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A Strange Youth About 21 Years Olc
Entered a Back Door of the Mer
chants National * Bank , Revolver li
EachvHand , and Ordered Hands Up
Louisville , Ky. . Nov. 11. .1. Onrr ;
Fawcott , cashier of the Merchants Na
tlonal hank In Now Albany. Ind. . win
shot and killed and pi evident .1. K
Woodward , of U'o same Institution
Boriously wounded by a man about 21
years old who entered the hank jus
before noon todnv and attempted t <
I old up the officials and their assist
The Bandit Captured.
The assailant tan to the Ohio rlvoi
nil started for the Kentucky side li
a skiff. The New Albany police wen
HOtltled and after a hot pursuit In t
motor boat , captured the lobber am
landed him In the New Albany jail.
Appropriates An Automobile.
The man came to New Albany In ai
automobile , the property of Mrs. Waiter
tor Scott , n resident of one of tin
est fashionable districts of Louts
tlllo , and the chauffeur. James R
Tucker , a negro , who was arrested
ado the announcement that the mai
who did the shooting took possessiot
of the automobile this morning It
front of Mrs. Escot's residence am
forced him , at the point of a revolver
to drive him to New Albany.
Orders Hands Up.
The man , who Is n stranger to thi
Now Albany and Louisville police , en
tered the bank by a rear door , a re
tolver In each hand. Ho gave tin
command :
"Hands up , everybody ! "
"Get Into the Vaultl"
"Get Into the vault. "
There was a rush for safety by thi
clerks and several persons who wen
transacting business in the bank.
President Speaks ; Is Shot.
President Woodward advanced to
ward the robber and attempted to tall
to him. The robber's response to Mi
Woodward's question as to what wa
wanted was two shots which strucl
the official In the arm and stomach In
Ilctlng dangerous wounds.
Kills Cashier. "
Cashier Favvcett then rushed for
ward , but before ho could reach thi
fallen president was shot in the necl
and breast dying a short time after
Walks Out Quietly.
The robber walked quietly out tin
front door , dropping one of his rcvol
fers just outside the building. Turn
tag the corner near which the autc
obllo stood ho jumped Into the rea
Beat with the command to the negrc
"Get out this as fast as you can. "
Shoots the Negro Chauffeur.
But the automobile stood still , thi
egro , thoroughly frightened at tin
course of events , refusing to move
The robber Jumped to the ground drev
a revolver and sent a bullet Into thi
icgro's back.
An Instant later the robber ran ti
i Ihe Ohio river where ho jumped Inti
a skiff. He had pulled out some dls
tance Into the stream before the as
toned citizens of the town know wha
bad happened.
Arrested On Island Peacefully.
Owners of river craft then engagei
rn a race for the desperado. The pc
lice , however , In a motor boat dls
tnnced all followers and In a shor
time had their man at bay on ai
The arrest was made without a flghi
The prisoner was taken on board th
kvunch and soon was In Now Albanj
Crowd Would Lynch Him.
Two hundred men wanted to tak
the prisoner. Cries of "Hang Him ,
Lynch him ; he killed Fawcett , " starl
ted the police , who were thus mad
aware of the fact of the prisoner'
crime. Captain Davis , of the New A
buny police , In charge of the captui
Ing squad , ordered the man to 11
down. The apparently prostrate forr
f the prisoner was carried from th
boat to the patrol wagon. The crowc
mowever , wanted to see the prlsone
Md surged around the wagon. Wit
kte foot on the captive's neck , Captal
Btrlo teed up in the wagon and at
i Hi UHltH
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours ,
Forecast for Nebraska
Condition of the wpiithoi UH lerord
ed fin tlit1 twenty-font IIMHI-H iMiilliip
at 8 n in. unlay
Maximum . 71
Minimum . -If
A v 01 ago . i . fn
llatometi'r . 2l.7 ! (
Rainfall . 2i
Chicago , Nov. II. The bulletin IH
mied by the Chicago station of tin
Uiilluil Statist wenthei Inn can gives
the lotociihl foi Nebraska as tolloww ;
I'aKly cloudy and colder tonlghi
and Friday.
dieted the pot sons who \\oio nolsll :
iloiiiandlng venguancc' .
Prisoner Pretends to Be Dead.
"Tho man Is ; wo saw him tale
some rolfon Jn t as wo nabhud him , '
siild the police olllcer.
, j The I'attoi ' wiuon drew away fron
* , threatening crowd.
° Ciowd Sunounds Jnll.
j. liihttnd of going to a moigno , i
\v o the New Albany jail , when
the fe Mci was loikcd In a cell , h
the Tp' ' Imu the ciowd disiovciot
It hnn * , , > n duped and the jail win
boon sifnoundcd by a mob of lapldl ;
glowing population. Onre mine tin
police adopted a move that piotmbl ;
Mived the pi l oner's llfo.
Taken to Penitentiary.
An autoa.obllo was sumiiioiiod b ;
telephone and thioimh a back dee
the captive was lushed Into the inn
chine and wlililed llnongh the btieet
of New Albany to tlie state leformr
toiy at .leflcinonvllle , live n.iles nwnj
and In twelve minutes the pilsono
was bate hchlnd the limi.ense oute
walls and piUon bais of that Instl
President's Intestines Perforated.
Api'iohciiblan U felt for the reco\
cry of All \Vuortwaid lie was takei
to a hospital while le undciwent ni
operation. His Intestines had bee :
Negro Probably Will Die.
'li.e ncgio ( hanileui has a dangei
ous wound In the bplne.
Mrs. Escott knew nothing of tin
tiagedy until called upon to toim
acioss the liver and identify her inn
thine. The lobber had no confedt
Texas Bank Robbed.
Waco , Tex. , Nov 11. The safe o
the Den Arnold state banic at Hei
Arnold , Milama county , was blovvi
early today by three men who tool
$ b,000. Citizens who heard the ex
plosion exchanged a dozen shots wltl
the burglars who made their escapi
in an automobile.
Young Man Enters Cafe and Level
1 Revolver at Clerk Gets $30.
I Omaha Nov. 11. Everett Wood
night clerk at the Climax restauranl
309 North Sixteenth street , was hel
up at 4:30 : this morning and $30 wa
taken from the cash register.
The clerk was alone In the restai
lant when n young man entered wh
nt once drew a revolver on Wood ain
then rifled the register.
Negro Is Said to Have Confessed Tha
He Killed Shopgirl.
Cairo , 111. , Nov. 11. Except for a
unconfirmed report that Sheriff Davi
has placed Will James , the negro sus
pected of killing Miss Annie Pelle
here on Monday night. In the jail a
Murphysboro , 111. , there was no new
here to Indicate that the sheriff 1m
emerged from the woods near Dor
gola , 111. , Into which ho plunged wit
his prisoner last night. The new
that a mob was waiting nt Anna , 111
for the train on which James had bee :
taken from Cairo , caused this mov
by the sheriff The mob here qulete
down last night after searching th
city and county jnlls.
Men who saw James spirited awa
fiom Cairo reported that ho confessei
i the murder of Miss Pelley while * o :
the train. They snid he declared whei
ho struck the girl , she dropped he
pockctbook and that ho did not ge
i St. Louis , Nov. 11. A dispatch fror
a staff correspondent of the Post-Dls
patch dated Anna , 111. , says that d (
spite an all night hunt , no trace ha
been found of Sheriff Davis of Calr
and his prisoner , Will James , by pai
ties of men who have been scourln
the hills of Union county , Illinois
Scouting parties of determined me
took up the hunt again at daybreaV
| Dongola , where the sheriff left th
train , Is eight miles from An.m , ,
long distance telephone message t
the Associated Press from Murphy *
bore , 111. , stated that Sheriff Davis c
Cairo had not arrived there as yol
but might do so later in the day.
Owns Biggest Creameries In Tei
States Controls Prices.
' Topeka. Kan. , isov. 11. According t
a letter received by the state board c
railroad commissioners from the fee
oral bureau of animal Industry , an
made public here , the Deatrlce Crean
cry company owns a controlling Intel
est in the larger creameries of te
states In the middle west and so cor
trols prices for butter fat that th
smaller creameries "dare not raise th
price above that paid by the large
concern for fear of being put out c
business. "
The Jury In the Case of Herbert Leroy
Brink Finds Him Guilty of Murder.
Six Others to Be Tried for the Same
Ilnsln , Wyo. , Nov. 11. "Guilty of
nun dor In the first degioo , " Is the ver
dict of the jury In the case of Herbert
1 croy Hi Ink , tried hero for the mur
der of tin eo sheepmen April 2.
The juiy got tin ! cafco at G p. in.
last night and returned Its verdict at
8. 15 this inoining.
Hi Ink was one of the seven Ton-
sleep raiders accused of the crime ,
and IB the lirst to bo tried for the
death ot the shcopmcn.
City Attorney Aims Blow at Clubs
Dispensing Liquor.
Lincoln , i\ov. 11. City Attorney
Flansbuig asked that the tempoiary
Injunction gianted Lincoln clubs per
mitting them to dispense liquor bo
( tih.sohi'd Those injunctions vveie so-
uiit'd pending the bettlemeiu of a test
HIM' Involving the light of clubs to
( lltpensc Iliiuoi without licenses , which
the Mipieme couit dismissed Tuesday.
The city iitioiney uiges that then ; Is
no basis foi l c injunctions. If bis
pica is gi anted Lincoln will be teally
"diy , " no liquoi now being sold or
ditpc'iiseUe.\cept ( in the clubs
Bandit Armed With Gun and Knife ,
Binds and Gags a Family.
Kewanee. III. , Nov. 11. A masked
bnndlt armed with revolvers and a
bowle knife held up and terrorized in
their home John Powers , n farmer liv
ing neat here , his wife , son , daughter
and two hiied men. After intimidating
them under threat of death from 6
n m to 2 p in. the robber tied the
men with ropes , forced the woman
and girl Into the kitchen where he
securely locked them and then com
pelled Fred Powers , the son , to drive
him to Tlskilwa , 111. , to cash a check
for $350 which he had made the farm
er sign
The farmer , after a struggle , suc
ceeded in freeing himself from the
bonds In wi.ich he had been strapped
bv the bandit and communicated by
telephone with neighbors who hasten
ed to slop payment of the check. The
bandit arrived at Tiskllvva at about
the same time as the message from
Power's friends reached the bank.
When he was refused the money the
robber forced the farmer's son to
drive him nvvav and when pursued by
farmers , some of them in automobiles ,
drove Into n marshv country and then
fled on foot through the woods where
all trace of him was lost.
Peary Shows Photographs.
New York , Nov. 11. Commander
Robert E. Peary showed for the first
time last night the seventv-flve photo
graphs be took during his dash to the
pole and which he will use In his
public lectures this winter. The pi"-
tures were shown to fifty men prom
inent In social and scientific circles
during a dinner In Peary's honor at
the metropolitan club. A lecture de
livered by Peary simultaneously with
the exposure of the pictures was In
the nature of a formal report by the
explorer at the Arctic club. Members
of the Peary Arctic club , which Com
mander Peary and the two members
of his expedition , Captain Robert A.
Bartlett and George A. Corup , occu
pied the positions of honor at the din
ner. The explorer's lecture began with
the departure of the Roosevelt from
New York city and ended with the
expedition step by step on its north
ward journey. The last picture shown
and which was received with prolong
ed applause , was of the polar waste
at the point at which Commander Pea
ry's Instruments showed was the
northern end of the earth's axis.
Cable Communication Cut Off for Five
Days Disaster Feared.
Halifax , N. S. , Nov. 11. Jamaica has
been cut off from the outside world
for nearly five days as the result of
a hurricane which began there Satur
day night. Owing to the unusual In
terruption. It Is feared here that great
damage has been done. Jamaica Is in
no condition to stand another disaster.
Upon the crops , which wore ripening ,
depended In a considerable measure
the future financial standing of the
Island , which was swept by a hurri
cane four years ago and' suffered a
serious earthquake and tire In 1907.
All efforts to restore the cable con
nections of the direct West India com
pany have failed. Tests made from
the Halifax office indicated that the
cable was In good condition , but that
the land lines from Dull Day , where
the cable lands , to Kingston , ten miles
away , wore down. This Interruption
so far has battled all attempts to get
into permanent communication with
Kingston. Canadian capitalists are
largely interested in Jamaican enter
i * ' * * C S > v.
* * * * *
fc ktJ V I tt
! % tMMtt ? < v.3.K * < lf * ' , * *
X * * " * s
* ? -v , i
T U < X * ' < ' * ' * J
% jHv % ? % v
* '
3i > x * S-atesfcjSai -
' ' s ra'A ? ! * * *
These snapshots give some Idea of the vast crmviU that attended tinI'ortola U-Mival in San Francisco , which
coh'biaied iln- discovery of tin ? ( Jolden Gate and the rchiihlllliitlnii of the city following the earthquake and lire.
Tlie upper picture shows a company of Spanish war vcU'rans'VaiT.vIng ' a huge ling In the parade. It wua the
largest | | n ever made In this country and when spread out completely tilled the street. The lower picture la a
flimpshot of tlie military and civic pageant passing along Van Ness avenue , which marked the boundary line of the
dlsasirmi-j lire
When the Progress of Yesterday's Pro
ceedings In the Trial Became Known ,
Paris Became Sure Real Mystery is
Being Withheld by Judge.
Paris , Nov. 11. The state at 2
o'clock this afternoon rested Its case
against Mme. Steinhetl , accused of
the murder of her husband , Adolphe
Stelnhell , and her step-mother , Mine.
Japy , and the defense at once began
the examination of its witnesses.
The popular opinion Is that the pros
ecution has not made out a case
against the prisoner and that she will
bo acquitted by the jury.
Paris , Nov. U. When the trial of
Mme. Stelnhell was resumed today ,
twenty witnesses remained to bo
When the progress of yesterday dur
ing which little real evidence against
the accused was develoyed , became
known to the public , the popular Im
pression that the real mystery was beIng - ,
Ing burled under an extracable mass
of pervarication was strengthened.
Today the concensus of opinion In
Paris Is that the court has failed to
develop any material evidence against
Mme. Stelnhell and that the jury must
acquit her of the charge of having
murdered her husband and step-
She Appears Exhausted.
The accused woman appeared quite
exhausted physically as she took her
place In the court room today. She
listened listlessly to the testimony of
an uncle and of an expert accountant
who had been called to testify as to
the probable amount of money in the
Stelnholl homo the night of the mur
ders. This has been a disputed point ,
the state allowing that the painter's
family were In strained circumstances
and not likely to have in their house
sufficient cash to attract criminals
whoso real motive was robbery.
Mmo. Stelnhell on last Friday swore
that $1,500 had bcon taken by the
murderers. Today her uncle and the
accountant testified that an examina
tion of the books kept by the family
showed that there might been some
thing over $900 In the house on the
night of the tragedy.
"I am becoming angry. Don't ex
asperate mo any longer. I am de
fending myself cautiously because , un
fortunately , I am obliged to ; but if
you drive mo to it , I will cease to be
discreet. Understand ? "
These words were hissed out In an
undertone at Justice do Vallos by the
defendant , giving a glimpse of her
trump card.
There are grave possibilities of a
scandal and disgrace among some
high French oftieinls , ho ld mndame
choose to reveal her "back door his
tory , " and her attempt to rule Franco
through her lovers
Evidently Justice de Vaiies under
stood her remarks as he at once chang
ed his line of questioning. The spec
tators believe that this Is the key to
the remarkable manner in which the
tiial has been conducted. The prose
cution seems bent on making as
much show as possible without bring-
Inc out ninnv fnots in the case
The Northwestern's Extension From
Dallas Will Go Straight Across Tripp
County and End-About Where Trlpp ,
Todd and Mellette Meet.
Pierre. S. D. , Nov. 11. The Chicago
and Northwestern railway yesterday
filed with the secietary of state n resolution
elution of extension of Its Dallas line
thirty-eight miles In n westerly direc
tion clear across Trlpp county , making
Its new terminus on section 23 , town
ship 99 , range 79.
This Is practically at the point
'where the line between the now coun
ties of Mellette and Todd touch the
Trlpp county line.
Mellette and Todd counties are what
formerly was Meyer county , Mellette
being the north half and Todd the
south half.
Take Majority of Prizes In Final Day
of Kansas City Shoot.
Kansas City , Mo. , Nov. 11. Another
high wind marred the second and
final day of the Missouri and Kansas
league shoot here. For the two days
William Crosby of O'Fallon , 111. , was
high professional , with a score of 37G
out of n possible 400 ; Edward O'Brien
of Florence , Kan. , second , 3G5 ; George
Maxwell of Hastings , Neb. , third , 3G3 ,
and Henry Dordcn of St. Louis , fourth ,
William Veach of Falls City , Neb. ,
carried off the high mark among the
amateurs with a score of 373 ; Wool-
folk Endorson of Lexington , Ky. , second
end , 371 ; Harvey Dlxon , Joplln , Mo , ,
third , 358 ; and Fremont Huston of
Perry , Okla. , and Richard Llnderrnan
of Lincoln , Neb. , tied for fourth , at
The Elliot Inter-state team pigeon
cup was won by iho Nebraska team
against the Kansas City team , hold
ers of the trophy , by a score of 88 to
86 out of a possible 100.
The Boy Had Been an Inmate at th
State Institute for Feeble Mlndei
at Beatrice Superintendent Pu
Him On Train Not Seen Since.
O'Neill. Neb. . Nov. 11. Special t
The News : Where is Sidney Sanford
a boy 15 years old. who started fron
the institute for the feeble minded a
Beatrice for his home at Page , thi
county. June 21-last , Is the questloi
that Is troubling the boy's mothei
Mrs. Newberry. The lad was take :
to the Institute two years ago las
June. Mrs. Newberry wrote the si :
perintendent. G. L. Roe , to allow th
boy to come home for a visit , sendini
the money for the car fare. She say
she expected someone to come wit ]
him , as she feared he could not mak
the trlii alone. The boy started fron
Montrice , but has not been heard o
Only a short time ago was the cas
'irought ' to the attention of the authoi
ties of this county. Sheriff Hall nov
trying to locate the boy.
Superintendent Roe writes to Shei
Iff Hall that the boy started for hi
home at Page Juno 21 without an al
tendnnt. EIo disclaims responslblllt ;
for the boy starting out alone ani
says he had an order from the count ;
court for the boy to come. The cour
ty judge says he Issued no such ordei
At any rate , the boy Is lost. H
did not arrive at home and Mrs. New
berry has been worrying and troul
ling all summer over his dlsappcai
ance. Superintendent Roe claims tha
the boy got on the train at Ueatrlcc
He would have had to change cars a
Fremont , and It Is believed that I
where he got lost , probably wandoi
Ing away Into the country , and hope
.ire entertained that he may bo local
ed somewhere In that vicinity.
American Agents of Expedition De
clare no Truth In Rumors.
Nnkuru , Naivasha Province , Drills !
East Africa , Nov. 11. The suppl ;
agents for the American expedition a
Nairobi state that there Is absolute !
no truth In the rumor recently cli
culated that Colonel Roosevelt was 111
All of the members of ino party ar
now on Guas Inglshu plateau and well
the agents say.
Wife to Meet Him Next Spring.
Naples , Nov. 11. Mrs. Thcodor
Roosevelt and her daughter , Ethel , me
tared today to the village of Saint AC
nello , near Sorrento , where the
vMted the home of the late F. Marloi
Crawford. Mrs. Roosevelt said tha
she would return hero In the sprln
to meet Colonel Roosevelt.
Victim Was Son of A. L. Davis , a
Pioneer Citizen of Madison Drothcr
of Mrs. A. E. Koechig Remain *
Will Be Brought to Madison.
Madison , Nob. , Nov. II. Special to
The News : Engineer A. V. Davis of
Sapnlpa , Olcla. , who mot death by Iho
ovei turning of his locomotive on the
Frisco railroad between Chandler anil
Daggett. Okhi. , Tuesday , an account of
which was given by the Anm > rliiteJ
Press , WUH an old Madison boy , the
son of ono of Madison's highly ro-
HI octet ! pioneer settlers , A. \ , . Davit * .
A. M Koechlg of this city received n
telegram from his biothor-ln-lavv , 0. B.
Davis , stating that his brother wan
killed as above stated. Another telegram -
gram was lecolved by Mr. Koechig
stating that the remains would bo
brought to Madison for Interment by
the side of his mother and brother ,
The deceased is a brother of Mr .
A. 13. Koochlg. Me leaves a wife ami
thiee childien , besides a father , broth
er and three sisters. It IH llkoly thu
funeral exorcises will occur Friday
Northwestern Freight Engine Starta
Blaze Runs Mile and Half.
Nellgh. Neb. . Nov. 11. Special to
The News : The Northwestern en
gine of the second section of train No.
1 ! ) going west , started a lire on the
afternoon that
right-of-way yesterday
desttoycd hay and corn In the llcldn.
The lire traveled for over a mlle be
fore being put out.
Fred Jalicko , who lives two and one-
half miles east of this city , probably
sustained thu greatest loss. About
1 fourteen tons of timothy hay was destroyed -
' stroyed and about ten acres of corn
in the field. The lire also burned over
one-quarter mile of meadow for Mr.
Andrew Rice , who Is a neighbor ,
had ten tons of timothy hay destroyed
and about seven acres of corn. Hail
It not boon for the timely arrival of
number of men from Neligh , the IOSB
on buildings' would have been very
large. The entire neighborhood turn
ed out to light the fire , and it was not
subdued until about 5 o'clock in the
It Is estimated that-the loss on hay
will be about $125 , and on corn , $359.
Claim for damages will be presented
to the Northwestern company today.
City Council Lets Contract for Survey
and Estimate.
Madison , Nov. 11. Special to The
News : The city council awarded con
tract to a Kansas City firm to begin
survey and submit plan and estimate
for a sewer system. The survey starts
Business Change at Alnsworth.
AInsworth , Neb. , Nov. 11. Special
to The News : Fred W. Slsson , dealer
In hardware , lumber and coal , has sold
his hardware business to Hiram and
Ernest House. The firm name will bo
H. House & Son. Possession has been
given. '
Neff McAndrew caught a fine white
owl on his place southwest of town
yesterday afternoon.
Madison , Neb. , Nov. 11. Special to
The News : Miss Edith Richardson ,
daughter of Mark Richardson "of this
city , was married today to P. Strans-
baugh of Omaha , Rev. Mr. Houlgnte ,
pastor of the Methodist Episcopal
church , officiating. Miss Richardson
Is one of Madison county's popular
teachers , who has grown Into beauti-
: ul and accomplished young woman
hood her * Mr. Stranp nugh Is a wel ) .
to-do drugglfat , possessing a llourishliff
ouslness on Vlnton street , In Omaha.
Taft Speaks to Churchmen.
Washington , Nov. 11. The conven
tion of the laymen's missionary move
ment organized and supported by the
men of practically all the churches of
Washington , opened In this city this
morning with President Taft the prin
cipal speaker. The movement is a
national one , and Glfford Plnchot ,
chief of the forest survey , who is
chairman of the general committee ot
the movement , presided , Introduced
the president following Mr. Taft , and
an address was delivered by Robert
E. Speer , secretary of the board of
foreign missionaries of the Presbyte
rian church of the United States. Tho-
session will extend over Sunday.
Famous Trotter , Taken South for the
Winter , Succumbs.
Thomasvlllo , Ga. , Nov. 11. Though
brought south to escape the rigors of
a northern winter , Hamburg Dello , the
famous trotter , died at the stock farm
of nor owner near this place of pneu
monia. The mare had just been do-
llVered at the farm after the trip , hat
ing reached this place yesterday.
The animal was bought by Mel Ilan-
na of Cleveland , O. , a few months ago-
for $50,000 ,