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After July Norfolk Will , Even With
New Bond Issue of $24,000 , Have
$1,000 Less Burden Than Now City
Needs School May Not Use All.
[ Prune - < > ne8 < Jny'B Dully. ]
Voters of the Norfolk school dis
trict who will bo called to pnss on the
proposed $2-1,000 hand Issue nt the
April election nro naturally and rightly -
ly Interested In knowing the financial
condition of the school , district. Mem
bers of thd hoard of education are also
anxious that the financial condition of
the district should bo placed before the
voters to show that the district stands
well In money matters at this time.
Acting under Instructions from the
secretary of the school hoard the coun
ty treasurer will call In $25,000 of the
outstanding school bonds during the
next few months. This will leave the
bonded debt of the school district at
Exact Standing Today.
The exact standing of the district's
finances are set out In the following
statement received yesterday from
County Treasurer Christopher Schav-
land at Madison :
"In reply to yours of the 22nd In
stance , shall say that the $25,000 bond
issue Is dated August 1 , 1889 , and ma
tures August 1 , 1909 and may bo paid
after fifteen years from date of Issue
nt the option of the officers of the
school district.
"The $11,000 Issue is dated May 1 ,
1898 , and matures Ainy 1 , 1918. There
is no option noted on my bond regis
"The bond sinking fund , including
interest fund , now amounts to $25,234
and with real estate taxes soon to
come In will ho amply sufficient to
take up the $25,000 issue at the next
interest payment in July , possibly be
fore. The sinking fund now on hand
has been provided for that issue only ,
and is therefore applicable in Its en
tirety. It has been made up in the
ehort time of about seven or eight
years. Arrangements will be made to
take up the $25,000 on or before July
1 , 1907. "
Less Taxes From Now On.
Provided the new bond issue of $24-
000 passes , before it will have been
carried into effect the old bond issue
of $25,000 will have been entirely
wiped off the records. The bonded in
debtedness under the new issue will
he at least $1,000 less than at present.
The period of indebtedness will of
course be extended over a longer pe
While In the end the taxpayers have
to pay for every cent put Into school
building members of the board show
that the taxpayers of Norfolk will not
be called on to meet an Increase In
the tax rate for school purposes. The
$25,000 retiring bonds carry six per
cent. Interest while the new Issue
calls for five per cent , bonds. Under
the law ten years may elapse before
the hoard will have to levy taxes to
provide for a sinking fund against the
proposed bond Issue. In the mean
while the $11,000 Issue can be cared
for. Where the district will lose will
not be In an increase of taxes but
through the fact that had the fire not
occurred the sinking fund levy would
have been practically wiped out of
existence In a few years.
City Must Have School.
Norfolk must have a new high school
building and she must have money to
build it. If the $24,000 bond issue car
ries , added to the $15,000 Insurance ,
it will place $39,000 at the disposal of
the board for the rebuilding of the
high school. Added to this is the sal
vage represented in the old building.
May Not Use All.
Members of the board declare that
their aim will be to serve the inter
ests of the district as economically as
possible in securing a suitable high
school building for the district and
that if the cost of their building can
be brought below the above amount
the amount of bonds will fall that
much below the $24,000 limit fixed in
the board's request to the voters of
the school district.
Did Bessie Newton of Ponca Pay Pen
alty With Life for Flirting.
Ponca , Neb. , March 27. Did Bessie
Newton pay with her life the penalty
of flirting ? It has boon brought out
at the trial that she was engaged to
two men at the same time , the wed
ding days being set but one day apart ,
and it will he proved that she was
also engaged to a third man , Bert
Chase , within the last year. So deep
was the love of Frank Brink that his
mind became affected by the suspense
In which ho was held and In his de
mented condition ho tried to kill him
self and circumstantial evidence tends
to show that he killed the girl. Ho
will be taken to the Norfolk Insane
Baking Economy.
By the use of perfect baking powder
the housewife can derive as much
economy as from any other article
" sed in baking and cooking. In se
lecting a baking powder , therefore ,
care should be exercised to purchase
one that retains its original strength
and always remains the same , thus
making the food sweet and wholesome
End producing sufficient leavening gas
to make the baking light.
Very little of this leavening gas Is
produced by the clump baking powders -
dors , making It noci'ssary to use dou
ble the quantity ordinarily required to
secure good results. '
You cannot experiment every time
you make a cnko or biscuits , or test
Iho strength of your baking powder to
find out how much of It you should
use ; yet with most baking powders
you should do this , for they nro put
together so carelessly they nro never
uniform , the quality and strength vary
ing with each can purchased.
Calumet baking powder is made of
chemically pure Ingredients of tested
strength. Experienced chemists put
It up. The proportions of the different
materials remain always the same.
Scaled In alr-tlght cans Calumet bak
ing powder does not alter In strength
and Is not affected by atmospheric
In using Calumet you arc bound to
have uniform bread , cake or biscuits ,
as Calumet docs not contain any
cheap , useless or adulterating Ingre
dients so commonly used to Increase
the weight. Further , It produces pure ,
wholesome food and Is a baking pow
der of rare merit ; therefore , Is recom
mended by leading physicians and
chemists. It complies with all pure
food laws , both state and national.
The goods are moderate In price , and
any lady purchasing Calumet from
her grocer , If not satisfied with It can
return It and have her money refund
From Eighty-one In the Shade , Mer
cury Dropped Suddenly to Twenty-
six Snow Did Not Reach Norfolk
But Came at Valentine , Neb.
[ Frotr Wednesday' ? Dnlly.J
No , the weather man Is not to bo
scoffed at. His forecasted cold wave
came nt last and overcoats are not
uncomfortable In place of negligee.
From eighty-one In the shade Tuesday
afternoon the mercury suddenly took
a tumble of fifty-five degrees In Nor
folk , stopping at twenty-six above zero
early Wednesday morning.
And the Snow , Too.
"But where is the snow , " asked the
casual observer , thinking to put the
weather man in a hole. The snow
came alright , alright but not in Nor
folk . At Valentine , Neb. , a couple
hundred miles west of Norfolk , sever
al inches of snow fell. Norfolk
chanced to bo just east of the snow
line. But the weather man , after all ,
was not so badly off.
The Reason For Delayed Cold Wave.
A reason for the delayed cold wave ,
which was forecasted Monday , lay in
the fact that there was a low pres
sure over Norfolk and one in Oregon ,
with a high pressure area , bringing
cold weather , between. It had been
expected that this low pressure would
bring rain or snow and that the high
pressure got caught between the two
low pressures , and was put off in an
other direction , being sent down to
ward Denver. Later , when the low
pressure got out of the way here , the
cold wave came as predicted.
Weather men say that such another
warm spell as this section had for a
week , will not be seen again for four
weeks , and rather cooler weather will
be the rule.
Fair weather is forecasted for to
County Fair at Alnsworth.
Ainsworth , Neb. , March 27. The
Brown county agricultural society met
here and elected the following offi
cers : President , W. H. Peck ; vice
president , Daniel Carpenter ; secre
tary , C. W. Potter. September 25 , 26
and 27 was set as the county fair date.
Omaha Men Are Trying to Persuade
Governor Sheldon to Name an Oma
ha Man on the Railway Commission
to Succeed Crowell.
Lincoln , Neb. , March 27. Special to
The News : Robert Cowell , railroad
commissioner , Is expected to resign
within a day or two. Omaha men are
trying to Induce Governor Sheldon to
name an Omahan in his stead. The
name of the favorite has not been re
vealed. The railroad commission bill
and the terminal tax bill reached the
governor this morning. It Is expect
ed that ho will sign both measures to
Wlnnett has been agreed on as
chairman of the railway commission.
Atkinson Items.
Fred Mills of Gordon , Neb. , stopped
over for a short visit with friends on
his return trip from Omaha and Lin
Mrs. Newton Gates of Gordon Is
spending some tlmo at the homo of
Dr. Sturdevant In Atkinson.
Low Chapman , the lawyer from
O'Neill , has been on our streets a
number of times In the past few days ,
he being John Dibble's counsel In his
case with the state , which will come
up for hearing In a few days.
John J , Frey Is Bound Over to District
Court at Pierce In Sum of $1,000 It
Is Said He Will Sue Father-ln-Law
for Alienating Wife's Love.
Pierce , Neb. , March 27. Special to
The News : The culmination of a min
iature elopement was reached yester
day in the county court of this county
when John J. Frey was hound over to
the district court In the sum of $1,000
bonds on the charge of perjury. From
the evidence adduced on the prelim
inary hearing It seems that for a year
previously John J. Frey , a young man
nineteen years of age and a son of a
well-to-do farmer living west of lladar
In this county , was keeping company
with u Miss Clara Cottrell whoso pa
rents are also in very good circum
stances. An old justice of the peace
statute book of the vintage of 18711
or thereabouts fell Into the hands of
the young couple and believing In
every one being his own lawyer the
loving pair decided that parental ob
jections could not bo successfully In-
loriKised under Nebraska laws If the
miss was over the age of sixteen.
Consequently on January 28 , 1907 ,
John J. Frey appeared In person be
fore County Judge Kelley and made
affidavit that ho was over the ago of
twenty-one years and that his fiance
was over the ago of eighteen years
and thereupon procured a marriage li
cense and on the same day was mar
ried to his sixteen-year-old sweetheart.
Trouble between the families of the
contracting parties was quickly brewing
ing and a number ( > f civil suits have
already been commenced. Sympathy
Is about equally divided between the
warring factions and the September
term of court will bo Impatiently wait
ed for by both the litigants as well as
the lawyers who will probably have
farms to rent when the storm has
passed over.
And to cap the climax of the whole
affair , it Is said that Frey Intends , af
ter he Is through with this scrape , to
sue the girl's father for alienating his
wife's affections.
District court adjourned after two
days of jury work In which jury trials
only included potty amounts. Mrs.
Relda Clew of Plalnview , being the
only criminal case , was cleared of the
charge of administering a drug to one
Mattlc Rail with intent to procure an
abortion. Mattlo Hall having been
the complainant was touched with a
sympathetic stroke and relused to sub
stantiate her charge previously made
and the defendant was acquitted by
the jury.
L. Ilansen of Tilden Is In' the city
F. J. Dover was up from Madison
D. C. Main was In from Wayne yes
J. S. Mathewson was in Hadar yes
Dr. J. C. Myers spent the day in
E. Schostay of Nlobrara Is in' Nor
folk today.
M. S. Moats of Randolph is in the
city today.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Dick went to
Stuart today.
Bruce Sires of Plalnview was in the
city yesterday.
Herman Bloom of Crelghton is In
Norfolk today.
A. D. Alderman was in from Plain-
view yesterday.
Lyman Waterman of Albion was in
Norfolk yesterday.
A. L. Austin of Long Pine was in
Norfolk over ni ht.
Mrs. Fuerst of Battle Creek spent
yesterday in the city.
Frank Jones was a Wlnslde visitor
In Norfolk yesterday.
J. C. Fleming of David City was in
the city last evening
Judge A. A. Welch of Wayne stopped
in Norfolk lost evening.
Joe Stallborles of West Point was
in the city last evening.
Mrs. Vaughn of Meadow Grove vis
ited In Norfolk yesterday.
Thomas Buchanan of Omaha Is in
Norfolk on business today.
Milt Knight of West Point was a
Norfolk visitor yesterday.
Mrs. Belts and daughter of Stanton
were In Norfolk yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Alter of Wayne
were In the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Cox of Wayne
spent yesterday in Norfolk.
Miss Nclda Hans of Battle Crecok
spent yesterday in Norfolk.
E. A. Waddell of Hoskins was in
the city yesterday on business.
Leon Tompklns is visiting his sis
ter , Mrs. Fred Kenoy , at Schuyler.
L. E. Jackson of Omaha was the
guest of friends In Norfolk over Sun
J. D. Humphrey , formerly of Nor
folk , was in the city on business yes
J. M. Cottrell and Miss Martha Cottrell -
troll of Genoa were In the city last
L. Jurgenson and W. W. Bralthwalt
were Spencer visitors In the city yes
Mrs. Burt Baker of Battle Creek
was In Norfolk today , the guest of
Mrs. J. II. Allen.
Attorney Barnhart and Court Re
porter Powers returned yesterday af
ternoon from Pierce.
William Klol'o of Brlstow came in
from ColumbUH yesterday , Hpi'tidlng'
the night In Norfolk.
( ? SlontH of Elgin In in Norfolk.
Mrs , W. M , Darlington returned >
ilny from a week's visit with her
mother at Battle Creek.
MfH. Charles Iloltman returned yen-
lerday from Vcrdlgro , accompanied by
lor Hlsttor , Mn . Fred Sandow.
Mrs. M. J. Wagner , Miu A. Stort/
uut HOU and Mrs. Joe Bloom are
Crolghton vtHltorn In the city today.
The Bade brothers of Slnnton conn-
y weio In Norfolk yesterday purchaH-
ing a bill of lumber for a new barn.
Attorney M. 0. 1 In/on returned yon-
lerdny afternoon from 1'leroe , the dlH-
; rlct court having adjourned yoHtor-
.lay until May 2.
Mrs. Kthel Jenkins of Santa KOHII ,
Calif. , Is visiting her parents , Mr. and
Mrs. S C. Kline , nt the home north
west of Norfolk.
MI-H. B. F. llawden of Poplar , Mont , ,
who luiH been In the city on a visit
with her parents , Mr. and Mrs. S. 11.
Anderson , returns home tomorrow.
The mouthers of the Emplro Stock
company , after u Hhort stop In Nor
folk left yesterday for Plalnvlow ,
where they wnro booked for an en
MlHH Ida Jones , returning from
Brownell Hall to spend the Easter
vacation at her homo nt Wtnnetoon ,
will be the guest of Miss Herrmann
n Norfolk for a short time.
Aug. Arneka has moved his family
from Second street Into Mr. Slovens'
MI-H. Cramer and son George of
\Vlnnetoon , formerly of Norfolk , are
visiting at the home of her daughter ,
Mrs. Oscar List
John CollliiH of Marcus Iowa , IB In
Norfolk on a short visit with friends.
Thomas Taylor has moved from
Eleventh street , whore he moved yes
terday , back to the house he formerly
occupied on Second avenue.
Swan Johnson and his gang of ma-
Fens went to Verdlgre today to do
porno mason work.
Engineer Shipley of the South Platte
division dead-headed into Norfolk yes-
Carl Biako has purchased Mr. la
ment's house on Third street , former
ly occupied by Mr. Yost.
Mrs. II. C. Matrnu left at noon for
a visit at Stanton.
Walter Rccroft returned last evenIng -
Ing from Sioux City.
Superintendent Reynolds returned
Tuesday evening from Nlobrara.
Mr. anil Mrs. W. a Craig of Battle
Creek were In the city yesterday.
Mrs. Cora A. Beels , accompanied by
Miss Nelle Grant of Madison , left this
morning for Omaha to attend grand
opera this evening.
E. W. Pratt of Missouri Valley , la. ,
master mechanic of the Nebraska and
Wyoming divisions of the Northwest
ern , was in Norfolk Wednesday noon
on his way home from a western trip.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ray have re
turned homo from a visit to Siimner ,
Neb. Mrs. Ray was In Stunner for a
week , the guest of Mrs. Eugene Wheeler
or , and Mr. Ray went down at the
end of the week to accompany her
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard , soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses , blood spavins ,
curbs , splints , swecnoy , ring bone ,
stlllcs , sprains , all swollen throats ,
coughs , etc. Save $ iiO by use of one
bottle. Warranted the most wonder
ful blemish cure ever known . Sold by
F. F. Ware & Son , druggists.
Bomb Fails to Kill Governor.
Blalystok. Russia , March 27. A
bomb was thrown at Governor Gen
eral Rogalovskl while ho was out
driving The governor general was
not injured , though the force of tha
explosion broke all the windows In
the struct and Ills coachman was
slightly wounded. The man who
threw the bomb escaped.
Rosebery Opposes Irish Parliament.
London , March 27. Presiding at a
meeting of the council of the Liberal
League held here Lord Rosebery said
Great Britain never would tolerate a
separate Irish parliament Such a
proposal , he said , went far beyond any
thing the late Mr. Gladstone intended
Ruef Cases Continued.
San Francisco , March 27 The ex
tortlon cases against Abraham Rue
were called for trial before Judgt
Dunne In the superior court and upon
the motion of Assistant District Attor
ney Hcney were continued for one
Theto are now 300 vessels waiting
at Hamburg to either load or unload
on account of the longshoreman' ?
At the eighth annual meeting of the
International Catholic Truth society
it was decided to Ibsuo literature con
cerning soclall&m. v
John Mueller was killed by light
ning while working In a lumber yard
at Chicago Nine fires were started
by lightning during a violent rain and
hall storm.
Edward Shlnglcton , wanted ID
Hardy county , Texas , on a murdei
charge , was arrested at Parkersburg.
W. V. A large reward for his capture
had been offered.
Fifteen students of the Blees mill
tary academy at Mocon , Mo. , were
slightly Injured In a wreck of a
Wabnsh passenger train near Pendle-
ton. Spreading rails caused the wreck.
Itch cured In 30 minutes by Wool-
ford's Sanitary Lotion. Never fails.
Sold by F. F. Waio & Son , druggists.
News want ads. for results.
From Stunrt , Whore She Conducted
Famous Campaign Against Bach
elors , Miss Hudnpeth Curries Her
Pen to Move on Atkinson.
Atkinson , Neb. , March 17. ! Special
to Thu NOWH : Minn KOHII HiidHpclh ,
recently of Stuart , editor ol the Htiutrt
Ledger , has removed ( n Atkliwon and
will henceforth make her homo here
The edition will be published the last
of the week. AH yet the now machin
ery ordered In not In place. It will ho
known an the Atkinson ledger.
MlHH IludHpeth recently attracted
attention at the Htato editorial meetIng -
Ing In a paper telling of her troubles
with tramp prlnterH and wives of poll-
HclaiiH whom Him pralHed.
Among the unique plmiHCH which
appeared In the Stuart Ledger a year
ago , when the editor wau lighting bach-
elorH , was UIH ! : "A man's nodal
standing depends upon which side of
the bar IIH ! utonuich fncoH. "
Fairfax Editor Writes Unique Letter
From County Baotlle.
Gregory County Jnll Very Poorly
Ventilated ; Completely Inadequate In
Every Way- Dirty and Inconvenient
Kali-fax , S. D. . March 27. IJI07 Dear
Friend : AH yon will HOC by the headIng -
Ing of HUH letter , 1 am an Ininale of
the building not much bigger than
an ordinary coal rfhod which thlH
county dignifies by Iho mime of coun
ty jail. Now a lltllo explanation :
You who Imvo been reading my
paper , will remember that hint fall I
made a campaign for better men to
fill county oIllccH. In a great meamiro
1 WIIH RiiccpRHful and take pride In
the fact that I iiRHlstod In electing men
whom I believe are men of Integrity.
One of the men whom 1 helped to de
feat , wan Fred llutton , republican can
didate for Hljeriff. You all know the
charges I made , HO there IH no UHe of
rehearflliig them here. Sulllce It to
say , that Mr. Huston felt himself very
much aggrieved and thinking to make
campaign ammunition out of the af
fair , he started a criminal libel null
agaliiHt me and secured an Injunction
from the circuit court , ordering and
restraining mo from making any
"false or malicious" HtutemeiitH about
this wonld-bo HhorlfT. You will alwo re
member that my paper kept on In Its
Independent campaign for right mon
and rlk'lit , moiiHtiroH.
Mr. Doherty , republican candidate
for Hlato'B attorney , also started a
criminal libel .suit against me.
These men both hired the Hamo at
torney , one W. J. Hooper of Bonesteel.
Hooper served a KiiminoiiH upon mo ,
which demanded that I make and
serve an answer on him at his otllco
In Bonesteol , within thirty days from
service on me.
Thin I attempted In good faith to
do. The answers In both cases were
executed properly and In plenty of
time , and then , through the cnrclcsB'
ness and neglect of the attorney who
had my side of these cases In his care ,
the thirty days time was allowed to
go by without my answers having been
legally served. At least that Is the
ruling of Judge Smith of this circuit.
I contend differently , however , and
am fighting the cane.
Be that as It may , default judgments
were granted against me by the court
In both cases. Huston Immediately
placed his judgment on file , took an
execution and It was returned by the
cherlff , wholly unsatisfied. Thereupon
Judge Smith Issued nn order commit
ting me to prison , and that's where I
am at the present time , and will bo ,
probably , until my attorneys get the
supreme court to work on my case ,
which I hope will be soon.
I am today a man who Is locked in
prison , without being given a chance
to submit my proofs , for on my mo
tion to re-open the case , Judge Smith
turned me down. The matter will be
straightened out , however , but in the
meantime I am In jail , unable to make
any money out of my business , which
Is in the hands of a young man not at
all acquainted with the office or bust
Then , too , the work I did last fall
was for the benefit of the residents
and tax-payers of Gregory county
They showed that they believed it then
by giving nice majorities to the op
ponents of Huston and Doherty. I
spent over $300 in that campaign In
just getting Information and assuring
myself of the truth of my accusations
before I ever made a statement.
Now I ask that the * people for whoso
benefit I spent my money , labor and
am now giving up oven my liberty
she wngaln that they appreciate mj
efforts In their behalf.
Your subscription to the Sun-Review
expired 1 whlcl
makes your account to the same date
190. , $ . . . . , or to date $
If you wish to continue your paper
send mo $ which will pay your
subscription up to 190. . . .
I do not ask , nor do I want charity
I have always , to the best of my abll
Ity , given value received for what
got , and I will continue to do so , but
nt this time I do ask that the people
who owe me help mo out. My family
must have necessaries and It costs mo
money to fight my way clear from mj
political enemies.
In the name of right and justice
nsk that jou send mo whichever of the
ibovo iimonnlH you prefer , and prom *
Hlng that my paper will bo conducted
n the Hamo fcarlCHH and truth-tolling
uaiinor In the future that It IIIIH In the
uiHt , 1 beg to remain
Yourn very roHpoel fully ,
W. f KortrlKht ,
Editor Fairfax Hun-Review.
300 Seats on Lower Floor nt $1 ,
There are 1100 HeatH on the lower
leer of the Auditorium for $1 , for the
( imlng engagement of MlHH Imibel Irv-
ng In Jerome K. Jeromo'it quaint com-
dy , "HuHim In Heareh of a HiiHlmml , "
vhlch will bo pnmenled In Norfolk
"ntiirdiiy night. Parquet HeatH itro
no , and the balance of the lower
leer -HOI ) iieatH- arc $1. Thu llrnt
wo rovvH In the balcony are $1 , the
icxt three 7fic , the next throe fic ( ) and
ho gallery Healu 2fie. ScatH go on
ale at The NOWH biiHlnoHH olllco Frl-
lay morning at 1) ) o'clock. Mall orders ,
iccompanlod by remittance , are now
lelng received and HeatH will bo re-
erved In the order of receipt H.
Letter List.
Lint of letters remaining uncalled
or at the poutolllco at Norfolk , Neb. ,
larch 2(1 ( , 1907 :
T. R. llrown , Mr. W. A. Barney , Mr.
M Loney , Mr John Orm Little , Mr.
, eo. SlokoH , MI-H. Mlnnlu Tumor , Tol-
celt and PalHok , MHH ! Carrlo Warner.
If not called for In fifteen days will
10 Hont to the ( load letter office.
Parties culling for any of the above
ilciisu say "advortlHcd. "
John R llity-H , P. M.
Masonic ,
Damancun Commandory , No. 20 ,
Knights Templar , mcotu the third Frt-
lay evening of each month In Masonic
Damascim Chapter , No. 25 , R. A. M. ,
noe-lB tha nccoml Monday In each
month In Manonlc hall.
Mosaic lodge , No. CG , A. F. & A. M. ,
: iioolH the firnt Tuesday In each month
In Mntionlo hall.
Boulah Chapter , No. 40 , Order of the
Eastern Star , incotn the second and
mirth Thursday of each month at 8
p. in. In Masonic hall.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Elkhorn Encampment No. 27 , I. O.
O. F. , meets the first and third TUCB-
day evenings of each month.
Norfolk lodge No. 40 , I. O. O. F ,
meets every Thursday evening.
'Deborah Rebecca ledge No. C3 , I. O.
O. F. , meets the first and third Friday
evenings of each month.
B. P. O. E.
Norfolk ledge , No. C53 , Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks , moot *
regularly on the second and fourth Sat
unlay evenings of each month. Club
rooms open nt all times. Ledge and
club rooms on second floor of Mar-
quardt block.
Sugar City Aerie , No. 357 , moots la
Eagles' ledge room as follows : In
winter every Sunday evening ; In sum
mer the first and third Sunday evening
of each month.
L. M. L. of A.
The Loyal Mystic Legion of Amer
ica meets at G. A. R. hall on the fourth
Thursday evening of each month.
M. B. A.
Sugar City ledge , No. 622 , meets on
the second Friday evening of the
month at Odd Fellows' hall.
Sons of Herrmann.
Gcrmanla ledge , No. 1 , moots the
second and fourth Friday evenings of
the month at G. A. R. hall.
Norfolk Relief Association.
Meets on the second Monday even
ing of each month in the hall over H.
W. Winter's harness shop.
Tribe of Ben Hur.
North Nebraska Court No. 9 , T. B.
H. , meets the first and third Monday
evenings of each month.
Knights of the Maccabees.
Norfolk Tent No. C4 , K. O. T. 1L ,
meets the first and third Tuesday
evenings of each month.
Ancient Order of United Korkmen.
Norfolk ledge No. 97 , A. O. U. W ,
meets the second and fourth Tuesday
evenings of each month.
Wjoomt" c' tht World.
Norfolk lodge W O W. , meet on
the third Monday of each month at
o. A. R. hall.
Royal Highlanders.
Meets the fourth Tuesday of each
month at 8 p. m. , In G. A. R. hall.
Highland Nobles.
Regular meetings the second and
fourth Monday night of each month
at I. O. O. F. hall.
G. A. R.
Mathewson post No. 109 , moeta la
G. A. R. hall on the second Tuesday
evening of each month.
Royal Arcanum.
The Norfolk chapter does not hold
regular meetings.
Knights of Pythias.
Knights of Pythias , meetings every
second and fourth Monday , la I. 0. O.
F. halL
M. W. A.
Norfolk camp No492 , M. W , A.
meets every second Monday In G. A.
R , hall.
I , O. R. M.
Shoshone Tribe , No. 48 , I. O. R. M ,
Have discontinued meetings.