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Thermometer Only Went to 97 , While
on the Fourth of July It Was 100.
Humidity In the Air Made It Seem
Worst of the Season.
Thursday was not Iho hottest tiny
of the season bill It would bo dl 111 cult
to convince anyone of that fact who
had not scon the olllclal figures given
by the government thermometer. Tlio
Fourth of .Inly liolilH the record thtm
far for 1U07 , on which dny the tlinr-
inoinctor roglsiprnd 100 In the shailo ,
while Thursday It only went to ! )7. )
The liont of yoRti'rdny wa felt inoro
Intonnoly , however , by the fact that
the night bi'foro tlioro linil been a
heavy storm and the nlinonplioro Hllll
remained heavy with humidity. To
add to' ether distressing features of tlio
day thcro wan llltlo or no wind , male-
\\\K \ \ \ It Boom ono of the hottest days
ever experienced In thin country.
Kvon through the night following the
heat continued Intense until toward
morning , whou It had dropped until
the atmosphere was cool and refresh
ing , the tiiormonioter going down to
A day llko Thursday IB decidedly tin-
usual In this locality. It IH Boldom
that the mercury mounts toward the
100 mark that tlioro IB not a good
broczo to fun the heated brow , or that
there Is not a light atmosphere
through which the broiling rnya of the
sun do not penetrate with such force
ns they did upon that steaming mois
ture In the nlr. It Is the difference
between being baked or boiled , and
ono begins to realize what the punish-
inont meant to that poor victim of
the mikado's wrath when ho wns con
demned to bo "boiled In oil. "
While humanity sweltered nnd
struggled to got through the day with
out coming to blows with Its neigh
bors , yet the heat was a great thing
for the corn nnd Corn IB king Just
now nnd humanity must gracefully
nccopt that which Is good for the king.
Joe McCnll of Nollgh spent yester
day In the city.
D. 0. Wilson of Hloomflcld Is visit
ing friends here.
E. A. MathoHon of Pllgor Is In the
city on business ,
S. F. Ersklno wont to Omaha this
morning on business.
R. T. Rohrko of Meadow Grove was
n city visitor yesterday.
W. P. McFarland of Stnnton Is visit
ing relatives In Norfolk.
Miss Sullivan of Meadow Grove Is
visiting frlonds In this city.
S. B. Starrott , jr. , of Central City Is
visiting friends In the city.
Henry Uasgman of Ponder Is n
business visitor In the city.
Chns. Jarchow and Win. Sherman of
Dutto arc city visitors today.
Cnrl Fallc and wife of Hosklnsworo
shopping In the city yesterday.
Jack Slnuter of Hurko , S. D. , wns In
the city on business yesterday.
Mrs. J. Hamilton of Stnnton was
shopping In the city yesterday.
Mrs. 11. P. Schiller loft yesterday for
an extended visit in Toronto , Can.
Robert Dlngwall and C. S. Dingwnll
of Ponder arc visiting relatives in
J. H. Faolln came up from Madison
Inst evening to spend n few days in
M. G. Thompson nnd W. R. Cordoll
of Red Cloud nro visiting rolntlves in
the city.
Mrs. S. P. Ersklno returned this
evening from n short visit with rel
atives in Columbus nnd St Pnul , Neb.
Woods Cones of Plorco passed
through the city today on his way
home from Tllden , where ho hns been
attending the rnces.
Don E. Cameron , formerly of this
city but now a leading business man
of Gregory , S. D. , was greeting his
friends hero this morning.
Miss Julln Martin of St Joseph , Mo. ,
nnd Miss Inn Martin of Mumsey , Ind. ,
arrived In the city today for n short
visit with their sister , Mrs. P. E. Dnv
Chns , Rico Is In Stanton on busi
E. M. Zlescho Is In Pierce on busi
Otto Zuelow of Schuyler Is visiting
in the city.
F. G. Aurlnger of Nellgh Is a city
visitor today.
W. W. Watson of Inmnn Is n city
visitor today.
P. M. Dnrrott is attending the Til-
den rnces today.
W. A. Wlt/.lgmnn Is attending the
Tllden rnces today.
Chns. M. Young of Gregory Is In
the city on business.
W. O. Smith nnd wlfo of Fnlrfnx nro
shopping In the city today.
George Gibson hns returned from a
trip through the Pacific states.
Mrs. II. A. Drebert nnd daughter , Ol-
He , are visiting relatives In West
Mrs. George Davenport of Madison
is visiting relatives In this city.
Mrs. J. L. Vnllow nnd children left
this noon for a short visit In Blair.
Mrs. W. F. Hnll has returned from
n short visit with relatives In Colum
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gottlieb Meyer ol
Stnnton spent the dny in the city yes-
Mrs. A. Benr nnd daughter , Robin-
ette , left today for Richmond , Va. Dr ,
'llenr and HOD , Alex , accompanied them
IIH far IIH Omaha.
Horn , to Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Con-
nul , a mm.
MIHHOH Ethel and Stella Wllhorgor
) f Anoka vlHlted friends la the oily
m their way lo Mndluon.
Mrs. .1. 8. Cenllovoro , who has been
visiting Mrs. John Lynilo , has returned
( i her homo In Plerco today.
A girl baby linn como to the homo
of Julius Koll , living In Edgowntor.
Lightning struck on the Cnrl Win
er farm north of the city Wednesday
availing , breaking down four trcoa.
A party composed of Misses Carbor-
ry , Mnblo nnd Edith Estabrook , Elinor
and Joe Hlght and Don IJechtol nro
picnicking today at the Craig lake.
Herman Krugo , who IH employed on
the hlih ; school building , wns pros
trated by the heat yesterday. Hownn
able to bo nt work ngiiln this morning.
The Eastern Stnr hold an Initiation
ast evening , after which n social BOB-
iilon was hold. Dainty refreshments
were served nnd a very enjoyable
evening spent.
Five cows wcro killed by lightning
on the farm of Ernest Wlckman dur
ing the electrical storm that passed
over this section of the country
Wednesday evening.
When Superintendent Brnden reached -
ed Omaha the ether dny to tnko the
plnco of General Manager Walters of
the Northwestern , while the latter
wont on his vacation , ho found that
Mr. Wallers' llltlo son wns quite sick
nnd the vacation had boon Indefinitely
postponed ,
The Northwestern railroad bridge
ncroBB the Missouri at Pierre , upon
which all work was stopped for more
than a month on account of high water
will bo completed If possible by Oct
ober 1 , ready for the crossing of trains
running over the line recently com
pleted from Pierre to Rapid City.
A state bank has just been incor
porated at Dallas , S. D. , under the
name of the Merchants nnd Funnera
Stnto bank , with n capital of $0,000.
It is controlled by the Guonthor fam
ily , the IncorporatorB being Mathlas
Guonther of Brldgowator , Chrlstot
Guonthor of Freeman and E. A. Gucn-
ther of Dallas.
Great preparations are being made
by the committees in charge for the
annual picnic of Gormanla lodge , No.
1 , Sons of Hermann , which will beheld
held in Hlllo's grove north of the city
on Sunday. There will bo music , re
freshments nnd games. Busses will
cnrry pnssongorB to and from the
grounds nt n 10-cont fnro.
Suporlntundent Bodwoll announces
that every parson who expects to
teach In Norfolk during the next
school year , who does not hold either
a state or county certificate , must ap
pear for examination nt the Lincoln
school building Friday and Saturday ,
August lli nnd 17 , nt which tlmo and
plnco county examinations will be hold
by County Superintendent Perdue.
Senator LoFollotto relates an expe
rience ho had while delivering an ad
dress In a tent In an Arkansas town ,
which may prove of value to others
during this extreme weather : "I was
talking along and suddenly felt mysoll
growing faint. I lost the thread ol
my talk , but managed to regain my
self by placing a piece of Ice on the
back of my neck , " the senator snld.
The Madison county teachers' asso
elation will bo held In this city during
the week beginning Monday , August
ID , when n largo number of tcnchen
from nil over the county will bo pros
out. Places must bo provided foi
these teachers to board during the 3
week , nnd anyone who will take then :
will confer a favor by notifying Su
perintendent Bodwcll how many cnn
bo accommodated.
Charles Verges Is laying n gutter
nul curbing in front of his residence
n the northern part of town. The
gutter Is similar to those used on Main
Urcot down town nnd ho Is building
hem to prevent the constant damage
o his property by water during
itorms. Ho hns sought relief from
his cause at the hands of the city
council until ho hns become disgusted ,
nnd llnnlly concluded the only way to
secure protection for his property was
o do It himself.
Yesterday afternoon while the sun
was blazing down nt n terrific rnte ,
making humanity swelter and corn
, iumn , Geo. Berry telephoned In from
: its ranch west of town and asked how
liot It wns. At thnt tlmo It wns about
95 In the shade , and Mr. Berry replied
that It must bo a cold day down hero ,
as his thermometer had been reglster-
ng 128 a considerable pnrt of the af
ternoon. As a rebuke to the thing for
getting so hot ho gave It a cold bath ,
and immediately afterward it shook
the water from Its sides and gleefully
rushed up to 12C.
Statistics from Sioux Falls say that
Gregory county , S. D. , has made n
wonderful growth in its assessed val
uation during the pnst seven years ,
In 1900 the assessed valuation of the
county wns JS.G02. In 1900 It had In
creased to jl.S9C.051 , while tlio fig
ures for 1907 show the assessed valua
tion of the county to bo J2.92C.031 ,
Thus the Increase In the pnst seven
years has been ? 2,917-129. During the
pnst year the increase in the assessed
valuation has been | 1,029,980. These
figures do not Include the assessed
valuation of the railroad , telephone
and telegraph lines In Gregory county
which in 190C was $43,913.
Entertained Friends.
Chas. Hoollch entertained a numboi
of his young friends last evening
Dainty refreshments wcro served.
A want nd. will probably rent thos <
rooms within twenty-four hours fron
For More Than Thirty-Six Houro They
Wandered In the Locality Known as
"Hell , With the Fires Durned Out. "
Finally Found Narrow Path ,
A report from PrcHho , S. D. , says
hat two Iowa men , E. T. Bradshnw ,
aged CO , and John Turpln , ngod GC ,
mil a thrilling ndvcnturo in the famous
lad Lands region of western South
Jukota , and narrowly escaped death
> y hunger and exposure.
They were searching for homesteads
uid Hot out on foot from the llttlo
frontier town of Kadoka with the In-
eiitlon of walking through to Dakota
City , another llttlo frontier settlement
ind locating there. During the after
noon of the day they sot out the sky
became overcast with clouds. They
were unable to see the sun and lost
tholr way.
In attempting to guide themselves
by some bad land mounds they wan-
.lered Into the bad lands proper and
were unable to find tholr way out of
that strange region , which years ago
was referred to by Gen. Alfred Sully ,
the veteran Indian fighter , as "hell ,
with the fires burned out. "
The two weary nnd alarmed men
finally reached a deserted and par-
tlnlly demolished cnbln , where they
took refuge. There they remained
throughout the night , the following
day nnd the next night , with nothing
to eat but ono small bird they suc
ceeded in shooting. They saw some
range cattle grazing in the vicinity ,
and in the effort to escape dentil by
starvation they endeavored to Bhoot
ono of the animals.
But Uio wild range cattle were so
akery" that It was found Impossible
to got near enough to any of thorn to
shoot and kill thorn. Had they been
mounted it would have been an easy
matter to have approached the nni
mals , which are accustomed to seeing
cowboys on horseback , but readily
take alarm when approached by nny
ono on foot
On the third day of their Involunta
ry Imprisonment the two old men
again made an effort to find their
way out of the bad lands , and this
time they succeeded In finding a nar
row path which is the only means of
exit from that part of the bad lands.
Had they not discovered the path by
the merest chance they would have
perished. After a weary Journey they
finally reached civilization once more ,
moro dead than alive , but thankful
to have escaped with their lives.
Ship Canal From Lake Erie to the
Ohio River.
It Is announced that the surveys
for the proposed canal from Lake Erie
to the Ohio river have been completed.
Land for the right of way Is now be
ing rapidly acquired , and active dig
ging on the waterway will , It Is stat
ed , begin early next spring. When
the big undertaking Is complete It
will bo possible for lake vessels to
cnrry iron ore direct from Lake Su
> orlor to furnaces In the Plttsburg
district and to send coal from the
vestern Pennsylvania mines to uppoi
ako ports.
It will require about six years to
complete the task and an expenditure
of no less than $75,000,000. The pro-
) osed canal will bo 133 miles In
cngth , 177 feet in width and 13 feet
loop. A special line of boats will bo
constructed for this traffic. The cana
vlll follow the natural water way as
icarly as possible. It will conned
with Lake Erie at a point a few miles
west of Ashtabula , run southward
through Creek valley , the Mnhonlng
Ivor nnd Beaver creek nnd join the
Ohio river at Beaver , Pn. , about thlrtj
nlles southwest of Plttsburg. The cana
will pass through Youngstown , Ohio
New Castle , Beaver Pa. , and by means
of the Ohio and Monongahela rivers
will touch scores of furnaces and other
ndustrlnl plnnts nnd conl fields along
: ho route for a distance of over 175
miles from the starting point
But Nebraska Paper Finds Justlflca
tion for Railway's Act.
The Stamford , Nob. , Post has caugh
the Burlington In discriminating be
tween passengers , but It finds Justi
ficatlon for the act This is the storj
of the Post :
"The passenger train stopped at tlio
crossing a mlle west of town yester
day morning to allow Miss Alma Wei
denhammer , of McCook , to alight
This Is a rather unusual occurrence
oven on the branch and It caused som
comment A politician who was I
town telling the boys how to saveth
country , evidently thought It Indicate
n moro liberal policy to the Burling
ton , nnd ho nt once prepnred to tnk
ndvnntago of the now order of things
Ho asked that the evening train sto
at a farm house between hero and O
leans long enough for him to kiss th
baby and whisper a few confidentla
words to the farmer's ear , and who
the soulless corporation refused his re
quest ho began to howl In a wlord , dls
mnl way. Ho snld the Jlm-dnsted ral
road was depriving him of his Inallei
able right of llfo , liberty nnd the pu
suit of happiness. Ho said It wa
rank discrimination nnd It was. Bu
honestly now , would you have an >
ling to do with a railroad that
wouldn't discriminate between a pretty
young woman and a chronic politician
with n glass eye and a auspicious
breath ? "
'roper Treatment for Dysentery and
The great mortality from dysentery
and diarrhoea IH due to a lack of prop
er treatment at the first stages of the
disease. Chamberlain's Colic , Cholera
nnd Diarrhoea Remedy Is a reliable
and effective medicine , and when giv
en In reasonable tlmo will prevent any
dangerous consequences. It has been
In use for many years and has always
mot with unvarying success. For sale
by I/eoimnl the druggist.
The Sheriff Takes His Prisoner
Through the City on the Evening
Train and Has Him In the Cumlng
County Jail Before Mronlng.
[ From Friday's IJnlly. ]
Sheriff Malchow of Cumlng county
assed through the city last night hav-
ng In charge James Robloy , wanted
i Beenier for a crime committed
pen the person of a llttlo girl near
hat town. The sheriff brought his
rlsonor from Wayne- the evening
rain and took him directly through
Norfolk , riding on the freight from
Norfolk Junction to West Point , where
lie man was lodged In Jail. Robloy
ppcars to bo a man of fifty years of
go and Is said to have a wlfo and
amlly. The charge against him is
hat of outraging a girl twelve years
Id , the daughter of Mrs. Z. Gardner ,
ivlng a short distance from Boomer.
Robloy was a farm hand employed on
ho Gardner farm and last Saturday
fternoon ho enticed the little girl to
ho barn nnd committed the crime ,
lo immediately made his escape on
oot , with no coat or vest , and was
aptured "Wednesday evening by the
herlff of Wayne county.
There was a good deal of excitement
n Wayne when It was known for what
rlmo Robloy had been arrested and
t would not have taken much to have
lad him summarily dealt with before
10 left Wayno. The coolness of the
Vayno sheriff , however , prevented
rouble and the prisoner was safely
aken away yesterday afternoon.
Former Competition for Theatrical
Business and Free Passes Has Ceas
ed Big Factor In Non-Employment
of Show People.
Failure to secure n certain percent-
nge of free rnllrond transportation Is ,
say those Interested , the biggest fac
tor In the non-employment of so many
show people of different classes. Hun-
Ireds of the smaller show companies
mve been forced off the road.
Was Heavy Item.
For years it hns been customary
for the railroads , in their competition
! or theatrical business , to deal very
Iberally with owners and managers ol
companies and the different booking
and producing syndicates. Before Jan
uary 1 , last , all advance agents were
furnished passes , and It was not un
usual to give the big companies from
: hreo to five free tickets. Of course
: ho smaller roads were the heaviest
.llsponsers of passes , but the theatric
al business being such a heavy Item
t often forced the larger transporta
tion systems to meet their smaller rl
vals In the way of free passes.
Question of Cleverness.
The Item of furnishing a certain
number of passes to advance agents
mnnngers nnd others wns nlwnys fig
uretl In with the earnings and expens-
so of show companies , and other routes
of the entertainers were Influencei
by free transportation. It was merely
a question of the cleverest showman
to secure the most free transportation
and the retention of positions by ad
vance representatives have frequently
depended on ability to get the mos
out of the railways.
Before the Boyd County Primaries fo
Spencer Advocate : The persons
who have announced themselves ant
filed their applications with the coun
ty clerk for places on the ticket are
as follows :
Republicans For treasurer , J. A
Snyder ; for clerk , S. A. Richardson
for sheriff , N. P. Nelson ; for count )
judge , J. M. McGlnlty , Robt. Ford , O
V. Kenaston ; for superintendent o
schools , Katherine Llnton , Moyo
Brandvlg ; for clerk of district coun
J. N. Fuller ; for county assessor , C
A. Just , A. B. Thatcher , M. K. Klnport
for coroner , J. R. Beatty.
Fuslonlsts For treasurer , J. A. Jn
cobson ; for clerk , John Borons , Fre
McGowon ; for sheriff , Thos. Coleman
for county Judge , Lucius Leslie ; fo
superintendent schools , Milton Stocl
well ; for clerk district court , Ann
C. Storm ; for assessor , N. A. Hagen
n His Opinion Mr. Bryan Occupies
Much the Same Position That James
G. Blalne Once Held Standard Oil
Fine Will be Cut.
"William J. Bryan , I bollovo , will bo
ho nominee of the democratic party
or president in 10'08 , " said former
onator William V. Allen of Madison-
o the Omaha Beo. "I do not see
vhoro the democrats cnn got any can-
Idato who would stand tlio slightest
hnnco of nomination against Mr.
Brynn. As to the election of Mr. Dry-
n In event of his nomination , that Is
natlior matter about which I cannot
peak with the same freedom , for I
in not certain in my own mind. Mr.
Jryan is n great character , ono of the
reatest characters and , forces of the
go. Ho occupies much the same posl-
hat Jnmes G. Blnlno , the 'unplumcd
: nlght , ' once held Is not wholly unllko
May or Webster In nntlonnl politics
nen too great to bo president. Mr.
Bryan may have to be content to go
own on the pages of history with
hcse men. If so , ho will have honor
nough. "
Fine Will be Scaled Down.
Senator Allen , once among the most
onsplcuous loaders on the floor of
ho United States senate , says ho
akes llttlo interest In politics now
nd maintains no active relation with
t at all , but ho still exorcises a lively
oncern In nil public affairs from an
ibserver's standpoint. On the matter
if Judge Lnndla' fine of the Standard
Oil company , the senator said :
"Tho flno Imposed by Judge Landls
igalnst the Standard Oil Is all right.
hit its payment is another question.
The Standard OH people will , of
course , appeal the case , and then ,
whatever the result , It will go to the
upromo court , and four or five years
ivill elapse before It Is finally settled.
he fine may then .bo scaled down to
3,000,000 or $4,000,000 , or the case
may be reversed. The American people
ple are easily forgetful and forgiving. "
Senator Allen said ho wanted to
icar Senator LaFollotto speak while
icre , but could not. Ho pronounces
he Wisconsin senator a good fighter
vhom he admires.
Nominations Filed With Clerk for
County Positions.
Alnsworth , Neb. , Aug. 9. Special to
Pho News : The following named par
ies have filed for nomination at the
primaries to bo held September 3 :
For county clerk H. S. Jarvls , re-
mbllcan ; C. W. Perkins , democrat
For county treasurer W. A. Wright ,
republican ; Mltchel E. Hughes , ropub-
lean ; T. W. DeLong , democrat ; R.
2. Osborn , democrat.
For county judge C. W. Potter ,
For sheriff Frank Plersall , repub-
Ican ; George N. Sheldon , republican ;
W. L. Perkins , democrat.
For county superintendent Flor
ence N. Johnston , republican.
For county surveyor John M. Gar
diner , republican.
For coroner Dr. Emll C. Black , re-
nibllcan ; Dr. H. C. Smith , democrat.
For assessor J. C. Pettljohn , repub-
lean ; W. W. Jacobs , republican.
For commissioner , First district
Uriah Chester , republican.
For commissioner , Third district
E. E. Waggener , republican ; John B.
Stoll , democrat.
Pitiful Incident Marks Present Illness
of Pioneer W. C. Braasch.
[ From Saturday's Dally.1
William C. Braasch , old-time pioneer
resident and business man of Norfolk ,
s today for the fourteenth day con
fined to his bed with serious Illness
and his friends continue to feel much
apprehension over his condition. At
: lmes Mr. Braasch is rational and con
verses with those about him , but for
the most part he is not Just himself
and at these moments , calling as he
does much of the tlmo for the sons
who have only recently left this earth ,
his words are deeply pitiful. One
moment the old soldier in his day
dream will call for "Ralph , " and then
ho will summon "Will , " another dead
It will bo remembered that the fam
ily of this veteran of northern Ne
braska have all expired in a remark
ably short time and his Illness , now
that ho Is left all alone In his home , Is
all the moro a sad one.
It was only a few short years ago
that the Bransch homo with Its large
family , wns nn Ideal one. There were
besides the mother nnd father , a
charming daughter and three grown
sons o.1l apparently splendid tyr es
of physical manhood. Ed Braasch , a
banker , was first to go. Tuberculosis
fastened upon him and his lifo soon
was done. The mother shortly fol
lowed , a victim to a surgical oporatloi
after gallstone trouble had done Its
fatal work. The daughter , Miss Gertrude
trudo Braasch , followed her mother
to the grave but a few days later , a
victim to a broken heart The torrl
bio' Brlght's disease claimed Ralpl
Braasch just about a year ago and the
same Illness , a few months later , took
the only surviving son , William R
Braasch , who had hurriedly gene to
Hot Springs , Ark. , for relief nnd who
had , from consideration for his fa
hor's great grief , successfully kept
silent his own condition.
Since thnt tlmo the lonely father
and widower , his entlro family gone ,
ins suffered much. Ho Is being cnred
or by Mr. nnd Mrs. Theodore Wllley , , L
Mr. Wllley having for years been n
'rusted and faithful employe in the
: enl olllco of Mr. Brnasch.
Everything that medicine , friends ,
neighbors , comrades of a war cnn do
s being done for the comfort of this
mtlcnt n pntlcnt who hns filled a
iromlnont nlcho In the community
over Blnco there wna n Norfolk , but
tow long ho mny survive is by no
iienns n certnlnty. Mr. Branson is
veil-to-do , owning , besides a prosper
ous conl business , much property in
nnd around Norfolk.
rrlends of Chris Schavland Filed Pe-
tltlon Placing His Name on the Pri
mary Election Ballot Given Five
Days to Decide.
Chris Schavland , county treasurer
of Madison county , has decided to ac
cept the nomination for county Judge
on the republican ticket at the prl-
nary election , which moans that hell
ll be the candidate of the party at
he general election In November. Mr.
Schavland's name will appear on the
prmary ballot under peculiar circum
Last Saturday evening , after the fli
ngs for nomination had been closed
n the ofilco of the county clerk , it
was found that a petition was among
.ho filings asking that the name of
Mr. Schavland be placed on the ballot
'or ' county Judge at the primary elec-
lon. The petition had been filed by
friends of Mr. Schavland without first
consulting him as to whether such
action would bo agreeable to him or
Under the law Mr. Schavland was
allowed five days after the filings to
say whether ho would accept the Dam
nation or not Ho took the matter
under advisement and concluded that
f his friends were as enthusiastic as
appeared from the effort they had
made on his behalf that he was scarce-
y In position to refuse , and his name
will appear on the ticket
Up to the time that the petition was
filed for Mr. Schavland no name had
been filed by the republicans for the
position of county Judge , so that his
name is needed to complete the party
Fire Caused by Lightning.
West Point , Neb. , Aug. 9. Special
to The News : Fire destroyed the
slaughter house of the Koudelo Broth
ers , In West Point Wednesday night.
The fire was caused by a stroke of
lightning , occurring during the heavy
storm of that night
Bond for free book "Osteopathlo Advocate. "
Oillco , Cotton Block , Norfolk , Nob.
Ofllco Phone ABU 511 Homo Phone Ash 542
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