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It IB Expected That Every Madison
County Man on the Delegation Will
be In His Seat In the Convention
Hnll Shouting for Dryan.
The final line-up of MucllBon county's '
delegation to the democratic state con-
mention nt Onialui ThurHiluy was an
nounced on the eve of tlio delegation
departure for Omnlm. Mont of thu
( IclCKnlen loft over the U. 1' . passenger
Wednesday morning.
Madison county , entitled to twunty-
oiio delegate's In the Mate and district
convention both meeting Thursday In
Oiimha , will bo represented by the fol
lowing democrats : Dr. A. Hear , C. S.
lirldgo. Alex Morrison , John F. Flynn ,
K. 0. Dean , 13. 1J. Knuffmun. Norfolk ;
W. F. P. Winter , Nofolk precinct ; J.
b. Donavan , W. 13. Heed , Curl Rolncc-
ctus , S. C. Hasklns , Madison ; Pat
Stanton , 13. W. Lulknrt , Tlldcn ; E.
Hans , George W. Losey , Uattlo Crock ;
John Hughes , Door Creek ; Ed BreBB-
ler. Meadow Orovo ; Wlllhin Hartwlck ,
Newman Grove ; John O'Urlon ' , Enior-
Ick ; E. A. Craig , Valley.
The Norfolk delegates were selected
at a mass convention at the city hall.
The rest of the delegation was chosen
by members of the county central
committee. Ono of the principal alms
of this committee was to have twenty-
one delegates who would bo in Omaha.
Per this reason the personnel of the
delegation was not finally known until
the last moment , changes being made
whore some of the ontsldo delegates
found themselves unable to attend.
The Madison county delegation Is of
course a Dryan delegation.
Real Estate Transfers.
Real estate transfers for the week
ending February 28 , 1908 , compiled by
the Madison County Abstract and
Guarantee company , office with Mapes
& Haxcn :
Rudolph Illatt and wife , Mary , to
William N. Dean , W. D. , consideration
12,500. lots 0 and 10 , block 2 , Pase-
walk's Second addition to Norfolk.
T. E. Odloruo and wlfo to Walter
Colman , W. D. , consideration $575 ,
lot 12 , block 12 , Dorsey Place addl
tlon to Norfolk Junction.
Silas W. Douel and wlfo to Zera
Hayden , W. D. , consideration $100 , lot
2C , Silas W. Deuol's First addition to
Meadow Grove.
Henry C. Christiansen to Angnst
Christiansen , W. D. , consideration $3-
000. one-sixth Interest In SEV4 and
NW > 4 of 11-21-3.
William H. Shlppec and wife to N.
A. Ralnbolt , W. D. , consideration $3-
000 , lots 7 , 2 , 3 , 10 , 11 and 12 , block
13 , Western Town Lot company's ad
dition to Norfolk.
N. A. Ralnbolt and wife to Marlon
V. Shlppee , W. D. , consideration $3-
000. lots 1 , 2. 3. 10 , 11 and 12 , block
13 , Western Town Lot company's addi
tion to Norfolk.
August Christiansen and wlfo to
Doratho Schcor , Andrea Christiansen ,
Anna Christiansen and Christ P. Chris-
tlanson , W. D. , consideration $4,300 ,
two-sixths Interest in SEV4 11-21-3.
Andrea Christiansen and wife , Anna
Christiansen and husband , Christ P.
Christiansen and wife , Dorathe Schoer
aud husband to August Christiansen
W. D. , consideration $1,835 , four-sixths
Interest in 11-21-3.
John Manor and Elizabeth Manor
W. D. . consideration $1 , lot 1 , block
27. Clark and Madison Mill company's
addition to Madison.
Johannes Linse and wlfo to August
Weiss , W. D. , consideration $12,000
NEU 30-21-1.
William Bree to C. J. Schroeder , W
D. , consideration $1.100 , lot ll1 , block
5 , Pasewalk's Third addition to Nor
James H. Conley and wife to E. C
Danes , W. D. , consideration $0,500
SWi 9-2P.-1.
Frank U. Nor t limp and wife toTro >
C. Osborn. W. D. , consideration $5,300 ,
SW > 4 21-21-4.
Charles J. Lodge and wife to Joseph
31. Roberts , W. D. . consideration ? ! , -
400. part of K' , { . of SE'/i of S-23-1.
Charles J. Lodge and wife to Joseph
JI. Roberts W. D. , consideration $ S-
000. WM : of SK1of 8 and WMs of
D. C. Resscgui to E. D. Rcssegul ,
W" . D. . consideration $1 , cast 32 foot of
lot S. block 17. F. W. Barnes First ad
dition to Madison.
Henry C. Clausen and wlfo to E. D.
Ressegul. W. D. , consideration $10 ,
north 20 feet of lot 12 , block 2 , Chan-
sen's cemotery.
C. D. Hurrows and wife to F. II. Cor
nell , W. D. , consideration $200 , lots S
and 9 , block 9 , Riverside Park addl
tlon to Norfolk.
Shrove Tuesday Was Appropriately
Celebrated In Norfolk.
Shrove Tuesday was a merry day In
Norfolk in a social way. Being the
day before Lent , it was the day to
make the most of In view of the fact
Ihat forty days of rest are to follow ,
In sections of the country where Lent
is more strictly observed than here
Shrove Tuesday is the gala day of the
year , and not until the stroke of the
bell nt midnight are the festivities
stopped. In the south Shrove Tuesday
marks the climax of the Mardl Grass
celebration , the Lex nnd Comas balU
closing a season of parades and hi
Mrs. C. E. Burnham entertained
about fifty ladles at a 1 o'clock luncheon /
eon Tuesday. She waa assisted in
serving by Mrs. Bradcn , Mrs. Gentle ,
. VJs. . T.vAVflr'
Huriiliain. After the lunch tables had
been cleared away games of six-hand
ed euchre occupied the remainder of
the afternoon. Mrs. Nappor won the
prlzo for high score nnd Mlsa Brldgo
the shouting prize.
Mrs. Jack Koenlgsteln gave a fancy
dreHH party during the evening to a
number of matrons and misses , which
was a pleasing novelty in the way of
society amusements. The costumes
worn by the various guests were
worthy of special mention but The
News refrains from attempting it.
Sulllco to way that they were different
very much so. A Jolly evening waa
passed by those present.
Thu birthday club planned and ex
ecuted a very pleasant surprise upon
Mrs. J. C. Stilt Tuesday evening , the
event being In celebration of that
lady'a birthday. Well filled baskets
were brought and a picnic supper
served that was good to look upon.
The Norfolk band gave the last of
Its series of dancing parties at Mar-
quardt hall in the ovonlng , which was
probably the most enjoyable of any of
the popular parties given by that or
ganization during the season. The
attendance was good and the music
The Republicans Instruct for Taft ,
While the Democrats Endorse Bry
an Resolutions Endorsing Congress
man Klnkald Are Passed.
O'Neill , Neb. , March 2. Special to
The News : Saturday waa convention
day in O'Neill , Holt county , through
ts party organizations lining up for
Taft and Bryan as opposing presiden
tial candidates this year.
There were some sixty delegates In
: ho republican convention , which was
larmonlous and enthusiastic through
out. The following delegates were
named :
State F. W. Phillips , C. W. Mass ,
Jacob Kraft , D. M. Stuart , W. P.
O'Brien , D. H. Cronln , Jacob Maton-
sek , Thomas Slmonson , A. Smith , Win.
Calkins , Alex Searl , J. P. Hancock
and Thomas Halldorson.
Congressional C. J. Malone , E. A.
Clark , Frank Kernan , John Brady ,
Sanford Parker , R. R. Dlckson , L. E.
Skidmore , C. E. Hall , O. O. Snyder ,
Frank Dobnoy , Zob Warner and M.
W. Holcomb.
The convention was solid for O. B.
Snyder of O'Neill for one of the dele
gates to the Chicago convention ,
passed a resolution endorsing his can
didacy and pledging him to the sup
port of Taft's candidacy.
Congressman Kinkald came in for
a good share of the resolutions , large
ly because a report recently published
In a Lincoln paper and purporting to
come from Washington to the effect
that republicans of this county wanted
an explanation of his position in the
recent contest for the revenue collect-
orshlp. The resolutions strongly in
dorse Klnkald. and "condemn In un
qualified terms" these reports "as In
no wise reflecting the sentiment of the
republican party of this county. "
Continuing , the resolutions read :
"Wo repose implicit confidence in
Roprcscntalive Kinkaid to take such
a stand on all public and official mat
ters as will the better subserve the
interests of the district at large. "
The democratic convention was a
sort of "profession of faith" meeting.
Several populists that have been lean
ing democratlcward for some time
and wondering how to get Into the fold
were In the convention. Among these
was G. A. Miles of the Independent.
Ho became a probationary member on
"profession of faith" and was given a
place on the state delegation. A. F.
Mullen , who has had congressional as
pirations for a year or more , was In
dorsed for the democratic nomination
for congress. The convention tried
to instruct the delegation for A. Mor-
rehey of Cherry county for national
delegate but three of the delegates
said they would not go to the convex
tlon under such Instructions and the
resolution was \oted down. One set
of delegates will go to both state anil
congressional conventions. They are :
T. J. Wilber , J. A. Cowperthwaite
A. F. Mullen , C. H. Scott , D. A. Doyle
Willlan Fallen , Lev ! Van Volkenburg
G. A. Miles , E. H. Whelan , J. P. Me
Nichols , Wlllard Wheeler , T. V. Golden
and E. H. Whelan.
Brown County Bank at Long Pine Oc
cuples New Quarters.
Long Pine , Neb. , March 2. Spelca
to The News : The Drown Countj
bank moved into their new quarters
in the Masonic building today. Thej
have every thing new and up to dati
in fixtures and a large commodious
room well lighted by a full plate glass
front , which makes it ono of the bes
banking houses in this part of tlu
Mr. Ducklln , the cashier , Is entltlei
to feel proud of the now homo and tin
patrons of the bank appreciate tin
hotter accomodation which Is In keep
ing with the growth of the town
Rrown County bank was establlshet
In 1SS1 , and was the first bank to locate
cato here. It went through the pani <
of the 90's unshaken , withstood th <
business depression of the dry yean
and was ono of tlio few banks In tlu
state that paid all demands and pap
era presented , In cash during the 190'
panic ,
The people feel that they have It
Long Pine ono of the strongest bank
Ing firms in the state.
The Meeting Was Marked With Good
Attendance and Much Enthusiasm.
Corn Exhibit Brings Great Interest
In That Feature of the Meeting.
Elgin , Nob. , March 2. Special to
The News : The third annual farm-
crs * Institute mooting hold hero Fri
day and Saturday was the most suc
cessful that has over been hold hero.
The meetings were largely attended
and much enthusiasm was manifested.
The farmers took a greater interest In
the meeting than they have over done
before. An excellent list of promi
nent speakers was at the meeting.
Prof. A. L. Haeckei of the experi
mental station , Lincoln , made an ad
dress of "Cream Production , " that waa
unusually Instructive.
Miss Lulu Wolford of Pawnee City
spoke on "Homo Convenience at Small
Expense. " She lectured to the ladles
and demonstrated how to do house
work much easier than the customary
F. W. Chase of Pawnee City gave
an address on "Growing Better Corn , "
which was of especial Interest to El
gin farmers as corn Is the principal
crop of this section of the state.
Ex-Govoruor Poyntcr waa unable to
bo present , and his tlmo was filled in
by local speakers.
Mr. Chase also gave a Iccturo Satur
day evening on "Farm Buildings , " ad-
ocating hotter shelter for domestic
animals and farm Implements.
'Relations of the Farmer to the
Business Men , " was the subject of an
address by Willis McBride , president
jf the First National bank of Elgin ,
number of local speakers entered
nto the discussions , and it was withal
a very successful meeting.
Officers were elected as follows :
\rthur Robblns , president ; Jim Hutch-
son , vice president ; Joe Schulttc , reelected -
elected secretary ; Walter Nott , treas-
irer ; Aug. Shultz , J. G. Totton , Jas.
\lderson , directors.
The First National bank of Elgin
lad offered $25 , divided into three
prizes , $15 , $7 and $3 $ , for the best
bushel of corn shown at this meeting.
The prizes wore won as follows :
> 'irst , Walter W. Nott ; second , Jim
Hutcheson ; third , John Pennt. There
were seven entries In the contest.
The prize bushels of corn were sold
at auction for the benefit of the asso
ciation , the prize bushel , bringing $26 ,
being bid in by the grower , the second
bushel brought $9.50 , also bid in by
the grower , and the third was bid in
by the grower at $4.50.
Democratic Convention Met at the
Same Time and Launched W. E.
Powers as Delegate to the Demo
cratic National Convention.
Pierce , Neb. , March 2. Special to
The News : The republican county
convention met here la&t Saturday and
selected delegates to the state con
gressional conventions. The follow
ing persons were chosen to attend the
state convention : W. G. Hirons , N.
M. Nelson , James McWhorter , W. L
Mote , Joseph Hall and Charles Chand
ler , while the list of delegates to the
Norfolk convention was made up of
the following : L. P. Tonnor , Gee
W. Littell , B. S. Leedom , P. J. Canon
O. J. Frost , Elmer Phillips and August
The convention passed resolutions
endorsing the Roosevelt and Sheldon
administration and eulogized J. A
Williams and entirely forgot Judge
Uoyd the able congressman from this
district and then to be doing some
thing W. G. Hirons of Plalnvlow sue
ceeded after a stirring debate in hav
Ing the convention go to Norfolk , In
structed for E. R. Gurney of Fremont
, as district delegate to the Chicago con
While the republicans were holding
forth In the opera house the democrats
were having tholr convention In the
court house and selected" ono set o
delegates to go to the state conventloi
at Omaha which will also assist ii
nominating delegates to the Denvei
convention. The following Is the per
sonel of the delegation : W. E. Powers
Venus Huebnor , Herman Stelnkraus
Douglas Cones , John Milnltz , F. M
Salsbury , Benjamin Doyle , E. A
Dwyer and J. B. McDonald. The >
endorsed Bryan for presidential can
didate , eulogized John Kuhl , the demo
cratic member of the last legislature
from this district for faithful service
and with stirring resolutions brough
out W. E. Powers of this place as ono
of the delegates to the Denver conven
tlon. Mr. Powers has Just decided to
enter the race but as ho Is a promln
ent democrat with a large acquaint
ance over the state as well as being
popular at home In business circles
will no doubt bo chosen at Omaha as
ono of the two district delegates.
Mrs. Thomas Chilvers and Daughter
Have Enviable Trip.
Pierce , Neb , March 4. Special to
The News : Mrs. Thomas Chllvors
and daughter , Miss Ada Chilvers , returned -
turned yesterday from a five months' '
rip abroad. They visited London and
jlhcr Important places. Tholr trip en-
route to Europe was made on thu Lu-
cltnnla nnd their homeward trip on the
ilarltanla. They had an enviable
Mrs. Elliott Very Low.
Word was received Tuesday by Nor-
'olk friends that Mrs. Mary Elliott was
ery low at Rochester , Minn. , and that
she was to be taken to the operating
able again. A sister in Omaha was
summoned to Rochester. Mrs. Elliott
was operated on for gall stones some
line ago.
W. A. Woodbery Is so Badly Injured
That It May be Necessary to Ampu
tate His Leg Traffic Delayed for
Several Hours.
Nollgh , Neb. , March 3. Special to
The News : W. A. Woodbory , fireman
on an extra freight coming cast at 4
o'clock this morning , Jumped from his
engine and was so badly injured that
amputation of his leg la contemplated.
A llttlo more than n tnlla west of Ne
igh the trainmen discovered that what
s known as the Huffman brldgo was
on fire , and strenuous efforts were
made by Engineer Hamp Nelson to
ston the train , In which ho succeeded
n the nick of time , the train being
slowed down by the vigorous nppllca-
: lon of brakes to a stop before the en-
Ino touched the destroyed brldgo. In
.he meantime , Fireman Woodbery see
ing the danger Jumped from the en
gine , and in doing so caught his foot
in the curtain and fell. In falling ono
of his logs became tangled In a wheel.
As soon as possible the Injured man
ivas brought to the company's surgeon
licre , Dr. Beattle , who made an exam
ination of the injured member and
asked for a consultation with the chief
surgeon , Dr. P. H. Saltcr of Norfolk ,
before deciding whether amputation
is necessary or not.
Northwestern headquarters at Nor
folk verified the dispatch from Neligh
as to the essential particulars of the
morning accident. The bridge on flro
s known as No. 223 , and only one bent
of the structure was burned. Superin
tendent Reynolds , accompanied by Dr.
Salter and a bridge crew loft for the
scene of the trouble at 7 o'clock. The
freight train was ahead of the morn-
ng passenger and both trains were
tied up west of the bridge until repairs
could be made. The bridge was placed
n condition for trains to pass by 10
o'clock and traffic was resumed.
The home of W. A. Woodbery , the
Injured fireman , is at Center , Knox
New Mall Route at Dallas.
Dallas , S. D. , March 5. On March
10 bids will be opened for carrying
mall on a new route which is to be
established between this place and the
new town of Lamro. Both Dallas and
Lamro are situated in close proximity
to the eastern line of Trlpp county ,
now a part of the Rosebud Indian res
ervation , but which will be opened to
white settlement in the late summer
or early fall of this year. About 1,000-
000 acres of the Tripp county lands
will be opened. Dallas and Lamro
promise to develop Into towns of much
A Card.
This Is to certify that all druggists
are authorized to refund your money
If Foley's Honey and Tar falls to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the
cough , heals the lungs and prevents
serious results from a cold. Cures la
grippe coughs and prevents pneumonia
and consumption. Contains no opiates.
The genuine is in a .yellow package.
Refuse substitutes. Kicsau Drug Co.
When wedding cards In a town like
Atchlson where no one can afford a
lengthy wedding tour , say "At home"
after a given date , It means a notice
that the friends are to keep out until
the bride has her pictures hung.
How Cough Germs Multiply.
When you have a cold the mucous
membrane Is Inllamed and the disease
germs which you breathe find lodge
ment and multiply , especially the pneu
monia germ. Foley's Honey and Tar
soothes and heals the inflamed air
passages , stops the cough and expels
the cold from your system. Refuse
substitutes. Klesau Drug Co.
Every boy should have a dog so that
he can feel , when his father makes
him go to school , and his mother
makes him say "Please" at the table ,
that he has one true and satisfied
friend In the world.
A Life at Stake.
Your life may be at stake when you
notice any sign of kidney or bladder
trouble as Brlght's disease and dia
betes start with a slight Irregularity
that could be quickly cured by Foley's
Kidney Remedy. Commence taking it
at the first sign of danger. Kicsau
Drug Co.
Before a wife thanks her husband
for a gift he has made her , she scolds
him because ho didn't let her pick it
Foley's Orino Laxative Is sold under
a positive guarantee to cure constipa
tion , sick headache stomach trouble
or any form of indigestion If It fails
the manufacturers refund your money
What more can any ono do Klceau
Drug Co.
A. H. Klesau , President ; S. D. Robert ,
con , Vice President ; A. Randklev ,
Secretary and Treasurer Capitaliz
ed at $25,000. ,
The Norfolk Furnlturo company Is
n now business corporation In Norfolk.
The company will transact wholesale
and retail furniture business. It IB
thu business that has boon conducted
by Ktesau & Randklev that la incor
porated , S. D. Robertson having become -
como associated with thorn in the
The new corporation is capitalized
at $25,000. The Incorporation Is for
a period of twenty years.
Officers are : A. H. Klosau , president
and manager ; S. D. Robertson , vice
president ; A. Randklev , secretary and
This Is ono more firm which seea
the splendid future of Norfolk's busi
ness opportunities , and which Intends
to take advantage of the possibilities
offered by the city's unexcelled loca
tion. By branching out extensively
nnd aggressively , the firm will mater
ially aid In making this the real com
mercial gateway to the now northwest
Mrs. Barrltt is very ill this week.
Miss Maud Whltla , who spent Tues
day and Wednesday with Norfolk
trlonda and relatives , returned to her
home in Battle Creek last evening.
Tom Hagard resigned his position
In the roundhouse yesterday and will
move ills family to Missouri In a few
Fred Mohatt of Chadron was In
Norfolk yesterday visiting friends.
The portable sawmill gang finished
sawing all the old timbers at Chadron
and moved back to Norfolk yesterday.
Lyman DeWltt has moved his family
from Neligh to Mrs. Craft's house on
South Second street.
A llttlo son has arrived at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bley.
The D. W. C. club will meet with
Miss Hattie Schmlcdeberg Thursday
A pleasant dancing party was given
at tlio Rome Miller eating house at
the Junction last night.
Omaha Worud-Herald : W. H.
Bucholz , cashier of the Omaha Nation
al bank , has gone to New York and
the east.
General Manager F. Walters of
Omaha and General Superintendent
S. M. Braden of Norfolk have been In
the Black Hills on a trip of inspec
Ten thousand feet of lumber has
been cut off the Stengo farm , near
Norfolk , and there Is said to remain
90,000 feet more to bo cut. This lura-
bed Is said to be worth $20 per 1,000
The first roller skate accident of
the season reported in Norfolk result
ed from a fall by Bernlce Barrett in
which several ligaments in one of her
ankles wore torn loose.
Jack Horner , living at Warnervllle ,
who took a sandy homestead some
years ago , and planted black locust
trees In a "blow out , " Is reported to
have harvested $200 worth of fence
posts from the acre.
Senator Brown has secured the pas
sage through the senate of a bill to
authorize the secretary of the interior
to issue a patent in fee simple for cer
tain lands of the Santee reservation
to the directors of school district No.
30 in Knox county , Nebraska. The
land thus sought to bo convoyed con
tains some two and one-half acres.
The Baptist church of Norfolk , with
out a pastor for several months past ,
has received word that Rev. Mr. Head-
bloom of Stromsburg has accepted the
call extended to him by the Norfolk
church. The Stromsburg pastor is
said to be a strong man and lias been
with the Stromsburg church for twelve
years. He will come to Norfolk the
first of June.
W. A. Woodbery , the Northwestern
fireman who Jumped from his engine
at Neligh and who as a result of the
Injuries received had part of his foot
amputated by Dr. Salter , Is being cared
for at the Junction. It was thought
yesterday that Woodbery would have
fair use of his foot. In the amputa
tion the big too was taken off and a
good portion of tlio foot back of this
The authorities at Ponder gave
notice yesterday of the theft of a team
of bay horses , weight 1,400 pounds ,
and a Demann wagon with an old box ,
there last night. The thieves also
got a pair of three-year-old mare mules.
The sheriff learned later that such an
outfit had been seen near Hooper this
morning. A reward of $150 is offered
for the capture of the thieves and the
return of the property.
Battle Creek Enterprise : The many
friends of Mrs. V. Kuntz , a former
Madison county resident , will bo pain
ed to learn of her death which occur
red In Washington last Sunday , par
ticulars of which alive not been ob
tained. Mrs. Kuntz was ono of Madison
county's old settlers and until about
four years ago , when she went to the
Pacific coast , resided with her family
on a farm near Meadow Grove.
Pierce Call : Mrs. P. E. Perry , who
visited her daughter , Mrs. Win. Edden-
field at Pierce last week , resides at
Minot , North Dakota. She was accom
panied on her visit by her grand
danghur , MU Edna ! ' rry of Stanton
Mrs > Pi-ri'v ha armid a' the MIIC old
ago of SI } i-ai Lai t November she
kft huine and cimc. to Nu rasUa to
vlrit rclatlvcn at Stamen and Norfolk
'and ' her daughter hero A remarkable
thing Is that ono of her ago wan able
to make this long trip alone.
Uoo. R. llodson has resigned an
president of the Norfolk pleklo factory
, ind has been succeeded by (1. ( W.
UvaiiH. When Mr. Hudson on mo to
Norfolk last full It was as a retired
business man and he had no Idea of
assuming the active duties of the fac
lory for nny length of tlmo when he
accepted the presidency temporarily ,
his retirement now being In pursuance
of the original plan. Ho retains bin
stock In the company , and will con
tinue to bo Interested In Its succosa.
Plorco Call : W. E. Powers reports
the sale of the line residence property
of Dr. Cross this week to John Turek.
In thu deal the residence of Mr. Tnrek
was made a part of the consideration.
Mr. Turek will not move Into his new
homo until April 15. This undoubtedly
moans the removal of Dr. Cross and
his estimable family from Plorco , as
wo learn ho contemplates moving to
Norfolk. Wo believe the Call ex
presses the sincere regret of this
entire community over thla family's
Intended removal.
Brains : The fact that Barnum &
Bailey's circus , after three years of
experimenting without a parade have
returned to the old feature for the
coming year should start Ideas in the
heads of some advertisers who have
been cutting their advertising hills.
While It Is possible to operate the
show at n greatly lessened cost by
omitting the parade , the Judgment of
the management now say that the not
result was a loss , and that the addi
tional advertising of the parade brings
enough business in every town to
make it a dividend-paying Investment.
Norfolk friends have received Invita
tions to the marriage of Sterling Hugh
McCaw of Omaha to Miss Frances
Ester Standlsh , daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Myles Milan Standlsh , on Tues
day evening , March 25 , at 8 o'clock in
Hanscom Park Mothodlst Episcopal
church. They will bo at homo April
15 at No. 1053 Park avenue. Mr.
McCaw Is a newspaper man on the
Bee. He was formerly a resident of
Hooper and Is a graduate of the state
university , whore ho was a member
of the Delta Tan Delta fraternity , with
a number of Norfolk young men.
Ray Kennard , the young man sen
tenced to ono year in the penitentiary
after confessing his connection with
the Northwestern pay check forgeries
in this city , will probably bo taken to
Lincoln this week by Sheriff Clements.
The sheriff on account of tlio Bocho
trial baa been unable to leave the
county for the last two woeka. Young
Kennard , following his sentence , waa
a frequent visitor In the court room
during district court sessions. Ho
saw the first part of the Bocho trial
until the size of the crowd made It
Impracticable. Young Kennard's father ,
mother and slstser were In Norfolk
today on their way to Madison to say
"good bye. "
Madison Chronicle : After the Bo-
che verdict had been announced Sen
ator Allen requested permission to
question the jurors , which was grant
ed. Ho put the question to each ono
as to whether he had considered any
other circumstances in connection
with the life of the defendant other
than appeared in the evidence in
arriving at his verdict. Each one
answered in the negative until Ole J.
Nelson was reached. He admitted
having heard on his way to Madison
of the effort of Boche to escape from
the custody of the sheriff last summer
and his attempt on the life of Clem
ents. He said he had not spoken of
the matter to any of the jurors. Tom
Olson , however , said that Nelson had
asked him if he had heard anything
about the occurrence and if it was
County Attorney Koenlgsteln Gave His
Wife an Automobile.
Jack Kopnlgstein yesterday sur
prised his wlfo with
a twenty-four-
horse-power Lambert touring car. The
first Intimation that Mrs. Koenlgsteln
had of Jack's new acquisition was
when the county attorney ran the big
red car up to the house for inspection.
The county attorney's car was one of
three machines , all Uimborts , brought
from Lincoln.
Dr. P. II. Sailor's new machine was
ono of the shipment. It Is a twenty-
horse-power Lambert runabout , a
pretty three-passenger car , cream col
ored , with almost'any speed possible.
The third car , a red machine similar
to Dr. Sailer's , belongs to W. C. James ,
district deputy for the Modern Wood
men. Mr. James will use his machine
for his work In northeast Nebraska.
He has had the car fully equipped and
had ordered an extra seat to make It
a four-passenger car.
These three cars are the first now
automobiles added to the Norfolk list
this year. A number of other Norfolk
people are contemplating purchasing
and the list is expected to grow rap-
Business Activity Is Getting Back to
Ante-Panic Conditions.
W. S. Harding of Nebraska City ,
special agent fur the Springfield fire
and marine insurance company , was
in Norfolk over night , leaving at noon
for Tilden. Mr. Harding , who Is In
touch with business conditions over
the state , said that business activity ,
such as marked the period before the
eastern Hurry , is coming back with a
rush this spring. Ho said that freight
shipments had been strong the last
ton days and that trains were again
being filled up , the presence of com
mercial men being especially noted.
Wausa Has Freak Pig.
\Vau a Nt' ' Mart it f > A pig was
HHI o < n , the farm of f'hno 'Wolf near
' uu' hao eii ; ; t ic" four CHTT and
11 j uiln flu lund wn perfectly
Eoonomy Calumet
shaped with one ear on each side , but
directly on top of Its head worn the
other two earn. At the shoulders the
body divided Into two parta.
An Early Dane Dall Accident.
Horrlck Press : It Isn't every year
In South Dakota that It Is possible to
chronicle a serious accident caused
while playing Imso ball on February
23 , but Hiieli Is the case this year. The
noted Horrlck ball team Is already
whetting up to meet all comers nnd
It wan during a work-out for the team
on the grounds hero last Sunday aft or-
noon that what looked for a tlmo Hko
a very serious accident occurred. Many
of the interested citizens of the town
had gathered to watch the practice
of the regulars and some wore Induced
to take a hand In the game just to
1111 In the two teams.
Among these was Clement Lowls ,
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lowls. The
game had began to warm up and got
Interesting when Clem came up to bat.
A speedy young man was putting the
ball over the bag at a killing pace
when ono happened to go estray.
Young LowlH dodged but the hall got
to him full In the mouth and glanced
up the chock bone , dummy wont
down for the count , and a long and
nervous count it wan too for the watch-
em on the side. There probably waa
not a person on the ground at that
tlmo who expected to see him on his
feet again. Hlood ( lowed freely from
his mouth , nose and eyes and ho was
fully unconscious. Quick work on the
part of some cool heads present was
of great assistance until when medical
assistance reached him ho had gained
consciousness , although much dazed.
Ho was carried to the P. M. Louis
residence whore ho rallied quite rapid
ly and In the evening was able to return -
turn homo. The accident recalled the
opening of the ball season last year
when Ed Reiser was laid up for a
week on a similar accident , but the
team went through a successful sea
son almost devoid of accident there
after. Young Lowls was able to bo
around Monday although his face was
much swollen and his eye blackened.
Till * f
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars Ho
ward for nny case of Catarrh that can
not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY & CO. . Toledo. O.
Wo. the undersigned , have known F.
J. Cheney for tlio last IB years , and be-
Hove him perfectly honorable In all
biiHlncHH transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by IIH | firm
, , Wholesale Druggists , Toledo , O.
T „
Hall'H Catarrh Ctiro IB taken Intern
ally , acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Testi
menials sent free. Price 7Bc , per bottlo.
Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for conitl-
Growth of Anarchism.
Hartlngton Herald : Anarchism has
grown to alarming proportions In this
country and become a serious menace
to the lives of people and the safety
of institutions. This Is a free republic ,
but it Is no longer safe for national or
state ofllclals to venture forth with
out a bodyguard and that shocking
incident at Denver the other day
proves that not even the clergy when
clad In the robes of their holy oillco
and perf/jrmlng / their sacred duties
are Imuno from the bloody hand of
the assassin. Anarchism Is a system
with Its code and creed and almost
perfect machinery nnd there Is no
head too high or too lowly to be safe
from Its revengeful edicts. The anarchist -
archist is a perfect martyr to his god.
He knows no fear ; jails and gallows
have no terrors for him. Ho Is ready
to sacrifice himself to carry out the
decree of his society. Anarchism has
grown to alarming proportions ; sociely
Is honey combed with It and It Is time
that wo Americans , who arc suffering
for our good nature In throwing open
the door to all the world , should take
some measures to protect our lives
and property.
" "
Oil of Wlntergreen In External Wash
Produces Remarkable Results.
How to Get Prescription.
Is your baby burning up with tor
turing Itching eczema ? Is ho tearing
his tender skin to shreds vainly trying
to scratch away the terrible agony ?
Are you or any member of your fam
ily suffering with an aggravating per
sistent skin disease ?
Use oil of wlntorgreon mixed with
thymol , glycerine , etc. , In D. D. D.
Prescription. It will give Instant re
Oil of wlntergrcen , this simple ev
eryday oil of wlntergreen , mixed with
other healing herbs and vegetable In
gredients , cures the worst forms of
skin disease , and the remedy is so
easy to apply , Just an external liquid
wash. No drugs or medicines , Just a
few drops of the wash applied to the
Itching , burning spots , then instant re
lief. The instant the oil 1s applied the
itch is gono.
To secure the proper results from
this soothing curative remedy , it Is
necessary to use oil of wlntergreen
compounded with other mild Ingredi
ents. This compound known as D. D.
D. Prescription , not only relieves but
permanently cures Just try D. D D
Prescription Try a few drops and
note the relief Wo positively vouch
for the merits of this remedy.
Asa K , Leonard , Norfolk , Neb ,