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    THE NORFOLK NEWS : FRIDAY , AUGUS i 31 , 1906.
A Frenzied Storm Dropped Down on
Norfolk Lnte Saturday Afternoon ,
nnd Autumn Weather Followed Yes
terday and Today Rain Was Local.
Autumn came galloping I" t Hm
heels of summer nnd nlinoHl got under
the wire Into Saturday iiftornnon ,
when n MOITO rainstorm swooped down
on tills city nnd brought In UH path u
cold wave tlial oiuno wltliln eight do-
grooa of tlio fniHt line. Prom the swel
tering boat of tlio previous two woolen ,
people were suddenly thrown Intoahlv-
ors and fiirniico Urea and nvurcnntH
would not linvo been at all uncomfort
able yesterday . The lowest point
reached by the thermometer waa10 ° ,
early thin morning.
And It WIIH no Hlouch of n rain.
More than thrt'o-quartora of an Inch
of water dropped In the storm , and It
didn't last long , either.
Ugly looking cloudH liankod up
against the northwest at about !
o'clock In the afternoon and before
people had time to turn around the
rain was bore. awlahlng up and down
the streets like a frenzied woman who
had loot her child.
The barometer baa shot skyward , In-
dlcatlng the cold wave that la now
hero.A peculiar feature of the day was
the fact that It was warmer out of
doors In the HUH than It was In the
Tboro was no rnln south of Stanton.
N. P. Jeppeson la In the city on
Miss Dolllo 1'fuiider Is visiting In
F. V. Nelson of Nlobrarn Is visiting
In this city.
Ed. O'Sbea of Madison IB In the city
on business.
A. ,1. Thatch of Madison Is n city
visitor today.
Carl Scbulz of Wayne was In tlio
city yesterday.
G. II. Brown wna In the city from
O'Neill yesterday.
John Wilson wont to Battle Crook
today on business.
Fred Koorbor went to Omahn this
morning on business.
P. C. Anderson of Brlstow Is spend
ing the day In the city.
Mrs. W't/.lor of Madison was shop
ping In the city yesterday.
E. Frodrlokson of St. Edwards Is n
business visitor In the city.
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Wood of Plorco
nro visiting friends In this city.
N. .T. Haverstow of Plnlnvlow was In
the city on business yesterday.
Frank Flynn returned from n short
visit In Gregory , S. D. , this morning.
L. Crasman cnmo down from No-
llgh this morning to spend the day.
Miss Marlon Plnntz of Plalnvlow
was shopping In the city yesterday.
Ed. Mnllloy left yesterday for
Stromsburg , S. D. . for a.short visit.
A son of August Kahlman , living
near Hosklns. Is ill with typhoid fovor.
Mrs. Kuhl and daughter , Birdie ,
went to Scrlbner today to visit friends.
Miss Kate Stafford came up from
Scrlbner last evening to visit friends.
Mrs. F. A. Simmons returned last
evening from a short visit In Plaln
.1. Hulff and daughter , Grctcbon
went to Omaha yesterday for a short
Mrs. Wltto and children left yester
day for Appleton , WIs. , where she will
visit.Miss Llzzlo Mueller has returned
from a short trip to Cheyenne and
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. IIlllo and daugh
ter of Hadar wore shopping in the city
Misses Hello Dufphoy and Ieo Halo
of Battle Creek are visiting In the
city today.
Dr. P. H. Salter and daughter Dor
othy , went to Lincoln this morning fern
n short visit.
Chandler Owen has gone to Lincoln ,
where he ha * been appointed foreman
on a grading crow.
Miss Geneva Moollck returned this
morning ftom Verdlgre whore she
has been spending'a week.
Mrs. S. F. Ersklne and sou , Lowell ,
returned last evening from n two
weeks' visit In Jackson , Minn.
Miss Anna Becker of Columbus , who
lias been visiting at the homo of W.
S. Fox. returned to her homo today.
George Richardson and daughter ,
who have been visiting at the homo of
W. H. Bridge , left this morning for
Clare Clark nnd Everett Cnrrlck re
turned to Leavitt this morning after
attending the funeral of Clyde Wll-
llnms liere.
Mrs. C. A. Pennant of Cbadron Is
visiting with Mrs. M. P. Suitor. Mrs.
Pennant Is enronto to her homo from
n visit at Fairfax.
I. W. Alter of AVnyno was hero at
noon on his way .o Grand Island to
attend the meeting of the Hnnnco com
mittee of the A. O. U. W.
H. A. Haley left today for Chicago.
Mr. Haley will be on the road for the
next four months , but his store will
be open during bis absence.
Mrs. Goldswortby of Meadow Giovo
passed through the city yesterday on
her way to tlio stnto of Washington ,
where she goes to visit relatives.
Will Westerhuus nnd Mrs. Press
nnd two sons passed through the city
yesterday on their way to Watertown ,
WK , where the will attend
Northwestern university. Herbert
Lohmnn of Norfolk also left for the
The funornl of Mm. Thayer was
hold this morning from the family
homo at 10 o'clock.
Ton teams nro at work on the low
road west of Norfolk , grading up that
thoroughfare preparatory to graveling
II. C. Battler Is adding to his series
of wnrohouHt's nnd liarna another
largo barn on Madison avenue , be
tween Fifth nnd Sixth streets.
On the lowlandH In this section
there was n very light frost yesterday
morning. The weather baa warmed
Hlnce then. A light rain fell during
the night last night.
M. Mlbllls baa shipped a line blood
ed pig ( o the Iowa Htato fair. Ho waa
too late with his application to get n
pen nt the Nebraska state fair , but
will hnvo some of hla stock on exhibi
tion at tlio trl-stnto fair In Slonx City.
Four bird dogs belonging to Nor
folk sportsmen arrived In the city yes-
tonlny from O'Neill , where they hnd
bron under a trainer's care. The mil-
mills belong to Judge .1. It. Barnes ,
Dr. P. H. Halter , Jack Ijirkln nnd C.
E. Hartford.
John Kay's horse ran nwny Inat
evening , the band on the atrcet having
frightened the animal. Ho ran for a
considerable dlatanco but Mr. Hny held
him fast. Then the homo began
plunging nnd retiring. Ho stood up
on hla hind legs and In coming down
turned hla head In such n way as to
run the shaft Into his oyo. The eye
was put out and the horse almost
screamed with pain.
N. M. Cronln of Lincoln passed
through Norfolk todav onronto to
Ilutto , where ho goes to represent the
Nebraska Teacher In n county tench-
era's Institute that Is to bo hold there
this week. Mr. Crouln Is n teacher
In the Lincoln high school. The Insti
tute nt Butte begins tomorrow. C. A.
Manvlllo Is county superintendent , nnd
Instructors will bo C. E. Clans nnd B.
F. Snail. Ninety teachers are needed
In the county. Mr. Crouln was highly
Impressed with Norfolk. "This Is
about the llvertoat business city of Its
size I have seen , " ho said this morn
ing , "and any city In the country could
bo proud of the Norfolk postotllce. "
Work on the two now steel bridges
over the Northfork river n mile nnd
a half north of Norfolk on First street ,
is progressing nicely. The steel Is all
up on the north bridge and work was
begun yesterday on the south bridge.
A foreman was sick for several days ,
which delayed work somowhnt , but
now the force of nine men are busily
engaged In resuming work on the
south of the two bridges.
Arthur T. Ransom of Greencastle ,
Ind. , died at the homo of his brother ,
.1. W. Ransom In this city last night.
The deceased arrived In Norfolk n
week ago , accompanied by his wlfo
nnd n daughter eight yonrs of age.
Ho was forty-three years of ago and
la survived by a widow and two daugh
ters. The remains will bo shipped
back to Indiana for burial. He took
cold In Norfolk and pneumonia caused
his death.
Oscar Rlchoy , street commissioner ,
was acquitted In the sidewalk case.
The jury found a verdict In his favor
at a late hour In the day. This was
the case In which the city street com
missioner tore up a sidewalk on the
property of Brae Hlght , North Tenth
street , under Instructions of Mayor
Friday , who declared the walk was In
a dangerous condition. Mr. Hlght
brought complaint for the wilful de
struction of property because ho hnd
received no notice that the sidewalk
had ever betJn condemned. County
Attorney Koenlgsteln filed the com-
ilalnt nnd prosecuted It , while City
Attorney Wenthorby defended the
street commissioner. The jurors were
E. B. Kauffmnnn , August Brummund
ind Dr. C. F. W. Mnrquardt. No rec
ord of condcmnntlon proceedings
against tlio walk could bo found by
the city clerk In his record , but the
mayor Insists that the walk was con
demned by the council nt one time.
A band was organized In Norfolk
last night. There are twenty-three
players In the organization to start
with , nnd there nro prospects of forty
before the season Is Mulshed. The en
thusiasts met nt the city hall Inst
night nnd decided to organize and to
give a band concert within the next
two weeks for the purpose of demon
strating to the people of Norfolk that
the local talent can make good music.
On the strength of this concert the
band will then ask subscriptions from
the business Interests of the city , so
that a lender may bo employed. The
twenty-three original members nro nil
good renders of music so that It will
bo n short time until they can produce
a first class concert. In Will Ahl-
mann's safe there Is music to the val-
HO of $200 which has never yet been
opened , nnd some of these new pieces
will bo played in Norfolk. The band
men-hope that the Norfolk business
Interests will subscribe to the band
fund so that the leader can bo em
Capt. Leach's First Excursion up the
Missouri From Nlobrara.
Nlobrnrn , Neb. , Aug. 27. Special to
The News : Capt. Leach's Hrst steam
boat excursion up the Missouri river
will take place Tuesday. The steam
er Josephine , an historical boat of the
Indian days , but overhauled , has n
capacity of 000 passengers. The Chicago
cage , Milwaukee & St. Paul will run
n special from Ynnkton and Scotland
Tuesday morning to bring about 200
passengers from those nnd Intervening
points. The excursion Is only 60
cents from here , and many parties
from nearby points have expressed
their Intention to "got off the earth"
for a day.
Undaunted by the Rnln of Last Week ,
Which Proved a Dnmpcner on the
Race Meet , Ncllgh Will Try Another
Event With Hopes of Good Weather.
Nellgh , Nob. , Aug. a. Special to
Tlio News : Following Is the program
of the old aettlera nnd soldiers' picnic
to bo held In this city nt Riverside
park Wednesday , Thursday nnd Fri
day , September 5 , 0 nnd 7 :
First day. U a. in. to 2:30 : p. in. . goIng -
Ing Into camp ; 3 p. in. , address of
welcome by Mayor .1. C. Jenkins ; ! p.
m. , abort speeches by old settlers nnd
soldiers ; 7:30 : p. m. , address by
Charles H. Kelsey ; 8 p. in. , progrnm
of ladles' quartette cornet solo , Mrs.
Schenefell ; recitation , Miss Mellck ;
violin solo , Miss Mary McDougal ; vo
cal solo , Mia. Myrtn Conger.
Second day. 10 n. m. , abort speech
es by old settlers and old soldiers ;
1:30 : p. m. , address by Chnrlcs Weston
of liny Springs , Nob. ; 3 p. in , , exhibi
tion of speed by Kay Bros. ' horses ;
7:30 : p. m. , address by Ilov. F. V.
Clark ; 8 p. m. , program of Indies quar-
lotto recltntlon , Miss Brenton ; solo ,
G. A. Sellery ; male qunrtctto ; solo ,
Mrs. R. H. Rico.
Third day. 11:00 : a. m. , nddrcss by
0. A. Williams , Nellgh ; 3 p. in. , ad
dress by P. E. Taylor of Tokamah ;
I p. in. , exhibition of speed by Kay
Itros. ' horses ; 7:110 : , address ; 8 p. m. ,
progrnm of qunrtotto ; mnlo qunrtetto ;
recltntlon , Mrs. W. W. Cole ; duet , vo
cal ; whistling solo , Harry Bulmor ;
violin and piano duet.
Proposed Constitutional Amendment.
The following proposed amendment
: o the constitution of the stnto of Ne
braska , ns hereinafter set forth In full ,
Is submitted to the electors of the
stnto of Nebraska , to bo voted upon
nt the general election to bo hold
Tuesday , November C , A. D. , 1900.
Bo It Enncted by the Legislature of
the Stnto of Nebraska :
Section l. That at the general olec-
.ion for stnto and legislative officers
: o bo hold on the Tuesday , succeeding
the first Mondny in November , 1906 ,
the following provision be proposed
nnd submitted to the electors of the
state ns an amendment to the consti
Section 2. There shall bo a state
railway commission , consisting of
three members , who shall bo first
elected nt the general election In 1905.
whose terms of office , oxceit those
chosen at the Hrst election under this
provision , shall bo six years , and
whoso compensation shall be Mxed by
the legislature.
Of the three commissioners Mrst
elected , the one receiving the highest
number of votes , shall hold his ofllco
for six years , the next highest four
years , and the lowest two years. The
powers and duties of such commission
shall Include the regulation of rates ,
service nnd general control of com
mon cnrrlers as the legislature may
provide by law. But In the absence of
spoclMc legislation , the commission
shall exorcise the powers and perform
the duties enumerated In this provi
Section 3. That nt said election In
the year 190C , on the ballot of each
elector voting thereat , there shall be
printed or written the words : "For
Constitutional Amendment , with reference -
oronco to State Railway Commission , "
and "Against Constitutional Amend
ment , With Reference to State Rail
way Commission. " And if , a majority
of all votes cast at said election , shall
bo for such amendment , the same
shall bo deemed to bo adopted.
I , A. Galushn , secretary of state of
the stnto of Nebraska , do hereby cer
tify that the foregoing proposed
amendment to the constitution of the
stnto of Nebraska is a true and cor
rect copy of the original enrolled nnd
engrossed bill , as passed by the twen
ty-ninth session of the legislature of
the state of Nebraska , as nppears from
said original bill on file In this office ,
nnd that said proposed amendment is
submitted to the qunllMed voters of
the state of Nebraska for their adop
tion or rejection at the general elec
tion to bo hold on Tuesday , the Gth
day of November , A. D. 109G.
In testimony whereof , I have here
unto sot my hnnd nnd affixed the great
seal of the state of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln this 24th dny of
July , In the year of our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred nnd Six , of
the Independence of the United States
the One Hundred and Thirty-second ,
and of this state the Fortieth.
A. Gnlusha ,
[ Seal. ] Secretary of State.
Mrs. F. G. Walters Writes
. . . From Pan
ama for Few Cakes.
Yenst Is n very rare nrtlclo In Pan-
num. The. Mrs. Craft company re
ceived an order today from Mrs. F.
G. Walters , who is now living in Pan
ama , for a number of packages of
yeast. Yeast Is BO very scarce that
It Is almost Impossible to get the ar-
tlclo and most all the bread has to bo
baked without it.
Cheap Excursion to Hot Springs , Dead
wood nnd Lead , S. D. On August 2S
excursion tickets will bo sold nt Nor
folk for 110.00 to Hot Springs , nnd
$15.00 to Dendwood and Lead , S. D. .
with return limit September 12. Sleep.
Ing car rate nt half fnro in tourist
cars. Reservations should bo made
early. H. C. Mntrau , Agent.
McCarthys' Defeat.
Lincoln Star : The bright light
which Is suffusing that part of Nebraa-
ka of which Norfolk la the hub Is noth
ing more nor less thnn the smile of
the fnco of W. N. HIIRO , of The Norfolk
News. The News probably could claim
and deserve more credit for the defeat
of Congressman McCarthy at the con-
volition In Fremont than nny other
factor In the tight which resulted In
victory for Judge Boyd.
The bitter opposition of Huso wna
the result of tin alleged wrong on the
part of McCarthy , that wrong being
one of the most monumental sins In-
grntltudo. It happened that In another
campaign , when McCarthy waa run
ning for congress and Huso waa Blip-
porting him , The Norfolk News and
another newspaper In the district
printed , at McCarthy's request and In
hla behalf , an nrtlrlo which wna given
n Hbi'lotiH construction by the courts.
H use nnd the other editor were
"atuck" for damages and , It la alleged ,
McCarthy , the renl benellclnry of the
costly publication , failed to bcnr n
portion of the penalty paid by the pub
lishers for printing that which might
better have been left out of their col
Leaving out of consideration the
merlta of Huso's defense and the ques
tion of whether or not he was justified
In publishing the nrtlclo which caused
the trouble , the fnct remains that trou
ble cnmo nnd , according to Huso , Me-
Cnrthy fnilcd to step up nnd take his
dose of the medicine.
Indignation on the part of Huso fol
lowed this evidence of Ingratitude.
Ho believed that a man who had acted
In that way should not bo sent back
to congress , and he told the people of
his county all about It In pretty strong
terms , bringing In n few other Issues
which hnd more or less effect.
Newspapers nro so often the victims
of Ingratitude that it will please many
of the publishers of Nebraska to know
that one thoughtless man has learned
n lesson he will not soon forget. The
nverage political ! thinks the newspaper
was created for his special benefit , to
bo used as he would direct and whenever -
over he gives command. The mnn
who would not think of asking the
publisher to print n free notice about
his hardware store expects a column
of compliments when he decides to run
for the legislature nnd Is offended
when the space is not given. And
when n newspaper , particularly the so-
called country newspaper , has wasted
Its space , its time , money nnd energy
In promoting the cnuse of a homo can-
dldnte , how often Is.It . thnt the fellow ,
after his election , even thinks of going
to hla editor and thanking him for the
service he has rendered ?
The Ingratitude of which Mr. Huso
complains Is n notable case in Itself.
But It does not stand alone. Probably
every editor in Nebraska knows how
ungrateful most ofllce-seckers are , how
forgetful they are , how "nervy" In ex
pecting nn editor to give , in unlimited
quantities , that which to the editor Is
the equivalent of cnsh.
Newspapers have as one of their
prime purposes the support of partic
ular principles , such support to be
given without price. But the average
politician appears to believe that the
newspaper was created for the purpose
of boosting him Into olllce , the editor
to be passed without sign of recogni
tion after election day.
Huse's Victory.
Hastings Tribune : By defeating J.
.T. McCarthy for a reiiomlnntlon to rep
resent the Third district of Ncbrnskn
In the lower house of the United
States congress , W. N. Huse , who Is
editor of The Norfolk News , won a
splendid victory.
McCarthy made the mistake that so
many men mnke thnt of underesti
mating the other man's strength.
When Honorable J. J. McCarthy ran
for congress two years ngo Editor
Huso published nn article In his paper
which denounced in the most emphntlc
terms McCnrthy's opponent. The nr
tlclo wns furnished by the chairman of
the republican county central commit
tee who informed Mr. Huse that Mc
Carthy requested the publication of
the story and that he would vouch for
Its truthfulness. At first Huse refused
to give the article publication , and it
was not until the strongest kind of
pressure waa brought to bear that ho
consented. The article was published ,
McCarthy was elected and Editor
Huso had a $ G,000 damage suit on his
What did McCarthy do ?
When ho was notified of the suit
thnt had been stnrted against Huse ho
put on a bold front nnd wnnted to
know whnt In h 1 he hnd to do with
It or words to that effect. And that
was all ho did have to do with it. Ho
left Huso to fnco thnt dnmngo suit
Huso faced the damage suit nnd
Mxed It up. Then he turned his atten
tion to McCarthy and his campaign.
When Huso announced In his paper
his Intentions of defeating McCarthy ,
and gave his reasons for doing so
there were sonio politicians who
smiled , and said thnt Huse was only
wasting good advertising space In his
valuable journal. They Mgnred that by
virtue of his ofllco McCarthy would
have the party organization back of
him , including every postmaster
throughout the Third district.
It did look a little dubious for Huse ;
but not for one minute did he lose
courage. Every dny he tallied to the
people through the columns of his pa
per , and all that ho said was the plain
truth , without frills or nourishes , The
people know him , they listened to him ,
nnd they believed him. Thnt wns enough
-McCnrthy's boom wns doomed.
At no stnge of the gnmo did McCar
thy dronm of failure. Ho laughed nt
the Iden , hence the dofont cnrrles with
It a death-blow thnt will bo hard to
bear. 3
A Good Selection.
Nebraska Politician : In the nomi
nation of Judge J. F. Boyd of Nellgh
UK the republican candidate for con
gress In the Third district , the party
has inndo a selection which will assist
In Incrcnslng tlu > majority this full.
The district convention hold at Fre
mont Thursday turned down by a most
declslvo vote Congressman J. J. Mc
Carthy's request for n renoniluatlon
and designated the Nollgh man as the
standard bearer In the battle this fall.
Judge Boyd Is one of the most popular
men In the Third district. Ills popu
larity is not confined to any particular
section of the district , but Is general.
As a member of the district judiciary
Judge Boyd hns made a record which
his successor on the bench will have
to work hard to equal. The nomina
tion of Judge Boyd wns brought about
through a feeling of general dissatis
faction over the district with the way
In which Congressman McCarthy has
looked after the interests of the dis
trict. Mr. McCarthy has not been as
successful In securing appropriations
for the district as was desired. Ills
desertion of W. N. Huso of The Nor
folk News when the latter was being
sued for a llbelous publication made
In support of McCarthy , had much to
do with turning sentiment ngnlnst the
congressman and the leading newspa
pers of the district were quick to take
up the cause of Huso and demand Mc
Carthy's retirement. In nominating
Boyd to succeed McCarthy the repub
licans of the district have selected a
man who will work tirelessly for their
Interests and who Is bound to bo rec
ognized down at Washington. Ho Is
one of those men whom the district
cnn afford to keep In congress for
many years.
Mlddletown , N. Y. , Aug. 20. W N.
Huso , Norfolk , Nob. Dear Sir : "Be
cause of gross ingratitude shown you
by Congressman McCarthy , I have
been greatly Interested In the matter
whether McCarthy would again be
nominated. To me It has been a won
der why you have been so lenient with
him in showing him up as he deserved ,
since "the mills of the gods grind slow
but grind exceedingly Hue , " which em
phasizes what yon say In the edltorlnl
bended "The News Has Been Fair. "
Concerning an Ingrate "nothing more
detestable does the earth produce than
an ungrateful man. " If you have half
a chance of winning In n legnl notion
ngalnst McCarthy growing out of the
libel suit brought agnlnst you nnd for
which he , as I understand It , was re
sponsible , or should hnvo been a party
in defense of said libel , I wish you
would begin action agnlnst him. You
owe it , it seems to mo , to your friends
who have stood by youi to endeavor
to recover what expense you were put
to in defending McCarthy.
I beg to reiterate , the best editorial
and newspaper for a country Issue I
hnvo ever seen is The Dally News.
Success to you.
Yours most sincerely ,
S. W. Corwin.
McCarthy Was Disappointed.
Fremont correspondence to Omaha
World-Herald : McCarthy was greatly
disappointed , as he went into the con
vention with what ho supposed was n
sulllcient number of votes to have
made his nomination only n matter of
Boyd nnd his workers were very
nctlve. Before the convention they
had determined to beat McCarthy , and
made a canvass of the district. Be
cause some of the delegates on the
Brown ticket nt North Bend were fa
vorable to McCarthy the town conven
tion went ngalnst the attorney general.
Editor Huse of Norfolk bad claimed
McCarthy broke faith with him , bit
terly fought him , and the editor wield
ed influence in his part of the district
against McCarthy.
There was no Mght on the conven
tion floor the Boyd trick was turned
too quickly.
The candidates , W. W. Young of
Stanton , In addition to McCarthy and
Boyd , were called before the conven
tion. Boyd said he had been very ac
tive. McCarthy admitted his disap
pointment , nnd joined with Young in
saying ho would support the ticket.
They Loved McCarthy.
Pierce Call : Wo desire to Inform
The Norfolk Daily News that the en
dorsement of Judge Boyd for congress
by the republican convention of Pierce
county Monday was not a slnp nt our
present honored congressmnn , J. J.
McCarthy , but rather because Judge
Boyd In his many visits to Pierce coun
ty in years past ns district judge hns
become voiy popular. Ho hns a close
and Intimate acquaintance with nearly
every voter In the county and has the
highest esteem of all. Wo have never
heard a republican In this county speak
disrespectfully of Congressman Mc
Carthy or complain of his not doing
his duty In Washington. In fact many
have heartily commended him for do
ing his dntv , the past four years , but
that was lost sight of In their- enthusi
asm for their old friend nnd neighbor ,
Judge Boyd. The personal scrap of
The Norfolk News editor had no Influ
ence whatever upon the result In
Pierce county.
Suited Them.
Hurt County Herald : No one frit
more jubilant over McCarthy's defeat
than we did. When the news was
'phoned to us from Fremont a few
minutes after Judge Boyd was noml
natod instead of McCarthy , we
arnbbid nn armful of lings nnd un
furled them to the breeze proclaiming
that McCarthy was defeated Ho got
just whnt wns coming to him , just
whnt ho Invited. The time is past
when n congressmnn cnn tnko his or
ders from n few political bosses In
each county and expect to servo his
constituency satisfactorily. The poli
tical boss as a rule Is a man of bad
repute at home and It will sooner or
later kill the olllclal who hearkens to
his advice. The political bosses will
soon bo out of a job.
There Was Trouble.
Omaha Dally News : Congressman
McCarthy was defeated In his Mghtfor
the congressional nomination yester
day from the Third district and Judge
Boyd of Nellgh was pushed through on
the first ballot , 129 to 123.
McCarthy bad expected to carry the
convention without any trouble , but
there was no Mgbt on the lloor.
The Boyd men had been very nctlve
nnd mndo a canvass of the district be
fore the opening.
Prominent among the fighters agnlnst
McCarthy was Editor Huse of Nor
folk , who claims that McCarthy broke
fnlth with him.
The third candidate was W. W.
Young of Stantou.
Machine Men Sneered.
Battle Creek Enterprise ( before con
vention ) : While ninny of the mnchlne
republicans of the Third district may
have sneered nt the efforts made by
W. N. Huso of The Norfolk News to
defeat Congressman McCarthy for ro-
nomlnatlon , It Is a self evident fact
that Mr. Huse has succeeded In doing
what ho started out to do. Dodge
county , supposed nt one time to be
solid for McCarthy , refused to endorse
his candidacy and It now looks like
Judge Boyd will receive the nomina
tion on the first ballot. So far ns re
publican newspapers nre concerned.
The News has made the Mght slngle-
hnnded and in the results the publish
er must Mnd great satisfaction.
Boyd All Right.
Tekamnh Journal : lu the ifomlna-
tlon of Judge Boyd of Nellgh for con
gress in this district the republicans
are extremely fortunate. He will
make an ideal candidate. Fully
equipped with a mentality of high or
der , a pleasing personality , and one
whose life has been irreproachable ,
ho unites all those quallMcatlons In
one whom men like to meet , think
about and vote for. We predict for
him an overwhelming plurality and a
career in congress that shall please
everyone of his constituents no matter
what their political predilections may
Boyd Defeats McCarthy.
Wayne Democrat : At the congres
sional convention held at Fremont yes
terday Judge J. F. Boyd was nominat
ed for congressman on the first ballot ,
defeating Congressman McCarthy by
a vote or two. The Mght will now be
between the two judges , Boyd and
Graves , for Graves will surely be nom
inated by the democrats at Norfolk
next Monday. This will put two men
In running who arc able , clean , prog
ressive Nebraskans. The halls of con
gress have certainly been disgraced
too long by men of McCarthy's stripe.
Boyd Won Easily.
Petersburg Index : Judge J. F.
Boyd of Ncllgh was unanimously nom
inated for congress by the .Third dis
trict republicnn convention at Fre
mont. McCarthy , the present Incum
bent , hardly knew that he was In the
race. Wonder what Boyd will now
do about the Norfolk asylum scandal.
Will be Elected.
Plalnview News : Judge Boyd re
ceived hearty support from all parts
of the district In the congressional
convention. He conducted a good
clean campaign , and will receive the
active support of every true ' repub
Pays to be Decent.
Howells Journal : Editor Huse of
The Norfolk News has certainly gotten
even for the sting of Ingratitude given
him by McCarthy. It pays to be de
cent. But for the shabby treatment of
Huso McCarthy might today be the
nominee of his party.
"Great Caesar. "
Wisner Democrat : Mourning over
tlio defeat for renomlnatlon , Postmas
ter Hubbard of Ponder tearfully de
clares thnt his "henrt is In the coffin
there with Caesar. " McCarthy to Cae
sar ! What a Hlght ! Great Caesar !
When people are good to a turkey
or a boy , the turkey or boy should bo
suspicious. When n turkey Is fed a
good deal , Christmas or Thanksgiving
threatens ; when a boy Is brought to
town In a buggy , It is probably for the
purpose of having a tooth pulled.
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