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Well Known Newspaper Men , Who
Hnve Deen Runnlno the Columbus
Telegram , Take Possession of Dem
ocratic Newtrnppr In Dodge County.
Fremont ' " ' Vfn > ' ' " --Special tn
The NOWH ' " " Howard and M. ( J
Perkins of , , . . . | , \ today completed
n business deal by which they become
possessors of the Fremont Herald.
They will move hero from Columbus.
Tlio now management of ( lie Fre
mont Herald will make n decided Im
provement In the appearance and In
the business of Ilio paper , llolli Mr
Howard and Mr. Perkins am well
known In Nebraska.
Edgar Howard IH one of tlio most
prominent fuslonlstH In ( lie Rlalo , hav
ing at ono ( line been private secretary
to Congressman William J. Bryan and
at another tlmo candidate for con-
cress , lie was formerly president of
tlio Nebraska Press association.
Mr. 1'orkliiH was for many yearn
manager of ( lie American 1'roHs asso
ciation In Omaha and IH well known
through tbe Rtale.
Messrs Howard ai\d \ 1'erklnH have
been publishing tbo Columbus Tele
Many Attractive nits of Painting at
Weathorby Exblblt.
Tbo dlRplay of bandpalnted cblna
wlilcb IR about to bo placed before tbo
eyes of tbo public In tbo borne of Mrs.
TO P. Woathorby Is oven morn attrac
tive ( bis year ( ban over before and
lovers of that art will be delighted
with tbo work to bo found.
Among the choice array are nut
bowls In muslirooniR and plno COIIOR :
nmyonalso bowls and oreamoni and
sugars In the rich oriental colorlngH.
Something entirely new IH to be
soon In tbo steins of old Holland pat
terns and the steins are found , too. In
several other luindsnmo stylos. Tboro
are bonbon dishes In dainty patterns
and In a great variety of Hbapes and
There are chop plates In element
patterns which are very attractive.
Something now and dec.ldodly hand
some and striking Is a very beautiful
orange howl done In wild grapes.
Then there are salt cups , fancy trays ,
oandlo sticks In various patterns , fruit
plates In roses with rich colorings of
many shades.
Unlquo little water colors and pinto
cards add materially to tbo effective
ness of tbe display. Many of the col
orings and styles are now this year.
A. C. Hall of Columbus was In tbo
city ever night.
H. M. Holt of nutto was a city visit
or this morning.
Hev. U Frank of Fremont was In
town over night.
Paul Moses of Howolls spent the
night In the city.
J. 13. Douglas of Madison was In
Norfolk over night.
Mrs. G. H. Seller Is homo from n
short visit In Sioux City.
Miss Halo of Battle Crook was shop
ping In Norfolk yesterday
Chase Bussoll of Alblan was regis '
tered In tbo city last night.
W. E. McCord of Albion transacted
business In town yestorday.
Wm. Townsend of West 1'olnt was
a business visitor this morning.
Sir Hupton Tevis of Iximlon , Kng-
land , was registered at the Paclllc last
Miss Luella Baxter wont to Sioux
City this morning to attend the wed I-
ding of a friend.
Or. .1. C. Meyers Is suffering from
appendicitis. He has been bedfast
during several days of the past week. l
Ho has been a sufferer from this ailment
ment since ho arrived in Norfolk last
Jun.o. stm
H. E. Owen is home from Omaha
for a few days visiting his family. Mr.
Owen is a railroad contractor doing
heavy work , and tbo past has been ono
. of his busiest soaE-ons. He now has
contract for twelve miles of grading
on the Union Paclllc In the North
Platte valley , where the Union Pacific
nd Burlington are racing for position.
He also has a big piece of the now
Union Pacific cut-off between Omaha '
nnd Valley , which it Is expected will
take two years to complete. The plan
of the cut off Is to extend the road di
rectly west from Omaha to Valley ,
cutting through the hills In Douglas
county , saving the long detour to the
south from that city , and shortening'
the line between Omaha and Valley
some twelve miles.
L. Schcnzel Is erecting the new barn
back of his meat market , for which
the council granted permit some tlmo
A meeting of tbo directors and ofll-
cors of the commercial club will beheld
held tonight at the olllcc of the DOe
tary. eP
Chns. BeierBdorf. sr. , fell on a slippery
pery pavement yesterday morning
and sprained his ankle. Ho will bo
laid up for three or four days.
W. J. Bryan is to receive $1.000 per
letter for Uioso epistles that ho has
promised to send back to a syndicate
of American newspapers , nnd ho Is to
write about fifty of them. The Nebraskan -
braskan knows how to make political
A surprise party was held last oven-
Inc at Ilio homo "of Mrs. E. P. Steriri
In honor of MHR ! Hogorn. There wan
i good crowd of friends present and
the evening \vnn flpont In gamoa , with
dainty rotrcHhmcntH at the COHU. | All
bad n most enjoyable tlmo.
Plorco 1/mdnr : Tlmo. Holla and
family came up from Norfolk on Mon
day and luivo gone to housukeuplng In
the Neuman IIOIIHO on the east Rldo
and which tlioy will occupy until noxl
spring when they will move to n farm
northeast of Plorco that Mr. Bolt/
routed when bo wan lioro last week.
It IH not at all Improbable that , fol
lowing the Htory of revolutionary an
cestry printed thin week , Norfolk will
Hi'curo a chapter of "Tho Daughters
of the Itovnltillon. " A number of ol-
Iglhlo persons have como to light with
in the past day or two and It IH ovl-
dent that there are quite enough of
hem ( In I Norfolk for mich an organl-
Lieutenant Klrkman , the army olll-
cor mentioned In the cable dlHpatchoH
of this paper yesterday , under Manila
( Into line , IH mipposod to ho a brother
of the degenerate Captain Klrkman
from Fort Nlobrtiru who la now nerv
ing time behind the wnlls at Fort
Leavouwortb. The entire family IH
mild to bo of a poor typo. This one
In Manila Is alleged to have forged to
the extent of about $500.
Mra. D. H. Hullock and Mnt. 10. A.
llullock very delightfully entertained
about forty of their friends at an af
ternoon parly In the homo of the for
mer on Norfolk avoiiuo yesterday nf
lenioou. The cloudn and Htorm with
out but added to tlio cheer and plea
Hiiro within , which wan kept at high
pitch by nicann of Hindi and nix-hand-
od euchre. Mrs. A. Hoar won both tbo
Hboiitlng and the euchre prl/.o. Do-
llcloiiH dofroHlitnentH wore nerved.
Carl Llosncr , tbo aged farmer from
Pierce county who Htabhed and dan-
geroiiHly wounded City Marshal S. H.
Crlppen at Plalnvlow HOIIIO tlmo ago
ban boon brought to the Insane huspl
tal here and placed In the men'H cot-
tage. Monitor Is behaving hlmsolf
pretty quietly nlnco bin arrival bore
though the deputy who brought him
down experienced coiiHiderable til III
culty with the old fellow. Llosnor , li
talking of his Htabbing , Insists that
ho did right and believes It was bin
duty to pierce the frame of Marshal
Crlppen with his long saber. Dr. Alden
don anticipates no trouble with the
patient but tbo man will bo closolj
guarded. It Is not piobablo that bo
will ever again bo allowed his llbortj
MSI his mind Is KO affected that he will
It IH thought , never recover.
The News Is obliged to announce
that It can take no more nmchlpo com
position where the typo Is to bo
shipped to some other olllco. The
amount of machine composition has
Increased to such an extent that It Is
I practically impossible to keep up with
the orders , nnd the drain on the sup
ply of motall , having portions dlstrll
uted through half a dozen or more oi
llces Is BO great that It has been do
elded to ship no more out. The New
will still bo glad to have the order
I of country printers for work they lltv
| they cannot do themselves , but th
press work must bo done In this onico
It will also continue to fill orders fo
outside printers where the metal I
i to be sold outright , for In this oas
-thor metal can at once be ordered t
take tbo place of that shipped out.
Paul Nordwlg , one of the genla
business men of Norfolk who Is wo
known for the harness he make1 * , ha
had a harness made for himself of
kind that ho can not sew a double
harness of the sort that county judges
nnd ministers of the gospel know how
to create. County Judge William
Itates of Madison did it anil Miss Lena
Clans of Uattlo Creek Is tbe bride.
The ceremony was performed at the
i home of the bride's sister , Mrs. Wll-
iHam Ueeher. Wednesday afternoon
and Mr. and Mrs. Nordwlg are now
visiting with his parents on North
Tenth street. A little Inter they In-
Itend to go to housekeeping In a coz.y
home of their own. Miss Clans has
been living with Mr and Mrs. Ueeher
bore. Mr. Nordwlg stole a march 11' i
many of his friends In tbo procedure '
I i
_ ] I
At a Meeting Held In Grand Island ; <
Last Night it Was Determined to In-
vite Representatives From Other
Cities to Get Together.
Grand Island , Nob. , Nov. 25. Spo-
clal to The News : At a meeting of
baseball enthusiasts last night n com-
' mlttee was appointed to Invite base-
ball representatives of other Interior
cities to meet here In the near future ,
'to ' discuss the desirability of a league.
I Norfolk. Fremont , Columbus , Grand
island , Kearney , Hastings and Wahoo
are contemplated. Henry A. Slevers
I Is chairman of the committee.
Norfolk Business College Notes.
Ebon Perry has just returned from
a trip to Spencer. Ho hands in the
following enrollments ; Mr. G. K.
Smith. Miss Kato Storm , B. H. Storm
and Mr. J. S. Ross.
The following come from Meadow
Grove : Floyd J. Twiss nnd Walter
lj. LlllOW.
S. F. Dunn has near completion a
largo order for students' tables , made
necessary by the Increased attendance.
School will close Wednesday night
till Decemb'er 4 , OR many of the students -
dents wish ( o spend the holiday at
hoirio. '
The Eighteenth Annual Ball of the
Elkhorn Valley Lodge , Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen , Will be Held
on December 25.
Norfolk railroad men are going to
lance 1 ; In Norfolk Clirlntmns night. It
vlll bo the eighteenth annual ball of
Olkhorn Valley lodge , Brotherhood of
) lallwny { Tralntnon , and the party will
10 ) ( held at Marquardt hall. People
vho live In Norfolk know what this
noaiiH for tlioy know that the annual
tall ( | of the railroad boyn IH ono of the
noHt attractive lioclul functions of
ho twelvemonth , and , like a lot of
ithor good things , they grow bettor
vlth each added year of ago.
Committees in Charge.
The mantor of ceremonies will ho
I. F , McGrano , nnd bin asslstantB will
[ jo H. V. Evans , K. B. Taylor and
Juorgo L. Wantlln.
Tbo cotunilttoo on arrangements Is :
ieorgo F. Wantlln , S. J. Burnett , W.
. Walling , J. C. Ecclos , P. N. Lund
I'm ! W. M. Beck.
The reception committee : Messrs.
B. Taylor , L. A. Sims , Leon Leo ,
F. I. Russell , H. C. Dick , H. N. Mullen-
lore , N. F. Pfundor , M. Carborry ; and
McHilnmcs 10. B. Taylor , L. A. Sims ,
Leon I 'C , F. I. Russell , Bertha Ahl-
( mum | , Nora Burnett , Hazel aFlrbanks ,
Nannie Carhorry.
Invitation committee : F. W. Taylor ,
1" . N. Lund , H. N. Mullendoro , H. B.
( Jrady. H. F. Fisher , 13. H. Smith.
Floor committee : W. M. Beck. W.
Fox. W. G. Ueckor , 13. H. Smith , Bert
Sornsberger , C. W. Potter , O. P. List ,
II. 13. Gnuly.
Caesar and Betsy , Hounds Which Were
Owned Here by William Stein , Have
Been Sold to a South Dakota Officer
to Trace Criminals for $200.
Norfolk has lost its bloodhounds.
No more will telegraph or telephone
calls , from territory tributary to this
city , summon the brutes with sharp
noses and appetites for human blood.
Into service of trailing the fugitive
criminals. The two dogs , Caesar and
Betsy , owned by William Stein , have
been sold to the sheriff of I-awronce
county , South Dakota , up In the Black
Hills , and have already arrived nt that
point. The dogs were sold for some
thing over $ : > 00.
Dispatches from Deadwood state
that the two famous Norfolk dogs
have arrived and that It Is now hoped
the campaign of crime which has been
carried on In that territory for some
time , may be ended. The report says
that the Black Hills sheriff has great
faith In I ho dogs and he tells of their
last long run of 200 miles between
| Wakolleld and Wlnnetoon , trailing
liorsethleves. The Impression prevails -
vails In the Black Hills that tbo dogs
captured these thieves but this , of
course , IB untrue , although It was said
that tbe thieves were caught sight of
four times before they disappeared
Into the hills.
While the dogs bad made a number
of long runs In and around Norfolk , It
Is not known that they ever really
caught the criminals or caused a con
viction. Perhaps the unlquest bit of
trailing was done in connection with
the stealing of Dr. P. H. Sailor's horse
from Toft's grove some tlmo ago. The
dogs wore set on the trail and ran up
toward Pierce. The next day , while
the dogs were still tracing the thief ,
the horse was found In a barn to which
It had wandered.
The dogs were recently taken to :
Wakoflold to act In the safe blowing
Incident there but the thieves were
caught before the animals arrived.
They were several times put entrails
trails out of here , hunting horses , but
thi' thieves generally escaped. Not
long ago one team was stolen In the
west end of town. The dogs were tak [
en south of the river and the buggy
was found near the Insane hospital.
The selling of the dogs became a
good move for Mr. Stein when ho
moved recently from Norfolk to accept
a position In railway employ by way
of promotion.
Lincoln Men Interested In Announcement -
ment He Can Control.
Lincoln , Nob. , Nov. 28. A number
of Lincoln men have sent In their Now
York Life and Mutual proxies ton
Thomas W. I.-uvson and they nro In
terested in the announcement that n10
can control the next meetings of the
Resolutions upon the resignation of
Superintendent D. C. O'Connor passed
nt a meeting of the board of educa
tion held on the 25th day of Novem
ber , 1905 :
Wiereas , Mr. D. C. O'Connor hav
ing resigned ns superintendent of the
Norfolk city schools which he has so
ably filled for the pant nine years to
accept tbo appointment by the United
StatoH government an Huporlntondont
> f public Instruction for the iHllimiiH
of Panama ;
Therefore , bo It resolved , That we
"ongnitulato him upon thin deserved
recognition of his Horvlcen In the cause
if Diluent Ion whereby ho will have n
. "
'iroador Hold and more extended oppor
tunities I for the exercise of those abll-
ItlcH which have contributed to bin
SUCCCHH an a leacher and educational
Resolved. That Mr. O'Connor has
been n most faithful , energetic and
progrosHlvo Huperliilondent , untiring In
hlh efforts to build up and Improve
our Hcbools , and as n result of bin In-
MOTH wo are able to say that our Nor
folk city schools will compares favor
ably with any Hlmllar schoolH In the
' lato.
Resolved , That wo regret very much
he Hovering of the pleasant relations
of Huporlntendont and board of educa
tion , and the IOHH ( o our schools and
the community by the removal of Mr.
O'Connor to a far distant Hold of labor ,
nnd our best wlnhes go with him for
'lapplncHH ' ami continued success In
his chosen vocation.
Resolved , That these resolutions
shall bo spread upon the minutes of
thin hoard , and the secretary Instruct
ed to present a copy of the same to
Mr. O'Connor , and furnish Iheni to our
local newHpaperH for publication.
Crazy Suspect Is Still Engaged In
Blowing Safes.
Sioux City Journal : Robert Ray ,
alias lOlmer Russell , whom the police
suspect of bolng the third of the trio
which blow the Bafo In a Rnloon at
Wakellehl , Nob. , Is still In a demented
condition at tbo county jail.
Dotectlves J. B. Richard and Mlko
Follls visited the jail yesterday morn
"Georgo Parker wants to know If
you got hurt over there a few weeks
ago , " remarked ono of them.
"Ob , you mean In that Springfield
affair , " replied Ray. "I'm all right
again. "
Then his mind wandered again to
safe blowing and an attempt to es
cape from a poBsewlthshotguns.
capo from a posse with shotguns.
While Parker and Lynch , who are
In I jail at Ponca , charged with commit
ting the Wakoflold Job , have boon sus
pected of having been Implicated In
the Springfield robbery , Ray's confes-
nlon strongly confirms the theory of
the police.
Tbe police are at a loss bow to ac
count for Ray's mental aberration. At
times ho Is In mortal fear that the
other members of the gang are going
to "got him" for being a "stool pig
con. " Again ho craves for morphine
or any kind of dope.
"Just glvo mo a little dope , nn >
kind , " ho pleads. "I can snuff It , or
oat It , or take It any way. "
When ho gets an opiate he becomes
quiet for n while.
The prisoner's description tallies
precisely with that of the fugitive litho
the Wakeficld affair.
Ray will bo brought before th
board of Insanity commissioners this
Despite Tucker Law , Now Void , Jur ;
Will Act as Special Jury.
A peculiar situation hog resulted ii
Madison county as a result of the dec
laratlon that the Tucker jury law Is
void. The old law provided that the
jury should bo Bolected by the county
commissioners not later than fifteen
days In advance of court. Tbo new
law provided that the jurors should bo
selected by the county canvassers ,
and tbo Jurors for the coming session
of district court were chosen In that
Now that the Tucker law has been
declared void , Jack Koenlgstoin has
written to Judge Boyd as to what will
be done. It being too late to select
jurors In the old way. Judge Boyd
replied that ho will ask Sheriff Clem
ents to request the jurors selected to
act as a special Jury If this Is satisfac
tory to Madison county attorneys.
But In Spite of That , and the Fact
That He Walked Four Miles to
Town , the Man Is Said to Have a
Rare Chance to Recover.
Lincoln , Neb. , Nov. 27. While hunting -
ing August Schultz of this city yester
day suffered an accident In which his
arm was blown off by a shotgun. The
bone was torn nway clean from the
shoulder and every artery was sev
ered. Ho walked four miles to town
and his veins were apparently emptied
of blood but the doctor says ho has a
bare chance of recovery.
Little Hildreth Gamble Dead.
Little Hildreth Gamble , the beauti
ful child from Kansas City who will be
remembered In Norfolk as having act
ed as ring bearer at the Rlddle-Slsson
wedding hero June 3 , 1003 , died a week
ago at the home of her parents In
Kansas City , of malignant diphtheria.
Another Express Driver.
Gus Bloy has accepted a position as
driver for the American and Pacific
express companies. This will make
three drivers In Norfolk , and will clvo
Improved service.
M. C. Von Rahden of Crelghton Has
Again Assumed Control of the Park
Hotel at Crelghton , After a Week's
Absence Re-Exchange Satsfactory.
Crolghton , Neb. , Nov. 28. Special to
The News : Tom Young , formerly n
loardlng house man at Plorco , who
iccaiiie entangled In some sort of
rouble over femininity , and who has
icon In hot water for BOIUO lime past
localise both he and his wife claimed
iln children , was sentenced to two
ears In the penitentiary at Center ,
he county neat of Knox county , yes-
onlay afternoon , and wan taken to
jlncoln by Sheriff Burns this morning
Court was held by Judge Boyd , who
sentenced Young. Young had recently
leen at Bloomfleld.
G. D. Reese of Plorco was here to
Karnest Hall of Pierce was here to
W. J. Houston of Plalnvlow is In the
W. II. Sackett of Bloomflold la In
Mrs. Jasmcr of Pierce Is In the city
R. G. I3dons of Tllden was In Norfolk -
folk this morning.
G. E. French of Wlnslde was In the
city yesterday on business.
Mrs. Maggie Walker of Sioux City
arrived last night for a visit with her
brother , Robert Mills.
Mrs. Robert Howe and son , Harry ,
are In the city from Randolph , visit-
ng her parents , Mr. and Mrs. William
R. B. Hall was In the city yesterday
for a short time , visiting his mother
and his brother , W. F. Hall. He was
enroutc to Omaha from Nollgli.
I. W. Alter of Wayne was In the city
over night on his way homo from
Grand Island , where ho had been at
tending the monthly meeting of the
finance committee of the A. O. U. W.
At the mooting held yesterday tbe
grand lodge settled In full al claims of
tbo supreme lodge against Nebraska ,
amounting to $59,000 , the payment ol
which was authorized by the grand
lodge at its session In South Omaha
last May.
Miss Ryan nnd Miss Grace Ryan ol
Nellgh are guests of Miss Knthryn
Shaw. They came down for the danc
ing party given by the Trinity Social
guild last evening.
Henry Hollyfleld is quite ill at his
A very valuable Jersey cow belong
Ing to W. H. Sblppee died last night
The Trinity social guild gave f
pleasant dancing party In Marquardi
hall last evening.
A surprise party was perpetrate !
upon Harold Oxnam last night by
number of his young friends in The
Neligb Leader : The first of the
week a trained nurse was summonec
from Norfolk to Wayne to attend A
G. Bohnert. who is dangerously sick.
The four classes In the high school
will tonight tender a farewell recep
tion to Superintendent O'Connor and
a welcoming reception to Superinten
dent Bodwell In Marquardt ball.
Elaborate propnratlons have boon
made for the affair.
Plalnvlew News : Mr. and Mrs. E.
O. Engler entertained a number of :
their friends Tuesday evening. The
evening was spent in dancing. The
Italian orchestra of Norfolk furnished
excellent music for the occasion nnd
all present report a Hno time.
M. C. Walker , who was In Stanton
yesterday , says that it Is feared there
tlmt the young man named Glnser ,
who fell from a church steeple n couple -
plo of weeks ago , will not recover.
His skull is fractured and it Is feared
by his father that the young man will
i Nollgli Leader : Henry Kryger re
turned Saturday evening from Omaha ,
where he has been under treatment In.
St. Joseph's hospital. Unless perhaps
he Is somewhat weaker from the oxer-1
tion of the trip , his condition shows
no material change , either for better
or worse.
! Verdlgre Citizen : Monday the
three-year-old ( laughter of T. A. Tiknl-
sky , ono of the proprietors of the Prog ,
ress , while playing with Jos. Kotrous'
children , received a severe injury from
an ax In the hands of one of her play
mates. The little finger on the right
hand was almost severed , hanging by
but a small piece of skin. Her parents
brought her to Dr. Bates , who dressed
the wound and 1ms hopes that ho may
save the finger.
Nellgh Leader : Mrs. Jane Brown
of Clenrwnter was taken tp the Nor
folk asylum on the 18th. She has been
a frequent Inmate of the state Institu
tions of this class , was discharged last
April , and according to the general
tenor of events It was Just about time
for her to take another trip nt the ex
pense of the county. She has been
showing vicious tendencies for some
tlmo , nnd recently visited a "school
house and scared the children , mak
ing them alng for her amusement.
Wlnsldo Tribune : As Fred Mile-
molor , n. Gorman farmer living six
miles southwest of Wlnsldo , was going
homo from town last Thursday after
noon his horses became unmanage
able when ho got out by Charlie Ny-
dahl's , nnd ran away. Ho was thrown
Out of the wagon , striking on his head
and It won thought by Wm. Prince ,
vho found him , that his nock was brok
en. Mr. Prince came to town and secured -
cured Dr. Isaacs and a Hvory team
and the man was brought to town , but
ntor waH taken home. Ho remained
inconsclous for some tlmo but was all
right the next day for ho came back
nnd fixed the fences ho tore down.
Yesterday was an exceptional day
or Damascus Commandcry , No. 20 ,
n Norfolk. In the afternoon Surgeon
C. Brown of Fort Nlobrnra , Nob. ,
vho arrived at noon , received the or-
lor of the Red Cross and In the oven-
ng was given the Knights Templar
logroo. Aside from this , however ,
was an important feature in n farewell
for D. C. O'Connor , who Is about to
eave for Panama. The members of
: ho order presented to Mr. O'Connor ,
as a token of their esteem , a very
landsomo Knights Templar charm ,
the presentation speech being made
E. J. Rlx , eminent commander.
Mr. O'Connor responded In able man
ner. After the ceremonies the moni
tors of the order enjoyed a delightful
supper at the Xlrfns restaurant.
Lincoln Democrats Believe Mr. McKII-
lip Can Win Next Year.
Lincoln News : The talk of Patrick
McKllllp's aspirations for the demo
cratic governorship nomination next
year Is discounted by prominent dem
ocrats who are In close touch with the
wealthy and oratorical young follow
er of Bryan. McKlllIp Is more apt to
be a candidate against J. J. McCarthy
fc r congress In the Third district , they
say. McKlllIp baa ability nnd Is anx
ious to begin his congressional career
early , as a stepping stone to higher
honor. He made the race against Mc
Carthy last time and demonstrated his
prowess by making considerable gains
over his ticket. It Is alleged that ho
can defeat the republican candidate
when the latter Is without the aid of
Roosevelt's popularity. Those who
are close to the Humphrey banker say
that he also counts on some slight
sentiment against the third term prop
osition to aid him.
Politicians believe that there Is no
question that McCarthy will be the
third term nominee If nothing untow
ard occurs before the convention , the
doctrine of permanent employment in
congress having obtained a strong
hold on the members of the party in
that district. Last year McKlllIp lost
the district to McCarthy by 2,911 votes
In the face of the Roo.sevolt popular
wave. In 1902 Robinson , the fusion
candidate , backed by a united organi
zation of the democrats and populists ,
lost the district by CCO votes against
McCarthy. It is on such n statistical
showing that the democratic friends
of McKlllip base their hope that he
can land himself In congress.
Recent Interviews have cjuoted the
Humphrey man as saying that ho
wwultl prefer the Governorship to a
place In congress on account of the
smaller handicap under which ho
would labor at the start. Why ho
takes such an attitude Is not known ,
in view of tbo fact that ho is seeking
an opportunity to run against McCar
thy. The fact that some who know
better are Industriously circulating
the story that ho wants the governor
ship neivlnati-n Is regarded In some
quarters as confirmation of the theory
Mint it is a ruse to lull McCarthy into
Bonesteel Service Will be Earlier in
the Day.
Effective on Monday , December 4 ,
Bonesteel line freight trains number
j"l north bound , leaving Norfolk city
station at 12:05 : p. m. , and number 72 ,
south hound , arriving at Norfolk city
station nt 9:00 : p. m. . will bo annulled ,
and in their place an extra north
bound freight train will leave Norfolk
city station at 7:0.r : > a. m. , and south
bound train will arrive nt Norfolk City
station at 7:110 : p. m.
These trains will carry passengers
between Norfolk and Bonesteel.
There will be no change in the other
freight trains between Norfolk and
Verdigre. H. C. Matron , Agent.
Changes Slated for the Land Office.
Shedd is Selected to Take Green's
Place and Fiford is Picked to Suc
ceed Receiver Kennard.
Omaha , Neb. , Nov. 24. The state
bar association elected the following
officers for the year :
President , E. C. Calkins of Kearney
vice presidents , J. B. Strode , W. T.
Wilcox , J. L. McFeeley ; secretary ,
Roscoe Pound ; treasurer , A. G. Elllck.
Shedd to Get One and Fiford to be
Given Another.
Lincoln , Neb. , Nov. 24. Harry Q.
Shedd is slated to succeed Register
Green in the land ofllco and William
Fiford is slated to succeed Receiver
Kennard. The other six offices have
not yet been considered.
Killed by a Fall.
Benson Neb. , Nov. SS.-I il * Rrn-
est fel ) from a hay mow In a barn
here yesterday and won Instantly
K1II6U ,