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The Feature of the Week Was the
Dinner Given by Mr. and Mrs. Dari
us Mathowson Thursday Evening.
Events Past and Future.
The social feature of I no past week
In Norfolk WIIH llio dinner parly given
by Mr. ami Mrs. Darius Mathowson
oil Tlmi-mlny evening. 1'anclng mill
ranis made ii | ) tlio balance of ( ho cal
endar. Tlio eomlm ; wool ; will lirliiK
Iho annual hall of the Klks , which IH
ulwayH one o fl'ie * oclnl features of
Iho your , and the wi ok after that will
bring another event In ( lie reopening
of llio Andltorlnin with a high iinallty
theatrical attraction , "Dorothy Vornor
of llaihlon Mail. " with Alherla Oiillntln
as loading lady. Tlio fact that tlio
playhouse IHIH been closed for Hovoral
weekH for remodelling , during which
several changes have boon inudo ,
coupled with Iho fact that an attrac
tion recommended an excellent haw
been Hoonrod for Iho Initial night , will
probably tend to make the opening
something of a Hoclal foatnro for llio
season's calondar.
Pleasures of tbe Week.
On Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Darlns MathowHon , who luivo taken n
place In the llrst rank of Norfolk's en
tertainers , gave n dlnnor party to a
nninbor of friends In tholr heautlfnl
liomo on Koonlgstoln avonuo. The
dinner was served at llttlo lulilca In
four pretty courses. The hostess wns
unstated In the sorvlco by Miss Wat
son , Miss Mathowson and Miss Olnoy.
After the dlnnor. tables were cleared
for six-hand enchro , which afforded
the evening's pleasure. Mrs. J. C.
Stilt was tlio most successful lady at
scoring and Mrs. N. A. Halnbolt nt
shouting , each receiving a dainty box
of bon linns. Dr. C. S. PnrUor made
the gentlemen's high score and N , A.
Huso the shouting score , each being
presented with n dainty booklet.
A pleasant dancing party was given
by the Trinity Social guild Friday
evening nt Mnrquardt , hall. It was
well attended and much enjoyed.
A number of Heights friends ar
ranged and executed a pleasant sur-
" * < prlBo party upon Mr. and Mrs. C. II.
Reynolds Tuesday evening.
The West Side Whist club was de
lightfully entertained by Mr. L. C.
Mlttelstadt Tuesday evening. "
Among the table decorations wcro
bright red tulips. Unique place cards
Inter served ns score cards.
The Drowning club was pleasantly
entertained by Dr. and Mrs. J. II.
Cole Tuesday evening.
A very pleasant meeting of the O.
M. C. club wns held Friday night with
Miss Enw Wilde.
The Trinity Soclnl guild wns enter-
tallied by Miss Faio Uunihnm Wednes
day evening.
The chess club enjoyed n plensnnt
meeting with Mr. J. 1C. Ilanso Tuesday
Coming Events.
Mrs. W. N. Iluse mid Mrs. N. A.
Huso luivo Issued Invitations for n
luncheon Thursday afternoon nt the
homo of Mrs. W. N. Huse.
Mr. and Mrs. N. A.-Rnlnbolt have
Issued invitations for a dlnnor party
to bo given Thursday evening , Jan-
uury 31.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. niuKouiun will
entertain nt dinner Tuesday evening.
The Klks will give tholr'annual ball
Friday evening.
Nellgh Soclnl Club Disposes of n Big
Fat Coon.
' Nellgh , Neb. , Jan. 1'J. Special to
The News : On Saturday evening last
the Sycamore club were called to
gether at the home of Hon. Judge
Boyd , the occasion being the disposi
tion of a fat coon , furnished by F. G.
Aurlngor. All the members and their
wives were picsont , with tlio excep
tion of II. S. Palmer , S. F. Oilman and
11. 13. ICryger. On assembling at the
house the gues-ts wen- met at the door
by an ccllpso of the moon In the per
son of Judge Bo > d , In evening dress ,
blacked up n la coon , with wool to
match , and ho looked Hko the longest
coon that ever came down the pike.
At the foot of the stairs a smooth ,
slick , comfortable looking Xenegambi-
an was stationed , and on closer in
spection one discovered Manager J.
W. Splrk. of Nellgh mills fame. On
arriving at the cloak room horror of
horrors ! the guests were asked to
go up against the worst of all. for
there In all hldeousnoss , with a circu
lation of air equal to a cyclone , In
constant motion stood Win. Wolfe in
ft blaze of ebony glory.
As the guests assembled In the par
lor , juht as the hour of the banquet
f arrived , singing could be heard In the
distance , drawing nearer until It
reached the double doors separating
the banquet room from the guests , and
'on the doors being thrown back , a
darky chorus consisting of Mesdames
Boyd , Splrk , Wolfe. Auringer and Huff
man wore standing , blacked up , mid
liavlng ( ho usual mammy's wool done
up on tholr heads , and singing the Old
Kentucky Home. Covers were spread
for thirty , and the menu was au fol
io WH :
Oyster Cocktail
HouHt Coon with DrosHlng
Baked Ham Brown Sweol Potatoes
Corn Pone Huns
Frozen Punch
Peas and Bonn Snliid
Olives Cheese StrawH
Marshmallow Cream Nablscoos
Judge Boyd acted as toastmaster ,
and elicited frequent applause by his
comical allusions to Iho speakers ,
Judge Jackson spoke on the "Green
Sycamore. " As Ills Honor was never
al n meeting of the club , on account
of being away , ho spoke of Iho molding
of the finished product from the raw
malerlnl , aiid said If there were any
present who thought ho could not tell
the llnlHhed product when ho saw It ,
he would give them an example do
faeto before ho left.
Ex-Mayor Huffman on the subject ,
"Coons In General , " said that when
told ho would be called on ho felt like
Lee Worthner did when out on a limb
- afraid ( he other follow was going to
"call him" Hpoko of coons of Indiana ,
various varieties , both biped and quad
ruped , In his usual comical happy man
ner , bringing forth applause from the
nigger gallery. Ills Honor Mayor Jen
kins gave a resume of the Individual
members of tlio club , there being or
ators , artists , lightning calculators ,
butchers and bakers and candlestick
makers , and the way "Jcnks" told It
would make a horse laugh. B. J. Ry
an chose as a subject an original fable
entitled "Tho Club of Sycamore Coons
of Coonvllle. " Ho reviewed the club
from Its formation , back , back of Bill
Colo's drug store , and told what the
Inspiration canto from , followed
through Its several meetings until dis
banded , using the fable of a colony of
coons who lived in Coonvllle , who met
evenings at the f < x > t of a largo , hollow
sycamore tree.
The wallers were In typical southern
orn style , and consisted of Mesdames
Boyd , Splrk , Huffman , Auringer and
Wolfe , and they surely carried out
heir part admirably. After supper G.
Sellory rendered some of his choice
selections ns only George can. Mes
lames Boyd , Huffman , Aurlngcr and
plrk , backed up by Papa .Tonka and
Gld , sang southern melodies. Mrs.
Jenkins presided at the piano. The
louse was nicely decorated with anil-
ax and carnations , and many hand
some costumes were In evidence. At
ttiO : : the party repaired to their
ionics , pronouncing it ono of the jol-
lest meetings the club over had.
Reported In Sioux City That North
western Will Build More.
The Northwestern railroad will ex
tend Its line on from Gregory , through
the Trlpp county portion of the Hose-
bud reservation and to Midland , S. D. ,
to connect with the 1'lerro-Hapld City
line during the coming year , accordIng -
Ing to the Sioux City Journal.
If this extension is made a now
rout from Sioux City to the Black
Hills , and from the Ulack Hills to
Sioux City , will bo effected , thus shut
ting off much of the travel which now
goes through Norfolk to make thnt
trip. On the other hnnd additional
tralllc would result from the tapping
of a now Held. A shorter route from
the Hosobud to Sioux City is also to
bo built , according to the same source
In the extension of the Nowcnstle line
to Nlobrnrn , where It will connect with
the Bonesteol-Norfolk lino. This
would also take some of the travel
from this point.
Concerning tlio proposed new links
of railroad , the Sioux City paper says :
The Chicago and Northwestern road
proposes to have the short line be
tween Sioux City and the Hlnck Hills.
The company Is said to have sched
uled for construction this year two
connecting links of road which will
accomplish this purpose.
One of these links will be twenty-
live miles in length and will extend
from Crofton. the present terminus of
the HartlngUm stub , to Nlobrnrn , a
point on the NorfolK-Honcsteol line.
The second link will be formed by the
building of the Honesteol line on
through the Rosebud Indian reserva
tion to connect at Midland on the
main line from Pierre to Rapid City.
Hy the construction of these two
links there will thus bo created the
shortest line between Sionx City and
the Hlnck Hills. The route out of
Sionx City will be \Vakollold , Hart-
Ington. Crofton , Niobrarn , Honesteel
and Midland.
The main line from Plerro to Hnpld
City is expected to be completed and
In operation by Juno 1. Tlio bridge
over tlio Cheyenne river nt Wnshtn
\\lll bo completed in a few days.
Trains now are running from Plerro
west to Midland , n distance of forty-
live miles , and from Hnpld City east
to WashUi , forty-four miles.
Drop Curtain In Norfolk's Theater
Hereafter to be Clean.
All advertisements have been paint
ed off the drop curtain in tlio Norfolk
Auditorium and the curtain , with its
scenic effect , will here-after belong ex
clusively to llio theater audiences. A
scenic nrtlst from Omnha seventy
years of ago , who has painted many
drop curtains In many theaters , Is doIng -
Ing the work.
A force of twenty-two men are workIng -
Ing every day and far Into every night
to get the theater ready for the open
ing night , January L'9 , a wool : from
Tuesday , when Alberta Gallntln , pre
senting Dorothy Vernon of Haddon
Hall , will be here ,
Carpets will oarer aisles ; uul much
of the theater , replacing the npi o of
hare floors
Saving of $20,000 to the State Is Ar
gued as Favorable Feature Eighth ,
Ninth and Tenth Districts are to be
Shaken up In the Shift.
Lincoln , Neb. , Jan. 10. Special to
The News : A bill eliminating six of
the district judges of the state , thus
saving Nebraska about $20,000 , enough
to pay the expenses of the now railway
commission for two years , has been
Introduced by Senator King of Polk
county. The district judges of the
state have numbered twenty-eight , and
according to the bill , twenty-two can
lo the necessary work. This Involves
ssontlal changes In the judicial np-
lortlonmenl of the northenstern part
f the slate. The bill suggests the re-
luollon of one Judge from the First
udlelnl dlstricl , one from Iho Third ,
wo from the Fourth , and one from the
eleventh , and enough other districts
o make n total of six.
The Seventh judicial district is on-
Irely changed , being made to consist
if the counties dropped from the
fourth , Fifth and Sixth districts ,
inmely , Snunders , Dodge , Washington
ind Hurt counties.
The now Ninth judicial district Is
ho same ns the present Eighth , con
sisting of Cumlng , Stnnton , Dlxon , Da-
join , Cedar and Thurston counties.
Ninth to be Tenth.
The new Tenth judicial district is
he snmo as the present Ninth , con
sisting of Wayne , Madison , Antelope ,
lerco and Knox counties.
The Sixteenth judicial district shnll
consist of Holt , Boyd , Koya Pnha ,
ilrowu , Hock , Blnlne , Loup and Garfield -
field counties.
The bill provides that there shall bo
five judges of the district court in the
fourth district , two in tlio Third , and
one In each of the remaining districts ,
ho judges In the now districts to bo
elected at the general election In November -
vomber , 1907 , and every four years
.hereafter. Provision is made that the
ircsont judges shall hold their posl
tlons until the expiration of their
Railway Commission.
Dr. Wlnnctt , who has been invest- !
atlng the work of the Iowa railway
commission and Commissioner Wil
liams , who has been doing the same
In regard to the Kansas commission ,
last night made reports before the
joint committee to draft railroad legis
Dr. Wlnnctt reported that the Iowa
commission had acted on about 300
complaints In 1900 , settling them with
out a hearing , the required conces
sions usually being made by the rail
roads. Ho declared that the work of
the Iowa commission has resulted in
a great saving to shippers. Though
the rates made In 1888 have not been
greatly changed , the classification of
commodities has , and as a result the
charges on Important commodities In
Iowa are In many Instances much
lower than in Nebraska. It seems
probable that there will be a lowering
of the rates In the near future. Little
has been done In Iowa with the pas
senger schedules , though there Is n
general demand for a two-cent rate
The joint charges where two or three
roads haul are very high In Iowa , and
the state commission is now'wrestling
with thnt problem.
Hates have been considerably re
duced In Kansas , said Mr. Williams
though the scope of powers of the
commission in that state is much nar
rower than that of the Iowa commls
slon. Ho expressed a belief that rate
making powers of wider scope are
needed by a commission to make the
work most effective. More power is
now being asked by the Kansas com
mission , the work of which has-beei
confined chiefly to minor matters am
settling the grievances between ship
pers and the roads.
2-Cent Fare Goes Over.
Tlio house railroad committee yes
terdny recommended for postpone
ment the two-cent passenger fare bll
by Representative Whithnm of John
son , and the lint two-cent pnssonge
inte seems to have few advocates
though perhaps n reduction to 2 > / { .
cents will be agreed upon. The ques
tioA of whether tlio commissioners
nll bo empowered to make rates it
the first Instance or to regulate then
thereafter is one of tlio most import
nut before the committee. These
problems will be taken up with a vle\\
to definite action at the next sessioi
which will bo held on Tuesday.
J. W. Hlerghardt of Verdlgro Is in
C. Greek of Genoa wns in Norfoll
Mrs. W. II. Hurst of Ord was a city
visitor yesterday.
F. a. Coryoll wont to O'Neill ot
business yesterday.
F. G. Auringer of Nellgh was a clt >
visitor y < sterdny.
C. H. Unrtlett of Bloomflold was it
the city yesterday.
W. M. Corklo from Columbus was In
the city yesterday.
Hugo Kmmcrllng of Pierce was n
city visitor yesterday.
W. II. Locke of Statiton was a Nor
folk visitor yesterday. '
Mr. and Mrs. H. Walter ot Nollgl
were In the city yesterday.
C. J. Stock well nd two children o
Genoa wore lu Norfolk yesterday.
Mr § . W. H. Hall IB expected homo
ml 'lit from Columbus , where she has
een vlslllng fllnco New Years.
C. C. Hughes , formerly general su-
lerlntendenl of the Northwestern rail-
oad here , loft yesterday for Omaha
Mrs. Frank Davis loft for Chicago
aturdny morning , to visit her mother ,
Irs. Sldler , and her brothdr , Fred
Idler and family , who live In West
John Iscmly ot Tlldcn spent the
lornlng In Norfolk on business.
Vlille hero ho vlsltud with his parents ,
ilr. and Mrs. John L. Iximley , G15
oulh Fourth street.
David Robinson came up from Mad-
son last night.
Joe Young of Newman Orovo Is vis-
Ling his cousin , Joss Heemer.
Clyde Hayes loft for Douglas , Wyo. ,
ast night , where ho will spend a few
Fred Poor , who has been manager
f the Hastings Hide and Tallow com-
inny in Norfolk , loft for Hastings to
accept a bettor position with the same
General Superintendent Hradcn , Su-
) erlnlendent of llrldgos and Buildings
'olwell ' , Trnlnmnster Mount and Hond
Master Stafford all cnmo In from the
> ast at noon.
John Ijochl Is a now shoemaker in
Norfolk. Ho cnmo to America about
on months ago from Germany and
ins slnco been at Randolph , coming
roih there to Norfolk.
Old "Hill , " family horse who had
lone service for J. S. McClary for
hlrty years in Norfolk , has turned his
oes to the s.y ! and will trot along
Norfolk's streets no more. Ills re-
nains were burled in the garden at the
McClary homo last night.
Miss Ixilii Ltntecum Is visiting Miss
Cathryn Shaw on her way homo from
Jattlo Creek , where she has been vis-
ting. Miss Lintecum formerly lived
n Norfolk and graduated from the
Norfolk high school in the class of
905. Slnco then she has been taking
elocution for a year at Highland Park
college In DCS Molncs. She is on her
vay homo to the Rosebud.
W. P. McNamee , wife and children
arrived home lost night after n
month's visit with relatives In Toron-
o , Canada. Andy Drydcn and fam
ly will return today , having tsopped
off at Missouri Valley for a day.
Fred Nlckles and family have moved
nto Mr. Pratt's house on Thirteenth
street from Stanton. They lived at
ho Junction.
Win. Deck and children went to Ne
igh this noon to visit with Mrs. Beck's
A party was given in the Railroad
mil last night by the E. V. P.'s and
V. Z , clubs. Ice cream and cake was
served and all had a fine time.
M. M. Faucott sprained his ankle
Saturday morning on Ills way down
W. M. Robertson was reported some
what Improved In condition Saturday
S. Simpson has arrived from Graf <
ton , Iowa , to take the position of book'
keeper for E. A. Bullock.
A reward of $200 has been offered
nt Rosebud for the arrest and convic
tlon of any person guilty of stealing
Albert Smith of Lynch has leased
the Norfolk House on Norfolk avenue
from Mrs. C. E. Farley. Mrs. Farley
ias boon 111 and will make her homo
with her son on First street.
Crclghton News : President W. C.
Caley has called the annual meeting of
the North Nebraska Short Shipment
Race circuit to be held at the Oxnard
hotel in Norfolk on Tuesday , January
22. The meetings throughout the cir
cuit last year were very successful
except where rain interfered , and
there is no doubt but what the circuit
has come to stay and this year more
and better horses are expected than
ever before. Tlio towns In the clrcull
are : Norfolk , Stanton , Madison , Bat
tie Creek , Tllden , Nellgh , O'Neill and
Crelghton. Pierce and Spencer have
in two now applications for member
ship. John L. Rynearson of Madison
is secretary and treasurer.
Have You a Cough ? . If So , This Wil
Interest You.
Mr. Will J. Haynor , editor of the
Hurley , Idaho , Bulletin , writes : "For
several winters past my wife has been
troubled with a persistent and disagreeable
greeablo cough , which invariably extended
tended over a period of several weeks
and caused her many sleepless nights
Various remedies were tried eacli year
but with no beneilcial results. In November
vomber last , the cough again put in ai
appearance , and my wife , acting 01
the suggestion of a friend , purchase !
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Hem
ody. The result was indeed marvel
ons. After three doses the cough en
tIrely disappeared and lias not mnnl
Tested Itself since. I have not mucl
faith in patent medicines , but being
convinced that Chamberlain's Cong !
Remedy Is a meritorious article , I do
not hesitate to acknowledge the fact. '
This remedy is for sale by Lconan
the druggist.
Took Horse to Get Away From Shcool
Caught In Norfolk.
An Indian boy who had escaped from
school at Genoa was captured In Nor
folk yesterday by John F. Roth , an
oillcor of the school , who arrived hereon
on track of the escaped lad. The
youthful redskin bad stolen a horse a
Genoa and taken it to Omaha , where
it was sold. Later ho went to Ponder
Ho will bo taken back to school.
Best Sleighing Ever Known.
Alnsworth. Nub. , Jan. 18. Specia
to The News : Brown county Is hav
jug the best sleighing the past twi
weeks that has ba < jn known by the
oldest settlers and tlia ice men nro
putting up some vary flno Ice ,
Railroad Officials Accept From the
Contractors the Grade Built From
Bonesteel to Gregory During the
Past Season.
Herrlck , S. D. , Jan. 19. Special to
[ 'ho News : The contractors , Peterson
t Peterson , and sub-contractors , Tim-
) thy , Tompklns and Fitzgerald , were
n Horrlck yesterday In consultation
vith Chief Engineer Stanley , concerti
ng the acceptance of the railroad con
structed the past summer from Bono-
steel to Gregory. The llrst thirteen
nlles to Herrlck bad previously been
iccoptcd mid has been ballasted , and
s now In use. It Is understood that
the second section or last thirteen
nlles was accepted last night and will
> o ballasted In early spring. Con
tractor Timothy , who had the section
ienr Burke In the sand pits , had the
-treat"st dllllculty in completing the
contract , but same was finally com
peted by blasting three feet of frozen
earth , and turned over to the Chicago
& Northwestern railroad company. It
s rumorcM that an additional four-mile
xtonslon contract was let last week
D complete the road to the Trlpp conn-
. \ line with a terminus at New Dallas.
Fire Alarm Yesterday Morning Brings
People Into Bracing Atmosphere.
Nellgh , Neb. , Jan. 19. Special to
Tlio News : Yesterday morning at
about ' 1 : 0 the sounding of the fire
alarm brought the people of Nellgh
out into the bracing atmosphere , also
he lire department to the home of
Dr. Frank Bartley , but their services
were not needed as the doctor was
ising a water pall to perfection , and
md the fire extinguished. Frank was
icating water on a small gasoline
stove and accidentally brushed against
t , knocking It over. The damage is
John Rice of Orchard was adjudged
nsane by the board of insanity com
missioners Thursday morning , com
plaint having been made by relatives'
that ho was subject to irrational and
violent fits of temper and at such
times was a menace to the household ,
lie has always been regarded as a suf
ferer from mind aberration , since hav
ing the typhoid fever when a child ,
but only lately have his moods be
come threatening. Ho is 47 years old
and unmarried. He will be taken to
the asylum at Norfolk.
At the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Nollgh National bank
the old oflicors and directors were reelected -
elected as follows : C. J. Anderson ,
president ; W. T. Wattles , vice-presi
dent ; C. L. Wattles , cashier ; B. J.
Hoffacker , G. W. Wattles , W. T. Wat
tles , C. L. Wattles , C. J. Anderson ,
directors. A semi-annual dividend of
two per cent was declared on the
County Judge Wilson has issued the
following marriage licenses : Joseph
Raabe and Mary Lampman of Elgin ;
Stanley E. Hemenway and Opal G.
O'Kee of Clearwater ; Gottlieb Fritz
and Carrie Westphalen of Pierce. The
last two couples were married by
Judge Wilson and the first named
couple by Rev. Father Brass of the
Catholic church.
Two More Added to the String Owned
by the Company.
Lynch , Neb. , Jan. IS. Special to
The News : Win. Krotter & Co. have
purchased the Lynch and Anoka el
evators of the Updike Grain company
and will take possession February 1.
While it has not been officially stated
it is believed that Mr. Krotter will in
stall a lumber yard and implement
store hero as his company also handle
these goods and have stations all over
this county and Gregory county , S. D. ,
and along the main line of the North
western from Stuart cast.
Petition Circulated In Ainsworth to
Congressional Delegation.
Alnsworth , Neb. , Jan. IS. Special
to Tlio News : The following petition
has been sent by the old soldiers of
this city to the Nebraska delegation
In'congress : "To the Hon. M. P. Kin-
knid , member of congress fiom the
Sixth Nebraska district and to all oth
er congressmen In the state greeting :
Wo , tlio undersigned soldiers and sail
ors of the civil war and the war with
Mexico have been informed that the
senate has passed a service pension
bill as follows : To all soldiers and
sailors ns above stated shall have a
service pension ns follows : At the
ago of 02 , $12 ; 70. $15 ; 75 , $20 per
month. Now wo the undersigned sol
diers and sailors request your honor
able body , when that bill comes to the
house , to pass It with Iho tallowing
amendment : At the ago of 00 , $10 ;
at the ago of < iG , $15 ; at the ago of
70 , $20 ; at the ago of 75 , $25 per
month ; and the ago Is to bo deter
mined from the date of onllstmont.a nd
their honorable discharge Is to bo tholr
certificate of disability , and do away
nil examining boards and save the gov
ernment millions of dollars. "
Reception Given to Rev. and Mrs. Grof
at Fairfax.
Fairfax , S. D. , Jan. 18. Special to
The News : Rev. and Mrs. Grof from
Indiana moved hero the first of the
week , and he will servo as pastor of
the M. 13. church for the coming year.
Last evening a reception was given
them at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. G.
T. Meholln and a largo crowd was out
to welcome them to their now home.
E. Beagle , one of the Fairfax butch
ers , has 300 tons of Ice stored away In
his ice house. It is the clearest and
best put up t r many years here. Sev
eral others are putting up 200 or JiOO
tons more. There will bo no Ice fam
ine here next summer.
The Fairfax merchants are all hav
ing special sales this week and their
trade Is heavy , proving that It pays to
Senators Randall , Burns and Holbrook
to Report on Conditions.
Lincoln , Neb. , Jan. 18. Special to
The News : Senators Randall , Burns
and Holbrook will visit the Norfolk
Insane hospital In the near future to
report on conditions. They were se
lected by the senate today -for that
Itch cured In 30 minutes -ay Wood-
ford's Sanitary Lotion. Never fails.
Sold by F. F. Ware & Son , druggists.
Why Colds Are Dangerous.
You often hear the expression "be
ware of a cold , " but why ? Wo will tell
you : Every cold weakens the lungs ,
lowers the vitality and paves the way
for the more serious diseases. People
who contract pneumonia first take
cold. The longer a cold hangs on , the
ireater the danger , especially from the
; orm diseases , as a cold prepares the
system for the reception and develop
ment of the germs of consumption ,
dipththerla , scarlet fever and whoop
ing cough. Take our advice , cure your
cold while you can. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will do it. It's success
In curing colds has given it a world
wire deputation. For sale by Leonard
the druggist.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
liard , soft or calloused lumps and
blemishes from horses , blood spavins ,
curbs , splints , Sweeney , ring bone ,
stifles , sprains , all swollen throats ,
coughs , etc. Save $50 by use of one
bottle. Warranted the most wonder
ful blemish cure ever known. Sold by
F. F. Ware & Son , druggists.
How to Cure a Hacking Cough.
"I was troubled with a hacking
cough , when a friend advised me to
got a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy , " says M. E. Pilkerton of But
ler , Tenn. "I did so and it has cured
my cough and I am now hs well as I
ever was. I take great pride in recom
mending Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and hope this will benefit some suffer
er. " For sale by Leonard the drug
Office , Cotton block , Ash 641 , resi
dence , 109 North Tenth street 'phone
Ash 642.
You MUst Not Forget
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