The Norfolk weekly news-journal. (Norfolk, Neb.) 1900-19??, March 23, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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Norfolk Now Heads the List of Tele
phone Exchanges In Nebrafcka for
Local Connections and Connections
With the Outside World ,
A thousand tolopliemi'H mi the Nor
folk oxchnngo In 10 7 IH the goal to
ward whlcli District Manager Sprech-
or of tlio Nobrnskn Telephone com-
jmity Is Htrlvlnf ? The exchange now
hnH over 700 telephones In service ,
which IR nn l-i'io'isp of 100 nor cent
ever two yo'irs HRO To thlM ho ox-
poets to ailil 'JIM moro 'phonos during
lHOf. anil thou will piifih over the 1,000
mnrU with the * very beginning "f < ho
noxt. year , There are a nuinliur of
streets In the residence Hcctlon of the
city , wlioro nine out of ton houses
have telephone Borvlco now. Ilut oth-
nr Ht roots have only a scattering Of
telephones on thoin. It In on UIOHO
Htrootn , In particular , that offortHWlll
ho inailo to IncroaRo the Horvlco.
Mr. Sproohor hollovoH that tlio telephone -
phone becomes moro valuable to the
router every tlino a now nnino IH added
to the exchange and with a thoiiHiuid
'phones the oxchniiRO will ho worth
half afl nuii'li iiRiiln to every user of
a telephone than It now IH. The pro
jected Hcopo of the local exchange IH
far Rreator than that of any other city
of the nnnio Hlzo In Nebraska and will
put It at. the head of all NobniHka telephone -
ophono oxchatiROH from the standpoint -
point , of local Horvlco and honolll.
In the HoHohnd country and nil
over the roHorvatlon the vine of the
telephone has Rrown roinarkahly and
today there are scarcely any trndlng
uolntH on the entire reservation that
are not connected with long distance
telephone wires and within easy IICCOHH
of Norfolk and the oiiHl. Not only do
the telephones reach Into the trailing
points , hut. the farm honsofl and ranch
es all ever the reservation are well
supplied with 'phonoH which conununl
onto with Rood Rl/.ed local exchaiiRea.
The telephone hnslnoHH on the reser
vation and west , of Norfolk IH prac
tlcally all local or eo-oporatlvo. They
have arraiu'onientR with the Nobras
kn Telephone company for IOIIK ills
tanco connections.
This year the local companies are
not only putting In now Hues and extending -
tending tholr service hut they are bet-
torlnR It with hotter connections , now
Instruments and apiillances. The toll
line from Stuart to llonestoel , ever
which all nioHRiiROR hetwoon Norfolk
and the reservation are carried , Is to
ho rosining with copper wire , , making
a hotter circuit than the old grounded
line they have boon using. In other
places plans are making for other cop
per lines for long distance talking so
that the distance talks will bo made
clearer and moro distinct , hut can bo
handled In all kinds of weather , which
Is often dllllcnlt If not Impossible
Among the list of telephone mag
nates who are to Improve their ser
vice the coming year and who are , for
that matter , continually Improving the
service In their districts , are M. C.
Thelsen of Crolghton , owner of the
Camp Dewey system which has
stretched Its wlros clear up Into the
Kosebud territory and Is giving a most
excellent service , and A. H. Hug , own
er of the IMalnvlew telephone line ,
which has branched out Into the conn
try around IMalnvlew extensively.
Bad Mess for McCarthy.
Wnjno Democrat : The Norfolk
News of last Saturday drew a oharae
) .1. .Mc
tor sketch of congressman . . . . .
Carthy that ought to he sulllcient to
put thai gentleman away to the bad In
the future polities of the state.
Feeling Hard to Down.
Dakota City RigU" W. N. Huso ,
editor of The Norfolk Daily News ,
has sot tied his libel ease with T. .1.
Sbelbley of Ponca , by paying the costs
niul a little on the side. The case em
anates from Conurossinau McCarthy's
first campaign and has stlned up a
feeling that will be hard to down by
Mac in bis effort to capture a third
Prepare to Retire.
Madison Star-Mall : The scathing
rebuke administered to Congressman
McCarthy the other day by The Nor
folk News was no more than bis nlbbs
deserved. It's a cinch Huso has the
undlvldo'd support of the newspapers
In thr Third district regardless of
politic * and McCarthy might as well
prepare to retire from the fight at
once for bis name Is "Dennis. "
McCarthy Can't Ri-n.
Newman Grove Ilorald : W. N.
Huso In his Norfolk News renounces
Congressman McCarthy In terms of
bitterness so bitter that one Is led to
believe that he dipped his pen In ox
gnll and aloes. He refuses to allow
the present Incumbent to again bo a
candidate for ro-olectlon. Why not
bring out W , M. Robertson ? We be-
llovo from present prospects , that lie
will stand much better show of ob-
talnlng the congressional plum than
the governorship.
Not Any Too Severe.
Madison Star-Mall ; W. N. Huso ,
editor of The Norfolk Dally News ,
has settled his libel suit , out of court
and In speaking of the matter said
while It COM ! him HOIIIO hard eiirnod
dollar * to hrliiK the KcUlomont around
Ihe piinlwhmonl was not any lee HO-
vore. ThlH certainly Hhowed a broth-
ory spirit In llrother Ilimo. llo got
Into trouble whllo defending McCar
thy's somewhat spotted record anil
the bi'Ht ho got In return WIIH a severe
criticism from the hard-hearted Irlb'- !
niiiii. Well , good-bye. MeCailhy. you
run your political race In a hurry.
McCarthy an Inornte.
( Irand iHland Independent : Editor
Huso of The Norfolk NOWH , wan "lot
down hard" by Congressman McCar
thy , who , If Mr. Ilnso'H version of the
affair IH corrct , IH certainly an Ingrate -
grate , If not moro. Under the clrcum-
Htanoori no ono can blame the Norfolk
News for opposing Congressman Mc
Carthy for hln ro-olectlon. Such con
duct , \H Mr. McCarthy's IH alleged to
have boon toward The News IH only
exceptional In the degree of Indlffor-
once nhown to the nownpapor man by
the politician after the former haH la
bored vallai'tly to aid the latter Into
posdlloiiH of prominence , tnifil and am
pic salary attachments.
Don't Like to Let Go.
Creighton Liberal : Chairman KIUOH
iMimo to Norfolk to sou how McCar
thy's political fences looked. He
found little loft In the way of fencon.
Ho left the Impression that McCarthy
will make a vigorous light to attain
a third torin In congress. And It
would take a vigorous light Indeed ,
to land Mr. McCarthy back In hlHHoat
of honor for another term. Ills chair
man left Norfolk iiullo despondent , It
Is wild , and no doubt there was rea
son for despondency. Norfolk NOWH.
It IH hard to blame McCarthy. When
once ono of these followfl get hold of
the public teat they are llko a year-
Ing calf , twice an hard to pry loose
as ono only six months old.
McCarthy Responsible.
Plorco Leader : The llbol suit of
ThoR. Sholbloy of Ponca against W.
N. Huso of Norfolk has boon settled
out of court , the defendant agreeing
to pay all the costs In the case besides
paying a stipulated amount to the
1'lalntlff. Congressman McCarthy ,
who was virtually responsible for the
llbol suit being brought , treated Mr.
Huso In a most shameful manner.
Air. HIIRO Is editor of The Norfolk
Dally News , a republican paper , and
Is recognized as being ono of the most
brilliant and reliable writers of his
party In this part of the state. With
.Mr. iMcrartny no now mm no use
for and be "believes that ho Is but
paying a fair penalty for being guilty
of supporting .1. .1. McCarthy for con
gress. "
Mc.'s Hard Row to Hoe.
Omaha World-IIorald : That Con
gressman McCarthy will have a tighten
on his hands when bo goes after a
third nomination In the Third district
Is certain. Editor Huso of the Nor
folk News has let slip the dogs of
war. That Huso Is mad through and
through Is not surprising. Huso pub
lished a defense furnished by McCar-
thy'H committee to ugly stories being
circulated against him. The committee -
too assured him the stories were false
and the defense was absolutely truth
ful and authentic. The result was a
libel suit , and Huso was loft holding
the sack. Now ho has settled the suit
by paying the costs and a stipulated
sum and opened war on McCarthy for
Ingratitude and worse. And Huso
publishes the most Influential and
widely circulated republican newspa
per in this district , not to mention
that he has hosts of friends. Mr. Mc
Carthy will have a hard row to hoe.
The Sting of Ingratitude.
Stantou Ueglster : The Norfolk
NOWH has had a touch of "tho sting of
Ingratitude , " and has paid quite a bit
of good money to boot. Near the
plnso nf Ihn oMiniiiituii tu-n vonrw nun
in this congressional district some
very damaging campaign thunder was
sent out about McCarthy. In answer
to the attack , the republican con
gressional committee prepared an ar
ticle that was an attack on the author
of the llrst article. Huso , after repeated -
ed entreaty by McCarthy's chairman ,
printed the answer and had a libel
suit on his bands. He recently set
tled the suit by paying the costs and
some money to the injured man. Mc
Carthy , when asked to pay the cost
of the suit said he couldn't pay for all
the fool vaporlngs of the republican
editors of his district. Huso now asks
that the republicans put up a man he
can support. Huso can rest assured
that the democrats will put up an hon <
est man.
Congressional Candidates.
Creighton Liberal : Since the
broadside delivered Into the McCar
thy ranks by the odltor of The Norfolk
News there is whispering abroad that
It would not be safe to lit Congress
man McCarthy for another term race ,
Man proposes and some ono else does
the rest. It was a clover stroke ol
politics for Mr. McCarthy to use hU
influence to get the best federal Job
in Nebraska for the man most likely
to bo asking for his shoes ex-Senatoi
Warner of Dakota county , who was
made United States marshal.
Now this Is all lost. McCarthy will
have a bard row if ho gets the noinlna
tlon and if ho docs got It bo will be
defeated whether W. N. Huso un
sheathes his knife or not.
As a successor for the nomination
Judge Frank Boyd of this Judicial dls
trict seems to have the Inside track al
this time. Should the Roosevelt luck
continue and a railroad regulating
measure go through congress without
the democrats gottlng too much crod
It out of It .Itidgo lloyil would make a
hard race.
Hon. J. F. Boyd for Congress.
Nellgh Register : For many montlm
Hoveral of the nowspaporH of thin con
gressional district have boon suggest
ing .1. F. lloyd of thlH city an the re
publican candidate for congrosH and
it Hcoms the nomination would not bo
dlHlastefiil to the judge himself. J.
.1. McCarthy , thu present Incumbent ,
ban become very unpopular with many
of the republican editors who got
IhoniHolvcB nnd tholr newspapers Into
damage HUH ! In trying to further bin
political ondH during hlu first cam
paign and when these newspaper
wore cinched by the doclHlon of the
mipromo court , McCarthy refused to
help them out. If these editors don't
make McCarthy go some we'll miss
our gueHH. And then McCarthy ban
never made much of a mark In con
gress any way just filled his Heat.
If wo have got to have a. republican
congroHBiuan from this district , wo
don't know of ono wo would rather
see get the plum than Hon. J. F. Boyd
: > f Nellgh.
Upholds the Position.
Nellgb Leader : The Norfolk News
has recently settled a llbol suit , grow
Ing out of the campaign for congress
two years ago. Against. hlH bout. Judg
incut the editor Inserted notices in
H paper , at the urgent domandH of
the campaign managers of Congress
man McCarthy , that rellecled upon
Mr. Shelbley of Dlxon county , who
was active in his opposition to the re
publican candidate. These were the
basis of the null , and after lighting the
matter through the courtH , the case
was to come up again for a now trial.
Our congressman failed to take any
Interest In what might he the result ,
and thlH led to the settlement. The
News paying all costs , and something
more. The odltor apparently has
grounds for resentment against Mr.
McCarthy , and In a recent Issue of his
paper devotes considerable space to
an explanation of the matter and se
verely censuring that gentleman.
Those who are familiar with the cir
cumstances sympathize with Mr.
I In so , and will uphold him In the po
sition ho has taken.
A Long Shot.
O'Neill Frontier : W. N. Huso , ed
itor of that , cracking good llttlo dally ,
The Norfolk News , takes a long shot
and a hard flhot , at the Hon. J. J. Mc
Carthy , congressman in the Third ills-
Irli't In nn nilltorlnl mibllshod hist Sat-
iirday In The News In which ho ex-
InliiH that bo has settled out of court
i $0,000 libel suit against him. The
wit was the result of the publication
: > f an article in defense of McCarthy
tvheu ho llrst made the race for con
gress , which Mr. Huso says ho pub-
Ished at the Instance of McCarthy's
jhalramn and against , his own judg-
nent. The Norfolk odltor says that
iftor the libel suit was tiled McCarthy
icver called at The News oliico to dis-
uss the matter , never uttered one
word In regard to the case of the de
fendant , made It a point to dodge from
conversation , and , further , when it.
was suggested to him ho ought. In
fairness to the newspaper , to stand a
tort Ion of the expense of trial , It Is
said In the article that Mr. McCarthy
s quoted as having declared : "I do
not propose to stand responsible for
: he vaporings of every damned fool
newspaper man In the state. "
Blxby Snys It's Alright.
Hlxby , In State Journal : Colonel
W. N. Huso will have the sympathy
> f a good many of the boys of the
newspaper profession who know how
It Is themselves. The average poli
tician Is ungrateful to the last degreo.
He thinks any sacrifice made by a
newspaper man Is for the good of the
party and the peace of an approving
conscience nn entirely adequate and
satisfactory reward. It was in the
good work of helping to elect Con
gressman McCarthy that Colonel Huso
made the mistake of publishing some
thing that reflected heavily upon the
voracity of a man Interested In the
triumph of the fusion candidate. A
suit for damages followed nnd when
Huso .who had published the offen
slvo statement at the Instigation of
the congressional central committee ,
under protest , called to McCarthy to
come forward and help drag him out
from under , Me. shouted hack that ho
was busy , and so the man who had
done n thing ho didn't want to do to
help the candidate of the party when
ho needed help , had to wlgglo out of
the mlro alone without so much as a
note of sympathy from the beneficiary
of his sad mistake. Now ho proposes
to try to play oven , and a good many
will think that the provocation Justi
fies the purpose.
Ingratitude of Politicians.
Humphrey Democrat : The $0,000
libel suit brought against W. N. Huso ,
editor of the Norfolk News has been
settled out of court , and in sunning up
tlio case Editor IJuse takes n long
crack at Congressman McCarthy
which Is liable to cause that gen
tleman many sleepless nights be
tween now and the next republican
congressional convention. Editor
Huso's denunciation of Congressman
McCarthy is well founded and It
serves to show the gross Ingratitude
of many politicians. The $0,000 libel
suit resulted from certain charges
made by McCarthy's campaign man
ager in 1903 and published In The Nor
folk Dally Nows. Mr. Huso questioned
the advisability of publishing the ar
tlclo referred to , but did oo against
his own judgment , upon the guarantee
too of McCarthy's manager that they
wore true. Whllo Mr. Huso became
Involved in this trouble to help olecl
McCarthy to congrosH , the wily con
gressman ban nlnco Ignored the NOWH
editor entirely and his treatment to
ward him has been Hlmmeful. ThlH
cost Mr. Huso Hovornl hundred dol-
ItirH , not ono cent of which Congressman -
man McCarthy has offered to Hhoul-
dor. A paper by Editor Huso on libel
sultH of this character would ho ap
propriate on the program at the next
mooting of the state press association ,
It. .would servo to guard other cdltorH
against Impositions resulting from the
defense of unscrupulous politicians.
Vigorous Opposition.
Wayne Herald : In Saturday's Nor
folk NOWH , W. N. HUHO announces
that the llbol null , Instituted against
that paper by Thon. , T. Sholbloy of
I'onca , has been nettled out of court ,
the defendant agreeing to pay the
coHtH of the action In the district and
supreme courts , besides a stipulated
amount. It will bo romembcrod that
the suit grow out of the publication
of a statement at the Instance of the
chairman of the congressional central
committee In defense of Congressman
McCarthy at the close of his first cam
palgn In this district. It appears the
statement reflected unfavorably on
I. ailUllllU.V WI1U
damages of $0,000 through the courts.
Mr. Huso states that McCarthy did not
take proper Interest In defending the
suit and was Indifferent to the claims
of ono who had been dragged Into
trouble by giving him defense at a
critical tlino a defense that wan
urged In the Interest of the party and
without which It was alleged the can
didate would suffer a great Injustice.
The signed editorial by Mr. Huso han
dles the subject at length , giving all
details of Interest and showing the In
gratitude of McCarthy In his person
al treatment of the defendant and
failure to take a willing part In the
"Assured by the chairman of Mc
Carthy's committee that the articles
were tnie , and accused of disloyalty
In case they wore not published , "
says the editorial , "thoro was nothing
left to do , according to local politi
cians , who brought preturnro to boar ,
but print , In order to save McCarthy. "
The News will wage vigorous oppo
sition to McCarthy's rcnomlnntlon.
Portends Mlghy Struggle.
Creighton Liberal : W. N. Huso
pushed out a thlrtcen-lnch gun loaded
with .slugs , shells , vltrol and other
death dealing missiles last Saturday.
The range was taken and when the
vas measured off the lighted fuse was
ippllod. Pieces of debris are still in
he air and falling.
We quite forget the particulars of
his case but page ten of the Norfolk
Mows of March 10 is a hard proposl-
Ion to go ngntnst.
After just stepping out of one ox-
lonsivo libel suit it Is hardly likely
hat Brother Huso would leave him
self liable for another.
Congressman McCarthy has some
good friends , who were bitter politic-
il enemies , and they hope that ho hns
some answer to this vltrolic letter.
The sympathy Is duo Mr. Huso who
out. of the party fealty has been the
victim of a great deal of annoyance
and a heavy loser financially. LookIng -
Ing nt the matter from the point of 1
political critic It portends a mighty
struggle this fall. t
Thus far the Nebraska delegation
in congress has bad easy sledding.
Conservative opinion from Washing
ton and elsewhere goes on record that
Ihe Hepburn rate bill will never be
passed by the majority party except
In an emaciated form. Should this
take place the prairies would begin
to burn out here even before the snow
goes off.
It Is just possible that these gentle
men who manipulated the blocks of
live and those who unselfishly joined
the mid-road pop party may yet get
their proper duo.
Serves McCarthy Right ,
Hastings DaJIy Republican : Col.
W. N. Huso , editor of The Norfolk
Dally News has the sympathy of the
publishers all over Nebraska. The i
colonel has just found out to his
great humillntion and mortification
that ho made the greatest political
blunder of his life when he helped to
boost and elect Congressman McCar
thy. During the heat of the campaign
Mr. Huso was called upon to publish
some statements supplied by McCar
thy's henchman which reflected to n
damaging extent upon the record of
one Thomas Shoibley of Ponca. Mr.
Huso had lived In Ponca and knew
Mr. Sholbloy to bo an honorable , up
right and respected citizen of that
place and rebelled against publishing
the allegations presented him. The
central committee persisted in de
mands for the publication of the ar
ticles , and ho was given positive as
surance that the facts were true , and
likewise that the central commlteo
would stand by him that ho ( Huso )
published them under the strongest
pressure and assurance as to reliabll
ity of facts given. Not long after , Mr.
Shelbley brought action against Mr.
Huso for $0,000 damages. Now what
did McCarthy do In the promises ?
McCarthy and his henchman were the
ones responsible for the suit and Mc
Carthy should have been the first man
in the world to come to Mr. Huso'
aid. But he did just what a lot of
politicians have done before. Ho
steered clear of Huso and the News
ofllco as though It had been a skunk
hole and when friends suggested to
his congressional nibs that ho should
go to Huso's support with money nndv
good legal aid , ho said he was too
busy and that ho "didn't propose to
stand responsible for the vaporings of
every damned fool newspaper man In
the state. " Thin undignified and un-
statesmanlike retort would not hnvo
been so badly out of place If Mr. Huso
hnd belonged to the "damned fool"
class of newspaper men. It is well
known thnt Mr. Huso Is ono of the
most level-headed , reliable and nblo
newspaper publishers In the state and
deservoH no Bitch classification nnd Ingratitude -
gratitude nt the hands of McCarthy.
Wo don't blame any reputable citizen
or ofllco holder from holding aloof
from the "damned fool" class of so-
called editors , for , ns In every pro
fession , there are fool editors of the
unreliable , characterless nnd grafting
class , but In the case at Norfolk Con
gressman McCarthy should be taught
n lesson that will servo ns a lasting
warning to other politicians , that such
examples of Ingratitude toward an
honorable publisher will not bo tole
rated by decent partisans and citizen
ship. Editor Huso , when convinced
that. McCarthy Intended to lot him
paddle his own canoe , did the honor
able thing by going to the plaintiff In
the case and offering to settle , which
ho did by paying costs and a stlpu
latod sum besides. In last Saturday's
Issue of his News , Huso comes out
with all the facts In the case which
show rank Ingratitude and cowardice
on the part of McCarthy. Huso de
clares ho will light the ronomlnatlon
of McCarthy to the last ditch and ho
will bo doing the people of the dis
trict and the state a good turn In do
ing it , for a man of McCarthy's stamp
should not be allowed to sit in con
Famous Indian Fighter Now Handles
Baggage Instead of Six Shooters.
The original Deadwood Dick , scout
Indian lighter , stage driver and Inspl
ration of scores of dime novels , Is In
the employ of the Northwestern rail
road at Lead station. For elghtcei
years ho has been handling frelgh
and baggage Instead of slxshootors
but he ban never become entirely roc
oncllcd to civilization. His buckskin
clothes nnd long braids of hair have
given place to more conventlona
garb , but in his heart ho Is still an
Indian lighter. He is a tall , spare
man , with reddish-brown hair am
board , and sinnll , brown eyes tba
have the keen , alert look of the man
accustomed to watch the horizon fo
Indians. He looks llko a frontiers
man , but this Is not always patent to
the tenderfoot.
A few years ago a young man fron
t tin nn t * t frrtf r\ff t It n 'NJrf lutmatnt * *
ruin nt Deadwood and went into the
itatlon with the feeling that at las
10 had found the west. "If I couli
> nly see Deadwood Dick , " he said to
ils friend , "I'd be satisfied. "
From out of the piles of baggag
lolng unloaded there rose a tall , spare
man with curly hair and sandy beard.
"Well , " ho said , In a tone of dls-
iniHt , "look at him then. "
"You ? " said the tenderfoot , "why ,
you're the baggageman. "
"Woll , I guess 1 can be the baggage
man and Deadwood Dick , too. I am ,
iinyhow. "
Deadwood Dick , whose renl name Is
Ulchnrd Clark , gave up driving stage
nnd went to work for the Northwest
ern when the railroad reached Buffa
lo Gap , 100 miles south of Deadwood.
In ' 85. He came up into the Hills with
the road , working at Rapid , Whitewood -
wood , Deadwood , and now at Lead , as
baggageman or warehouse man. True
to the instincts of his old wild life , he
has always been at the end of the
i rond. He has always gone just as
I fnr townrd the frontier ns the railroad
would carry him. Nobody knows how
old be is , where he was born , or where
he came from.
"Thoso are things we never ask
each other , " he says. "Your real west
erner never nsks a man where ho
came from or what his real name is.
It's something a man doesn't always
want to tell. "
The first account ho gives of him
self is when ho went to work ns a
scout on the Rod River of the North ,
between Fort Abercromblo and Fort
Pcmbinn , in ' 71. Since then , he has
been a scout In the regular army , a
guide for train's coming Into the hills
in the days when the way was unsafe ,
stngo driver , outrider and messenger.
Now ho works within sound of pound
ing stnmpmills , locomotives and trol
ley cars , nnd regrets the old wild life.
"It's pretty tame , " ho says , with a
shako of his head. "There's nothing
doing. If I was footloose I'd strike
out tomorrow.
He is held to the quiet life by a
wife and three children , the oldest a
girl of 1G and the youngest a boy of
New Members are Coming In None
Are Solicited What It Means.
The directors of the Commercial
club state that quite a number of now
members have recently been received ,
which fact naturally gives fresh cour
age to the present membership. Some
of these now members have Intimated
thnt they expected to bo solicited to
It is not the policy of the Commcr-
clnl club to urge the enrollment of now
members , but rather to stand upon the
proposition that the only object of the
club Is the material advancement of
Norfolk , In other words the greatest
good to the greatest number of Its
people. On this basis an application
for membership Is simply an Indica
tion as to the honesty of the efforts
being mado. Single membership dues
are 50 cents per month. Additional
memberships may bo taken If desired.
The highest number at'present taken
by one person Is ten. A line to Secre
tary D. Mnthowson will enroll you.
Visit to the Camp of Madison County's
Giant Fish Frozen In the Bayou's
Ice , Preserved for Use In the Winter
A Story of Ozone.
fFrom Saturday's Dnlly.l
Last Sunday Harry Hartford and
Jio writer of these reminiscences
walked down to Fred Bocho's camp
on the Elkhorn. What a debt ofgrat-
tilde wo owe to the genius who , away
back in the In debased and undcgen *
orate days of the race , Invented walk
ing. What execration should .bo
leaped upon the memory of the fol
low who first caught a wild horse anil
taught men to rldo , for that was the
precursor of the limited express , the
steam launch and the flying machine ,
appliances inhibitory to the ancient
and healthful method of locomotion ,
and because wo have forgotten how
to walk we have become a nation ad
dicted to antes , trains and steamers
anil are allllctcd with gall stones , ap >
pondlcltls , Brlght's disease and con
sumption , and the anomaly Is present
ed of these snmo appliances of speedy
transportation hastening people to the
uttermost parts of the earth to regain
the health they have robbed them of.
Over-eating and lack of physical exor
cise and pnro air clogs the organs and
hence It Is that every other person Is
suffering from Imperfect elimination
and must go to the operating table ,
to Europe or to heaven. Bless
ings then on the man who invented
walking. How the blood pulsates as
the lungs expand in the crisp air.
Every organ Is stimulated and a warm
glow comes to the skin and health
radiates through the body. How for-
tunnte are the poor who cannot af
ford antes or to dine on patl do frol
gras and who have to walk.
At the camp wo found the giant
trapper enjoying his usual good
health. If health was contagious what
an ideal environment the camp would
be in which to contract it. Some day
the American people will pause In
their mad pursuit of money to consid
er greater questions , health nnd con
tentment. Falling to find these nt
the wntering plnces of Europe or the
mountain tops they will discover Mr.
Boche s elixir of life , namely , to take
long walks and to live In the open
air. How we enjoyed that supper of
fish ! They had been cutting ice on
the bayou and , imbedded in the cakes
of Ice , wore a number of sunflsh frozen -
en and in a fine state of preservation.
, .1. II. Mackny.
Charles Moore , Owner of Moore , Has
Located at County Seat.
Madison Star-Mall : Chns. Moore ,
the well known horseman of Omaha ,
Is now located in Madison and Is operating -
orating what Is known as the Public
Training stables for speed horses on
the fair grounds. Mr. Moore Is a
horseman of wide experience and Is
considered one of the foremost race Cl
horsemen in the west. Mr. Moore
hns handled speed horses all his Ufa
nnd has a thorough understanding of
the business as Is evidenced by his
career on the race course.
Among the horses In the public
stables is the famous Moore horse
which attracted such great attention
throughout the west last season. This
horse established a world's record by
winning twenty races out of twenty-
one stnru , doing tlio same in the re
markable short time of three weeks ,
which surpasses any record in the
world. Another horse In the public
stables which Is attracting consider
able attention Is one owned by Lewis
Belts of Omaha and is said to bo the
most handsome animal In the west.
Among the other horses now In the
care of Mr. Moore are those of Mayor
C. S. Smith , Al Smith , John Wahl and
Billy Onward owned by J. W. Davis.
The public is cordially Invited to visit
the training grounds to Investigate
Mr. Moore's method of training. The
location of the public stables In our
city should bo the means of develop
ing several good races and'lt Is hoped
that these stables will receive the deserved -
served support.
Use Bridge In Wyoming.
The expectations of a majority of
the business men of Long Pine took a
big slump when word reached them
that the Northwestern Railway com
pany had withdrawn their offer to sell
the old railroad bridge , formerly used
by the company but abandoned since
the completion of the new mammoth
steel bridge there , to I/ng Pine for ,
$1,000. The leading business men had
hoped to purchase this old bridge and
move it up the canyon for the convenience - &
nienco of farmers and cattlemen llv- Jf-
Ing west and north of town , who , when
coming hero with loads , are necessi
tated making : heavy , hard pulls In j
crossing a steep canyon just on the
western edge of town. It looked for
awhllo like the railroad company
would dispose of this bridge to Long
Pine , and they did finally offer It for
sale for $1,000. A few days later , however -
over , they withdrew tholr offer , hav
ing decided to utilize the material In
It on the road's extension out in Wy
Farmers bring In your repair work V
for spring. I will save you 20 % , as I /
have the tlmo and am prepared to do
the work. paul Nordwlg.
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