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His Lawyer Told the County Prosecutor -
or That Hyde Would De Ready to
Accept Service Special Grand Jury
Called for Investigation.
Kansas City , Fob. 10. John C ! . Paxton -
ton , coiumcllor for the Swopo family ,
Into today filed an Information at the
office of the county prosecutor formal
ly charging Dr. Dennett Clarke Hyde
with mimlor In the flrHt degree , hold
ing him responHlble for tlu > death of
Colonel TliomaH H. Swope.
City , Feb. 10. A climax in
the Swopo mystery came late this af
ternoon when Virgil Colliding , county
prosecutor , announced that he would
inane n warrant for Dr. 2. C. Hyde and
that ho would swear the warrant out
during the afternoon.
Anticipating the warrant , Dr. Hyde's
attorneys had told Mr. Conkllng their
client was ready and willing to accept
service and would be available whenever -
over ho was wanted.
The information filed by Pnxton be >
came an official record in the pros
ecutor's office shortly after 2 o'clock.
Norfolk is going to pave !
You might as well make up y
Puving will add several della
crty affected , i'or each dollar it cos
But outside of that feature , ]
kindly towards those who attemj
and to prevent this very badly ne
The town is going to pave i
among the lives ones.
Up to 2.iO : o'clock no warrant had been
IsHtiud for Hyde's arrest.
Judge Ralph S. Latschnw , of the
criminal court , at noon today instruct
ed the county marshal to empanel a
Hpeclal grand Jury to convene Satur
day morning at 10:30 : o'clock to Inves
tigate the death of Colonel Swope.
The grand jury investigation will go (
into every phase of the Swopo mys
tery. The inquiry will not be confined
to the death of Colonel Swope , but
the death of Chrlsman Swope and the
epidemic of Illness in the Swope house
hold will be the subject of an exhaus
tive Investigation.
Hyde Dismisses Libel Suit.
To thwart the efforts of the oppos
ing attorneys to secure the deposition
of Dr. I ) . C. Hyde , upon the appeal of
his attorneys for an order of dismissal
N today , the circuit court at Indepen
dence , Mo. , dismissed the suit brought
by Dr. Hyde demanding $600,000 from
John G. Paxton and other defendants
for allogel libel.
Dr. Hyde had been subpoenaed to
give his deposition in this suit today.
This afternoon Hyde and his attorneys
suddenly determined upon a trip to
Independence. They declined to make
known the purpose of their going.
Hyde was accompanied by Prank P.
Walsh anrt John M. Cloary.
$2,700 In Currency Secured From
Bank of Memphis.
Memphis , Neb. , Feb. 10. Robbers
early this morning looted the bank of
Memphis and secured $2.700 in cur
rency. The safe was blown , the cash
secured and the bandits escaped with
out arousing the inhabitants of the
The sum of $50 was found on a
bridge two miles from town. The
bank has a capital stock of $5,000.
Union Leaders Fined $500 Each.
Chicago , Feb. 10. Martin B. Mad
den , former president of the building
trades council ; M. J. Doyle , an official
of the electrical workers union , and
Prod Pouchot , former business agent
of the Metal Workers union , wore sen
tenced to pay a fine of $500 each today ,
following their convictions on May 29
of conspiracy to do an illegal act.
$40,000 , SENT TO PARIS
New York Chamber of Commerce Pre
sents That Additional Fund.
Paris , Feb. 10. The Seine had risen
7U : Inches In the twenty-four hours
ending at noon today. A further rise
of 10 inches by noon tomorrow is pre
dicted. At a cabinet meeting today
Premier Briand expressed the opinion
that there was no cause for uneasi
Ambassador Bacon today sent to the
foreign office another check for $40-
000 , representing the relief fund col
lected by the chamber of commerce of
New York.
If Government Wins Case , White Flour
Will be Thing of Past.
New Orleans , Feb. 10. Involving the
facta of color of ( lour the case of the
United States against the Aetna Mills
and Elevator company of Wellington ,
Kan. , waa resumed la the United
Stall's district conn hentoday. .
The proceedings marked the open
Ing of the trial , which will determine
for the Urst time the right of millers
to employ processes for the Mooching
of Hour.
Officials of the pure food department
claim n deslrablu character of white
ness In Hour has boon attained In many
Instances by an unwholesome chemi
cal treatment.
Many millers contend thai certain
bleaching processes are In no way de
leterious to the health of the consum
ers.if the government should win the
case , It Is pointed out , white Hour will
become a thing of the past and give
way to n product of yellow or golden
The Department of Commerce and
Labor Makes a Report Showing That
the Farmer Did Not Raise and Ship
as Much Live Stock as Usual.
Washington , Feb. 10. One cause of
the high price of moat , according to a
report of the department of commerce
and labor , Issued today , is the fact that
our mind to that.
rs in value to every foot of prop-
Norfolk is not going to feel very
) t to obstruct the city's progress
eded public improvement.
uid you might as well he classed
the live stock receipts for the year
1909 at seven leading Interior markets
of the United States were the lowest
since 1904. The total live stock re
ceipts for the year In these markets
aggregated J59,545,725 head. Particu
larly did receipts of hogs for the last
year fall off. For each of the four
years previous to 1909 the hog receipts
had been in excess of nineteen million
head , totalling more than 22.000,000 in
1908 , falling to 18,834,641 last year.
Cattle receipts in these markets for
1909 , while comparing favorably with
those of the previous year , fell below
the totals for the three years before
Sheep fell below those from 1905 to
1907 , but compared favorably with
Receipts of hogs at the Chicago mar
ket for 1909 show a decrease of 1,627-
074 , as compared with the year before ,
or a decline of 19 per cent. Receipts
at Kansas City decreased 17 per cent ,
at Omaha 12 per cent , at St. Joseph ,
Mo. , 28 per cent , while the decline at
St. Louis was only 4 per cent
Any Combination to Raise Prices De-
Glared to be a Conspiracy.
New Yoik , Feb. 10. Spurred on by
Judge Swayzes' charge that a combina
tion to store foodstuffs for the pur
pose of advancing the. price is an overt
act , the Hudson county grand jury to
day continued Its investigation of the
big cold storage warehouses of Jersey
In view of the court's declslori that ,
any. comblnatlpu to rojse prices la con
spiracy , Prosecutor Qarven counts on
securing Indictments that ho believes
will check the system whereby high
prices are maintained in season and
Agitation In New York city against
high meat prices has simmered down
until the only measure now In view
locally Is the cold storage regulation
ordinance before the board of alder
men. No action on this measure is
probable for at least a week.
Meat prices remain about station
Provision Dealers In New York Keep
Poultry Many Months.
Now York , Feb. 10. Provision deal
ers denied that turkeys are kept in
storage for two years and put on the
market when they are mouldy from
age , but admitted that poultry is some
times hold from six to nine months ,
and that goat's flesh has been sold for
lamb. This testimony was adduced at
a hearing before the committee of the
board of aldermen , which is consider
ing an ordinance providing that all
foods held in cold storage must be
tagged with the date on which they
were put Into storage and the date
when they came out.
For Sectretary of State.
Lincoln , Feb. 10. C. W. Pool , speak
er of the house of representatives ,
probably will bo a candidate for the
democratic nomination for secretary
of state. Mr. Pool has been in Lincoln
several times lately conferring with
politicians and it is probable his an
nouncement will be made before long.
Ho was preferred for speaker of the
house by Mr. Bryan and his campaign
for that position to a certain extent
was engineered by T. 8. Allen , Mr.
Bryan's brother-in-law.
In View of the Rapid Fall of Discount
Rates In the Open Market , and the
Plentiful Supply of Money , Rates
Ease Up.
London , Feb. 10. The directors of
the Bank of England , at their weekly
meeting today , reduced the minimum
rate of discount from 3Ms to 3 per cent.
Tills action was taken in view of the
rapid fall In open market of discount
rates since the beginning of the week
and the plentiful supply of money , n
great deal of which is nnplaccablo.
French Antarctic Steamer Is Passed in
Strait of Magellan.
Buenos Ayres , Feb. 10. The captain
ot the steamer Sud , which arrived at
Punta Arenas today , reports that he
ttpoko to the antarctic exploring steam
er Pourquol Pas , anchored at Port Gal
lant in the Strait of Magellan. Dr. J.
M. Clmrlcot refused any Information
concerning the results of the French
south polar expedition.
State Board Will Have to Force Him
to Step Out.
Peru , Neb. , Feb. 10. Eight hundred
students of the state normal school
here went oil a two days' strike as a
mark of their resentment over the ac
tion taken by the state board of edu
cation in requesting the resignation of
President J. W. Crabtree. Not a stu
dent attended classes and the same
program will be lollowed today. But
on Friday It is said work will be re
sumed ns usual. The students hoist
ed the flag over the main normal build
ing at half mast , and there It will re
main , they say , unless the authorities
change. There was no other demon
stration and no effort on the part of
the faculty to discipline the students.
President CrabUwv it was announced ,
will not resign voluntarily.
Government Is Said to Have Made
Important Discoveries.
Chicago , Feb. 10. It was reported
that agents of the government had un-
cupled by K. II. Fox , located two and
a half miles northeast of Meadow
Grove , was totally destroyed by lire
about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Mr. Fox lost practically all his house
hold goods. The place Is known as the
Roberts farm and Is owned by Kit
Cook of Norfolk.
The llro originated from a defective
Hue and was discovered by about a
doxen neighbors who were shoveling
snow and Ice off of the grade about a
quarter of a mile south of the house.
On arriving they were unable to save
anything. The household goods were
His Temperature 99.1 Passes a Fairly
Good Night. I
Stockholm , Feb. 10. The physicians
In attendance upon King Gustavo , who
was operated on for appendicitis on' '
Monday night , Issued the following bul
letin this morning :
"Tho king passed n fairly good night ,
and slept live hours without the use of
an opiate. His majesty Is able this
morning to take n little more nourish
ment , and no disquieting symptoms
have appeared. The king's tempera
ture Is 99.1 and pulse 52. "
The queen arrived in this city this
morning from Karlsruhe.
Suesta , Enroute From Washington to
Valentine , Neb. , is Drunk.
Plttsburg , Feb. 10. Real Indian war
whoops in the vicinity of union sta
tion were emitted by a real red man
who was later recorded on the police
blotter as "John Indian , " because he
was unable to comprehend the power
of the pale skin. Ho proved to be
Suestn , a Sioux of the Wounded Knee
reservation and friend of Sitting Dull ,
Spotted Horse and other big chiefs.
Captain J. J. Ford of the Fourth
United States cavalry , the local re
cruiting officer , who fought in the
Sioux campaign of 1891 , was called
upon as an Interpreter , and ho learn
ed that Snesta , who had been on &
visit to the "Great White Father , "
was on his way back to Valentine , Neb.
He had strayed from the train in
search of llro water and while In a
saloon the train pulled out without
him. Suesta was overjoyed at Cap
tain Ford's ability to talk to him and
told talcs of Sitting Bull while await
ing disposition of his case. Captain
Ford said the Indian bureau at Wash
ington would arrange for blra to re-
nuine his journey ati-3 utt vised that he
be held pending Instructions.
Attorneys In Case Finish Arguments
During the Forenoon.
Pierce , Neb. , Feb. 10. Special to
The News : The fate of Harry Joyce ,
If the paving of Norfolk avenue were to fail at this time ,
through the refusal of property owners to sign the petition , those
who refused to sign would be held responsible for the blackest eye
t-vcr given the city. People throughout northern Nebraska and south
ern South Dakota read The News , and they have been reading for
more than two years of Norfolk's plans to pave. Now that the time
lias come to get down to business , a failure to make good would show
up Norfolk in the most shameful , shiftless light and people who have
had faith in the city would relegate it to the class of the country
earthed important information at Sioux
City , Omaha , Kansas City and Denver ,
and that as a result witnesses from
those cities will be summoned to ap
pear before the grand jury. Members
of the jury , it is said , desired to know
under what arrangements the stock
yards in those cities are controlled.
Omaha , Feb. 10. It is known that
the government has had agents at
work in Omaha during the last ton
days securing information concerning
the system employed by the packing
houses in disposing of their products ,
and who made special efforts to secure
data on the handling of dairy products.
They have worked very quietly , how
ever , and have been able to avoid re
vealing their Identity. No summons
has been issued for any packing house
or stock yards official in this city , but
a representative of one packing firm
stated that it would not surprise him
to hear of such action being taken in
the near future.
Boiler Explosion Kills Six.
Bay City , Mich. , Fob. 10. While a
score of workmen were warming them
selves in the boiler room of Princing's
saw mill at Crump , waiting for the
whistle to start the day's work , the
boiler exploded , Instantly killing six of
the men and Injuring all the others.
The mill was wrecked , debris being
scattered in every direction.
Carelessness Causes Fire.
Lincoln , Feb. 10. According to the
report of the fire warden , A. V. John
son , the loss from incendiary fires has
been during the last year about $150-
000 while a great majority of the
tires have been caused by careless
ness. Mr. Johnson urges school teach
ers to instruct their pupils to be care
ful in the use of matches and the dan
ger to property by the careless use of
tire and matches.
Dwelling on Roberts Place Near Mead *
ow Grove , Owned In Norfolk.
Meadow Grove , Neb. , Feb. 10. Spe
cial to The News : The farm house oc-
ono of the alleged Hadar bank rob
bers , was expected to bo with the jury
about noon today. Attorneys in the
case wound up their argument this
Telegraph Company Will Install Independent -
pendent 'Office"-Tne're. '
Dallas is to have an independent
Western Union telegraph office about
March 1. J. C. Nelson , superintendent
of that company , has been at Dallas
for a number of days and ho has ar
ranged to open such nn office In Dal
las at that time. Since the Trlpp coun
ty rush the Western Union has had
some difficulty In transmitting mes
sages from Dallas , owing to the crowd
ed station telegraph olflce.
Railroad operators handling West
ern Union messages are paid a per
centage by the company , which per
centage , It Is said , has reached so large
an amount at Dallas that the company
can now well afford to employ nn op
erator to handle the Western Union
messages alone. The railroad operat
or who handles the commercial busl
ness at a depot is usually the manager
of the Western Union's business and ,
in connection with this , he handles the
railroad business as well. A few days
ago Superintendent McFarland of the
telegraph department of the North
western accompanied Superintendent
Nelson to Dallas and it Is believed the
new arrangements were made then.
Funeral of Mrs. Anderson.
Spencer , Neb. , Feb. 10. Special to
The News- The funeral of Mrs. Chris
Anderson , who died suddenly yester
day while visiting here , will be held
at Bristow Friday afternoon at 2
o'clock. The services will be held In
the Methodist church nt that place
and Ilov. A. L. Kellogg of Spencer
will have charge. The court house
officials from Butte will attend In a
body , as well ns members of various
lodges of which Mr. Anderson Is a
Mrs. C. M. Kull Very III.
Spencer , Nob. , Fob. 10. Special to
The NOWB : Mrs. C. M. Kull IB dan-
gorouflly ill with typhoid fever.
The Bill , Which Now Promises to Be
come a Law , Calls for Expenditure
of Not to Exceed $500,000 , Annually
for Creditable Dwellings.
Washington , Feb. 10. The house
committee on foreign affairs today de
cided to favorably report the Lowden
bill providing for the expenditure of n
sum not exceeding $500,000 for the
erection of American embassies
Sixty-four Defendants In the Suit Ap
pear at Lander for Trial.
Lander , Wyo. , Feb. 10. Sixty-four de
fendants in alleged coal land frauds
against the government appeared be
fore the United States land office In
this city in cases which have been
brought by the government for the
cancellation of their titles to coal
lands which are said to be the most
valuable In the state.
The cases Involve 9,500 acres of land
lying in the mineral district north of
Lander and have been appraised by
government experts at a value of near
ly $1,500,000.
The government alleges that these
lands were filed upon by "dummy" en-
trymen for the benefit of the Owl
Creek Coal company and the North
western Coal company which are con
trolled largely by New York capitalists.
The two companies are reported to be
associated with the Chicago , Burling
ton & Quincy railroad.
The cases are commonly known ns
"the Gebo coal land fraud cases , " us
Samuel W. Gobo , George W. Dally ,
Rufus P. Ireland and others are alleg
ed to be instrumental in securing the
titles to the lands Involved.
The cases have been under Investi
gation by federal land agents for three
years and various actions have been
brought In court. An injunction suit
was brought in the . .United-States ,
court at Cheyenne recently by the
government asking that the Owl Creek
Coal company be restrained from ope
rating coal mines at Gebo , Big Horn
county , which are said to be produc
ing 700 tons of coal dally. A tempo
rary restraining order was granted by
the court and more than a thousand
miners wore thrown out of work.
John A. Williams , law examiner of
the land office , will hear the cases and
Captain George H. Hnlr , chief of the
field division of the land office at Salt
Lake , Utah , will act as registrar.
About forty witnesses will be sum
med , a large part of them from New
York City.
- /
Firemen Killed , Twenty Spectators In
jured by Frightened Beasts.
Venice , III. , Feb. 10. Fireman G. R.
Williams of Bloomlngton , 111. , was
crushed to death ; Engineer J. A. Raymond
mend of St. Louis sustained a broken
leg and twenty or more spectators
were knocked down and trampled on
by stampeding cattle , as the result of
n head-on collision between two Chicago
cage and Alton freight trains in the
railroad yards In this city.
Williams Jumped but was caught be
neath the engine which rolled down
the embankment upon him.
Six cars , loaded with steers , also
rolled down the bank , killing a score or
more of the animals and turning loose
more than fifty others.
Crazed with fright , the animals stam
peded In every direction through a
crowd of several hundred persons ,
many of them women and children ,
which had collected about the wreck ,
knocking down scores In their flight.
A riot call was turned In and the
police and fire departments , assisted
by the sheriff's force , fought off the
cattle , killing many of them with
sledges and cowing the others with
streams of water from fire hose.
Sanford Parker , Olaf Olsen and Luke
M. Bates Reappolnted.
Washington , Feb. 10. Special to The
News : The president sent to the sen
ate nominations ns follows :
Sanford Parker of Nebraska to ho
receiver of public moneys nt O'Neill ,
Olaf Olseu , receiver of land ofllce at
Valentine , Nob.
Luke M. Bates , register , Valentine ,
Cleveland Foundry Man , Unable to
Win Woman , Kills Her. I
Cleveland , Fob. 10. John Janowskl
and his bride , found murdered In their
beds , died In satisfaction of n debt of
$ GO. This is the story , the police say ,
told them by George Boscardo , 29
years old , arrested for their murder.
Boscardo said ho had loaned the mon
ey to Mrs. Janowskl to secure her love ,
but had found himself unable to real *
of m mim
Temperature for Twenty-four Houra.
Forecast for Nebraska ,
Maximum -II
Minimum f >
Average 24
Barometer 29.HS
, Chicago. Feb. 10. The bulletin Is
sued by the Chicago station of the
United States weather bureau gives
the forecast for Nebraska as follows :
Partly cloudy tonight and Friday ;
I warmer east portion tonight.
b.e on the Investment. Sunday night
ho demanded the money and , fulling
to get It , killed the woman with a sec
tion of gas pipe. Janowskl succumbed
only after a struggle.
For three days the bodies lay In the
house , while Boscardo coolly continued
his employment at a foundry.
Oliver Spltzler's Application for Ad
mission to Ball Pending Appeal is
Denied Guilty of Complicity In Un-
derwelghlng Frauds.
New York , Feb. 10. Oliver Spitz-
ler , farmer dock superintendent of the
American Sugar Refining company'u
plant at Wllllaiusburg , was today sen
tenced to two years In the federal
prison at Atlanta , Ga. , for his part In
the recent extensive sugar underwelgh-
ing frauds.
Spitzlcr's application for admission
to ball pending appeal was denied and
arrangements were made to take him
later today to Atlanta to begin serving
his term.
Takes up With State Department Mat
ter of South Omaha Riot.
Washington , Feb. 10. Special to
The News : Senator Burkett at the
request of a number of Greeks living
in South Omaha , who were more or
less damaged during the recent riot
In thai city , took up rt"lih-U/-j olntu
department the claims of these Greeks
against the government. The sena
tor was informed that the state de
partment had the matter under ad
visement but had reached no conclu
sion thereon.
Senator Gamble secured the pas
sage of his bill amending the pro
visions of the measure opening to
white settlement certain lands in the
Cheyenne and Standing Rock Indian
reservations which Increases the
amount to be paid to Indians for such
lands as may bo retained by the state
for school purposes from $1.25 to $2.50
per acre. The bill prohibits the sale
of intoxicating liquors in any portion
of the territory proposed to be open
ed for a period of twenty-five years.
Senator Gamble introduced a bill
authorizing the secretary of Interior
to Issue a patent to the Lutheran
church of Harding , S. D. , to forty
acres of land in Harding county to
bo used for cemetery purposes pro
viding the church pays $1.25 per aero
for the same , and also a bill to grant
n patent to Buffalo township to forty
acres also for cemetery purposes in
the same county and same price.
The senate confirmed the nomina
tion of Joseph Krahullk , postmaster
at Clarkson , Neb.
Captain Alex Sharp , U. S. N. , who
commanded the battleship Virginia
during its cruise around the world , Ho
in the naval hospital here in a most
critical condition and friends fear he
cannot recover. Captain Sharp is a
nephew of the late President Grant
and married , some years ago , Miss
Hand , daughter of George H. Hand ,
of Yankton , S. D.
Postmasters appointed :
Nebraska Weeping Water , George
H. Olive.
South Dakota Davis , Turney coun
ty , Charles Hartsough , vice J. A.
Sensational Testimony Continues In
the New York State Legislative In-
vestlgatlon Into Bribery Charged
Against President Pro-Tern.
Albany , N. Y. , Feb. 10. Hiram G.
MOC-'H ordeal was not over when the
senate bribery Investigation was TV-
niH'd today. Moe Is the man who
says he carried $0,000 from Frank Con
ger , vice president of the American
Bridge company , and distributed It
among three legislative leaders here ,
Including Jotluun P. Allds , now presi
dent pro-tern of the senate , on Aprl'
23 , 1901.
Who Arc the Other Two ?
Mystery as to the Identity of the
other two legislators In n feature of
this Investigation which the senate IH
conducting as a committee of the
One of Allds" lawyers practically ad
mitted today that the cross-examina
tion of Moo was prolonged with the de
liberate purpose of holding him over
until today.
The purpose of this is clear ; until
Senator Conger , under compulsion ,
Hied bin bill of particulars when the
investigation opened Tuesday , the de
fense was not sure that Moc would tes
tify. Ho took the stand Tuesday after
noon and related his astounding story.
Little time was left in which to Investi
gate his record. Agents of Alld were
rushed to Groton , it is supposed , and
it was to await their reports that
Alld'B lawyers wished to keep Moe as
their witness until today.
Conger Claims a Hold-up.
The testimony of Senator Bon Con
ger , who was expected to take the
stand when Moe finished , probably will
be brief.
Conger and his friends hold that the
bridge interests were "held up" by cer
tain legislators and obliged to "de
liver. " Such a proceeding , they con
tend , is far different from deliberate
"corruption , " in which overtures come
fi-oin the .briber.
Much Bitterness Expected to Develop
in the Hearings.
Frankfort , Ky. , Feb. 10. The senate
committee chosen to investigate the ru
mor given voice here before the state
Anti-Saloon league by Senatpr Watklns
of Union county , "dry" leader of the
senate , that certain members of the
upper branch of the Kentucky assem
bly had been bribed by the liquor In
terests of the state , began work thin
The investigation is expected to pro
voke much bitterness and It is de
clared if Watklns fails to produce proof
sutllclont to substantiate the charges
alleged to have been made , his seat in
the senate will bo declared vacant.
Every newspaper man nt the cap
ital , together with members of the sen
ate and house of representatives and
a number of outsiders , have been sum
moned to appear before the commit
A Harvard Man Rise * to the Defense
of Corsets.
Cambridge , Mass. , Feb. 10. Dr. W.
Lovett qualified today for the chair of
corsetry at Harvard , where ho already
is engaged in the medical department.
Another learned professor at the seat
of diversified wisdom , Dr. Maynard
Ladd , delivered a dissertation on ba
bies , nurses , bottles and scientific feed
ing of infants , and handed out a few
thoughts for Dr. William T. Potter ,
also a Harvard wise man , on the lat-
ter's theory that time and money spent
on puny Infants had bettor be devoted
to saving strong ones.
The professor of corsetry said a
good corset will prevent or cure there
Is there a property owner who doesn't want Norfolk to grow ,
jiiul outside capital to regard this as a good place for investment ?
Is there a property owner who can expect outsiders to have
faith in Norfolk unless the people of Norfolk , themselves , who have
already invested here , have enough confidence in the city to add to
their investment by improving the city and their property with
paving ?
Davis , resigned ; Moonvllle , Stanley
county , George A. Staley , vice G. O.
Moen , resigned ; Mystic , Pcnnlngton
county , Gertrude Bale , vice J. McLel-
Ian , resigned ; Rutland , Lake county ,
John J. Gobar , vice H. W. Gage , re
Captain Sharp Succumbs at Early
Morning Hour to Illness.
Washington , Fob. 10. Captain Alex
ander Sharp , president of the navy
board and recently captain of the bat
tleship Virginia , died at the navy hos
pital In this city nt 3:45 : o'clock this
morning after about a month's Illness
from typhoid fever. He was born In
Whltehavcn , Mo. , In 1855 and entered
the navnl service as a midshipman In
fundamental deformities , bowed backs ,
Mat chest and bulging abdomen , and
will correct the weakness and poor
carriage due to the distorting pressure
of clothes.
Mexican Trainmen Won't Walk Out.
Mexico City , Fob. 10. There will
not be a walk-out of American engi
neers and conductors in the employ
of the national lines of Mexico , the
employes and the railways manage
ment having agreed upon terms of set
tlement of their differences. The peace
pact was signed at 2:30 : o'clock In the
office of K. N. Brown , president of the
company. Mr. Brown signed the doc
ument as the representative of the
railroad and committees of engineers
and conductors signed for the men.
The conductors and engineers are en
tirely satisfied with the peace terms ,
which include assurances that the pot-
Icy of the railroad as recently outlined
will be carried out *