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Paris May Not Have Strike.
Paris , Mny 10. Conditions nro rath-
cr fnvornblo for the government In HP
controversy with the postal employe
ntul It IB not likely that a strike will
bo declared for the present. The gov
ernment's flrtnnoss hiifl made a deep
ItnprcsHlon on the rank and ille and
tlio leaders of the strike movement
may conclude to postpone the hattlo
until they arc hotter organized and
prepared for what would prove to bo
n hard struggle.
A mooting called for today by the
federal committee was attended by
about 4,000 persons , but no great en
thusiasm was Hhdwn. A resolution
was adopted to go out at the wont of
command In the fight for the rein
statement of the dismissed employes
and for complete reform In the postal
Horvlco. Delegate McCarthy , repre
senting the English postal employes ,
Eiivo assurance of the llnanclal and
moral support of the English collea-
cues ,
A section of the postal employes Is
engaged In exposing alleged scandals
In the telephone service. The charge
is made that much money has been
squandered and particular references
made to purchases In the United
States to replenish the plant destroy
ed when the telephone exchange was
burned last year. The various unions
In the Seine department have called
for Wednesday
n meeting of delegates
day to decide what stops shall be
taken to help the postal employes In
case of strike , to counterbalance the
aid offered to the government by mer
chants and employers.
Brussels , Mny 10. An arrangement
lias been concluded by the various
ministers whereby , In case of neces
sity , tlic state employes , Including
soldiers , may bo relegated to other
services for the purpose of meeting
such contingencies as might arise.
Iho particular object of the govern
mental departments Is to be prepared
In case the Belgian postal employes
follow the exnmp'o of the French.
Roosevelt for New York's Mayor.
New York , May 10. The nomina
tion of ox-President Roosevelt as
mayor of Now York Is proposed by
General Stewart L. Woodford.
John Horn , In two straight falls
over Harvey Carson , won the Enola
wrestling match Saturday night. A
largo crowd attended from Madison.
Mrs. J. A. Mullen Is very low at
the home of a daughter In Fremont.
Mrs. J. H. Mackay was called to her
mother's bedside Monday. Two sons
from Colorado and Mrs. C. D. Brown
of Fairfax , S. D. , are also In Fremont.
Walter C. Elley .of Madison Is the
first man to publicly announce his
candidacy for the republican nomina
tion for sheriff. Mr. ' Elley was In
Norfolk Saturday and took occasion
io begin his campaign by the Inser
tion of an announcement in the ad-
vdrtiilng columns of The News.
August Schukey , a farmer living
near Newman Grove , In Boone coun
ty , was brought to Norfolk Saturday
by Deputy United States Marshal
John F. Sides of Dakota City. Schu-
Key Is charged with sending obscene
matter through the malls. He Is al
leged to have written a postal card
to his daughter-in-law , calling her a
vile name. He gave bond in the Nor
folk federal court.
George W. Lossy , driving a team ol
colts , was In a runaway Saturday af
ternoon In this city which might have
resulted seriously. One of Norfolk's
surplus canines ran out and implant
ed Its teeth In the hind leg of one ol
the colts. The team ran several
llocks until they struck a telephone
post. There they split apart , one go
Ing each way. The buggy was brok
en but Mr. Losey and the horses CS'
caped unhurt.
To Balloon Across the Atlantic.
Boston , Mass. , May 10. A balloon
trip over the Atlantic from Boston tc
"Europe Is planned by Professor Henrj
Clayton , who recently resigned at
meteorologist at the Blue Hill ob
servatory after sixteen years of studj
of the direction and velocity of wind
currents. Professor Clayton believes
ho can accomplish the feat of cross
Ing the Atlantic by taking advantage
of an upper air , or planetary current
which , his experiments have shown
flow constantly eastward at th
height of two miles or mo-c abov
the earth.
He declares he can cover the dis
tance of 3,000 miles easily In three
or four days.
As a sort of preliminary test of th <
possibilities of the trip , Professo
Clayton Is now making plans for ai
air voyage from San Francisco to tin
Atlantic coast.
Chinese Prince Forgives.
Pekin , May 10. The regent , Princi
Chun , who , since the dismissal o
Yuan Shi Kai , has been collectinj
lists of officers who were dlsraissei
previous to his taking office , Issuei
an edict rehabilitating the reputa
tions and rewarding the families o
five officials of the late dowager < im
press , who were beheaded for op
posing the Boxers.
Started Revolution In Venezuela.
Bordeaux , May 10. Passengers 01
ihe steamer Guadeloupe who hnv <
just arrived here from Venezuela
state that friends of Castro attemptei
to start a revolution there , but me
with failure. The situation In Vene
ztiela appeared to be satisfactory a
the time they left. Although in thcl
opinion the army favors Castro , thi
re-election of Gomez as president ep
pears to be certain.
James K. Hackett Broke.
New York , May 10. James K
Hackett , the ac or , filed a voluntnrj
petition in bankruptcy , giving his Ha
buttles as 120,000. His wife , Marj
Mannering Hackett , has the larges
claim , $00,000.
' . 8. Pcxton , Newly Elected Clerk ,
Can't Serve Drug Permits ,
Nollgh , Nob. , May 10. Special to
'he News : The city council met In
djourncd session Saturday evening.
\ 8. I'exton , the clerk-elect , resigned
ils position , stating that It would bo
mposslble for him to act. After some
irglhg Hobcrt Wilson was again
hof > en to accept the position.
The much-tnlkcd-of drug store ordl-
lance was brought up and discussed
t length. It Is to the effect of regu-
atlng and keeping and sale of liquors ,
mending sections G and 11 of ordl-
lance No. 70. It provided for the
granting of permits to druggists to
un three months , after which time
hey would lapse unless renewed by
he action of the council. It was
drawn In such a way that no now np-
Mention need ho made , the intention
icing to keep the permit in force
hroughout the year , provided the law
vas * compiled with by the licenses.
All the councllmon agreed on this
eature. .But the clause In the ordl-
lance providing that all sales by
Irug stores of liquors must bo upon
ho proscription of a licensed physi
cian , was objected to by one of the
vet councllmen , hence the motion to
> roceed with the second reading of
ho ordinance was lost , the roll call
showing two for and two against. The
nnyor is not allowed to vote on the
question of this nature.
The drug store applications were
hen taken up and Wattles moved
hey bo received and granted . There
being no second to the motion , Wlnn
noved , seconded by Beckwith , that
ho applications be layed over until
ho next regular meeting , which mo-
.ion prevailed.
As It looks now the only way per-
nits will be granted in this city will
bo for n period of three months at a
line , and all sales of liquor to be on
i physician's prescription. A fur-
her provision of the amendment to
he ordinance Was that no beer should
je kept on hand or sold at these
To Head Chinese School.
Chicago , Mny 10. Wu Ting Fang ,
Jhlnese minister plenipotentiary to the
United States , has accepted the presi
dency of the Chinese school of Chicago
cage , according to an announcement
icre. The school Is of one of a series
started under the auspices of the im
perial Chinese govei ment.
Courses In Chinese literature ; do
mestic science , Chinese' and Interna
tional law and the habits of the Chin
ese in their own country will be given.
There are thirty-two students , rang
ing in age from six to thirty , already
Daughters of Revolution Meet.
Boston , Mass. , May 10. For the
third time in the history of the so
c'lety organization , an annual conven
tion of the general society of the
Daughters of the Revolution opened
In Boston today. The forenoon was
given over to a meeting of the com
mittee on credentials , at which the
delegates to the convention were en
rolled. The rest of the day was de
voted to a recentlon. The real busi
ness of the convention will begin to
morrow and will continue until Sat
urday. -
Buenos Ayres Quiet.
Buenos Ayres , May10. . The cltj
was quiet throughout the day , the
strikers making no attempt to dls
turb the peace. The situation here
Is now almost normal. .
Turkish Government Promises to Pun
ish the Guilty.
Constantinople , May 10. The gov
ernment Is taking hold of the relief
work in Adana province with vigor. II
was announced that $150,000 had been
sent there. The grand vizier nnd
Ferld Pasha , the minister of the In-
terlor , received a deputation of the
Armenian clergy and laity last Thurs
day. The delegation was headed by
Arscharann Baurscharni , the pro
visional representative of the Patriar-
cate , which is assured that the gov
ernment would inquire thoroughly Into
the Adana massacre and severely pun
ish those guilty of inciting them.
The minister said the investiga
tion would be conducted by a military
Ferid Pasha told the delegation 8f,00
troops hnd been sent from Smyrna but
that several also had gone there from
Constantinople. A number of noble
Armenians met here and submitted to
the government the following resolu
tions :
First , that the murderers of rhris-
tians bo punished.
Second , that stolen property be re
turned and Indemnities be paid for
property destroyed.
Third , that the women and girts who
were stolen bo returned and also thai
men and women who were compelled
forcibly to adopt Mohammedanism bo
allowed to resume their original faith.
Fourth , that the Investigation con
ducted under the chairmanship of the
governor general be suspended and
that a new investigation of the disor
ders from their commencement be
made by n military committee.
Fifth , that Christians be permitted
to participate in the local police es
tablishment ; and
Sixth , that Armenians bo allowed to
participate in defraying the cost of
erecting a monument to those who
have fallen in the army of liberty.
The agricultural bank has arranged
to loan ? 75,000 without interest to the
farmers of Adana province , to aid
them in planting now crops.
Brad Slaughter Dead.
Omaha , May 10. Major Bradner D
Slaughter , acting chief paymastei ol
the department of the Missouri , died
hero of heart trouble.
The Dublin Cab Driver.
In few cities in the world Is your
Jehu more rich in fancy than In Dub
lln , more skilled in embroidered
words , better nblo to sting and wither
with the cunning of his quick scorn.
It Is a feast of that "Impassioned logic
which outruns the hearer In Its fiery
course. " Dublin Freeman's Journal.
Arabian Proverb.
A day that Is not thine own do not
reckon It as of thy life.
Chautauqua August 7-16.
The dates for the Norfolk chautnu *
iua are announced as the ten ( lays be
ginning Saturday , August 7 , and end
ing Monday , August 1C. This an
nouncement Is authorized by S. M.
Holladay , marager ot the Midland
hnutauqim circuit.
The chautauqua will follow right err
t. o heels of the Norfolk race meet.
The big annual affair at the Norfolk
driving park Is held this year on Aug-
u t 4 , F and C. The races close Frl-
ilay and the chnuttutqua opens Satur
day. Last , year the chautauqua pre
ceded the races.
The campaign for the advance sale
of season tickets for the chautauqua
will begin boon. Manager Holladay
has written that he will be In Norfolk
Florida Negro Lynched.
Jacksonville , Fla. , May 10. Mrs.
John D. Eas , wife of a well known
farmer residing nt Camden , fifteen
miles from Jacksonville , was assault
ed by an unknown negro who was
Inter captured by a mob of citizens
and lynched.
Mrs. .Augustus Evans Wilson.
Mobllo.-Aln. , Mriy 10. Mrs. Augus
tus Evans Wilson , the well known
southern authoress , died from an at
tack of heart failure.
Mrs. Evans Wilson was a native of
Columbus , Ga. , and was seventy-four
years of age.
Dwelling of John Hoehne , Five Miles
South of Wlsner , Burns.
Wlsner , Neb. , May 10. Special to
The News : A telephone message
just received tells of the destruction
by fire of the large farm house of
John H. Hoehne , five miles south. A
large addition had Just been built to
the farm home.
Bath Cord Suicide In Stanton.
Andrew Anderson , a prominent
Stanton county farmer , sometimes
known as "Uutfalo" Anderson , who
committed suicide by hanging him
self with a bath robe cord fastened
to a nail , took his life because of de
spondency and ill health , according
to the verdict of the coroner's Jury.
Anderson was well-to-do , leaves a
wife and a number of children , and
had only recently returned from the
Arkansas hot springs. Anderson
lived about eight miles north of , Stan-
Going to a bed room to get ready
to go to Norfolk , he placed the loop
around his neck and dropped down
so that his knees almost touched -the
floor. When his wife found him in
ten minutes he was dead.
Neligh H. S. , 3 ; Norfolk H. S. , 1.
The Neligh high school opened the
Norfolk baseball season in this city
Saturday afternoon with an earned
victory over * the Norfolk high school
nine. The score , 3 to 1 , Is a good in
dex to the fast snappy contest. Con
sidering the weather , a good sized
crowd was in attendance.
Neligh won the game in the second
Inning , when two runs were scored
on a safe hit by Powell. In the sixth
Norfolk scored' Quinn on a safe hit
by Ersklne. In the last of the sev
enth Powell scored a final tally for
Neligh on a safe hit by Stevenson.
Harrlman , for Neligh , pitched a re
markably strong game for a high
school player. Ho was handicapped
"by a sore thumb , the result of a bad
cut in the laboratory , and let three
men walk. Ersklne's catching gave
him a good standing with the Norfolk
fans at the game. A catch hy Ander
son In the right field was the sensa
tional feature of the game.
The score :
Neligh 02000010 0 3
Norfolk 00000100 0 1
The llnup :
Neligh. Norfolk.
Harrlman p Estnbrook
Fletcher c Ersklne
Leonard Ib Durlaml
Ryan v.2b Qulnn
TMiller . . . . , 3b Ward
Powell ss Kelleher
Herring rf Anderson
Wood If.1 Mapes
Stevenson cf Morrison
Umpires , R. Kryger of Neligh , Law
rence Hoffman of Norfolk. Scorekeeper -
keeper , Superintendent Fisher of Ne
A return game will be played at
Neligh on May 22.
Baseball Notes.
Long Pine plays at Alnsworth Tues
O'Neill Is reported as well satisfied
by the showing made by its team
when defeated by Atkinson 3 to 2.
Long Pine opened her baseball sea
son with a 9 to 7 defeat at the hands
of Bassett.
Miss Edens of Battle Creek was a
Norfolk visitor Friday afternoon.
Dr. C. A. McKlm returned yestpr-
day from Lynch , where he had been
called on professional business.
0. S. Hayes Is bacK from Pilgor.
Mrs. C. W. Anderson and Miss Dora
Ruelow of Hoskins were Norfolk
Rov. Mr. FrlcKe of Madicon was In
the city on Tils way to Dakota looking
after land.
W. L. Dowllng , Senator Allen's law
partner , was In Norfolk Saturday on
his way to Lincoln to try a case be-
-7" BfcWKT
fore the supreme court.
Dr. J , H. Mackay arrived homo Fri
day evening from Chicago , having ac-
( onipnnted Mrs. Martcl to that city.
Mrs. Mnrtr ) stood . -e trip well.
Miss Anna Hazon , who has been . school at Crofton , has ar
rived In Norfolk and will spend the
summer witn Mr. and Mrs. A. O.
Leaving for Omaha Sunday , E , A.
Oullock will no In Omaha the coming
week to attend the annual meeting of
the state electrical society there Tues
day , Wednesday and Thursday. Mr.
Bullock Is president of the society.
Dr. C. W , Hay lectured to a house
full of people at the Methodist church
at Butte on Thursday , May C.
Herman Froloff will erect a cottage
this summer on the lots which ho
recently purchased on South Second
stret t.
Chris Schavlnnd of Madison was re
cently re-appointed to his position as
secretary of the state assessment
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Esh , who
nave been connected with the Umm- for some time , have gone to
Merrill , Neb. , to live.
The funeral of Ludwlg Sledschlag
will be held nt 2 o'clock Sunday af
ternoon from the home , and at 2:30 :
o'clock from Christ Lutheran church.
Chris Gllssmnn , who played on the
baseball nine last year , is working in
a bakery in Columbus and will .prob
ably not be available for the Norfolk
The business meeting of the Wo
man's club will he held Monday evenIng - .
Ing , May id , at 7:30 : o'clock at the
home of Mrs. C. B. Durland , 102
North Ninth street.
Don E. Cameron , formerly of Nor
folk but later of Gregory , S. D. , has
established a hardware store nt Co-
lome in Trlpp county and taken up
his residence there.
Julius Hulff , once city clerk of Nor
folk , according to word from Los An
geles , Cal. , is professor of violin in
struction in the New York School of
Music in Los Angeles.
A birthday party was given yester
day at the home of Vera Emery , 210
South Second street. A number of
her little friends were present , each
one bringing her a choice present.
Mrs. Charles Verges entertained a
company of some forty young people
Friday evening In honor of Dr. Ver
ges' sisters , Misses Minnie and Marie-
Verges , who leave Monday for Go
Mrs. Ernstine Lueck , sixty-six
years old , will be burled Sunday af
ternoon from the Reformed Lutheran
church , seven miles northeast of the
city. Mrs Lueck lived five miles east
o ( Hoskins.
The Nebraska Telephone company
has just completed a new fanners'
line giving service to thirteen sub
scribers living beyond the M. Bene
dict farm. The line runs about
twelve miles north of the city.
Under the leadership of Miss Belle
C. Clark , the superintendent of nurs
es , the state hospital will head the
governor's proclamation to observe
Mothers' day. The Inmates will be
cheered by the sight of white carna
tions in honor of her whom all hold
Title to the Rome Miller dairy
farm , just south of the Junction de
pot , Is still vested In the Standard
Stock Food company of Omaha. The
farm was sold some time ago to an
Iowa stock raiser , but the transaction
fell through after the deal had been
virtually completed.
Fred L. Dommisseo , whose Norfolk
avenue restaurant was closed recently ,
was named a local deputy game war
den by State Deputy Warden J. B.
Donovan on the latter's visit here en-
route to Crystal lake. Mr. pommissee
was to he. 7e accompanied Donovan but
' 'be new officer overslept and missed
the train.
Some Interesting house statis
tics are given by Z. H. Bateman ,
the bill distributor , whose work puts
him In touch with the subject. Bate
man says that there are 1,010 occu
pied houses in Norfolk at this time
and that there are sixty new houses
inprocess of construction , none cost
ing less than $1,000.
General Superintendent S. M. Bra
den of the Northwestern has given
the Norfolk fire department a check
for ? 50 as showing the company's ap
preciation of the work of the Norfolk
firemen at the big blaze In the North
western material yards Friday. Mr.
Braden also furnished refreshments
to the firemen Friday afternoon.
Norfolk business men are asked to
heed a warning to be more careful
about burning rubbish in the alleys
Last Wednesday night , during the
wind storm , Officer O'Brien carried
some twenty buckets of water to pul
out a flre. Notice is accordingly given
that outdoor stoves and cans used
for burning rubbish must have a
screen on top to lessen the danger
from rflre.
Robert Gruchow , an S-year-olii son
of Fred Gruchow , Jiving ten mllbs
north and a mile east of the city , is
dead as the result of dropsy follow
ing an attack of grip , \yhlch settled
In the heart. The funeral was an
nounced for Sunday afternoon from
the German Lutheran church , in the
neighborhood of the Gruchow home.
Interment will bo in the cemetery
Clint Smith , ex-mayor or Madison
and a prominent Madison county re
publican , was in Norfolk Friday after
noon on business. Mr. Smith will
probably bo a candidate for the re
publican nomination for sheriff , Nor
folk Is apparently -leaving the sheriff
contest to Madison and the fight will
uo between a number- south-end
candidates. If these conditions con
tinue , and 'they seem likely to , Mr.
Smith will be in the race when the
entries are made.
Miss Edith Vielo , Mrs. L. B. Mus-
selman , Mrs. George B. Christoph and
Dr. R. C. Simmons , Norfolk's reprc-
scntatlvo at the grand chapter meet
ing of the Eastern Star order at , Lin
coln , have returned to Norfolk. Miss
Vielo was accorded an unusual honor
nt the grand chapter meeting being
ilaced In charge of the ritualistic
woik. Fourteen worthy matrons of
the state took part In the \vorK. Miss
> lelo has had the distinction during
ho past year of being the youngest
icad of an Eastern Star chapter In
he state.
An > cffort made by Water Coimuls-
donor August Brummund to Improve
the water pressure at Friday after-
loon's big blaze In the rnthoud yards
uy giving direct pressure from the
pumping station , proved of no avail
on account of the gate at the standpipe -
pipe being filled with bricks and
mid. This was apparently the work ,
of boys and nad probably been done' '
some time ago. It was Impossible to
shut off the standplpo at the time of
the lire , but the water commissioner
toou steps today to have the trap gate
cleared against future emergencies.
Chief of Police Marqunrdt and the
railroad authorities arc anxious to
> ut a stop to the practice of boys
lumping on the gravel trains which
arc now running up the Boncsteol lino.
rJoys have always given trouble by
riding short distances on the stops of
outgoing passenger trains , but the
slow gravel trains have resulted In
the practice becoming even more gen
eral. Boys said to be high school lads
are among some of the worst offend
ers. Some of the boys steal rides to
dar and then catch returning trains
back. The practice is a dangerous
one and the trainmen have authority
to make arrests.
Norfolk will have three girls on
Tripp county claims. While a good
percentage of the Norfolk men who
drew farms failed to file , the three
young ladles were not frightened by
the scare stories. Miss Delia M.
Howard has her claim in the extreme
west end of the county. Her next
door neighbors are Lulu Eagle Hawk ,
Mathew Night Pipe and Julia High
Bear. She Is eight miles southwest
of Wltten. Miss Charlotte lllgen is
eight miles south of Wltten. the two
Norfolk girls being eight miles apart.
R.J. Ecles * claim is midway between.
Miss Agnes Raasch is more in the
center of the county , being some sev
en miles northwest of Colome. She
is thirteen miles from Miss Illgen's
At the same time that the North
western material yards were ablaze
and the flames rising to such a height
as to cause more or less excitement ,
the farm home of , Fred Lehman , five
miles east of the city , burned to the
ground. It was a two-story frame
dwelling. The loss was In part cov
ered by Insurance with the Farmers'
Mutual. The furniture was removed
from the first floor. The flre caught
from the chimney. Five or six buck
ets of water were thrown on the
blaze , but it was Impossible to sum
mon help from the neighbors in time
on account of the confusion arising
over the Norfolk flre. The wind
made it impossible to save the build
ing , but had the direction of the wind
been different , all of the farm build
ings would probably have been de
Superintendent Fisher and the Ne
ligh baseball nine arrived In Norfolk
Saturday noon for the afternoon
game with i.he Norfolk high school.
"Fans" were Interested In this open
ing game on account of the possibil
ity that there might be high school
material which can be switched to
the regular team later In the season.
It is not denied that the local situa
tion is far from encouraging Just
now. Before baseball Is practical In
Norfolk this season , more local ma
terial will have to come to light than
is now in sight. It is recognized as
impossible for sufficient funds to be
raised to support a professional team
and that baseball here , as in other
towns of this size , will have to de
pend almost entirely on young men
who are willing to play for love of
the game and for the credit of the
town. Remuneration- be an In
cidental feature except where it Is
necessary to Import players to fill
holes in the team. <
Battle Creek Enterprise : The mat
ter of securing an electric light line
from Norfolk has been discussed more
or less in Battle Creek for some time ,
and on invitation of business men
and the village trustees E. A. Bullock
of the Norfolk Electric Light and
Power company addressed n meeting
neld for the purpose of discussing the
matter. Mr. Bullock believes that
Battle Creek can secure excellent
service at a nominal cost , and pre
sented several propositions , any one
of which Is worthy of consideration.
The proposition regarded as most fa
vorable to all , however , Is one which
would involve the expenditure of about
5,000 for a line to be owned and con
trolled by the Bullock interests. Mr.
Bullock does not nsk a bonus to aid
in construction , but does nsk a loan
as a guarantee tluu Battle Creek Is
willing to assume some responsibility.
Assuming the security given to bo
ample , the Interest offered should at
tract Idle Battle Creek capital If for
no other than purely business reason * .
The proposition presents itself most
favorably , as the amount asked by the
Norfolk company by no means lost
to the investor is less by half , per
haps , than the cost of a small munici
pally owned plant , the operation of
which would entail an annual expendi
ture almost equal to the income. A
committee of business men was ap
pointed to boost the project and if
capital can be secured developments
will come rapidly.
Stanton People Contribute ,
Stanton , Neb , , May 8. As soon as
the report of the PlalnvJew flre was
received hero a subscription list was
circulated and over f 100 have already' '
been pledged hero to assist In re-j
building the Plalnvlew church.
The real test
is in the baking.
Other Rikinjj Powders may make broad claims ,
but when it comes to the production of real
delicious biscuit , cakes and pastry
proves its real worth. This is because of
itsjmich prcatcr leavening power and the
strict purity of its ingredients.
It costs only a trifle more than the cheap
and bitf can brands and much less tlian the
Trust Baking Powders.
Received Highest Award
World's Pure Food Exposition
Chicago , 1907.
Renewing Hostilities.
Nogloy "I've discovered there Is one
state in which divorce Is wholly un
necessary. " Mrs. Nagloy ( sharply )
"Which Is that ? " Nagloy "Tho state
of single blessedness ! " Illustrated
Sunday Magazine.
Reducing Weight.
Racehorse Owner "William , you
are' too heavy. Can't you take some
thing off ? " Jockey "I'm wearing my
lightest suit , and haven't tasted food
all dajV Owner "Then , for good
ness' sake , go and get shaved. " Tit-
Rewards Constantly Paid.
The rewards of great living arc not
external things , withheld until the
crowning hour of success arrives ;
they come by the way In the con
sciousness of growing power and
worth , of duties nobly met , and work
thoroughly done. Joy and peace are
by the way. Mable.
A Literary Reporter.
I do not profess to be a politician ,
but simply one of a disinterested class
of observers who , with no organized
and embodied set ot supporters to
please , set themselves to observe hon
estly and report faithfully the state
and prospects of our civilization.
Matthew Arnold.
To Preserve Historic Battle-Ship.
Nelson's flagship Victory , almost the
last relic of the great naval wars , is
to be rerlgged , repainted and as near
ly as possible restored to the condi
tion in which she gloriously led the
port column of the British fleet Into
battle at Trafalgar.
Source of Poison Dangers.
The action of foods and liquors on
their receptacles may produce deadly
poisons. Acid fruits cooked In copper
or zinc pots are a particular source of
danger. A man who was taken l\l \ in
the hunting field with symptoms of
mineral poisoning learned that the fine
old brandy he carried In his back
pocket had dissolved some of the cop
per In the sterling silver flasks.
The British Press.
Not a little world wisdom lies in the'
conduct of the British press. Its
managers do not let their Instincts for
news run away with their appreciation
of how things said in heat look In cold
print to the world abroad. They do
not furnish arrows for the quivers of
their foreign critics. Boston Tran-
Grand Success , But
Elevator girls may bo a grand suc
cess , but could one , of them smooth
her pompadour without taking her
hand off the controller , and who would
swear at the automatic door ? St.
Louis Republic.
Marked Improvement.
"My washerwoman , " Mrs. Lapsllng
was saying , "used to lose ever so
many of my sheets and pillow cases
but she doesn't now. I mark them al
with intelligible ink. "
Shows Influence of Mind.
Careful estimates show that the av
erase business man walks a mile in
ISVfc minutes , while the ordinary
loiterer , who has no business on his
mind ) requires 29 minutes to walk it
The Ruler of the World.
When wo get behind all the circum
stances of our dally life we flnd the
thinker , the man with ideas. He is the
true ruler of the world. He gives us
all things , from the clothes of our
bodies to the clothes of our minds. He
gives us coats and commandments ;
J mutton chops and morals. He gives us
our policies , our religion , all , In short ,
that wo have. Lm ' n Dally Dispatch.
Bad as conditions are to-day , great
progress has been made during the
last 20 years. People are growing
more careful as to what they eat and
drink. There is no city that is not
bestirring itself to Improve its water
supply and its system of sanitation.
The demand for more freih air is al
most a fad In progressive communi
Lund of Commercial Industry.
The traveler through Saxony IB rare
ly out of sight of & factory chimney.
In probably no other land are indus
trial establishments no numerous in
proportion to the area. The present
number IB 24,707 , an increase of 1,755
orer the preceding year. The number
of operatives U 686,319 , an increase
of 41,236 In th couna of a year.
Analysis of Qood Temper.
The good temper is born In natures
of low vitality , iron nerves and thick
skin. These are Insensitive to change
of moral atmosphere , and what would
wound another soul mortally barely
Inflicts a scratch on them. The rest
of their emotions are usually on a
par with the temper placid , Imper
turbable and slugRlah. Those inca-
paple of the passion of anger must bo
incapable of any other great passion.
Care Not Necessary.
Scientific knowledge Is sometimes
negligible. "My boy , " said the kindly
English rector to the hobbledehoy
ot a youth who was picking mush
rooms In the rectory Holds , "beware
of picking a toadstool Instead of a
mushroom ; they are easy to confuse. "
"That be all rolght , sur , that be , " said
the urchin , "us hain't a-goln' to cat
'em ourselves ; they're goln' to mar
ket to be sold. "
Native Education at the Cape.
Generally speaking , the natives are
keen about education , though , Jlko
many Europeans , they do not much
like paying for it. In Flngoland the
desire for knowledge is so widespread
that the percentage of children attend
ing school compares very favorably
with that of the most civilized Euro
pean countries. Klmberley Diamond
Fields Advertiser.
About Right.
A boy was asked to explain the dif
ference between animal instinct and
I human 'Intelligence. "If we had in-
I Btlnct , " ho said , "we should know
I everything wo needed to know with
out learning it ; but wo'vo''got reason ,
und so we have tq study ourselves
'most blind , or be a'fool. " Universal-
1st Leader.
" . Angel's Gins.
If , Instead of a gem , or even of a
flower , we could cast the gift of a love
ly thought Into the heart of a friend ,
, that would be giving as the angels , I
suppose , must give. George Mac-
Perfectly Safe.
When a woman Is first married , she
fears her husband Is so brave and gen
erous that ho will get hurt some day
rushing Into a dangerous place to do
a noble act. but she Is not long in find
ing out thiit on that score ho is par-
fectly safe. Atchlson Globe.
and Brain.
The heart that husbands a desire to
"get even" with , Imaginary enemies
is the haunt of unhapplness ; and the
brain that strives to conceive a ineuna
of retaliation for a fancied wrong is
the abode of misery. Sunday Maga
The more one speaks of himself the
less he likes to hear another talked of.
Lavater. . ,
Woman's Natural Sense.
One woman's natural sense is worth
. 60 men's trained reason in a predlc-
nent. New York Press.
Caught In Bad Prairie Fire. '
Four Norfolk traveling men were
caught in a terrific prairie tire during :
Wednesday afternoon's sixty mile
wind , between Ainsworth and Norden ,
and one of them , Burt Hancock , was
burned about the face , neck and.
The party who were caught in the
flro were Ed. C. Engle , H. M. culbort-
son , C. A. Adams and Burt Hancock.
They were driving from Alnsworth to-
Norden and got caught In n draw. By
back firing they saved themselves.
The fire burned a strip fifty miles
long and from five to twenty-five miles
wide , going to within four and a half
miles of Long Pino.
The fact that the wind was so violent
lent saved the day , the wind itself
finally whipping out the flre.
Not a spear of hay remains In haf
region. Many farmers wore burned
out. Will Foster lost a now hoiiso
and barn , seventeen cattle , tour
horses and all machinery'and other
stock. Many burned shacks were
seen. Charred cattle carcasses wcro
seen along the roadway the next day.
The scene is ono of gross disjoin-
tlon , according to the traveling men
vho have Just returned to Norfolk.
They drove back over Iho route the
lay after the flro and declare that the
scene is ono of Indescribable waste. \
The flre is thought to have started
n the vicinity of Arabia.
Mr. Hancock's wife was telegraph-
d and met him at Fremont , accom
panying him to his homo in Omaha ,
le travels for the Itcn Biscuit com