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E. H. Lulkart of Tlldcii nnd Others
Have Already Organized n Company
to Start New Norfolk Industry Offi
cers Elected The Plan.
[ From WcdnemlnyV Daily. ]
A company has boon orgmil/ed for
the purpose of operating a packing
plant In Norfolk , provided Iho old
sugar factory building may bo used
without cost , accoidlng to the pollc >
announced by Iho Industrial company ,
who own the pioporty. E. II. Lulkart
of Tlldon Is at the head of the now
company and discussed Its plans to
The News yesterday.
The new corporallon will be called
Iho Norfolk Packing company. Us
capital stock will bo $ : ! 00,000 , of which
$126,000 has already been subscribed.
There will bo 100 stockbuyors of norlh-
orn Nebraska In Iho company , and 200
butchers , which will make them Inter-
cstcd In sending live stock hero and in
buying the products. A meollng was
held on Christmas day , olllcers have
been olecled , a manager chosen and
nil preliminary plans made. Much
more capital slock will be subscribed
as soon as Mr. Lulkarl learns from the
Induslrlal company whether or not the
factory buildings can be had for use
Active operations will begin , It Is
planned , next winter and machlnerj
will bo made for the plant during the
coming summer.
Mr. Lnlkait was nol ready to an
nounce the names of olllcors of the
company. He said thai one live slock
buyer has subscribed $5,000 nnd an-
olhor $3,000 and lhal Ihero will bo no
trouble In disposing of all the slock.
HO referred lo Iho Bealrlco packing
planl , rccenlly established , where Ihe
clll/ens of Ihe lown took $50,000 In
stock and co-operated in every pos
sible way.
H. A. Pasewalk , presldenl of Ihe In
dustrial company , announced some
time ago that the sugar factory build
ing would bo turned over to any Indus
try , free of rent nnd for the mere pay-
menl of laxes , which would guaranlce
to operale and employ labor In num
bers large enough to suit Ihe company.
Mr. Luikarl slales lhal Ihe packing
plant would start In with a good force
of men and work up to at least foity.
Only pork and poullry would be han
dled by Ihe plant.
It is believed that the new planl
would be a great benefit to stock buy
ers , butchers and farmers of the new
north wesl.
Bud Powers , Manager of Big Plant at
Jacksonville , III. , Says So.
Isaac Powers , jr. , known well in
Norfolk as "Bud , " is secrelary , lieas-
urer and manager of a packing planl
ut Jacksonville , 111. , 100 miles from St.
Louis , and has built up a large busi
ness along practically the same lines
upon which it is proposed lo work In
Norfolk. Mr. Powers spenl Christmas
wllh his parenls In this city and while
here told of his plant and expressed
the belief thai a similar Inslllulon
could be made a success In Norfolk.
It would be merely a question of get-
ling at Iho h ad of Iho business , he
said , a man who thoroughly under-
slands Ihe work.
Mr. Powers look charge of Ihe Jack
sonville planl a year and a half ago.
The lown gave Us nearly supporl by
way of palronage to the institution ,
and has helped lo boom 11.
Mr. Powers said lhat he thoughl
Norfolk , wllh Us large lerrllory norlh
and wesl of here , wllh slock coming
from that section and producls going
Inlo 11 , making heller railroad rales
bolh ways and Ihereforo a saving for
the consumers In Ihe whole lerrllory ,
oughl lo make an Ideal packing lown.
A packing house here , Mr. Powers
said , oughl lo employ 100 men Ihe
year around and ought to spend $1 ,
000,000 per year for labor and stock.
Ho says that at Jacksonville the plant
is obliged to ship in from 100 miles
and buy In competition wllh olher lo
cal plants. He says that nearly all
good sized towns In Illinois have one
or more packing houses , bul lhat there
Is no compelillon among , them to un
dermine one another nor need the
large packers bo feared. He says that
there Is a great demand for all pro
ducts that can be turned out.
Madame Strack Sustains Broken Spi
nal Column In a Serious Fall.
Madame Strack , a fortune teller who
holds forth on Norfolk avenue , was
seriously Injured by a fall Now Year's
day , occasioned by Ice on a cement
sidewalk. She was walking along Nor
folk avenue between Third and Fourth
streets , on the south side of the street ,
when she slipped on the Ice and fell
A cab was called and the Injured
woman taken to her home. On exam
ination Wednesday morning the at
tending physician declared that the
spinal column was brolcon off ut the
end and that It would probably bo
necessary to operate , removing the
broken portion.
She suffers Intensely from the In
Reurns Not Taken Here.
Returns from the Cans-Herman
ringside wore not taken In Norfolk as
had been anticipated by some of the
fight fans , though news of the knock
nil blow In the ilghtli round enmo
lushing OUT the wire eml.v In the
neiilng , Theio was not at ) much In
: orest In Norfolk over the affair as
them IMS been over many another
-lovo battle In the past. While It had
IOPII believed In the beginning that
Gann was the better lighter , the an-
lounceinent that much money was bo
ng placed on Herman rathur "bulled"
its Htock. Chicago's demand for odds
m Guns , however , had made people
lero bellovo that Cans would win.
Union Service In Alnsworth In Honor
of the Deceased Bishop.
Alnsworth , Neb. , .Ian. 2. Special to
The News : Sunday night all the
hurch denominations met In the M
3. church and held a union memorial
service In memory of Ulshop McCnbu ,
who was at the head of the M 10
chinch and was chaplain In the aiiiiy
luring the war ot the statea. The
speakers weio Elder llaasott of the
Presbyteilan church , who was a sol-
Her and knew Bishop McCabe , and
tnew some of the experiences of the
alter , as ho was also captured and
placed In Andorsonvlllo prison. Elder
Julian of the M. E. church spoke of
.ho bishop In high praise , as ho was
well acquainted with him In business
'elation ' with the church. All the
speakers spoke In glowing terms as
o his fidelity to the chinch and the
support of this government In time of
war and peace. Hov. Mr Johnson Is
n charge of the church heie.
Veteran Engineer on Northwestern
Will Quit the Business.
O P. Maslers , for many yeais a lo-
comollvo engineer out of Norfolk on
the Chicago & Northwestern , and who
lias lived all of his life In Nebraska ,
will leave this city on Iho coming Sun-
: lay with his family for Long Beach ,
California , to make their future homo.
Mr. Masters has not given up his posi
tion as an engineer here , having taken
a sixty day lay off , but ho will prob
ably decide to remain permanently In
California. He expects to locate at
Long Beach with his faon , Frank , well
known as a former Noifolk joutigman ,
and they will probably engage In the
retail cigar business. Miss Lorelta
Masters will remain In college at Kearney -
ney , Neb. , and will go west after she
lias finished her term. She had been
spending her Christmas vacation at
liome but left for Kearney at noon.
Mr. Masters Is one. of the best known
engineers In Nebraska and Is said to
be one of the best In the business. He
has had two very narrow escapes from
death In railroad accidents and It Is
this fact , partially , that has caused
him to look for a new field of work.
The last narrow escape ho had was In
the wreck last spring near Merrlman ,
Neb. , when he ran Into a washout that
demolished things. The fireman who
went into the ditch with him , In the
same cab , was pinned fast and , with
his face so close to the fire pot that he
Inhaled flame , was scalded to death by
the boiling water that poured out upon
On one other occasion Mr. Masters
had an equally close call and , while he
Is not at all superstitious In regard to
accidents or death , he has determined
that he would enjoy a trade that Is not
attended by so. much risk.
Long Beach , Cal. , to which he Is goIng -
Ing , Is a city of about 10,000 people a
few miles from Los Angeles , on the
Pacific'coast.At this season of the
year , as at other times , there Is bathIng -
Ing every aflernoon In the blue sea
waves. There are already several
families of Norfolk people at that
point. The city slogan Is "Fifty thou
sand In 1910 , " and it Is apparent that
Norfolk Is going to conlrlbule a portion
tion of that 50,000.
B. & O. Wreck Will Bring Federal In
vestigation of Block System.
Washington , Jan. 3. Entirely Inde
pendent of any whitewashing Investl-
gallon which the Baltimore & Ohio
may make ot the criminality which
caused Iho loss of half a hundred hu
man lives a few miles out of Washing
ton , the national capital , Sunday night ,
the Interstate commerce commission
decided to have an Invesllgalion of Its
Authority for this action on the part
of the commission was found under
the joint icsolutlon of congress In
slructlng It to make a special Inquiry
of the block signal system as operaled
by the railroads. The frequency of
rear-end colliblons or the telescoping
of one train by another , has aroused
well as congress and the enliro coun
try , to the belief that something Is
radically wrong In the pretended op-
crallon of Iho block system , and the
commission proposes now to find out
the facts.
Astounding statements , made by ex
perls of the commission , indicate that
the people of the United Stales have
been misled Into the Impression that
the block systems of this country are
adding greatly lo Iho safely of Iravol.
On the other hand , the experts say
these systems have had no such effect.
The commission's statistics prove thai
a constantly Increasing proportion of
the members of the commission , as
accidents occur.
Dr. Noyes Arrives From Cody , Wyo. ,
to Succed Dr. White.
Dr. 0. W. NoyeB , government Inspector
specter of live slock , has arrived In
Norfolk with his family from Cody ,
Wyo , , lo make Ibis their homo. Dr.
Noyes succceeda Dr. Thomas While
at this point and his jurisdiction Is
north Nebraska and southern South
Dakota ,
Decision Rendered by Judge Boyd In
District Court nt Pierce Gives Right
to County to Drain Out Lmui Under
Swamp Act.
Plotco , Neb. , Dec. 2 ! ) . Special to
The News : lion. .1. V. Hoyd hold an
uljouined toiiu of the October term
> f com I ho 10 to hear the cane of Jack
son et al. vs. Cones et ill. This case
was submitted and Heveial CIIHOH de
cided which nhvo been under advise-
nont for some lime. The most Im-
lioitnnt CUHO decided was the case of
7nil Schultet al. vs. Pleice county ,
iivolvlng the question of the tight of
i county to guide and drain a public
oad. The decision favors the county
ind ineota with Iho appioval of a gieal
uajorlty .of the people who tire fa-
ntllar with the case.
Geotgo Dontlor of Omaha IR visiting
Ills cousin , Mis. Frank Davis.
Spencer Buttertleld left at noon for
Chicago , wheio he rctuins to his stu-
: HoB al Lake Foiesl.
Elmer lllght leturned to Omaha
Wednesday to lesume his studios In
i college of pharmacy.
Miss Huth Shaw and Miss Jennie
Wheeler i etui nod to Cieto this mom-
ng to lesume their studies at Doano
John Kail has icsigned his position
with Albeit Degner and this morning
nrolled as a btudent in the business
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bonier , who have
been visiting Mrs. Berner'a parents ,
Mr. and Mis. A. Peters , at the a vlum ,
during the holidays left for their homo
In Lindsay.
A. N. Anthes went to Omaha on busi
Miss Anna Kail left for Omaha this
Miss Hazel Nlsonger of Tllden Is
visiting Miss Birdie Knhl.
Miss Edith Eslabrook went to Hos-
klns Tuesday for a few days' visit with
John Kail spent New Years with
friends in Slanton , reluming lasl
Mrs. Fied Orr of Missouri Valley Is
visiting her parents , Mr. and Mrs. F.
J. Buruolt
Bud Carberry lefl al noon for Omaha
whore ho went lo visit his sisler , Mis.
T. J. Donohuo.
.loo Hlghl has been appolnled car-
penler al Iho asylum. He began his
duties there Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Miller and
Miss Bodenbender of Dakota City and
Fred Weddlngfleld of Poncft came over
to help Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hull cele
brate Ihelr twentlelh wedding anni
Roy Losch of West Polnl arrived In
Norfolk Tuesday night and left at noon
for St. Charles , S. D. , a new town on
the Bouesteel extension of Iho Norlh-
weslernvhere he Is employed.
Miss Daisy Lawrence relumed from
Nebraska City last nlghl where she
spent her Chilslmas vacallon with her
mother. She will resume her duties
in the business college again today.
Miss Opal Coryell enterlalned Hie
Buster Brown" club New Year's eve.
A happy evening was spent and when
the new year was ushered In Ihero was
an exchange of seasonable greellngs.
Mrs. C. A. McKlm left yesterday for
Sallna , Kansas , where she will meet
Dr. McKlm , who went down before
Chrlslmas lo spend Ihe holidays with
his mother and sister. Mrs. McKlm
expecls lo visit In Salina for some
Mr. and Mrs. John Selgler of Nodlne ,
Mlnnesoln , and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Selgler of Bay City , Mich. , arrived In
the city yesterday to be present at the
funeral of Ferdinand Pasewalk. Both
the Mesdames Selgler are daughters
of Mr. Pasewalk.
L. S. Dlckson and bride , formerly
Miss Clara Beach , who spenl her girl
hood In Norfolk , were gnesla at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Llnerode
over night. They were reluming from
their wedding trip lo SI. Joe , Mo. , and
left at noon for their future homo In
Burt , S. D.
Mrs. E. E. Woods and Mrs. Duitt of
Fremont , who have been visiting
friends , relumed homo Monday.
John Harshman of Omaha , formerly
of Norfolk , Is hero visiting with friends
and relallves ,
Mrs. Schwerlfcger went lo Pierce
Monday lo gel her eyes examined.
Mra. P. Welsh went to Omaha Mon
day visiting.
Mr. and Mrs. Polo RIordan returned
from Ames , Iowa , where they spcnl
Iho holidays.
Jimmy Shatter look a lay-off and
will spend n few days Iji Battle Creek
with relatives and then will go lo
Kansas on a visit.
Ed Dlxon teported for work this
morning aflor a week's visit at Su
John Quick went to Omaha yester
day on business.
The shop boys wore all busy yester
day pulling on snow plows.
Mrs. Fred Doyle , who has been quite
sick the past week , Is able to be
around again.
Miss Emma Mastrlc Is on Iho sick
Mrs. Frank Ilurd of Minneapolis Is
visiting her parents , Mr. and Mrs.
Stove Burnett.
The E. V. P. boys gave a Now Year's
party In the Railroad hall Now Year's
evo. The evening was spent wJth
jmut > i and miiHle , mid the eioud
watched thu old Kur out and the MOW
Kiir In after which teficfllimenlH were
Honed b.v the bo.vs.
A number of the young people iath
ercd at the home of Hey and Floience
Tavlor on New Year's night and npenl
the evening In dancing , a very pleas
ant evening being spent by all pioHoul.
A pietty liointi wedding took place
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I ) P.
Plppen at noon on New Year's day ,
when the Itev John Hlnes united John
Williams and Miss HOHO Moneo In
the bonds of matrimony. Mr. Wil
liams has gio\\n up ftoin childhood In
Norfolk , and Is 0110 of the Jolly Ninth-
westem biakemen The lulde Is one
of Missouri Vallo.v's fullest daughters
'PIin Imppv eouple will loom and board
wllh Mi Williams' giiindmotlier , Mrs
nonduiant , this \\lntor.
Misses Geneva , Not a and Luella
Moollck lelt on the noon tialn for Nlo
Irani ) for a \ IMtlth their undo nnd
Mr. and Mrs. Cinmer of Wliinetoon
me visiting their daughter , Mis. Oscar
Mts. Hull of Long Pine , who has
been visiting at the homo of Mr. and
Mrs. Frashcr , returned homo yester
Mrs. Geoige Roseberry and chlldien
returned homo fiom Chicago Monday
wheio they had been visiting.
Pearl Beemer returned Monday from
iv week's visit with telatlves In Iowa.
The legular annual meeting of the
Congiogattonal Aid society will be
held on Thuisday , January Ii , al 2:110 :
p m at Iho home of Mis lliintlnglon ,
with Mrs. Wheeler assisting as host
ess. The members aie expected to
come prepaied to tuin in the money
they were to eam Those who have
not paid their yeaily dues will please
do M > at this meeting so that the books
can be closed for Iho jear.
The Now Year's dance given by the
band was well attended and gioatlyen-
joj ed
The West Side whist club will meet
with Mr. and Mis. C. E. Burnham
Thursday evening.
Mr and Mis Edgar Redmond enter
tained S. T. Adams and family and F.
W. Fieeland and family al Now Year's
The business college reopened
Wednesday moinlng , after n week and
a half vacation , with a largo number
of new sludenls enrolled.
Noitheastern Nebraska dentists will
meet at the Elk club looms In Norfolk
Thursday and will close the session In
the evening with a banquet.
An Informal icceptlon was lendered
lo Mr and Mrs. J. B. Elscffor lasl nlghl
al Ihelr home , by Iho members of Iho
Presbvterlan chinch. Mr. and Mis.
Elsefler leave soon for their now homo
In Lincoln.
The Odd Fellows hnve-i special pio-
gram of entcilalnmcnl al Iho hall
Thursday evening , January 10. The
committee Invites all members of the
order lo attend , Including camp , Re-
bokah and subordinate vlsllors.
Watch services were held In a few
churches of Norfolk Monday night.
Bells were rung at midnight and guns
boomed. No accidents occurred to
mar Ihe celebrallon. Walch parlies
were held al various homos.
Tlie funeral of Ferdinand Pasewalk
was very largely attended Wednesday
afternoon. Services wore first hold In
the home nnd later In St. Paul's Luth
eran church noi Hi of Ihe city , Rev.
John Wlllo , the pastor , having charge.
All living children were present.
The Temple quartet entcrtalnmenl
al Ihe Congrcgalionnl church lasl
nlghl was very largely allended , aisles
being filled wllh Iho overflow and !
cnce. It was Ihe third number of the
high school lecluro course and every
member of Iho company was well re
Miss Dorothy Sailer severely sprained
her wrist while skating. She put out
her hand In order lo calch herself
against a post and assist In stopping.
She partially missed the mark , catch
ing her fingers , and doubled back her
wrist with such violence as to sprain
it badly.
Miss Llllle Langcnburg celebrated
her sixteenth birthday Monday evening
ing al Ihe homo of her father on Mndl
son avenue. Twonly-eight young
friends were Invlled to assist In the
festlvllles , and Ihey walched the old
year out and the now year In , passing
the time with games and other appro
prlate Now Year customs.
A small company of young people
were very pleasantly enterlalned ta
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Hlghl Monday evening. The parly
was In Iho nature of a surprise for
their son , Elmer , who Is at home
from a college In Omaha to spend his
holiday vacation. Cards were a fea
lure , with a bounteous repast at mid
Norfolk Eagles enjoyed one of their
most successful annual balls at Mar-
quardt hall Monday night. It was
largely attended and a success In ev
ery detail. The hall was effectively
decorated In colors of the order , with
mounted eagles heio and Ihero aboul
Iho room. Collins orcheslra furnished
the music. Eagles expressed them
selves as highly pleased wllh the suc
cess of the event and those who al
lended enjoyed a delightful dance.
Erratic Weather.
The New Year was greeted by the
weather man with a snow slorm which
covered the earth with a coat of white
ness before nlghl. At no time was the
atmosphere very cold and about dark
the snow changed to a warm rain
This continued during Iho grealerpor
lion of Iho night and by morning the
snow was practically all moiled , and
a # bright autumn sun was shining
About that time the weather man sent
In a forecast that It would bo mucl
colder and there would bo more snow
before night.
Railroad Official Who Had Uccn First
Vlco President of the Pennsylvania
West of Plttsbtiro , Has Dcen Mndc
Head of the Big Line ,
Philadelphia , Jan. 'I.--James Me-
'tea ol I'llIslmiK , Hint \leo piemldout
if the PeniiHVlvatilii Huns wesl of Pitts-
MrK.IIH lodny elected pioHlilenl of
he PcmiH.v Ivmila inllumd company
Mr Medeaait elected to 1111 the
vacancy caused liy Ihe midden death
) f Piosldont A. J , C'liHHolt.
The election of a successor to Pies
dent ( 'a Him It has caused a gieat deal
if discussion dining Iho past lew days
mioiing uilltoad men all ovei the coun
ty , as It IB one of the most linpoiliint
HiHltloiiH In ( he nillioad woild.
This Is One Day When Poor nnd Home
less Have Lnugh on Rich.
This Is one day upon which Iho poor
mil liomotf'HH have Iho laugh on all
ilhor classes of society The poor and
miueloHH me not piohllilled fiom gel-
Ing passes upon the iiillioads. All
ilhor oidlnaty elll/ons must either pay
> r walk today.
The ant I pass piovlslon of the new
allioad i ate law went Into effect at
iildnlghl II did not cause any luiiny
situations whete n man who slatted
in a join ney got caught In Ihe middle
il it with a pass Hint lug Ihe law in
Iho face , because ( he panses all tend
'Good Until Docoinboi IM , " and at tor-
lejs told tin1 loads thai a puss was
i comics } mid not a eontad !
Undel the letms of Ihe law passes
tie piohllilled to all persons except :
Hmplojos and their lamllles.
Ralitoad olllcers , agetils , suigeons ,
physicians and atoiiioH. (
Mlnlsteis ol lellglon.
Traveling sect elm ies of the uillioitd
Y. M. C. A.
Inmates of hospitals and ehin liable
Pei sous exclusively engaged In char
itable wotk.
Indigent , destitute and homeless per
Inmates of soldlois" and sailors'
Caiotakors of live stock , fruit and
Sleeping car and express employes.
Telegraph and telephone linemen.
Railway mail service employes.
Postofllco , Immigration and customs
No\vsboys on tialus.
Poisons Injuicd In wtecks and inns
es and ploslcians for Ihein.
Baggage agenls.
Witnesses attending ntllioad tilals.
Only In cases of gcncial epidemic or
calamity arc the olllcois ol lallioads
permitted to break the Ironclad provl
slons of the law.
Norfolk Starts Out New Year Right.
Monthly Report for December.
Police Judge I. G. Westervolt had
nol a single case on Ihe docket for
Wednesday and decided thai Norfolk
was starting out right , at least , In a
moral way for the new year
Ho spent a portion of the day In
preparing his monthly report to the
city council , in which It Is shown thai
during llio month of December eleven
fines were assessed In police court
and nine paid , amounting to $21.
Judge Westervolt thinks 11 Is wrong
lhal fines collected by the city should
be turned Into the school fund , when
expense of maintaining the police
judge's office is charged up to Iho city.
This , however , Is a state law and can
not bo helped.
Entertained Forty Relatives.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Oestcrllng enter'
talncd the Mnclimuller families at dinner
nor on Now Year's day. There wore
forty guests at the dinner nnd they
enjoved a delightful afternoon. Mrs
Ostorllng is n member of Ihe Mach
muller families.
President Evans Says There Used to
be a Chain of This Gang.
President George Evans of the Norlh
Nebraska Live Slock Owners' Prolec
live association says thai ho has re
ceived word from soulhern Indiana In
dlcallng that the same kind of a gang
of horbelhtevcs are working Indiana as
In northern Nebraska , and without any
boiler success al caplurlng liio thieves.
The horses simply disappear and nro
never heard of again. Mr. Evans says
thai used lo bo an organized
gang that worked In a chain from In
dlana down into Missouri and then up
Into Nebraska.
An effort Is being made to extend
the organization of Iho association Into
every county In this part of the stale
in Iho hope thai eventually Iho farm
ers will bo so well organized that no
thief can get away.
Chicken thieves are roporlcd lo bo
still doing business in this territory
A largo number of farmeis nrount
Norfolk and over toward Hosklns have
lost their enliro flocks.
The annual meellng will bo hold
week from Saint day.
Movement for an All-Night Electric
Light Service.
West Point , Nob. , Jan. 2. The Ick
man , a two story building on Malt
street , has been sold to the Storz
In winr i < inpiuiof Onnilui lot a ion
Idi tnlliiii < , ( $111000 This Ii HiohlKli-
1 I ptlci i\ei paid fiii n JJ foni lot in
lie IniHliii HM poil Inn of West Point
Phe following ollleotH of Iho local
iiaiicli of Ihe Catholic KnlghtM of
\meilcii. at Wi'sl Point , woio elected
or the eiiHithiK sear al the annual
leellng Just held : Hpliltuul director ,
'er > Hi'v. Joseph KocHlng ; vlcu-piosl-
( lit , Flunk lle/ur , tieiiHiner , William
jdcion ; recotdliiK seeiettiry. John II.
.liidale ; Iliimiclal Kcoinlnrj , Feitll-
and Waller ; NoiKoinil iil-arniH , Theo-
oie Gonliiip ; sentinel , lleiiiaiil Kiiup ;
mslee lor tlneo yeats , Conrad Gor-
en ,
The leguliir meeting of the West
'olnt Woman' ! ! club wan held Ilils
u > ck at Iho home of MBH | Curlotla
'inwloid. 'Phe ( JliiNtiiuiH tlieine wnH
hseivcd lit mi especially picpincd pto-
KIIIIII PhrlHlmiiH nnd all Its observ
IICCH vvi'ro leculled fiom | ls eat Hunt
Isloiy to Ihe pioHcnl day Qiiolatloun
loiuliiK on the Yule Mile we to lead at
oil call. "C'hilsliuaii In Dllfeiunl
'ounliles" was the sublecl of a papur
i.Mis . William Gcntrup. "Cliilnlmaii
n Song mid Story" by Mis. Maude
Smith followed and al Its close she
mig n ChiiHtnniH nong. The leading
if llomj Vim l\ke's ) . stoiy"Plio Kit Hi
'liilslmas Tiee , " by Mis. J. C. Hill-
ill was next on the piogiam. Miss
Cumin Miller ( lien tend a paper < MI
liilHliiuw Legends. " The piogiam
Mosed with a monologue entitled the
Clnlsliniis Guest , " by Mrs. O C. Ail-
let sou 'Phe next meeting of the club
vlll bo held at the homo of Mis. S. S.
< inko.
Thu Wesl Point Elect lie Light and
'ower company have Installed an cary -
y IIKII nltig HIM vice of elect tic light 111
West Point , which lias pioved very
icceplablo to the ell I/ens. An effoil
s being made to Induce the company
o maintain an all nlglil seivlce. At
neseiil lights go out at midnight , lenv-
( he stieels In dmluiess to Iho gieat
lunger and Inconvenience of poisons
vho luivo business Iheieon dm Ing the
arly liouiH ol the momlng.
_ _ _ _ _ i
Will be Held at the City Hall on Fri
The annual election of the Norfolk
Joiunictclnl club will bo held at the
: lty ball on Fildny , Jantimy I , and
.ho polls will be open fiom 10 o'clock
i. m. to I 11. m. Hneh member of the
3lub will be entitled to cast as many
iiillols us be holds shmes.
The election IH conducted along the
Ino of n bank election , illiectots being
elected at the annual meeting , and
.hey in tin n meet later and elect n
iresldunl , vice piesldenl , secietary
mil lieasmer.
The dliectois who have served dur-
ng the past jent mo as follows : W.
M. Robeitbon , C. E Biiriilimn , W. A.
Wlt/lgman , Chas. S. Bildgo , W. H.
lohnsoti , Sol G. Mayor , C. P. Pailsh ,
H. A. Pasewalk , John Ftlday.
Governor Sheldon Will Not Select Hos
pital Officers Yet.
Governor Sheldon has not announced
lew appointees for the Norfolk hospi
tal for the Insane , not will ho do so for
some little time yet to come , H is said.
II is announced from Lincoln that no
ippolnlmonts will be made this month.
It Is taken for granlcd thai Dr.
Young will be retained as superinten
dent and that Dr Singer will remain
ns phjslclan at the Institution , but
there are contestants for some of the
other places mid Ihe result will not bo
known until the governor makes puollc
his selections.
Henry Schultz.
Oakdalo , Neb , Dec. HI. Special to
The News : Henry Schultz was burled
here by the Knights of Pythias. Ho
was born In Hamburg , Germany , In
1819 and had no relatives In Ihe United
Slates thai mo known of He had
been a member of the Knights of Py
thias of Oakdalo since 1894. He died
al Lincoln of pneumonia. He was an
expert cook , having served his appren
ticeship In Hamburg , Germany.
Most Severe Storm of the Season at
Nellgh , Neb. , Jan. 2. Special to The
News : This vicinity was visited by
snow most the entire day the first of
the year and toward evening lurned
Into rain and continued until mid
night. This Is the most severe winter
storm we have had this season.
The only entertainng | feature last
evening In Neligh was' a dance in Gle-
seker's hall given by the young people
of town. It was an enjoyable crowd
in attendance despite the disagreeable
weather thai al flrsl assured a small
number of the young folks who usual
ly lake parl in Ihese fesllvllles.
Soldiers Return.
Slanton , Neb. , Jan. 2. Special to
The News : Walter G. Sonnenschein
and Arnold Schultz , Iwo Slantou coun
ty boys who recently completed a term
of enlistment In the U. S. army , have
arrived homo. Doth were discharged
as sergeants , with character marked
"Excellent. "
A White New Year.
Alnsworth , Nob. , Jan. 2. Special to
The News : Now Year'f. came In yes
terday morning looking very white ,
with a fine snow on the ground , and
con united snow all day and night.
There Is about six Inches on the level ,
as the wind has been quite still nil
What could bo nicer for a llttlo
Chrlslmas gift than 100 engraved visit
ing cards , wllh plalo ? Any slyle , su
perior workmanship. The News , Nor