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Defeated on Twentieth Ballot
for Indiana Toga ,
Poor Old Kern , Defeated for Every
Office He Ever Aspired to , Loses
Once Again and Gives up Politics In
Indianapolis , Jan. 11. John W.
Kern , defeated for every political of-
lice to which ho ha aspired In his
lifetime , lost the United States sena
torial race in Indiana early today.
Benjamin F. Stvely of South Bend
was elected on the twentieth ballot In
tno Democratic 'caucus.
After the light was lost , Kern an
nounced that ho would never again
run for any office.
Ho was twice defeated for goxornor
and hist full was defeated for vice
president of the United States on the
Br } an ticket.
Kern said today that ho did not
mind being beaten with Bryan in No
vember , but ho did want to go to the
Indianapolis , Jan. 11. At 2 o clock
thib moinnig the Lleinociatlc caucus ot
the Indiana legislature , alter twenty
ballots , chose lormer Congressman
Benjamin K. Shlvely of South Bend
for the United States senate The
last ballot stood as follows : Shlvely ,
12 ; Kern , 35 ; Lamb , 5 ; Mcnzlos , U ;
Charles Maas , 1.
From the tlrst ballot Shlvely devel
oped more strength than was geneial
ly conceded to him and only on the
twentieth ballot received a sutllcient
number of votes to win.
John W. Kern , who had a good leaden
on the llrst ballot , was unable to mus
ter enough strength to win the prize.
At 1:30 : ills tollowers tried to lorco
nn adjournment ot the caucus , but
wore defeated by one vote. None of
the other candidates developed sulll-
ctont strength to bo a strong factor
the contest.
Mr. Shtvoly Is a native of the coun
ty wliuru he resides and is fifty-two
years of ago. He has boon prominent in
Indiana politics for years. He was a
member of the Forty-eighth , Fiftieth ,
Firty-flrst and Fifty-second congresses ,
each time being chosen from a Hepub
llcau district.
\ Deneen and Other Republican Officers
Are Declared Elected.
Springfield , 111. , Jan. 14The legis
lative deadlock Is ended. As a result ,
Governor Deneen and other Kopubllc-
ans chosen ior state olllces were de
clared duly elected and will he Inau
gurated next Monday.
The senate members wont Into the
house and acted as spectators while
the election returns were being can
vassed and the result declared. No
tice then was given of the contest tiled
by Adlal 1C Stevenson ( Dem. ) , defeat
ed candidate for governor. While the
contest petition was being read , the
senators again left for their own hall.
The canvass out of the way , nothing
remained to prevent legislation , and
miuli preliminary business was dis
posed of.
' 1 he contest filed by the Democrats
must bo considered by a joint session ,
if at all. The Deneen men control
the senate and insist they will not at
tend such a session.
The senatorial situation is by no
means clear and many declare a llcrco
contest will bo waged over the elec
tion of a successor to the place held
by Senator Albert J. Hopkins.
Prohibition Measure Now Goes to Gov
ernor Patterson.
Nashvlllo , Tenu. , Jan. 14. The bill
to prohibit the sale of Intoxicating liq
uor In Tennessee passed the lower
house of the general assembly , U2 to
3G. The measure is the one passed by
the senate , and now goes to Go\ernor
Patterson. Ho Is expected to veto It.
his veto only operates as a suggestion ,
not as a stay , and a bare majority may
pass the bill over his unfavorable ac
tion. The bill provides that piohl-
bitlon become effective July 1 , 1'jul )
The battle attending the passage of
the bill was exceedingly fierce For
almost live hours it was waged , the
total option forces making a hard CL
tost. Successive amendments were
promptly voted down by about the
same majority as that given the bill
on final passage.
Overman Choice in North Carolina.
Halelgh , N. C. , Jan 14. United
States Senator Lee S. Overman of
Salisbury was in the Democratic cau
cus of the general assembly rcnoiul-
nated to succeed himself as United
States senator. The election will taUe
pliue next Tuesday aiul the Democrat-
It majority assures his return to the
Burton Declared Elected.
Columbus , O. . Jan. 14 The general
nssembl } of Ohio , in juint stssion ol
ticlally declared Congressman Thro
doro 12. Burton of Cleveland , the BUI
ccssor of Joseph U Forakcr In tlio
United States senate.
Storage Warehouses the Topic at Pocatello -
catello Convention.
I'ncali llu , Ida. , .Ian. 11. Questions
Uf direct ( DlKi'lll to the sheep misers
of tin * IMilli'd Slates. ospo ( Inlly ol till )
xvi'Hlcrn uingo slates , will arise at llio
tin re dux H' loiivontlon of tln > National
\\nol Gioxvors' association , wlildi lie
Ijan heio this nfli'iiionn Tin1 storage
warehouse plans , whldi contcmpliito.s
tlial tin * bull , of llic wool iiop tin
plairil In the lianilH ol' a < 'oopciati\ < >
Hilling agency ( o hold foi n I'ali pi ! ( .
HM > inmors meanwhile hnrtoxvliiK
mono. mi ( lie Bliiird piodnct , will hti
I IK. prlncal ! | subject at Issue Ar
lao'.i'iin ul > naxo ln'i'ii made lo lease a
xxan'liotiM in Chl < nuo 01 Omaha as
MIOII a il'.i' reiiuiii'ii ; , , OO.ODO
ul wiinl Is guauinii ei |
< v " *
Miss Millifcx omes Countess
of Granard Today ,
Auxiliary Bishop of New York Off !
elates at Ceremony Bridegroom Is
Roman Catholic and Bride Is Protes
tant Little Girls as Bridesmaids.
New York. Jan II. Another Amer
ican girl of wealth will enter the peerage -
age of Great Britain tills atternoon
when Miss Beatilco Mills of this cll\
becomes the Countess of Oranard by
marriage to the Karl of Gtanaid , mas
ter ol the horse to King Edward. The
ceremony will be performed at the
city house of Mr. and Mrs. Ogden
Mills , parents of the bride , at Slxt }
ninth street and Fifth avenue. Oul }
relatives and Intimate triends have
boon asked to the cou-muny , which
xvlll bo private The \\vdding is
marked by none of the ostentation
that has made great society functions
of tormor international marriages.
Miss Mills Is a I'rotostanl , and the
Karl of Granard is the head of one ol
the gieat old Roman Catholic families
of Great Britain. Bishop Thomas
Francis Cusack , auxiliary bishop of
the archdiocese of New York , will of
delate at the ceremony , a dispensation
having been obtained.
Little Girls as Bridesmaids.
Following an old Kngllsh custom ,
the bridesmaids will bo little children.
They arc Miss Ellin Mackay , daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence II. Mackay ;
Miss Edith Taylor , daughter of Mi
ami Mrs. Moses Taylor ; Miss Alice Astor -
tor , daughter of Colonel and Mrs John
Jacob Astor , and Miss Grace Vandor-
bllt , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Corne
lius Vamlcrbilt The Hon. Donald
Forbes , a younger brother of the ICarl
of Gianard , Is the best man.
Miss Beatrice Mills is one of the
twin daughters of Mr and Mrs. Ogden
Mills Her sister , Gladys , xvas married
a year ago to Henry Carnegie Phipps.
Mrs Odgen Mills herself xvas a twin ,
her sister being Mrs Cavendish Ben-
tinck of England
Granddaughter of D. O. Mills.
D. O Mills , the granfather of the
bride , Is the well known banker and
philanthropist and one of the wealth
iest men in the United States.
Miss Beatrice Mills Is tall , graceful
and of a blond type and English in
dress and manner She has had much
social SIKCISS abroad and in this coun
Covers Ninety-Eight Miles With Foul
Relays of Horses ,
Washington. Jan. 11. President
Roosevelt rode ninety-eight miles ut :
horseback , and when ho dismounted
at the White House door , more than
seventeen hours after having departed
theiofiom , he did not show an )
marked signs of weariness. When he
dismounted his coat and hat won
fiozen stiff with sleet and ice. There
were four relays of horses.
The object of his long day in the
saddle , he explained , xvas to prove U
the critics xvlio have found fault xvitli 1
the recent order requiring all arm >
and navy oflicers to take a phybku
test , that If a president , who is noi
In training , can ride ninety miles plus
In one day without being laid up in
bed thereby , It should not be too mud ;
to ask the men who are supposed tr
be In the best physical training all
the time to inle ninety miles in thcci
Hard Job to Get Calhoun Jurors.
San Francisco , Jan 11 Six men
xvere disqualified as jurors , the exami
nation of a sexenlh xvas uncompleted
and the securing of the twelve men to
try Patrick Calhoun upon an indict
iiient charging bribery of a former
supervise ! of this city , xvas discourag
ing us inr as the present panel Is con-
r'erned ' when the second day of the
trial ended ,
Brazlel Given Life Sentence.
Marietta , Okla. , Jan. 11 John Bra-
ziol. who shot and Ulllod Constable D
B Ceiok , nnd Dan Sims , a farmer , ami
wounded another tnrmor , xvas found
of minder and sentenced to the
iH-niM-nMnry lor lite
Fatal Wreck on Canadian Pacific.
din H 'Iliii-e persons
1 wore ptrhap > fatally miur. . ) in a Pa
na-lian Pa itlc freight tiain collision
near Swift Current One of the trains
I was loaded with silk.
All Italy Bows Her Head In
Supplication ,
Survivors from Messina and Regglo
Shocks Were Frightened Into Hys
terics at the Newest Quiver Still
Hope to Get Cheney Bodies.
Uome , Jan. 11. Nearly all citizens
of Italy oftercd prayers today for a
cessation of the earthquakes.
The survivors from Messina and
Kc'-glo , who were In the towns af-
lected yesterday , were frightened Into
stories . , some of them dying as a
Hxcavatlng at Messina has ceased
excepting at the Kngltsh and American
Hope is still held out that the bodlew
o. Consul Arthur Cheney and hla wife ,
fiom the United States , may be re
Quake Covers North Italy.
Home , Jan It.-Accounts Irom Ve
netla , Lombard } ' and Tuscany describe
the panic caused by earthquakes in
noith Italy ICverywheio people rushed
out sci canting , "Kurlhquako. " Two
women died of fright at Bologna.
There wile no other victims and the
lamage was insignificant , being limn
d to hioUcn xxlndoxvs , ciaikod cot
UK es , etc.
Rumored Austria Will Grant Conces
sion for Railroad.
Belgrade , Servia , Jan. M. Austria
permit the construction of the
Servian railway across Bosnia , accord
ing to rumors received at the foreign
oftice. Upon this concession depends
peace in the Balkans. Austria will
grant this concession , it is said , pro
vided Servia does not ask too big a
strip of land.
mm UrHoi
Lodge Insists on Right of Presi
dent to Exercise Discretion ,
Washington , Jan. 14. The aut. it }
of congress to direct heads of oxecu
tivc departments to send to the senati
or house information in their posses
sion was the subject of an extender
speech in the senate by Senator Bacor :
( Ga. ) . Bacon took the broad vio\\
that congress has absolute power ti
demand from heads of departments
any Information within their posses
sion and oven to require them to givi
reasons for their action or non-actloi
on any matter before them
Senator Lodge questioned the powci
of congress to demand papois on Ilk
in diplomatic matters and insisted up
on the right of the president to oxer
else discretion in such matters
Senator Hale declared that ho did
not believe that the president Intended
to state in his message to congress
that he would not furnish document }
and information , but merely that hi
declined to permit a cabinet officer U
furnish reasons for the action be had
taken. He stated he would regret see
Ing congress and the president loci
horns on the question of the power o !
congress to procure Information ii
possession of the executive depart
incuts. Senators Fulton , Teller , Clapp
Money and others Joined in the debate
bate , all of them upholding the powoi
of the senate In the matter under con
Appropriation Agreed On by Commit
tee 52,000,000 , Under Last Year.
Washington , Jan. 14. An appropria
tlon of $1G1U1S.O.)0 ) for pensions was
agreed on by the committee on appio
priations In the dratting of the annua
pension appropriation bill , Thi :
amount Is over $2,000,000 less thai
the appropriation lust year , which was
Ill the report of the house it wa :
shown that the republic has expcndo (
since Its beginning $3,751,108,80'J it
The committee inserted In the bll
a provision that the eighteen pensloi
agencies throughout the country b (
reduced to one. to bo located in Wash
ington Congiess has twice failed t <
agree to such a proposal
Colonel Torney Succeeds Brlgadlei
General O'Reilly Today.
Washington , Jan 11 With the re
tlrenicnt Irom active service today u
Bilgadler General Robert M O'Reilly
surgeon geneial of the United States
army , Colonel George H Toinuy us
sumed the lask of looking alter tin
health ol I'mle Sam s. soldiers.
ColoiK I Tuinoxi& born in Mar >
land June 1 : s.ii and b. i aman as
Mutant burgeun in tin- aim ) in ih ; ' >
Ho was in < ' mniund of Hi , Hilirf dur
ing the Spanish Aim man war an.
was appointed a Ueput } surgeon gen
era ) In 11)03. )
Injures . ! x Persons , Including Hli
Wife , Who Will Die.
Hamilton , O. , Jan 11 Rudolph
Wirtz , a prominent iltl/oii , went in
sane and ran amuck , Injuring six per
sons , Including his wife , who piobabl )
will dlo Wirtz stabbed the woman
forty-four times In the face , hi east ,
neck and head. He cut out her Iclt
ee and severed her right thumb
Wlrtx was beaten almost Insensible
before being disarmed.
Wlitz slashed his brother , Julius ,
twelve times In the face , and Injuieil
I Chailes Martin , president of the Martin -
! tin Tianstei company ; Harry Sum-
| meiton , William Hlisihnor and Gcoigo
Long. They will iccover.
Wlrtz Is held by the police. Ho has
been lu a sanitarium and is said to
have blooded ovei the murder of Mis
Frank Donnelly of Oxford.
Faces Charge of Defrauding Govern
ment by Means of False Scales.
New York , Jan 1 L The trial ol the
charges of It and brought by the i oil-
era I government against the Ameilcan
Sugar Rellnlng com pan ) was called
helore Judge Thomas 1. Chatllold in
the lodoial district court in Brooklyn
It Is allofi ( d by the government that
by means of "lUed" scales the com
pany , which Is geneially known as
"the sugar I rust. " and some ol its em
plcnoes the United States
trea.Miry ot iinpotl revenues on raxv
Omaha Policeman Killed and De
tective and Woman Wounded.
Omaha , Jan. 14. Karly this morning
a masked loliber entered the resort ot
Anna Wilson , on Ninth street , and
held up the place. One inmate ,
made a show ol icslstancevas quick
ly shot by the robber , who then demanded
mandod the valuables of the others
Ho secured a small amount of money
and stalled out the tent | way , running
into the arms of Policeman L. A
Smith , whom the robber shot dead on
the spot , and made his escape.
The police station was quickly notl
Hod and a squad of o'Mcers started In
pursuit of the robber. He was fol
lowed for an hour , and trace of him
was lost. A short time later , hoxvover ,
the odlcers came upon a man near the
Douglas stieet bridge across the Mis
souri rivei , and a pistol fight followed ,
In which he shot and probably fatally
wounded Detective Devcreesc of the
Omaha police force , and wns hlmsell
dangerously wounded. Both men were
taken to the Omaha General hospital
, Betsy Smith , an Inmate of the resort ,
is berioiislv wounded.
Arrest at Ogallala May Break Up Gang
In Western Nebraska.
Ogallala , Neb. , Jan. 14. Sheriff
ClaiK of Deuel county arrested a
young man here named Willard.
charged with hoihosteallng. Willard
hi ought the hoi bis here and sold them
to Mr. Hariington , receiving a check
in painent. When ho presented the
check lor payment Clark arrested him
A gang of three or more are implicat
ed. All 01 them will no doubt be
caught ami the gang will bo biokon
up. The hor-sos were stolen from the
ranch ol John II. Orr , in the western
part of Keith county
Death of Mrs Carrie Maxon.
Miinlen , Neb. , Jan. 14. Mrs. Carrie
Maxon , wile of Past Commander John
R. Maxon of the Nebraska G A. R. ,
is dead , lollowing a long illness. With
her husband she has lived in this coun
ty since the lirst settlement was form
f-d heie.
Killed Under Load of Ice.
Falrbury. Nob. , Jan. 14. William P.
McPheihon , while hauling ice , xvas
killed by his load of ice tipping over
and tailing upon him He lived but a
short time alter being found. Me-
I'herson xvas seventy-lhree years of
Schooner Wrecked ; Two Drown ,
Surf , Gal. , Jan. M The schooner
Sybyl Marston , Captain Schilllnsky ,
which left Gray's Harbor Thursday
for Redondo with 1,100,000 feet of lum
ber , went ashore about a mlle south
of Surf and is now a total wreck. John
McCarty and Dick O'Neill , firemen ,
both of Sun Francisco , were washed
from the deck by the high waves soon
after the vessel struck and xveie
Three Escape Death on Desert ,
Balarat , Cal. . Jan. 14. Thiee of the
men lost on the desert in Death Valley
have made their way to this phue
One remains unaccounted for and hope
of his being alive has been abandoned
The missing man Is B A Williams , a
mining man of Handhurg. The three
who arrived at Ballnrat xvero dement-
fd , having wandered for nine days ,
most of the time without water
Muskogee Hit by Big Fire.
Muskogee , Okln Jan 11 Fir. that
broke out here in iln Sai.itonu M IOU
rant in Thir.l . s'li-it serial to the
Caiuliiia an l ( ifinui ) linluiiigs The
llio iniriud ir .if out after d <
i initial an entire square. Loss ,
Gopeland Political Headquarters
at Topeka Burn ,
Fire Guts Big Building In Kansas Capi
tal A. W. Smith , Prominent Poll-
tlclnn , Expected to Die from Injuries
Topokn , .Ian. 11. Klro today gulled
ho Copeland political hoado.mii tors.
I'horo was n heavy loss , which , how-
ver , has not yet been estimated.
Thirty-seven persons are known to
mvo lieen Injured. Several are mi-
icconnlcd for.
A. W. Smith , former candidate for
he Republican nomination for govor-
ior , Is expected to dlo from injuries
sustained In the lire.
Guests jumped from upper story
windows. Theie was no time to
escape by way of the stairs.
Canadian Pacific Passenger and
Freight Meet.
Winnipeg. .Ian. 11. A wreck oc
curred on the Canadian Pacific last
night , a freight colliding with a pas
senger train. Throe wore fatally hurt
d several cars burned. The switch
is reported to have boon closed.
One Killed and Five Injured in Acci
dent at Chicago.
Chicago , .Ian. 11. One person was
killed and five injured when the Los
t\ngelcs Limited passenger train crash-
I'd Into the rear end of a train of work
men today. The dead and wounded
were all working men.
Charles Johnson of Slonx City , aged
thirty , was among the injured. The
accident was said to be duo to fog and
Boston [ &ii Elected President
o ! harvard University ,
Boston , Jan. 14. Abbott IJUMUICO
Lowed , author , law } or and Hai\ard
profebhOr , IS tO bO tllO SllCle.SbOl Ol
Charles W. Eliot as head ol the great
Cambiidgo university. The suspeiis
felt by the alumni and friends ot Har
vard since the resignation of President
ICllot in November last and the speui
lation IIH lo his probable siiLLOSbor
ended when , after the coiporatiou and
overseers of the institution had held
separate meetings in tills city , it was
announced that the corpoiatlon had
elected I'rolobsor Lowell as piesiuent.
Tills choke , which was immediately
submitted lo the boaid ol overseers ,
must be latilied by the latter body at a
meeting to be held on Jan lit ) , bat ,
as Preslde-it lillot said , "their action
is not doubtful. "
A mombfi ul a famous Boston lam-
ily. a giadrate o. Harvard and ol the
llarvaid law school , and occupant of
the chair of the Science of Govern
ment at the university since 190U , I'to-
fessor Lowell Is thoroughly imbued
with Ilanard traditions. Ho Is re
garded as an able administrative olll-
cor , a strict disciplinarian , one who
recognizes the joys of athletic com
petition , but deplores excess in inter
collegiate sport.
Shercliffe on Trial.
Minneapolis , Jan. 1-1. The trial of
Sherman Morris , alias Frank Slier-
cllffo , charged with robbery In the
first degree , began here. Morris
served time In Iowa for a sensational
diamond robbery and escaped from a
train in Colorado while being taken to
prison to serve a twenty-five-year sen.
tenco for murder. Ho is charged with
holding up passengers of a Northern
Pacific train In the Minneapolis city
limits last spring.
Henry County Man Winner.
Amos , la. , Ian. 14. The grand
champion sweepstakes on single ear
of corn awarded at the corn show hero
was won by J C Frame , Salem , Henry
county. This iar wins the Allen tro
phy and a De Uival cream separator ,
In addition to the which It won
in district ami section
Stevens inay bucceed I rumbull.
Denver , Jan. 11 John I1' Slovens ,
lormer chairman of the Panama ( anal
fommlubion and at present vi < c presi
dent ol the .New York , New 1 luxn and
llaittcrd railroad , has been offered
nnd will piobnbly accept the pn hi
dency of the Colorado and Sotithorr
load , to succeed Frank Trumbull xvher
the latter retires next week Tlin Col
oindo nnd Southern was recently uc
qulrod by the Hill Interests
Fifty Dead Taken From Mine.
Hint-field , Wa . lm 1 1 Flit ;
bodies bad In < n MUen l > u < ii I u j ,
l.r.'in ' ti ni'i ' , it ? i hi , n i \ \ \ n
) - it > rii i In , i a i ] > | ui
i i , . I 1 . . \n ' .ra'o
lli Mi < I > cl > t > .iiiiti | ( > s lull
mac the lutai nmiu- of dead ai
- -lu * U'
cOr ! CH t '
IlllltlOl , lf ' .lit- V ml | | (
i' ' ' 'i hi M nrx Ton iiiiiri < inMii >
n . , ti 'Oitn
Maximum ! ! l
Minimum 10
VMM ago . . M"
Barometer 2i ! S15
Chicago. Jan. 11. The bulletin Is-
lll'll O ) 'III I'lllCHK' ItllTIOt , if til-
'nlti-d Stuttik AiiiiliiHt 'inreau
he fiiM'ciiHt fet VolininU < + t
Fair tonight and Friday. Colder
tonight with cold wave east portion.
Sun sets I . " ' _ ' , I-IHI-S 7 IS : moon I-ISOH
1'J.lii a. in. ; moon's are ' _ ' . " . days ; 1 < Kt
p. in. , moon at last uuarter In constel
lation Vlruo.
Now Governor inducted Inio
Otiice at Des Molnes ,
Oath Administered by Chief Justice of
Supreme Court Recommendations
to Legislature Delivered in Message
Form Following Inauguration.
Des Molnos , Jan. 14. With more
than ordinary ceremony B. F. Carroll
was inaugurated goveinor of Iowa to
day. With the Inclement weather it
was necessary to hold all the coie-
monies at the state house , where a
large crowd had gathered to witness
the ceremony. The oath was admin-
Istere ! > \ Iho chief j-n-licf , and si v
( Ti.l of t.e ! iiHMHiale ju , : 11--1 \\cre
also pn.seiit lo lend dignity to the oc
Governor Carroll had alioady pre
pared his rocomnien lallons to the leg
Islature and these were delivered In
ines.- : < ! lorm following the inauguia
Governor Garst , who filled the exec
utive rrn.r following Ihe resignation
of Governor Cummins , wns also pies
out at the ( ftoniony The ocean.nn
was ma ie somewhat brilliant by the
pros 'tin o | many ladies , mostly wives
of slate ( initials. wiore ! handsome
gowns set elf the gallery in the best
of style
Colonel Does Not Want the Office on a
Creston , In. , Jan. 14. At a meeting
of Eighth dlbtrlct Republicans hold
here lor the purpose of hearing the re
port of a subcommittee appointed at
a previous meeting to investigate the
proposed contest for congressman in
this district it developed that the com
mittee had not found as much to en
courage them as had been expected
Colonel Hepburn made It very plain
to Ills friends In the district that un
der no circumstances would be permit
the contest to go on If it were to hinge
on technicalities , and there Is a possi
bility that the contest may be dropped.
Act Follows Decision of Girl to File
Complaint Instead of Wed Him ,
Shenandoah , la. , Jan 14. A. L. Me-
Clanahan committed suicide by taking
htrychnino. Ho had obtained a mar
riage license to wed Mabel Chester ,
daughter of Joe Chester , a well to do
tanner of the vicinity Her lather
protested and hud her swear out a
warrant charging McClunahun xvlili a
btatutory olfrnhi.oiniultied several
wockh ago Ho had courted hoi lor
hbout two years
Receiver for Waterworks.
Council Bluffs , la. , Jan 11. The
Council Bluffs City Waterworks com
pany has gone into the hands of a ro-
celvur. li W Hurt , manager of the
company foi neatly txventy ycuia , Ima
been appointed roe ivor and filed his
bond in the sum of IJo.OUO.
Wealthy Farmer Ends Life.
! > - . M'M ' . . 11 h. . . , c. i ii , a
i XV- . > > i i i ' i ' 11111' ' i ' ju ) < at
1 > l ! i is > i.\ % i i lu Hilia.l
l .1 . ) li limn an i x\a ' > poiKlcnl be
ui i ln < con'iuircu the rieni um > atls <
Accuses Meyer and Bonaparte
Both of Falsehood ,
South Carolina Senator Says He Will
Prove "The Lie Direct" on Meyer
and Is Not Sure What Sort of Llnr
Bonaparte Will be Proven.
Washington , Jan. 11.Soiiatm Till-
man toduy announced that he Inii-mla
pulling Postmaster General Mt.xei ami
Ulorno ) General Bonaparte in llio
'Ananias club. "
He said ho would produce ( In"llo
lirecl" on Meyer but was not certain
' \\hat sort of a liar ho would prove
lonaparto to be. "
Senate Committee Approves Bill Doubl
ing President's Pay.
Washington , Jan. 11. The senate
committee on appropriations toda > up-
punod the appropriation bill with the
amendment to Inciease the president's
salary to $100,000.
No Proposition Towards His Candidacy
for Senate , Been Made.
Springfield , 111. , Jan. 11. ( iovornor
Deneen slated this morning that no
offer or proposition had been made
touching the subject of his becoming
a candidate for the United States sen
ate , and furthermore that he would not
consider such a proposition under any
Invade Marquis' Estate and Begin
Digging to Plant.
Cardiff , Wales , Jan. 11. Five hun
dred unemployed people invaded the
estate of Marquis Bute toda > and be
gan digging , preparatory to planting.
rl'be authorities were summoned , but
were powerless because they hail no
warrants. The marquis sought war-
Mints. The Invaders say the } will re
sist and that they rather die thau
Rich French Duke Will Give Florida
Lands to Italians.
I'aris , Jan. 1 I. Duke do Mttn ,
owner of vast estates In Florida , de
clared today that he would made a.
colonization offer to r > , lno ) families
among quake refugees. Two farms
will be allotted to each family on con
dition that they iann one farm for
him and one for themselves ,
Lightweight Pugilist Shoots Another
Negro and Wife.
Philadelphia. Jan. 11 Jack Black
burn , negro lightweight , Is held with
out bail today on the chaise ol Mioot-
ing and seriously injuring Alonso Polk
and wife , both coloiod.
Blackburn's friend , Maud Pillard ,
( white ) furnished $1,000 ball on the
charge of assault.
Take Out Fifty-Five Bodies.
Switchback. W. Va. . Jan. 11.Fifty -
live bodies have been removed from
the Ill-fated mine. It Is Impossible to
determine the entire death list.
Gives Oil Company 30 Days.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Jan. 11. The supreme
premo court today granted the Waters-
Pierce Oil company thirty da.\s in
which to ( lie acceptance or rejection of
the court's recent decision ordering it
to separate from the trust.
Closing Argument In Hains Case.
Flushing , N. V. , Jan. 1 i. Mrs. Annla
was the center of attraction during
Darrln's closing address in the Ilalns
trial today. Darrin called the Hains
brothers cowards and said the killing
of Annis w/is the result of a con
spiracy. Ho made an eloquent appeal ,
Mrs. Annls sobbing convulsive ! } mean
while. Jenkins Hains was nervous.
The case Is near a close.
Woman Blown to Atoms.
Londville Colo. Jan 14--Mi .
, , - - * Rl.h-
ntd Lauiorbaeh , xvifc of a nilm-i , x\as
killed and Miss Esther Schnsn r , a
guest ot the louner ul her home near
Mllcht'll , was badly injured wli.n a
mysterious tire in the Luutorhtx b cabIn -
In Ret off several sticks of dynamite.
The explosion blexv Mrs l.aulei . li
to atoms , wrecked the log cabin and
fceMiij.- ! } hint her xvoinun companion
Agreement With Venezuela.
Washington , Jan - - has be < oino
ex Idi Ml ui t'i ' tin - . par I
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. ' * ' n i ii i i n ' ( i , i i , . r
I .1 .1. ' . I , i „ uis
f. . > . 0 ! ' V\ li 1 I I . i , ( JO
n < { i i \ i < i L u u l i r. , > i < ui'MIt '
of tin di > p itr | ' tiuns brixv in the
United States and that country ,