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Wives and Dmiuhters arc Working
Shoulder td Shoulder With the Farm
ers Themselves and the Few Hired
Men Who Can be Found.
Kun won * it HPiu-ci' nrlli'lo In Nor
folk during the hint few duyH of tlu >
week Just ended , runners IIHVO been
BO busy In the Holds Hint they luno
taken no time out for town vlnltlng
and. requiring soniethliiK miliHtantlal
to oat , thtiy huvo placed egg on tholr
menu three tlmon a day , In the plnro
of moat. AH a remi'r , the people of
the city have liei-n er.\ing for thowhlto
ollpanlds with yellow conlorH , and
nierchnntH have heen nimble to sup-
plj the demand oven at twnnly-llvo
centH per dor.on.
l''armerH are HO very butty In the
llolda that they are Inking no timeout
for anything that IH not Htrlctly html-
ness. Wives and daughters are workIng -
Ing Hko men In the. hushing boo and
the few Jewels of hired men who can
be found are netting good \my. \
Tlio weather linn remained Ideal for
the out of door work and tlio corn-
husking Is proceeding with all possl-
bio speed.
0. W. Lit loll of Plorco waa In the
oily this morning.
Mr. and Mm. C. 13. Grcono drove to
IMerce during the duy.
Andrew McHlnnls hus gene to Wy
oming on a business trip.
( Ins. .luoUo of Pllgor was In the city
on business this morning ; .
I. , . I ) . I undermine of Tlldon waa
down on business yesterday.
J. II. Conley was n passenger for
Bloonillold Friday morning.
Louis Deere of Humphrey was ever
liiftt nght to take n the show.
F. 13. Winter came down from
Crelgh to vlst between trans.
Miss ICdlth Foyorherm of Stanton
is visiting Miss ( lloiidoni Evans.
IT. .T. Hlllorheck of Osmond was n
business visitor during the day.
J Havener was iv city visitor yes
terday afternoon from \Vlnsldo.
.loo Daniels was In the city visiting
yesterday afternoon from Madison.
Congressman-elect lloyd of Nollgh
was In the city yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Iioollttle of Wisnor was In the
city visiting friends during the day.
R D. Klnch of nioomllold was In
Norfolk Prlduy on his way to Lynch.
Mrs. U Prlehard of Meadow Grove
Is visiting Mrs. Undat for a few days.
J. A , Duncan and .1. D. Duncan , jr. ,
of Wayne wcjro In the city on business.
Mrs. M , D. Wheeler wont to Omalm
on the morning train for a. short visit.
A. V. Miller of Center , Neb. , was In
the city between trains Friday morn-
1'hllllp Sheets and wife came down
from Meadow Grove on a short busl-
nebs trip.
Louis Haaso of Hiizllo Mills arrived
In the city to attend the funeral of
Aug. Haase.
Miss 13mnm Johnson and Mrs. C.
Moony of Wtsner were in the city vis
iting yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. Charles Plorco of Wlnnotoon
arrved In the city to visit her parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. .1. II. Van Horn.
Miss , Mabel Dick and Clara Ander
son leave tomorrow for Thayer to visit
with Mss Madeline Stein ever Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Molchor of
Stnnton were In the city yesterday on
a visit to tholr sons 13d. and Frank
Melchor of this city.
County Surveyor Thatch of Madison
wns In the city Thursday giving the
contractors levels for the now ditch
that Is being dug west of town.
.1. C. Gates , advance agent for the
"Hidden Hand" company , which ap
pears here soon at tlio Auditorium , is
In the city making : arrangements for
the show.
John Mellon , traveling passenger
agent for the Chicago & Northwestern ,
Is In the city.
Jesse lleemer has accepted a posl-
tola with Authes & Smith in the gro
cery department , tormcrly hold by L ,
C. Allen.
Paul Karo of Lyons is In the city
visiting at the homo of his parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. August Karo.
John It. Hays has gone to Missouri
fora visit with his mother. Ho will
be absent for about ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. D. Smith from
Fort Madison , Iowa , are hero to spend
the winter with their daughter , Mrs.
A N. Anthes.
S. Beck has returned from Long
Pine , whore l > e contracted for a heat-
nig plant to bo installed in the school
building at that place.
The Kaffeo Klatch enjoyed a pleas
ant meeting with Mrs. D. Biuun yes
terday afternoon.
"His Highness the Boy" company
left on train No. 101 ! for the east in
their two private cars.
Miss Thorngiito , who has been elect
ed as teacher of mathematics in the
Norfolk high school , arrives next week
from Ord , where she has been teach
ing in the high school.
The J. N. club met with Miss Mil
dred Knight at the homo of E. Loucks
last night As a diversion after the
working hour the club was favored
with violin music , after which refresh
ments were served.
Miss Helen Reynolds entertained &
small company of her little friends
yesterday afternoon , in honor of her
ninth birthday. Games were played ,
refreshments served and a good tlmo
enjoyed by nil present.
The Ladjcs Aid society of the M. E
c lurch met in a social session yester
day afternoon with Mm. Mary IMun
port Mm C 13 ( Irceno and Mm , 11
L. i Bang a very pleanlng duct ,
after which dainty refreshments were
Norfolk avenue Is being ( Hind up
with clay. The clay Is used In prefer
ence to gravel now , It IB said , so that
in the wprliig the Htreot may bo plowed
more easily. About eight inches of
ho nl root will huvo to bo removed
when ( ho paving tlmo cornet ) .
The Catlln ladles' orchestra from
Mloux City will give n concert thin
ivonlng In Mnninardt hall , after
which a dance will he given for the
tenellt of the band hoys. Mltm Catlln ,
'ormerly leader of the glrlu1 band in
Norfolk , Is director of the orchestra.
Heulah chapter No. 117 mot in reign-
ar session last night. Mrs. Ellen E.
DnhHon , associate grand matron from
Uncoln , was present and after the
regular work and initiation , a very
line Immiiiot wan served In thrco
oui'Bos , which lasted until a late hour.
Mrs. Dobson goon on to Nellgh today.
A number of Norfolk friends left at
loon for Omaha to ho guests at a
IOIIBU party to bo given by Mr. and
Mm. W. 11. HucholThoito who wont
were : Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Reynolds ,
Mr. and Mrs. Sol 0. Mayor , Mr. and
Mrs. George D. Huttcrllold , Dr. and
Mrs. P. 11. Halter , Mr. and Mrs. W. N.
HUHO. They will return Sunday.
The street commissioner has sever-
il teams busy lining in the holes
ilong Main street , the teams being tin-
ible to haul from the ditch because
HOIIIO of the elovatlng machinery Is
out of repair. A largo steam traction
engine Is now being used Instead of
lorsoH for pulling the elevating grad
er.Tho King npllt log drag has boon
doing seine very effective work on the
streets yesterday and today. The mud
which has boon kept soft by the con
tinued wet weather , has been puddled
uul turned ever and smoothed out so
that the stroota have very much the
ippearanco of a paved street this
Chandler Owen , the son of Mr. and
Mrs. II. E. Owen of Norfolk , who was
HO seriously injured by attempting to
muni a moving train some months
igo and who has lain In an O in aim
lospltal ever Hlnco , was operated upon
yesterday by Dr. Summers and Dr.
Jrlstlo and the family has received
Hope that ho will bo able to leave the
liospltal after another three weeks'
siege. Tlio patient wns on the operat
ing table for an hour and a quarter
and the condition of the intcstincH
waa found to bo moro serious than
had boon thought. The young man's
many Norfolk friends , who have
watched his long hospital suffering
with much sympathy , will hope that
the assurance of the surgeoua may
materialize. Mr. Owen waa at the
hospital during the operation and Mrs.
Owen received word by telephone.
"His Highness the Uoy" drew alargo
audience to the Auditorium and creat
ed a couple of hours of laughter. It
la a musical comedy built for the fun
of It , and with moro of a plot than the
majority of them can claim. Johnny
Fogarty plays the role of "Jimmy"
with much cleverness and kept the
audience In a constant smile. Leo
Kendall , as the American cigarette
manufacturer , also afforded fun with
dialogue and dancing. Mabel McCano ,
the princess , made a clover one In
ovary way and wns a favorite with the
audience , while Ethel Dovey , with her
winning way and artistic dancing , was
also popular. The chorua waa shab
bily costumed and looked like a last
year's hut made over. The company
carrloa 110 orchestra , which glvea it
a handicap. But the chorus could
sing , for all that. A good many of the
songs scheduled on the program were
not dished up on the stage , but some
of these that were sung wore well tak
en. The jokes were wholesome , now
and very rich. Few of the musical
comedies running afford a bettor line
of witticisms than was put up by Jim
my and the cigarette man and Mabel
Addlngton in the role of "Mamlo
Doyle. " The closing act was an exciting -
citing war scene , with a war correspondent
pendent , "Richard Hartly Davis , "
sending out his cable story tinder dif
Nellgh Socially.
Nollgh , Neb. , Nov. 10. Special to
The News : The ladles Rnboyat club
of this city gave a social afternoon
yesterday from ! ! to 5 at the homo of
Mrs. Adella Horn. It waa one of the
most pleasing and enjoyable gatherIngs -
Ings held in Neligh this season. The
decorations were of Chinese. There
were four courses served , and In Chi
nese style , which consisted of :
Nippon kondate , lulmono , tchn , yak-
Itovl , tsukemono , chop suoy , kashl ,
Postolllco was played and a guessIng -
Ing contest of foreign countries were
the feature of the afternoon. Mrs.
Hedge was the winner of the first
prl/.e. Over llfty guests were present.
Emperor William Is Said to be About
to Discharge His Chancellor.
Berlin. Nov 10. It Is believed hero
that what Is known as a "chancellor
crisis" is Imminent , leading news
papers assert that Emperor William
contemplates the appointment of
Count von Moltko , chief of the general
staff , as Prince Buelow's successor.
A strong court camarilla , led by
Prince Phillip von Eulonburg , who aid
ed the emperor in writing "The Song
to Aeglr , " Is working against the pres
ent chancellor. The report that Hue-
low will retire is rendered the moro
probable on account of the condition
of bis health , which will hardly per
mit him to take part in the heated de
bates expected In the course of the
coming session of the reichstag.
There Have Been a Few Parties Dur
ing the Past Week and They Have
Been Pleasant , Out the Normal
Number Was Reduced by Voting ,
Eleellon KOOIIIH lo have Interfered to
HOIIIO extent with things of n Koclal
nature In Norfolk during the paBt
week. There have not been the usual
number of parties , hut next week
inmilHCH to restore the normal whirl.
Theio have been a few pleasant par-
lies on the calendar lint the number
HIM been small on account of the bal
lot battle which took all the attention
) f the men who would otherwise have
Deen playing cards at euchre parties.
The social gallics have , In fact , been
reduced by a largo majority In the
voting process.
Pleasures of Week.
A reception wna hold last night at
the homo of Dr. O. R. Meredith for
llcv. J. L. Stoiu , pastor of the Chris-
.Ian church. Mr. Stoln lives at Wake-
lold , preaching hero every other Sun-
lay. Mm. Stoln came over with him
from Wakellold yesterday to moot
church membora at the reception.
Mlsa Mini Dorsoy entertained about
twenty of her young friends at a birth-
lay party , the little hoBtcsa belnir rilx
yeara old yesterday. Out of door
.jnnics were the amusement features
ifforded during the afternoon , after
which n birthday auppor was served.
Mlsa Mini was the recipient of many
Handsome presents.
The concert and dance given by the
Mabel Claire Catlln orchestra last
night for the benefit of the band boys
drew n largo crowd , and wna greatly
enjoyed by all attending , the music
furnished by the orchestra being very
good. The people of Norfolk are anx
ious to see the band succeed , and nro
willing ( o do anything to help along
the movement.
On Wednesday evening of this week
twenty-live friends of Mr. and Mrs.
[ ' " "red Llnorodo came in a body and
surprised them , the occasion being
their twenty-sixth wedding anniver
sary. Mr. Llnorodo had retired for
the night and Mrs. Llnorodo had gene
to lodge , so that It was a complete sur
prise to both of them. The Indies
brought delicious refreshments with
them , and as a token of their regard
the friends presented Mr. and Mrs.
Linorodo with n beautiful chnlr. Ev
ery one enjoyed the evening greatly.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bncholz of Oma
ha are entertaining a few Norfolk
friends at a week end house party.
The guests are Mr. and Mrs. Sol G.
Mayor , Mr. and Mrs. George D. But-
terllold , Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Reynolds ,
Dr. and Mrs. P .H. Salter and Mr. and
Mrs. W. N. lluse. They wont to Oma
ha In the private car of Mr. Reynolds
on Friday afternoon and will return
Sunday. On Friday evening they were
guests at a theater party for the per
formance of Maxlne Elliott and on
Saturday Mrs. Buchol/ entertained
Omaha friends for the Norfolk visit
Ladles of the Congregational church
gave a New England dinner In the
parlors of the church Friday evening
and the affair was very well patron-
i/.ed. The baked beans , hnm , coffee ,
pumpkin pies and other New England
delicacies were txll delicious and made
a "hit" with the guests. During the
dinner a fuse In the electric lights
blow out so that the parlors were In
darkness for a time but this simply
added merriment to the occasion. Af
ter the dinner , an Informal program
was rendered In the church. Mr. Ahl-
mnnn played n piano solo , Mr. Solo
mon sang a solo , Julius Hulft played
a violnl solo. Miss May Durland sang
n solo , Mrs. Ersklne gave a reading ,
Miss Nell Dlngmnn sang n solo , Miss
Marian Gow played a violin solo and
Mrs. C. E. Greene sang. Every num
ber was well received. The ladies
cleared about $ 10.
A very pretty wedding occurred on
Wednesday morning at the Catholic
church when Miss Anna Cnrberrynnd
Henry Kennedy weio united In mar
riage by Father Walsh. Promptly at
0 o'clock to the strains of the wedding
march the bridal party entered the
church. Miss Nannlo Carborry , sister
of the bride , and Will Kennedy , broth
er of the groom , stood at the altar
with the bridal couple. The brldo was
gowned In tan colored silk , the groom
was In black. After the ceremony the
party returned to the homo of the
brldo where a weddnlg breakfast wns
served to the Immediate family andn
few relatives. These present from
out of town wore Mr. and Mrs. W. II.
Greene , Mrs. John Greene , and Miss
Anna Donahue from Crelghton and
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donahue of South
Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy left on
the 1 o'clock train on a short wedding
trip , after which they will return to
Sioux City and bo at homo after December -
comber 1. Both these young people
have lived In Norfolk for years and
have many friends hero who wish
them much happiness and prosperity.
At 10 o'clock Wednesday morning
nt the Catholic church occurred the
wedding of John Hennesoy and Miss
Dossa McComb , both young people of
Norfolk. Father Walsh performed the
An inttrc .ting feature eon
IK > d uiih H i. ding wna the fact
( hat tin bride rind iioom ; , who had In
Iciiilrd to tnKo the noon train from
\Va.\ne. when- they will reside , missed
their train , althoiiKh they atood on
the platform prepared to tart on the
Journey. They had como to the ata-
Lion and were chatting with friends
before the train left. Suddenly the
cam ntnrlod to move away and al
though the bride and groom made a
desperalo effort to climb on the cars ,
the railroad crew rel'imed to permit
the risk of boarding the moving train
and the locomotlvo kept on going.
The couple then took a carriage and
drove to Wnyno.
Six young ladles met at the homo of
Mlaa Edith Barrett last night and
formed the 0. M. C. club. The meet
ings will bo held every other week.
The Wednesday club held their reg
ular meeting with Mrs. C. 13. Grcono
thla week. The scheduled program
was carried out , two Interesting pa-
iors being road and discussed.
Twelve Indies mot with Mrs. Dave
Dan in on Thursday afternoon and or-
ganl'/.cd the Koffeo Klatch for the
coming ycar'a work. They will meet
once In every three wceka. A very
enjoyable afternoon waa spent andnt
i:30 : a supper was served.
The regular meeting of the Woman's
club wns hold on Monday afternoon of
: hls week In the parlors of fch < 5 Con
gregational church. A very Interest-
ng meeting was hold and the follow
ing program was carried out : A paper
on the civil war by Mrs. C. H. Brake.
A talk on the death of Lincoln by Mrs.
II. C. Matrau ; finances of the govern
ment at the close of the war by Mra.
II. E. Owen ; the purchase of Alaska ,
i > y Mrs. W. A. Vlgars ; literature of
the old south , by Mrs. Warren Dick-
over ; and the effects of the war on
southern womanhood , by Mrs. I \ G.
Coryell. The next meeting will beheld
hold In the parlors of the church on
next Monday afternoon.
Coming Events.
The Presbyterian ladles will give a
chicken plo dinner In the Pacific block
Saturday noon.
The West Side Whist club may meet
on Monday night , though It is Impos
sible yet lo announce it definitely.
The woman's club will hold Its reg
ular meeting Monday afternoon in the
parlors of the Congregational church
at 2:30. :
The Elks will entertain at n danc
ing party on Friday evening. All Elks
and their Indies are invited. Collins"
harp orchestra will furnish music.
L. C. Mlttclstadt and Dr. and Mrs.
R. A. Mlttolsladt will give two dinner
parties during the coming week , one
on Tuesday evening and one on Thurs
day evening , In the home of L. C. Mlt-
telstadt , corner Koenlgstoln avenue
and Twelfth street.
Quinsy , Sprains and Swellings Cured.
"In November , 1901 , I caught cold
and had the quinsy. My throat waa
s\\bllen so I could hardly breathe. 1
applied Chamberlain's Pnln Balm and
It gave me relief fn a short time. In
two days 1 was all right , " says Mrs.
L. Cousins , Otterburn , Mich. Cham
berlain's Pnln Balm Is n liniment and
Is especially valuable for sprains and
swellings. For sale by Leonard the
Band Clears Neat Sum.
The Mabel Clare Catlln concert com
pany gave a very entortaniing band
concert at Marqnardt hall , after which
a dance was given , the music being
furnished by the ladles' orchestra.
There was a good attendance at the
dance , about 100 people being present.
The dnnco was given for the benefit
of the new band which was recently
organized , and the boys received a
very neat sum as their percentage of
the receipts. Miss Catlin , the loader
of the ladles orchestra , will be remem
bered as the one who organized the
ladles' band at thsl place about two
years ago.
The band boys will give a big
dance in Marquardt's hall Thanksgiv
ing , and expect to give a ball about
every two weeks during the winter , as
they intend to raise money for running
expenses In this manner In preference
to the popular subscription Idea.
Old Settler Succumbs to Long Siege
of Tumor at Brain Base.
Elgin , Neb. , Nov. 10. Special to
The News : B. G. Neasen , an old settler
tlor In Elgin , died at his home here at
10:30 o'clock last night as the result
of a tumor at the base of the brain.
Ho had been affected by the disease
for about two years but his condition
did not become serious until three
weeks ago , when the dlseaso became
serious , and consulted the best sur
geons but was told that nothing could
save his life and so he returned to
Elgin last Friday night , accompanied
by a trained nurse , and prepared for
the end.
Mr. Neasen came to Elgin from In
diana in 1880 and has lived hero
since. For a long time he was a
partner in the general merchandise
business of Galley & Neasen but later
ho retired from that and has been en
gaged In live stock business for some
tlmo past.
Ho was a jovial man , well liked by
all who know him. Ho is survived by
a wife and three children . Ho was
a member of the Woodmen of the
World and of the Royal Neighbors.
The funeral will bo held in Elgin
Then the Two Men Clinch and Finally
Wallage , Securing Free Arm , Draws
Gun and Fires Bullet Into the Heart
of Hlllls Was In Billiard Hall.
Grand Island , Nob. , Nov. 10. Spe
cial to The Nowa : J. F. Wnllago , a
liveryman , early today ahot and killed
William H. mills nl the card room of
n basement billiard hall.
The shooting took place shortly af
ter midnight and there la evidence
that it was done In self defense.
Wallage , Hlllis and several others
wore In a pitch gntho when suddenly
IKllls , accordnlg to witnesses , at
tacked Wallago with a beer bottle. In
the scrimmage that resulted , Wallngo
managed to secure a revolver from his
pocket and to got him arm free , then
shooting Hlllls In the back. The bul
let ontcrcd Hlllls' heart.
Hlllls , It Is claimed , always blamed
Wallngo for urging Mrs. Hlllls to se
cure a divorce , which was granted at
the last session of the district court.
Wnllago telephoned the sheriff after
the shooting and gave himself up.
Two witnesses were also detained by
the sheriff.
Miss Grace Malrau goes to Stuart
to spend Sunday.
Miss Nell Gate of Plorce spent Fri
day night In the city.
S. Oldenburg of Hosklns was in the
city Saturday on business.
J. Dignnn made a business trip to
Pllger on the early morning train.
Sheriff Clements was over from
Mndlson on a short business trip.
Mrs. Peltltt of Warncrvlllo was In
town yesterday afternoon visiting.
F. A. Bcelor returned from a short
business trip to Chicago last night.
M. D. Tyler was a passenger for
Madison , where he went on business.
John and Fred Zlcmer of Iloskins
wore business visitors In the city to
Miss Ilattle Llnorodo went to Oma
ha Saturday morning for a few days
W. D. Woygant stopped In the city
last night enroute north from Clear-
Wm. Kulnuf came down from Pierce
for a short visit in the city between
Mrs. De Groto of Madslon was a
city visitor for a while yesterday af
Dr. and Mrs. Beard of Stanton are
expected to spend Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. T. S. Napper.
M. Reeves of Madison was a busi
ness visitor In the city from the coun
ty seat during the forenoon.
Miss Jewel of Stanton arrived In the
clt yat noon and will spend Sunday
with Miss Maude Tannehlll.
Mrs. Oliver Cunningham is very
sick at her home southwest of Nor
folk , between hero and Madison.
Adam Pllger and wife drove up from
Stanton yesterday and spent the day
visiting with friends and relatives.
Mrs. George Hanks of Crelghton ar
rived In the city last night for a few
days' visit at the homo of W. II. Clark.
Misses Fannie and Mary Steele of
Foster came down Friday mornnlg to
spend the day with Miss Jane Dur
J. C. Osburn and Misses Bell and
Xlna Osburn of Meadow Grove were
In the city visiting friends , between
Mr. and Mrs. E. Bradford of Glen-
wood , Iowa , are visiting at the homo
of Mrs. Bradford's sslter , Mrs. H. C.
Paul Karo and children returned to
tholr homo in Lyons after a few days'
visit with his parents , Mr. and Mrs.
August Karo.
Misses Pearl Farlln and Eva Hor-
shaw are visiting In the city from
E. M. , A. A. and A. H. Slattery are
three Black Hills men In the city from
H. O. Phllbrlck of Coleridge was a
business visitor in the city during the
Joe Daniels , who has been in the
city visiting the past few days , has
returned to his home.
Dr. R. A. Mlttelstadt has discon
tinued his weekly trips to Wlnslde
and hereafter will be in his office on
Wednesdays the same as other days.
Miss Rena Olmstead arrived home
last night from Wayne to spend Sun
day with her parents , Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Olmstead.
A. J. Thatch of Madison , the coun
ty surveyor who has been in the city
the past few days giving the contract
ors on the now ditch levels , returned
to his homo yesterday.
Miss Alice Barrett , accompanied by
her mother , Mrs. B. W. Barrett and
sastor , May , went to Omaha on the
morning train where they will consult
a surgeon in regard to an operation
for Miss Alice , who suffers with ap
George Parker , who recently began
farming on a small scale south of the
Junction , received six very flno blood
ed hogs from a noted stock rosier in
Washington county , Iowa , yesterday.
Leo Walters has accepted a position
as switchman In the C. & N. W. rail
road yards and will go on as brnkeman
G. W. Drullngcr , who for the past
four years has been employed ns tin
ner for John Friday , today gives up
his position and will with his family
mo\o to itenkelmnn , Neb. , some time
during the coming week. Mr. Dru-
Mnger expects to go on to a ranch.
Ho has made many friends-in Norfolk
who nro sorry to see him leave , but
who wish him success In his now un
Invitations nro out for the marriage
of Mlns Anglo Wilkinson and Mr. Matt
Schaffor , Jr. , which will take jllaco In
the near future. They will occupy the
homo which Mr. Schnffor recently purchased -
chased on Third avonuo.
I'Tnnk Perry la removing from the
Clotty house on Cleveland street to
the house E. Perry recently purchased
from S. Hoyt on Omaha avenue.
Hugh Dick , who was recently mar
ried to Mlas Bertha Ahlmann , has pur
chased one of the Dnrland houses oh
Flrat atreot where they will begin
keeping house Immediately.
Walter Sohnltz left nt noon for a
few days' visit with his parents at
Mrs. R. Ryel and daughter went to
Scrlbner nt noon to spend Sunday with
Mr. Rycl. who Is working out of there.
A big new sign Is being painted on
the Sugar City Cereal mills.
Dr. C. S. Parker leaves for Lincoln
Sunday to attend a mooting of the
state dental board. Ho will return
next Thursday.
District court In Mndlson county ,
which had boon called for Monday ,
November 12 , has been postponed un
til December 10.
Mrs. C. D. Jenknls and daughter
Gladys left yesterday for Kalamazoo ,
where they will make their home In
the future on the farm with Corl Jen
All members of the Norfolk band
and all who deslro to bo members are
earnestly requested to be present at
the meeting nt 2:30 : Sunday afternoon
at tholr room two doors cast of the
Oxnard hotel. The organization will
bo made complete at that time. There
will also be a feature of special inter
est to all the beginners and young
players which they cannot afford to
New cement sidewalks arc being
laid In front of the Olnoy building , on
the lot next to It owned by H. A. Pase-
walk , In front of the Schwortfogor
property and the lots just west of the
old Norfolk house. When these are
completed the cast end of Norfolk av
enue will have permanent walks on
both sides of the streets , with only
one board walk In the two blocks.
This shows that the cast end Is Im
proving as fast as the western part of
the city. The old Daniels building is
the only vacant structure on either
side of the street between First and
Faucett , Carney & Hager , the now
manufacturing and wholesale firm who
will take possession of the Elsoloy
block In the near future , have been
somewhat delayed In the installing of
tholr machinery. The elevator which
was shipped some time ago has not
arrived or been heard from , and until
this comes and -Installed they can
not put in their heavy machinery ,
which must be taken to the upper
floors. The office fixtures were put
in during the day.
"The Wai Correspondent" was the
name of the show produced In Norfolk
at the Auditorium Thursday night , In
stead of "His Highness the Bey. " The
fact that n different show had been
produced than the one advertised was
not made known to the theater man
agement until after the show and it
was not learned by The News until
today. The show company gave the
excuse to Manager Pedersen that they
changed their show but advertising
posters had not been received because
of a strike in Chicago and therefore
they were forced by circumstances to
use "His Highness the Bey" advertis
ing for "Tho War Correspondent. "
Now costumes , It is said , will be re
ceived by the company in Omaha Sun
day night , where the show is being
played under Its right name. Manager
Pedersen declares that he resented the
deception that was worked upon him ,
but that he was not Informed of the
change until after it was too late to
notify the public. As it was , the pub
lic saw a show that was clever , though
the lack of new costumes and of an
orchestra were handicaps.
You Must ] M Forget
We are constantly improv
ing in the art of making Fine
Newest Styles in
Cards and Finish ,
We also carry a Fine Line
of Mouldings.
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OltlPO. (23 K KU Wnnlil' " "
Office , Cotton block , Ash B41 , renl-
donee , 109 North Tenth street , 'phone
Ash 542.