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Fort Monroe is the Scene of a Fatal
Accident to a Number of Artlllerv
men During Thursday's Teats '
Fort Monroe , Va. , July 21. Eleven
artillerymen are dead , two fatally In
jured and five others hurt , Including
two olllcers , as the result of the blowIng -
Ing out of a breech lock In a 12-Inch
shore gun at the Derussy battery , dur
ing the artillery practice , here today.
The accident occurred while student
olllcors were endeavoring to sink a
fleet of towed targets , representing nil
Imaginary hostile fleet proceeding to
ward Washington. The battery was
under the immediate command of Ser
geant Harry Haas of the Sixty-ninth
company United States coast artillery.
The dead are ;
Sergeant Harry Hess , gun com
Corporal Bradford , gun pointer.
Corporal Adklns.
Privates Sullivan , Duffy , Adey , King ,
Chadwlck , Smith , Hogan and Turner ;
One Man Blown Into Bay.
One private was blown Into Chose-
peako bay with the breech lock.
Lieutenant Vanduscn suffered a
broken leg and Lieutenant Haws was
wounded about the face.
Several children of several of the
men killed wore present at the target
Amalgamated Society of Railroad Ser
vants Refuses Aid.
New Castle , England , July 21. The
Amalgamated Society of Railroad ser
vants today refused to recognize and
finance strike against the North East
ern Railroad company. This attitude
on the part of the society , which em
braces the whole country , probably
will prove fatal to the success of the
The strike of the employes on the
North Eastern railroad is fast demor
alizing the Industries depending on the
line. Disorganization of tralllc threat
ens ruin to many shippers.
In addition to the 12,000 railroad
men who are out , It was estimated to
day that fully liO.OOO workers in the
collieries , ship yards , iron works and
other plants have been rendered Idle
through the Inability of the compa
nies to give their products.
t'ho loss of perishable goods , fish ,
.ullk and the like , is enormous. Whole
catches of herring fleets Intended for
virmouth and Lowcstoft curers are
ottlng at the different shippink points.
Taft Playing Golf.
flnr Harbor , Me. , July 21. Another
day of ideal weather called President
Taft early ashore from the Mayflower
and before 9 o'clock he was on his
way to the golf links of the Kebo Val
ley club.
Mr. Taft will hold a reception for
the summer colony at the club this
afternoon. Sometime before nightfall
he expects to have a conference with
Chairman P. H. Emory of the tarlfl
The regular residents of the islaiul
here are keenly disappointed over the
evidentjntentlon of the president to
devote the entire time of his stay tc
the fashionable cottagers from New
Improving Neligh Park.
Neligh. Neb. . July 21. Special tc
The News : The commissioners ol
Riverside park of this city are makint
extensive and permanent improve
ments this week. Over $300 is bolm
expended in having the park llghtet
by electricity. One hundred and tor
candle power tungsten lamps will bt
strung from the main entrance am
through the entire park. The work o
setting the poles anil wiring is nov
nearly completed. The plan Is to him
the park Illuminated each night durini
five months of the year , starting li
May and ending In September.
Many of the enterprising men am
boys of the city have just completed i
bath bouse at the extreme south em
of the park. This is an improvemen
that has long been looked for. Th
commissioners furnished the uiatorln
and the work was donated.
The commissioners of Rtversld
park consist of M. B. Huffman , pros
dent ; J. J. Meltck , secretary ; J. F
Boyd , treasurer.
After Neligh Weeds.
Neligb , Neb. , July 21. Special t
The News ; A called meeting of th
Women's Federated clubs of this clt
was held Tuesday evening at the horn
of William Wolfe. The object of tb
call was lor the purpose of electing
president , on account of the resign ;
tlon of Mrs. H. U McGlnltle. All tb
clubs of the city were represents
which are as follows : Logos , Review
ers , Mayflower and Rubalyat. Mrs. 1
I W. Beattlo was unanimously elected
proMldonl for the remainder of the
The ladles discussed the problem at
length In regard to the condition of
many of the principal streets In the
town , and especially where the wor > ds
have made an enormous growth. In
all probability the city authorities will
be waited upon by a committee.
It was the plan of the ladles present
to have a rustic stove built of cobble
stone and placed In the city park.
Cherry County Republicans.
Valentine , Neb. , July 21. Special to
The News : Following Is a list of the
i delegates to the state convention from
the republican county convention held
r-ero , : Max Vurtol , W. O. Clnrkson ,
< j , K. Morris , D. F. Storey , John Adam-
E. C. Davenport. Woodruff Ball.
, ' ° Delegates go In Instrucled as lo
co. \ option.
Lee Henry of Plalnvlew Against D.
Rees of Norfolk for Nomination.
Pierce. Neb. , July 21. Special to
The News : The following filings were
made with County Treasurer Hecht
for the primaries In Pierce county :
For state senator : Lee Henry ,
Plaluvlew , democrat.
For representative : Dr. J. M. Alden -
den , Pierce , republican , and Elmer Re
cord , Osmond , republican.
For county attorney : Charles H.
Stewart , Pierce , republican , to sue
eed himself. No democrat Hied.
For commissioner : Chris Boll and
larry Crunwald , of Slough and Logan
rectncts respectively , republicans.
Jlatz Fuelberth and George Fox , both
t Logan precinct , democrats.
The democratic convention of this
ounty will be hold at Pierce on Frl-
ay forenoon. The delegation to the
tate convention at Grand Island will
e enthusiastically against W. J. Bry-
n and his county option program , the
emocratic leaders of Pierce having
iready prepared resolutions denounc-
ig such a plank and endorsing Slml-
enberger and demanding that the
resent republican Slocumb liquor law
e retained. The 8 o'clock closing
iw will bo endorsed , though the same
waders denounced the signing of same
y Governor Sballenberger a year
nox County Democrats Refuse to Fol
low Bryan on Option Dream ,
Center , Neb. , July 21. Special to
'ho News : The democratic coiiiuy
onvention hold In this county , adopt >
d the following resolutions :
We , the electors of the democratic
arty of Knox county , In convention
ssemhled do hereby pledge and re-
icw our faith in the principles of said
1. We wish to and hereby do en-
erse to the fullest extent the excel-
ent and efllcient administration of
ur present governor , Ashton C. Slinl-
2. In the candidacy of W. H. Green
f Creighton , Neb. , for lieutenant gov
rnor , wo believe the people have a
nan In whom they can safely rely
ipon and we do hereby unqualifiedly
ocommeml him to the voters of the
I ! . . In Congressman J. P. Latta we
ealize that we have a competent and
earless representative and we urgent-
y commend his election.
4. We point with pride to the re-
ord of Dr. J. M. Talcott , as our re-
iresentatlve , and cheerfully endorsi
ilm as a candidate for the state sen
5. In the candidacy of W. E. Van
Pelt , we feel that we have a candidate
vhom we know where he will be at
it all times and , therefore , recommend
ilm to the voters of this representa-
Ive district.
6. We hereby Instruct our dele
gates to the state convention to vote
as a unit at all times against the In
sertion of a county option plank in the
state platform. v
7. We declare ourselves to be In
'avor of the initiative and referendum
ind lecall and we hereby Instruct to
vote for same.
S. We favor the election of United
States senators by direct vote of the
people , and to this end we endorse the
Oregon plan.
W. H. Green , candidate for llouten-
int governor , was permitted to fae-
; ect the delegation to the state con
vention , which Is as follows : Dr. J.
M. Talcott , William Kyriss , J. F.
Green , Frank Carroll , L. D. Smith ,
Henry Schwartz , George Koster , W.
H. Green , B. N. Saunders , W. E. Van
Pelt , Dr. C. C. Johnson , J. H. Roddy ,
James Baker and D. C. Laird.
A New York Fire Panic.
New York , July 21. One person was
killed , another Is missing and 300 tenement
emont dwellers were driven from their
homes In a panic as the result of a
fire which early today burned out the
three upper floors of a seven-story fac
tory building at Lewis and Rlvlngton
street , near the Manhattan end of the
Wllllamsburg bridge.
Three Die In Forest Fire.
Albany , Ore. , July 21. Three men
wore burned to death in a forest fire
along the North Santlam river four
miles east of Detroit. The dead *
Philip B. Richmond , Salem , Ore. , Jay
M. Brooks , Crawfordsvlllo , Ore.
Frank McCoy , Clearflold , Pa , The
men met death In an effort to save
their tools. Another big fire Is bum
Ing In the Cascade mountains , north
west of Mount Jefferson.
'holographs Received at a French Ho
tel from London Police are Said by
a Number of Persons to Prove that
Crlppen was There Sunday.
Bourges , Franco , July 21. A young
voman who committed suicide at a
lotel here on July 13 is believed to
iave been Ethel Clara Lenove , the
ompanlon of Dr. Crlppen. There are
trlklng points of resemblance , The
voman was a foreigner and gave the
lame of Jeanne Maze. The police of
.ondon have been notified.
Stornet Les Baltics , France , July
1. The police have received photo-
raphs of Dr. Hawley H. Crlppen , who
s wanted In London In connection
vlth the disappearance of his wife ,
Jello Elmore , and today submitted
lie same to several persons who saw
he stranger who stopped at a hotel
tore ovoor Sunday night under the
ume of Henri Tarbot.
In every instance those who saw the
holographs declaie there was abso-
utely no doubt in their minds that
Crlppen and Tarbot were the saiue.
Bad Eggs from Nebraska Sold by Rail
way In East , It Is Said.
Philadelphia , July 21. On the
charge of selling decomposed eggs
hat were shipped to Philadelphia
rom Nebraska , William J. Wilson ,
relght claim agent of the Philadelphia
and Reading Railroad company , is uu-
lor bail here tor a hearing on Friday.
The arrest was the continuation of a
case in which a commission house was
Ined $200 for selling bad eggs.
The commission firm made affidavit
hat It was acting for the railroad com-
mny and that it got only a commls-
Ion in the transaction. Upon the ar-
Ival of the eggs here from the west
he firm to which they were consigned
efused to accept them. With the
eggs left on his hands , it is charged ,
Wilson called in the commission firm
o dispose of them. Thirty dozen of
hem were purchased by agents o the
state food department and they were
ound to be unfit for use.
Hurry P. Cassidy , special agent of
he state dairy and food department ,
llscussing the case said :
"This Instance is only one indiea-
ion of the custom of the railroads of
he working off their damaged food
stuffs on the public.
"It is our intention to break up-this
ralllc in damaged , unlit , unhealthy
and dangerous foodstuffs which are
distributed , to be eaten by the public
neiely to reimburse the railroads fore
o s of which they are entirely to
blame and which they must inevitably
expect in the railroad business. "
After Ice Cream Cone Men.
Washington , July 21. Prosecution *
against manufacturers of Ice cream
cones containing borax are to be
started by the government under the
Hire food law. Large seizures of
cones were made in different parts of
.he country by inspectors of the de-
mrtment of agriculture. Analysis of
the cones seized disclosed the pies-
once of borax , a property which has
jeen held to be deleterious to the hunan -
nan stomach. Manufacturers using
borax contended that this Ingredient
s necessary to make the cones hold
heir shape.
Says He Wouldn't Have Suit With
drawn From Courts if He Could.
St. Louis , July 21. Samuel Gom-
pors , president of the American Fede
ration of Labor , who took part hi con
cluding the settlement of trouble be
tween the federation and the Sucks
Stove and Range company at Cincin
nati , arrived here. He declared his
coming had nothing to do with the
settlement and that he is here to
make arrangements for the conven
tion of the federation to bo held hero
in Novemebr.
"The agreement reported In Cincin
nati , " said Mr. Gompers , "can have
no effect on the case against myself
and other officials now pending in
"I would not have the case with
drawn If I could. It is a principle we
are contending for.
"We did not , however , want the at
torneys of the Bucks company ap
pearing against us now that our dis
agreement has been settled. So that
paragraph about the dismissal was
Inserted. "
Must Answer to the Charge of Crim
Inal Libel.
Des Molnes , la. , July 21. Gov. B. F
Carroll was Indicted by the Polk coun
ty grand jury on the charge of crlm
inal libel , a former member of the
state botud of control , John Cownle
being the prosecuting witness.
Governor Carroll was not placed under
dor arrest , but was notified over the
telepbono by Sheriff Ness that th
| Indictment bad beeu returned agalns
him. Attorney M. H. Cohen entered
in appearance for the governor , who
lid not go to the courthouse. The gov
ernor was permitted to remain at lib
erty without bonds.
The Indictment Is the result of the
nvestlgatlon Into affairs of the state
ndustrlnl school for girls at Mitchell-
Ille , and which called forth a state-
uent from Governor Carroll , published
n the Des Molnes Capital of May 24 ,
vhlch Cownle alleges was a libel upon
itm. In this article the governor set
orth at length his reasons for de-
nandlng the resignation of Cownle.
The Indictment Is expected to cause
i big sensation throughout the state ,
nd Des Molnes politicians already are
xcltedly discussing the probable ef-
ect upon the state campaign.
Passenger Trains Have Got BacK on
Schedule In Strike District.
Boston , July 21. With the passen-
or service restored on practically
very line In New England , the oth-
lals of the Grand Trunk and Central
'ermont railroads today turned their
ttentlon to the moving of freight
rains and the relieving of congestion
vhlch the tie-up has caused.
One freight train of twenty cars ,
oaded with beef , Is on Its way to
'ortland where the stopping of
relght traffic threatened a meat
Because of the strike , the German
learner Rhelngraf sailed from Mystic
vharf today with only a part of her
Reports of desertion on the part of
ome of the imported strikebreakers
re being received from several points ,
'he railroad olllcials say , however ,
hey have more applicants for posl-
ions than they can care for.
Try to Wreck a Train.
Toronto , July 21. Grand Trunk of-
.clals . say that an attempt to wreck
he company's Muskoka-Buffalo ex-
iress was made here today. The
rain was running Into Toronto when
bout two miles from the depot ran
ute open switch. Some one had ex-
inguished the switch light and left
he switch open. The engineer , P.
Jelaney. and fireman , G. Kashner ,
umped. Delaney's back was severely
njnred. The engine and two cars left
he track , but no passengers were
njured. They were sent Into the
Ity on strpet cars.
Toronto , July 21. Grand Trunk of-
iclals today began Investigation of an
accident originally reported to have
icon the result of au attempt to wreck
he company's AIuIsKoka-Buffalo night
The engine and two cars of the train
vere derailed just outside the city Hin
ts and the engineer and fireman were
eriously scalded. First statements
vere that a switch had been tampered
vitli. Later it was said spreading o >
ails might have caused the accident.
Would Supervise Alaska Roads.
Washington , July 21. A proceeding
was started before the District of Co
lumbia supreme court today to com
pel the interstate commerce commis
sion to assume jurisdiction over tlio
Alaskan railroads and transportation
companies and to compel the com
panies to file tariff with the commis
D. E. Thompson In 'Lincoln.
Lincoln , July 21. D. E. Thompson ,
iresident of the Pan-American rail-
vay , is in tills city today. He will re-
nain four days and will then start for
Die From Heat In California.
Imperial , Calif. , July 21. Seven vie-
ims have been claimed by the heat of
the last three days in the Imperial val-
ey. This Is the first instance in the
ilstory of the valley where residents
iave succumbed to heat. The deaths
ire attributed to the extraordinary
A New York Bride-to-Be Disappeared
Two Hours Before Her Wedding.
New York , July 21. Believing that
she was kidnaped by a rival suitor ,
detectives today are hunting for Mazlo
ullen , 17 years old , who disappeared
from her home In Brooklyn a few
lours before she was to have been
Guests had assembled at the Cullen
tiome when word came that Mazie
could not be found. Her fiance , John
Fernando , has urged the police to find
her. A search of the hospitals re
vealed no trace of the missing bride-
to-be and nearby towns have been no
tified to look out for a pretty girl with
golden hair , dressed In a black and
white princess gown. The police be
lieve she was carried or lured away
by a rival. Her parents say they
know of no other suitor , but her
friends say she had several.
Mrs. Young Is Better.
Chicago , July 21. The condition ol
Mrs. Alexander C. Young , who was
shot by Charles W. Rlgdon before he
committed suicide last Friday , showed
marked improvement today , according
to the hospital physicians. Mrs
Young suffered a relapse yesterday.
Grayvllle , III. , Man , Struck by a Train
Shows Remarkable Vitality.
Evansvlllo , Ind. , July 21. Jamei
Weir , aged 40 , was struck by a trail
at Grayvlllo , 111. , and his neck wai
broken. He was brought to a loca
hospital and still lives , In spite of hi
The Acting Chief of Police of Chicago
Issues Statement Declaring Rawn's
Death was by His Own Hind : Burg
lar Story Was Family Framc-uo.
Chicago , July 21. The Chicago po
lice have , dropped the Investigation
Into the death of Ira G. Rawn , presi
dent of the Chicago , Indianapolis and
Louisville railroad ( Motion ) , and Her
man Schuolter , acting chief of police ,
said today that ho was satisfied that
Mr. Rawn had committed suicide.
Acting Chief Schueltor announced
his decision after a long „ conference
with the detectives who had investi
gated the Wlnn'etka shooting. They
declared all the details pointed to sui
The suicide theory is believed to
have been strengthened by the results
of an investigation by Coroner Hoff
The bullet hole In Mr. Rawn's night
garment had been carefully examined
and Its appearance leads to the sui
cide belief.
The hole Is surrounded by blood
stains In which there are believed to
bo powder marks.
While the private detectives an
nounced yesterday that they expected
to make an arrest today , no one was
taken Into custody.
As a basis for their suicide theory ,
the police advance the following rea
sons :
They point to the fact that Mr.
Rawn was operating vice president of
the Illinois Central railroad at the
time the fraudulent car repair con
tracts were placed there and that re
cently he has been drawn Into the
Illinois Central graft Investigation as
a chief witness. They say that the
action of Mr. Rawn's relatives in re
fusing aid of the Chicago detective de
partment to search for the alleged
murderer Is suspicious.
Mrs. Rawn , wife of the dead man ;
R. G. Coburn , his son-in-law ; Mrs. Co-
burn and two children and three maids
were in the house when the tragedy
occurred. Mrs. Rawn says that her
husband was aroused from sleep at
1:30 : o'clock In the morning by a noise
on the first floor of the house. She
says Mr. Rawn picked up a revolver
in his room on the second floor , start
ed down stairs and was shot on a
landing on his way down. Roth Mrs.
lawn and Coburn say that two shots
vere fired. . A minute search of the
rout hall and adjoining rooms of the
louse , show but one bullet , that fired
rom Mr. Rawn's revolver and which ,
ipparently , had passed through Mr.
Rawn's body just below the heart.
Coroner Hoffman took personal
barge of the Investigation into the
death. He refused to say whether he
bought the case was one of murderer
or of suicide. He said , however , that
lewder marks had been found on Mr.
lawn's nightgown , indicating that the
bullet which killed Mr. Rawn was fired
it close range.
Friends and business associates of
: he dead man say that he has been
ooklng badly for several weeks.
Some attribute Mr. Rawn's worried
expression to the Investigation of the
conspiracy by which the Illinois Cen-
ral railroad claims It was mulcted
out of hundreds of thousands of dol-
ars. This Is now going on in court.
The outcome of this investigation , it
s said , would have involved Mr. Rawn
at least indirectly.
On two successive days last week
Mr. Rawn begged for and secured a
) ostponement of his examination as a
witness on the plea that his wife was
11. His examination was scheduled
; o take place Tuesday.
Mr. Rawn left the Illinois Central
railroad In November , 1909 , and be
came president of the Monon.
Starting a Roosevelt Party.
Kansas City , Mo. , July 21. "The re-
[ iiibllcan national league , " whose oh-
| ect is to "perpetuate the Roosevelt
policies and principles , " was organized
liere at a meeting of prominent repub
licans. It Is planned to organize sim
ilar clubs throughout the state and na
tion. E. M. O'Reilly was elected chair
man of the executive committee and
O. V. Dodge was elected president.
Big Lumber Plant Burns.
Winnipeg , July 21. Forest fires
reached the Rovelstoke Lumber com
pany's big plant at Revelstoke , des
troying it with a loss of $100,000.
Thinks They Will Cease to be Issue
After Present Campaign.
St. Louis , July 21. Speaker Cannon
who passed through St. Louis enroute
from Kansas to his homo In Danville
111. , declared hero that after tlio pics
out campaign Insurgency would cease
to bo an issue. He said he was mac !
pleased with his reception In Kansas
and believed ho had done much good
"I have not been bitter agalnsi
Senator Brlstow and the Kansas In
surgents , " he said , "I do not wan
them shot , as I have been quoted ai
saying. This is not warfare. If I
wore though , they would ho shot be
cause they are nothing more thai
guerrillas. You know guerrillas flgh
on both sides. That's what the in
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Maximum . 89
.Minimum GO
Average 14
Huromctur 29.8ii
Chicago. July 21. The bulletin Is-
Issued by tlio Chicago station of the
United States wuiitlier bureau gives
the forecast for Nebraska as follows :
Generally fair tonight and Friday ;
not much change In temperature.
surgents are doing. "
The speaker snld he expected to
rest at his home for the next three
Bank Cashier of Panorn Will Die fron *
His Injuries.
Dos Molnes. July 21. H. Max Cul-
orison , cashier of the I'anora Citizens
itato bank , and four other prominent
'nnorn business men were badly In
ured when an automobile driven by
no of the party , P. Hart , collided with
fence post while returning from the
iremon's tournament at Perry last
light. The men were found uncoil-
clous by another party a half hour
nter. Culbertson cannot live , doctors
ay today.
Heroine's Love for Cigarettes the
Basis of a New Leipzig Play.
Berlin , July 21. Eugenio Wolf-For-
ari's latest work , "Susanna's Secret , "
ias been produced in Leipzig. It is
he first opera composed around a
loroine's love for cigarettes. Her
msband cannot abide the odor of clg-
rettes and she conceals her devotion
o them from him. When he detects
he odor of tobacco lie suspects her of
laving a lover and the scenes of Jeal-
usy between them make up the ac-
ion. of the play , which runs for forty-
ive minutes. There are only three
harncters , the wife , the husband and
heir dumb servant.
hest of Valuable Papers Uncovered by
Robert Louis Stevenson's Stepson.
Sail Francisco , July 21. When
. .ouls Osborne , the 8-year-old son of
jloyd Osborne , a novelist and stepson
f the late Robert Louis Stevenson ,
rmed himself with a small shovel and
vent out on a sandhill near his home
icre to dig yesterday lie had visions
f finding treasures. He has not heard
ils father's. Illustrious stepfather
alked about without getting a spirit
f adventure of the author of "The
Treasure Island" fixed In his mind.
The boy stopped digging because
its shovel had encountered an obstruc-
lon. Tested , carefully , the thing that
eslsted proved to be metal. Then
jouls dug more furiously than ever ,
n a few moments ho unearthed a met-
il box. And , sure enough , it contained
rcasure. Opening It hastily , the boy
omul twenty-six hundred shares of
alnable mining stock , deeds to city
iroperty , other valuable papers and
veral empty ring boxes.
Of course the boy did not realize the
alne of the property , but he knew the
tapers must be worth a great deal or
hey would not have been placed in
? ucli a secure box. So he hastily car-
led his find to his mother , who gave
t over _ to the police.
The papers belong to Augustus Im-
> rle , a wealthy man whose house is
losed and who Is out of the city. The
) ollce think robbers have ransacked
he Imbrie residence and after taking
noney and jewelry from the box bu
ried it.
How Bets Are Placed at Cock Fights
In Havana.
Washington , July 21. "If you want
.o see expert bookmakers , you should
; o to Havana , " remarked A. T. Geet-
ng of Chicago at the Raleigh. Short-
y before he had watched several men
climb In a patrol wagon on Pennsyl
vania avenue and had been told that
they were arrested for making hand-
) ooks on the races.
"In Havana , " he continued , "book-
.linkers certainly have their business
down line. I went to a cockfight In
one of the suburbs of Havana on Sun-
lay. Nearly everybody in that part
of town had turned out. With two
j'lends I got seats close to the pit. I
: iad never seen a cockfight , and I was
interested. At the edge of the pit
several natives were standing , facing
the audience and yelling and waving
their hands. I asked one of my
friends , who had been In Havana a
short time , what they were doing. Ho
said they were taking bets. Sure
enough , the spectators were shouting
back at them announcing their favor
ites and placing their bets. But the
bookmakers were not using even a
pencil. One of them , I am sure , must
have taken fifty bets. .
"I wanted to get in on the game , so
I decided to bet $2 on a black cock
that looked good to me. I handed
over my money , but I didn't get a
'ticket.1 I felt sure I should never
again see my money , even If I had
picked the winner. Well , the main
was fought and my bird won. I
watched the bookmaker as he won !
among the crowd , handing monoj
hero and there. When he came to me
ho handed over $10. I was surprised
but he didn't notice It , as he was toe
busy cleaning up his slate. Finally 1
discovered , through a spectator neai
by , who could speak English a little
that my bird 1ind been a 4 to 1 shot.
"How that 'bookie' ever kept al
those bets in his mind Is more than
can understand. "
Owing to Continued Agitation Against
Americans Under the Madrlz Gov
ernment , American Government has
Sent the Tacoma South.
Washington. July 21. Fear exist *
that Edwin W. Trimmer. United Stnteir
consul at Capo Oraclas. Nicaragua ,
may bo assaulted or possibly oven as
sassinated , wherefore It ban boon de
cided to send the cruiser Tacoma to
the port to Investigate and If condi
tions seem to demand It to land ma
rines to protect American lives and
property. This was the report madu
to the state department by Thomas P.
Moffat. United States minister at Blue-
Two officers and forty-live men wcro-
ordered to Cape Grnclas on the To.-
coma , ho says , this action having boon ,
decided on after a conference between
himself and Commander Plnor of Urn
Duhuqtic. The Tacoma probably ban
reached the seat of trouble by thla
time , In the opinion of officials hero ,
although they have not yet received
word to that effect.
It was from continued abuse of the
governor and other ofllclals of the
Madrlz government at Capo Graclas.
he declares , that fear arose for safety
of Americans. An article published In
La Naclon , an olllcial Mndrlz organ at
Managua , Indicates the feeling In Nic
aragua against Americans. In part It
reads as follows :
"Another of the means to whlrh wo
may resort for revenge for so great
an injury and for this I do not ho-
Ileve we are less able than the Young
Turks lot us organize In the form
of a powerful coalition of active prop
aganda , to the end that In all these
Latin American countries no goods
shall be purchased from the United
Stales , making our people understand
that this Is the most elllcaclous meth
od of combating the common enemy
of our race , so proud on account of its
power ; so Insolent of its pride , and so-
detestable on account of Its Insolence. "
To Take American Lives.
"Wo Nlparaguans have some limit
ed means to whlcn we may resort an
a final recourse if it comes to tho.
point that the Yankee tries to executn
his threat ; let 113 lay hands on all
the North Americans residing in Nica
ragua and lot us ? uy to Mr. Tnft
"For each shot you hurl against u
a head of one your countrymen -hill
roll on the ground. "
Lincoln , July 21. William J. Iliyan
has a hard light on his hands in at
tempting to place n county nr > M m
plank In the democratic state plat
Lancaster county , in which I Im oln
is located , went with him stronulv on
the question , placing htm at the l.t-ad .
of the delegation and Instructing for
both the county option and the Initia
tive and referendum planks. Hut a
number of the other counties are
strongly opposed , and the county lead
ers have shown that they mean to put
up a fight to a finish in the state con
vention , which will be held In Grand
Island on July 2G.
Douglas county , in which Omaha Is
located , and the largest county In the
state from the standpoint of popula
tion , yesterday fcnve Bryan a black
eye , although this was not unexpected.
Douglas county Is the stronghold of
the wets and It was expected that the
county convention would go against
county option by a big majority.
The name of Mr. Bryan was not
mentioned at any time during the
convention. Governor Shallenberger
shared the same fate , being Ignored.
The delegates without a single excep
tion are against county option and fa
vor Mayor James Dahlmaii of Omaha
as candidate for governor. Mr. Dahl-
man will head the delegation of lOt
Among the oilier counties that have
come out as opposed to Mr. Bryan and
the county option program are Cass ,
Thomas , Fillmore and Jefferson.
Thomas county , after a short discus
sion downed county option almost un
animously. In the Fillmore coin en-
lion the vote stood 104 to 2. > against.
Cass county by a vote of 101 to 35
instructed the delegates to vote
against the option plank.
Cass county , as In Otoe , which la
regarded certain to send a united dele
gation against such a plank , Is In the
First congressional district , which
sent Mr. Bryan to congress. Bryan
has always been strong in these coun
ties , but they are with Douglas , tha
| stronghold of the anti-county option-
Ists and the democrats there will be
| among Bryan's strongest opponents
on the question.
In the convention held In York coun
ty n surprise was sprung. York , the
county sent , was one of the first towns
In the stale lo vote out saloons , and It
Is one of the strongholds of county
option. The resolutions passed wera
silent on the question of county op
tion and the dolegnles were Instructed
to vote as a unit.
Bryan will personally conduct tha
fight In the convention and from tha
way the counties are lining up It la
evident that the contest will bo bitter
and hard fought.