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Staniori and Battle Creek Will Alto
Celebrate Other North Nebraska
Towns Are Making Elaborate Plans
to Attract Vlsitorn.
In a fortnight north Nebraska IM-O-
ple will be called on to tnko the-lr
Feiurth of July plans. Anil an usual
e-ltl'/e-iiH v.hose own town doon not
relelirnto will visit neighboring tenviiH ,
where they will widen their list of
ae > epialnlnnce > n and help cremate closer
tlo botwern nolRlihorhnodH.
Neitlidk has already received nil In-
vltatlim lo spend the Fourth of July
In Madlsem. The Invitation WIIH e > lll-
dally Issued by the1 .Mudlnon Cemimur-
clal e-lub. It was delivered te > Neir-
folk by IlllO Madison poeiplo who came
te > the' flreineii's carnival with the
Mndlson lituiel lei put an exclamation
mark after their expression of good
The Union Pacific will preibably run
an excursion te > Madison em the > Fourth
the- special leaving for the county se'at
about ! t n. in. In the- evening the' reg
ular piihsoiiKor will probably bo held
until IU o'clock.
To the west eif Norfolk Battle Crook
will eiMobrate the national blrlhilay.
To the east Stanton will eele-brato.
He > lh will draw people from this city.
In lloll county lowing Is bidding for
Feiurth eif Jul ) vlslteirs.
In Kea Piihn county Burlem nnd
Sprlngvlew , rival towns , will both
cole-Ill Itto.
Plni' v ! n announced a Pierce
county e i . ( ration. T1' 'lev o mlli-
tary bniiel has been engnge'd
Hrii'-w ! e -I ; will celebrate 111
In ; i county.
Knei.x county people can celebrate
in Nleihrara.
Bo. , el county will have1 at least u
triple celebration.
Kpencer , Unite and Lynch have al-
lonely been hoard from. There will
be a race meet at Spencer , a week's
carnival at Butto.
W. II.Vidaiiiiin Is compelled to
use crutches because ot ; i turned
Monte .1. Thiobold of Wayne gradu
ated from Wisconsin university with
high honors
C1. 10. IXmghty has begun oxcavivt-
ing for a new residence on South
Ninth street.
P. II. Patterson of Chadron was
elected president of the Hlack Hills
Traveling Men's nstwcatiou at the an
nual meeting nnd outing at Hot
Spiings , S. I ) .
Monday afternoon a force of men
with teams removed the rubbish left
on Norfolk avenue from the 1'tirket
The street commissioner had the
King draj ; on the streets Monday at
tcinoon , putting them in condition foi
The Kpweirth League convention o :
the Notigh district In session in Oak
dale will close Thursday evening will
a lecture , "Our Country" by Dr
Thomas Hlthell of this city.
Congressman Moses P. Kinkald o
the Sl.xth Nebraska , with his sccretnrj
A. W. Humphrey , Is one of the con
vcntiou spectators in Chicago. Con
gresBinnn Kinknid will return t <
O'Noftl as boon as the conveiitioi
A group of Northwestern olllciah
left Monday afternoon in a private on
on an inspection tour of the Bonesteo
line. The east trains from Fremon
are still dela.\ed and running slightlj
behind time on account of the sof
track all along the fine.
The newly elected ollicers of Mosale
lodge , No. . " 10 , A. F. A. M. wore in
stalled last evening with the usual
ceremonies- . The new otllcers are :
W. K. Hoffman , \V. M. : 11. L. Snyder ,
S. W. ; M. C. Hnzen , J. \ \ ' . ; Goo. 11.
Burlem , seoretar ) ; L. C. Mittelstadt ,
treasurer ; S. ( ! . Dean , S. I ) . ; Warren
McOlnry , J. 0. ; 11. Gerocko. S. S. ; H.
C. Simmons , J. S.
"Blind Tom , " who died Sunday at
lloboken. N. J. , once gave a concert
at the Methodist church In Norfolk.
He was a famous negro musician , much
like "Hlind Hoone" except that he was
simple minded. Tom used to applaud
his own work on the piano , doing this
just as he did his music-making
wholly from hearing others do it. He
had been living in retirement of late
and subsisting on charity.
An amusing incident occured in
Norfolk police court recently. A
German woman had been called to
the Mnml to testify concerning a con
versation which had taken place be
tween two Niys. I'pou taking the
stand she refused to testify except in
German , explaining at the time that
she was unable to speak English. The
conversation of which she was to testi
fy had taken place in English and the
opposing lawyer was quick to see his
advantage Ho pointed out that it
would he imiHisslble for the woman to
authentically testify as to a conversa
tion in English when she could not
understand it. The point was so well
taken Hint the lady was forced to
leave the stand without testifying.
f ' i 1 Relations of President nnd Attorney
General Reach Critical Stage.
Washington , D C , June 10 Thnt
relations between President Roosevelt
and Attorney General Bonaparte have
reached a point where the latter thinks
he should quit the cabinet Is the be-
nc\ . it In snld. will prompt Mr lionn
parto to remain with the admlnlMni
lion for the present , but It Is thought
lui will retlru BOOH after the November
Mr. Ilonaparto has not felt nt home
In the department of Jubilee , it is de
clared , wince the trouble between him
self and the president over the pro
ceedings Instituted In the case of the
New York , New Haven and Hartford
railroad company.
The action of the president In order
ing the removal of United States Dis
trict Allotney Norman M Hulck and
United States Marsha ) Hue ! Hounds
of Idaho IH pointed out as r. new source
of trouble. Mr. Honaparte wnf op
posed to their removal , It Is nsportrd.
Carnival Committee Preparing Finan
cial Report to Department.
Members ol the committee from the
Norfolk lire department , which had
charge of the carnival of last week ,
stated today that they were unable to
give the financial results of the car
nival but that a statement would bo
re pared as noon as the bills out-
landing were audited. The accounts
live not been entirely closed up and
lomhortt of the committee have net
dellnllc Idea of just what was netted.
Case May Be Dropped.
The bond of Dr. Bracking , who
van bound over to the district court
y .1stice Lambert Saturday , has not
oen lived. Dr. Bracking is charged
vlth practicing medicine without a
cense. The case may be dropped as
) r. Bracking has signlllcd his Inle-n-
Ion of gettini ; a state certificate and
hus complying with the law.
Ciilnrrli Cttiinnt lir Pnn-il
iitmiit rruoh tlic Mont of the illsen
iitnrrht \ * a blnne'i or oiiiistltuUonal
IsriiMc unit In nnliT to cure It you must
uko Internal remedies. Hull's Catarrh
/lire In tiikrn Internally , unit uctH ellr-
n'tly on tlie liloml ami mucus mirfnors.
lull's C.iliirrh Cure Is net n quitch
m-elli'lue. Hviis proscribed liy one of
: he bust physicians In this country for
i-ent'H and In n reuular prescription ,
"t Is composed f the. best tonics known
ombliu'it with the bent blood purlllerH ,
ictlni ; directly on the mucus surfaces.
I'ho perfect combination of the two In-
redlpnta Is what producea such won-
lerful rusults in curlns Catarrh. Send
'or testimonials frue.
F. J. ( "HHNHY .t CO. , Toledo , O.
Sold by UruKtflstH , price "lie.
Take Hall's Fumlly Pills for consti
Superstitious at the White House
Shiver With Fear.
Washington , June Ki Workmen
wrought a ladder Into the otlice of the
secretary of war yosterelny. Some nnx-
ious courtier started to remark that
was the ladder that led to higher
hlngs , but he suddenly remembered
that the slender structure was no eler-
lick and desisted.
Now as everyone knows , pane IS ,
of the Hast us Jenkins Dream Book
tells us just what will happen to u
man who walks under a ladder. It is
the same thing that happens after a
black cat chases itself acioss the road
in front of you.
Willie this ladder obstructed the
doorway , Secretary Taft came toward
the door as one who would fain gc
out. Ho perceived the ladder , halted
and backed tip for a fresh start. A
score of curious persons gathered te :
watch the struggle between the Highet
Thought and the Lower Superstition
On each side of the ladder was
space enough for Vice President Fair
banks to pass , but not for the secre
tary. The middle of the road and UK
fatal plunge under the ladder was
the only thing big enough to afforc
safe conduct.
The secretary crossed his fingers
shifted a telegram to Frank Hitch
cock Into the other hand , and made
the daring sortie under the emblem o
bad luck.
"Lordy ! He's done gone and done
it , " walled a dusky porter , who strok
ed a rabbit's foot over the carpel
where the big war chief passed.
"It done came from a urnveyare
rabbit's left bin' foot , and it maj
help , " said the faithful worker.
RECTOR GOT $30,000. ,
The Rev. Baker P. Lee of Los Angales
Church In Trouble.
Los Angeles , Cal. . June 13. A
though drawing a salary of from $1 ,
000 to fo.Oufl a year and having the
free use of a ? 12,000 house for severa
years , the Rev. Baker P. I oe , rector
of Christ church , Episcopal , borrowei
from vestrymen and other pnrishlon
ors and certain outsiders sums aggregating
gating more than ? 30,000 for his per
sonal uses , and finally found it neces
sary to obtain from a money lender
$000 at an Interest rate of 10 per cen
per month , giving as security a chatte
mortgage on the furniture of the
The recording of the mortgage dis
closed the clergyman's activity as a
financier. Some of the indorsers o
his notes who have made good tht
amounts of the loans complained to
Bishop Johnson , and an investigation
was ordered. Wesley Clark , a mem
her of the church , was appointed by
the bishop to conduct an investigation
and as a result the vestry demandec
Mr. Lee's resignation. He refused to
"The rector can he removed onlj
upon charges against his moral character
actor , " said Lee , "and I challenge an
ono to say a word against me In thn
regard. "
In getting acquainted with a mar
ried woman you will find she Is pretty
upt to say , early in the acquaintance ,
"I did not know a THING when I was
married. " What does she mean ?
The women arc paying out n good
deal to improve their complexions.
What Is the matter with the old-fash
ioned woman's method of getting a
Norfolk May Play Columbus at Madi
son on the Fourth A Two Weeks
Base Ball Tour IB Being Considered.
Fast Game in View.
The Norfolk base ball team Is In
demand over north Nebraska for
Correspondence Is already coming
In from towns anxious to secure-Nor
folk's "American Kids" for Fourth of
July tournaments.
It Is quite possible that Norfolk may
play Columbus at Madison on the
Strengthened In the pitching de
partment hy the addition of Kliklnnd ,
a star t wirier from Atkinson , the
chances for a winning hall team for
Norfolk are exceedingly good. Kirkland -
land has made a splendid record thus
far this season and will be on the
slab for Norfolk when they meet
Plninvlew next Thursday afternoon.
Hoffman , who does the receiving for
Norfolk , Is a heady player and al
though only eighteen > ears of ago
plays a fancy game nt backstopplng.
With thos.0 two ns a battery Norfolk
is sure to be strong In this depart
ment of the game.
The inlleld and outfield , although
pla.\lng good steady ball now , will im
prove as the season advances. The
thing most needed Is practice and if
the weather permits , the team will
practice regularly from now on. The
continued rains have made it impos
sible lor the players to use the ball
Ijiler on In the season Captain Shafer -
or maj take his "American Kids" on
a two weeks' tour of the state , playing
the best amateur teams on the road.
A large number of games will also be
ehcdulod on the home grounds , so
hat Norfolk fans need not go away
rom home to see an exhibition of
lie national sport. Plalnvkw cornea
> Norfolk on Thursday afternoon , nnd
t a transfer of dates can be made with
Mainview , Crofton will be here Frl-
ay. The game which was being con-
Idered with Neligh for today , was
ropped on account of the ixior condl
ion of the ball diamond. With a littk
unshine the grounds will be In ex
client condition for the game Thurs
District Convention of Missionary So
ciety Here Saturday.
The program of the district con
volition of the Woman's Home Mis
sionary society of the Methodist
church which convenes in the Metho
list church of this city Saturday aftei
loon , is :
Saturday , 2. p. m.
Devotional Mrs. G. L. Goodel
Roll call of district delegates.
Appointment of committees.
Election of ollicers.
Reports Auxiliary societies , Quee
Esther circles , district ollicers.
Duet Myrtice Doughty , Warrei
lleit/.man , Norfolk.
Paper "Christian Giving , " Mrs
Ella Tranmer , Lyons ; discussion , Mrs
F. M. Druliner , llnrtington.
Social hour at home of Mrs. J. \ \
Saturday , 7:30 : p. m.
Devotional , Mrs. C. F. Shnri
Greeting , Mrs. C. W. Hay , Norfolk
Hcsponse , Mrs. C. S. Hughes , Pei
Drill "Home Guards , " Norfolk.
Address , Miss Nellie Snider , genera
Duet , Misses Ethel Doughty an
Edna Ivoucks , Norfolk.
Sunday , 10:30 : a. m.
Devotional , Rev. Chas. W. Hny , Nor
Solo , Mr. Ross Tindall , Norfolk.
Address , Miss Nellie Snider ,
Solo , Mrs. H. A. Moler , Wayne.
Solo , Mis. Ida Blair , Wayne.
Sunday , 2:30 : p. m.
Devotional. Miss Lena Mills , Nor
Round Table , conducted hy Mis *
Nellie Snider.
Solo. Rilva Adams , Norfolk.
Paper "The Incoming Millions , "
Mrs. Mae House , Wayne ; discussion ,
Miss Esther Wentworth , Randolph.
Solo , Winifred Hazen , Norfolk ,
Sunday , 7:30 : p. m.
Devotional , Mrs. C. N. Dawson , Nor
Report of committees.
Paper "Other Women Under Our
Flag , " Miss Elizabeth Spencer , Boo
Solo , Miss Myrtle Hewins , Wayne.
Address , Miss Nellie Snider.
Chorus , Queen Esthers , Norfolk.
Officer * .
The officers of the Norfolk district
are : Mrs. E. C. Horn , president ;
Mrs. C. S. Hughes , vice president ;
Mrs. Carl Llndstrom , recording and
corresixjiidliig secretary ; Mrs. S. E.
Coil , treasurer ; Miss Elizabeth Spen
cer , secretary of literature.
Death of Gustave Andcrsoni Age
Eighty-Ona Years.
Gustave Anderson died at the home
of his daughter , Mrs. William Ander
son early Sunday morning. He was
eighty-one years old , death resulting
from old ago. The funeral was held
Monday afterm/on in the Swedish cem
etery nine miles north of Hosklns.
P. Hart has returned from Iowa
i he pant week.
Mr and Mrs J. A. Ilucbnrr have re-
11 ned from a week's visit with rela
vex nnd friend * in Iowa.
N S Deal loft Friday for a visit
1th his father In Colorado.
Lee Tens-linger of Wakefleld visited
Ith John Foster a few dny last
John Foster left Sunday for Chicago
o travel out of that city for the An-
her Grain company.
Paul Deck has gone to Wayne to
ttond the summer term nt the nor-
Miss Elsie DobbliiB and Harry and
'onion JColmor arrived home Saturday
rom the WII.MIG normal , having com-
leted the spring term.
Mrs. Louis Xelrmer gave a party
Sunday for her son , Vernon , in honor
f his twenty-ilrst birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. August Huclow were
ailed to fierce last Tuesday by the
erlous Illness of Mr , Ruolow's aged
Charles Green left for Presha. S. D.
Mrs. H. U Luke and children of
'ortlnnd are visiting with Mrs. Luke's
not her , Mrs. A. M. I-'iiesn.
Mrs. A. M. Fuesz will leave Tliurs-
lay for Lincoln to attend the Epworth
.eaguo assembly.
R. Rohrke arrived from Meadow
Jrove last week to again become n
esidetit of Hosklns
John Crosk > underwent an operation
'or ' his e\es at Sioux City last week.
Miss Norma Henzler of Pierce Grad
uates This Year in Norfolk Branch
of Western Conservatory of Music.
Recitals at Auditorium.
The twelfth commencement of the
Norfolk branch of the Western Con
servatory of Music closes this week
with recitals on Thursday and Friday
veiling. Friday evening is graduat
ing night proper. Programs of special
interest have been prepared for the
two nights , the recital -of Thursday
evening being by the advanced pupils
who have been studying under Mrs.
Cora A. Heels.
Fifty-six pupils take part In the
Thursday evening program , Madison ,
Battle Creek , Pilger , Stanton , Win-
side , Hosklns and Pierce being repre
Commencement evening President
Scott of Chicago speaks at the Audi
torium on "Music the Art of Arts. "
Miss Norma Hen/lor of Pierce is the
only graduate this year.
A feature of the Friday evening pro
gram will be a clarinet solo played by
Mr. Slechta of Pierce. Mrs. Edith
I'lrich will play the celebrated con
cert paraphrase of the Blue Danube by Schulx-IClever.
Oscar Schavland Friday evening will
make his last appearance as a pupil
of Mrs. Heels. In September he will
enter the conservatory at Lincoln.
Forty-two pupils will take part in the
exorcises of Friday evening.
Both recitals of this week are given
at the Auditorium.
Men Wouldn't Work on Streets Dur
ing Carnival Week.
Carnival week brought a labor
famine to Norfolk. Despite the fact
that the carnival hardly blossoms forth
until evening the spirit was infectious.
It was Councilman Pat Dolan of the
street and alley committee who tapped
the local labor market last week and
fciind it diy.
With the heavy rnins came renewed
trouble from the trenches in sewer dis
trict No. 1 , the west end district.
With the constant rains the heavy
crust which had formed over the tops
of the settling trenches broke in. And
the reason that the gaps in the street
continued to can loncer than they
should have was becauee men wouldn't
work during the carnival.
School Picnic of Christ Church Goes
Over Until September.
It rains on the carnival and the
Sunday school picnic alike.
Rain Sunday made It necessary to
postpone the annual school picnic of
Christ. Lutheran church which was to
have been held during the day in
Pasewalk's grove.
The picnic has been postponed until
next September , when it will mark the
opening instead of the closing of
Next Sunday the school children of
St. Paul Ev. Lutheran church will en
joy their annual picnic in the grove.
Hunting a Job.
Walt Mason in Emporia Gazette :
"I would like a situation , I have hunt
ed for It long , " said a youth who look
ed discouraged ; "everything that is
is wrong ; there is no demand for
labor , no respect for willing hands ,
hence the people who are idle are
as frequent as the sands. I have
waited in the pool hall through the
long and weary day. and no lucra
tive position seemed to come along
that way ; I have stood upon the corner
nor , smoking at my thrusty cob , but
no merchant came to hire me , though
all knew I had no job ; I have sat on
i ver\ doorstep that against mo
wasn't fenced , \mi could scarcely
find a building that I haven't kaned
anam.-t ; I haMMimKed a thousand
MOHHS , . I have chewed a curd of plug ,
I have shaken dice with dozens , I
have touched each elder Jug , to sus-
waited for a berth , with some up to
date employer who'd appreciate m >
worth But the world Is out of Kilter
niul the countr > 'H out of plumb , and
( he poor downtrodden \oter finds that
tilings nre on the hum. "
While Mrs. Edward Beslln Lay Dying
in Norfolk Word of Husband's Death
Was Expected at Any Moment.
Wife Was Miss Katherine Richards.
While Mrs. Katherlno Breslln lay
d > lng at the home of her parents , Mr.
and Mrs. Charles lUchards , at 711
South Fourth street , word of her hus
band's death was expected at an >
moment. Death called the wife Fri
day morning. Both suffered from
Husband and wife parted when they
saw that they both faced death's
quick summons. The one went to the
home of a wealty sister in Ohio , the
other to a father's homo near Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. Rlchnrds have lived in
the vicinity of Norfolk for many > enrs.
When their daughter arrived a few-
weeks ago they moved to Norfolk to
be close to medical aid.
The funeral will be held in the Unve
school house live miles west of 'the
city Saturday afternoon. There six
men , who wore once schoolmates of
the dead woman , will act as pall
Dr. C. W. Ray , pastor of the Meth
odist church , will conduct the ser
vices. The funeral procession will
leave the Fourth street home at 1
p. m.
Mrs. lireslln has n sister , Mrs. John
Hay , who still lives In the neighbor
hood of the Lowe school. Mrs. Bres
lln was twenty-seven years old.
The pallbearers at the funeral will
! ) e Clyde Best , Harry Wadd , John
Wadd , Harry Best , Edward Foale and
Edwin Deuel.
Choicest Place in Hall to Be Occupied
by His Telegrapher. I
Chicago , June Hi. The choicest
seat in the whole Coliseum , the one
In the corner of the press section near
est the speakers' stand , immediately
at the right of the chairman , is to be
occupied by the telegraph operator ,
one of the fastest In the country , who
will have direct communication with
the white house in Washington.
Every word uttorul will be Hashed
over the wires as soon as spoken to
President Roosevelt , thus keeping htm
in as close touch as modern science
can with everything that is done on the
the lloor of the convention.
Thus , if any speaker , by some re
markable effort of oratory , changes
the oven , prearranged course of events
the master mind of the administration
faction , hundreds of miles away in
Washington , can formulate a defense
and instruct his lieutenants before the
orator has taken his seat.
Small Northeast Creameries Before
Interstate Commission.
Sioux Falls , S. D. , June 15. Special
to The News : D. II. Smith , of Miller ;
George Rice of Flandroau , members
of the state board of railroad commis
sioners ; William II. Stanle > , secretary
of the boatd , and P. W. Duugherty , of
Dell Rapids , assistant attorney gener
al of South Dakota nnd counsel of the
board cf railroad commissioners , have
returned fiom Chicago , wheie they
wore pn sent nt a hearing before the
interstate commerce commission on
tlie matter of freight rnt..s en milk
and civnm.
The result of thf else now pending
before the intovHiato commerce com
mission will lm\c hearing upon a num
ber of casot iinolvlng milk nnd cream
rates which now are pending before
the railroad commissioners of South
Dakota and other western states. The
plaintiffs in the action before the In
terstate commerce commission are
several of the big centralized plants.
which are opposing a proposed in
crease in rates which the railroad
companies are seeking to put into ef
fect so far ns the shipments of milk
nnd cream are concerned.
The small local creameries favor the
Increase in rates , as it Is declared by
the small creamery interests that the
present low rate has operated to tlie
great advantage of the centeralized
plants and has ruined numerous small
creameries and put them out of busi
ness , those still In operation being
seriously affected by the strong com-
IR'tition of the big centralized con
Therefore the small creanu-rles are
opposed to the low rates on milk and
cream for long distances , and with
tlie railroad companies they want to
see the rate advanced , us they believe
this would work to the advantage of
the small creameries and place them
more on an equality witli the big cen
tralized plants than they are under th *
present low rates.
In the hearing before the Interstate
commerce commission the representa
tives of the small local creameries of
the northwestern states charged that
the centralized plants were a truM
that the\ paid big prices to farmers
for milk and cream for the purpose of
putting local creameries out of bus !
n < K.- . , and that win n tin- ? was ucenm
pli ln d thf price pnul by the Mg ci-n-
trali/i-d plants was reduced and far
mers were compelled to take whatever
price the big concerns- were willing
The Sugar City Cereal Mills Start to
Grind Monday for First Time Since
Flood Norfolk River Bridges Are
Storm damage Is being repaired in
ind about Norfolk and for ( lie time
being conditions are approaching
normal again.
The breaks In the Northwestern
lines between Norfolk and 1'llger were
temporarily repaired Saturday even
ing so as to permit the passage of
trains running at slow speed. Trains
In nnd out of Norfolk were running
close to schedule Monday although
repair crews were still at work along
the line.
The Sugar City Cereal mills started
to grind Monday for the llrst time
since the high water. The mill WIIH
also aided by the fact that both the
Norfolk avenue and the First street
bridge over the Northfork have been
opened to travel.
At the electric light plant repairs
have been made In the dynamo dam
aged by lightning a week ago. Elec
tricity Is accordingly being furnished
the city from the Seventh street pow
er station.
The river fell Monday following n
Sunday rise. The gates nre still down
at the mill dam.
The name of this corporation shall
he "Columbia Life Insurance com
pany , "
Place of Business.
The homo office of the company and
its principal place of business shall
he in the city of Norfolk , Nebraska.
Kind of Business and Premium Rates.
Section 1. The business of the com
pany shall be to Issue policies of in
surance on the lives of Individuals ,
payable in the event of death ; to pay
Indemnities in the event of accidental
injury , to pay cash and other surren
der \nluos during the lifetime of the
insured , and to do all things pertain
ing to the- business of life and acci
dent insurance , as dellned by the laws
of the State of Nebraska , creating and
tegiilating mutual benefit associations ,
life insurance and Hie insurance com
panies , now in force or which may
hereafter be enacted. The members
of the company reserving the right
at any time , at any annual or special
meeting thereof , to accept any pro
visions of law now in force , or which
mnj then he in force , for changing
lo the mutual level premium , legal
reserve plan.
Sec. u , The rate of premium
charged on any and every policy is
sued shall he such sum as will pro
vide lor the payment of the policy in
lull according to its terms , on a basis
of not less than that required by the
actuaries table of mortality with four
per cent interest.
Annual and Special Meetings of
Section 1. Each individual insured
In the company by one or more poli
cies in force at the time of the meet
ing , shall be entitled to one vole at
an > annual or special meeting of the
members of the company ; nnd when
not present in person , may delegate
his authority to vote hy printed and
written proxy given to a member of
the company. Such proxy to be valid
must slate tlie number , the date and
the amount of the policy held hy the
person giving it , and be filed with tlie
company at least fifteen days before
the meeting next following its date
of issue.
Sec. 2. The nillllial meetings of the
members shall he held at the home
olllc e of the company , at one o'clock
p. m. on the second Tuesday In Jan
uary in each jear. Special meetings
shall be held at the same place when
caliid by the executive committee , by
giving at least ten day * written notice
thireof stating the purpose for which
such special meeting is called.
Sec. : i. At each annual meeting the
members of the company shall elect
a board ol seven directors ; who , ex
cept the medical director , -dial ! be
members of the company , to serve
for one year or until their successors
are elected and qualify. All the cor
porate powers of the company shall
vest in the hoard of directors , who
shall also have power to 1111 vacancies
caused by the death or resignation of
any director or officer. The mudlcal
director may , or may not he a mem
ber of the company.
Sec. I. The board of directors shall
provide in the by-laws the number
of persons required to ho present In
person or by proxy , at any annual or
special meeting of the members to
constitute a quorum.
Sec. 5. At any annual or special
meeting of the members of the com
pany , these articles of incorporation
may be amended , changed or altered
by an affirmative vote of a majority
of the number of members required
to bo present In person or by proxy
to constitute a quorum.
Hoard of Directors.
Section 1. The Incorixirators of the
company shall be its first board of di-
lectors , to servo until ( lie first an
nual meeting of the members nnd
until their successors are elected and
Sec. 11. The regular annual meeting
of the board of directors shall be held
immediately after the annual meet
ing of the members , when by a ma
jority vote tin- board of directors
shall elc 11 otlieer for the ensuing
M ar The olliei r * ' -hall lie a pn-si-
dint , nice pri M < | I nt. a 'nnsurir ' , a
M i ntirand ; .1 nu'dnal dini-tnr , wlm
t-hnll hold nlllii' fen din M-ur i > r until
thi ir Mini'fsors are elected and shall
qualify One person maj hold the
shall adopt , amend , alter or chnngi
the blaws , create olllcon and eleci.
oillcers not dcHlgnatcd In Section i'
i-f this article , when fur Hie Interest
of the company so to do , and to do
ill things tiicessnry for the mirconnfiil
management of the company. Flvt
iiomliort ) of ( he board of directors
hall constitute a quorum for the
transact Ion of business by If , hut an
itllrmatlvo vote of four members of
the board of directors Khali bo required
quired to entry any motion or to elect
illy o Ulcer.
Sec.I. . The hoard of directors shal. '
elect nn executive committee < H"
three of Its members which shnll him
power to administer the nffalrs ol
the company when the board of dl
rectors Is not In session. The board
of directors shall also elect n llnnnce
cominltlc ( < niid an auditing committee
of three members each , whoso duties
shall be defined In the bj laws.
Investments , Umns and Deposits.
Section I All loans nhall be inndi
In the name of the company. No loan
shall be made lo nn.\ director or olll
cor of the compaii ) , nor hlmll any ill
lector or oillcer of the company prof
it hj or receive any commission ot
valuable cotislderalon on any salt
of securities to It.
Sec L1. Umns may be made on tin
incumbered farms secured by first
mortage thereon , provided sucli farm'-
are Improved , productive and sltuateit
In well settled nnd well developed'
sections , and that the amount loaned
thereon shall not evceed lorty per
cent of the appraised value liienof
oxclnshe of Improvements. Bonds
or warrants . bought for In
vestment 0the | I'nited ' Slates , 01
state , count ) , ell ) , town or school
district , when such bonds or wiirraiils-
bear interest and are Issued accord
ing to law. Also real estate may In
owned by the eompnii ) when reiilren ( |
for its home ollleo building Including
rooms therein for rental.
Sec. : ! The company shall him
power to sell , transfer or dispose ol
mi ) real estate , bonds , warrants , nmrt
gage or Investments , which It ma\
have secured In ( lie regular coinse of
Its business , al mi ) time the hoard of
directors may direct for the best inter
est of die company.
Sec. I. A sum equal to the not re
serve on nil policies In force on m
basis not less than that required bv
he actuaries table of morlallty nmi
'our per cent interest , the llrst year
'icing ' computed as term Insurance
when so desired , shnll be invested In
lie securities prescribed in section 2
> f tills article , and kept on deposit
witli the auditor of public accounts at
Lincoln , Nebraska , lor the henellt and
security of the policy holders.
How Money Shall be Paid Out.
Section I. No money shall be paid
nut and no expenditure whatever shall
lie made , except same shall have been
iiul homed in i | lc. b\-laws or by special
authority of the hoard of directors 01
nf th" executive committee. No con
trilmtlon shall lie made by or for tlu
'ompany to any political , legislative
> r other organization or association
of any kind or for any purpose what
Sec. L1. All salaries or other com
pensation of directors , ollicers , em
ployees or agents shall be fixed by
the board of diiectors.
Annual Distribution of Surplus.
Section I. The surplus earnings of
the company shall belong exclusively
to the policy holders , and shall be mi
nimi ! ) divided among the members-
of the company whose policies nre lit
full force In the following manner ,
and not otherwise. At tlie end of
each calendar year the directors of
the compati ) shall cause to be made
a vnluntlonof every policy in force and
of all other liabilities of tlie company.
Tlie excess of tlie ahsets of the com
pany after deducting all of said liahil
files shall be the surplus. Out of such
Mil-plus the board of directors shall
cause to be set aside such sum as ma\
he necessary lo maintain the peniinn-
one ) and stability of the company ,
and the balance shall he apportioned
to the policies in force according to
tin ir terms.
Commencement and Ti rmination of
Corporate Existence.
Section 1 This corporation shall
commence business on approval of
those articles by the auditor of public
accounts and lluaiioino.v . general amf
shall continue for ninet.v-nlne jears
No Personal Liability.
Section 1. No person shall Incur
any personal liability for losses or
other obligations or llnllilti.c , , .t .1 , , .
coinpaii ) by reason of lie-in- ; a pulley
holder or contract holde-r in the same ,
or as an Incorporutor , or eilllcer en
director thereof.
unde rsigned corporators e > f said com
pany have hereunto subscribed our
name's , this 'Sth day e > f Mav , A. D
S. J. n. 1HVIN ,
O. W. RICE ,
Witness to all seven signatures.
State of Nebraska , County of Knox ,
Be It known that on the 2Sth day
of May , 190S , A. D. , personally ap-
pe'ared before me the undorsigne > d no
tary public duly commissioned and
qualified for anel residing in snkl
ce > unty. S. J. G. Irwln , O. W. Rice1 ,
H. C. Mason , Alex Peters , Chns. Atkin
son. E. C. Mertz and E. L. Brush , tome
mo known to lie the identical persons
whose names are afllxod to the abovp
Instriimont , who executed the same
In my presence , and several ! ) aekneiw-
leelge-d the execution thereof to ln.
the'Ir voluntary act and elood.
Witness my hand and notarial seat
the elay and year last above written.
I Nolao'8 | H , j , STEINHAl'SEN.
I Se-al \ Notary Public.
My commission e xplns 1'Vbrunry '
17th , HI 11.
Thee niticle- of ine-eirpor.i'ion up.
preiVi > ! tin- . 1-t in\ | , , f .lutu . | 'ms '
\ Auditor H ( Audit.u nf Public . \r.
) Seal \ cniintt-
Tl.i- within and fun-gong anules
nf iiu-urpiirutiiiii pprtd l > >
day of June , A. I ) . , 10oS.