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    rill ! ] NOHKOLK WEEKLY NKWS-JOliJtuVAL : 1'MtlDAY. ' MAHCII Ji2 15)07 ) ,
* .
William Degner Tried to Force Balky
Horse to Go By Pulling on the Ani
mal's Tongue The Tongue Came
Out by the Roots , Horse Stood Still.
Because hla horse was balky , Wil
liam Dcgner , living on Braasch av
enue between Third and Fourth
streets , tried to pull the animal for
ward by the tongue. The horse pushed
backwards pulling Its tongue out by
the roots. Up to noon the animal had
not been killed.
Tuesday morning the bloody tongue
of the unfortunate animal was found
in an alley near Degner's barn. The
story of the occurrence flltorcdt hrough
town. On account of a recent similar
happening In Omaha considerable feel
ing has been aroused.
Mr. Degner Is employed by E. A.
Bullock and has been engaged on some
work at the Norfolk hospital for the
Insane. When ho started for the hos
pital Tuesday morning , his horse be
came obstinate and refused to pull
out of the muddy alley. Other meth
ods not giving Immediate results , Deg
ner started to lead the animal forward
by the tongue. A pull backwards and
I the tongue was completely severed
from the horse's mouth. The horse
was placed In the stable again while
the owner went to his work.
Sioux City Architect Discusses BuildIng -
Ing May Use New Style.
Members of the Norfolk board of
education held a conference Monday
evening with a Sioux City architect ,
who chanced to bo In Norfolk and de
sired to meet the members of the
board. A member of the school board
stated later that the board had giver
up the Idea of building a smaller , more
r v compact building for exclusive hlgr
school use. According to this member
the high school building will either bo
rebuilt on the old plans , utilizing the
old foundation , or an entirely dlfferen1
style of building will be constructed
If the old plans are given up the boart
has been Informed that a larger am
more satisfactory building can be con
structed at about the same cost at
which the old structure can be rebuilt
Henry Junge was down from Pierce
Miss Lulu Johnson spent yesterdaj
on business.
Attorneys Barnhart and Hazen re
turned last evening from Pierce.
E. A. Kinkaid of Plalnview spen
yesterday In the city.
H. C. Mason was a noon passenger
for Wisner.
Supreme Judge J. B. Barnes went to
Lincoln yesterday.
Miss Sophia Lindquist of Coleridge
was in Norfolk yesterday.
Anton Svatora and son of Schuyle
were In Norfolk yesterday.
Paul Frehlich of Emerson was here
P. W. Glotz of Randolph is In the
city today.
C. M. Anderson of Hope was in Nor
folk yesterday.
Fred Hoop of Creighton was in Nor
folk yesterday.
George C. Stevenson was up from
Madison yesterday.
Mrs. S. Ashley of Orchard Is visit
ing in Norfolk today.
" Thomas J. Slechta of Pierce was in
Norfolk this morning.
A. B. Richardson of Battle Creek
was In Norfolk yesterday.
John Cole returned yesterday from
a visit at Meadow Grove.
P. Grabaucko of Winside spent yes
terday in Norfolk.
F. G. Aurlnger of Neligh was In
Norfolk over night.
M. Nichols of Foster was a visitor
In Norfolk yesterday.
Miss Lulu Loseh of West Point is
visiting relatives in Norfolk.
J. H. Farlin of Madison called on
Norfolk friends yesterday.
T. A. Lea and J. W. Sloan of Pierce :
yore in the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Sitleft of Wayne
pont yesterday in Norfolk.
Mrs. J. D. Sturgeon returned yester
day from a visit at Monowl.
C. J. Hlxson was a Meadow Grove
visitor in Norfolk yesterday.
A. E. Stubbs of Tllden was in Nor
folk for a few hours yesterday.
Miss Gertrude M. Fair of Hubbard :
was a Norfolk visitor yesterday.
John A. Lowran of Anoka was in
Norfolk today between trains.
J. B. Smith of Naper and R. B. Smith
of Dexter were In Norfolk yesterday
Mrs. E. O. Mount , who is 111 with
appendicitis , was resting easier today
D. F. Boynton and W. Fritz of Fair
fax are South Dakota visitors In the
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Olmstead an
homo from the Omaha automobile
John Barnes , who has been vlsltlnf
his parents in the city , left last evening
ing for Casper , Wyo.
William Kloko of Brlstow was ii
the cit yyesterday returning fron
O'Neill. inh
Mr. and Mrs. B. II. Dana of Crolgh ;
ton , who liavo been la Norfolk , UK
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W H. Clark ,
eturned homo yesterday.
Mrs , Andrew Storz and daughter of
relghton wore visitors In Norfolk this
Charles A. Stortz and Mlssea Stortz
uid Wagner of Crolghtot , are Norfolk
Mr. and Mrs. James Pearson and
laughter of Kearney were In Norfolk
Sam BurtwhlsNo and John Spcnco
) f Stanton were In Norfolk yesterday
on business.
William McDonald and William
Crook of Mondow Grove spent the
nornlng In Norfolk.
Mrs. J. N. McMauus of Calliope , la. ,
s In the city for a visit with her
laughter , Mrs. W. N. Huso.
Mr. and Mra. G. HohrUo of Iladar
vero In Norfolk yesterday on their
vay homo from a visit at Emerson.
J. B. Scanlln , an accountant In Su-
> crlntendent Reynolds' olllce , returned
aat night from a visit nt Boone , Iowa.
Mrs. A. C. Peters of Stanton , who
mil been visiting her parents , Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Zuolow in Norfolk , returned
o her home.
Burt Mapes returned on the morning
.rain from O'Neill , where he had been
as attorney In a lawsuit , and left at
icon for Stanton on business.
T. E. Smith , president of a bank at
Naper , spent a portion of the day In
Norfolk attending to business matters ,
le was on his way home from Iowa.
The following Newcastle men passed
through the city-and visited for a
short time with their friend , W. P.
Logan : George B. Addison , C. E.
3row , John McKlnley , Robert , McKIn
ey , Sum Roberts , George Bailey.
General Superintendent Braden , Dls
iri6t Superintendent Reynolds , Road
master Stafford , Roadmaster Spellman ,
General Bridge Foreman Collwell and
Roundhouse Foreman Alton were in
Fremont today In conference with Gen
eral Manager Walters of the North
The following Norfolk men will
leave tonight for Interior , S. D. , to tile
on homesteads : Ralph Boyd , J. Dig'
nan , O. W. Rlsh , II. L. Doughty , Tom ,
Hlght , J. B. Hight , W. B. Hight , J. L.
Hlght. The wives of the men who file
on the lands will spend the coming
summer on the claims , and in Deccm
ber will prove up and own the land.
Officer Livingstone at the Junction
Caught the Man Who Has Been En
terlng Houses in Norfolk at Night
Fellow Admitted That He Did It.
The "midnight prowler" left Norfoll
last evening for Omaha. Timid folks
who have been greatly alarmed by the
man's actions during the past week
need no longer be in fear. The prowl
er , whoso identity was disclosed las
evening to Ofllcer Livingstone at the
Junction , Is a half-witted stranged
who dropped Into Norfolk from no
where early last week.
At 10:30 : o'clock last night Office
Livingstone on night duty at the June
tion saw a man pass eve rte the dis
patcher's building , deposit a bundle
beneath the steps and glide away. The
bundle was found to consist entirely
if old clothes.
A little later the man was taken in
ustody by the officer. The man , evl-
lently half-witted , said that he had
rrived In Norfolk on the night of the
ast snow. Since then he had been
merely wandering around. " "But , "
asked the officer , "Why did you enter
a house and eat a lunch spread on a
able ? " "Oh , I was awfully hungry , "
vas the reply , disclosing the complete
dentlty of the man.
The man wanted to go on to Omaha
ind was permitted to go out with aleck
lock train. The prowler was a tall ,
hlnly constructed man of about forty-
Ivo years.
Boy Released.
The thirteen-year-old Norfolk lad ar
rested Monday for the all edged heav-
ng of bricks at August Pofahl was re-
eased from Justice Eiseley's court
his morning , Mr. Pofahl being unable
o positively Identify the boy as one
of his tormentors. The boy entered
a vlgorus drnlal of the charge.
Masquerade Dance.
Some eighty masked dancers made
merry at the masked ball given Mon-
lay evening at Martjuardt hall by the
S'orfolk lodge of the Ben Hur order ,
in addition to the dancers a hundred
spectators were present. The dancing
came to a close shortly after 11:30 :
o'clock , at which hour the merrk-mak-
ers unmasked. A score or more priz
es were awarded to dancers masque
rading in special costumes.
Lincoln , Neb. , March 20. Special to
The News : In a report filed today
- Senator Randall of the senate com
mltteo of public lands and buildings
reports the Norfolk asylum to bo ii
splendid condition.
Ho recommended a hospital build
Ing and cottage for men. Both are
urged as necessary.
A store house , sleeping apartments
a now boiler , a barn , a chicken house
and a railway spur , with $10,000 for ci
tunnel and repairs. ro recommended
You can get a "raise of salary"
advertising for a better job.
Pullman Bill , Cutting Rate on Pullman
Fares In Nebraska , Is Side Tracked
In the Senuatc at Lincoln But Maxi
mum Freight Goes Through.
Lincoln , Nob. , March 19. Special to
The News : After amending the Al-
Irlch maximum rate bill tot ncludo
only lumber , building material , fruit
uid grain products , It was recommend-
A for passage by tbo senate.
The per cent .of reduction waa
changed , from 20 to 15 per cent.
Lincoln , Neb. , March 19. Special to
The News : The senate this morning
resumed debate on the Aldrlch bill to
cut freight rates 20 per cent. It was
predicted that the bill would bo de
feated , the railroads making llhoral
use of the 2-cont faro as plea for Im
Sidestep Pullman Issue.
The senate has executed a neat side
step on the question of Pullman rates.
The Thomas bill will bo allowed to
die on general flic. It provides for a
Hat cut In Pullman fares.
With a largo number of members
absent the senate this afternoon
passed a number of bills but confined
the work to duties of a routine nature.
Randall's Bill Passed.
S. F. 213 and S. F. 211 by Senator
Randall were passed. They regulate
the charters of benevolent and chari
table organizations and exempt lodge
property from taxation.
S. F. 277 was passed. This bill by
Senator Root compels corporations to
pay wages twice a month.
S. F. 310 by Senator Phillips and re
latlng to the disqualification of judges ,
was passed.
Little Helen Grotty is quite sick.
Graclo Nelson Is also among the
Attorney M. C. Hazen was in Pierce
W. W. Brown of Creighton is In Nor
folk today.
E. C. Burns of Scrlbncr Is In the
city today.
M. Callcnder was up from Columbus
R. A. Tawnoy was in from Pierce
John Nlckell of Lyons was In Nor
folk last night.
A little daughter of C. J. Dcuprco
is ill with the grip.
Fred Hook of Creighton was in Nor
folk yesterday.
E. W. Clements Is recovering fron-
an attack of pneumonia.
Dr. P. H. Salter was In Winside
Vednesday morning.
E. P. Lowe of Broken Bow was It :
Norfolk over night.
Mr. Mia Is putting a new foundation
nder his house.
W. E. Ludwlck of Lincoln was In
Norfolk yesterday.
George Bass of Tilden stopped In
Norfolk yesterday.
J. H. Jensen of Minden spent yes
erday in Norfolk.
E. Moeller was a Norfolk visitor In
Stanton yesterday.
Attorney Burt Mapes went to Madi
on on the morning train.
S. W. Garrow Is home from a bus !
less trip to Sioux City.
R. H. Peterson of Linn Grove was a
Norfolk visitor yesterday.
J. E. Cullings of Wahoo was In Nor
oik yesterday afternoon.
E. P. Olmstead left yesterday on a
iiislness trip to Creighton.
L. Hinsen and F. A. Chllds of Tllden
vero in the city yesterday.
Tom Keene of Neligh spent yester-
lay in Norfolk on business.
John H. Harding of Meadow Grove
spent yesterday in Norfolk.
Dr. R. C. Simmons returns this oven-
ng from a visit at Wakefleld.
The West Side Whist club will meet
Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
N. A. Huso.
C. M. Mlhllls. who suffered a para-
ytic stroke some weeks ago , Is not
so well.
M. C. Thelscn of Creighton , owner
of the Camp Dewey telephone line , Is
fishing In Norfolk today.
Mrs. Robert Schiller left yesterday
'or Ida Grove , Iowa , to visit Mr. Schil
ler's mother , who Is quite ill.
Mrs. William Beck went to Battle
Creek yesterday noon where her broth
er-in-law , Mr. Lund , is very sick.
The robins have arrived to corrobo
rate the testimony of geese flying
north , that spring has really arrived.
Mrs. Frank Nelson and two chil
dren of Fremont , formerly of Norfolk
are hero visiting with Mrs. Van Evens
Mrs. E. O. Mount is reported to be
Improved and there IB more encour
agement In her condition than foi
some days.
Vice President Gardner of the Chicago
cage & Northwestern railroad passed
through Norfolk at noon enrouto tc
Lander , Wyo. , where ho went on in :
Inspection ttrlp. Ho was Joined here
by General Superintendent S. M. Bra
den , who will accompany the vlco pros
idcnt to the end of the line and latci
fo Gregory , S. I' ' . Mr. Gardner left
Chicago last night.
County Attorney Jack Koonlialolit ;
wna In MmllHon yeHterday In connec
tion with the mooting of the county
R. 0. Garvln la homo ftom Oiunlia ,
where ho baa HiilHhed the commercial
courno at Uoylo'a IniHliU'Ha college.
Ho baa not decided on hla future work.
Mrs. W. L. Woltz has arrived from
Toxaa for a month's visit In Norfolk
with her mother , Mrs. Spaldlng. Mr.
Weltz la now conductor on a Texas
Little or no aprlng plowing has been
attempted MH yet by farmers about
Norfolk , although many expect to
make an attempt at plowing hoforo the
proBout week la ovor.
The Holly Tolty advaneo mile waa
unusually large , Indicating Norfolk'a
heart for the musical extravaganza ,
but there are still a largo number of
good Koata to bo had.
Vernoa Oeatrelch , ago four daya , the
Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Oeatrelch died yeaterday at the Inmo
Hvo mllea north of Norfolk. Inter
ment will ho made at Hadar on Thurs-
News has been received hero by
frlenda that Mlaa Julia Robb of WIs-
nor , formerly a resident of this city ,
la very sick with appendlcltla. Dr. P.
H. Salter left for there yesterday to
perform an operation.
The Auditorium curtain will go up
tonight at 8:30 : o'clock promptly , and
It is specially requested that ( bo entire -
tire audience be In the theater before
that hour , as the Beating of people
after the curtain goes up has a ten
dency to Interrupt the performance.
Two rehearsals have been hold for
the black face minstrel beneilt which
will be given by the Norfolk band ( lur
ing the latter part of April. Norfolk
young men with ability along tbla line
have agreed to take part In the enter
tainment. A number of good special
ties are also being planned.
Adrian Craig has returned from a
trlji west to Chadron , where1 ho went
In the Intorents of the antl-horsethlef
association , lie met with good sue
COHH and It Is thought a number of
towns in that section will organize as
sociations to co-operato with the central
tral association.
Preparations arc beginning to he
made In Norfolk for the coming an
nual convention of northern Nebraska
banker. ) , which meets In this city
April 22 , Arbor day. It is expectei
that there will bo fully 200 baukora
In attendance. A banquet will bo
served for them in the ovenlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wllley start
ed at noon for Coffoyvillo , Kan. , am
will bo gone ten days or two weeks
visiting relatives there and In Okla
homa. Mr. Wllley has resigned his
position as special agent for the Co
lumblan fire insurance1 company am
upon hla return will take charge o
the North I'latto country for the West
ern Insurance company of Lincoln.
Stump books containing twenty-four
ono-cent stamps and selling for twun
ty-flvo cents arc offered for sale at the
Norfolk postolllco today for the firs
time. An assignment of the one-con
stamp books was received at the post
olllce this morning and were at once
placed on sale. The action of the gov
eminent In issuing books with stamps
of one-cent denomination is expected
to prove an especial convenience tc
the post card fiends.
Someone willing to take grave
chances with the law appropriated a
team belonging to Fred Smith for their
own use last night. Mr. Smith , who
lives three miles southwest of Nor
folk , drove to town yesterday evening
with a team of mules and a light bug
gy. Between the hours of 10 and 11
last evening the team was driven off
from where they were tied at Fifth
street and Norfolk avenue. The mat
ter was reported to the police as a
case of horse stealing and a consid
erable part of the night was spent In
looking for the missing property. Ear
ly this morning the team was left near
the Northwesterns' city depot. The
mules showed hard usage and had evi
dently been driven a good part of the
night. The guilty parties will be pros
ecuted if the opportunity offers.
Railroad officials of the lines of the
Northwestern west of the Missouri
river were In conference in Fremont
yesterday. With General Manager F.
C. Walters of Omaha they met In the
rooms formerly used as assistant gen
eral superintendent's headquarters at
the dispatcher's olllce. It was assert
ed that no especial significance was
attached to the gathering , but that It
was for the purpose of discussing the
road's operative plans for the ensuing
year. With the opening of the spring
season , such a session Is generally
held. The olllclals who were there
represented the head of practically
every department of the road In Ne
braska. Those In attendance were :
General Manager F. Walters , Omaha ;
General Superintendent S. M. Braden
Norfolk ; General Freight Agent S. F.
Miller , Omaha ; Superintendent C. H.
Reynolds , Norfolk ; Chief Engineer A
A. Schenck , Omaha ; Master Mechanic
E. W. Pratt , Missouri Valley ; Store
keeper J. A. Conroy , Missouri Valley ;
General Purchasing Agent L. S. Carroll
roll , Chicago ; Traveling Engineer E.
, Williams , Missouri Valley ; Superinten
, dent of Bridges and Buildings A. J.
Col well , Norfolk ; Division Master Me
chanlc W. B. Alton , Norfolk ; Road
masters P. Stafford and J. H. Spell
man , Norfolk ; Headmaster W. T.
Crook , Scribnor ; Roadmaster L. Berg
land , Llnwood ; Trainmaster J. Leppla
Fremont ; Chief Dispatcher W. B. Golden
den , Fremont ; Superintendent of
Bridges and Bridge Buildings J. F. L.
- Burrell , Fremont ; Headmaster 0. H.
Feldman , Fremont ; Foreman of Roum
House W. II. Baker , Fremont.
ASKED FOR $100 ,
Commercial Club Directors at Weekly
Meeting Appoint Committee to Get
Usual Subscription for Pedagogues'
Association Meeting ,
Mullein brought before the mooting
of lift1 Commercial elub dlrootors Tues
day morning did not result In any Im
portant public aiiiiouiieetaeiita at the
conclusion of I be meeting. Tim di
rectors met In ( ho olllee of Mathow-
son & Co. wllh all the directors pres
ent save ProHldonl Hiiniham , who Is
at Lincoln on a business trip.
The elub directors took action to
ward raising the uiiual guarantee fund
of $100 which local business men have
been In the habit of HuliHcrlblng toward
securing the annual meeting of the
North Nebraska Teachers association.
The mooting will bo held tbla year In
Norfolk on April 3I and fi. W. A.
Wlt/.lgman waa placed at the head of
the committee , which will solicit sub
scriptions from the Norfolk merchants.
The special committee appointed In
the matter of securing a permanent
secretary for the club , reported that
no action had been taken during the
President V. S. Perdue of Madison ,
to whose untiring efforts the eiithusl
asm manifest In the approaching
teaehera' meeting Is largely due , estl
mates that them will be 500 of the
pedagogues In town.
Some Very Satisfactory Settlements
Have Been Made Not Half of the
Loss Was Covered by Insurance But
the Losers Have Kept up Courage.
Drlstow , Nob. , Match 19. Special t <
The News : As a result of the recenl
llro many of the Insurance adjusters
have como to an agreement on the
of buildings and stocks and some very
satisfactory settlements have boor
Statements show that leas htan fifty
per cent , ot the loss was covered by
insurance , yet the losers are oonto < ii
plating electing new and more sub
stantlal buildings as soon as lots are
T. D. Ingles loft last evening fo
Casper , Wyo.
P. R. Cook left last night for Lander
dor , Wyoming.
Mra. J. W. Dlckover went to Rapid
City , S. D. , today.
Mrs. Stansberry of Wlsnor Is In the
city visiting her son.
Ed Wllken Is having his homo In
Edgewator park rebuilt.
W. B. Donaldson of Pierce was In
the city on business today. iik
George Berry was a Battle Creek
visitor In the city yesterday.
The Holly Tolty company arrived In
Norfolk at noon from Lincoln.
James C. Ellison of Bonesteel , S.
D. , was In the city over night.
II. Leanphcre of Seward was In
Norfolk between trains yesterday.
Mrs. Wm. Beck and Mrs. Stans
berry left this morning for Omaha.
Miss Lizzie ; Peters left today for a
few days visit with friends at Stanton.
Myron S. Whitney of Randolph was
In Norfolk between trains yesterday.
Miller Mather , who had been suffer
ing from an attack of grip , is much
The pile driver crew are preparing
to take the pile driver to Hooper to
Mrs. J. D. Larrabce of Stanton Is in
Norfolk for a few days' visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Peters and son
left today for a visit at Madison and
P. M. Barrett made a business trip
to Sioux City yesterday , returning last
Wynn Ralnbolt left yesterday on a
business trip to Butte. He will bo
gone several days.
Large now billboards have beeMi
placed at Mrs. Craft's store for adver
tising purposes.
The Ladles Aid society met at the
homo of Mrs. Jim Nix this afternoon
and made sun bonnets.
Damascus chapter No. 25 , R. A. M.
will confer the royal arch degree at
, their meeting tonight.
. Roy Taylor Is among the sick , and
. Jean Grotty Is taking his place as
. night caller in the roundhouse.
Mrs. John Denton returned home
from Missouri Valley Wednesday oven
Ing , where she has been visiting.
- Little Fteddio Ware , the son of
. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Ware , has recov
ered from an attack of the measles.
. birthday surprise party was glvei
last evening for Fay Ogdcn , the occa
the occasion being her ninth birthday
The city street drag was taken nit
. yesterday for the first time this la
- ter In an effort to level down the ity
, streets. ityM.
- W. G. Jllrons , C. A. Relmers , S. M.
Durfeo , Dr. K , II. Aelko and L. P. Tot
. tier were Plcrco visitors in Norfol
. last night.
Asa K. Leonard brought homo a
appotlto and two ducks from n shot
hunting trip down by the Hlkhorn
Tuesday nlKht.
Vern Vlele , HOD of A. II. Vlolo , who
has been seriously 111 during tbo paal
two days , wan considerably Improved
thin morning.
Mrs. .1. I ) . Heck of Tripoli , Iowa ,
came last night to visit with her cous
in , Mrs. Nle drey , while on tier way
lo d'elghtou.
Mrs. Fred Neumann baa urrlveihjln
Norfolk from lOxonla , WIs. , on a vhilt
with her brother , Kmest llarlniaiin ,
and other relatives , '
Knglncor Dan Flnloy IIIIH returned
to work again after having be'jn err
all wlulor on committee work and on
account of sickness.
August Kuro Is making1arrange -
incuts to open a meat market at 128
Norfolk avenue. The market will not
bo opened tinlll some lime In April.
The city council holds Us regular
mld-inonlh mooting at ( lie city hall to
night. The Judges and clerks for tlm
coming spring election will he mimed
at tin1 mooting tonight.
Two King log drags , wllh four homes
es attached to each drag , are being
Hont ever Norfolk aveniio and other
streets In an effort to Improve the
condition of the road.
A man who gave his name as Frank
Wright and hla occupation as that of
a farm laborer , was arrested last evenIng -
Ing by Olllcer ITookor. Wright plead
ed guilty to the eharne of having boon
Intoxicated last night and advanced
enough money to be rclcaacd when a
line of $5 and costs wan assessed
against him In police court.
A mooting of the North Nebraska
Live Stock Owners' Protective asso
ciation ban boon called by President
John Kranlz to moot at the city hall
In Norfolk on Saturday afternoon ,
March 211. The meeting will be called
to order al 2 o'clock. Many fanners
Interested In promoting the anil-homo
thief organization will bo present at
the mooting.
A line of table linen falling on a
range started a small blaze In Dr. and
Mrs. J. C. M.VHfH1 rooma In tin1 Cotton
block yeaterday afternoon. Mrs. My
ers was away at the lime , but other
roomers In the block noticed the
ainoko and effected an entrance to the
room. The Inslplent bln/.o waa easily
extinguished before the llro depart
ment had arrived on the scene.
C. A. Halhiweg , who has been em
ployed as a shoemaker at ( ho Nor
folk shoe store , has gone to Spaldlng ,
where ho expects to start a shoo shop.
Wlllard Harding , an Insurance ad-
jiiHtor from Nebraska City , N In Nor
folk on bnslnoHs connected with tbo
settlement of the blub school lire loss.
Mrs. J. 1C. Nlles was called to O'Neill
WiMlnesd'iv noon lo attend tin1 funeral
of Mr. Nlles' step-father , William
S-nllh , of O'N'-'lll. lie-it h followed an
operation In an Omaha hospital.
l3lKhle.on llroinon have been culled
to Chicago from this division to take
the examination to become engineers.
Four of the firemen me from Norfolk
Harry Alexander , Ed llntton , Chas.
Kvans and Mose Howel.
The two-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Scott died at their homo
on South First street Tuesday morn
ing of pneumonia. The funeral was
held at the home this morning at 9:30 : ,
and Interment made at Prospect Hill
cemetery. The sympathy of the
whole community Is extended to the
sorrowing parents.
C. E. Burnhnm returned at noon
from Lincoln , where he bad been look
ing after matters of Interest to Nor
folk. Ho ro | > orts that the hospital
bill , appropriating $ ' .18.000 for construc
tion of new buildings and other im
provements , is progressing nicely , and
as It is In good hands In both senate
and house It will In all probability bo
passed. Senator Randall Is looking
after the measure In the senate and
T. L. Alderson la watching it careful
ly in the house. The bill has been
recommended by committee of the
whole In the house and will probably
pass today. When It roaches the sen
ate there la little doubt but that It will
bo approved. The general appropria
tion bill passed the house yesterday
afternoon , Including a maintenance
fund of $122,000 for the Norfolk hos
pital , In which Is an Item of $500 for
purchase of right of way to the hos
pital. This will go through the sen
ate. Senator Randall's wolf bill ,
known as house roll No. 2-12 , was In
advertantly Indefinitely postponed yes
terday , but to show Senator Randall's
standing at Lincoln the house had
agreed to reconsider the measure last
night. This , It Is claimed by the sen
ator , will save the county from $1,000
to $2,000 a year
- Labor Bureau Clerk Admitted That He
Had Slandered McMullen in Effort
: to Get Even With Him Was
Brown's Press Bureau Clerk.
Lincoln , Neb. , March 20. Special to
The News : Admitting that he slan
dered Representative McMullen , Don
C. Dcspaln was last night censured by
a legislative Investigating committee.
; Ho admitted that ho tried to "get
oven" with McMullen. Dcspaln Is
. clerk In the labor bureau and was Uio
: - chiaf of Norrls Brown's press bureau
during the last campaign.
The efforts of Chairman Rose saved
an him from moro drastic action , the com-
mltteo declaring his statements i