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A Section Man From Wlnslde Swore
at a Negro In Norfolk and Spent
the Night In Jail For Hlo Offense.
Last Week a Swearer Was Fined.
If you want to swear In Norfolk
don't. ' At least not out loud. Count
four Instead. It's less expensive.
There is n "ban" against swearing
In Norfolk. Men are arrested for It.
If you have lo relieve your feelings
go out nnd kick a telephone post but
don't swear.
I nst week a Norfolk man wns fined
$10 for swearing at a policeman. Yes
terday a man from Wlnsldo was
thrown Into the clly Jail for swearing
at a negro.
Chief Flynn Is a democrat but his
nnll-sweiirlng crusade hasn't any color
The man from Wlnsldo said ho came
from the secllon. He gave Iho uuiuo
of John Welling. Ho dldn'l claim
any soulhern connections but when
ho steered up Norfolk avenue bearing
something of a "load" and encoun
tered a local colored man ho became
The man's words were reported to
the chief and a night In the city jail
for the swearer resulted.
The man who swore hud compan
ions in jail nnd two of the quartet
who spent the night In the city jail
were said to bo father and son , bound
from Verdlgre to North Plnllo.
Now Jersey Recorder Sentences Aged
i Man for Swearing at Young Girl.
Montclalr , N. J. , Oct. 29. For In-
lulling u girl who rebuked him lor
shooting craps In front of her home ,
James Fooehey , fifty-eight years old.
has been sentenced to ninety days In
iho Essox county penitentiary by Uo-
corder Yost , who said that he Intend-
d to discourage prolanlty among the
"young" generation here.
J. D. Sturgeon was In Stanton yes
P. Satnton of Tlldcu spent Monday
In Norfolk.
William Fix of Pierce Is visiting rel
atives In Norfolk.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo Isler .were
down from Oakdalo Monday.
Miss Anna Miller Is home from a
Sunday visit at Ilattlo Creek.
Mrs. A. D. Lane , Mrs. Fred LInerode
and Mrs. Harry Owen wore In Omaha
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Webster Stlrk
are homo from a wedding trip to Oma
J. F. Nolan was the guest of A. A
Corklo at the latter's home lu Tllden
over Sunday.
N. Grubb of Pacific Junction Is li
Norfolk on a visit with his brother-in-
law , M. M. Faucctt.
Louis Valln , the contractor In charge
of the new high school building , went
to Omaha yesterday.
C. A. Wolfe , who has charge of the
Norfolk Jewelry store , has been In
Omaha on a short business visit.
Miss Elslo Johnson , who has been
teaching school near Tllden , Is home
for a month's vacation during the
corn husking season.
Jack Manning , democratic candidate
for county assessor , was In from Bat
tle Creek Monday to attend the dem
ocratic county central committee meet-
F. M. Jennings , after spending Sun
day In Norfolk , left yesterday for Wy
oming where ho represents the Fan-
cett-Carney candy company In the
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. LIndstrom arrived
homo yesterday from a pleasant two
weeks' outing In Denver and Colorado
Springs. Enroute homo they made
brief visits at Kearney , Fremont and
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Blcknell stopped
In Norfolk on their way to Bonestcel
where they will spend the week. Mr.
Blcknell , who Is connected with the
piano department of the Bennett
store of Omaha , was recently In Nor
folk In charge of the company's branch
In this city.
Among those who left Norfolk yes
terday for Seward to attend a church
conference held this week in Seward
bf the churches of the Missouri synod
of the Lutheran church were Rev. J.
P. Mueller and Instructors A. Stoffen
and O. Blndlnwald of Norfolk , Rev.
Mr. Bchlpps of Pierce , Instructor Frey
of Hadar and Instructor Prelster of
Among the day's out of town visit
ors in Norfolk were : Woods Cones ,
Plorco ; Misses Jonnlo , Elva and Eva
Prudcn , Monowi ; Mr. and Mrs. I.
Ughtnor , Monroe ; Mrs. Vlnnlo Apple-
fit , Miss Mary Nichols , Miss Daisy
Gioradorf , Belgrade ; L. J. Taylor , H.
Erlckson , Holdrcgo ; T. A. Kllpatrlck ,
Madison ; E. Thompson , Wlsner ;
Frank Phillips , Hosklns ; Mrs. H. J.
Hill , Monroe ; N. E. Gardner , Butte ;
George C. Stevenson , Madison ; H.
Hofner , Butte.
J. W. Ransom Is in Omaha.
J. D. Sturgeon was in Carroll Tues
day afternoon.
Rev. F. S. F. Scherff left at noon
for a brief visit In Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wllley re
turned Saturday noon from a pleas
ant week's visit In Ewlng and Atkin
George W. Losey , candidate for
sheriff , was in Norfolk Monday for
the democratic central committee
Miss Anna Welding of West Point
arrived In Norfolk at noon from a visit
it Albion. She Is the guest of Miss
Kayo Livingston.
Mrs. M. P. Suiter underwent a sur
gical operation Just before noon for
ippondlcltls. Dr. P. H. Salter per
formed the operation.
Mrs. George D. Buttorflcld has re
turned to Davenport , Iowa , where her
father has been quite 111.
I ) . Mathowson , J. S. Mnthowson , Asa
{ . Ixounrd } and W. J. Stndolman en-
eyed a hunt during Ihe afternoon.
Miss Nellie Flynn arrived homo
Monday evening to enjoy a month's
vacation from school teaching during
the corn husking Reason. Miss Flynn
will visit In Omaha with her sister.
District Judge A. A. Welch passed
hrough Norfolk Tuesday morning re-
timing to Wayne from Pierce , where
10 adjourned district court until De
cember 11. Courl Reporter Win. Pow
ers and Attorney M. C. Hazen also re
turned from Pierce.
Judge T , H. Saundcrs and wife of
Columbus are In Norfolk , the guests
of Postal Clerk H. B. Saundors. Tues-
lay Judge and Mrs. Saundcrs will bo
entertained at luncheon by Mrs. L. B.
Mussclmnn. Monday Mr. and Mrs.
Mussulman were guests at the Saun
dcrs homo on the occasion of the visit
of Judge and Mrs. Saundors.
The young Indies of Queen Esther
circle met Monday evening at the
home of Miss Lena Mills.
The Norfolk hand will give a short
street concert Wednesday evening before -
fore their Marquardt hall dance.
Ladles of the Degree of Honor lodge
arranged a surprise parly Monday
evening for Mrs. B. W. Barrett , spend
ing the evening at Mrs. Barrett's new
lioino on Park avenue and Eighth
The democratic central committee
that Is managing the county campaign
met In the city hall In Norfolk Monday
afternoon. Campaign matters wore
discussed and a decision reached not
to protest against the decision ruling
out nominations resulting from names
"written In" on the primary ballots.
J. F. Flynn , chairman of the commit
tee , presided.
Fremont Tribune : The Northwest-
em's new motor car Is out of commis
sion temporarily , and this morning a
steam locomotive pulling one car went
down the line to York for the dally
trip. The six-cylinder two-hundred
horse-power gasoline engine In the new
self-propelling car had been balky for
three or four days , and was not giving
the best of satisfaction. It was said
to be "missing on two cylinders. " So
It was sent to Omaha for repairs In the
Union Pnciflc'c garage.
Nellgh Leader : Two cases were
before the county judge Wednesday
from Elgin , both of them arising from
a daughter of Willis McBrlde being
injured by a merry-go-round. One was
a replevin case , and judgment was
rendered for plaintiff , McBrlde , on all
property except the possession of the
cable. The second was a damage case
against the owners of the merry-go-
round for Injuring Jeanette McBrlde
and the judgment was favorable to
defendant , the court holding It had
no jurisdiction over the defendant.
Chairman Cornell of the republican
committee of the Fifteenth Judicial
district calling at the republican state
headquarters lu Lincoln was sanguine
over the prospects for republican sue
cess. . "We expect to elect both Doug
las and Jencks In our district , " sale
Mr. Cornell , "because the republican
party Is harmonious and united. Botl
are able men and are well known over
the district. The people want a change
up there and they are going to get It
I said all I have to say In my recen
statement , which was published , re
gardlng the attacks on me personally
so there Is no use to repeat it. "
As a result of no nominations having
been filed at the primaries for the
ofllce of county surveyor In Madison
county that ofllce Is accordingly to be
thrown open for a free-for-nll race a
the polls. No candidates for surveyor
will be listed on the official ballots
and the voters will have to use their
load pencils to express a choice. It
Is presumed that A. J. Thatch , who
would have won an "all-party" noml
nation had names "written In" on the
primary ballots been held vaiy , wll
land the ofllce at the general election
In Norfolk some voters will write the
name of City Engineer Salmon on the
election ballots.
The Injunction proceedings brought
by the Northwestern against the town
of Cleorwater to prevent the town
from opening a street across its right
of way will not bo dropped from the
court record of the Norfolk district o !
the federal court A demurrer filed
by Attorney J. B. Smith of Nellgh on
behalf of the town and argued before
Judge T. C. Munger of the fedora
bench In Norfolk lost month has been
overruled and a journal entry to that
effect forwarded to Norfolk. If the
demurrer had been sustained the case
would have been dropped from conn
but the Injunction proceedings will
now come up for regular hearing.
Gregory Times : There has been
something doing In Gregory the pas
week in the way of securing ways and
means for the construction of a city
hall building. A subscription paper
has been passed among the business
men of the town for the sale of stock
at $10 per share , and up to this time
$2,000 worth of stock has been dis
posed of. A meeting of the stockhold
ers will be held on Friday night of
this week for the purpose of electing
officers , considering steps to be taken
in letting the contract and any other
Initiative measures of the proposition
The building , when completed , wll
have cost In the neighborhood of $4,000
and will bo one of the finest of Its
kind in this part of the state. It is
proposed to build it two stories high
and Install in the upper part a first
class opera house and assembly room
for public gatherings. On the lower
floor will bo the city hall proper whlcl
will be divided in rooms for counci
chamber , fire room , hose house , etc.
County Clerk Richardson Submitted
the Prospective Ballot to the Demo
cratic County Central Committee ,
Offer Chance to Take Into Court.
Madison , Neb. , Oct. 29. From a
tall' correspondent : County Clerk
tlchardson solved the election ballot
middle to the satisfaction of all par
ies and without taking arbitrary ac-
County Clerk Richardson announced
lint ho would follow the ruling of the
ittornoy general and the precedent
set by the secretary of state In omIt-
Ing from Iho flection ballots the nom-
nations secured as a resull of names
)0lng ) "written lu" on the primary bal-
But recognizing that two views were
leld In the mutter the county clerk
lotlflcd the candidates Interested of
ils decision and announced that the
> rlntlng of the ballots would bo held
ip to afford the candidates time to
cst Ihe matter in the courts if they
should so desire.
Monday the democratic central com-
nlttee met in Norfolk and their deci
sion was to abide by the action of the
county clerk.
Chairman John F. Flynn of the
democratic committee Is quoted as
saying that he appreciated the cour
tesy of Mr. Richardson In bringing
the matter before the candidates the
way he did.
Those judges and clerks of election
will preside over the polling places In
Norfolk next week : First ward , W.
H. WIdaman , Edward Braasch and J.
S. McClary , judges ; E. R. Hayes and
T. C. Cantwell , clerks ; Second ward ,
F. G. Coryell , E. W. Uecker and C. F.
Hnase , judges , S. D. Robertson and
August Brummund , clerks ; Third
ward , Anton Buchholz , Julius Dcgner ,
II. M. Roberts , judges ; Alex Miller and
George N. Beels , clerks ; Fourth ward ,
Steve Burnette , Mike Kennedy and
II. H. Luke , judges ; W. M. Green and
Robert Eccles , clerks ; outside pre
cinct , C. P. Byerly , John Wade and
John Henderson , judges , T. E. Odl-
erne and F. D. Krautz , clerks.
From the list of election officials
announced for next week's elections
Madison county has the outward as
pect of a democratic county. By law
each of the two leading parties Is en
titled to a judge and a clerk of elec
tion , the third judge going to the ma
jority party , that is the party casting
the largest number of votes In the
precinct at the last general election.
As a result of the democrats having
carried twelve out of the twenty-three
precincts of the county at the 1900
election the minority party In Madison
county still has a little bit the best
of It as regards election officials.
Only one change was made In the
Norfolk polling places this fall. The
outside precinct's voting place has
been changed so that voters In the
precinct will cast their ballots In the
building east of the Oxnurd once occu
pied by the Daniel paper store. The
other polling places will not be chang
ed , the First ward voting at the city
hall , the Second ward at the Wesl
Side hose house , the Third ward In
Councilman's Buchholz's residence and
the Fourth ward at the Junction hose
The Madison high school Is one of
the Nebraska high schools which have
been designated as normal training
sphools by the state department of ed
ucation. Normal work Is being car
ried at this time and an extra teacher
for the work will be added on January
1. Fifteen high school students ore
taking the normal training work at
Next year when the Norfolk high
school Is housed in Its new structure
that school will receive the endorse
ment as a normal training school that
is now extended to Madison. But
whether Madison docs or does not
also receive state aid at the same
time It Is stated that normal training
will not be dropped from the Madison
course of study.
Normal training as a practical fea
ture of high school work was credited
as having made good at the recent
teachers' meeting in Lincoln and Mad
ison is well satisfied with Its progress
In her own school.
County Superintendent F. B. Per
due will appear on the program at a
teachers' meeting at Butte on Novem
ber 9.
A wedding In which the bride and
groom are two well known yonng people
ple connected with pioneer families
of this vicinity will take place next
Saturday afternoon at the Virginia
ranch where Miss Grace Martin , the
daughter of Joseph Martin , will be
married to Mr. Harry Loonan who has
recently engaged in the grain business
in Iowa.
With the county Jail empty Madi
son county hasn't a very wicked ap
Pronounced the Best Trotter Devel
oped In West This Year.
The following written for the Horse
man and Spirit of the Times by Per-
rlgo , concerns Shady G , a horse brok
en , trained and developed by John S.
Kay at Nellgh :
Ills two races at Elm Ridge , Kansas
City , Mo. , marked the last public ap
pearance for the year of Shady G , the
best trotter developed In the west this
year. Shady G Is a high class trotter
of the water. He started In ten races ,
won seven , was second In two and
third lu the other , earning $3,400. Ho
Improved rapidly from week to week
and won his last six starts. His rec
ord was taken at Sioux City , lown , In
Ills second win of the meeting. W. P.
McCrenry , Ed Allen and other good
judges tell me Hint he won the heat
In u big Jog and that he could have
stepped In 2 : OS. At Kansas City last
Monday ho raced over a muddy track
and simply tow-roped a high class
Held , which Included Copporlleld ,
Charm P and other mighty good ones ,
Shudy G Is the best trotter lu the
west , according to my way of think
ing , that Is left In the 2:10 : class. Ho
will race all day and then go again
Iho following day. 1 saw him make
his first start of the year at Qulncy ,
111. , in July and trot a field of good
trotters into the ground over a muddy
track. In his next two engagements
ho ran Into the Canadian gelding ,
Johnny , and made him step around
2:13 : each time to win. Then at Wy
oming he met Major K and the pair
went live heats all the way from 2:16 :
to 2:17 : , and Shady G was first or second
end each time. Then came his six
slruight victories.
I fell in love with Shudy G the first
time I ever saw him. " 1 loved him
Ihon , I love him more loday , " as Iho
song has U. He Is the handsomest
red sorrel you ever saw In color , with
a stripe lu his face and three whlto
legs. He retires for the season with
the cleanest set of legs and feet a
horse over had In fact , ho Is abso
lutely sound. Tom Cox , who has
trained and driven him all his life , Is
entitled to a great deal of pralso for
his work. Shady G Is owned by M. H.
Griffon , White Lake , S. D.
P. A. Scharf and E. E. Scharf , Whc
Came to Norfolk From Verdlgre En
route to North Platte , Got Overload
ed With Booze Together.
Father and son , drunk the night he
fore , stood before the bar of Justice
In Norfolk police court Tuesday morn
Ing. And they were not of the usuu
run of police court prisoners , either
but hard working sons of the farir
who fell by the wayside In Norfolk.
P. A. Scharf and E. E. Scharf , fa
ther and son , came from their rente (
farm near Vordlgre bound for a home
stead just out of North Platte.
Norfolk whiskey is intoxicating and
father and son drank to the limit dur
ing their Monday evening stay In Nor
folk. Then the law stepped in am'
the male representatives of the Scharf
family law down together In the city
Scharf , sr. , has a winning smile and
the lines in his face are honest lines
"We were merely drunk , " said
Scharf , sr.
"And never before arrested , " sail
Scharf , Jr.
"Dollar and costs , " said Judge
Then out of each pocket came a
roll of greenbacks.
Father and son each paid his own
"Thirty minutes till train time , '
said Chief Flynn.
"We're off , " said the son.
"But not a word In the paper , " said
the father.
Rosebud Stage Driver Dead.
Valentfnev Neb ! , Oct. 30. Special
to The News : J. W. Ward of Britt
Neb. , who was brought down hero a
couple of weeks ago sick with typholi
fever , died at 6 o'clock. Ho has been
running a store at Britt for the pasi
three or four years. He was aboui
thirty-five years of age and leaves a
wife but no children. He was wel
known hero as previous to going to
Britt he drove the stage from hero to
Rosebud agency.
Two Norfolk Young People Went to
Pierce Monday and Were There Se
cretly Married by the County Judge
Kept From All Friends ,
Cupid plays In the open and "secret'
weddings will out.
Walter Chlpps , a young painter of
Norfolk , and Miss Elmoth Grlep
whose parents have lived In Norfolk
for many years , were secretly married
Monday evening in Pierce. After the
ceremony the young people relumed
to Norfolk and have behaved with so
much circumspection that even the
bride's parents , Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Grlep , have not suspected the wed
The marriage ceremony was per
formed by the county judge at Pierce
It was performed with great secrecy ,
the judge even being prevailed upon
to keep the affair from the local pa
Walter Chipps works for H. A. Ha
ley. "Mrs Chlpps" has been employed
by Mrs. N W. Clover and Is still at
the Clover home. Her parents , Mr
and Mrs , Grlop , have lived In Norfolk
for many years and have made their
homo at the Junction.
FROM $1 to $1.50.
Arguing That the Price of Commodi
ties Has Advanced , Norfolk Physi
cians Have Nearly All Agreed to
Advance Price of Town Visits.
It Is probable that physicians' fees
u Norfolk will go up within a day or
wo. An agreement to this effect has
won signed by nearly all of Iho pro
fession in the city and It Is said that
ill will likely agree to the advance In
oes. From $1 , Ihe fee for a town vis-
I will bo advanced to $1.50.
Cause for the advance Is assigned by
ho physicians to the Increased cost
of living. The now fees will become
> perutlvo us soon us nil of the profes
sion have signed the agreement. It Is
tainted out that physicians' fees are
where they were twenty years ago ,
while the cost of commodities has gen
erally Increased. It is also pointed out
that fees in all small towns are higher
than In Norfolk.
Among the out-of-town visitors in
town were : Aug. Calves , Pierce ; P.
R. Washabaugh , Bonestcel ; Wllford
Stanford , Hcrrick ; G. F. West , Wayne ;
Ed. A. Frey , Nlobrara ; Olbln Olson ,
The Commercial club did not meet
Tuesday morning.
On Friday , Nov. 8 , and not this
week , the next Elk dancing party will
: ako place.
John D. Haskell of Wakcfleld , well
itnown In Norfolk , was elected presi
dent of Wakeficld's now commercial
club ,
Mrs. A. K. Leonard and Mrs. L. E.
Wallerstedt will entertain a company
of ladles Thursday afternoon at 1
o'clock In Marquardt hall.
Fremont Tribune : The Northwest
ern put its motor car In service on the
York run again this morning. It went
out of Fremont on time this morning
with twenty passengers.
Miss Lizzie Zuslrou on the occasion
of her birthday entertained the F. C.
C. club. Games were played during
the evening. Refreshments were
served. The thirty-live guests present
enjoyed the evening.
Steps are being taken to secure a
new pastor for the Baptist church of
Norfolk , the church pulpit having been
vacant since Rev. F. W. Benjamin's
departure for California. Members ol
the church expect to secure a new
pastor dining the coming month.
Plalnvlow News : U. II. Wood went
to Norfolk Saturday to meet his wife
and daughter , who arrived from Goshen -
en , New York. After visiting over
Sunday in Norfolk , they arrived In
our city Monday morning and will
move into the John Fischer residence
formerly owned by Aug. Erdman.
That Manager Stadelmnn of the In
dependent telephone company , who
saved $3,500 by delaying his purchase
of copper wire cable until after the
extreme break in the price of copper
bought at just the right moment , Is at
tested by the upward movement of
that metal. One of the recent develop
ments has been a sharp advance In the
price of copper over the price of ten
days ago , the United Metals Selling
company reporting a raise of over a
cent from the former price of 12 %
cents a pound.
The farmers In the vicinity of Battle
Creek are the latest to have organized
branch of the anti-horsethlef
a - asso
ciation. The organization of the Bat
tle Creek branch was effected by
George Losey , chief captain of the
north Nebraska association. These
officers were chosen at Batlle Creek :
E. J. Brink , presidenl ; John Ridokohr ,
vice-president ; Fred Volk , secretary ;
Herman Hogrefe , treasurer ; Frank
Massraan , captain. The Batlle Creek
anil-horse Ihlef society starts out with
a membership of thlrly.
Creighlon News : Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Peterson came up from Norfolk Tues
day and are packing household goods
preparatory lo shipping to Norfolk to
day where they will reside in the fu
ture. Mr. Peterson has accepted the
position of manager of the big laun
dry there at a remunerative salary.
They regret to leave Crolghton and
their numerous friends and neighbors
regret to have them go. They are
very fine people and we certainly wish
them the best In their home. Johnson
Claggett will occupy their residence.
Stanlon Picket : A few years ago
the farmers and others wore told that
apples could not be grown in Stanton
county , that the trees would wlnler
kill and that the seasons were too
cold. However , the experiment of
growing fruit trees was tried and now
Stanton county Is raising as good a
quallly of apples as can he found In
Iowa or any olher western stale. The
first apples over shipped out of Stan-
Ion county went by rail last week.
There were two carloads , both of
which went to Sioux City , having been
laken in by buyers of that town. One
load of apples came from the Canfleld
place and the most of the others from
Iho farm of Andrew Spenco. The
quallly was excellenl , the varieties
consisting of winter fruit.
The vicinity of Wood Lake Is the
Mecca of north Nebraska hunters just
now , according to George D. Butler-
field , who relumed lo Norfolk Tues
day from a western Irlp lo purchase
feeding cuttle for the firm of W. H.
Butlerfleld & Son. Mr. Bullerfield en-
counlered hunters everywhere and
Ihey all seemed lo be bagging Ihelr
share of ducks. The wlnlor flight not
having set In the native duck of ne
cessity receives the full allentlon of
the hunters. South winds have tend
ed to mnko this year's flight a Into
one. Some 300 head of heavy steers
were purchased by Mr. IJutlorlleld In
western Nebraska. The cntllo were
shipped through Norfolk to the But-
torllcld ranch al Magnet , where they
will bo fattened for market during the
coming year.
Humphrey Democrat : Miss Ida Hol
land of this plnco and Win. Burr of
Norfolk were united In mnrrlngc In
St. Francis church In Humphrey Tues
day morning at 9 o'clock , Father Kur-
zer officiating. The bridesmaids wore
Miss Hlonorn Schuoth and Miss Annie
Sclmrwnrth nnd the groomsmen were
Carl Smith nnd R. F. Holland. After
the ceremony a reception was accord
ed the young people nt Iho home of
Iho bride's parents nl which only Iho
relatives and Iho close friends of Iho
bride and groom were present. The
bride Is a daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Holland of this place , and the groom
Is a railroad man on the Northwestern
with headquarters at Norfolk , where
they will mnko Ihelr homo. The young
couple left Tuesdny evening for tholr
now home. The Democrul Joins In ox-
lending congratulations.
Miss Ruth Daniels of Omaha , who
is vlslllng wllh Norfolk friends , has
just rolurncd from a hunting trip with
a party of friends south of the Yellow
stone park , near the famous "Jack
son's Hole" country. Miss Daniels
was successful on the hunt In shooting
a largo elk , the first one to bo secured
by the party. The animal's head , a
splendid specimen , has been received
In Norfolk and will bo mounted by
Sessions & Bell. The teeth arc pro
nounced by old hunters as unusually
handsome. Every member of the par
ly secured one elk all Iho law allows ,
but this was the largest. This elk
was one of a small herd. Ho was shot
three times , the first time in Iho neck
and the second time In Iho shoulder.
That part of the country Is said to
contain many elk nnd a number of
bear. Miss Daniels rode 250 miles
horseback and hud an Ideal outing.
Nellgh Leader : Hans Zlmmer of
Ma city reccnlly bought a cornhusk-
Ing machine to bo placed on his big
form southwest of Nellgh. Ho had
been Investlgullng Iho mailer for two
or three years , and Informed the com
pany when they had perfected the ma
chine so they could guarantee It to
work , to send him one. They wrolc
him awhile ago Ihal Ihcy were now
ready to do this , and one was Imme-
dlalcly ordered , soon afler set up nnd
wus to be tried Wednesday. II Is ex-
peeled to gather eight acres per day ,
but if it will husk five It will satisfy
Mr. Zlmmor. The machine was scl
up with a guarantee that If it failcil
to work to the entire- satisfaction ol
the purchaser It should bo returned
without charge for freight or the ex
PCIIKCS of the expert. The machine IE
described as follows by an exchange ;
Flvo horses arn drlvnn on the har
vester and a single row Is busked at
a time. Drag hooks bring all down
corn Into the clutches of the machine ,
so that whether the corn Is flat or
standing the ears are husked. An el
evator deposits the husked corn in an
accompanying wagon. From eight to
twelve acres a day can be taken out.
At this rate a big field can be quickly
gathered , and Iho owner of Iho ma
chine can Ihen do work for other farm
ers. It appears that the husking prob
lem has been successfully solved by
the ingenious machine. They cost
Business Men of That Thrifty City
Have Formed a Stock Company
With Which to Build a City Hall.
Waterworks System Going in.
Gregory , S. D. , Oct. 29. Gregory Is
now undergoing the mosl rapid growlh
of Us hlslory. Five now dwelling
houses lo cost from $1,200 to $3,000
were started the past week. There
have been an average of about four
or five new residences started each
week during the past ninety days.
There are also a number of largo new
business houses under way. The busi
ness men of Gregory have formed n
stock company for the purpose of
building a city hall. Over $2,000 was
subscribed In twenly-four hours. It
is proposed to erect a two-story build
ing to cost about $5,000.
The pipes for the mains of Gregory's
new waterworks system have arrived
and are being distributed about town.
The mains will consist of a large
trunk main , about one mile long , ex
tending along Main street from the
massive concrete reservoir on the
Gregory heights In North Gregory to
the C. & N. W. railway grounds In the
south part of the city , logolher with
branches extending through the east
and west sections of the city. The
gravlly syslem of pressure will be
used and Ihe syslem will have Ihe
best pressure and will bo on Ihe whole
Iho most complele nnd effecllvo of any
clly In southern South Dakota.
Meets New Condition Without Incon
venience Endorse Action.
Norfolk people have readily adapted
themselves to the cashier's check basis
for transacting business and the course
of the local bunks hns been very unnn-
Imously endorsed as the wise measure
at this time , In view of the flnnnclnl
sltimllon In Now York and Iho ncllon
of Chicago nnd olher banks In adopt
ing Iho clearing house certificate plan.
No particular Inconvenience has been
caused by the new system and the
Druggists Here In Town Sny They Can
Supply the Ingredients or Make up
the Mixture Prescription of an Em
inent Authority.
Got from any prosorlptlou plnmna-
cM Iho following :
Fluid extract diiiidollon. one-half :
ouneo ; einnpoiiml Iwrgou , ono ounoo ;
compound syrup Harsnpni'lllu , three
Shako well In a buttle nnd take n
touHpnnnfiil doHo after each meal anil
at bodtlmo.
The above IH coiiHlilorod by an oml-
nont authority , who wrltOH In u Now
York dally paper , as the finest pro-
Horlptlon ever written ( o rollovo buck-
aoho , kidney trouble , weak bladder
and all forms of urinary difficultIOH.
This mixture acts promptly on the
ellmlnatlvo tissues of the kidneys , en
abling them to filler and strain the
uric acid and olhor wnslo matter from
the blood which OIIIIHOH rheumntlHm.
Some persons who miffor with Iho
nllllctloiiH may not fool Inclined to
place much confidence In Ibis slmplo
mixture , yel thnxo who hnvo tried Ik
say the result H are simply surprising ,
the relief being effected without the
slightest Injury to the stomach or oth
er organs.
Mix some and give It a trial. It
certainly conies highly recommended.
II Is the prescription of an eminent au
thority , whoso entire reputation , It la
said , was established by It.
A druggist hero nl homo when
asked stated that ho could either sup
ply the Ingredients or mix the pro
scription for our renders , nlso recom
mends It us harmless.
public generally has been willing to
put up with Iho condition , seeing In It
a safe and sane precautionary move
ment to protect the public's Interosls.
School children's mallnco every day
at 4:30 : at the Auditorium. Admission
only 5 cents.
Asa K. Leonard Drove Into Uncovered
and Unllnhted Sewer Ditch In the
Dark Both Horses Went Into the
Ditch , One of Them Injured.
Asa K. Leonard , returning homo
from a hunting trip out in the country
last evening , drove into an uncovered
sewer ditch near Eleventh slreet and
Xorfol kavenuo. It Is said that there
were no lights to Indicate the pres
ence of/the trench. Mr. Leonard was
driving two horses to a light buggy
and both horses became entangled lu
the sewer trench. Ono of the horses
was extracted from the trench with
out difficulty but the second animal
had to he literally hoisted out of the
hole. Ono of Ihe horses suffered n ;
sprained shoulder hut olhorwlse the
accident , which mlijht have been a se
rious mishap to a carriage full of wo
men and children , brought no serious
results. The accident occurred about
S p. m. , just after Mr. Leonard had
driven W. J. Stadelman , his companion
on the afternoon's hunting trip , to the
latler's home.
Depositing $100 Bills Is a Common
place Incident at Nellgh , and Ono
Farmer Has Placed a $1,000 Gold
Certificate In Atlas Bank.
Nellgh , Neb. , Oct. 30. Special to
The News : Not only are the farmers
of Anlelope counly rejoicing over the
"whopper" crop this year , bul a num
ber have bank accounls In Ibis city
thai would cerlainly starlle the people
of this part of Nebraska If their de
posits could bo seen.
II seems merely a matter of course
to deposit $100 bills with a large num
ber , but only one so far has had the
pleasure of depositing a $1,000 gold
certlficale. This Incidenl occurred
Ihls week and was deposlled by :
prosperous farmer of near Nollgh at
Ihe Alias bank.
Great Bargain.
"Suunyslde , " ICO-acre farm adjoin
ing lown ; If in acre lols would sell
for $100 lo $200 per acre ; all the ad
vantage of town and farm life ; $50
for immediate sale. J. T. Campbell ,
Lltchfleld , Neb.
A Wayne County
Farm at $40 00
240 acres a
great snap.
A. J. Durland , Owner