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A Number of Bills Were Allowed.
Bonds of the Road Overseers , Banks
and Other Institutions Were Ap
proved Finishes Preliminary Work.
MadlKon. Ncb. . . Jan. HO. Hoard mot
at 1 o'clock p. in , pursuant to the call
of the chairman. Present Harding ,
. * > Mnlono and Tuft.
The following appointments wore
made :
Bbort Olson , road overseer , district
No. 28 ; Frank Ncldlg , sr. , road over
seer , district No. 2'1 ; Win. Hockefol-
low , road overseer , district No. 112 ;
Carl Polenskl , road overseer , district
No. ai.
On motion the following bonds wore
approved :
Citizens National bank , depository
bond : Rlkhorn Valley bank , depository
bond ; Meadow Grove State bank , de
pository bond ; Battle Crook Valley
bank , depository bond ; John Brown ,
road overseer , district No. 3 ; Mlko
Novotny , road overseer , district No.
22 ; John Wade , road overseer , district
No. 8 ; Bbert Olson , road overseer , dis
trict No. 28 ; Carl Polenskl , road over
seer , district No. 31.
Application was made for a tomb
stone for Joseph Cloyd , private , Co. D ,
Eighty-fifth Indiana volunteer Infan
Taxes for 1902 , 1003 , 1001 and 1905
on block 1 of Mary A. Hewitt's addi
tion to Madison , Neb. , property of St.
Ijoonard church , exempt , were ordered
stricken from the tax lists.
On motion the county clerk was or
dered to reduce the personal assess
ment of Paul Rennor In Fairvlow pro
duct for 1005 to the amount of the
value of SOO bushels of corn , he hav
ing boon assessed for said corn In
Schoolcraft precinct.
On motion the following bills were
allowed :
Dr. P. A. Long , commissioner
insanity $ 8 00
A. H. Bryant , wolf scalp 2 00
A. L. Stewart 7 50
C. G. Rynearson , register births
and deaths 8 50
S. M. Julson , register births
and deaths 3 75
H. Kilbourn , register births
and deaths 4 25
E. F. Ringer , register births
nnd deaths . - 175
B. H. Mills , register births and
deaths 4 75
Julius Hulff , register births
and deaths 15 15
S. C. Blackman , printing 34 25
Jacob Henderson , furniture for
county 55 50
Chr. Schavland , office expenses 31 4-1
School district No. 13 , adjunct
high school 93 00
State treasurer , for bridge
plans and estimates 100 00
Gns Kanl , janitor 45 00
Nebraska institute for feeble
minded , account Thomas
Shelley 40 00
Nebraska institute for feeble
minded , account Albert
Wood 13 91
On motion the board granted the
petition of O. S. Christian and others
and ordered the opening of a road
commencing at the southeast corner
of the northeast quarter section 4
township 21 N. , range 1 , and running
thence north on section line between
sections 3 and 4 in township 21 , range
1 , and sections 33 and 34 , township 22
range 1 , and terminating at the north
cast corner of the northeast quarter
of section 33 , township 22 N. , range 1
west Cth P. M. one and one-half miles
Damages and expenses on accoun
of opening above road were allowe (
as follows :
Cornelia A. Barnes J CO 0 (
Geo. R. Wycoff 170 00
I Carl Schilling 100 00
Above claims to be paid out of
funds belonging to roau dis
trict No. 25.
John Landgraf , road district
No. 24 200 00
John Krelfel , road district No.
24 200 00
C5eo. B. Richardson , road dis
trict No. 24 1 15
Geo. B. Richardson , road dis
trict No. 25 1 15
F M. Martin , road district No.
24 3 97
F M. Martin , road district No.
25 398
John E. Douglas , road district
No. 24 1 15
John B. Douglas , road district
No. 25 1 15
Fred H. Davis , road district No.
24 1 15
Fred H. Davis , road district No.
25 1 1 ?
i On motion the Tlldcn State bank
UJ > , -was required to put up a now doposl
' *
tory bond in place of the bond ap
proved January 4.190C. The first bond
not being sufficient or In accordance
with the law.
On motion John II. Harding was au
thorized to have water closets and
lavatories placed In the poor house
and to have the basement floor of poor
house cemented.
On motion John Malone was author
ized to have new maple lloors laid on
the ground floor of the court houso.
On motion the board directed that
notice bo served on Helena and Wil
liam Ahlman to support their mother ,
Fredorlcko Lltko.
On motion made and seconded that
the board reconsider and revoke Ita
onnor notion letting contrnct for tlio
oustnictlon of wooden bridges iui.1
opulr worH nnil rendvortlso for Hiich
n-idgos , John Mnlono nnd John 11.
larding voted "yea" nnd Burr Tuft
no. " Carried.
On motion tlio hoard then ndjournod
o February 7 , 1900. at 1 o'clock p. in.
Geo. 10. Richardson ,
County Clork.
Newspaper Men , Afler a Bull's-Hcad
Breakfast In California ,
The eastern newspaper men who
lade the initial trip on the I/is An
cles Limited train to Southern Call-
ornla wore given n bull's head break-
ist and the affair was wittily written
p by Dick Little , the war correspon-
out who may visit Norfolk , as fol-
ows In the Los Angeles Kxamlucr :
Tlio very fact that I have been asked
0 write about something In Los Anoles -
oles from the standpoint of the "of-
oto east" makes me hellovo more than
vor that Chicago Is most admirably
Ituatod from n geographical stand-
While In Now York n month or two
go I was requested to handle a Man-
attan function from the standpoint
f the "wild and wooly west. "
Kipling Is wrong. Bast and west
icet In Chicago.
When I go east frrom Chicago I
vear a sombrero and call everybody
pardnor. "
When I go west from Chicago 1
vear a Nowmarkot coat and white
pats and call everybody "old chap. "
1 am a westerner in Now York and
n easterner in California. Great
lace , Chicago.
Wo easterners now in Los Angeles ,
ncludlng Cowles from Dos Molncs ,
vhlch Is In Iowa , and Steclo from Kan-
as City , besides some thirty other
itizons of Manhattan living not more
ban 2,000 miles outside of the bor-
ugh of the Bronx enjoy Los Angolcs
Wo approve of bull head breakfasts ,
t was given out in a sylvan grove with
land-painted oranges on the trees and
1 pile of leaves covered with cotton
and labeled Chicago to make the tour-
sts feel perfectly at home.
But It wasn't naturel. That snow
hould have been painted a battleship
gray and then daubed with tnr. That's
he way the beautiful snow looks In
They had the bull heads down In a
) tt , where the cook said they had been
cooking for three weeks.
I hellevo him. I believe everything
hey toll mo in Los Angeles. But that
cook ought not to be wasting his time
cooking bull heads.
He belongs In a nice little tent away
out on the desertrt where there are nice
Ittle white sticks driven all around
Ike the score board In a penuckle
game.and a sign over the tent , "Bal-
nydale on the Hill ; these choice city
ots in this new subdivision for sale ,
cheap. "
The pit In which the bull heads were
cooked was all covered over with
earth , like a new made grave.
The cook acted as principal grave
llgger and when It was decided to hold
the autopsy on the bull heads ho shov
eled off the earth and the bull heads
came forth. They were good eating ,
nit , somehow , when my plate was
) iled high with scrambled bull head
lost my appetite.
That's how I came to swallow a nose
ring and get a horn stuck In my throat.
While the eating progressed , Span
sh songs wore sung. The committee
said it was bad form to eat bull head
mless accompanied with Spanish
songs and chill con came , whatever
that is.
I like bull head breakfasts. I wish
wo could have them In Chicago. We
lo something in the moat industry in
Chicago and I couldn't see why we
shouldn't have bull's bend breakfasts.
But the cook said It had to be a Cal
ifornia bull. No other kind would do.
Ho said the bull had to bo fed on
oranges and prunes for six months be
fore being killed and if the sun failed
to shine on him two days In succes
sion then the animal was unfit to be
the star performer nt a bull's head
So that knocks out a scheme I had
for supplanting pink teas on the Lake
Shore drive.
A most genial feeling came over mo
after that bull head breakfast , except
I felt a wild Impulse to dash madly
at a red flag that hung on a tree.
Everybody seemed similarly affecte <
and the man that owned the flag hur
rled to take It down.
Finally they brought us back to the
hotel. I was glad to get back without
getting Into trouble.
I came near hooking a very swee
little girl In the street. She was at
awful nice little girl but she had re <
And when I got almost to the hole
there was almost a greater catastro
It was a red automobile. Wo al
saw it at once and made for It wit ]
fierce bellows. But the chauffeur gave
a yell and turned on three hundred
volts. I think bo's still going.
Bull head breakfasts are lino. Bu
no one is over going to get mo Insld
a packing house again.
If you want to buy land In Sout
Dakota It will pay you to call on F.
G. Coryell , Norfolk , Nob.
R. H. Reynolds Goes to Galena , III. ,
Next Week After 15 Years.
R. H. Reynolds will leave Norfolk
early next week for Galena , 111. , where
ho will go to visit his brothers , whom
ho has not seen for fifteen years.
At About 8 O'clock Lnst Night a Little
Wee Bundle of Femininity Was
Found All Cuddled up on the Front
Step of Mr. Adonis' House ,
A queer little hundlo containing a
inbo of two months was mysteriously
eft at the doorstep of Conductor I'M
\dams last night. U Is a llttlo baby
girl , with pretty dark blue eyos. soft ,
lear cheeks , a good natured gurgle of
i laugh and pretty features withal.
Though It Is not known by whom
ho child was loft , yet It Is known that
man In a fur overcoat drove up to
he IIOUHO at S o'clock last evening ,
valkcd to the door , knocked and then
mrrled back to his buggy , which ho
rove away rapidly. A bay team
mulod the buggy.
Mrs. Adams was not at homo at the
line and when she returned a little
ator she went to the hack door. Shu
cut her two llttlo hoys around to the
rout door nnd there , all cuddled up
n a teeny-weeny hundlo was this per-
'ectly tiny package of pretty and dnln-
y femininity. They took the llttlo visor -
or inside and warmed her llttlo pink
oes near the stove.
Will Probably Keep the Child.
Mrs. Adams says that , since she has
o llttlo girl of her own and slnco she
early loves the llttlo girl that was
eft , she Is willing to keep the bubo
ml glvo It a homo If Mr. Adams , who
s now out of town on his run , Is wili
Mrs. Adnms has no clue to the Idon-
Ity of the child nor Its parents , nor
ny way of knowing who was the man
vho brought the bundle , and llttlo of-
'ort Is being made to find out , as she
s not particular about knowing.
It was rumored about town this
norning that the child had boon left
> y a passenger who arrived on train
. fi last night and who then returned
o the train , leaving the child bore , hut
his Is believed to be untrue , In view
) f the known visit to the front door of
he man with the fur overcoat.
Ev. From Chicago Has Exciting Expe
rience on the Farm.
Editor News : My cuzln Ev. from
Shccago has cum to visit us. Eveline
or Evylynd or sumthlng Is her hole
iame , but I call her Ev. bccaws I can't
spoil It all. Her pa an' mine's bruth-
era an' her pa's rich. Pa he won't lot
on but what he's just as well off as
ils bruther , who started with less'n
10 did , so ho got anuther hired girl
[ hart to pay her fore a week ) an' told
no to keep on my Sunday close all the
time Ev. was here , an' not to do noth
n' but entertane her. I thot I's goln *
o have a plcknick. The nito she cum ,
no an' ma an' pa druv down to the
leepoe in the surry. Bv. is a slim
iritty girl goin' on seventeen. Mo an'
ler road hoam on the back scot on"
she put her arm round me an' told mo
she wanted mo to bo her llttlo bruther ,
in she'd bo my big sis. She sed she's
illus wanted a llttlo bmthcr. I sot
still an' cudn't say nor think of nuth
n' xccpt heven an' angles and odder
of roses , or whatever It waz she had
on her pockorchlof. She sed the stars
in' the stillness an' everything was
grand an' ennorvatln' an' made her
.hlnk she waz close to heven. I start
ed to say sumthlng but all I sod waz
'me too. "
Bv. had bin to herding school In
Nue York an' had got sickly , an' the
loc. had perscrihed fresh air an' rock
reatlon. That waz why she cum. Bv.
wanted to no what street an' number
our lions waz an' I sod It waz R. D. 1" .
No. 2. She sed that waz a pritty name
for a street , Areffdee. She sed she
that It must bo an Injun name. She
nst If thare waz inony Injuns In Ne
braska , an' I sed tharo waz lots of
"em. She looked skeered an' ast If
thare waz eny danger of us beln' at-
tacktcd before wo got hoam. I told
her thare wazn't much danger so clos
to town. Ev. waz lookln' for a swollorl
place than she found. Pa had bin to
Shecago onct visiting his bruthor an'
ho had told them sum big yarns about
his ranch you know , an" Ev. thot'we'd
have nice ponies to ride an' an auto-
mowbeel an' everything , an' when she
found wo didn't have nothtn' but farm
bosses , an * I tuck her out rldln * In our
buggy behind old Jack an' Dolly she
wnz disappintcd. She got hoam-slck
the next day an" sod this waz an" awful
slow place. She sed she didn't no wo
waz old hay-seeds or she wudn't cum.
I sod I'd ruthor bo a country hay-seed
than a sity slnch-bug. She sed wo
didn't show good taste havln' our
hired girl an * hired man cat at same
tabol as wo did. She sed she wazn't
uster eating with servants. I told her
sho'd hafto get ustor it in Nebraska or
she wudn't have eny to got uster. She
sed pa et with his nlfo too an she Just
cudn't bare It , an' that wo all folded
our napkins after dinner like wo waz
hangln' out n washln * . She sed I'd bo
all right an' she'd like mo furst rate
If 'twasn't for my surroiindin's. Then
I begun tor git hot an' I told her my
surroiindin's sooted mo all rlto an' If
she didn't like 'em she needn't keep
herself surrounded by 'em. She sed
she'd hnf to bare 'cm sins she waz oul
bore for fresh air an' reckreatlon , bill
she did wish sumthlng excltln' wud
happen. That same evening sumthlng
did happen that made her think the
country wazn't BO slow an' that tharo
waz more to bo got hero than jus
fresh air an' reckreatlon. 1 found a
skunk In the hcii-hous , asleep In one
of the nests. Pa shot one tharo last
week that had et too chickens , an'
this waz linnher ! one. I didn't Hay
niithln' , jimt went In the lions an got
u basket an * started out for the eggs.
Kv. seen me an' seil she wanted to go
gather eggs to. I list her If who didn't
wanto go In the barn while 1 went In
the hi'ii-hoiiH. She HCI ! no , iiho waz
frado lo go by the IIOHHCH an' I cud
go In the barn while she went In the
hen-hoiiH. So she went In an' 1 started ,
for the barn. But before 1 got tharo
I herd her say , "O , Johnny , cum an
see this pritty black an while cat. " I
went , buck an' slopped outside an *
you'd a biiHled Infill. She HIV. "pretty
pussy , sound asleep , let mo stroke oo.
nice kilty. " Then 1 herd the awfulest
racket I ever herd a girl make , an' Kv.
cum llyln' oul of the lieu-coop a hoi-
lerln' "Johnny , take It away , take the
miHty thing away ! " an' she wiml rac
In' to.the hous an' ma herd her holler-
In' an cum to ( he door , an' Bv. run up
the steps screechln' "I'm goln' rite
hoam , I wont nluy on this nasty old
farm aiiulhor inlnnlt. " Ma HMielt what
waz up an' she HCZ "Deer mo child ,
you'll change your close before you go ,
won't you ? " ( My , wudn't she bin a
sitrcus If she'd got on the traiie that
way ? ) Mil finally got her soothed
down an' Into the bath-tub an' called
down-stares for the hired girl to bring
up the sapollo. An' ma opened an
up-stares window an' threw out all
BV.'H close an * called the hired man
an' told him lo take an' berry them.
10v. changed her mind about goln'
hoam after ma talked to her n while.
I ast Bv. next mornln' If she still thot
tharo wazn't nothln' doln' In the coun
try xcopt fresh air an' reckroatlou an'
she sez "you horrid hey ! " But when
I told her I'd shot the black an' white
cat with my twenty-too she waz all
rlto an' sed she'd bo my sis agon. An'
I thot. I'd rile about It SO'H Hum eastern
girl that thinks the country's slow
an' hnzn't nothln' but fresh nlr an'
reckreatlon will no different an' want
to cum west too.
Yours , Johnny Dumper.
How the Death Valley Desert Snveo a
Day In the Life of Man.
The following exceedingly clever little -
tlo story was written by M. Strauss ,
city editor of the Times-Star , Cincin
nati , Ohio. Mr. Strauss was one of
the party of newspaper men who made
the Initial trip on the LOH Angeles Lim
ited train :
What was It for ?
What for what for , what for , what
for , wh
Birds high In heaven utter a cry
that scorns echoed by the click of the
wheels of the bird beneath.
Ages ago and what for ? The pioneer
neer buffalo , unsheltered by the win
try wind , may have looked the dumb
question What for ?
Ills aborigine successor , gazing on
the hopeless unfertile distance prob
ably looked awcar of eye on the scene
and asked the question that civiliza
tion 1ms answered.
This Is what for . . .
Imagine a succession of bewilder
ing scenes and of bewildering weather ,
of altering altitudes and of widest vis
tas. Imagine within those strange
panoramas almost no sign of human
life , save hero and there a stretch of
fence that seems unlimited , suggesting
that man must have placed It there
and surrounded himself , his all , his
homestead , therewith. In addition
maybe also there Is now and then a
ditch for irrigating and now and then
a yes , a station with a human being
looking out as If ho owed apology for
being there. Imagine n Hat land with
out a relief that does not emphasize
this condition , and this Is nature's bil
liard table the great American des
Imagine a day added to one's life.
Can it be done by human means ? It
is not sufficient answer to say that it
can it has been done.
Not by human means alone , but by
man with the agency that scorned re
jected of very fate Itself , the great des
Across this flat land there Is hurled
every day the land comet The Los
Angeles Limited.
It uses the unusable , the desert , the
great timo-saver , transformed by the
mind of today Into one of the most use
ful parts of the land , the desert no
ongor , the tlme-snvor hereafter , that
nakes possible the shortening of the
Imo across the continent , the bed of
the road that adds a day to every trav
eler's life.
Title of a Pamphlet Being Distributed
In Norfolk.
The first direct evidence of the much
talked of campaign of publicity of the
railroads has struck Norfolk In the
'orm of a llttlo booklet which bos been
qulto generally distributed among the
downtown olllccs. It Is called "Tho
Facts About Railroad Rates , " and Is
a digest of conditions , speeches and
statistics covering about 200 pages.
It Is written from the railroad view
point and says so qulto frankly In the
If you want to buy oNrfolk property
see F. G. Coryell.
Foreman 'Butler Leaves For a Drive
to Crelghton ,
Foreman Butler of the Nebraska Tel
ephone company started overland for
Crelghton Friday. Ho will Inspect the
toll line between Norfolk and there
nnd put It in shape for the rest of the
C. M. Thompson , President of the Rock
County Bank nt Newport , Has Talked
With a Number of Farmers In That
Territory and Hopcn for Plant.
That iiugar heels would be rained by
the fannei-H of imrtInvest Nebni-ika
for another sugar factory In Norfolk ,
IK assured. 'Phe following loiter fiom
( ' . M. Thompson , president of Dm Itoc.k
Comity Slate bank al Newport , pledg
es the hearty support of farmers In
that Hcclliui for a factory hero. Mr.
ThompHon HII.VH :
Newport , Neb. . Fob. 2.Mr. . W. N.
Iluse , Norfolk , N'ebDear Sir : I not
ed recently an Item In your pupcr-rel-
alive lo the reopening of tlio sugar
factory at Norfolk. I have given tills
mailer a r.ood denl of thought and
have , diiring the last year or two ,
talked with a number of our farmorii
In this vicinity about raising beedi.
There will he no dllllcully In creating
a large Interest In raining heelti to be
shipped lo the Norfolk factory.
I trust that you and others may suc
ceed In awakening milllclout Interest In
the enterprise to reopen the factory In
Norfolk. You may rely upon us to do
our part In helping to produce the
Very truly yours ,
C. M. Thompson.
'Uncle John" Tells of the Deer and
Elk That Roamed Tills Country ,
"Cnme must have been qulto plenti
ful when you first came lo Iho coun
try , Uncle John. "
"Yen , thill's MI. II was quite plenty , "
began Uncle John , as he lighted a
fresh pipeful of tobacco and Mettled
back In his arm chair. "Along about
' 70 the deer and antelope hadn't been
shot at much and you'd been H'prlseil
to HCO how lame they was. I've looked
out many a mornlu' from the door of
my old log house you see then ; , and
seen as high as fifteen or twenty an
telope or deer coming down from the
hills across the meddor yandor to
drink at the river. Sometimes a bunch
of elk would como in sight hut they
was more Henry. In the winter when
the Blkhorn was frozen , the poor ani
mals had a bard Job getting water at
limes. If there was snow on the
ground they would oat that but when
the ground was bare they would wan
der along the river bank hunting an
air-hole. Once I found an elk In the
river where ho had broken through
the Ice and it WIIH too deep for him to
get out. lie had gene out to where
Ilio antelope had been drinking and
being so heavy had broke through. I
went home , got. my team , pulled him
out , brought him up to the house and
tied him up , and , IIH ho was too thin
to make good oat Ing I fed him up for
a mouth or so and then butchered him.
I want to tell you ho made about tin
finest steak I over ot.
"The winter of 'oi ! and ' 70 the river
froze up so solid the antelope couldn't
find any place to drink except the wn <
tor hole where I had cut the Ice for
my cows and bosses to drink. There
would he some of them standing there
every morning , while the cold weather
lasted , walling for mo to como down
and chop the Ice out. " Undo John
paused and took a long pull at his
corn-cob pipe which had nearly gone
"I suppose you killed lots of ante
lope for meat In those days. "
"Yes , killed ail wo wanted. " re
sumed Uncle John. "In the fall of
the year the doer and antclopo used
to como into my corn-Held and oat.
stalks with my cows and calves. Some
times one would como home at night
with my cattle and go in the yard. I
built a yard with a high tight rail
fence along side my cow yard , and
whenever I'd see a doer or an ante
lope In with my cows I'd drive him and
a cow or two into the tight yard , turn
the cows out , and leave the deer or
antelope In. I'd leave 'em In there till
I got three or four collected and then ,
along about the holidays , I'd have a
big butchering day , Invite two or three
of my nearest neighbors over , just
llko we do nowadays when wo butcher
a heifer and two or three hogs. But
In them days we didn't need lo butch
er no hogs or cattle only when wo
wanted a change from venison. "
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Abso
lutely Harmless.
Every mother should know that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is per
fectly safe for children to take , ns It
contains nothing harmful. For sale by
all druggists.
It Is Found In Court That He Fought
Only In Self Defense.
Harry Boomer was released from
the charge of fighting In police court
Friday morning. The trouble occurred
on December 1 and trial was first sot
for December 15. At that time Bcem-
or was out of the city so the trial was
delayed until his return. Several wit
nesses were examined nnd It was
shown that Beemer was not the ag
gressor and probably fought only In
self defense , which was his plea.
Farmers bring In your repair work
for spring. I will save you 20 % , as I
have the tlmo and am prepared to do
the work. Paul Nordwlg.
Gcorje ( Stnlcop Hnn Force of Twenty-
rive Men One Week Enounh.
NniTolk will IKI HiipplliMl with Ice
next Hummer If the cold lump will con-
llnnn for anolhor week. Today a gang
of Iwcniy-llvo men Hlarlod cutting Ice
on ( ho I > a.vou near I ho Hiiiar factory
and MOIIIM Ice wiw hauled Into town In
Ilin nfltiriioon. Ut'orgi' Htnlnip , who
IN InirvcHlliig the lci < on the Imyou
Hiippllcii IccliuiiHCM In the city that
have u combined capacity of over 2 000
IOIIM nnd which Hiipply almost half the
Ice iiHcd. ThoHn will all he Illicit ! > v
Halurdiiy night nnlcHH u very warm
ell of weallier win In within a ilnv
or two. The Ice on the Imyon in of
a good iinnllty and varies fioin 10 to
II ! IncliCH In thlckncHH. .
'Phono who cut their Ice on the river
will IIMVO to wall for a few more days
of cold weather heforo they can ! ) (
Kin. Tim Ice only averages nimnl Hvt'
inclicH on the riinnlni ; water and It
will lint thicken Htilllclenlly to c\lt
without Home ncvero weather.
If yon don't hcllovo In a thing hard
eiioiii'li to do It In the matter of want
advertising , for example. yon Bland ,
practically , with thono who don't bo
llevo In It at all.
Kamiem lirlni ; In your icpalr work
for spring I will wivo yon 20 % an I
have the I line and am prepared to do
the work. Paul Nordwlg.
Yoil Mi Not Forget
\Vo : IPO . improv
ing in ilio apt of making Kino
Newest Styles in
Cards and Pinisli ,
also cappy a Kino Mno
) f Mouldings.
lowest Rales.
W , J , GOW & BRO ,
Money on Hind.
Slie Has Cured Thousands
Aleopatliy , Homo
opitthy , Klcciric nnd fien-
ci'iil Modir-ine.
Will , by request , visit profosloually
returning every four wuekH. Consult
her w.hllo the opportunity IH at Imnft.
OH. C'AMUVKU , limits her practice
to the Hpcrlal treatment of ( of
tlu < > < . car. HOMO , throat. IIHIKH. funmla
( llKCaHCH. ( IISCIIBC'H Of I'll I III TCI1 UIUl llll
chronic- , nervous anil HiirKlrul illrfcase *
of a cMiralilu nature . Karly eoiiHiimp-
tliin. bronchitis , bronchial catarrh ,
chronic catarrh , headache , coiiHtlpatlon ,
Momiich and howel troublcn. rheuma
tism , iiminilKln. wlntleii. Klilney dl.i-
iiasc-H , HrlKht'.s disease , diseases of tha
liver and Madder , dizziness , nurvoua-
ness , IndlKustlon. oheslty. interrupted
nutrition , slow Krowth in children , nnd
all witHtlnK diseases In adults , deform
ities. Hub feet , curvature of the splno ,
diseases of the brain , paralysis , licnrt
disease , dropsy , swelling "f the limbs ,
stricture , open sores , naln In the limma
granular cnlarKomunts and all
standing diseases properly treated.
Illlliul Illlll Slilll IllNfllHfM.
I'lniple.s. blotches , eruptions. liver
spots , falling of the hair , bad romplex-
nn eczema , throat ulcers , bone pains ,
bladder troubles , weak back , burning
jirlno , passing urine too often. The ef
fects of constitutional sickness or the
taking of too much liijurous medlclno
receives searching treatment , prompt
-ellef and a cure for life.
Diseases of women. Irregular uu-ns-
truatlon. falling of the womb , hearing
down pains , female displacements , lack
of sexual tone. I.eucorrhea , sterility or
barreness. consult Dr. Caldwell and she
will show them the cause of their trou
ble anil the way to become cured
riini'tTH. Knllrr. FlNliiln , IMIex.
and cnlarKcd Klands trcntra with the
subcutaneous Injection method , abso
lutely without pnln and without the
loss of n drop of blood , Is one of her
ovyn discoveries nnd Is really the most
splentllie method of this advanced HKO ,
Dr. Caldwell has practiced her profes-
slon In some of the largest hospitals
throughout the country. She has no
superior In the treating and dlagnos-
Intr or diseases , deformities , etc. She
has late opened an olllce n Oninlm. Ne
braska , where she will spend a portion
of cnch week
treating her
mnny pa-
tlents. NO Incurable cases accepted for
treatment. Consultation , examination
and advice , one dollar to those Interost-