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Recruits Who Slotted Out to Work
This Mornlnjj at the Old Rates Were
Greeted With Cries of "Scab" Sea
son Short , Famine Imminent.
Cieanvaler , Noli. . K"l . ' > - Hpcelal to
Tlio NWVH : Clearwater IH In lliu
throes of tlio lilKWHt Hlrlko In tlio ! IH- !
tory of Antelope county toiluy. All of
tlio IPO cnUoi-H and IPO liaulorH of tlio
town , Homo lUly In nnnilior , wont on
u slrlko anil , tlio employers ImvltiK
roftiHod to want the IIIPI-OUHO In wnji'H ;
iitdu'd for , tlio IPO inakliiK IH tied iii |
tlio HoaHon IH fiiHt drawing to a clone
and an IPO fainlno lor next HIIIIIIIIOI
HtarcH tlio town In ( litfiuo. .
TalditK advantiiKo of the fact that
IPO can lie made here lint a few days
moro. the workmen Htruck yoHlorday
afternoon. The hantora of Ice , who
had boon Ki'ttlni ; 25 centa nor Ion for
their work , HtrucU for a ralHu of 1(1 (
contH jior ton , umltliiK for thorn. Ilfi
cents nor ton. They are alilo to haul
about olnht loan nor day. HO that they
wvro making about $ ' . ! a day and they
want $ .2.80.
The Ice cuttorn who work on the
rlvor have boon getting lf > cents an
hour and they Htruck for a ralHo of
r > c.onta per hour , which would give
thorn $1 ! | ior day.
Tlio employci-n rofiiH ( > tl to grant the
raise and the men iiult.
Cries of "Scab. "
The omployerH tbon mieceed In get
ting a nnmbor of mon abottt town to
agree to work at the old rate and when
they started out this morning with
picks and tonga and saw they were
greeted everywhere on the Htroots
with the erica of "Sealm ! Scalw ! " .
The roault was that thcso rocrultH
alno dropped their toola and no leu
is being put up In Clearwater today.
Horace 13l8oloy haH returned from
O. Sottoft Is In I'latnvlow to visit
Hov. Mr. Gruober of HoBklus la In
the city.
P. C. Sims has gone to IMulnvlow on
Hey Holbrook will spend Sunday In
Mrs. Joseph Schwartz went to Plorco
this noon on business.
Alex Madson Is thinking of taking a
trip south for his health.
Myron S. Whitney canto down from
Randolph on business Thursday.
J. 10. Douglas of Madison stopped
over night In Norfolk on his way homo
Mr. Paddock has gone back to Hoop
er after spending a few days In the
Henry Lehman , the well known
singer of Omaha , Is lit the city on
John Stafford canto up from Omaha
this noon to attend the dance this
Miss Nettle Dortch left this noon for
Omaha whore she will visit over Sun
Any with friends.
Jmlgo J. B. names returned lasi
evening from Lincoln , where ho liai
been attending supreme court.
II. C. Matratt has returned froit
Omaha where ho went to attend the
meeting of the Ixiyal Ixsglon.
0. 0. Stone and Attorney Charles
Johnson of Schuylcr stopped over li
Norfolk today whllo onrouto to Plnln
Frank Flynn has given up his posl
Uon with Humphrey's and will bo wltl
the Pair store from now on. Ixiret
Doughty resumes his place with Hum
Mrs. K. M. Bradley of Heloit , WIs.
Is expected hero to visit Mrs. Shaw
and to attend the Valentino party
Mrs. IJradloy will arrive next Tttesda )
and will remain for a visit of sovera
The Norfolk orchestra played In
Tlldon last evening at a danco.
Miss Dollo White entertained a mint
bor of friends last evening at her
homo on Prospect avenue.
Mrs. Weatherby and Mrs. Warrlck
are entertaining a number of friends
at luncheon and an afternoon party to
The Kpworth league will glvo a val
ontlno social in the church parlors o
the M. 13. church on next Tuesdaj
Misses May Durland , Laura Durland
Edna Stafford and Fannie Norton wll
entertain at a dancing party In Mar
qnardt hall tonight.
Mrs. 13. A. Amarlno , Mrs. B. High
and Mrs. J. Allbery entertained the
Ladles Aid society of the M. B. chttrcl
yesterday afternoon itt the homo o
Mrs. A marine.
George Wheeler , who has been llv
Ing six miles south of Norfolk , Is mov
ing Into the now homo ho recently pur
chased in Warnorvllle. As soon as the
family Is settled Mr. Wheeler expects
to visit his brother In the western par
of the state for the remainder of tin
Mrs. M. B. Starkoy and son , George
Dewey Starkoy , who had been stop
ping at the Pacific for the past three
weeks have gone to Sioux City
George is the lad who first foil and
broke his wrist In two places and who
a week later , became atlllcted with ap
Rev. Dr. Tyndall , presiding elder o
the Methodist church , will build a now
home this spring. Ho has practical ! }
closed a deal * to purchase the lo
owned by Dr. Hacey on Koonlgstoln
voiuui liotwcon Twelfth and Thlr
eolith and will erect hlH homo there
All ineinborH of the Commercial club
tro urgently reiiuoHled lo meet at Iho
IIy hall next Monday night. There
tro two foaturcH ( o ho given attention
mpeclally. ( ho election of dologatOH to
ttlend ( bo Htalo mooting of commor
Mill clulm In Omaha next week and
ho organization of thotui Interested In
ho race meet Ing , HO that the plann
nay bo parried through lo make It a
complete HIIPPCHH.
Mrs.V. . II. llulterlleld entertained
t hoiiHofnl of frloiidH Thurmlay after
noon at Hlx-liandcd euchre and Illnch.
There wan a tie for the oiiclirn prize
between MTU. John It. HayH and Mrs.
Sturgeon , which was won on the cut
by the former. The Illnch prl'/.o wim
won by Mm. A. Million and the Hlioul-
Ing prl/o by MrH. llunllngton. The
prlr.eH potiHlHtod of beautiful dlsplayn
if holhouHo Unworn. Supper wan
Herveil lo the guewlH before tlioy departed
In Iho jury trial of the Norfolk Lum
ber cnmpuily ngulimt II. Hlglil for a
bill for lumber ( he former WIIH award
ed $5' ! . ( ' > 7. The original hill agalnut
Illghl amounted to * lir , and ho In turn
lalmed an oTfHol milllplont to overbal
ance It by $ ! ) ( ) . In ( ho toHtlmouy the
various clalniH of I light for sorvlcoti
rendered the Norfolk Lumber com
pany IIH a carpenter , for unloading him-
lior and for HltortagoH of Invoices were
coiiHldored and ncaled Iho original bill
down to the amount allowed.
A hitler wan roeoivod yetitonlay by
Secretary MathowHon of the Comntor-
clal club from a man who clalniH to
represent one of the big packing ItoiiH
os of the country , unking what bonmi
Norfolk would glvo for tlio ostabllHh
inont of a packing plant hero. Mr.
MathowHon replied stating that not
much could bo expected In the way of
bontiH but that a Hllo might poHHibly
bo granted in case the deal were a
bona lido proposition. Mr. Mathowson
liatj for several years boon porHonally
aciiualnted with the writer of the letter -
tor , and says that he has never known
the man to "talk through his hat. "
The total ecllpno of the moon last
night was clearly vinlblo In Norfolk.
Tim moon entered the shadow at about
II o'clock and the eclipse became complete
pleto between I and 2. The air was
clear and the moon brilliantly white
until the blackness crossed UH face
at midnight. Not many people In Nor
folk lemalned awake to see It but
Homo few are known to have set alarm
clocks so that when the proper time
for the shadow approached they were
awakened and given a vlow of this
phenomenon. There will he another
eclipse of the moon this month , when
It Is partially obscured by the sun on
February 22.
A letter has been received front
Butte asking for dellnlto details re
gardlng the man who appeared before
County Attorney Koonlgstoln last week
and declared that ho was going crazy.
The Butte people were Interested be
canso of the llrat name given by the
man , which was Barney. It is said
that there was a man named Barney
who formerly lived at Butte and from
whom his wife secured a divorce at
( bo last term of district court. It Is
said at Butte that this sort of a stunt
would bo very much like that Barney ,
It has been learned since , however ,
that the name of this mini Is Dick
McKay and not Barney at all , HO that
there Is no possibility of this being
the same person.
The funeral services over the bed >
of J. K. Hutehosou will bo hold Sun
day afternoon from the Methodist
church according to present arrange
incuts. A letter has boon received h >
A. II. Vlolo from Conductor A. M
Leach , who Is with the widow , saying
that they will probably arrive Satur
day noon with the body. Working on
( his assumption arrangements are be
ing made by the Masons to hold the
services on Sunday. The present In
tention Is to hold the services under
the auspices of the Masons , burial to
bo at Prospect Hill. Ilov. J. R. Me
KOU/.IO of Onkdalo assisted by Rev. W
J. Turner will conduct the religious
services over the body. The body will
bo taken to the homo of A. II. Vlole
upon arrival hero and remain there
until the services.
Roy Johnston has gene to Buffalo
Geo. Wheeler has purchased Mrs
Konnorson's house and will take pos
session this week.
The Omaha Klevator Co. , shipped a
carload of hogs to South Omaha Tues
H. J. Morris and R. C. Miller are
haling hay and shipping It to Omaha
Rolche , the "musical wonder , " will
glvo an entertainment In the hall
Thursday evening , February S.
Fred Woodruff has moved his famll >
to Norfolk where they will make their
future homo.
Geo. Woodworth has leased the
Sticker farm and will take possesslot
as soon as the buildings are repaired
Prominent Man In Boyd County Sue
cumbs to Cancer of Stomach.
Butte , Neb. , Feb. i ) . Special to The
News : E. A. Knleval , one of the mos
prominent men of Boyd county , died
at his homo a few miles south of Na
per of cancer of the stomach. Ho was
commissioner of Boyd county for four
years and was quite a factor In the re
publican party. Ho leaves a wife and
a largo family of children. The fuuer
al was held in the Catholic church at
Spencer yesterday and the burial was
If yon have merchandise to trade
for land or land to trade for morchon
disc , write F. G. Coryoll , Norfolk , Neb
Each One of 100 Commercial Travelers
Is to Take $100 Stock In the Propo
sition , Making $100,000 to Start
The pOHslhllltloH of a packing plant
'omlng ' lo Norfolk grow stronger as
iddltlonal Information cornea ( o light.
According to Information given out by
i prominent member of the Commer
cial club the proposition of organizing
Htock company with 100 members
was llrst broached by a traveling man ,
who IH one of a number who are work
ing In that direction. According to
Ills Htatomont a number of traveling
mon In Norfolk territory and oven out
side of It In Iowa and NebraHka , have
the matter under consideration ,
At the next meeting of the Iowa
Slate Traveling M n'a association , of
which these men are inomberfl , the
matter Is to bo taken up and an at
tempt made to Interest 100 traveling
men sulllclently to start the enterprise.
ISach ono Is to take $1,000 stock In the
now Htock. With the $100,000 thus
raised the plant will bo prepared.
Then each stockholder will put In $100
a month for four or ( ivo months or as
long as necessary to get the packing
plant on a sound financial basis.
It Is pointed out by the traveling
mon that besides the natural advant
ages which Norfolk possesses as a
point for small plant , the co-operation
of UK ) traveling men In the sale of the
products will bo of Incalculable benefit
to Iho plant. Kaelt traveling man will
act as a salesman for the company
and all expense of sales will thus be
done away with. lOvery particle of
territory In which the company could
compote will bo thoroughly covered
and the various products and brands
rapidly established.
It Is presumed that the story etna
mil Ing from Sioux City early In the
week was based on this proposition
and Is the same thing. Whether the
original Intention has been changed
so us to Include stockmen and cattle
men is not known although there Is a
possibility that such may be the case.
Again the project was llrst considered
when It was supposed that the sugar
factory could bo made Into a packing
houso. Whether the refusal of the
sugar factory for such a plan would
materially change the plans of the
traveling men or not Is not known , al
though It Is pointed out that from an
economic standpoint It would be
cheaper to build a now plant than to
use the old building. The cost of
altering the sugar factory to comply
with the needs of a packing nous
would bo considerable and It never
could bo made to be as economical In
handling as a plant specially designed
for the business. For this reason It Is
presumed that the change of plans ol
the Industrial company will not change
Iho aspei't of the original project.
Battle Creek.
Xac Cox of Stuart was down here
Tuesday and Wednesday to look aftei
his business affairs and visiting rela
lives , also.
Monday Win. Nicolay's team , which
was tied In the Baker lumber yard
became frightened at noon when the
passenger canto in from the west.
They broke loose and started east ,
losing ( bo wagon and running against
a tree In front of W. W. Craig's rest
donee. Ono of the horses was so bad
ly hurt that It had to bo shot by City
Marshal Frank Flood.
II. H. Fnndum was a business visit
or to Norfolk Monday.
Goo. Nordhouso was here Monday
on business from Norfolk.
Harry Starlln , who loft here In
March last year for Idaho and the Pa-
clllc coast. Is back again and will make
his headquarters at Battle Creek.
August Steffen departed Tuesday for
a trip to Oklahoma and Indian Terrl
tory. During his absence his business
will be in charge of T , L. Curas.
Win. Ludwlg and Chas. Flllmer of
Cumtng county were the guests here
for ono week of J. A. Wright.
D. P. West of Beaver City arrived
here Monday for a visit at the home
of his sister , Mrs. D. B. Simmons. Ho
was accompanied by his nephew , Fred
Simmons , who makes his home there
Herman Kuckor has rented the Hy
. nebs house on corner Main and De
pot streets.
J. W. Risk , who Is going to move
onto the Whltla farm east of town , has
routed his residence on North Fourth
street to T. D. Precco.
Martin L. , the llttlo seven months
old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dltt
rlk , died Friday after a short Illness
The funeral was conducted by Rev
J , Hoffman Sunday afternoon from tin
Lutheran church. Interment was
made on their private lot at the Luth
eran cemetery.
Herman Voltof Jefferson , Wis.
was hero the fore part of the week vis
Itlng friends and buying horses.
John Omnterman was down hero
from Johnstewn visiting relatives ant !
Chas. McBride of Tlldon Is visiting
hero this week with his grandparents
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Seslor.
The Fuorst families have their Ice
for their private use harvested.
Frank Woisman was here on bust
ness Friday from Norfolk.
"Win. Jest , who has been living In
different places in California for about
six years is bore on an oztendod vlali
vlth hlfl parents , Mr. and Mrs. John
lost and other relatives.
Valentino Klein returned Friday
from Corona , Roberts county , S. D. ,
wher ho bought a fl20-acro farm for
U 0.000. Ho Is well pleased with his
largaln and will move there this
mouth. He claims it Is a llttlo cooler
.here than hero.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Krlvanek of
Meadow Grove wore visiting relatives
lore Friday.
Win. Nlcslay Is building a now largo
Imrn on his farm three miles south.
Fred Decker wna hero several days
this week from Madison visiting rel-
[ itlveii.
K. Brown of Albion has bought prop
erty In the west part of town and will
make his residence horo. Mr. Brown
Is a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
of Warnorvillo.
Hume-RohertHon-Wycoff Co. have
decided to establish a branch business
at Knola , where they will operate an
elevator and sell lumber , coal and
hardware. Will Jones will bo the man
Hd Crno has been over from Tllden
since Monday at the bedsldo of his
father , V. Cruo , who was taken serious
ly 111 Sunday. His Is a case of general
breaking down caused by old ago. He
Is soTottty-sIx years old. There Is a
slight Improvement In his condition
Contractors and bridge builders
wore in evidence Wednesday as that
waa tlio day when the county board
was to act on the bridge bids. The
contractB were not let , however , but
It was decided to roadvortlso for bids.
The county board also decided on
building an addition lo the county jail
for which plans and specifications
were ordered drawn.
It was rumored hero today that O.
H. Glllesplo had sold a half Interest in
his general merchandise store. In an
Interview Mr. Glllesplo states that
such Is not the case exactly. Ho says ,
however , that ho has made arrange
ments to turn his business Into a stock
company In which a number of farm
era and Madison citizens will bo inter
ested. The name of the concern will
bo The Madison Mercantile company ,
and It will bo capitalized at $20,000.
The Highlanders' ball and banquet
canto off last night and In point of
numbers was possibly excelled only
by that of the Modern Woodmen of
some time ago. The drill team , com
posed of the ( lower of handsome young
manhood of Madison , commanded by
Henry Faes with sword at side , ap
peared in whllo caps , coats and leg
gins and did their part admirably. Re
fresbments left nothing to bo desired
save the dance which followed and
lasted till a late hour. Attendance
was by Invitation but extended prac
tically to everybody.
Wide Interest in the Meeting to be
Held is Manifest.
Great interest la being manifested
In Nebraska in the coming meeting of
the State Association of Commercial
Cluba , which Is to bo held In Omaha
on February 20 and 21. The initial
meeting at which the association was
organized was held in Fremont a year
ago and there was a splendid response
to the Invitation of the Fremont Com
mercial club , Indicating that there wa
a very general desire in the state for
some sort of organization which would
enable the various local commercial
bodies to Interchange Ideas and to
work together in a practical fashion
upon state wide subjects.
The officers of the state association
have already received numerous and
enthusiastic acceptances from the lo
cal bodies throughout the state , who
will send large delegations to the Oma
ha meeting. It Is the desire of the
officers to have representatives present
ent , not only from every organized
commercial club In the state , but also
from every town that desires to have
a commercial club. A general invita
tion has been issued and there will
bo little or no formality about the cro
dontlals of delegates , the ono requisite
being that they are Nebraska busines'
The principal session of the associa
tion will bo hold on Tuesday evening
and will begin with a dinner tendered
by the Commercial club of Omaha to
the delegates. After the dinner there
will bo formal addresses as follows :
"Central and Western Nebraska , It-
Present and Future" Hon. F. M. Cut1
rle , Broken Bow.
"Shall Wo Have a Constitutional
Convention ? " H. M. Bushnell , Lin
"Harmony In Towns" Chas. F. Hot
nor , Lexington.
"Education , Its Practical Relation to
Business" K. O. Garrett , Fremont.
"Nebraska's Balance Sheet for
1905. ' Don C. Despaln , Lincoln.
"The Country Commercial Club. "
Hon. W. M. Robertson , Norfolk.
"Shall Wo Send Lawson Our Prox
les ? " Chas. G. Ryan , Grand Island.
It will bo seen that this program *
covers a wide range of subjects and
the character of the speakers who have ;
accepted assignments on It assures
tlio association that those subjects will
bo treated in an able and interesting '
Corn Growing and Cooking Contests
in Gage County.
Beatrice , Nob. , Feb. 9. The officers
of the farmers' Institute hero decided
yesterday to organize the school boys
of Gage county for a corn growing
contest and the school girls for a cookIng -
Ing contest , in which prizes will bo
While Driving Down a Steep Grade the
Horses Became Frightened by
School Children and Dashed to the
Bottom of the HIM Wife Bruised.
Grand Island , Neb. , Fob. 0. Special
lo The News : Ono man Instantly
killed , his wife badly bruised and the
driver slightly Injured was the disas
trous result of a terrific runaway at
Dannebrog yesterday afternoon , says
a special received here today.
A. SoreiiBcn , his wife and a driver.
John Thompson , were driving down a
steep grade when tholr team of horses
became frightened by school children
and dashed to the bottom of the hill.
Sorciiften was almost Instantly killed ,
his wife was thrown for a distance and
badly hurt , and the driver shaken up
In the fall.
Snyder of O'Neill , Krotter , Mohr , Cor-
rell Are All Elected.
L. C. Mlttelstadt has returned from
Omaha , where he attended a meeting
of Nebraska lumber dealers. Con
cerning the convention the Omaha Uoe
says :
The Nebraska Retail Lumber Deal
ers association adjourned Its sixteenth
annual convention at the Auditorium
yesterday afternoon after organizing
a mutual fire Insurance company , elect
ing Its officers and those of the asso
ciation , adopting resolutions favoring
the abolition of the tariff on white
plno rough lumber Imported from Can
ada , opposing the formation of a lum
ber tmst In Nebraska , appealing to
Nebraska's delegation In congress to
oppose the parcels post law , reaffirm
ing opposition to combination In re
straint of trade and expressing sympa
thy with the national anti-trust poli
O. O. Snyder of O'Neill was elected
president of the lumbermen's associa
tion and William Krotter of Stuart ,
vice president. The new directors
elected were : P. M. Green of Aurora
and G. W. Eggleston of Bennett for
terms of three years. The other di
rectors , II. H. Mohr , A. V. Perry , Hen
ry Blnger and A. B. Outhouse , held
over. The legislative committee Is G.
W. Baldwin of Crete , P. D. Correll of
Plainvlew and T. W. Khlffen of Do
Witt. E. T. Chapln of the Humbird
company and II. L. Harris of Minne
apolis addressed the meeting on prices
and freight rates.
The name of the Insurance organiza
tion is to be the Nebraska Lumber
men's Mutual Insurance association
and the homo office will be at Lincoln ,
which also will be the principal place
of business. The object is to indem
nify the members against loss or dam
age by lire or lightning to their lumbei
vards. The rates and amounts of In
surance on each risk shall be fixed
ami regulated by the board of direct
ors , which Is empowered to make
rates. The association'is strictly mu
tual and will not Insure any person or
incorporation not a member of the as
sociation. H shall not divert Its funds
or make assessments for any other
mil-pose than to Indemnity its mem
bers against loss by fire or lightning
or to pay the necessary expenses of
tlio association or to create and main
tain reserve funds.
All policies of insurance of the asso-
Hatlon * shall bo Issued for a term of
flvo years and no policies are to be
Issued for more than $1,000 until there
ire 300 members , with Insurance in
force to the amount of $200,000 when
each mav take out policies for $2,000.
When there nre COO members , with
'psii'-nnr ' MI fnivo f > fir a nnunt of
$100.000 , policies may Issue not to
exceed $3,000 , and when there are 1,000
members with a total of $750,000 In
surance , policies may ho Issued at the
discretion of the company.
No person Is eligible as a member
who Is not a retail lumber dealer. The
officers are president , vice president ,
secretary and treasurer , who shall hold
office for one year. A board of direct
ors consisting of nine members shall
bo elected , one-third for ono year , ono-
third for two years and one-third for
three years.
Stannard & Glldca Promise to Make
Norfolk Marble Center.
( From Kilduy'H Pally. ]
The Foster marble works have been
purchased by Stannard & Glldca and
arc to be thoroughly overhauled and
Improved so ( hat the scope of the busi
ness will be largely Increased. The
now owners are figuring with an out
sider to put In $20,000 additional cap
ital with which to make the necessary
Improvements to make the business
the largest of Its kind In the territory
west of Omaha and on the Northwestern
ern lino.
It Is the Intention of the new firm
to put In machinery at a cost of $20-
000 and do practically all of the cut
ting and polishing with it. At present
most of the tomb stones made in Nor
folk are shipped In practically finished.
The cost of those stones laid down in
Norfolk Is so great that competition
with larger manufacturers , who finish
their own stone , Is almost impossible.
With this machinery it will be possi
ble to ship In granite and marble In
carload lots and unfinished. The ma
chinery will not only cut the stone
Into any desired size or shape hut will
put a rough face on It , polish it or
glvo It any other finish possible by
hand. With the additional capital
Staunard & Glldca believe that they
can buy much moro cheaply by hand
ling nothing but carload lots of the
rough stone. They will put two men
on the road all of the time.
Last year , before ho sold his old
marble works , Mr. Stannard did a busi
ness of $20,000. To do this he was on
the road but half the time and was
unable to meet much competition that
canto from other parties with machine-
equipped plants. This ho will now be
able to meet and so with the two regu
lar salesmen they expect to do a busi
ness In excess of $100,000 a year.
The plant acquired by them has
been owned and run by Mr. Foster
for about twenty-two years , although
he had not made an active fight for
business during recent years because
of numerous outside interests.
Adolph Johnshek Is Held at Butte In
Sum of $500.
Butte , Neb. , Feb. 9. Special to The
News : Adolph Johnshok , the fellow
who was arrested for kidnapping Anna
Proklsh , the 17-year-old girl , had his
hearing In the county court here and
has been bound over in the sum of
See F. G. Coryell for insurance.
Anvonospnillnjf n Kkcloh and dcicrlntlnn may-
quickly i-arorlnlii our opinion frco wliclhor an
HiviMitlnii n prohnbljr pntontiihln CoiiirmmlCA-
llonHitrlcllycnntlilrntlnl. HANDBOOK on l'nl < > iit
out flc'n. Olilcat UL'ciirf lor HucurntK patent * .
I'ntonts taken tnrouKh Munn & Co. receive
f nntfcc , vltliout clinree , In the
A hnndnomolirllliiiitrntcd weclilr. Lnrc st
rulallon of any nclcntlUo journal. Trrms , J3 u
yi'iir : four months , $1. Hold byiill iicmxlciil .
New York
No Money Required
until you receive and approve of your bicycle.
Ten Oays Free Triai
Finest guaranteed ftf'tn & & *
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I9O5 Models & * * * O $ > & * *
with Coaster - Brakes and Punctureless Tires.
19O3 & 1OO4- Models & y A * tiH
Best Makes * ff a mw + ffm
Any make or model you icant at one-third usual
price. Choice of any standard tires and best
equipment on all our bicycles. Strongest guarantee.
ono without a cent deposit and allow JO DAYS
FREE TRIAL before purchase is binding.
5OO Second Hand Wheels < fc Q i 6 o
taken In traclo by our Clilcaco retail stores , Ou TO | QO
_ . . _ _ . a.makes ] ' and models , good as now * rr
till NRT RIIV a blcrclo until you have written for our FAOTORr
equipment , sundries and spnrUiiir ( roods of all kinds , at half reeular tirlco. In our
big free Sundry Catalogue. Contains a world of useful information. Write for it.
flogulai * prlco $8.5O per pair.
To Introduce " 7 T
wo will Soil O
Result of 15 years experience in tire making. EASY RIDING ,
No danger from THORNS , CACTUS ,
punctures , like intentional knife cuts , can bo FULLY COVERED by PATENTS
vulcanized like any other tiro. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS
Send for Catalocuo "T. " showlnc all kinds and makes of tires t 1200 ncr nalr -
also Coastor-Hrakes , Built-up wheels and lllcycles-SunUrlea at Half 'th i
Notice the thick rubber tread "A" and nuncturo " " " Tiiil .
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* " -oilier make Soft. Elastic and Easy Kidlne. Wo wl" - i1-1.3-
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