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Methodists Angry .it Speeches Against
County Option.
Oinro , WH. | , AUK. 8. At n mooting
of the olllelal hoard of the Mothcdlbt
Episcopal church of thin vlllin > a rom > -
httlon wan passed calling upon thu
lluv. Daniel Woodward , tlio pastor , to
return to his charge lit once and
COUBO campaigning In bo.half of Frnn
els 10 , MeClovorn , anti-county option
candidate for thu republican noinlna
tlon for governor.
Mr. Woodward , In IIB ! campaigning
speeches , declares that ho believes
that the IHHUO of roproHuntnllvo gov'
orninont , for which McOovorn stands
on a La Koltetto-ropubllean platform
IH inoro Important than MeGovern'p
antagonism to county option. The
church , however , believes that the
campaign Is In effect one for the 1I < 1
qiir Interests and thinks the clergy
man Is weakening his inlluenco In
the church by IIH ! political labors.
The church Rave Mr. Woodward per
mission to go on the stump for sb
days of the week , HO long as ho vrtif
borne to preach on Sundays. The
Woodward factions claims that tin
opposition to Woodward's campaign
Ing has boon stirred up by one of tin
other aspirants for the governorship
who favors county option and whc
also claims to be n La Follotto ropub
The outcome may he that the Omrc
preacher will bo tried by the church
Ills presiding elder , the Hev. S. II
Anderson of Oshkosh , Is greatly ngi
tated at the manner In which his su
bordlnato Is speaking for McOovorn
and It was at his Instance that tin
church meeting was called at Omro.
Mr. Woodward has been popular a
Omro , but the episode may cost bin
his pastorate hero.
The greatest objection to his speak
Ing for McGovern Is that signs ad
vortlslng his speeches as these of !
Methodist preacher who opposes tin
county option bavo been dlsplayet
prominently In saloons In every placi
whore he has spoken.
Mrs. Woodward today declared slu
was certain her husband would slant
by his political campaign , regnrdles
of the action of the church authorl
ties. Mr. Woodward himself Is In i
distant part of the state , beyond tele
phone or telegraph connections.
That Is Why Married Women Fllrl
Says Miss Norrls.
Now York , Aug. 8. Prof. Wllllan
.7. S. Hall , who defined the six form
of love the other day , also said tha
It was natural for girls to lllrt. Ho
Anderson Norrls , poetess and edlto
of the East Side Magazine , tells whj
It simply is because men are so ver ;
"A married woman or an unmarrle-
woman needs association with me :
of brilliant minds , " 'Miss Norrls salt
"The American woman Is denied thl
because , as a rule , she is the montn
superior of her husband , who is he
only associate. "
Which , by the way , is about as bar
a tap , gently administered , as th
mere men have had for some time.
"That being true , " Miss Norris sale
"is it surprising that a married w <
man should lllrt just a little In th
effort to lind a mental alllnity ? Nc
at all. "
Furthermore. a good busbar ,
shouldn't object to that kind of llir
Ing , and , Miss Norrls says , or int
mates , no woman , married or unina
rled , need have any prudish scruple
about that kind of lllrtlng. She admit
she likes It herself. .
"When men no longer flirt wit
me , " she says , "I shall be ready t
cross the great divide , because I sha
feel that I am no longer charmlni
Women , married and unmarried , Ilk
flirting , not , of course , the edged to (
kind of. flirting , but the kind wblc
the professor means and classes wit
outdoor sports.
"The married man has all the worl
of femininity at bis command In tli
matter of flirting , but bis wife has i
most only some stupid male friend li
brings homo now and then to fllnne
If ho brought home more friends , an
Interesting ones , there might not I
so many divorces. And yet , agali
there might be more. "
Fop Each Tree , $2 a Year.
Now York , Aug. 8. According to
census just completed by the depai
mont of parks there are 11,233 trees c
the Island of Manhattan outside i
those In the different parks. It cos
the city about $2 yearly to care fi
eac.h tree , the allowance for this pu
pose being at present $25,000 a year.
Man Said to Have Lived In Norfol
Defendant In a Suit.
Madison , Neb. , Aug. S. Special
The News : Attachment procedlni
were Hied Saturday against the sto (
'of general merchandise owned by Wi
lace M. Howoy of Norfolk , by Byrne
X. Hammer Dry Goods company , pra
Ing for judgment of $1,100.25. It
charged that Howoy recently trail
forred his stock In vlolaton of the bu
sales law which requires certain n
tlce to creditors and Is otherwise vol
The Information alleges that Walla
W. Howoy has absconded with Into
to defraud his creditors and Is abe
to convert his property Into money f
fraudulent purposes. He Is now
Vormllllon , S. U.
Rocksavage Was Her Fellow Passe
ger From Europe.
Now York , Aug. 6. Now York
guessing on the ono band whether t
Enrl of Rocksnvago has any chance
marry Mrs. Ava Willing Astor and
the other whether Mrs. Astor's retu
from Europe yesterday has anythl
to do with the considerable talk 01
reconciliation with Colonel John Jacob
Astor. Society also doslroH to know
what there Is In the talk about thu
beautiful divorcee and Lord Curzon
Mrs. Astor'n ' answer was given yes-
teiday whi'ii tdio walked down tl !
gang plank from the Oceanic :
"I do not Intend to be married tr
Lord Curzon or anybody else , " she
And , of course , nobody would ex
peel her to tell If she was. She maj
have hail her fingers crossed when
she said It.
The Enrl of llocksavago , who Is said
to be Mrs. Aslor's latest conquest , h
a noted polo player In England. He
came over on.the Oceanic and was
noticeably attentive to bis fellow pas
nongor , Mrs. Astor.
Mrs. Astor would not say where she
was going. Her ex-husband Is In Now
port. Vincent Astor , who came dowi
from Newport on the yacht Noma te
meet his mother , said she was goltif ;
to the Adlrondacks.
Mrs. Astor's effort to swear aft al
her duties as a transient non-resldcnl
was not successful , although she
stated that she did not own a square
inch of real estate In the Unlte <
States. Her twenty-eight pieces of bag
gage wore adjudged to bo the proportj
of a resident and n citizen and slu
paid about $500 duty on the content !
of thorn.
Blue Rock Shoot.
West Point , Neb. , Aug. 8. The him
rock shoot on the farm of Wllllan
Haduecbel was participated In b ;
twenty-three marksmen , who broki
124 blue rocks out of a possible 575
For the second time II. H. Denno hi
24 out of 25. He was tied by J. 0
Copplo of Bancroft. The next blgbes
score of 22 was made by E. Iladuc
City Superintendent of Schools II
M. Campbell has tendered bis reslg
nation to the school board. Professo
Campbell has been elected suporLn
tendent of the schools at Columbus.
Resort Proprietor Responsible for Res
cue of Chlcagoans from Drowning.
St. Joseph , Mich. , Aug. S. Dennl
Mlnney , proprietor of the Somolloytoi
resort , Is a candidate for a Carnegl
hero medal. Mlnney this afternooi
was responsible for the saving of th
lives of seven Chlcagoans.
Two resorters went in bathing In th
St. Joseph river , and after having beei
In awhile were attacked with crampf
They yelled for assistance and a part ;
of live put out from shore after then
In attempting to pull two Into the boa
the craft went over and all seven wer
thrown In the water , fighting for the !
Mlnney , hearing their cries , rushc
to the water's edge with a long pol
and managed to bring all ashore.
Dallas Ice House Burns.
Dallas , S. D. , Aug. G. Special t
j The News : Fire destroyed the bl
Ice house of the Dallas Ice compan
and barns and storage sheds of Job
W. Stevyart about 3 o'clock this mon
ing. The loss was covered by Insui
ance ; cause unknown.
Yankee Robinson's circus was her
today. Large crowds came In throug
i a line rain that began falling at mil
, ' night. The Rosebud country was the :
| oughly soaked.
Y. M. C. A. Work Starts Soon.
Pruden & 13eckenhauer , Norfol
contractors , were awarded the coi
tract for the construction of the No
folk Y. M. C. A. building Saturda
morning by the building commlttei
who met In the library room at th
i Bishop block and opened the tbre
1 bids on file. The price for the coi
. I structlon of the three-story structur
i was $18,765. T. W. Johnson was nex
I bidding $18,950 ; Parker Bros. , of A
i blon , bid $10.000.
L I A number of the committee met ' .
the omce of J. C. Stltt In the Mas
block Friday night- but adjourned a
tor not being able to get a quorun
This was the response to revised bid
asked by a quorum. Tbletaoletaol
asked by the building commute
Work will be commenced Immediate !
Large Crowd at Nlobrara.
Niobrara , Neb. , Aug. U. Special 1
The News : Yankee Robinson's cl
cus was the attraction that drew ov <
2,000 people to Nlobrara Thursdn
from far and near. Teams begn
driving at 7 a. m. and by 9 o'clock tl
streets were becoming crowded.
The parade took place at 12:30 : ;
announced and was better than usun
The big show in the main tent , whei
performances In two rings wore co
tlnuous , with acrobatic , trapeze ar
clown performances Intersperse
pleased the spectators. The mo
agerle was small , but Interesting av
the animals well trained1. Money wi
spent freely and was Indicative of tl
splendid crop prospects for 1910
Knox county.
Girl Kills Rattlesnake.
Winner , S. D. , Aug. G. Miss Marls
Salter , daughter of Fred II. Snlte
register of deeds of Tripp county , wi
making her way homeward on hors
back from a trip to Winner , wh <
she encountered a rattlesnake. 1
stead of remaining upon her horse m
galloping away from the vicinity
the deadly reptile , as most girls won
have done , she stopped her horse ai
dismounted with the Intention of kl
Ing the snake. She made n rait
search of the vicinity for a stick or
stone to use as n weapon , but con
find neither. As a last resort she to
her horse's bridle , and with this cru
weapon made a vigorous attack on t
snake , which she finally succeeded
killing. The snnko had ton rnttl
and these the girl secured and to
with her as a trophy of her ndventu
Water Wagon Followed Jim.
g Had Mayor James C. Dahlmau
a Omaha turned to look back while r
IIIK down Norfolk avenue from Fifth
at rout to Fourth stool when tl > > band
led the way to the speaker's stand , his
) ptlcM would have fallen on the olty'i *
, vnter wagon which was emitting vol
lines of water over the HUH beaten
street. The band led the way , the ]
Omaha mayor , \Vlllls E. Rood and
tatter Van Pelt seated In the mayor' *
lUtomoblle followed , then caui' ! the
troot sprinkler. A largo crowd bean !
the mayor speak. He wont to Madl
on In the aftornon where he dellv
'red ' an address.
Death of Mrs. Frank Berger.
Crelghton , Neb. , Aug. G. Special te
The News : Mrs. Frank llerger , wife
) f a well known local contractor , died
ust night after having been confined
o her bed fourteen weeks with rheu
natlsm. She leaves three sons and
three daughters. She was a sister ol
Peter Dow and Henry Dow of this
> lnce. The funeral probably will be
Hammond Tells Huge Tales.
Omaha Bee : Hess Hammond , col
lector of internal revenue , has return
ud from a vacation spent In California
He put In most of his time fishing am
> y postal cards and letters tolling o
Ills exploits he has driven Marsha
Warner , Judge Munger , George Thum
mol and others to the point of rebel
lion against things as they are. Or
Ills arrival homo Hammond at enc (
set out to solidify his statements ai
to catching "fourteen over three fee
long" and similar boasts. He hasn'
made good to any extent as yet , no
body having received any presents o
large , gamey fish. Hammond look :
well , though.
Norfolk Won From Tllden.
Tllden fought hard In a battli
against the Norfolk aggregation 01
the driving park diamond Friday al
ternoon , but the homo run by Lander ;
In the seventh inning was a hoodoi
and they lost the game to Norfolk b ;
a score of G to 3 after one of the fios
exciting exhibitions of baseball eve
witnessed here. Eight hundred fans
evenly divided In sentiment , rootei
the players along to a high pitch o
nervousness , and popular airs fron
the Norfolk band in the grandstam
kept them in good spirits.
It was anybody's game all the wa ;
through until about the sixth inning
when Tllden ran In two scores , malt
ing it a tie. In the last part of thl :
Inning , however , Neno brought bacl
the broken spirits of the fans with i
Schelly was first man up , and got :
base on balls. Then came little Nem
with his two-bagger. Schelly cam
homo and Znvadll , the star pitcher o
the day , who pitched for Humph re ;
and signed on the Norfolk team , sac
rillced. Ills fly to the left field pu
him out. Gllssman made second 01
an error of Warren at first. Bruegge
man then struck out and Short ;
Kralm's fly to center Held was gobblei
up by Redenbaugh. Neno had Ion ;
been home and Norfolk had two th
better of It.
In the first of the seventh Reder
baugb was caught out when trying t
steal second from first , by a bal
from Znvadil to Landers. Carson wen
out to Neno and Warren fanned an
Tllden was retired without a score.
Norfolk went up to bat In the las
of the seventh with Landers , wh
peeled off a home run. This was th
only score in this inning. Sout
fanned , Miller was caught out at se <
end , and Schelly struck out.
Tllden in the first half of the eight
got a single with Kingdon , who , In trj
Ing to make second was put out b
Glissman's good throw. Nelson's fl
was dropped Into Miller's basket an
Krumm followed suit , throwing hi
little pop-up to Neno.
Norfolk did not score In the last r
the eighth , although Zavadll's thre <
bagger helped their batting averag <
In the first of the ninth Tllden trie
hard for scores , and , although the
found the location of Zavadll's curve ;
the hits were gobbled up after Rya
struck out , by Gllssman and Schelly.
The scqre :
Tllden AB. R. H. O. A. I
Klngdon , p 3 0 2 0 10
Totals 33 3 4 24 18
, Norfolk AB. R. H. O. A. ]
Glissman , c ' . 4 1 0 8 S
Brueggeman , Ib 4
Krahn , rf 4 0200
Landers , 2b 3
South , 3b 3 0002
Miller , If 4 0 2 1 0
Schelly , cf 3 1 0 3 0
Neno , ss 4 1 1 2 2
Znvndlll , p 4 0 1 0 9
Totals 33 G 9 27 21
Score by Innings :
Tllden 001002000-
Norfolk 01002210 X-
Summary :
Two base hits , Ryan , Neno. Thn
base hit , Zavadlll. Home run , Lan
ers. Bases on balls , off Klngdon , :
off Zavadlll , 9. Struck out , by Zav
dill , S ; by Klngdon , 8. Left on base
Norfolk , G ; Tildon 3. Hit by pltclu
Stuart. Time , two hours. Urapli
She Thought of Dolly First.
Now York , Aug. 8. Edna Fetto.
years old , of Brooklyn , thought of b
"baby" when she was lifted by ;
ambulance surgeon from under t
.ruck of a trolley car which had r
her down In front of her home It
D. night.
"Baby go to sleep , " her own ba
lips said drowsily to her broken a
if torn doll , which was placed besl
J. her In the ambulance. Dr. Duff h
Just amputated her le'ft arm , while
a largo crowd looked on. Attentive
to her doll , she was crossing the
tracks when the car struck her. She
rolled under the fender and was then
dragged fifty feet.
A Courtship of Thirty Years.
New York , Aug. 8. After courting
.1 girl for thirty years the wedding
of the couple , sot for 4:30 : o'clock yes
terday afternoon at Doblm Ferry , on
the Hudson , was an hour late , because
the bridegroom forgot to get a mar
riage license. The bride was Miss
Margaret McConnolI , daughter of a
former editor of a Hastings nowspn-
pen1 , and the bridegroom was Nathan
D. Hallctt. a retired druggist , former
ly of Dobbs Ferry.
Norfolk did Justice To the second
day's race meet Thursday afternoon
by turning out In full force.
At the ticket olllce at the driving
park over 1,100 tickets were reported
sold and later It was estimated a 1,400-
crowd of race fans witnessed the
event. Madison was again well represented -
sented and so were Nollgb and other
surrounding towns. The departure of
the band from Norfolk avenue enroute
to the track was a signal for the busi
ness bouses to close their doors for
the day and employers and employes
alike soon elbowed each other In the
enthusiastic crowd of race fans.
Weather conditions were Ideal and
a fast track made It possible for some
speedy races.
Tom Jefferson won the 2:25 : trot
King Bee was second and Joe Kane
third. The best time made by Tom
Jefferson was 2:2G1/ : , made In the
second heat.
Dudle Archdale's Sister Here.
In the 2:35 : pace nine Dale was
picked a favorite , more on account ol
the reports that her half sister Dudle
Archdale had won the merchants and
manufacturers' $10,000 stake at De
trolt Wednesday. Even money was
bet on her for a winner , but It sooi
went down for place , and after the
first heat , when she came in last , bets
were hard to pet. She , however , re
tallated by coming third in the second
icat , and In the last beat made a sen
ational pace for first place , followed
losely , however , by Star Junior , rub
ring bis nose on her ears. In this race
Colonel Davis not only set pace to the
ither fast horses , but won the race
naktng bis best time at 2:20i/2- :
In the first heat of the pace delay
vas experienced by Grooley Hal loslnf
\ boot , but they were soon off will
lal leading. At the half Hal still led
iy a length , with Colonel Davis sec
nd and Cupid C third. At the three
liiarters , however , Colonel Davis
coined to just walk away from then
.11 , and on the homo stretch her drive ]
vas enthusiastically cheered , his gooi
Iriving bringing his Colonel in , win
ling the heat. Greeley Hal came ir
econd and Cupid C followed close be
Even money was bet on Cupid C t (
vin just as the horses came in for the
econd heat , but the bets were slow
wing to the mishap to the Cupid's
ulky when colliding with Minnie L ai
he turn. They were soon on theii
vay , with Greeley Hal as usual male
ng the pace. Colonel Davis , however
vas taking it easy , holding down i
good position ; Blue Dale was lookiiif
or big money and made an effort t <
show up , but in the home stretcl
reeley Hal gave a spurt , but wai
soon overtaken by Colonel Davis , win
won again , stopping steadily , whll <
Greeley Hal's driver used the whl ]
In the beginning of the third hea
odds were 2 to 1 that Blue Dale woulc
lot even show , and money was lost
she going second. Before startlni
Blue Dale lost one of her shoes am
md to be taken back to the stabli
again , delaying the race. They wen
off In a bunch and Colonel Davis wai
soon two lengths ahead , winning eaa
ly the heat and the race , with a flgh
on between Blue Dale and Star Junior
Friday to Be Best.
In the trot Tom Jefferson was plckei
\s winner from the start and Klttli
Dillon , who was also a favorite , dli
some bad breaking , coining In fo
I fourth money. Joe Kane , winner o
.be third mo-.ey , was also In for sonv
I breaking.
I In announcing the result Starte
Vanpelt assured the crowd that Fri
) day's race , which will wind up th
race meet hero , will be the best eve
seen in any part of the state. A bucl
ing broncho exhibition is schedule
for the afternoon In connection wit
the races.
Dahlman to Talk.
) Mayor James C. Dahlman of Otnahi
L who was entertained at the home e
Charles Rice , a wholesale liquor dea
er , last night , was scheduled to c ! <
liver an address before Friday's race
Summary :
2:35 : pace , purse $300.
Colonel Davis , b. h. , Earl
Breezley 1 1
Greeley Hal , b. h. , W. Tnl-
rows 2 2
Blue Dale , r. m. , J. W. And-
bert 7 3
Star Junior , b. h. , J. N. Miles. .4 4
Cupid C. , s. m. , Miller and
Winder 3 G
Little Star , b. h. , J. P. Halnes. , t > 5
Minnie L. , br. rn. , F. E. Reef..G 7
Time : 2:20'2:21 : ; : ; 2:21 : % .
2:25 : trot , purse $300.
Tom Jefferson , s g.VI1 -
lia.'ison 2 1 1
King Ree , blk. s. , H. Voeb-
line 1 2 4
Joe Kane , br. s. , Ben
Rhoades 3 3 2
Kittle Dillon , br. m. , J. E.
Cox 4 4 3
Time : 2:29 : ; 2:2GVfc : ; 2:31 : ; 2:27. :
Starter : F. D. Van Poll , Omaha.
Judges : Sheriff C. S. Smith , Ma
> y eon ; W. C. Caley , Crelghton ; Patrl
Stanton , Tllden.
lo Timers : George W. Cox , Norfol
.d A. H. Bacbaus , Pierce , Z. M. Boa :
Hartlimton. - . .
Clerk : George W. Burton. Norfolk.
Dust From the Track *
The pacers had a hard tlmo starting
In the first heat. "Now. gentlemen , "
warned Starter Van Pelt. "I'll give
you one more chance , then I'll toll you
Koinothlng : I won't toll what that
something js now. " The "ono more
chance- " came and the starter told
them that any driver who headed the
pole hoi so would be fined $10 , and
they worn off in a jiffy.
Blue Dale would have a hard time
making the record her half-sister.
Dudle Arclidale has made. But she
was nevertheless a "sticker. "
Starter Van Pelt watches the track
to see that children are in the clear
with as much energy as ho does when
starting a bunch of pacers.
Miller , driving Cupid C , was called
down by the starter , who said ho de
layed two good starts for him.
Pnt Stnnton was the race fan of the
judges' stand , with Clint Smith having
his tlmo divided evenly between the
pacers and the ball garno.
Great Races Seen Here.
With the sound of Starter Van Pelt's
gong at the driving park track
Wednesday afternoon , the 2:40 : trot
opened up the day's races with seven
of the best trotting horses ever seen
in Norfolk.
Little difficulty was experienced by
the starter to put In motion the start
of the three days' race meet here as
far as the trotters were concerned.
They were off In a bunch and stretched
out In a long line at the quarter , with
Lord Dukes lending , also winning the
heat over Miss Arclidale by a neck.
The light was on , and to show her
stubbornness Miss Archdale retaliated
by winning every other heat with the
Duke still pursuing her in second
place. The Cochran , who was n fa
vorite at the beginning of the race ,
was third. Countess R , whom the
bookies wore yelling for place , also
Although the trotters all drew even
money as far as betting was concerned
they did not draw the Interest the
pacers did. In this race Bonnie B was
the winner , Minnie Onelda second nnd
Cooney Woods third.
Interest In Pacers.
Every pacer had admirers among
the 500 race fans present , who , en
thused by the beautiful weather condl <
tlons and a fast track , made up a
crowd of race fans that would put to
shame some of the Oakland crowds.
Five automobile loads of Madison
people and six auto loads from Stanton -
ton , with a large number of other VP-
nicies filled witli fans from other
towns , were on hand to give encour
agement to their favorites.
As soon as each heat was ended the
Stanton and Humphrey ball players
commenced playing , giving an all
around entertainment. The gong
sounded again and the field of step
pers was off , with the band playing
popular airs to help them on their way ,
Clang , clang , clang , sounded the
starter's gong as he furiously labored
to get a start. Although the grand
slanders could not make out his voice
as he cautioned each driver , it was the
voice of a trained starter which was
heard by the drivers through the meg
"Go slow there. Oh , you can't starl
that way. Take It easy. All of you gc
o the turn and come back , slow , slow
here now , slow , slow , oh , that's nc
tart. " Clang , clang , clang.
Hero the horses were sent bacli
again and again , and Starter Van Pelt
vho seemed to know each man bj
lame , talked to them gently througl :
ils megaphone until be bad them lined
"Now gentlemen , easy , easy ; I don'i
vant to make a running record anj
nore than you do. There , now ; come
on slow , slow , that's It ; Go ! " They're
off , and the pacers with which class
le had the most trouble were around
he track and things were quiet.
Austin , driving Bonney B , seemee
o be feeling his way In the first heal
and was locked up In a deadly em
) race behind Onelda. Cooney am
Mayme Woods came In one , two am
hree in this heat , with Bonnie Ii
'ourth place. Austin scorned wise li
: he second heat and pushed Bonnli
.o tb ° . front , winning that heat am
every other one , claiming first money
Minnie Onelda , the winner of second
end place in this race , came in secom
nnd Hands , driving Peter Hal , gavi
: he crowd a surprise party by gettlni
third. The bookies got a little rusl
on Peter Hal for place , but the drean
was-short lived , Hal not showing u
any more.
A Sensational Heat.
The last beat was a sensational one
They were off In a bunch with Bonnl
B ns usual leading by a length. The
were soon stretched out , and when n
the half , William Zulauf driving Cooi
ey Woods , entered a pocket , but on th
home stretch created a sensation ne
often seen on the race track. Runnin
around Prince L he spurted out aheac
coming In for third place.
The summar > ;
Class 2:40 : trotters , purse * $300.
Miss Arclidale , blk. m. , N. J.
Ronln , Fremont 2 1 1
Lord Dukes , br. B. . R. L.
Graham , Madison I 2 2
The Cochran , b. g. , L. W.
Murray , Dayton. Neb 3 3 4
Glen Onward , b. b. , John R.
Fox , Columbus 5 5 3
Ilnttlo Nester , b. m. , Jack
Cameron , Teknmah 4 4 5
Red Pine , s. g. , Myron , J.
Brown , Osceola 7 7 G
Countess R. , b. m. , G. T.
Reynolds , Beatrice G G 7
Time : 2:23V2:24V4 : ; : ; 2:21 : /
2:24Vi. :
Class 2:20 : pacers , purse $300.
Bonnie B. , br. m. , W. V.
Austin , Groeloy. Neb 4 1 1
Minnie Onelda , blk. m. , Wil
k liam Page , Tilden 1 2 7
Cooney Woods , blk. m.- Wil
liam Zulauf , Pierce. . . . 2 G 9
Prince L , , s h , Enrl Broez-
ley , Syracuse , Neb G 5 2 !
Peter Hal , b. H. , W , .L.
Hands , Newklrk , Okla.J ( 3 4 C
Windsor Walnut , b. s. . Ches
ter Slaughter , Dallas.,7 7 3 C
Mayinc Woods , b. m. , Grllllti
XFlebbe , Cairo 3 4 R 7
Brunswick , b. g. , C. Paul ,
Lincoln U 1) ) G S
Giotehon , ch. m. , George
Dennis , Fremont S 8 S 9
Time : 2U : , i ; 2:1SMi : ; 2:19i/ : . ;
2:1 : ! > H.
Judges : C. S. Smith. Madison ;
(3eorge ( > Boch. Norfolk ; W. R. Locke.
Timers : Arthur Ryan , O'Neill ; J.
M. Smith , Madison ; J. S. Hancock ,
Starter : F. I ) . Vanpelt , Omaha.
Clerk : John L. Rynerson , Madison.
A large crowd Is expected to attend
the races this afternoon , owing to the
fact that n largo list of fast horses
are entered for both the 2:35 : pace and
the 2:17 : trot. A fast ball game Is
scheduled and with a fast truck the
management promises u line enter
tainment ,
The farmers' relay race has not been
filled up to date.
Dust From the Track.
Coming back from a had start
Prince L. ran Into a youngster selling
soda water and destroyed all his
cool drinks.
Graham , driving Lord Dukes , com
plained to the Judges that Ronin , driv
ing Miss Archdalo , Insisted on run <
ning Into him. fie was closely follow
ed up the ladder leading to the
judges' stand by Ronln , who denied it ,
saying Graham 'nslsled on > 3wervlug
around In front of him-
Dennis , driving Getchen , was given
two callings down for holding back ,
He took the last call from Starter
VanPelt by trimming up his harness
and making a good effort for place.
Countess R. changed drivers from
Beasley to Reynolds. This Uldn't
help , but she also ran.
The little shower that came uji
sent the crowds running for shelter ,
Although the judges' stand provides
very little shelter , the crowd made
themselves comfortable until the few
drops of rains disappeared.
Starter Van Pelt keeps his hannnci
In his pocket. Once he knocked the
gong off the stand onto the race track
endeavoring to stop the pacors.
Two Local Horses Win.
With Mayor James C. Dahlman ol
Omaha as a drawing card and good
races In sight 800 race fans witnessed
the last day of the Norfolk race meei
at the driving park Friday afternoon
The races were not up In any waj
to the first day's events , but fasi
races were enjoyed. Friday's crowi
was familiar with the workings of th <
management and while the ponies
were not running , they made them
selves hoarse rooting for both tlu
Tilden and Norfolk baseball teams
who were in a deadly combat on tlu
ball diamond.
O'Neill is next on the program , witl
the events commencing there on nex
Wednesday , August 10 to 12 ; Neligli
August 17 to 19 ; Pierce , August 2-
to 2fi ; Cretgbton , August ! ! t to Sep
ember 2.
II. J. McKenmi of O'Neill drove hi :
Speed On to victory In the 2:14 : pace
Us best time was 2:17Vi : , with liar
iska close behind him In every heat
\da Garnett , the little brown man
rein Denver , was always behind ii
tartlng , but got third place owlnj
o Boaco being distanced In the firs
eat. Bosco's driver forfeited $ li
nd was out of the raco. II. was al
ne sided , Speed On having It all ti
Imself , until Earl Breezley , who wa :
ined $10 for running ahead of Speei
On at first place In the start , tool
barge of the horse and commence !
. hot fight. His horse , however , wa
icaten to the wire easily by tin
O'Neill animal.
The 2:17 : Trot.
Elmore , who was expected to mnki
a good showing In the 2:17 : trot , wa
reaking badly. Trouble between th
.rivers . and a general breaking al
iround spoiled n fine race. Wllllai
ulauf of Pierce drove King Woodfon
o victory In this race coming In firs
n every heat. The Judge , driven b
W. O. Couber of Dewltt , la. , ofte :
breatened to walk away from Kin
\Voodford \ , but the King's able drive
) rought him first to the wire , nfte
ils horse had broken n number e
lines and fallen behind at the threi
marter mark.
In the first bent of the trot Th
ludgo looked like n winner In
jroke twice , nnd Zulauf drove h'
King Woodford to victory. Had Th
Judge not broken It would have bee
close race.
The King led off the second he ;
with Elmore a nose behind. At t'
half The Judge was three lengths b
hind with the two first horses me1
tloned in the same position as In tl
start. At the three-quarters Elmo :
broke and The Judge climbed in
her place and spurting on furtln
juiced alongside of the King. Tl
home stretch run wns a sensation
ono with The Judge and King Woe
ford an oven break. At the finish tl
King won by a nose , The Judge
driver pushing him hard. Elmore w
far behind.
Trouble was experienced In t
t' ' ird and last heat In stnrtlng , nil t
horses being off stride. They wo
? ff with The Judge In the lend ci
tlr.j ; n gap between him and the Kli
A 'bo qunrter , however , ho broke n
Eluiore for once took the lead , I
broke badly. They were still n lit
off at the three-quarters and Kl
Woodford led them both a mer
chase , winning the race. The brei
ing spoiled n fast and oxcltlng race
The 2:14 : Pace.
In the first bent of the 2:14 : pa
the horses were off In a bunch w
Speed On leading at the quarter. I
half , and the throe-quarters nnd H
rlska and Ada Garnett fighting
second placo. Ada , however , fell bi
on the home stretch only ( o bent
lloHi'o to third place. Speed On won
this bent by n length.
Eve ii money wan hot on Sliced On
against the lle'ld In the HOI-OIK ! heat.
Th horse's were coming too fant ami
a start was haul to net. When they
got off. Speed On led. At the half
IlnnlMka and Hence were Unhung for
hocoml place , but llosco fell behind
hail. Sliced On winning the heat by
n walk with HarrlHlui lorond nndtlii
inifU third , llosco wns * o fur be
hind that she was dlsln'iood. Hop
drhor forfeited $ lf > ii'id she was nut
ol the iiu-o.
With only two horses against her
in the third and last boat Speed On
led them a merry cliaso. llnrrlskn ,
her strongest opponent , was get u
whipping from her driver at the half.
Ada Garnott was far behind and for
a time looked as If she would bo flag'
god , but she made third place and
that's all. Speed On won with tlmo
to waste.
Summary :
2:17 : trot , purse , $300.
King Woodford , b. s. , William
Zulnuf 1 1 1
The Judge , br. g. , W. O. Cou
ber 3
Klmoro , s. h. , Rhondes .2 3
Time : 2:22 : ; 2:21 : V , ; 2:20i. : .
2:14 : pace , purse $300.
Speed On.s. h. , McKonnn 1 1 1
llarrlska , br. s. , Murray 2 2 2
Ada Gnrnctt , b. m. . Harrison..3 3 3
llosco , br. s. , J. 10. Cox ( dis
tanced ) 4
Time : 2:17-T : , : 2:17',4 : ' ; 2:22V : * .
Judges : G. W. Pox , Sioux City ;
James Waller , Norfolk ; W. C. Cale > y ,
Timers : Z. M Heard , H'.ir.-lngtonr
Patrick Stanton. Tllden ; P. C. DeMlop ,
Starter : Van Pelt , Omaha.
Clerk : George C. Burton , Norfolk.
Dust From the Track.
Elmoro's drivnr wan a visitor In the
judges' stand wl'h ' a complaint against
The Judge's driver vho , he said , lilt
Elmore over ( he head with bis whip ,
cnuslng all the breaking. Couber
The Judge's drive.r , wns soon In the
stnnd with n denial snylng It wns an
accident , but Zutauf called him pay
ing ho wilfully ran into him several
Breezley , driving llnrrlskn , was
fined $10 for running abend of Spc ° d
On , but his line was remitted after
the judges held a council of war.
McKennn , driving Speed On , had
some cnlllng down eeimlng , himself ,
and was threntom.d with a line un
less he came down from the start
Starter Colonel Von Pelt , cf Oma
ha says Norfolk IP the besl town In
the state. All ' .ho Judges agioed with
him. /
"It's funny bow drivers look up at
the bell to see if t am going to say
' ' ' .be " saiJ Starter
'go' or clang ,
Van Pelt. "Cox looks up at me evory-
time. Sometimes ho seems m say.
"Gee , don't let mo RO now. "
Financially a Success.
The races from a financial stand
point as far as Norfolk Is concerned
says the local race association authori
ties , has been good. What the not
receipts were is not yet known but
it is believed it will not be necessary
to draw on Hie business men for lliu
sum guaranteed to carry on th'
The 2:14 : trot was protested last
night by Rhondes , driving Elmore.
He claims Carber , driving The Judge ,
fouled him. The first money wns paid
to King Woodford , whoso owner took
him to Mineral Point , Wis. , this mornIng -
Ing to race in the 2:17 : trot there.
The second money Is now held up
pending the decision by the race as
The Judge Is scheduled for races In
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means of special methods usually ef
fective ; position permanent ; prefc
with commission option Address ,
with references , R. C. Peacock , Room
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