The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 22, 1907, Page 6, Image 6

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R. E. Dowdcn , an Old Soldier Who
Moved Here From Holt County nntl
Who Hna Full Set of Instruments ,
Nnmed ( or City Engineer.
\V. H. Hrltlii % lias dcrllm-d tlio re-
puhllonii nomination for couiicllinnn
from tlio Second ward and tlio city
oonlrnl oommUlco lias Hiilwtllutod tlio
imino of R ( . Coryt'll. Mr. HrldKo'H
roHlKiwtlon fnim tlio llckcL waa ac-
copied at a nicotian nf tlio ru | > iilillcnti
central committee' liHd laHt uvnnliiK
nt A. H. Klomui'H Hioro. Mr. HrldKU
docllnoil tlio nomination for tlio ron-
won that lioth lie and tlio Third ward
candidate , .1. II , 1-oiiKli. wcro connect-
cd with tlio 8i\mo liiHtllutlon. tlio HiiBiir
Oily Cereal mills. Tlio commltloonlHO
took uclloii placliiR tlio name of II. K.
Howdon on tlio city tlrlu-t aH a candl-
date for city uiiKlnoor. Mr. Ilowdou
linn hoon a ivHldcnt of Norfolk for
Homo tlmo piiHt and has had oxpurl
unco an a Hiirvoyor.
llo Is an old mildlor who moved hero
from Holt county , llo haw a full mil
of HiirvpyliiR InalrninontH and la u
thoroughly olllclont c-iiKliicor.
Still Insist on Durlnnd.
Norfolk domocratB Friday afternoon
were Htlll tncllncil to liiHlat that 0.
11. norland would yet ho pormmdod
to accept tlio democratic nomination
for mayor. Mr. nnrland'H name would
oncoiintor no oppoHltlon In tlio con
vention , lint ho has told Ills friends
that ho can not accept tlio nomlna
tlon. Poor health Is ono of the roa
.loan Elliott of Lincoln Is In Nor
John \Vornor of HoaUliiB Is In tlio
city today.
Hov. Mr. Ornhor of Hoaltlns was
here yoatordiiy.
Ur. II. T. Holdcn was In Hosklns
Friday afternoon.
Tlio MIBHCH Tawnoy of I'lorco arc
Norfolk visitors today.
Mr. and 'Mrs. GUH Fechnor were In
from Stanlon yesterday.
nr. K. C. Simmons Is In Wlnsldo
J. AiiKolo of Monroe was hero yes
S. Heck returned yesterday from
, Omaha.
C. S. Smith of MadlBon Is In the
* clt ytoday.
J. A. llallantyno was \Hosklns
W. Wlors of llntto spent yesterday
In Norfolk.
Nels hyiiReir of Carroll was In Nor
folk yesterday.
R. L. Burns of Scrlbnor was In Nor
folk over night.
It. D , Hrneggeman was a Laurel vis
itor yesterday.
John Jordan , Jr. , was In from Bmor-
son yesterday.
J. W. Smith of Yankton was a
South Dakota visitor In the city yes
George C. Stevenson Is up from
Madison today.
\V. Drorlln of Hartlngtou was In
Norfolk yesterday.
Crls L. Anderson spent yesterday
visiting In Omaha.
Mrs. J. D. Sturgeon and sister are
visiting at Crelghton.
W. A. llonnoy is home from n busi
ness trip to Chambers.
Miss M. A. Morgan of Fairfax was
In Norfolk this morning.
H. M. Scott of Plalnvlow spent yesterday -
torday In Norfolk.
Miss Idello Taylor of Hattlp Creek
was in Norfolk yesterday.
U. D. Mathews of Madison was a
Norfolk visitor yesterday.
M. Schltz of Platte Center was In
Norfolk last evening.
Evoit Carrlck of Columbus Is visit
Ing his brother , Frank Carrlck.
M. J. Klrman of Wayne was In Nor
folk for afew hours yesterday.
Mrs. Fred Jenal of Bloomllchl Is vis
iting her sister , Miss Minnie Maas.
Mrs. Kirk Hall , who has been visit
, . , Ing relatives In Norfolk returned homo
at noon.
, Miss Lizzie Peters returned yester
day noon from a visit with friends a
Mrs. Sarah E. Fitch of Selling. Okla.
Is In Norfolk on a visit with Mr. am
Mrs. A. Low.
; < Mr. and Mrs. B. II. Dana of Crelgh
ton are In Norfolk , the guests of Mr
and Mrs.V. . A. Clark.
C. B. Dnrland left at noon for Plain
view to spend Sunday at the horn
of his brother. G. F. Dnrland.
Mike Mullen returned homo fror
Albion last night.
Mrs. Johnson and daughter Malik
who have been visiting at the horn
of George Johnson , returned to thol
homo In Fremont yesterday.
Christopher Anderson returned horn
from Omaha last night where ho ha
been on business.
Mrs. Will Beck and two sons wen
to Nellgh yesterday to visit with Mrs
Beck's parents , Mr. and Mrs. Dean.
Mr. and Mrs. Ike Kost have move
from Fourth street to Eleventh.
Miss Dora Dorsoy Is on the sick 11s
Mr. Smith has moved from Plerc
street to First street.
. Charley Darnell gave up his posltlo
in the round house today.
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams hav
.moved Into { heir now homo lately va
bated by Mr. Kost on Fourth street.
' , The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Mike Lavello Is quite ill.
Mrs. John Krantz has returned from
a week's visit with friends at Ncllgl
\ H Winder Mho Is In Tlldon on
n ilium reMirned to Norfolk ever
Superintendent C. H. HoynoIdH of
10 Northwestern loft on the early
rain for Lincoln.
f'onilnolor H. F. Canote wont lo Val-
nllno on the noon ( lain to attend to
indiiCHH matters.
Mrs. Frank King and Mrs. .Albert
llger of Slanton were visiting In
Norfolk yesterday.
Attorney II. F. llarnhart has Just
otnrned from Magnet where ho do-
Mided a man charged with assault ,
lo won the case.
Deputy County Clerk S. U. McFar-
mil was In Norfolk Friday morning
n his way from Madison to spend
Sunday with his mother In Lynch.
Dr. 0. A. Young , superintendent of
ho Insane hospital , wont to Lincoln
n the early train to look after the
onpltal appropriations , and will ro-
urn tonight.
John Quick returned last night from
trip to Iowa , near Dos MolncB , where
10 was called by the death of hla
rotlior-ln-law. Mr. Quick sayB that ,
vlillo tliero IB some mud here In No-
iniHku , people of this section can
hank their lucky stars that they /lo
lot live In Iowa. lo ( Bays that the
oads are like putty , horses sinking
o their knees in thu gummy clay. A
prlng wagon containing more than
wo portions can not ho drawn ever
ho roadH hy a leiini of homos. lie
niyH that no amount of money could
ndiico nun to return to Iowa.
Iko KonL IB moving Into the Druco
UHIHO on South Eleventh fltreet.
Mrs. .1. H. Van Horn , who had boon
11 with bronchial trouble , Is some-
vhat Improved In condition.
Percy Spence , living near Stanton ,
tailed Norfolk to purcluiHo a hill of
umber for a largo harn that ho IB to
( Joorgo B. Chrlstoph returned yes-
orday from Kansas City and Leaven-
vorth , Kan. Ho attended the W. O.
\V. convention at Loavonworth as a
lolegato from the Norfolk lodge.
The Ilrst entertainment at Maurice ,
S. D. , for this ( season was given hy
llss Laura Kngolka and Norfolk pco-
) Io were among the gucstfl. After an
nvlting repast the guests took a stroll
ever her claim and then repaired to
ho homo of Mrs. C. E. Mildly , former-
y of Norfolk , where a dainty lunch-
on was served. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Davis , Mrs. G. B.
\Iuflly and Miss Engolka.
House roll No. MS. Introduced In
ho legislature hy Representative Al-
lot-sou of this county , appropriating
100,000 for a woman's dormitory , fur-
tailings for same and live stock harn ,
as heon recommended to pass carry-
ng $98,000. On motion of Shubert of
llclinrdson $2,000 was stricken from
i provision of $7,000 In a bill for a
larn , making It $5,000.
The night prowler , whoso actions
nvo been alarming Norfolk , Is be-
leved to have boon-seen on several
iccaslons at the Junction. He is de-
.Grihod . as a man of about thirty-live
ears , with a recently acquired aver-
Ion to barber shops. Otllor Livings-
on , on night duty at the Junction ,
: aught sight of the Individual about
i o'clock Friday morning. The prowl-
ir took to his feet , however , and es-
While Policeman Livingston was on
ils beat yesterday morning at 2 o'clock
10 came across a suspicious looking
) orson at the Dlngman corner on
rhlrd street , whom ho thought might
10 the would bo burglar who has been
nterlng so many homes nt the June-
Ion. Upon selng the officer the man
started to run east to Second street ,
vhoro ho disappeared , being too swift
for the ofllcer.
L. M. Dcnn has moved from his
'arm eight miles southeast of the city ,
vhero ho had resided for the past ten
years , to Warnervllle. Mr. Dean
hinks that he may decide a little later -
er to go to California.
Harry Lodor has just returned from
in extended trip. Ho has been
hrough sixteen states , ' but says that
.hero Is no prettier country anywhere
to bo found than In northern Nebraska
or the ilosobud of South Dakota.
E. E. E. Rldgoway of South Omaha ,
editor and publisher of the Midwest
Ragle , a fraternal paper devoted to
the Interests of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles , Is In the city and will meet
with the Norfolk aerie Sunday after
noon. Ho thinks that Norfolk Is ono
of the best towns In Nebraska.
The work of laying the Norfolk sewer
er system will bo resumed as soon as
the frost leaves the ground sutllclontly
to permit trench digging. This , with
warm weather , should occur In about
a week. Cold weather might delay
work until April. J. B. Martin , repre
sentative of Contractor Herrlck and
superintendent In charge of the local
construction work , Is In Norfolk. Ho
expects to Issue a call for men within
the next few days and is confident of
being able to continue the laying of
the sewer pipes by the Ilrst of next
month. Additional pipe will bo hero
within the next few days. Ono and
three-fourths miles of fifteen-Inch pipe
remain to bo laid. This will give
about two months' employment to fif
ty or sixty men. The pipe still to bo
placed will bo n continuation of the
present construction up South First
street with extensions up Park and
Madison avenues to Seventh street.
Dangers of the Grip.
The greatest danger from the grip
is of its resulting In pneumonia. Wo
have never known this to occur , however -
over , when Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy was used. It relieves the lungs ,
opens the secretions , allays the cough
and aids nature in restoring the sys
tem to a healthy condition. Millions
of people have used It with the most
satisfactory results. For sale by Leon
ard the druggist
ormulao on Stock Foods Must Here
after be Published So That Farmers
May Know What They Are Feeding
to Their Live Stock.
Lincoln , Nob. , March in. Special to
'ho News : The senate this morning
mended tlio railway commission hill
ml put all street railway companies
ndor the jurisdiction of the coinmls
/Islts of Prowler Will Cause Extra
Norfolk doors will bo securely bar
. ed tonight and Norfolk windows will
' e llrmly fastened. Stories of thp mid
Ight prowler and minors of attempted
inrglarles have alarmed the timid
nlnded. . Starling with some founda
Ion of fact , the truth In such stories
'alns many Interesting additions as
t goes the rounds of Hie town gossip
The fictitious "bogy man" Is always
is much feared as the real burglar and
n most cases Is about equally danger-
ins , Whether the two or three noc'
nrnal visits made by uninvited
strangers to Norfolk homes during the
last few days were merely unconnoct
d events or foreshowed an epidemic
> f such occiircnces , the effect Is mucl
ho same. During the next few days
every bark of the dog will bring nlarn
ind every whistle of the wind will be
narked with suspicion.
Norfolk from the nature of Its popu
atlon Is a city where such alarms
nako quick progress. The town
itrctchos over a wide area. Man >
leads of Norfolk families are rnllroac
and traveling men , whoso work keeps
, hcm away from homo on many oven
ngs. For these reasons Idle rumors
; aln crcduloiico and homo after home
s baracnded for the time being against
ho threatening appearance of the
mrglar or night stroller. But those
same facts are also reasons why Norfolk -
folk should enjoy the most cillclent
police protection possible for a city
of this size.
Question of Electricity and Sewer May
Cause Two Tickets.
Stanton , Neb. , March 15. Special to
The News : Municipal politics up to
estorday wore very quiet in Stanton
Yesterday both the Picket and the
Register came out for the same men :
-ovy Mlllor for mayor , Joseph Grat
an for councilman In the Second
ivanl. Mr. Mlllor Is president of the
first National bank and has been a
esldent of this place for almost a
quarter of a century. Joseph Grattan
s also well and favorably known
. ,
Both possess undoubted abilities for
he position to which they aspire.
Were it not that there was some dlf
'erences among the citizens on the
jest policy to be pursued with reference
once to the proposition of the city
owning Its own electric lights am' '
also on the advisability of construct
ng a sewerage system , It Is quite
I' irobablo ' that no contest would bo
" : nade. But on these questions there
s some difference of opinion whlcl
may glvo rlso to some opposition , or
which may dlo out before Saturday
veiling , the date sot for the conven
Senator Said to Have Spent $2,000 for
Pictures for Presidential Boom.
Cincinnati , March 1-1. Is Senator
Foraker preparing to Inaugurate
photographic campaign for his noml
nation at the hands of the republlcai
party for the presidency of the United
States ? The unique plctoral campaign
Is to be launched as soon as the sen
ntor gets back from Washington , It is
The senator has entered Into a con
tract with a Cincinnati pbotographe
to make him $2,000 worth of photo
graphs. The order , which Is alreadj
well on the way to being filled , is to
bo followed by other forms of pictora
work , such as lithographs , newspape
cuts and timely cartoons.
Samuel Lemon of Brown County , In
Norfolk , Discusses Land.
Despite the fast march of progress
In northern Nebraska , trapping , hunt
Ing and fishing still nourish in the
northern tier of counties. This yea
Samuel Ix.'inon , a Brown county ranch
man living south of Nordon , pays th
taxes on 1,280 acres of timber am
grass land with the results of the
year's accumulations of coon skins
The coons are plentiful and arc easllj
trapped along the smaller streams
With an occasional shot at a big stray
Ing wolf and plenty of game ilsh a
hand In the streams , Mr. Lemon main
tains that natural sport has not ye
been banished from Brown county.
Mr. Lemon passed through Norfoll
yesterday on his way homo from
business trip. He has had wide ox
porlcnce In farming and has live
long enough In northern Nebraska t
known Its worth. Back In Pennsyl
vanla Mr. "Lemon has another farm
hut ho rents the eastern land am
makes his homo on the Nobraski
"Returns from the north Nobraski
farm or ranch are more satisfactory ,
declared Mr. Lemon yesterday , "Cat
tlo and horse raising In our country 1
a profitable Industry requiring Httl
ihor. Dniplto the fact that wo had
mro HIIOW than usual horses passed
lirough the winter on the grazing land
Ithout extra feeding. You do not
iiivo 1 to ( Ight for a living In northern
Being Interstate Commerce , Rate Is
Three Cents for Each Mile.
Under the now two-cent paaaengor
are law In Nebraska , passengers bo-
woen Norfolk and Bonestcel are ox-
lorlonclng queer conditions. It is a
caao of Intprstnto commerce between
Norfolk and Fairfax or Bonestcol.
Flio Interstate rate Is still three cents
icr mile. Consequently it Is neces
sary to buy a ticket here for Anoka ,
ho last town in Nebraska on that
rip , and then buy a now ticket for
Fairfax or Bonestccl at that point. H
said to bo overworking the coiv
Mew Metallic Type of Rlprapplng Is
Being Used.
The Madison county board of com
nlBBlonors Messrs. Malone , Harding
and Taft were In Norfolk during the
iftprnoon to look after the work of
Iprapplng at the Denby place west of
; ho city , between hero and Battle
Creek. A new form of metallic rip
rapping Is being placed there and the
commissioners were anxious to Inves
tigate It while It was being placed , to
study Its merits.
The Denby place has long been the
source of trouble from water In the
Elkhorn and much land has been eat
en up by the river there. It Is hoped
that this will relieve the difficulty.
C. J. Anderson of Nellgh Has Become
Sole Owner of Federal.
Nollgh , Nob. , March 15. Special to
The News : A deal of largo financial
Importance has 'recently ' been con
summated whereby C. J. Anderson of
this city becomes solo owner of the
Federal ranch and stock , situated near
Cody , Cherry county.
The company was capitalized at
$120,000 , $70,000 of the stock being
held ' by Mr. Anderson , and the bal
ance by B. J. Hoffachor and Allen
Marsh , the latter of Omaha. Mr. Hoff-
acher will engage In the sugar busi
ness with his millionaire uncle , Clans
Sprcckles of San Francisco , but wheth
er ho will bo located In that city Is
not known.
The Federal ranch consists of 6,000
acres of deeded and 7,000 acres of
school land , and Includes a large portion
tion of hay meadow , something very
valuable and now almost impossible
to obtain In that section. On Its
ranches are 3,000 head of cattle and
200 head of horses.
A Lot of Things Which Are Now Ob-
'jected to , Says Resident , Could be
Done Away With by Putting Depot
Out in the Country , Away From Town
[ From Friday's Oally. ]
A new depot plan Is suggested by a
Norfolk citizen. It was suggested as
a means of relieving the objection
which many express toward having
trains cross Main street. This Is the
plan :
Build a union depot in the Y down
at South Norfolk. Tear out all tracks
now crossing Norfolk avenue. * Build
the M. & O. track down to the Junea
tlon on the east side of the river and
bring It Into the Junction on the main
line of the Northwestern. Swing the
Union Pacific trains into the Junction
from southwest of the city. Swing
the Donesteel line east of town , bendc
Ing It at the sugar factory and let It
run Into the Junction on the M. & O
track , east of the river.
"This , " says the citizen , "would re-
Hove us of tracks across Norfolk
cnue. There would be no streets to
close. The Industrial establishments
now alongside tracks , which would he
left high and dry by removal of tracks
could bo turned into some other use
by the Industrial company , now in
charge of the sugar factory building
. "Seventh street could bo made n
boulevard. "
Pneumonia Claims Victim Children
at Bedside.
Mrs. Annie Mlllon , living on South
Sixth street in Norfolk , died about 8
o'clock last evening nt her homo. Two
sons and a daughter wcro at the bed
side. Death was due to pneumonia
and had been preceded by a week's
Illness. Mrs. Mlllen was sixty-nine
years old. The funeral arrangements
have not been announced.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is Both
Agreeable and Effective.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
nq fiuperlor for coughs , colds and
croup , and the fact that It Is pleasant
to take and contains nothing In any
way Injurious has made It n favorite
with mothers. Mr. W. S. Pelham , a
merchant of Klrksvllle , Iowa , says :
"For more than twenty years Cham
borlaln's Cough Remedy has been my
leading remedy for all throat troubles
It Is especially successful in cases o
croup. Children like it and my CUB
tomors who have used It will not take
any other. " For sale by Leonard the
George L. Soberer of Amboy , Minn. ,
Arrived In Norfolk In the Hope That
Mrs. Katherlne Kummetz Was His
Sister Arc Related.
A man and a woman stared at each
other yesterday in a Norfolk rooming
IIOUBO and wondered If they were
brother and sister. It was a serious
matter with these people , this ques
tion of blood relationship. The man
had come a good many miles to solve
the | ( iiicstlon , to find out whether or
not a long-lost sister was living out on
the Nebraska prairie.
Seeks His Sister.
George L. Soberer , soventy-ono
years old and apparently a prosper
ous farmer of the north , lives at Am-
boy , Minn. Yesterday ho was In Nor
folk ( on a strange mission. Ho sought
a sister whom two score years or so
ago ho had left behind In the moun
tains of Switzerland. Ills course In
Norfolk took him to the rooming
house conducted by Mrs. Katherlno
Kurnmctz south of the Paclllc hotel.
Mrs. Kummetz's father had been a
Swiss man named Schcrer.
Mrs. Kummetz Not Sister.
So these two people mot , looked atone
ono another and wondered. . If they
were brother and sister fifty years of
tlmo stretched between thorn. Then
the : man went to his task , asking ques
tions of the native land. In fiction per
haps Mr. Scherer would have achieved
his quest , but his Journey to Norfolk
was not so rewarded. Ho had not
found the sister. Yet that Mr. Scher
or and the Norfolk woman who once
bore the same name arc related tliero
Is no doubt. Even they can not attest
the degree of relationship.
Parted Fifty Years Ago.
Nearly fifty years ago Mr. Scherer
left his native Switzerland for Amer
ica. A sister some thirteen years of
age remained at home. In the years
that passed ho lost trace of her. Vis
iting the old country a few years ago
ho found that his sister had gone to
the United States long before and
that no word of her was obtainable at
the old homo. " Last summer a nephew
whom Mr. Schorer had raised was In
Norfolk and chanced to learn Mrs.
Kummetz's maiden name and some
thing of her history. He thought that
ho had found his uncle's sister. The
old man waited until business brought
him to Omaha.
Mr. Scherer will remain In Norfolk
for a day or so but ho will leave the
city still In Ignorance as to whether
his sister Is living or silent among
the dead.
Dr. Young Asks Governor Sheldon to
Investigate Vicious Story.
Dr. G. A. Young , superintendent of
the Norfolk hospital for the Insane ,
has issued the following statement
with regard to a charge made against
him ' ' by B. W. Monroe , a former at
tendant , In Omaha and Lincoln news
papers :
"My attention has been called to the
article In the Evening World-Herald
of the 13th headed , 'Neglect Charged. '
The articlewas written by a discred
ited employe shows upon Its face Its
malicious Intent and requires no re
ply. I have forwarded the article to
Governor Sheldon , together with ref
utation of the contained charges , and
have asked for an Investigation. I
am sure that the newspapers may find
ready access to It In the governor's
office at Lincoln. Correspondents are
Invited i , to visit the hospital and every
opportunity will bo given tp aid In
making a thorough Investigation. A
committee of seventeen members of
the present legislature visited the hos
pital some six weeks ago and their
favorable report bespoke no such con
dition as described In the article. .1
am responsible to Governor Sheldon
for the proper conduct of this hospi
tal and stand ready at all times to
have a thorough examination made
Into the affairs of the Institution , "
Monroe says among other things :
"I resigned my iKisltlon as superin
tendent of the violent ward nt the
Norfolk state Insane hospital because
I refused to take the responsibility of
guarding , without assistance , thirty
maniacal patients , somu of whom I
might have to kill or Injure at any mo
ment to protect myself. "
Ho charges Dr. Young with gross
negligence of the violent patients , with
covering up the facts In several cases
of sulcldos and with cutting down the
number of attendants to an absurdly
low figure In order to economize and
thus gain prestige In his quest for the
permanent position of superintendent.
"Conditions at the Norfolk Institu
tion are the worst I ever saw , " Mr.
Monroedeclares. "I have worked In
nearly a dozen Insanity hospitals and
have quit In , encli en so with the best
recommendations , but never did I see
anything to touch the stnto of affairs
nt Norfolk. "
Monroe says ho was employed at
the hospital on December C and re
signed with disgust on March 1.
Funeral of Mrs. Koch.
The funeral of Mrs. Maria Koch ,
whoso death occurred Thursday night
at the homo of her daughter , Mrs. C.
Hudat , In Norfolk , was hold Saturday
afternoon at her former homo in West
Point. Short services were held at
the home of Mrs. Rudat In Norfolk
Friday afternoon , Rev. J. P. Mueller
of Christ's Lutheran church officiating.
Music was furnished by the choir from
the Congregational church. The ser
vices In Norfolk were attended by
many friends. The remains were tak
en to West Point for Interment. Mrs.
Rudat and family and Fritz Asmtis ,
relatives of the deceased , left for West
Point Saturday to attend the services.
While not extensively known here ,
Mrs. Koch was loved by those Who did
claim her acquaintance ,
* T.
Were Elected Friday Evening , Will bo
Installed May 9.
Damascus Commandery , No. 20 ,
Knights Templar , elected officers at
their Friday evening meeting. The
following list was chosen : John B.
Maylard , eminent commander ; Charles
E. Burnhnm , generalissimo ; Ensign J.
Rlx , ' captain general ; Judge John B.
Barnes , prelate ; Louis C. Mtltolstadt ,
treasurer ; William R. Hoffman , re
corder ; Andrew II. Viele , senior war
den ; Silas G. Dean , Junior warden.
The newly elected officers will bo In
stalled on May 9.
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day's want ads. In tomorrow's paper.
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( Above Rates apply from Missouri River common points and west thereof ,
Rates east of the river slightly higher. )
Ask P. L. FEAKINS , General Agent , 310 S. 14th Street , Omaha ,
MORELL LAW , General Agent , BOG Shoidloy Building , Kaunas City ,
or your own local agent on any railroad , or
C. H. SPEARS , General Passenger Agent , Denver , Colorado.