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Meadow Grove Man Was No. 3.
KniiHiiH City , Mo. , Sept. 27. Special
tto Tlio No\v : Edmond Orlng , u Lnt-
tar Day Saint who formerly llvod nt
JHenclow Grove , Neb. , near Norfolk ,
waa loved by Mrn. Grace Kvolyn Kit-
- Chap
man more than any of the otlior of
tfiu five husbands whom she married
and abandoned without getting a sin-
K\Q \ divorce.
This In what she told the proBocut-
Iriff attorney. It U H.ild hero that Orlng
fca umrrled another womun since.
JIB Hhu Hat In the office of Edwin
Curt I n , assistant prosecuting attorney ,
JUra. Cliapman her Intent name
worn a broad smile as she boastlngly
rotated how many men she huld mar
ried and "ditched , " as she said.
"I had enough of them when I quit
them , " who told Mr. Curtln. "That Is
mil I want to know about them.
"J'redorlck Chapman , my moat re-
teanl husband , IB the cause of all this
trouble , " Hho mild , looking scornfully
: art Inmband No. 6. as ho stood near
Hooking at her In an Indifferent way.
" "Wo wore married here in Kansas City
JBcptomber 1 , just three weeks ago ,
uiftur he had been begging mo for
xnopths to marry him. Ho gave mo
drinks and while I was In that fix
Ihe married me. I didn't know any-
il&IiiK about It until he showed mo the
unarrlago cortlDcalo.
"Hut It didn't matter. I'd married
mthor men. 1 was raised on a farm
Sin Cuss county , Missouri , and have
IIIvoil on farms In Oass , Hates and Jack
son counties. When I was IB years
cald I inado up my mind I wanted a
Ihomo of my own. Frank nittcr came i
courting and I married him right on
She spot. That was In Paola , Kan. ,
tfen years ago. I lived with him a year.
That was aU I could stand. Yes , I left
Jhlm without notice.
"It wasn't long before I decided I
"wanted to woJ again. To wait to ob
tain u divorce was too oxponslvo and
tlroublosome. James Chancy of Uutler ,
'Mo. , foil in love with mo and wo were
married in 1002. I lived with him
Just one day.
"Cliunoy told me he was a well man
Olio morning I married him , but ho
wasn't , " she continued. "I left him
Hiocaiiso I am not going to be nursing |
atny invalids in this world. I wanted
t\ borne and not an invalid.
But Orlng Left Her.
' "Two months afterward 1 cnmo to
iKansas City and met Edmond Orlng. |
Ht was love at first sight. I told him j
inothlng about former romances , and I
ilovod him , so that I neglected this mat- | I
He r of obtaining divorces from the oth-
tcrs. I lived with Orlng two years
-and loved him better every day. Hut
lane day he told me he had done some-
ithlng wrong and must leave me. Ho
did , and I haven't seen him since.
"Things dldn t matter much after
HlmL In a few months I was engaged
Jto be married to Martin Wheeler , a
.Jasper county farmer boy. He was
awfully good at love making and 1
; | usf couldn't resist him.Ve wore.
amurl. d In too : ! I think but don't
ask ino the dates. There are too
nnany dates and I get them mixed. ,
"AVcll. 1 lived with Wheeler Just six
unonths. That was enough of him , ,
sand I left him , tolling him never to dis-
Uurl ) mo again. And he hasn't , either.
LVcIlher have any of the others except
Chapman. ,
" 1 was getting awfully tired of mar/ >
ffled llfo by this time , " she went 0(1 ( ,
"and I decided never to get marrieu
again. In fact , I decided after I left
saiy first husband that I never would
; got married again , and each time 1
Heft a Jimn 1 declared it would be my
Hast time. Hut 1 just felt Unit in ( lie
world fiomewherc was a man who was
tioiiiu good and who would provide a
35001 ! homo for me , so after a few
weeks , or months of single life or
widowhood grass widow , if you want
4o call it that I just decided to try
again , and I just kepi trying. Hut as >
certain ns 1 am silting heie it Is my
Base tune to get married. "
Afti-r she had left Wlu-elor she met
M.V. . I' llout in Kansas City. She just
lluiew that HOD' , was the man she had
Ibeen looking for all the long years
and . .in.- engaged herself to him , she
aaid. She married him in I'.miJ ' and
Hived with him just two days. She
aaid that Mr. llout didn't kick a bit
win H . .lie left him.
"Mono of my husbands kicked when
II left them except this man Chapman , " ,
aho said. j j
"No. J shall not send out Invitations
Co n.y difleu-nt husbands to attend a
; sraml reunion. 1 am glad enough to
iget rid of thorn and I expect they feel
ithe .sumo way about it. Chapman is I
iliu only man who has balked on mu. " I '
Thought She was a Country Rosebud. ; ,
Mr. Chapman said he met Grace ,
Evil ii Kilter three months ago and
foil desperately In love ' "lib her. I i
" 1 didn't get suspicious until a week i
ago , t'hapman said In the county I
prosecutor's office. "Sho told me lit ;
tle of her past life. A relative of hers
told mi' she had been mairled before.
She denied It. Then I searched her
Crunk. There I found four different
laiarriago certlilcute.s. When I married - j j
ried her I tbougat she was an Innocent
country girl , unacquainted with the
wnys of the world. I thonght I was
jplncTting a real , pure country rosebud ,
ttiut instead she has been a grass
\vidow flvo times and now Is In the
lxth row. It Is too much. I Investi
gated further and found she had never
tocon divorced from any of her hus
bands. She says she hasn't herself. I
ttoUl the officers about It then. "
"airs. Chapman was arraigned before
Justice Shoemaker. She pleaded not
K\iilty and was sent to jail In default
of 51.500 bond. Her hearing was setTer
Tor September 30.
Meadow Grove , Nob. , Sept. 27.
Special to The News : Oilng former
ly lived hero , ills brother Is a Latter
Day Saint preacher. Orlng Is said to
have moved west. Ho left hero about
two years ago.
Government Commission Starts Work
On Redskin Problem.
Washington , Sept. 27. Declaring
that the Omaha Indian problem In Ne
braska has reached Its critical period ,
i when the action has to bo transferred
i from a dependent ward of the government -
[ mont to an independent citizen of the
state , olllclals of the bureau of Indian
affairs announced that stops would betaken
taken Immediately to place all the
competent Omahas in complete pos
session of their lands and money to
I which they are entitled. To place all
the non-competent Omahas In such a
condition , It Is declared , would leave
Nebraska with an Indian pauper prob
lem on Its hands and would simply
transfer the whole Indian problem
from the nation to the state.
A commission had. been approved
by Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Valentino to make an investigation
Into the questions Involved. This com
mission began its work today. This
action Is In conformity with the rec
ommendation of Secretary of the In
terior Ualllnger , approved by Presi
dent Taft recently.
Calling attention to the many difll-
cultles which will confront the com
mittee of the division growing out of
the bad practices against the Indians ,
the olllclals state that they believe
that the earnest co-operation of the
i local and state authorities will result
! in improving conditions. The working
| out of the problem In Nebraska will
very likely form a basis for the solu-
tion of similar problems In other
Greflory County Corn Is Best.
Boncsteel , S. D. , Sept. 27. Special
to The News : The Gregory county j
fair has closed. The fair was well atj' 1
tended nnd on Thursday one of the
largest crowds attended the fair that ,
over passed the gates. The agricultural -
tural and fruit exhibits were largo and
the Individual exhibits were some of
the best that was ever seen In the
county. The corn exhibit was consldI
ored the best held In the state of South
Dakota this year. One of the expert
Judges of the' state fair was present
and judged the corn and stock. lie
was frank nnd admitted that the corn
exhibit nt the Gregory county fair was
far better than any corn exhibited at
the state fair of this year at Huron ,
S. D. The stock exhibit on Shorthorn
cattle surprised the majority of the
old time stockmen In this part of the
state. They unanimously pronounced
It the best they over attended.
The ball games between Gregory and
Dallas , umpired by Amanda E. Clements -
ents of Hudson , S. D. , the lady umpire ,
were good exhibitions of the national
game and resulted in a victory for
Gregory , two out of the three games.
Sisters Marry Brothers.
The double wedding of the Powell
sisters i and the Wllloughby brothers
that was held on the grounds on
Thursday ' was an entertaining feature
of ' attraction , likewise the Nevltt-
Sukles ' wedding , with a ring ceremony ,
held on Friday afternoon from the
judge's : stand , was a novel affair.
The baby show created considerable
excitement ' , for there were over twen
ty-live ' Gregory county mothers pres
ent ' with their babies. The first prize
for tlie prettiest baby boy under one
year of age was awarded to Edmund
Donohue , and the first prize for the
prettiest b'aby girl under one year of
; age was awarded to Dorothy liar-
The asbociation considers the fair a
complete success. !
_ _ _
Dave George , Former Mall Carrier ,
Shoots Johnson's Eye Out.
His right eye shot out and other por1
tlons of a shotgun charge lodged in
his head , a man named Johnson who
was muiderously fired upon In a Valentino -
entino resort by Dave George , a for
mer mall carrier there , passed through
Norfolk on the morning train onrouto
to Omaha for surgical attention.
George , the man who did the shooting ,
escaped and Is still at larpo. Johnson
thinks George has fled to the Rosebud
reservation. Officers are attempting
to find him.
Johnson , who is said to bo a gam-
bier and who formerly lived at Crcigh- ] I i
ton , seemed to be suffering intense
pain from his wounds. One shot
pierced his eyelid and punctured the 1
eyeball , destroying the sight. |
George Is a married man , his wife .
being a quarter-breed SInux Indian.
He was drinking at the bar of the re
sort when Johnson stepped up and the
barmaid handed a drink to Johnson ,
declaring that George was buying the
drinks. This enraged George , who
gave Johnson a tongue-lashing. Later
Johnson went to Valentino , secured a
shotgun and two shells , returned to
the place and Just as Johnson came
out "of the door , fired upon him. A
woman was also struck by a quantity
of shot. Johnson fled and George fired
another shot through the windows.
George told the marshal that ho
would bo on hand for his preliminary
hearing , but ho fled.
About 100 Old Men Return to Work-
Union to Act on Proposition.
Omaha , Sept. 27. While the propo
sition of the street car company to Its
striking employes , which was made
public last night , had not been con
sidered by the union it Is said that
nearly a hundred of the old men re
ported for work this morning and
were put on their old runs. This Is
about L'O per cent of the total number
on strike. The proposition Is to betaken
taken up at a meeting of the union
At a late hour last night as the re
sult of a meeting between the mayors
of Omaha and suburbs and the officers
of the street car company , a proposi
tion was made public In which the
company gives 90 per cent of ita old
employes until noon Tuesday nn op
portunity to return to their positions ;
concedes an Increase in wages if ac
cepted immediately and -will readjust
schedules as far as possible.
The old men arc to bo given se
niority over the present employes and
all new men are to bo employed as
non-unionists only. The proposition
goes before strikers us n body today.
Strikers declined to make a state
ment last night.
Macjdanz Has Narrow Escape.
Pierce , Nob. , . Sept. 27. Special to
The News : To bo caught in a thresh
ing machine belt and whirled three or
four times around a shaft without be
ing killed outright , was the remark
able experience of H. K. Magdanz , a
prominent Pierce county farmer. Mag
danz was picked up unconscious and
was believed to be dead , but ho was
revived and Is recovering. Ho sus
tained only a few gashes and bruises
about the face.
Mr. Mazdanz' left arm and s'houldor
were caught by the flying belt and he
was drawn up to the cylinder. Three
or four times ho was whirled around
and then dropped to the ground , un
Notice to Property Owners In Sewer
Districts 13 , 14 and 15.
Notice is hereby given that there
will be a special meeting of the mayor
and council held nt the council cham
ber I In the city hull October 4 , 1909 ,
at 7-15 : p. m. , for the purpose of sit
ting t as a board of equalization to levy
assessments against the property ben-
ellted In sewer districts 13 , 14 and 1C.
j' district ' No. 13 comprising the follow-
ing ' described property , to-wit : the
south half of blocks 4 , G and C of the
original town of Norfolk , the north
half ' of blocks 1 , 2 and 3 of Mathew-
son's addition , all of Dear's school lots ,
the * south half of blocks 1 , 2 and 3 of
Koenlgsteln's I addition , lots 1 to G in
clusive of Pilger's addition , all of Bur
rows' and Egbert's additions , all that
part of the southwest quarter of the
southeast quarter of section 22 , town
ship 24 , range 1 lying between the ex
treme southwest corner of block 2 ,
Hoar's addition to Norfolk , and Sev
enth street along the north side of
Norfolk avenue ; district No. 14 com
prising 1 the following property , to-wit :
the east CO feet of P. Verges' unplatted
3.3 acres , the east half of block 1 , Ded-
erman's addition , the west half of
block 2 , Dedennan's addition , lots 1 ,
2 ! , 3 and 4 , blocks 15 and 16 , block 2 ,
ICoenlgsteln's . Second addition ; dis
trict . No. 15 comprising the following
described property , to-wlt : lots 1 ,
2 , , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 of R. G. Fleming's sub
division lots , 1 , 2 and 3 of C. S. Hayes'
choice lots , lots 1 and 22 of Ward's
suburban lots.
Any property owner may appear and
show cause why such levy should not
be made.
Ed. Harter , City Clerk.
Medical t Men of Four North Nebraska
Counties Assemble.
Emerson , Neb. , Sept. 27. Physi
cians of Dixon , Dakota , Cedar and
Thurston counties met here today. Of
ficers 1 are : W. H. Elliott , president ;
13. I F. 1C vans , vice president ; J. A. Ma-
rondo , secretary and treasurer ; J. U.
Graham , censor ; A. E. Engzelius , cen
Following was the program :
"The Diagnosis of Valvular Heart
Lesions" I C. C. Sackott , Laurel , Neb.
Discussion T. P. Dorcey , Hartlng-
ton ; , Neb. ; A. E. Cook , Randolph , Neb. ;
F. J. Murphy , Sioux City , la.
"Arteriosclerosis" J. M. O'Connell ,
Ponca j , Neb.
Discussion J. 13. Leahy , Jackson ,
Neb. 1 ; A. D. Dunn , Omaha , Neb. ; R. C.
McDonald : , Fremont , Neb.
"Chronic Interstitial Nephritis' ' ! .
II. I Robbins , Sioux City , la.
Discussion C. II. Maxwell , Dakota
City. ( Neb. ; M. Groto , Ponca , Neb.
"Physiology of the Blood" E. W.
Mels : , Sioux City , la.
Discussion C. T. Ingham , Coleridge ,
Nob. : ; W. II. Elliott , Newcastle , Neb. ;
Morris : Nielsen , Sioux City , la.
"R-lood Pressure and Its Signifi
cance" A. D. Dunn , Omaha , Neb.
An Increase In the Water Bonds of
$14,500 Carried at Special Election.
Gregory County News : A special
election for the issuance of $14.500 ad-
dltlonal water bonds was held Tuesday
In this city. There was a light vote on
the proposition for the reason that all
were favorable to the proposition , so
to . speak. Especially those who over
have the constant welfare of Dallas
uppermost In their minds. There were
ninety-five votes cast , eighteen of
which wore cast against the proposi
tion | and all of those In one ward. This
will moan Immediate extensive Im
provements on our water plant , the j
extension of mains to all parts of the (
city , the erection of a tower and tank
and Improved machinery to care for
the increasing demand on a plant now
so severely taxed. Previous to the
voting of bonds a now well was sunk
which has an abundance of good , pure
water. The council now has matters
In hand to push the work of improve
ment with all possible speed.
Total Bank Deposits In That County
Over Million and Half.
Total deposits In Gregory county
banks amount to $1,510,255.89 , accord
ing to the Gregory Advocate , which
gives the following figures :
Name. Cash. Deposits.
1st Nat , Fairfax. ? 40,721.37 ? 142G09.1G
Gregory Co. I3'k. 25,089.00 114.360.05
Security St. B'k. 37.901.55 79,460.00 )
Bonesteel SLB'k. 23,378.74 33,878.48 !
Citizens bank. . . 17,405.03 4GG23.7fi
Ct. Clms. St. B'k. 8,025.62 12,900.85
Bank of Herrick 20,719.53 60,120.14
Farmers St. B'k.
Hcrrick 11,580.69 45,215.55
nurko St. Bank. 18,953.84 74,909.53
Gor-Amer. Burke 20,482.53 50,274.51
Gregory Natlon'l 136,414.19 282.187.19
1st Natl Gregory 57,988.53 156,576.62
Dank of Dallas. 85,667.43 161.925.52i
M.&F.B'k Dallas 47,798.67 111,338.60
Dallas' St. bank. 30,721.80 , 62,813.98
Lucas St. bank. 2,241.52 , 6,491.87
Peoples bank ,
Dlxon 18,898.47 34,448.28
Bank of Carlock G.651.49 24,324.70
Total State Assessment This Year
Will Reach $320,087,358.
Pierre , S. D. , Sept. 25. The total
assessed valuation of all property in
the state for tills year , as shown by
the forthcoming report of the state
auditor , will bo $320,087,358 , , nn in
crease of n little over $36,000,000 over
the assessment of last year. Of this
increase , about $2,500,000 has been
placed against corporate property and
the balance against real estate and
personal property. The corporate
property valuation this year is over
$32,000,000 and that of farm lands
alone is $199,199.077. While the state
shows up well in the way of farm
property , the assessors could find but
$52,000 worth of watches , diamonds
and jewelry , or about a dollar In that
line for each resident of the state , and
while the banks show Individual de
posits of nearly $6,000,000 , the as
sessable amount of money is less than
$1,000,000. The matter of household
goods does not make any great show
ing , with only a little over a million
dollars In the whole state , while the
pianos come up to very near the mil
lion dollar mark , but , with the organs
added , the musical instruments in the
state just about equal the household
furniture in valuation. The banks are
assessed at $3,369,617 , while there Is
but about four thousand dollars of the
capital stock of Insurance companies
held In the state , If the llgures of the
assessor are to be considered as cor
rect. The horses of the state are
valued at about fifteen million dollars ,
while the cattle come In at a little
less , about twelve million dollars , with
sheep at a little less than a million ,
and swine at just a little over that
Bitten By Rattler.
Rock County Leader ; Last Sunday ,
while the family were plummlng near
Cams the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Grammer , residing on the
old Jake Thompson place , near Cams ,
was bitten on the heel by a rattle
snake. The child was taken to Frank
Oamck's , and Dr. Root called , who ad
ministered the necessary antidotes.
The child recovered rapidly from the
effects of the poison and is now as well
as ever.
Excursion Rates.
Ak-Sar-Ben Fall Festival Omaha , Neb.
via The North-Western Line.
Tickets on sale'daily October 4 to
8 ; return limit October 11. Witness
the grand carnival and parade. Great
military demonstration , all branches
of the service participating. Larger
and hotter than ever before. Don't
fall to attend. For full particulars ap
ply to any ticket agent of The North
western Line.
D. B. Duffy is now ofllcing in the
Macy building.
Harry Rlx has accepted a position
with Hoffman & Viele.
The new hose for the fire department -
ment will be tested today.
G. F. Bllger returned from Sioux
City , where he spent a week at the
Street Commissioner Uecher has
sent to Aurora , 111. , for new repairs
for the grader.
The Western Union telegraph office
has been moved to the upstairs of tlio
Rudat building.
L. P. Pasewalk began a two weeks'
vacation today. He has not yet decid
ed where he will spend the fortnight.
Dr. C. J. Verges received a telegram
from Rocky Ford , Colo. , announcing
the birth of a son to his sister , Mrs.
H. E. Nitkowski.
Edward Brown , a traveling sales
man , has rented the Rico house on
South Tenth street and will make Nor
folk his permanent home. Mrs. Brown
will bo hero shortly.
Photographs were taken Sunday of
the Norfolk fire department , Including
tLo chief's buggy and the hose and
ladder wagons. One group of the
three was taken while on the run.
George B. Christoph sprained his
right ankle yesterday while playing
golf at the Country club. This mornIng -
Ing , while In his store , he slipped nnd
added more pain to the Injured ankle.
Contractor Woerth of Howells Is in
the city today and has already staked
out the grounds for the now library
building on Eighth street and Norfolk
avenue. Excavation is expected to
start immediately.
George Crooks of Pierce was In the
city Saturday with his 5-year-old son.
who had an abscess of the eye operat
ed on. The little boy stood the opera
tion well and returned homo with his
father that evening.
Word has been received from A. O.
Hazen , who has been spending his
vacation at Los Angeles. Mr. Ilnzon ,
who Is accompanied by his wife and
children , writes that he Is on his way
to Boise , Ida. , whence he will return
Work of laying the Main street sewer
er has been stopped by City Engineer
Brown , who claims the tiling is of an
Inferior quality to that which the con
tract calls for. The tiling , whlcli
should have a fine smooth surface , is
filled with lime and Is very rough.
The council mot at Mayor Friday's
store to decide what portion of the tiling -
ing can bo used.
Mr. and Mrs , Quirk and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wicdoman and
family came to Norfolk from Burke ,
S. D. , Saturday evening to visit their
parents , Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wlcdc-
man and other relatives , but their keen
disappointment they found that Mr.
and Mrs. Wlodoman had gone to Oma
ha , whore Mrs. WIedoman underwent
a surgical operation at St. Joseph hos
While romping with a number of
boy friends near his homo at 6 o'clock
last evening Carl Randklev
, 13-yenr-old
son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Randklov , fell
backwards and broke his arm near
the wrist. The boys had been rough
ing it a trifle when Carl suddenly ran
backwards , throwing his hand behind
him. When ho hit the ground the
bone cracked. A surgeon was called
and today the lad is reported doing
About 150 people went to Iloskins
Sunday to attend the nilsslonfest there
which was hold by the Lutheran
church. Rev. Mr. Dorembo of Stanton
delivered the jubilee sermon and Rev ,
Mr. Witte preached In the afternoon.
Singing by the congregation was n
feature of the entertainment. Ladles
of the church served dinner and sup
per. ' Among the ministers who took
part In the services were Rev. Mr.
Brier of Hadar , Rev. Mr. Spooring of
Melville and Rev. Mr. Preuss of Win-
side. About $150 was cleared for the
John King returned from Pierce.
Bun Dlxon was at Creighton Sun
E. P. Weatherby returned from Fre
D. Mathewson has returned from
C. W. McMasters is In Omaha tran
sacting business.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schilling went
to Hoskins Sunday.
August and Fritz Hollerman were
visitors at Ilosklns.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lehman were
at Ilosklns over Sunday.
Frank Henderson returned from a
fishing trip nt NIobrara.
J. B. Maylard and C. B. Durland
went to Pierce county on business.
Miss Emma Schorreggo and Miss
Helen Marquardt were Sunday visit
ors at Tilden.
William Ehenkemp of Creighton
was a Sunday visitor with the A. W.
Flnkhouse family.
Edward Pfcil of Ilosk'ins was In the
city consulting a physician. Mr. Pfell
Js suffering from stqmach trouble.
Mrs. William Strain of Niobraraand
Mrs. M. C. Darnell of Creighton were
visiting with the J. C. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Sharpless of Fer
gus Falls , Minn. , are expected in the
city to visit with their daughter , Mrs.
Jack Koonigsteln.
J. C. Osborne of Battle Creek was
in i the city visiting with friends. Mr.
Osborne ( was on bis way to Cherry ]
county to round up his cattle.
An automobile trip were enjoyed
by a number of young ladles of Stanton - ' I
ton who stopped in Norfolk for a '
short time Sunday evening. A'mong
the party were Misses Pauline Fech-
ner , Martha Wonner , Francis Baker j' ,
and Irene Feyerham. I |
Mrs. Bert Taylor and son Floyd nr-i
rived home from Omaha last even
ing , where they had boon on busi
Fireman Brick , who has been run
ning out of Dallas , has returned to
Norfohk and will run out of here.
C. R. Kampman went to Trlpp
county to assist his brother Philip
in ' putting in a wen.
Thomas Storai of Verdlgre was in
the Junction yesterday on his way to
Mr. Shaw arrived home from Iowa
last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Hedrlcks nnd
don arrived homo from Omaha last
evening whore they had been on
Otto Rankln went to O'Neill last
evening to testify in a coroner's In
quest hold there.
Miss Geneva Moollck returned to
her school In Pierce yesterday noon.
Mrs. Harry Foote arrived home
from NIobrara last evening having
spent Sunday with Mr. Footo who was
working there.
Miss Glalda Cass and brother ,
Benjamin , of Deadwood , S. D. , are
here visiting relatives.
Misses Rebecca Duggan and Mar
garet Hamilton returned yesterday
noon to their schools in Pierce
A party was given Saturday after
noon In honor of Miss Burnetta
Hurd's thirteenth birthday at the
home of her grand-parents , Mr. and
Mrs. Steve Burnetto. Kofreshments
were served. Eight girls and a few
boys were present and all had a very
nice time.
Fraud Marchant and Sid McNeeley
wont to Chicago Saturday where they
will take the examination for en
Among the day's out-of-town visitors
in Norfolk wore : J. J. Clements , Mad
ison ; Dr. F. E. Wood , Colome , S. D. ;
Arthur Chase , Stantou ; Mrs. L. L.
Frye , Meadow Grove ; Joe Blrnoy ,
Humphrey ; J. E. Ogler , Wayne ; J.
H. Runal , Wayne ; C. L. Norton ,
Wayne ; A. R. Oleson and wife , Wls-
ner ; James R. Roberts , Dallas ; R. M.
Dutchor , Plalnview ; Will Brown , Hum
phrey ; F. J. Pratt , Humphrey ; Mrs. J.
E. Tackett. Gregory , S. D. ; O. H.
Wortz , Crolghton ; Edwards Williams ,
Lynch ; D. E. Wont , Bonosteol , S. D. ;
Nelson Rash , Butte , S. D. ; N. S. West-
rope , Plain view ; Windsor Doherty ,
Gregory , S. D. ; M. Gilbronson , Bone-
steel , S. D. ; J. G. Miller , Wayne ; W.
M. Orr , Wayne ; K. T. Davis , Merrl-
man ; Lena L. Barnes , Gregory ; T. A.
Weber , Dallas , S. D. ; C. N. Sturdo-
vant , Atkinson ; H. P. Gallagher , West
Point ; Willis E. Hoed , Madison.
Low One-Way Rates f
September 15 October 15 , inclusive , 1009
California , Oregon
Washington , Idaho f ! "
Union Pacific
"The Safe Road to Travel"
Tickets are good on comfortable through
tourist sleepers , on payment of berth rate.
Electric block signal protection. Dining
car meals and service "Best in the World. "
For information relative to rates , etc. , call on your
local agent ,
C. W. Landers , Agent.
Train Strikes a Wagon , Killing a
Driver and the Horses.
O'Neill , Neb. , Sept. 27. As a spec
ial stock train was passing here It
ran Into a team and wagon driven
by William McDermot , killing the
horses , demolishing the wagon and
rendering him unconscious. The
train was brought to a stop and the
young man taken to a hospital , but
at about 2 o'clock yesterday morning
he died without regaining conscious
The man was returning home from
the city , where ho had been deliver
ing baled hay , and going towards the
south it was hardly possible to see
the train approaching from the west
side. It Is supposed that be was on
the track before he saw the train.
The engine struck the wagon at the
iront wheels and threw It and the
horses about forty feet , and the man
about ten feet farther , lie was struck
on the head , where a great gash told
the tale of the awful blow. He was
a young man and unmarried and was
living with his parents one mile south
of where the fatal accident occurred.
Local Football Prospects.
Nellgh won the first football game
of the season from Norfolk at Neligh
Saturday afternoon. 6 to 0. They won
the game on a punt , falling on the ball
over the goal line. Norfolk made a
good showing for the first game. More
training Is needed by Norfolk in the
punting. 1 Hero NcllRh made their star
plays. Norfolk was better trained in
carrying the ball , and once had It on
the half yard line , with only a foot
to go. Captain Weaver featured in
line ' bucking and other players , both
Neligh and Norfolk , promise good ac-
Norfolk's line-up : Weaver , full back
( captain ) ; Warren Heeler , right half
back ; Ben Willey. left half back ; Mor
risen , quarter back ; Rome Kellohor ,
right end ; Charles Durland , left end ;
Kiesau , center ; MoWhartor , left
guard ; Peters , right guard ; II. Willey ,
right tackle ; John Rice ; left tackle ;
subs. Odiorne , end ; Rex Deelor , half
Al Baker , Theatrical Man , Shoots Wife
Then Kills Self.
Lyons , Neb. , Sept. 27. "Al" Baker ,
owner of the Baker Theatrical com
pany , shot his wife and then killed
himself at the homo of his son this
morning , Jealousy was the cause.
The First Postage Stamp , I
Tlip bind ; penny postage stamp ot |
1S-K ) , i he lir t stamp ever issued , was !
dlstliu-tly unpopular and gave place
to a red one after a year's cxlsti'iii-u ,
Great Hrllalu was the first country !
In the world to u c postage stamps. |
and the lOn lis ? ) si'lioolluiy of thi'i
pcrli'd si-ciiH to have regarded thorn as
a nuisance rather than a national i
benefit "Have you tried the stamps
yelV"vroto one of llii'in to his sistci
In flu- year KS10 "I think they are
vcr.y absurd and troublesome. 1 don't
fancy making my mouth a clue pot. al
though , to be sure , .urn have ( lit * sntl.s
factlun of kissing the back ot her gr.i
clous majesty the iUeeu. | This Is , how
ever , i should say , the greatest Insult
the present ministry could have of
'fored tlio < iucon. " London T. I''s
Fields and Orchards of France.
From Avli-Mion to Lyons the rail
road runs through a rich country , tin
fruit troc * covered with blossoms and
the forests assuming their robes nt
green , altogether making a picture
beautiful to look upon. From Lyons to
Paris the orchards , the vineyards and
the growing grain delight the eye ol
the traveler from oriental deserts and
remind him of Macaulay's poem :
Now let there Us tne merry sound ol
muskunri of dance
Through thy cornllelds CTeen nncl sunny
vines , oh , pleiisant land of France !
For truly It Is a pleasant land. i'nrlu
Letter to HIMIVIT I'oxt
Blood Travels Fast.
The speed at which the blood circu
lates In the veins and arteries of n
healthy man Is something surprising.
All ( lay long , year In and year out ,
the round trips continue from the
heart to the uxtromltlvti and back
ajinln. The red blood corpuscles travel
like boats In a stream , going' to this
or that station for such servlcu an they
have to perform , and the white cor
puscles , the phagocytes , dart hither
and thither like patrol boats , ready to
arrest any contraband cargo of disease
germs. The mileage of the blood cir
culation reveals HO me astounding facts
in our personal history. Thus It ha.s
boon calculated that , assuming the
heart to boat sixty-nine times n min
ute at ordinary heart pressure , the
blood ROCS at the rale of 'Ml yards In
the minute , or seven nlilos per hour ,
UiS miles per day and ( i.IJ'JO miles per
year. If a man of eighty-four years
of ngc could have one single blood
corpuscle floating In his blood all his
life it would linvo traveled In that
same time 5.150.SOS miles. Uxclmnge.
One Comfort.
Dick was n very clran little boy. and
dirt dNiitisied him. One day ho found
a poor little tnrvod kitten crouching
In a ditch at the roadside , and he
parried the wet. muddy little waif
home with him. Hi1 look It to tlio
hydrant and rarefully rinsed off all
tb'1 mud. but the shock was too great
for the sick kitty , and the breath of
llfo deptmoil. Dick went with her to
his mother , wlio exclaimed at the sight
of the wot. drooping kitten , "Why ,
DirK. whin luivo ynii doneV"
"S'lie wa < till mud. and I washed
her. " l > | . ! ; i-pllod
"Oh I'id.hN ' mother nld sorrow
fully. "I'm afraid she's ( lend "
OI < I : l""t : 'd shocked mill crieved for
a moment : then his face lighted up
with n L'loam iif comfort as lie ex
claimed. "Well , she died clean , any
way.- " I"1' nor
W \NTKU Success Magazine 10
quires ' .he services of a man in Nor
folk to If rik after expiring subscrip
tions and to secure new business by
means of special methods usually ef
fective ; position permanent ; prefc
one with experience , nut would con
sider any applicant with good butunil
qualifications ; s : lary $1.60 per day ,
with commission option. Address ,
with referrncoH , It. C. Peaiock , Hoom
102 , Success Magazine Rldg. , Now
CopvnictiTS &c.
AiiTnno KTHlInu' n nketrti nnd d rrrinllnn timj
quickly n riTtniu our opinion frcu unethor an
Invention Is piohnbly iwieninhM. rnniiminlrn *
UoiiBRtrlctlrmnlUlenllal. IIAhDIQCK oiil'nteiiUi
lent free , ( illicit ncenrr fur ncc'jtini : putonn.
ratcnta tukjti llirnuuli Munn A Co. receive
Ifietat notlct , without olinrzo. In tlio
Scientific Jfniericaih
yDinndioiuelrlllnotriited we klr. t cir
culation uf anr tdontma journal. Terini. 13
roar : four rnonlln , II. ttolil tjrall newsiltnlern
MUNN & Co.3e"Jro " " New York
Hranch Offlco , ( tt. V Bt , Wuhtuition , D. C.
Piles All Rectal Diseases cure without a surgical )
operation. No Chloroform , Ether or other gen
eral ancasthetic used. CURE GUARANTEED
DR. E. R. TARRY , 224 Bee Building , Omalm , N br k