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While Shallenberger Still Claims 1,500
Majority , the Returni Indicate That
Dahlman Is Safe Cady Concedes
That Aldrlch Has Won.
Omaha , Aug. 18. The World-Herald
this afternoon says
"Nine hundred and five precincts
give Dahlman 23,171 votes and Shal
lenberger 20,024 votes In the race for
the democratic gubernatorial nomina
tion. Dahlnmn's lead Is : t,147. This
includes Douglas county. A little mors
than half of the precincts In the state
have been heard from , representing
much more than half of the total
vote. "
The Bee prints the following :
"Figures received by the Bee and
tabulated from 817 precincts on the
vote cast at the primary election on
Tuesday show the following totals on
governor :
"Republicans Aldrlch , 11,348 ; Cady ,
"Democrats Dahlman , 19,036 ; Shal-
louberger , 15,050. "
Omaha , Aug. 18. Aldrlch claims
the state by 10,000 over Cady. Cady ,
whlho practically conceding Aldrlch's
nomination , does not give out any fig
ures.Dahlman claims the state by 8,000.
Shallenborger claims the state by
Figures received by the Bee and
tabulated for 732 precincts on the vote
cast at the primary election on Tues
day show the following totals on gov
ernor :
Aldrich , 10,612 ; Cady , 9,694 ; Dahl
man 18,2'IS ' ; Slmllonberger , 14,112.
Aldrlch runs well In the state aui ]
cut down the big load that was given
Cady In Douglas county. Ho will prob
ably bo nominated , but the final fig
ures will not show a widespread dlf
feronce between the winner and the
V loser.
Dahlman Seems Safe.
Dahlman went out of Douglas will
n big lead , which he Increased In Lan
coster , and the Shallenberger pre
edicts have not been sufficiently mi
morons to reduce Dahlman very much
At the rate returns are showing Dahl
man is safely ahead.
Burkett Is running far ahead o
Whedon and the others for the endorsement
dorsoment for United States senate
by the republicans , and Hltchcocl
\ left Reed and Metcalfe far In the rea
In the race on the democratic sldi
for the same position.
From David City last night Mr. Aid
rich sent word that he had return :
which convinced him he would havi
10,000 majority over Cady for the re
publican nomination for governor
Over the long distance telephone fron
St. Paul , Mr. Cady said he was satis
Iled with the way the figures wer
coming in. He made no claims.
Governor Shallenberger gave at Llr
coin a statement that he had figure
from enough precincts to overcom
Dahlman's lead In the big counties
and that he would be named for go\
oruor by nt least 1,500.
Late last night Chairman Flyun o
the Dahlman club said he had receive
Information which assured the Oman
mayor of the democratic nomination
"Our Information from men we hav
had reports from In various countle
leads me to claim Dahlinan's nornlm
tlon by 8.000. " said Mr. Flynn.
, 'Flgures received and tabulate
here are favorable to the mayor , eve
In localities where we did not oxpec
much , and at the present rate th
mayor will have at least the majorlt
I have named. "
Chairman Flynn did not have hi
figures In shape to give out , he sail
but Insisted the mayor would come t
Douglas county with between 2,5C
and 3,000 votes.
The Congressional Races.
In the First district William Ha
ward defeated Tobey for the nomln
tlon for congress , even carrying T
bey's home county , Lancaster. Co
gressman B. A. McGulre had no o
position for renomlnatlon on the dem
cratlc ticket In the First. In the Se
end the republicans nominate Judf
A. L. Button and the democrats non
nate C. 0. Lobeck. In the Third tl
race between J. F. Boyd and L. i
Brian for the republican nomlnatlt
has apparently been determined
favor of Boyd. Congressman Jam
P. Latta was renomlnated without c
position. In the Fourth , C. H. Sloa
republican , was named without opr
sltlon , while the democratic contest
close between Bailey and Good. (
the democrat side Sutherland has
lead over Harmon In the Fifth whe
Congressman Norrls was renomlnat
without opposition. In the Sixth cc
tests are being fought on both sld
and the returns from there are ve
meager , but It Is Indicated that Cc
gressman M. P. Klnkald will be i
nominated by the republicans.
Shallenberger Is nominated for g (
ernor on the populist ticket and coi
run In that capacity.
Boyd County Results.
Butte , Neb. , Aug. 18. Special to T
News : All but one precinct give
Aldrlch , 23 ; Cady , 100 ; Dahlman , 1
Shallcnberger , 113. Congressman , re
publican , Frank Beeman , 135 ; Klnkald.
237 ; democratic not obtainable to
date. Senator Whedon , 88 ; Burkett ,
195 ; Hltchcok , 157 ; Metcalfe , 57.
Few Farmers Voted.
Bassett. Neb. , Aug. 18. Special to
The News : Rock county with live pre
cincts missing gives : Lowe , 15 , Aid-
rich , 51 ; Cady , 42 ; Dahlman , 6 ; Shal-
lonhorger , 00 ; Klnknld , 95 ; Dean , 22 ;
" " lor , 12 ; Beeman , 14 ; Shumway ,
' Ross , 11 ; Hitchcock , 41 ; Adams ,
Birmingham , 5 ; Metcalfe , U ;
( A 3 ; Burkett , 68 , Not one out of
t ti-mers went to the polls.
o _ _ _ _ _ _ _
, Point , Nob. , Aug. 18. Special
to r News ; Gaining county West
Po uiMrst , Second , Third wards ;
Wh fj. Flrst and Second wards ; Bis-
mat jj 'lalno , Sherman and Cumlng
proc .o give Aldrlch , 28 ; Low , 7 ;
Cady , 41 ; Dahlman , 536 ; Shallenberg-
er , 314. For congressman , Third dis
trict. Uoyd ( rep. ) 36 ; Brian , ( rep. )
30 ; Latta , dem. ) 412. For United
States senaor.t Sorcnson , 11 ; Adams ,
5 ; Birmingham , 2 ; Whedon , 14 ; Bur-
kott , 46 ; Metcalfe , 76 ; Ueed , 121 ;
Hitchcock , 321. A heavy storm , roads
almost Impassable and n complete de
moralization of the telephone system
combined to make the returns very
late In arriving at the county seat.
The President Pleased Over Success
of Popular Nebraskan.
Lincoln , Aug. IS. The following
message was received this morning
from President Taft congratulating
William Hayward , secretary of the na
tional republican committee and a per
sonal friend of the president , upon
his nomination for congress In the
First Nebraska district :
"My heartiest congratulations on
your triumph ; may your hunting trip
be as successful. W. H. Taft. "
Hayward left yesterday for two
weeks' outing In Wisconsin.
Eleventh District Democratic Sena
torial Nomination Close.
The race for the democratic nomina
tion for state senator In the Eleventh
district Madison , Pierce , Wayne and
Stanton counties was close between
Henry of Plninvlow and Cole of
Wayne. Returns from three counties
Wayne , Pierce and Madison gave
Henry a lead of 26. At 10 o'clock
Thursday morning Stanton county had
ncTcOunt and It was Impossible to tell
what might happen there. At Wayne
it was figured Stanton would go for
Cole and If It has gone for him It Is
likely he's won.
Here's the vote up to Stanton :
Pierce Cole 160 , Henry 233 ; Madison
Cole 215 , Henry 231 ( three precincts
to hear from ) ; Wayne Cole 168 Hen
ry 53.
Returns In Stanton county at noon
Thursday Indicated that Cole had a
majority of 3. > or 40 in that county ,
thus nominating him over Henry.
Held to District Court in Plearce Coun
ty on Murder Charge.
Pierce , Neb. , Aug. 18. Special tc
The News : Ross Ascott was yester
day bound over to the district court
charged with murdering Harry Ropp
the Yankee Robinson circus employe.
For Wyoming Governor.
Cheyenne , Wyo. , Aug. 18. Formei
United States Senator Joseph M
Carey , father of the Carey land act
last night asserted , , with posltlvenesi
that he intended to be a candidate foi
governor of Wyoming regardless o
the action of the approaching republi
can state convention.
Medals for Aviators.
Paris , Aug. 18. The municipality o
Paris Is arranging a dinner at whlcl
the famous golden medal , City of Par
Is , will be presented to Le Blanc am
Aubrun , who finished first and secom
respectively In the great aviation crosi
country race completed yesterday
Legagneux , who finished with them , al
though prevented by accident fron
completing the full course , also wll
receive a medal.
The Arnot-Johnson Wedding.
Colorado Springs , Colo. , Aug. 18.-
Charles Arnot , superintendent of tin
schools of Schuyler , Neb. , and cand !
date before the democratic primarle
for state superintendent of schools a
that state , and Miss Mabel Johnson a
Fremont. Neb. , were married hero las
Wounded Executive Is Not Sufferln
From Paralysis , as Reported.
New York , Aug. 18. Mayor Gaync
passed a good night and was coinfor
able , the physicians said this man
ing after they came from the sic
room of the wounded executive. A r
port had It that the bullet In th
throat was causing paralysis , but th !
the attending physicians said was IK
Neligh Races Postponed a Day.
Nellgh. Neb. , Aug. 18. Special I
The News : On account of the heav
fall of rain Tuesday afternoon an
Id evening , the races and ball gaim
have been shoved ahead one day n
events closing Saturday afternoo
The league game between Tllden nr
Nellgh at the Riverside park groum
Tuesday was also postponed on a
count of the rain.
Roosevelt's Son-ln-Law , Who Has Been
Called Into All Taft Conferences
Lately , Says Cannon Must Go.
Longworth Off to Oyster Bay.
Beverly , Aug. 18. Reflecting the
views of the administration , It Is gen
erally believed , Representative Nicholas
las Longworth of Ohio today gave out
a statement In which he says he will
never support Speaker Cannon again
and that he does not believe that
Cannon ever can be re-elected. This
Is regarded as the actual beginning of
the real light on Mr. Cannon.
It had been regarded as significant
that Mr. Longworth had been called
into all of the recent conferences of
a political character held by Presi
dent Taft. He was present yesterday
afternoon when the president and
vice president talked together. It was
reported then that a statement adverse
to Mr. Cannon was being prepared In
quarters close to the administration
and it was also Intimated that Mr.
Sherman who , like Mr. Longworth , has
always been a supporter of Mr. Cannon -
non , had become reconciled to the
fact that Mr. Cannon must go.
There may be further significance In
the fact that Representative Long-
worth Is going to Oyster Bay Satur
day to spend several days with his
father-in-law , Colonel Roosevelt.
Speaker Refuses to Answer President
Till He Speaks for Himself.
Danville , 111. , Aug. 18. Speaker Can
non , when shown the dispatch from
Beverly regarding the statement given
out by Representative Longworth ,
said :
"Mr. Cannon declines to answer any
statement which Nicholas Longworth
may or may not have made until he
sees It. I do not answer any state
ments which I believe to bo fakes that
mischievous parties make.
"It is time enough for me to an
swer the president of the United
States If he wants any statement
touching on the republicanism of the
speaker of the house of representa
tives when he makes that statement
under his own hand. I will not fight
windmills filled by breezes blown
from political or personal enemies or
cowards. "
Will Scrap New York "Old Guard" for
Tammany Chairmanship.
Oyster Bay , Aug. 18. A conference
was held at Sagamore Hill today be
tween Theodore Roosevelt and a num
ber of his close friends.
William Loeb , jr. , collector of the
port of New York , came from the cltj
In an automobile. Lloyd C. Grlscom
chairman of the New York republican
county committee , came on an earl )
train , Congressman W. W. Cocks , rep
resentatlve from Mr. Roosevelt's dls
trict , also went to Sagamore Hill. Mr
Grlscom said he could not discuss his
"After the meeting of the repub
lican state committee on Tuesday yet
said the fight in behalf of Mr. Roosevelt
velt would be carried to the Saratogj
convention. Does that still stand ? '
Mr. Grlscom was asked. "It does,1
he replied.
Colonel Roosevelt refused to tall
politics this morning.
The President Will Outline Republi
can Campaign Doctrine.
Beverly , Aug. 18. For nearly threi
hours President Taft and Vice Presl
dent Sherman talked over the defea
of Colonel Theodore Roosevelt by tin
i Now York state republican committee
'and ' the selection of Mr. Sherman eve
| Mr. Roosevelt as temporary chalrmai
of the Saratoga convention. Mr. Shei
i man said he had no Intention of with
drawing In favor of Mr. Roosevelt am
he treated lightly the stories tha
there might be a fight to repudlat
the action of the state committee I
the convention.
The vice president also talked wit
the president regarding the congres
, ' slonal campaign. He wants the figli
, to bo waged along the old lines.
: | "A straight cut republican fight o
I' ' the republican platform and the rei
, ' ord of the party , Including the tariff ,
, | he put it.
At Mr. Sherman's solicitation Pres
dent Taft agreed to point the way 1
the campaign by writing a letter whlc
Is to bo made a part of the campalg
text-book of the republican commltte
While the fight apparently is to b
directed along the lines of the pas
It can be said authoritatively that th
I feature of the party reorganlzatlo
. I plan , which calls for the retirement <
I1 Speaker Cannon , will bo strictly ai
i hered to , It Is even said that Vic
- ' President Sherman , one of tl
staunchest supporters the speak <
over had , has become reconciled to
the decision that Mr. Cannon must go.
It Is said In quarters close to the
administration that the attitude re
cently taken by Mr. Cannon In public
Interviews Is deplored and It Is made
plain that there Is no thought on the
part of many of his former supporters
again to name Mr. Cannon.
Representative Nicholas Longworth
of Ohio , who has been called Into near
ly all of the recent conferences at
the president's home , was at the In
terview with Mr. Sherman. Repreaen-
tatlve Anthony of Knnasa , one of the
two so-called "standpatters" In the
Kansas delegation who succeeded In
staving off defeat by the Insurgents
In the recent primaries In that state ,
also saw the president. Mr. Anthony
supported Speaker Cannon , but he ,
too , said that he deplored the stand
Mr. Cannon Is taking. Mr. Anthony
said that Speaker Cannon had almost
been forgotten as an Issue In Kansas
until he came Into the campaign and
made himself one.
President Taft will begin work at
once on the letter which Is expected
to bo the keynote of the congressional
campaign. He will address the com
munication to Representative William
B. Mcklnley of Illlonls , chairman of the
republican congressional committee.
It has not been decided as yet whe
ther the letter will bo given out In
advance of Its apeparance In the text
book. There Is every llkllhood that
It will , however.
Mr. Sherman urged the president to
make the tariff a prominent Issue.
He Has Not Decided Whether He'll
Take Part in Campaign
Oyster Bay , Aug. 18. Theodore
Roosevelt may stay out of politics in
New York state during the coming
campaign as a result of the action of
the republican sfute committee In re
fusing to name him as temporary
. chairman of the state convention.
| The colonel laughed today as ho
talked of the mooting and said that
the result gave him ? enulne pleasure ,
i He explained Ills attl'ude ' by saying
tl'at ho felt I hat M.e commltten re
lieved him of all responsibility In con-
! nectlon with the conduct and result
' of the campaign. He added that he
had not decided whether he would at-
1 tend the convention.
He would talk things over with re
presentative W.V. . Cox and other
political leaders of his home district ,
be said , before deciding , and he was
! inclined to the belief that It would
ie better to stay away and let the
old guard" carry on" the fight by it-
Des Moines Now Has 86,368 , an In
crease of 24,229 or 39 Percent Dav
enport's Population Shows an In
crease of 22.1 Percent.
Washington , Aug. 18. The popula
Ion of Milwaukee , Wis. , is 373,857 , ar
ncrease of 88,542 , or 31 percent as
compared with 285,315 In 1900.
The population of Des Moines is
86,368 , an increase of 24,229 or 39 per
cent as compared with 62,139 In 1900
The population of Davenport , la. , li
43,028 , an Increase of 7,774 or 22.1 per
cent as compared with 35,254 in 1900
Spanish Yachtsmen Have No Hope o
Getting the Taft Cup.
Marblehead , Mass. , Aug. 18. "Wi
are learning a lot about racing evei
If we are not winning prizes , " said on
of the Spanish yachtsmen as he bow
ed his way down the clubhouse flea
today and started off for the secom
race with his American antagonists.
Although the Spanish yachtsme
were hopeful that their boats migh
draw nearer the three America
yachts before the races were eve
and perhaps win n cup or two , eve
the most sanguine of them wer
forced to admit that their chances c
winning the President Taft and th
Governor Draper cups were ver
It transpired that although th
Chonta of the Spanish fleet led th
other two boats in their chase afte
the Americans yesterday , she wn
badly handlcapepd through a leak 1
her fine keel. On the way over froi
Spain the keel was slightly wrencl
ed , but Captain Aranena looked It eve
Sunday and thought that It was tlgh
But In the big sea yesterday some e
the seams opened up and the Choi
ta's crew was pumping during moi
of the arce. As the rules do not pe
mlt yachts to be hauled out durln
the series , the Chonta's mishap Is n
thcr a serious one.
The Harpoon Wins This Race.
Marblehead , Aug. 18 The Harpoo
owned by C. F. Adams , today won tl
second race of the Spanish-America
Sander boat series. The Coma wi
second , the Beaver third , the Chont
the first of the Spanish boats , was
good fourth ; the Papoose , a poor flfi
and the Mosquito II , was two nt
three-quarters tulles astern.
The Propeller and Frame Are So Bad
ly Wrecked That Continuation of
Flight Toward London Is Postponed
a Day Narrow Escape from Death.
Chatham , England , Aug. 18. John
J. Molssant , the Chicago aviator who
s attempting the fly from Paris to
Condon , descended for the second time
line near hero today , breaking the
> ropoller and part of the frame of the
nachlno In making the second landing.
The broken parts must bo replaced
rom Paris and a resumption of the
light to London before tomorrow is
mprobable. Neither Molssaut nor his
ncchanician was Injured In the nccl-
Good Luck Deserts Him.
The good fortune which accompa-
iled Molssant In tne earlier stages of
ils flight from Paris and in his record
) reaklng journey across the channel
vlth n passenger , seems to have de
serted him with his arrival on English
Motor defects In the aeroplane ,
vhlch yesterday had worked without
a stop , forced him to make two suc
cessive landings when about half way
on the course between London and
rilmanstone , where he ascended at
:55 : this morning.
Narrow Escape From Death.
His first descent , a mile from Sit-
tingborne , about thirty-five miles from
London , was due to the displacement
of a small pin In the mechanism , entail
ing an Immediate descent. He nar-
rowlly escaped in the landing , missIng -
Ing the mouth of a deep chalk pit , a
fall Into which would have meant
loath for the aviator and his mechani
cian. Repairs to the machine detain
ed htm nearly three hours.
He then made a second start , but
tiad scarcely covered ten miles to
ward his goal when a second accident
brought him down at Ralnham , Kent.
Another Accident to Machine.
A rod connecting up the driving
gear of the aeroplane was fractured ,
stopping the engine and forcing the
Chicagoan to the ground. He landed
In a Held , but only skillful handling
of the aeroplane prevented Its plung
ing Into a clump of trees.
Molssant made an abrupt turn to
escape the trees and the machine
came down heavily , breaking and
smashing the blade of the propeller ,
Moissant and his mechanician climbed
out uninjured , but on looking over
the damage were of the opinion that
repairs could not be made on the spot
and must wait for new parts for whlcli
they Immediately telegraphed to Paris ,
Styles For Next Winter and Spring
Are Ready.
Chicago , Aug. 18. Sample lines of
spring shoes which are ready for dis
play by Chicago manufacturers show
some novel effects in footwear foi
men , women and children , as well as
some changes In staple lines.
Among the most striking of the new
effects are velvet and romalne slU
boots and pumps for women , suitable
for evening service , the pumps being
especially adapted for opera wear.
In the men's shoes patent and othei
leathers designed on the "corn cure'
last for persons affected with corns
and bunions are expected to meei
with favor. For children there Is t
new thing In a shoo with brass but
tons , but the strap effect , sandal anc
pump continue In favor. One new
model has a snap button like n purse
The patent leather sandal for misses
and children Is coming into vogue.
Buttons , it Is said , will be populai
In the cities , but laces will still b <
the favor In the country districts.
Women's shoes for the spring sea
son are to have a slightly high toi
. ' effect with vamps a trltle longer thai
In the pas. .
In men's shoes buttons are still pop
ular , but laces are In the majority
Tans will be worn to a conslderabl
' The Harvester Clips Off Quarter Sec
end from Mark.
i Buffalo , N. Y. , Aug. 18. World's re <
i ords were made at the Fort Erie trac
J when The Harvester , driven by E
.Geers , covered a mile In 2:02 : over
. track said to be fully a second slow
record time was made In the las
heat of the 2:07 : trot , distance beln
t waived by the other starters. Th
lhalf was made in 1:01 : and the sturd
son of Walnut Hal flashed under th
wire with a champion's record. H
had clipped a quarter of a second o
the world's record of Cresceus mad
nine years ago , established a no
third heat record for stallions , mare
or geldings , and also made a world
record for a 5-year-old trotter.
$150,000 Worth of Oil in Oklahorr
Fields , Goes up In Smoke.
Tulsa , Okla , Aug. 18. Approxlumt
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Maximum 68
Minimum 49
Average &S
Nanometer 30.12
Chlengo , AUK. IS. The bulletin Is-
Issued by the Chicago .station of the
United States weuther bureau gives
the forecast for Nebraska as follows :
Generally fair tonight and Friday.
ly $150,000 worth of oil and tanks In
the Oklahoma Holds were destroyed by
Jlre during a severe electrical storm
late yesterday , according to advices
received here this morning. A mile
and a half northeast of Kelfcr a 55-
000-barrel steel tank of the Kansas-
Oklahoma company was struck by
lightning and burned. A short dis
tance to the north two 160,000-bar-
rel tanks went up In flames and still
further north another 55,000-barrel
tank was lost. In the same Held three
1,600-burrel wooden tanks were con
Funeral of Chilean President Will be
Held In Germany.
Hremoti , Aug. 18. The funeral of
President Montt of Chile , who died
here August 16 while on his way to
Carlsbad for medical treatment , will
be sent to Berlin tomorrow accom
panied by a guard of honor. Madame
Montt and her sister started for Ber
lin today.
Kerkow Resigns Office.
Bonesteel , S. D. , Aug. 18. Special
to The News : Frauko Kerkow has
resigned his position as city auditor ,
giving as his reason that he cannot
give the olllco the required attention
in the future on account of business
west of Bonesteel.
Chances of Drain on East to Move the
Crops , Are Remote.
Washington , Aug. 18. Reports from
the west and the middle west now
seem to Indicate that * the probabilities
of a drain on the eastern banks to pay
for the crop movement which will be
gin within the next few weeks , are
responsibly remote.
From the viewpoint of the treasury
conditions which have arisen since
the probabilities of a stringency were
first recognized early in the year have
contributed to the present situation ,
The liquidation in the stock market
checking off loans by the banks of
the middle west by increased rates of
interest and a general clearing of the
financial atmosphere have been large
ly responsible.
Followers of Bell Have Hopes of Mak
ing Him the Governor.
San Francisco , Aug. 18. Complete
returns still are lacking In the state
primary vote , but every column of fig
ures that comes In from the remote
counties only adds to the insurgent
victory all along the line.
The plurality of Hiram W. Johnson
Insurgent candidate for the republican
nomination for governor , now Is estl
' mated at 30,000. Alden Anderson , reg
ular republican , did not carry a single
county. Charles F. Curry carried San
Francisco by 2,500 votes more than
Johnson , but the southern returns
wiped this out.
| Julius Kahl , regular , will be opposed
( by Walter McArthur , a labor leader ol
the Pacific coast , and it is expected
Kahl will have a hard fight on his
While the advisory vote on Unltec
States senator to succeed Senatoi
Flint is by no means complete , Johr
D. Works , Insurgent , has 5,000 votes
more than Edwin Meserve. A. G
Spalding , the San Diego sporting goods
goods man , is running third ,
i The battle lines are now being plan
ned for the election fight betweei
Johnson and Theodore Bell , the dem
ocratlc nominee. The democrats ex
press confidence.
It is now certain that William Kent
reformer and insurgent of the deepes
type , has outdistanced Duncan E. Me
Ktnlay in the race for congress In tin
Second district. The latest figure
give Kent a lead of 1,122 votes.
W. D. Stephens , Insurgent , hae woi
over James McLachlln , regular , in th
Seventh district substantial majorlt }
according to latest returns from th
southern part of the state. The sain
returns gave Sylvester C. Smith , rcgi
, lar , a lead over his opponent In th
Eighth district. . It was thought tha
Smith had been defeated. Hayjs , ir
surgent , of the Fifth congressional di ;
trlct has been renomluated.
Democrats Agree on Initiative and Ri
ferendum Measure.
Denver , Aug. 18. Nineteen demi
crutlc senators , constituting a majorlt
of the senate bound by a wrltte
pledge to vote for measures dete
mined upon by the majority of tli
caucus , agreed upon the terms of tli
Inltatlve and referendum bill to I
placed before the senate. The bl
provides that legislation may be In
tiated by the people upon a petltlo
signed by not less than 15 percent i
the total vote cast for governor i
the last election. This 15 percei
must come from nt least wo-thlrds i
the counties of the state , each counl
being represented on the eptltlon 1
not less than 15 percent of the tot
vote cast for goernor by that count
The same percentage and the same r
s-trlctlons figure In the referendum
Woodcutters In Germany Returning
from Work at Night See a Balloon
Flaming In the Sky , at High AltU
tude , Then Crash to Earth.
Dessau , Germany , Aug. 18. Police ,
gendarmes and foresters are today
conducting a search of the hills and
forests In this vicinity for the reiimiiiH
of ti balloon and Its probable passen
gers , which was last night seen Iliua-
Ing In thq sky
Some woodcutters who were returnIng -
Ing from their work near nightfall din-
covered a burning balloon drifting
over the wooded hills at a consider
able altitude , finally falling rapidly.
The woodcutters lost sight of the bal
loon as It neared the earth , but Imme
diately notified the authorities In Des
sau , who sent out searching parties.
Neafus Is Fined.
Bonesteel , S. D. , Aug. 18. Special
to The News : Gilbert Noafus , mana
ger of the Farmers' Toolphono coin-
pany , who disobeyed the orders of the
police Justice , and went away , was an-
prehendcd by Chief of Police A. J.
Ault , about eight miles out of Bono-
steel , near the town of St. Charles ,
and re-arrested and returned to court
where a fine was Impsodo.
Dressmakers Say That Women Are
Increasing In Size.
New York , Aug. 18 With the opening -
ing of the clothes show this after
noon nt the Madison Square Garden
dressmakers , modistes and women's
tailors will endeavor to show that
women are growing In stature as the
years roll by , and that in the near
future their average physical proportions
tions will equal those of man.
'j..c exhibition
will present the now
modes in everything that goes to
make up the attire of men nd women ,
and the Increased sizes to ntiuitno ] |
garments will bo a remardlrectlngfHT/j.
There will be living morlratrlx fc % " .
Bearing out the assi deliver v
York women are grow conls g & & °
by year , one dressmar to" "L " § % . % ,
day that only ten yea' ' ? 2 ? > o wll-
lowy creature with a lit or 36-inch
( bust measurement commanded the
general attention of the modistes ,
whereas today the general measure
ment is as to 40 , while a growing de
mand runs up to 44 and 46 measure.
Such n state of affairs , they say , Is
absolutely modern.
The head of ine suit department
of a large store said yesterday : "Fat
women need no longer lament that
they cannot buy gowns with the fa
cility that slim women can. We have
so many demands from women whoso
measurement runs into the forties
that we have arranged to take care of.
them all this fall. "
Girls Are as Interested in Able Women
New York. Aug. 18. The matinee
Idol Is practically a thing of the past
So said Lionel Walsh , as he rested
from the rehersal In "The Wife Tam
er , " at the Maxlne Elliot theatre.
"Everything. " he explained , "runs in
cycles , and this Is not the matinee
Idol period. It Is just a little too bad
to have him gone , because certainly
at one time there was a greater glam
our about the stage than there IH
"Why has ho gone ? Well , the rea
son is complex one can't answer that
In just a word. You see , the women
used to make a veritable hero of the
man on the stage. They have ceased
to do that. You don't see girls buy
ing the pictures of their favorite act
ors now as you did , and If ho doesn't
net well and can't iiold their Interest
the girls won't go to see him. They'll
go to another theater where seine
able woman Is playing.
"You can't fool the women today.
They have heroine too critical A
number of years ago. you know , the
actor was not received by the public
as ho is today. He was a thing apart ,
now he has , convinced the people that
he is not a more puppet , but a real
man. This change in the social po
sition of the stage has done a great
deal towards dominating the matinee
idol business.
"In many instances women who go
to the play know the actors. They
are friends or have mot them socially
two or three times. Tney have ceased
to have that tremendous curiosity
that used to possess them about an
actor's life. And that he leads a sane ,
more or less prosaic exlstanco also
detracts from the fascination.
[ "Very few actors today receive
. what Is known In the profession as
i the 'mash note. ' Girls used to write
I to the actor , I believe , because they
t , did not have much to think about and
I the romantic side of their minds
f worked over time. At present thor
r young women of the country are a
, protf > bus > lot and they don't find
I tlmo for that sort of thing and , besides
sides If the > did they know a great
> deal too much about the stage and
Its people to send such notes "