo In Norfolk on Monday.
Mis. Ely comes to make her homo
with her daughter , Mrs. E E. Gil
Mr. and Mrs. L P. Pasewalk ex
pect to start the New Year in the
now cottage they are to occupy , cor
ner of eleventh and Nebraska ave
Ralph Luikart will come up from
Lincoln next week for a visit with
friends and to attend the dancing
party in Mast hall Now Year's eve.
Mr. and' Mrs. C. C. Gow will have
with them to enjoy the Christmas
cheer Mrs Gow's father and sister.
Mr. and Miss Temple of Wayne.
George Beels returned from Chicago
on Thursday night. Mrs , Bcels who
accompanied him there will spend a
couple of weeks In the city.
Mrs M C McMillan went to Oma
ha Friday noon where she will enjoy
the holiday season in the homo of Mr
and Mrs. Charles Harding.
Mrs. E. B Reed and children left
this naming for Lebanon , Kan. , to
spend the ohlldays with her parents
Mr. and Mrs E. P. Root.
Mr. and Mrs J D. Sturgeon and
family vrlll spend the day in Crelghton
Mrs. Sturgeon will remain for a two
weeks visit with friends
Miss Fein Pllgor of Plalnviow ant
Hiss Helen Schwlctenborg of Hadar
will bo guests In the homo of Mr. ant
Mrs. A Degner
At the homo of Dr. and Mrs. Kler
stead the guests will bo Mr. and Mrs
S. McCarver , and Mrs. J. II. Kler
stead of Tlldon
With Mr and Mrs. E. C. Engles wll
s bo Mr , Engles' brother , Charles , froir
Madison , S. D , , and Mr. and Mrs. C
L. Cbaffoe.
Dr. and Mrs II T. Halden will en
Itrtnln Mrs W T , Mmnnuch
ettnln Mr and Mrs A 11 , Klesau.
Ir and Mis. F. Andeison and Mis.
aw den
Judge and Mis. Powers will hnvo
vlth thoin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pow-
is of Chadron and Mr. and Mrs. Will
Mr. and Mis. C. P. Pmlah will have
s their Christmas guosti. , Miss Lllllo
lai quiii dt and Chi Is and Heine Gllss-
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Koenlgsteln will
ntortaln Mi. and Mt r John Koenlg-
toln and Dr. Tasbjenn on Christmas
Mrs. R. O. Webb left Filday noon
or a trip to Idaho , wheio she will
pond two months visiting her sister.
Karl Lyndo canio up fiom Lincoln
atuiday to spend Clulstnins with his
arcnts , Mr. and Mrs. J L. Lvndo.
Mrs. George Beels will spend tlio
olltlay season In Chicago Mr. Bfcols
otuincd homo Thursday night.
Miss Ralph Bowker of Teknmnh
pent Fildny In the city visiting
Ilsses Veina and Opal Cot yell.
Dr. and Mis Biush will enjoy
ilstmns dinner in the home of Mrs.
i Brush OH Koenlgsteln avenue
Mr. and Mrs. Geoige Oston have
one to Omaha to spend Chi ( stums
, 'itb Mrs. Osten's patents.
Miss Blanche Roscbeiry went to
Mindron Fildaj evening where she
111 visit until Wednesday.
Miss Letha Blakemnn airived home
'hursday ' fiom Iiullanola , Iowa , where
ho Is attending college.
M. and Mis. George Spear will have
is dinner guests Miss Mason , and
lolen and Ray Lobdell.
Mr. and Mrs. Asa 1C. Leonard will
nivo as guests , Herman Gerccko and
ons , Fred and Clarence.
J. T. Thompson and son Louis 10-
urned Fildnj evening Irom a week's
Isit in Dubuque , la.
Mis. Beitlm Pilger will have a fain-
ly gathering including Mr. and Mis.
Chat les Pilger.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Tioutman and
amlly will bo all day guests of Mrs.
Vnim Madsen.
Miss Opal Madbcn came down from
lonesteel , S D. Satuiday to enjoy
icr vacation.
Win. Mahuiko vill spend Christmas
n Sioux City aiid leturn to Norfolk
Dr. and Mrs. ti. J. Cole will enter-
: ain Mr. and Mis. James Lough and
Mrs. W. A. Ki.igsley went to Stan-
on on Tuesday tu attend an afteinoon
> oi ty.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Erskine will dine
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Odiorne and fain-
Mr. and Mis. F. G. Corjell will en-
ertain Mr. and Mrs. Myron Walker
At the C. S Hayes homo Mr and
Mis E R. Hayes will bo guests.
Mis Mailba Brown went to
31 ty today to visit until Monday
Mr. and Mrs. L. Sessions will entei-
tain Mrs. Hitchcock of Pierce
At 9:30 : Satuiday morning in the
parlor ot J. C. Engelman , on Nor-
lolk avenue and Fifth street , occurred
the wedding of Miss Elsie Gatenby
and Hany A. Dick. Rev. J. W. Klrk-
patrlck of the First Methodist church
pronouced the words which bound the
young couple In wedlock. A delicious
luncheon was served after the cere
mony , after which the newly married
couple wont to Lincoln to visit a few
days and will be at home at 902 South
Eighth street next Tuesday.
The bride was dressed In a beauti
ful white satin dress and cairled a
large bouquet of white roses. She
was attended by Miss Carrie Me
Learie , who was dressed In a pretty
blue silk dress The groom wore a
black dress suit and was attendee
by James B. Blauchard of Sioux City.
Miss Gatonby is the daughter of
Mrs. Marian E. Cooper. Sbo has be
come popular here ns a musician ant
has taught under Piofcssor Otto A
Voget for several months. Mr. Dick c
is the son of Mrs. M. Dick. He is also
popular here and among bis brother
railroad men.
George N. lleols returned last night
front Chicago.
Haiold Winner of O'Neill was a vlb
Itor In the city.
Mrs. F. Brandt of Arlington was .1
visitor In the city.
Miss Ida Wctillg of Hosklns was ,1
visitor in the city.
Mis. Fiank Sailer of Pierce was .1
visitor In the city.
Mrs. Gustavo Miller of Hosklns was
here calling on friends.
Hnl Klngery of Tllden was In the
city visiting with friends.
Otto Wilde of Bazllo Mills Is visit
Ing with his father , Carl Wildo.
Mrs. II. B. Alien of Madison is ii
the city visiting with relatives.
Miss Anna Abientshleldt of Hosklni
was In the city visiting with fi lends.
O. L. Hyde has gene to Mlnneapoll ;
to join his family , who are spendlni
MID. M. C. Wilde of Bazllo Mills I
In the city visiting at the homo of Cm
Miss I'thvlnim Balrd has gene to
Wyoming to spend the holidays with
Miss Mai Ion Gow has gone ( o Blue
Spilngs , Neb. , to spend the holidays
with , iclnth VH.
Mr. and Mis. R. S. Lackey have
gene to Pllner to spend the holidays
with i datives ,
R. B. Tilpp passed through the city
onroute to his homo at Yanktou , S. I ) . ,
from Trlpp county.
Mis. Chinles Woosley and MIH.
Glaiider of Columbus woio In the city
visiting with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Dohait have
gone to EmciBon , In. , to upend the
holidays with i datives.
Louts Kloso of Chicago Is lieie to
spend the holidays with his aunt , Mrs.
Jharlotte lllgcn and family.
Dr. R. A. Mlttelstadt of Fort Smith ,
\.ik. , at lived lor a visit with bis
nether , Mrs. E. Mlttolstadt.
Mrs. C. II. Bowers rotmned homo
it noon after a several months' visit
n KatiHiiH City , wltb her parents.
Mrs. John Finney and her son Law-
on have gene to Lincoln , where they
vlll spend the holidays with relatives.
Mr. and Mis. J. G. Leglor of Slonx
City mo In the city to spend the boll-
lays with their paients , Mr. and Mis.
Fred Nordwlg.
Thomas ( Irlllln , Andrew Petcison ,
Jcorge Ciavvford and Casey Xacliek of
\Vlsuer v\oie In the city visiting with
Call Portwlg.
Miss Lentha Blakcman has returned
loin Cot neil college to spend tbo hoi-
days with her paients , Mr. and Mis.
iV. H. 1-llnkcinnn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hlght leave ibis
ho holidays with i datives then- .
onlng to spend the holidays wltb
datives at Interior , S. D.
Mis Henry Schmodo and chlldicn
of Scotts Bluff , Neb , will arrive In
the city tomoi row , to spend the boll-
lays with her mother , Mrs. E. Mlttel
Einost Hanse has moved fiom his
'aim to Noith Seventh street.
Alfied Bohlnnd , who has been quite
11 , Is again able to be back at his
William Steffcn has accepted a tern-
lorary position as clerk In the Qnum
'Jios. store.
At Hadar Thurbday William Ferris
ind Miss Viola Faubel were married
ty Rev. Mr. Braucr.
"Sailor" Kelly returned from Ard-
more , S. D. , wheio he fought Tommy
iiinlth fifteen rounds to a draw.
Adam Pilger of Stnnton county has
tiaded his fnim neai Battle Cicck for
a Noifolk residence in' the cast portion
tion of.the city.
A number of Noifolk chicken own-
eis are piepailng to go to West Point
next month to compete In the fancy
poultiy show which will be held in
that city.
Theie will be no Christmas tree Sat
uiday night at the Episcopal chuich ,
as some of tbo clilldien of the Sunday
school seem to have beliovod. The
tree will be at 4 in the afteinoon
Voget's orchestra has been engaged
tcj fninlsh music for the Elks stag din
tier which takes place at C I'.O p. m. ,
January fl The ladles of the Eplsco
pal chinch will sem > the dinner
A. V. Daniels of .Meadow Giove was
nnested by Chiet ot Police Maiqunidt
for being drunk. Friday moining he
pleaded guilty and paid a Hue of $7.10
in Justice Eiseley's court.
Wind plajed havoc with a plate
glass show case in ft out of the Nor
folk shoo btoie when It lifted the case
and dioppetl It several feet away onto
the sidewalk. Eveiy glass in the case
was broken.
The work ot laying bilck is at a
standstill Foiemnn Samuel Kline
who is in charge of the work , declares
he will not lay any biick for a while
although there me fourteen cars ol
this material In the city.
The basketball team scheduled foi
January fi between the Norfolk Busl
ness college .ind cleiks' team has been
postponed one week. The Business
college team will probably piny the
Wlsner team In ono month.
W. E. Ellenwood , foimeily a North
western engineer but now in charge
of a construction crew on the Panama
canal locks , has sent a huge number
of snap shot photographs of himself ,
family , and inteiestlng scenes around
the caimlone to C. E. Burnham.
II. B. Peisous , bookkeeper at the
Norfolk National bank , bos been ap
pointed to the assistant cashleishlp of
the Monowl State bank at Monowl
Mr. Persons will take up bis new po
sition next Tuesdaj. His successor
bore has not jet been named
The decoiatlng committee of the
luilioad men's dunce arc making gieat
pieparations in Marquardt hall , where
their annual ball will be held next
Monday night. The hall will be beau
tlfully appointed In Christmas bells
r and other decorations appiopilato to >
the occasion. The railroaders expect
a largo attendance.
News of the death of Ray .Miller
older son of Rome Miller of Omaha ,
was locL'lved by Noifolk lilonds Prl
tiny. Rav Miller oxplied at 2 10 Frl
day moining after having been bed
fast for four yeais He was a lifelong
sufferer fiom spinal trouble. Tbo de
ceased spent his eaily childhood In
Norfolk , where bis condition always
excited unlveisal sympathy. The fu
ncral will be held Satuiday afteinoon
The ( list Red Cioss stamps arrived
In the city Friday morning w hen W A ,
WlUigmnn , vice president of the No
brnska National bank , received about
200 of the stamps fiom an Omnhii
nurse. A. L. Killlnn repot ts that IK
has not yet tecolvod tbo red crest
stamps which vveto to hnvo been sent
heio to him. Dr. J. H. Mnckay was U
have charge of these stamps this joai
but had notified theexpress companj
to deliver them to Mr. Killlan , whc
believes they have been mlssent.
LitHiU nnnt and Mrs. R , J. Hand am
two sons of Fort Leavenvvorth , Kan
am In the cltv for n two months' vial
will sail for the- Philippine lshudn uf-
tor their visit IUMO , for a low years'
stay. Lieutenant Hand has already
men In the Philippines twice , \hnlust
.lino accompanied by MIH. Hand
Whllo in the Philippines LU'Utcnunt
Hand , who Is Iliyt lieutenant of tlio
I'liliteeiith Infautty and now nctlni ;
uljutant lor his ieilnii'ii ; ( , was nlu
tlonud In Urn , Island of Mindanao
whoie the go\ eminent IB now oxporl
> ncliig IIHUMI double with the MonoboH
tilbesmen and whom only n few years
igo thoio was much light lug.
Notice to Non-resident Defendant.
Ethel B. Alexander , non-iesldi'iit de
fendant , will take notice that Augimt
17 , 1910 , Unity B. Alexander tiled n
etltlon In the dlstilct court of Mad-
son county , Nebinska , the object and
piayer of which mo to obtain a dl-
vorco from her. tbo snltl Ktlii'l B Al x
iitdor , on the giound of adultery You
ire loqulicd to answer said petition
in or bofoto the Kith day of January ,
A. D. 1911.
Harry B. Alexander , Plaintiff
By II. F. Bainluut , his attornov
Order of Hcarlnq ot Klnnl Account.
In the mattei nf tbo estate of Frank
Nohol , deceased. In the county couit
of Madison county , Nebuiska.
Now on tbo Ktb day ot December
1)10. ! ) came Jack KoenlgHteln , the ad-
niinlstrutoi of mild estate , and pruyn
foi leave to lemlei an account assiitli
H Is therefoie onleied that tbeOth din
of January , 1M1 ! , at 1 o'clock p m nt
my ollleo in Madison , Nobtaska , bo
llxed as the time and plnio for exam
Inlng and allowing such account And
the heirs of snltl deceased and all per
sons luteicstod In said estate , are ro-
qniied to appear at tbo tlmo and place
so designated , and show cause , If such
exists , why said account should not
be allowed.
It Is fuither 01 dcrcd that said Jack
Koenlgstelii , ndmlnistintor , give no
tice to all poisons Intelcsted In said
estate by causing a copy of this order
to be published in the Norfolk Weekly
News-Join nal , a newspaper printed
and In general t Imitation in said
county , for three weeks prior to the
day set tor uaid bcailng.
In testimony whereof I have here
unto set m > hand and affixed my of
ficial seal this 8th day of December
A. D 1010. Win. Bates
( Seal ) County Judge.
Leaal Notice.
To the unknown belts of Joshua
Kline , deceased , defendants , will take
notice that oa the lIHh day of October ,
1910 , the plaintiffs , Can to Rnsloy. Geo.
N. Beels , Co/a A. Beels , and Norfolk
Long Distance Telephone company ,
plaintiffs , filed their petition In the
district courv , of Madison county , Neb ,
against the defendants and Amanda T
SchwenK and Peter Schwcnk , the ob
ject and prayer of which are to ex
clude the defendants from any inter
est , actual or contingent in andto
lots 7 and S , in block 2 , of Mathew-
bon'.s addition to Norfolk. In Madison
county , Nebraska , and that the title of
the plaintlll Can io Rasley to the west
22 feet of thb east 1 i feet of said lot 7
be quieted and confirmed In her as
against the defendants , and that tbo
title of the plaintiff Long Distance
Telephone company to the cast " 1 feet
of said lot 7 , bo quieted and confirmed
in it , us against tbo defendants and
that the title of the plaintiffs Gee N
Bcels and Cora A. Heels , as tenants in
common to the said lot 8 and the west
C feet of the said lot 7 be ( filleted and
confirmed In them as against the de
You me requested to answer snld
petition on or befoie the 10th day of
Januaiy , 1911.
Dated December 5 , 1910.
Mapes & IIn7on
'Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
WANTED Success Magninev \
quiies the seivices of a man In Not
folk to look after exiiliing sub crlp-
tlons and to seeuie new business by
means of special methods iMullv ef
fective ; position peinninent Prefer
one with expeilento , but would con
'skier any applicant with peed n.iturnl
qualifications ; biilar.v $1 TiO pel day ,
with commission option. Address ,
I with teferencps , R. C. Peacock. Room
102 , Success Maga/lne Bldg , Nevr
I York.
JT VK VLllTin , ItlfciiiiJ M ikiCn
most 1114 1420-24 LAwnUICZ. DCNVtD COLO
Anrono ncmllng n sketch nml dcicrlntlnn m
qulcklf nicorlaln our < > i Inlim free whether ui
HiTciilliHi Ii prohnblr liiteiitnMo < niiiiunlea-
tic nintricllrnmuiluiitliil. HANDBOOK on l' ttni
ec'H Irco. ( llilot auc ior fur * at HIT t > torit .
I atnuu Iftk n trironuli Mm n \ i. J. rocelrf
tfflalnotke , wltliout ttmrco , III tlio
Scientific Jltnencam
A handtomolr IllnstrateJ weeklj ; Larveit/Jr.
t : < ai' ii uf nr clentiuo Journal. Ucrun , I3
, * -r fniirtrihnllu , | L fluldbiTall nonmlenlern