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The Qnly Starter In the Chicago-Goth
am Race Sunday Will be Eugene
Ely Others Will Make Merely Tech
nical Starts ,
Chicago , Oct. 7. There will bo but
one real starter in the Chicago-New
York aeroplane race , scheduled to be
gin here Sunday. It was announced
today that Kiigono Ely will attempt to
go the route , but that Wlllard , Post
nnd McCnrdy will make merely tech
nical starts.
Mr. Ely Is a nephew of Mrs. E. 13.
Gillette of Norfolk.
Old Santa Fe Teresa Gold Mine in
Mexico Is Rediscovered.
BIsbce , Ariz. , Oct. 7. Mexican of
ficials at-Cananca yesterday announc
ed the rediscovery of the old Santa Fo
Teresa gold mine , one of ( lie few real
ly "lost" mines of the southwest which
was known to have been worked by
the Spaniards more than a century
ago , and which has been lost since
The main shaft was well preserved ,
but the timbers had boon removed
nnd the earth caved In. Two skel
etons were found at the bottom of tlio
ghaft , Indians had kept possession of
the mine so long that Its location had
become n mystery to the Mexicans.
The Mexican government is now mak
ing arrangements to take charge of
the mine.
Eleven Inches of Rain Fall Within
Forty-Eight Hours.
Louisville , Ky. , Oct. 7. Almost un
precedented rains have fallen In the
lower Ohio river valley In the last
three days and threaten to reach Hood
stage soon. In the last thirty-six
hours the river at Pnducah , Ky. , has
risen Szfeat ar.d c&ittlnueis to rise.
At Evansvlllc , Iiiel. , the river was ris
ing at the rate of .3 of a foot an hour.
The rainfall at the latter point total
led eleven inches In forty-eight hours ,
breaking the record.
At Louisville , Owensboro , and other
points In Kentucky , Evansville , Boone-
villo nnd other places in southern In
diana , the rain has caused much dam
Bridges have' been carried away ,
crops destroyed and railroad tracks
washed away.
A dispatch from Booneville , Ind. ,
says GOO persons are homeless and
that the deluge has destroyed much
property In southern Indiana. Dam
ages to bridges and roads In six coun
ties In Kentucky have been placed at
half a million ,
Democrats in Massachusetts Name
Man who Agrees to Withdraw.
Boston , Oct. 7. Although the demo
crats of Massachusetts after a stormy
thirteen hours' convention at Faneull
Hall early today nominated Frederick
AV. Manslleld of Boston for governor ,
the party probably will have anothei
candidate to oppose Governor Eben
S. Draper In the coming campaign
Mr. Mansfield's selection was a tempo
rary expedient , made when a decision
on the two candidates before tlio con
volition became Impossible , and was
intended to fulfill the legal require
inent that the nominee's name bo 111
ed with the secretary of state by t
p. m. today. It Is understood Mr
lansfleld will withdraw to make waj
for a candidate chosen by a commit
tee appointed 'for the .purpose.
This committee also will select f
candidate for lieutenant governor
The withdrawal of the three candl
dates and the active participation o
a squad of policemen enabled the con
volition , which convened at noon yes
terday to adjourn nt 1:30 : a. m. to
day after nominating Mr Mansfield
The remainder of the state tlcke
nominated is :
Secretary of state , A. 55. E. Charest
treasurer , General B. F. Peach ; and )
tor , Charles C. Paine ; attorney general
oral , John Rntigan.
The Foss nnd Arnhoy leaders nt 1:11 :
n. m. , presented the conference solu
tlon of the difficulty the nominntloi
of Mnnsliold with the understandlm
ho would withdraw in favor of som
ono else within seventy-two hours ai
ter the filing of nomination papers
The convention accepted the propos
tion nnd n committee consisting o
\rahey supporters and two Foss mo
was appointed to choose a permanen
candidate for governor and lloutennn
governor. This committee went Int
conference with the state commltte
tills forenoon.
Dismisses Newman Grove Case.
Mndlson , Neb. , Oct. 7. Special t
The News ; Many persons from Nev
man Grove wore In attendance t
County Judge Bates' court where tli
case of the village of Newman Grov
All northern Nebraska feels pride in
tlio selection of GeorgeN. . Seymour
eif Elgin as piosldenl of the Nebraska
Bankor.-i association.
Mr. Seymour staited Ills banking ca
reer in Nollgh In JSSS , when he ac
cepted a position in the Merchants
bunk of Neligh , which has been out of
existence for many years. After a
short duration hero he went to Elgin
and started the Elgin State bank , and
has been continually In that instltu-
tlon for twenty-two years as Its presi
dent , lie also holds this distinguished
position in the Atlas bank of Neligh.
Upon being elected the president of
the Nebraska bankers at Omalni last
week and carried to the speaker's
stand , In making his speech of ac
ceptance ho said ho would rather bo
the president of the Nebraska hankers
I than governor of the great state of
Nebraska , at the present time. Ho
accompanied the Nebraska delegation
in a special coach to the American
bankers association , which is now in
session at Los Angeles , Calif.
against Christ Norker for exceeding
the village speed limit for automo
biles was hoard on appeal from the
police court of Newman Grove. Some
days ago Christ Norker , the owner of
a garage at that place , was arrested
charged witli having violated the vil
lage ordinance limiting the speed of
automobiles and was tried before the
police judge and acquitted. Judge
Bates dismissed the case on the.
grounds that the case had been once
litigated and verdict for acquittal
This to trfa Sessions of L'orimer In
vestigating Committee.
Chicago , Oct. 7. Lee O'Neil Browne ,
minority leader In the legislature
which elected Senator Lorimer May
2C , 1900 , was scheduled today to re
sume the witness stand before the
Lorimer investigating committee ,
Browne denied ho had ever given any
money to Representative Charles A ,
White who testified that Browne hael
bribed him to vote for Senator Lori'
mer.Tlio hearing of witnesses will prac
tlcally bo completed witli the test !
mony of Browne , according to the an
nounced purpose of the counsel , unless
Representative Robert E. Wilson , saiel
to have been an agent In the payment
of money to some of the legislators , Is
served with the subpoenao Issued foi
him. There is probability that todaj
will close the sessions of the commit
tee here.
Divide the Country Into Districts , ot
Federal Court Lines , the Plan.
Austin , Tex. , Oct. 7. In a letter he
wrote today to Governor Stubbs o
Kansas , O. B. Colqultt , member o
the Texas railroad commission am
democratic nominee for governor , sug
gests a plan by which Texas and sev
cral other states may combine for tin
purpose of regulating railroad frolgh
rates. He says in part :
"It has occurred to me that by ai
act of congress such states as Kansas
Missouri , Oklahoma and Texas , wliicl
exchange products largely with eacl
other , might bo authorized througl
their state railroad commissions ti
tix such rates and regulations on tonnage
nago passing between said states a
may be deemed necessary and tha
such course would bring about a mon
perfect and satisfactory regulation o
interstate commerce than we can eve
expect through the medium and char
nels now employed.
"It may bo well , also , to umona tn
Interstate commerce act so as to prc
vide for a division of the country Int
contiguous districts composed' of th
states which largely Interchange o
exchange products with each othe
and provide for the appointment of n :
interstate commerce commissioner fo
each of these districts who could fre
quently consult with the railroad con
mission of the several state comprh
Ing his district with authority to pre
mulgato orders affecting rates for th
said districts subject to revision b
the full membership of the interstat
commerce commission nt fixed lute
vnls or on extraordinary occasions
called sessions. "
More Census Returns.
Washington , Oct. 7. Population stt
tlstlcs enumerated in the thirteent
census were issued by the censu
bureau for the following places :
Cedar Rapids , la , , 32.811 , an Increns
of 7,155 or 27.9 percent over 25.C5G 1
Council Bluffs , la. , 29,292 , an li
crease of 3,490 or 13.5 percent eve
25,802 In 1900.
The Report That King Manuel and the
Queen Mother had Landed Is Incor
rect They Remain on Imperial
Doat Republic Established.
New York , Oct. 7. The Associated
Press this morning received direct
from Lisbon n dispatch from Senor
Barnardo Maehado. tlio minister of
loreign affairs in the newly constitut
ed provisional government of Portu
gal , In which the republican lender
sets forth the purposes and alms of
' tlio present government.
1 Senhor Mnclmdo , who speaks at tlio
ieque > st of and for Theophile TJraga ,
tlio provisional president of the new
republic , cabled as follows :
"The republic of Portugal has boon
proclaimed by the army , tlio navy and
tlio people.
"The maintenance of order com
pletely assured. There Is general ad
hesion to the government In tlio pro-
% luces. The enthusiasm of the public
is imam passed.
"The provisional government has
been at a great duty , Involving much
work. It has in effect a country to
make over. Concerning other pro
grams , 1 can say that wo will en
deavor to put in operation the pro
gram of the republican party. Tills
includes a policy of decent representa
tion , both in the local administration
and the government of colonies.
"Tlio llnancial budget Is to bo equal
ized In the general Interest of the
count ] y and it will bo made up with
honesty and fairness. The national
\\ealth will bo developed.
"All national alliances now existing
will bo respected and friendly rela
tions with all other states are desired.
"Freedom of the press will be as
sured and all star chamber methods
and opportunist laws will be abolished.
A Public School System.
"Public Instruction will be complete
ly secularized , relieved from icligious
control and the religions teachings
will be suppressed.Vo plan the es
tablishment of a broad system of pub-
' lie instruction , both primary and ad-
' \aiicod , under government endow
" ' '
"The re-organization of the army
and tlio navy , whose patriotic services
have been beyond all praise , will be
proceeded with.
"The government has profound re
spect for public opinion and it approaches
preaches Its task with a high resolve
to perform duties with unfailing hon
esty. It wishes to serve the best in
terests of the country.
"The foregoing sets forth in a few
words the purposes , the acts and the
earnest endeavors in these moments
of anxious labor of the members of
the provisional government of Per
"I send the above at the request of
the president of the provisional gov
ernment , Theophile Braga.
( Signed ) "Bernardo Machado ,
"Minister of Foreign Affairs. "
Brazilian President Sails.
Lisbon , Oct. 7. Dr. Jose Maria Do
Alpoim , chief of the progressive dissi
dents and a former minister of jus
tice and worship , has joined the re
publican movement and his own party
lias been dissolved. President-elect
Fonseca of Brazil , who was a guest of
King Manuel when the revolution
broke out , sailed for Hlo Janeiro on
the Brazilian battleship Sao Paulo to
day. The Brazilian cruiser Barroso
has arrived here. The custom house
hero lias been reopened.
i American Warship to Lisbon.
, Washington , Oct. 7. The members
i of the Portuguese royal family are all
i well at Gibraltar and the two cruisers
i which escorted the royal yacht Amelia
) to port have sailed for Oporto , accordIng -
Ing to a dispatch received at the state
3 department today from Counsel
t Sprague at Gibraltar.
) The protected cruiser Des Molnes
E lias been ordered to proceed to Lisbon
r to represent the United States , Commander -
mandor Lubey will make observations
and report to this government. This
3 action Is understood to have been taken -
en under the telegraphic direction of
) President Taft. The Des Molnes was
3 ordered to sail immediately from Gib'
r raltar.
i ! Under British Protection ,
r I London , Oct. 7. King Manuel , who
i- has been driven from his country by n
. . I involution , with other members of the
; . royal family , Is today under the pro
lection of the British government.
The Portuguese minister here re
celved a telegram from King Manuel
this morning in which his majestj
says the queen mother , Amelia , the
Duke of Oporto and ho arrived safely
and in good health at Gibraltar on the
yacht Amelia.
King Manuel In his message made
no reference to the revolution or te
his future plans.
Rush Gendarmes to North Spain.
Bordeaux , Franco , Oct. .7 Passen
gers arriving hero from Madrid repor
that heavy reinforcements of gen
dnrmes are being rushed into northen
Spain and that the gendarme escor
of trains has been doubled.
( Copyright. 1910. )
A Unique Suit for Revenge Against
the Elgin Agent of the American
Express Company Is Begun by Pres
ident of National Bank of Elgin.
Neligh , Neb. , Oct. 7. Special to
The News : Three novel lawsuits to
get revenge against the American Ex
press company were started in An
telope county ycfo'vlay by Willis Me-
"Bride , president o't the National bank
of Elgin. Mr. McDride sues in three
courts for refusal on the part of the
expiess company to pay eighty-five ex
press orders for $20 each , presented
last Monday at 3:55 : p. m. The ex
press company's agent at Elgin had
aroused Mr. McBride's ire by .refusing
to accept drafts and insisting upon
currency , whenever lie had money due
Mr. McBride went to Omaha recent
ly and bought $2,000 worth of express
orders in $20 denominations. Eighty-
five of these he presented at the Elgin
ofilce Monday and payment was re
fused. A protest fee of $2.02 Is tacked
on each order.
A representative of the express
company from Chicago is said to have
gone to Elgin to see Mr. McBrldc , tryIng -
Ing to make a settlement , but he re
fused to pay the protest fee.
Suits were filed In the courts of
Justice of the Peace J. W. Payne of
Elgin , John L. McAllister of Neligh
and County Judge Robert Wilson of
Neligh. Hearing In each Instance
conies up next Monday.
They Meet and Denounce Tariff BUI.
Favor Bipartisan Boards.
Kalama/.oo , Mich. , Oct. .7 Denun
ciation of the Payne tariff bill and of
the congressmen from Michigan who
aided In Its passage , was outlined to
day as the strongest plank in the plat
form of the democratic state conven
tion to ba adopted today.
The delegates to the convention ex
pressed pleasure over what Is deslg-
I nated by them as the evasive tactics
of the republican convention in meeting
ing tlio tariff issue yesterday , and
' they prepared for fierce onslaught on
the measure and Its adherents.
The promise of bl-partisan appoin
tive boards and commissions through
out the state in the event of the dem
ocratic victory was expected to large
ly eliminate the state issues In the
fight and center the contest on the
tariff and other national measures.
Vigorous charges of republican mis
rule in the state , which was asserted
in greater part to have been exposed
In the previous campaign of Lawton
T. Ilemans , the present democratic
nominee for governor , also were ex
pected to form part of the platform.
The selection of bl-partlsan commis
sions , It was asserted , will Insure a
lldellty and vigilance on the part of
the state officials not to bo obtained
In any other manner.
Aldrlch at Madison.
Madison , Oct. 7. Special to The
News : Hon. C. II. Aldrich speaks In
this city this evening under the aus
pices of the Aldrlch club.
Chicago , Oct. 7. "It will bo a sta >
tutory crime for any woman to give
birth to more than two children , " was
the prediction of Dr. Rose D. Howe
who spoke before the Austin Woman1'
club yesterday on "Education. " "This
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Maximum 77
Minimum 38
Average 57
Bai emictcr 30.03
Chicago , Oct. 7. Tlio bulletin is-
Chicago , Oct. G. The bulletin is
sued by tlio Chicago station of the
United States weather bureau gives
the forecast for Nebraska as follows :
Generally fair tonight and Saturday.
condition will exist , " she said , "when
the people are so educated on the
conservation of health that the death
rate will be brought to a minimum.
Roosevelt on Way South.
Lynchbnrg , Va. , Oct. 7. Theodore
Hoosevelt passed through Lynchbnrg
early this morning on his way to Bristol
tel , Tqnn. , whqre . Jo makp the
first speecli of his southern trip. lie
was still asleep when his train passed
through. The Roosevelt party Is to
stop for two hours at Bristol and the
colonel Is to make a speech to the
board of trade there. lie Is schedul
ed to arrive in Knoxvlllo at 3 o'clock
this afternoon and remain there until
midnight , speaking at the exposition
and attending a dinner. From Knox-
vllle ho Is to go to Atlanta , stopping
at Home , Ga. , to speak tomorrow
List of Candidates is Filed at Pierre.
| No Congress Candidates.
Pierre , S. D. , Oct. . The social dem
ocrat list of state nominees was tiled
today. It does not Include congres
sional nominations. The list is as
follows :
Governor , M. G. Opsahl , Sioux Falls.
Lieutenant governor , S. II. Goodfel-
low , Brookings.
Secretary of the state , B. T. Ander
son , Pukwana.
: Treasurer , W. M. Hlngsdorf , Huron.
Auditor , Leroy Hlxson , Marietta ,
j Commissioner of lands , Walter
Iloush , Fort Pierre.
Superintendent of instructions , J. J.
Pietella , Lead.
Attorney general , Stacey A. Cochran -
ran , Aberdeen.
Hallway commissioner , H. N. Me-
Nutt , Marcus.
Judge , Eighth judicial circuit , J. J.
Woolsten , Belle Fourche.
i J. E. Ballinger of Lead attempted
to file a petition for congress from tlio
Second district , but it did not contain
enough names and it was not accept
It Is Believed the Times Dynamiters
Have Gone a Long Distance.
Los Angeles , Oct. 7. Two men were
arrested nnd are being held for inves-
I 1 tigntion In connection with the Times
I building dynamiters. They are Charles
1 Nehr and Frank Itussell. The former ,
1 according to the report turned in by
I the arresting olllier , declared that
"the unions have something else up
! their sleeves , "
j Captain Flammer Indicated his be
lief that the men who actually blew
up the Times would not be found In
j fan Francisco. The detective chief Is
of the opinion that the plot to destroy
the Times and the homo of its owners
was carefully worked out , ar.1 ample
provision made beforehand for the es
cape of the conspirators. The anests
are expected to bo made at some point
far distant.
Another body was taken from the
ruins. This makes seventeen bodies
BO far recovered. It was not identi
The condition of the body Indicates
that If any others fell near It when
the llames were at their height they
were burned to cinders and were shov
eled out and carted upon flat cars with
debris to bo hauled away.
The fund being raised for the fain-
Illes of the victims now totals $10,000 ,
As He was Drawing a Revolver with
Which to Assassinate Prince Tsa !
Hsun , Uncle of Emperor of China , a
San Francisco Chink is Caught.
San Francisco , Oct 7. An attempt
to kill Prince Tsal Ilsun , uncle of the
emperor of China , as ho stepped from
the overland train at the Oakland
Mole half an hour befonvbonrdbig. ale
liner Chleyo Mam for the return trip
to China , was frustrated yesterday af
ternoon by Harry Moffltt , secret ser
vice operative , and Detective Sergeant
George McMahon of the local police
department when they seized George
Fong , a member of tlio Young China
association , as ho was about to draw
a revolver witli which to flro upon the
royal visitor.
Fong was handcuffed and quickly
taken from the crowd that had gath
ered at the station to welcome the
prince upon ills return to this city
from his visit to the cast. Fong svas
taken across the bay on a ferry boat
and hurried to Mofflt's offices where
he confessed his Intention to assassi
nate Prince Tsal Hsnn. A live-cham
bered revolver , fully loaded , was
found In his pocket. The arrest was
made so quickly and quietly that
neither Prince Tsal or any one of his
party or members of the reception
committee knew of it until the steam
er was ready to sail. Then Hear Ad
miral Thomas S. Plieips , representing
the government of the United States ,
on the final ceremonies attending the
visitor's departure was informed by
Moftitt of what had hapened. Wheth
er the prince was told of his close call
from death was not learned.
In his statement to secret service
men Fong denied that his action was
the result of a conspiracy. He said
that the organization to which ho belonged -
longed , while revolutionary in ten
dency , Is in no way responsible for
nls attempt to slay the prince. >
Fong expressed regret that , lie had
not accomplished his purpose , saying
that lie wanted to bo a martyr to the
cause to which ho had consecrated his
life and that ho wanted to awaken his
countrymen. He said ho would have
considered It an honor to have been
put to deatli had ho accomplished
what ho sought to do.
Miss Wilson to Campaign.
Des Moineg , la. , Oct. 7. Miss Flor.i
Wilson will campaign In Iowa witli
her father , Secretary of Agriculture
, Wilson , according to word from Miss
Wilson which readied hero today
Secretary Wilson will address a re
publican meeting at Atlantic Octobei
12G at which Miss Wilson will sing
; The following day Secretary Wilsoi
nnd Miss Wilson will bo heard at An
Scrlbner Party. Has a Close Call a
, Scrlbnor. Neb. , Oct. 7 . John Sliafor
near Scribner , ran his nuto square ! ;
i Into the side of freight train No. 330
and escaped with his life and the live :
of the others seated with him , becnusi
' the nose of the machine hit a trucl
I and rebounded Instead of plunglni
j under tlio car. The automobile cut i
I circle * and bumped Into the train i
second time before it could be got mi
, der control This time It was knockei
clear across the next track and lande- -
in a ditch. Nobody was hurt and ih
damages , It is estimated , will not b
over $250.
Dlctz Agreed to Surrender If All tlio
Charges Against Him Save the Hor-
rel Shooting Were Withdrawn This
the Governor Declined to Do.
Winter , Win. , Oct. 7. After a long
conference with Attorney Gcm-nil 0.
L. Gilbert and Colonel Mumum. .U TO-
tary to Governor Davidson of Wise on-
Hln , John F. Dlotz , tlio Cameron hum
outlaw , abHolutoly refused to ghv himself -
self up peaceably to tlio olficcin of
the law and announced that. lu would
de-IViid himself to tlio Inn ! against ( lie
attempts of Sheriff Madden and tlio
deputies to arrest him ,
Tlio representatives of the Mn < "iior
assured Dietz that no \ lt > ! oivnuld
follow Ills arrest , that h would lo ,
glvon an Impartial trial and chnngo of
vuinio and that capable counsel \wmld
bo provided him at the > expense of tlio
state If necessary. To all of thono
offers and oven to the entreaties of
his visitors , Diet/ turned a deaf enr.
livery available rig In town wended
its way toward the DIe-t/ cabin \\hrii
the emissaries made their start nnd
almost tlio whole town watched from
the woods , a distance of 700 mils
from tlio cabin , during the conforcnro.
After Dietz's final refusal to give him
self up the entire party of nlllclnle ,
deputies and townspeople came back
lo Winter to take further counsel and
await developments.
It has been learned today that DloU
proposed tlio following terms ol sur-
lender at yesterday's conference :
"I will surrender , " he said , "if all
charges against mo are dropped ex
cept the Horrol shooting. I am will
ing to stand trial on that. "
Dietlias refused the terms olloreel
by Governor Davidson's lepresontn-
tivcs and Deputy Thirbalin has been
told by Slierilf Madden to "do ' 'Is
duty. "
Threats for Governor.
Madison , Wis. , Oct. 7. A score of
letters threatening deatli or containing
hints at violence , received by Gov
ernor Jnmo ,0. Dnvli'FoiVs ' prn sn'i- '
mitted today by the executive to the
It is expected a guard will be placed
around the executive residence to-
! night. The letters appaiently are In-
1 spired by the governor's attitude in
the Dietaffair. .
A Diseaseless , Stupid Age Foreseen
i by a Scientist.
| New York , Oct. 7. The man of the
future will be a sane , dlscaseless ,
sturdy , stupid creature when science
shall have lobbed the world of both
disease and genius.
1 Such was the picture drawn today
by Dr. William G. McCallum , professor
ser of pathology in the Columbia mil-
\ersity college of physicians and sur
geons. Ho was speaking at the openIng -
Ing of the school year of the Institu
tion. Ills subject was "The Fnturn of
t Medicine. " All diseases except those
due to accidental causes , such as a
burn , poisoning , cuts , etc. , would be
entirely eliminated , he asserted.
"In the study of disease , " said he ,
"we have made the most progress up
to date , but in the cure of disease wo
have made little , with a few brilliant
exceptions , including yellow fever.
"All Insanity in time will be stamp
ed out witli the
exception of that re
sulting from Impiudenco nnd intemper
ance , which always will exist , as they
are tlio price of a man's personal lib
erty. "
Ol' the ellseaseless. insanity-proof
age , Professor McCallum said :
"Indeed , since development of gen
ius and of special individuality nnd
charm seldom seem allied with per
fect mental symmetry and balance ,
but rather with some alight defect
which permits concentration in anoth
er direction , I am not sure that It
might not be very dull to live amour
I people of invariable , unblemished san
ity. "
Taylor for Tennessee Governor.
Nashville , Tonn. , Oct. 7. I'nlted
States Senator Robert L. Taylor , three
times governor of Tennessee nnd
who&o term in the United States sen
ate does not end until 1912 , was nom
inated for governor by the tegular
democratic convention. Governor M.
' H. Patterson was nominated several
i months ago to succeed himself , but
his nomination caused a split in the
party and he withdrew from the race ,
hoping thereby to unite the party. It
was In the interest of harmony that
; Senator Taylor was nominated. Ho
accepted the nomination but said ho
' would not retire from the senate un
less elected governor.
: i Straighten Humphrey Street.
Humphrey , Neb. , Oct. 7. Special to
1 The News : W. P. Vaughn , who Is
1 working for the Union Pacific railroad ,
lias completed the cement walk on
East Main street On the north sldo
ho straightened the street nnd load
3 184 feet by eight feet. On the south
a side 14C feet by four feet nnd 17G feet
I by eight feet.