The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, January 31, 1908, Page 8, Image 8

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Qrummund Home Ourns Early In t
Evening Firemen Are Handlcnpp <
Unable to Get Water on Durnli
Building Until Too Lnte.
Srvernl hundred people Mend
evening \vatcliud Emll Brummuni
Immo on South First street \n\rn \ \
the ground. Tlio leas wns In part cc
< jrwl by hiRiirnncc. It wns the lit
tire In 1908 In Norfolk.
The nro wns discovered shortly i
tor 7 o'clock. No one wns nt lion
stt the lime. The orlpln of the flro w
unknown although the men first
arrive nnld tlie flames Htnrted no
the chimney. The IJniimnund lion
was a one story frnmo IIOUBO wor
jibout $1,000. It wns the first lion
tiorth of the Dnrlnnd row of hous *
jn South First.
No wnter wns thrown on the bur
SIIR dwelling until the building wi
virtually consumed. The Mast hoi
company nrrivod before the fire lit
Ruined much headway but ns the ncn
jst tire hydrant was on Third strc
their hose did not reach to the bur
Img bouse. The Queen City compar
Old not know that their services wei
needed and when they finally arrive
the fire had every thing Its own wn
"Further delay wns occasioned , ho\ \
n-rr , by the fact that several kinks 1
Abe Queen City hose were frozen.
Seine furniture wns removed froi
Uho houbo but the loss was almost tola
iMr. Brummund carried $500 Insurnne
nn the house. He had $200 Insurnnc
* t > u the furniture. Mr. Drummund i
employed In the Degner hardwar
Chief l > llger of the flro dopnrtmer ,
vrns quite Indignant nt the conditlo
of the hose. He said that the hose ha
been dried following the Inst flro nn
that there would bo an Invcstlgatlo
t see If it had been taken out nn
Wised since. It was pointed out thn
It was most essential to the work edie
die department that the fireme :
should bo able to depend on tholr hose
A. few weeks ago Mr. Drummund'
hum caught on flro but was exth
finished without calling on the depart
H. E. Owen Smclled Smoke From tin
Road and Investigated.
"If I could have had help , or coult
! got to a telephone quicker ,
cstild have saved the Drummund homi
troia flames last night , " said II. K
fiwen , who discovered the fire. Mr
a d Mrs. Owen were driving to tin
function depot on South First street
Whey swelled smoke and heard tin
r mr of flames. Investigating , the ;
found the house on flro In the rear
tf. took ten minutes to get to a tele
phone and sound the nlarra , so that the
bouse got under headway.
Engineer J. Hibben of Fremont Burn' '
ed by Firebox Explosion.
ISuglneor Jesse Hlbbcn of Fremont
n. brother of Engineer C. J. Hibben ol
Norfolk , was badly burned about the
tune by the explosion of gases in the
firebox of nn engine on the Northwest
em. Engineer Hibben was starting
out on the Fremont-Hastings line run
on a freight'train when the accident
happened. The accident necessitated
IIs removal to his home nnd the call
f S of a physician.
C. J. Hibben has just returned from
n run down to Fremont to sco his
brother , who Is doing nicely.
Railroad Notes.
J. H. Hlland , vice president of the
Chicago , Milwaukee and St. Paul 'Rail
fvay company nnd P. A. Miller .genera :
passenger agent , are In San Franclscc
on tholr way to Japan to establish Ir
liat country agencies of their road.
On account of the discontinuance
of the separate organization of the
Spokane Falls and Northern In Its
absorption by the general system o :
the Great Northern the general office :
of the subsidiary road in Spokane wll
bo abolished.
The Brotherhood of Railroad Train
men and the Order of Railroad Con
clnctors of sixty-five railroads west o
tin * Mississippi river voted reccntlj
to change the wage system by havlnj
the rate paid per mile traveled b :
trains instead of by the month , as a
present. The railroaders on the moun
tainous divisions of the east votet
against the proposition as n unit be
canst" it would decrease their pay.
Frank Walters , general manager o
tlhe Chicago and Northwefatern Rail
way company's lines west of the Mis
sourl river , with headquarters In Oma
lia ; Nelson B. Updyke , of the Updyki
Grain company , Omaha ; M. J. Golden
assistant general freight agent for thi
Northwestern , and other officials o
the road living in Chicago are to bi
the guests of Dr. Van Duren Knott
district surgeon for the company , a
a dinner which will be given In Slou :
City boon. Mr. Walters and Mr. Golflei
formerly had their headquarters ii
Sioux City.
The Power of Advertising Shown Ii
Recent Money Crisis.
Has U occurred to you that the re
cent "panic" in America might havi
liad far more disastrous results thn
It did have for the stores but fov th
and significant and hope-maklni
ho AinoricanjpeopVo nro prc
roundly Influenced by newspaper r
verllBlng ?
The majority of our merchants
nll/.oil that to stc'in the tide of "scar
which was carrying BO many peoj
away , advertising muni piny Its i
elding part ; stores must not 01 :
make prlce-roncesHloiiH which won
appeal to the thrift-Instincts of t
people , but such concessions must
courageously nnd aggressively ndvi
Used. They realized thnt not on
must their store advertising bo ce
vlnclng In Its tone , nnd reassurln
but thnt It must be Impressive and i
assuring In Its appearance that i
retrenchment of space must appci
else Hint very fnct would tend to !
cronso the misgivings rather than
steady the pure-nerves of people.
In other words , the merchants t
terminated ( that is , the wise ones dl
that they would not only preach cc
lldenco but would practice It.
The result has boon to nullify , vo
largely , the evil what started out
become a widely disastrous inone
panic , nnd hns now become chiefly
memory. Its real danger Is now :
far away ns far passed as the re
danger nnd mennncc of the panics
' 73 nnd ' 93. In fnct , the "panic
1907" hns gone to join the form
ones gone to that bourne from whl <
let us hope , no dead panics ever r
And in giving advertising a rlgli
ful share of the credit for killing tl
scare , let us realize , too , thnt it mu
play the chief part In reconstruct
In the re-estnblishment of all bnsl
ess upon a more prosperous bnsls thn
Advertising hns done much for yo
It will do much more.
Between Sunday School and Junto
Endeavor Meeting Hours , Snea
Thieves Robbed the Second Congr <
gational Church.
Unknown sneakthleves entered th
Second Congregational church a't Noi
'oik Junction Sunday afternoon ani
itolo 13C pennies which had been gatli
; rcd for the purchase of a picture t
mug In the church.
The church doors were left open be
ween the hours of Sunday school am
runior Endeavor meeting , and It wa
luring this Intermission that the pen
lies were stolen.
Rev. Mr. nines , the pastor , will nmki
ho loss good.
inyder Trap Shooters Score Threi
Birds Above Wlsner.
Wlsner Sunday was the scene of j
ompetltlve shoot between a Snyde ;
.nd a Wlsner five. Out of a possibli
25 birds , Snyder scored eighty-four
Visner eighty-one.
The individual results out of a pos
Ible twenty-five were : M. Thompson
0 ; J. Konnoosky , 20 ; Ed Wolslegcr
7 ; Lieverson , 17 ; A. Schoennk , 17 ;
r. Paleidl , 1C ; T. Thompson , 16 ; Ly
ns , IG ; M. Wolsleger , II ; Willlani
'oihn ' , 12.
Not Bechtel
Naper Enterprise : Last week the
Interprise mentioned the marriage ol
Ir. Fred Dechtel and Miss Carolina
VentWe learned later that we were
ilsinformed , and that the groom was
red Swiegert , Instead of Bechtel.
incoln Democrat Finds Office Hold'
ing Too Expensive.
Lincoln , Neb. , Jan. 2S. Mayoi
irown announces that he Is a candi
ate for the post of delegate-at-large
i the democratic national convention
ut thnt Is the onlj thing he wants ,
le declares that he means to quit
olltics at the expiration of his pres >
nt term of olllce and return to busl
ess life. Ofllceholdtng Is entirely
no expenslve'for him , he says. When
sked concerning the Kearney Demo
rat editorial booming him for gover
or , the mayor said :
"I don't want to be governor. Ol
oiirse It would be conferring a greal
onor upon mo to make me chief ex
cutive of this state , but I shall abso
utely refuse to accept the nomination
'or will I run again for mayor of Lin
oln when my term expires. I nn
lirough with politics as soon as the
emocratic convention Is over. I cer
ninly will do everything iji my powei
o elect Bryan president , but us foi
illiceholding. I want no more of It. '
Vhlle Helping Install a New Vault Ii
the Postoffice at Long Pine , Rings
rude Lost Control and the Heav ;
Safe Fell on Him.
Long Pine , Neb. , Jan. 29. Special ti
[ "he News : While Nels Rlngsrudi
vas placing the vault door In the nev
lostofllce yesterday afternoon , It fel
ipon him and broke his leg.
It Is supposed that he received In
crnal Injuries which may prove fatal
Two men standing near caught tin
leer ns It fell , but as It weighs l,20i
lounds , they could not break the fall
Besides the Medal a Money Prize v\ \
be Given to the High School Clr
Whlch Receives the Most Points
Declamatory Contest.
Two or more pupils from each
the ninth , tenth nnd eleventh grnd
In the Norfolk high school have cut
cd their names ns contestants In t
declamatory contest. On account
the number of pupils who hnvo cnti
od from the ninth grade It Is probal
that a preliminary will bo hold. T
contest will take place some time
March. Besides the regular mod
a money prize will be given to t
high school class whoso contestnn
receive the most points In the i
clnmntory contest. The class fro
which the medal winner comes do
not necessarily win the cash prls
No seniors have as yet entered for tl
contest nnd It Is doubtful If the cln
will be represented , on account
Its snmll membership.
Some of the boys nt the Olney bull
Ing are planning to organize an nthlt
Ic association. The school board w
be asked for help In securing a rooi
At present the boys have no place
assemble for Indoor sports.
A debating association Is being c
gnnized In northwestern Nebrnsl
with n view thnt it will In time incluc
the whole state. The same plan
carried out In some nearby states ar
provides for the debates being ha
tiled in teams. Thus in a state orgnn
zatlon the winning team in northeai
Nebraska would go to the state mec
Ing. The plan hns proved n succei
in states where It has been tried an
lias been a grent benefit to pupt :
inking pnrt. Norfolk hns been aske
to join the new association but wl
irobably not take part In the debate
: hls spring , waiting until next yen
ivhen the high school will bo in th
lew building with better library facl
The semester credit cards have bee
ssued by Miss Paine , principal of th
ilgh school. The cards gave th
semester averages for each study ca :
led as well as the credits. The snm
lumber of credits arc given for cac
study as is given in the state nniven
ty plnn.
The senior class was pleasantly or
ortained by Ralph Lulkart Frida
ivenlng at his home on West Norfoi :
ivenue. Refreshments were serve
luring the evening.
J. W. Ransom was called to Aurorl
0 adjust a fire loss.
A. Zorba of Herrlck was In Norfoi ]
m business. Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton of near Stan
on were In Norfolk Tuesday.
E. O. Garrett of Fremont was ii
forfolk on his way to Bonesteel.
Miss Anna Wantlln of Battle Creel
fas a Sunday visitor In Norfolk.
Herman Krasne of Omaha has beei
a Norfolk , the guest of S. M. Rosen
Adolph Dvorak of Schuyler was it
forfolk yesterday returning from Nlo
rara. He stopped to visit friend )
S. R. Carney Is In David City today
J. D. Sturgeon left at noon for Lau
Mayor Smith was up from Madisor
S. M. Rosenthal was In Pierce Tues-
ay on business.
Mrs. E. N. Vail left Tuesday to at
> nd the marriage of Mr. James C
[ orrison and Miss Pearl Kethledge
t Coleridge on Wednesday.
Frank Hamilton was In Nowmar
rove yesterday.
County Attorney Jack Koenlgstehi
as In Madison yesterday.
Miss Eugenia Hnrshmnn of Oranhs
1 visiting Mrs. F. W. Koerbor.
Mrs. F. M. Cooklngham of Hum
hrey has been visiting her brother
! . S. South.-
Mrs. M. C. Walker has been visiting
er daughter , Mrs. Earle Harper , it
Miss'Gertrude Wald and Cyrus Ras
iiissen of Newman Grove are In Nor
ilk visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cole
mn.Mrs. . E. W. Edens of Fairfax , S. D.
ms In Norfolk to witness "Little Dole
e Dimples. " She was the gnest 01
Irs. Asa K. Leonard.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tucker , jr. , re
urned to their home at Carroll yester
ay after a visit with Norfolk friends
'hoy were accompanied home by Mlsi
.ill Losch , of West Point , who has
een visiting In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Bradcn nnd Mr
nd Mrs. W. N. Huso left at noon foi
trip to New York , Boston , Plilladel
ihla , Washington , Florida , Now Or
aans and possibly Cuba. They will hi
; one about three weeks.
John F. Flynn , accompanied by hli
aughter , Miss Agnes Flynn , left Tues
lay morning for Omaha , where Mis :
i"lynn will undergo an operation fo
ppendlcltis. During Chief Flynn'sah
ence his son , Frank Flynn , Is on thi
Corfolk police force.
Miss Jennie Schwenk is 111 with thi
Frank Smljkel Is now employed Ii
ho meat department of the Fnlr store
Miss Helen Irvln of Madison 1
ubstltutlng at the Tnnnchlll schoo
outh of Norfolk.
J. II. Conley , deputy president of th
Jagles , states that Bloomfield 1
.bout . to organize a local lodge.
Fremont , oven Fremont , has a "lid.
remont got her lid Monday when thi
crocus were taken out of Fremou
Mrs. Joseph Schwartz , who ha
'men quite sick for some time , w
able to bo down to her millinery stc
Miss Klcntz Is back from Wlsuor
Jus. E. Johnson and wife have go
to Lennox , lown , for a visit. Befc
they return homo they will make
trip to Indian Territory.
Elton Shcrdcnitin , who travels 1
the Hock Island plow company ,
moving Into B. T. Reid's homo. A
and Mrs. Held nre to tnko n wcstc
Antelope , Cednr > Madison , Boo
nnd Knox counties , according to t
nnnunl report of the state board
agriculture , raise one sixth of all teats
oats produced In Nebraska and arc t
banner oat counties.
Products of the Norfolk pIcklcTli
tory have been placed with a numb
of the big Omaha grocery and dopa
ment stores. President Hodson of tl
company says that ho has been si
prised at the little trouble the coi
puny Is having In placing their good
The committee on library site su
scrlptlons appointed by the libra
board consists jf Mrs. Henry Owe
Mrs. John R. Hays , Mrs. W. II. 1
Hagoy , Julius Hulff and E. B. Kau
man. Mr. Kauffman is a member
the city council but not of the llbrai
Rudolph Blatt of Norfolk has an o
ceptlonnlly fine bird dog of distin
ulshed lineage and ns Mr. Blntt Is nboi
to move on to a farm on the Wlllo
Creek In Pierce county where prair
chickens nro plentiful , he will pro
ably bo able to put his dog to vei
good use next season.
Jack O'Leaij ' , Norfolk's wrestle
Is home from Gregory where he lo :
a match Saturday to "Rastus" Then
son of Casey , la. O'Leary won tli
first bout in seven minutes and Jo :
the second and third In thirteen an
nine minutes. On next Tuesday th
same men will wrestle at West.Poin .
Crofton Journal : F. C. Marsha
upon retiring from the county supe
intcndent's office announced that h
would discontinue the publication c
the Educational Review which he ha
run in connection with the office fo
the past three years and a half. Th
paper has been a great help to schoc
boards and teachers.
The local entertainment commute
connected with the Y. M. C. A. cor
ventlon has met and decided to hav
xll delegates entertained In Norfoll
liomes. It Is the present Intentloi
; o ask the ladles taking delegates t
furnish meals to the delegates , thn
giving up the original plan to hav
Hnner served on Friday and Saturda ;
\t Marquardt hall.
Valentine Ice is being shippei
.hroiigh Norfolk by the Northwesteri
o fill the railroad company's lc <
louses in other Nebraska ice suppl ;
stations where like Norfolk the mill
vintor has failed to afford the com
lay opportunity to gather a local sup
ily of Ice. Some of the first Ice ship
nents from Valentine came to Nor
oik. The first trainload througl
Norfolk went to Fremont and Lin
; oln.
Lincoln Journal : Stiperintendeni
V. J. O'Brien of the state fisheries
s in Lincoln going home from Valen
ine , Neb. He has been there will
' ,00,000 , brook trout eggs to place Ir
he sub-hatchery at that place. In
pril he will take a lo of rainbow
rout eggs there for hatching. These
Ish will after hatching be scattered
11 the streams of northern Nebraska
vherever conditions are favorable tc
heir existence. He reports that the
Ish in the sub-hatchery are doing
Idna Ingham May Go to England In
May or June , But She Is Held Under
Bond as Principal Witness In the
Boche Murder Case.
Edna Ingham's fight for the posses-
ion of "Fullwood , " said to be an aris-
ocratlc old English estate worth al-
lost $100,000 nnd situated near Liver-
eel , will be opened In the Woodbury
ounty district court in Sioux City next
, 'cek.
Brought from England when two
ears old by a poverty stricken father
nd left In a farm home near Sioux
! ity , the Ingham girl Is now seeking
n establish her Identity as the Nellie
ngham who is heir to an English es'
ate left by the man who is believed
o be her grandfather.
Judge A. Van Waganen.of Sioux City
fill begin to take testimony In a short
Inie to establish the Identity. Miss
ngham will be summoned from Nor
oik to Sioux City and Henry Metz ,
oseph Peggar , Julia Fachman and Mr ,
.nd Mrs. Tom Waddington will testify
awyer Fred Sargent has been named
iy the court as taker of testimony.
Over the telephone Monday evening
Sdna Ingham said that some time ir
ilny or June she would go to England
o visit the estate of her grandfathei
ind carry on the fight for her alleged
Miss Ingham's trip to England wll
lepend something upon the course ol
he Boche murder trial as she Is held
mdcr $500 bond as a witness to the
farmer shooting and will have to re
naln here until Herman Boche flnallj
ionics to trial.
Married Seventy Years.
Mason City , la. , Jan. 29. M. Rich
irdson and wife are today celebrating
heir 70th wedding anniversary. Th <
iliilm is made for them that they an
he longest married couple In the Unit
) d States , They are 90 years of ago
Al Wlllerllng of Newport Has Pi
chased the Pacific Hotel In Norfo
The Deal Was Arranged 'by Sml
Brothers of This City.
landlord J. Harvey Foote will rctl
from the management of the Pacl
hotel on February 15. His Interest
the Pacific , It Is announced , hns be
sold to Al Wlllerllng of Newport ,
exchange for the business nnd fun
turo of the Pacific Mr. Foote sccur
n section of laud north of Newport
addition to a cnsh consideration.
Mr. Foote hns not decided Just wh
ho will do. Ho hns been offered tl
Her Grand hotel In Omaha.
The snle- was handled by Sml
State Press Announcement of Comlr
Y. M. C. A. Convention.
Lincoln News : The state conve
tion of the Young Men's Christian a
soclations of Ncbrnskn will be hul
at Norfolk , beginning Thursday nfte
noon February 13 , nnd ending Sundn
night Februnry 1C.
Speclnl efforts have been made tli
yenr to make the program Interestln
and practical , and the Indications ai
that the attendance will bo large. Nt
only members of the association ar
Invited but young men from town
nnd communities where there Is n
nsbocintlon , who wlbh to put then
belves in touch with .association me
ind work , and men who are Intereste
In this work for young men and boyi
ire cordially invited to attend.
The program will include addressc
ind practical talks and conferences , 1
.vhlch . three international secretaries
Mchsrs. Parsons , McDIIl rtnd Ellioti
.VIM have n prominent part. Rev. Di
Conley and Rer. Dr. Loveland of Onu
m , will be on the program , as well a
'resident Turner of Hastings college
ind a number of active and practica
vorkers throughout the state. Mr. Me
Jormack , one of the le-adlng capitalist
if Sioux City and president of the as
iociatlon of that place , will also hi
The Norfolk people will entertain al
lelegates. Their invitation hns beei
ixtremoly cordial , although it is tacit
y understood that the coming of thii
onvention to this metropolis of tin
Slkhorn valley means the organizatioi
if a new association at that point am
he erection of a building , as has foi
awed the holding of state convention !
t Columbus , Fremont York and othei
oints in the state.
For credential blanks and other In
ormatiou write to State Secretary J
' . Bailey , Y. M. C. A. building , Omaha
lend Is Fixed at $500 Forgery Cases
Come Up Next Month.
Chris Lenscr , the young Northwest
rn baggageman accused of attempt
ig to pass a forged pay check , was
ound over to the district court
Wednesday morning for trial. The
end for his appearance before Dls
: Ict Judge Welch was placed at $500 ,
: was furnished at once with C. Len >
er , a grandfather , and Frank Lenser ,
n uncle , as sureties.
Lenser waived the preliminary hear
ig in Justice Lambert's court. He
as represented by Judge Powers as
The cases against Lenser and Ray
Icnnard , whom Lenser Implicates in
10 forgery , will probably be heard In
ladison next month.
ear Joker Embarrasses Old Gentle
man From New York.
Carroll , Neb. , Jan. 29. The prank
f a local "journalist" in reporting
lat an old gentleman from New York
> the name of Hughes , who Is visit-
ig in Carroll at present , was the fath-
: of Governor Hughes , caused quite
commotion here and no end of era-
arrassment and trouble to the old
eiitleman. Men , women and children
: ared at him with open mouths and
hen the city papers began to tele-
raph and telephone him for Inter-
lews , he threw up his hands in dls-
ohn L. Pierce , Formerly a Resident
of This City and at Present Head of
the Insurance Department at State
Capital , in the Field.
John L. Pierce , formerly a resident
f Norfolk and at present at the head
f the insurance department In the
illce of auditor of public accounts at
ilncoln , has announced himself as a
andldato for the republican nomlna
Ion as state auditor of Nebraska.
Mr. Plerco's name will come before
lie party at the coming state prlraarj
lection next fall.
John L. Pierce was one of the busl
ess men of Norfolk fifteen years ago
.ater ho went to Omaha and then te
dncolu In his present capacity. While
i Norfolk Mr. Pierce lived In the
omo at present owned by H. E. Owen
orner Nebraska avenue nnd Twelftb
at little coat
reward is offered
nnyono for any sub
stance Injurious to the health found
in Cnliimct Unking Powdor.
Purity Is a prime essential in f < KMl.
C/iiIumot Istnniloonlyof putt1 , wholesome
ingredients combined by skilled clii'mists ,
nnd complies with the pure food laws of
nil state * . It is the only high-grade
Baking Powder on the market sold at
n moderate price.
Calumet Baking Powder tnny bo
freely used with the certainty that food
mndu with it contain1 ? no harmful
drills It is chemically correct
nnd make1'iiro. . WholuHOiuo
City Attorney Hazen Sent Norfolk
Petition for the Annexation of Oi
side Additions to Madison for Filli
The annexation petition was flh
In the district court at Madison ye
tordny. I'lie ' petition was sent dow
by City Attorney Unzcn. It nnra <
121 ! ! property owners us defendants.
City extension cannot be made t
fcctlve until after the city electlo
The court decision will be obtnliu
the latter part of May.
Of the defendants listed 13-1 resld
in thin county and will be borved wit
a notlro of the annexation proceeding
b > Sheriff Clements or deputy withl
the next two weeks. Nine proper !
owners affected live in Pierce count
and will receive personal notices. Tli
remaining seventy-nine property owl
era live outside of Madison and Plerc
Expensive to Fight It.
The objectors to the annexation pr <
cess who desire to resist must answc
the petition in court by March 2. Th
property owners who do not conies
will' have no court costs to pay bn
those who protest and fail to mak
their point will have to pay the cost
At the May term of court Judge A
\ . Welch will take up the city goverr
meiit's request for an extension of th
3ity limits. The court will hear th <
jvidence and if it appears that the tei
'ttory affected is divided into block
ind lots and would receive materia
jeni'flt ' from annexation or that justlci
ind equity requires an extension o
he legal limits , then a Judicial decrei
ondcrcd. This decree Is expectei
udercd. This degree is cxpectc <
ibout the nineteenth or twentieth o
day. A copy will be filed with tin
: ounty clerk.
The city council may then pass i
ormal ordinance of annexation.
Will Help Norfolk.
Tlio property which. Norfolk expecti
o add embraces , City Attorney Hazei
hinks , about 100 homes. It will ad <
ibout 500 people to the legal popula
Ion. And the next census taken wll
nake Norfolk a city of the first clas ;
ilong with Fremont , Grand Island
tastings and other Nebraska towns
if over 5,000 population.
Benefits Outsiders.
City Attorney Hazen. in his petitior
.siting Judicial endorsement of the
ity limit extension , makes the follow
ng argument :
"Norfolk has a. population of 4.50C
nhnbitants , owns and operates n
rater works system , has Just recent
y installed1 an. extensive main sewei
o which property owners may attacli
ipon forming sewer districts , has a
ree delivery mail service , an organ
iced nnd well equipped fire department
i-Ith hook and ladder trucks hose carts
, nd apparatus for extinguishing fires
iy water and otherwise , provides foi
treet lighting by gas and by elec
riclty , has an ordinance by which prop
: rty owners in said city can be com
Icnts of the city , has an ordinance reg
ilatlng contagious diseases and foi
s about to install a free public llbrarj
or the use nnd benefit of the rest
lents of the city , has an ordauce re
minting contagious diseases and foi
ho protection of the health of the In
labltants of the city and the clean.
Iness thereof nnd hns a well organ ,
zed police department on duty daj
ind night. The property proposed U
10 annexed to said city or a large pan
if It Is laid out and platted In build
ng lots , streets and alleys , and large
y occupied by residents thereon , i
najorlty of the defendants reside It
inch territory and If annexed will re
iclvo police protection and the pro
ectlon of the fire department of sale
: lty and will be entitled to the use eon
on and will bo entitled to the use o
he said sewer system , the free dollv
> ry of their mall , street lighting , ce
nent sidewalks and crossings , the us <
ind benefit of n free public llbrar :
ind the regulation of contagious dla
"The lands nud lots mentioned havi
; rently enhanced In value by reasoi
if their close proximity to said city
nit the owners and residents thcreoi
mve not borne any of the expense :
ind burdens Incident to the city gov
irnment , although receiving great nd
'nntages therefrom , and justice am
equity demand that thin territory bo
annexed to the c.lty. "
Hanson Mercantile Co.'a Creditors
Get Court Order.
Hurt Mnpes , receiver of the Hanson
Mercantile company of Tlldcn , hns
nnnoiinced that he will sell the gener
al stock of merchandise carried by
the Ilansen company. The snlo Is un
der nn order of Judge Munger of the
federal court and will be held on Fob-
run ry fi.
The Ilansen company has not yet
been declared bankrupt. The com
pany answered the bankruptcy peti
tion by filing an application in the
Norfolk division of the United States
court iisklng for a trinl by jury on
the petition filed by their creditors.
The order of snlo wns obtained from
Judge Munger by the creditors , who
claimed that the value of the Btock
wns depreciating and should' bo sold
to protect their Interests.
The Hanson stock Invoices at $12-
At the Regular Weekly Meeting of Hie
Norfolk Commercial Club Tuesday
Morning , J. D. Sturgeon Was Select
ed for Important Office.
.T. D. Sturgeon , president of the Stur-
gfon Music company and nn enthusi
astic and effective booster for Norfolk ,
wns chosen secretary of the Norfolk
Commercial club at the Tuesday morn-
ng meeting of the directors.
Freight rates were up for discussion
it the meeting , the directors setting In
o clear their minds on the details of
the situation.
A. Degner wns named as a commit-
00 to visit Meadow Grove for the pur-
> ese of inspecting Walter Evans' pat-
jnted hay press whiuh haa been
jrought before the club , as an object
or promotion. Mr. Degner was an-
horized to take some man with a
> ractical knowledge of hay presses to
Meadow Grove.
Sturgeon Will Accept.
J. D. Sturgeon will accept the sec
retaryship of the Commercial club ,
le says that the action of the club
llrectors came to him as a great sur-
irlse but thnt he will accept the office
ind glvo it his best efforts.
"The action of the board was en-
trely unsolicited , " said Mr. Sturgeon. "
1 know that the position of secretary
: arries with it a lot of work but I do
lot care to refuse It.
"As secretary I will try to serve
Norfolk as well nB B can. "
\bram White Appeared Before Die. .
trlct Judge Welch Yesterday and ,
Submitted Mathematical Figures to >
Prove the Trees Should Stand.
Norfolk had quite a term of court
esterday. District Judge A. A. Welch
) f Wayne was In the city and heard
he testimony in two district court
mses. The Impromptu court was In
S. P. Weatherby'B law office.
Abram White , eighty-four , came be-
ore Judge Welch to plead for his old
rees about his Norfolk home. White ,
lowover , didn't ask mercy for his
rees , Just Justice. He brought law
uid mathematical demonstration with
ilm to show that , as ho thought , the
uarch of the cement sidewalk didn't
cad along the path occupied by his
ild trees. White's dispute with Nor-
oik Is of several years' standing and
nvolves a dispute ever a lot and side-
valk line. White seeks an Injunction
igalnst the sidewalk laying depart-
nent of Norfolk. Judge Welch will
: ome to Norfolk again and hear the
city surveyor's side of the story.
Edward D. Kline's suit against the
Northwestern , one of the depot flro
aults , was heard before the White cnao
vas brought up. Kline asks for $200
in baggage lost In the 1005 depot flro.
Judge Welch took the case under nd-