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NOUKOIiK. NKUHASKA I'MtlDAY ' ' KMailtKIl I 1 ) ( ) &
American Cables Companies In New
York Today Received Word That No
Messages Can be Delivered in St.
Petersburg , on Account of Tumult.
Now York , Dec. 1. The cable coin-
panics received notice today that Iho
delivery of messages In St. Petersburg
lias been stopped nml that communica
tion with Finland has been Interrupted
at St. Petersburg.
The delivery of all mall was slopped
In Si , Petersburg this morning.
St. Petersburg , Dec 1. The admiral
ty received the following telegram
from Admlial Cliouknln at Sevastopol.
"We wlbhed to terminate the affair
on Nov. L'k by suiioundlng the mu
tinous division with troops and issu
ing an ultimatum for uncondl' f '
surrender The mutineers , howe.
commenced to at lack on thu night ot
Nov 27 helping the torpedo boat
Evlrepoi and throe others which had
drawn near the eiuiser Otchakoff A'l
these vessels hoisted red Hags , after
which the Otchakoff Hew the signal
that Lieutenant Schmidt was in com
mand of the lleet. Armed parties in
sloops Irom the O'rhakoff ' went to
the Pantelelmon , on which there were
no arms , captured the officers and look
them on board the Otchakoff. "
"We were compelled to tolerate
such doings. Inasmuch as the licet had
been disarmed In view of the danger
ous attitude of the sailors. One after
another the craft on the eastern shore
of the southern bay were seized by
the mutineers and red Hags hoisted.
The plan which was first propo od was
abandoned and It was resolved to
adopt energetic measure's to pi event
the situation from becoming worse.
The officers captured by the mutineers
were taken on hoard the Otchakoff , in
the belief that their presence on tfiat
vessel would prevent fire being opened
on it. At 3 HO on the afternoon of
Kov 20 fire was opened by Held ai-
tlllory on the ships In the southern
harbor flying red flags. The Otchak-
off then opened fire , to which the
north shore battery and the loyal
ships whose bieeeh locks had been re
stored , replied. The Svlrepol ad
vanced to the attack , but was met
with a strong fire from two cruisers ,
the Captain Sacken and the Painyat
Merkurlya , and from the battleship
RostlalaT. The Svlrepol was Imme
diately put ont of action , s were also
two other torpedo boats , one of whlcn
eank. The OtchaUoff had flred barely
elx shots when she hoisted the white
flag and the squadron ceased to fire.
A conflagration broke out oil the Ot
chakoff and boats were sent to rescue
the survlvorb. Ueutenant Schmidt ,
who was dressed as a common sailor ,
escaped , but was arrested later. When
the firing began a mining vessel ,
which had on board 300 mines , fearing
an explosion , was sunk by the com
mander. "
Admiral Chouknln telegiaphed later
that the barracks In which the muti
neers had defended themselves had
been occupied by the troops and that
the mutineers who surrendered , to
gether with those captured on the Ot
chakoff , number 2,000 , the majority of
them being reservists. A torpedo
boat , which was supposed to have
been sunk , was found today ashore.
It was on fire. The Otchakoff Is
afloat , but gutted. The town Is qulot.
The official dispatches announcing
the decisive crushing of the great mu
tiny ut Sevastopol and the capture of
the mutlneurs , Including the fanatical
commander , Lieutenant Schmidt , has
raised a great load from the hearts of
Count Wltte and his associates In the
Strike of Telegraphers.
At a protracted cabinet council , long
and serious consideration was given
to an even graver problem , the gen
eral strike of the telegraph and the
postal employes , which has completely
paralyzed the interior communication
of the empire , arid which , If continued ,
will moan nothing else than the eco
nomic and Industrial death of Russia.
Rumors were flying thlcU and fast
that Count Witte had decided to sac-
rlllce M. Durnovo , the acting minister
of the Interior , whose action In dls
charging the leaders of the employes
brought on the strike It Is believed
that M. Durnovo will be given a final
opportunity to rectify his errors.
According to telephonic Information
from Moscow the telegraphers there
approached Baron Mldem , the prefect ,
who promised to present a petition for
the re-employment of those who had
been discharged If work was Immedi
ately recommenced. The government
perhaps will accept this egress from
its difficulty In this regard.
Court Frees Iowa Banker.
Ottumwa , la. , Dec. 1. Th trUJ of
B. H. Skinner , whose bank nt Bir
mingham failed a year ago , came to
an end when Judge Elchelbergcr di
rected K verdict for th defendant on
the ground that the evidence did not
agrea with the charge In the Indict
ment. Skinner was charged with ao
, c ptlng deposit * when the bank wai
Insolvent. * '
A-prcpriatlon Wanted to Investigate
Municipal Problems.
tic Molnes , Dec. L Seven Iowa
majors , comprising th legislative
committee of the Iowa League of Mu
nicipalities , called on Governor Cum
mins and HI god him to Incoipornte in
his message a lecommeudatlou to the
leglslatuio to make an appropriation
and provision for Investigating city
problems for the benefit of the cities
of the state. The mayors called the
governor's attention to the fact thti
the state appropriates $250 to eai i
county fair , $75 to eveiy farmers' lu
st Itute and $50 lo every teachers' In
stitute for purposes of education and
Investigation of agileuHural and edu
cational problems , but that the cities ,
which paj one half llio taxes of the
state , are given no favors of that klnu.
They urge that the legislature Investi
gate city problems for the benefit ot
Iho cities of the state.
Panic at Moscow.
SI. I'otorshuig , Doc 1- Advices by
telephone fiom Moscow dec Lire thai
that city Is In a state or panli and
thai the hoi lei classes are hurrying
nbtoad. Mall advices from Warsaw
n > that the number of ariosts of po
' ' / „ ! offenderH Is on the Increase and
U. v searchlng of premises by the
A Large Number of Turkeys Went to
Their Death at Bonesteel to Help
Feed the People Who Wanted to
Help Along a Good Thing.
Honest col , S. D. , Dec. L Special to
The News : The Catholics are now
lolding a three days' fair , the proceeds
if same to be used in paying foi the
low $0,000 chinch that Is now near
Although the weather hap been any-
hlng but favorable , still tiny are hav-
nga huge attendance , having served
Hnnor to over ! ! 00 the first day. A
arge Thanksgiving dinner consisting
) f four courses was served , foity-llve
.urkeys having gene to the block to
iclp make up the menu.
Valuable articles are being rallied
off each night , the same being donated
to the church and consisting of fancy
needle woik , lange stoves , one $00
saddle and numerous other articles.
At present seventeen head of cattle
mve boon given by fanners of the
county and through the efforts of one
of the leading hardware firms of the
city , Caughn & McKec$500 was given
> ' the wholesale houses with which
they deal.
Rev. Father Vuduich and other ac
tive members of the church have la
bored long and patiently and are de
serving of great credit in the success
they have accomplished.
Two Killed in Peculiar Accident.
Au Sable , Mich. . Dec. L Mis. Will-
lam Gaiclnei and her
live-year-old son
were killed here in an extraordinary
accident. With another lady and the
latter's child they were driving , when
a wheel of theii carriage became en
tangled In a wire attached to a flag
pole Before the carriage could bo
stopped , the polo was pulled over ,
sttiking Mrs. Gardner and her child
as it fell on the carriage and crush
ing the heads of both mother and
child. The other two occupants of the
carriage escaped injury.
Fire Panic Averted.
NBW York , Dec. 1. The dellcato
task of dismissing three large holiday
matluee audiences to avoid a fire panic
was accomplished without accident
when a flre In a factory at 115-121
East Thirteenth street threatened to
spread to the heart of the east side
amusement district , In Fourteenth
Btreet , between Third and Fourth
avenues. The audiences at the Devvey
theater , Huber's museum and the
Palace Music hall left these houses In
perfect order.
Jews Celebrate Aniiveraary.
Now York. Dec. L In celebration
of the 250th anniversary of the land
ing of the Jews In America , a meet
ing was held In Carneglo hall , at
which addresses were delivered by
ox-Presldont Grover Cleveland , Gov
ernor Frank W. Hlgglns of New York ,
Mayor George B. McClellan of New
York city. Bishop Coadjutor David
Greer of the New York dlocose of the
Protestant Episcopal church , Mayor
Sulzberger and Rer. Dr. H. Perelra
Two More Vessels Wrecked.
Duluth , Dec. 1. Dashed on the rocks
near Thomasvllle. the steel steamer
George Spender and her consort , the
Amboy , of the Tonnwanda Steel com
pany line , arc wrecks. The crews
were saved by fishermen.
Steamer Sinks With Twenty-two.
Marseilles. Dec. 1. A dispatch
from Constantinople reports that the
steamer Bolcldlcn. belonging to this
port , has been wrecked In the DOB-
phorijs and that all the mentbcrs of
ficjr crow , numbering twenty-two , are
believed to hftvi"'be'cij drowned.
The Amount of School Funds to be Ap
portioned Tuesday Will Exceed
$200,000 , Permanent Educational
Fund Also is Increasing.
Lincoln , Neb. , Dec. 1. The enfoice
nient of the scavenger tux law In
counties Is resulting In n heavy In
crease In the Htalo troamiry. The
amount of temporary Hchool funds to
be apportioned Tuo'iday will ovcood
$2 < 10,0iiil and the peimanenl education
al liinil Is also Incicaning.
State Tioamiror Moitonsen IH con
templating the puiclmsu of $100,1)110 )
state or county bondn , thosu beailng
the largest rate of inleiesl being pie
Engineer and Fireman Killed and a
Dozen Passengers Injured ,
Philadelphia , Dec. 1.- The Central
Railroad company of New Jersey's
New York 11er , which left Seranioa
last night , was wiecked at Stony
cicek , about ten mihs north of Munch
Chunk. Information from ( ho vlcln
Ity of the accident Is meager , but the
latest iccelved by the Associated
Press by telephone is that an engi
neer and firi'iimn were killed and
about a dozen passengers Injured
The engineei s name Is said to ho Al
bcrt and that of the fireman Detroy
So fa i as can he learned the locomo-
tlvo ol I he llyer Jumped the track at
a sharp curve at Stony creek and
plunged Into the Lehigh river , along
which the railioad extends The
combination hnggagc and day roach
also went over the embankment The
other coaches did not leave the road
. . -
Closing Day Given Over to Arguments
of Counsel.
Annapolis , Mil. , Dec. 1. Kxcept for
the announcement of the vetdict after
it shall have hern passed upon b > Hii )
secielaiy ( it llu > navy , the Meriwctber
conrt-maitlal , insular as the- public is
( oncetni'd , is at an end The da > wa ,
almost wliollj given over lo argnnu nt1-
of counsel hefoto Hie i ourt which Is
trying Midshipman Merlwctlirr on
< barges , the most setious of whl'c.i Is
manslaughter , In connection with Iho
death of Midshipman lames K
llranch , .Ir , alter a list fight in which
lie and Merlwethcr engaged. .lames
M. Mimioc and Ueutenant Command
er .John K. Hobison , the latter being
bandiiappcd by an ntlacU of tonsilltls ,
spoke In defense of the accuse d and
Judge Advocate Marix and United
States District Attornc-j John C Rose
for the prosecution. At the conclu
sion of the address of Mr Rose the
court was cleared and consldeiution of
the verdict bugun.
More Trouble for Equitable.
Berlin , Dec. 1 The imperial Insur
ance office has informed the repre
sentatives here of the Equitable Life
Assurance society of the United States
that it will appoint a receiver to ad
minister upon the company's property
In Germany In the interest of ( lie Ger
man policy holdeis , unless the com
pany increase its premium reserves In
vested In Germany , as required by the
insuiance law of May. 1901.
Barge Madeira Ashore.
Duluth , Dec. 1 The barga Madeira ,
which line been missing on Lake Su
perior since she broke away from the
bteamc'r Edenborn , It. ashore at Split
rock , three milt * from me wreck of
the ICduiborn. All the members of
the crow , except Mate Jam ? * Mar
row , who lost his life , arrived herr
Captain J. M. Dl ette had both feet
frozen Marrow was d'ovvned while
trying to reach th shore.
Alleged Anarchists Acquitted.
Paris. Dec. 1. The criminal court
this morning rendered a verdict of
acquittal In the cases of Valllno , Har
vey , Charles Mnlato and Caussanel.
who were accused of complicity in the
plot to assassinate King Alfonso and
President Loubet during the vlblt of
the former to Paris In May last
Hold Liner for Ransom.
Vienna , Dec. 1. The Neuo Frelo
Presse says that the mutineers at
Batoun. Trans-Caucasia , have seized
an Austrian-Lloyd steamer and are
holding It for ransom. Count Golu-
chowekl has sent a protest to tha
Russian government.
Death of Henry Anson.
Marihalltown , la. , Dec. 1. Henry
Anson , founder of this city , and one
of the earliest settlers of central Iowa ,
died of pneumonia. He was the father
of Adrian C. Anson of Chicago , who
was the first white child born In Mar
shall county.
Farmers Save Train From Wreck.
Evansvllle , Ind. . Dec. 1. Two farm
ers found a large cross tie bolted se
curely across the rails of the Lout
vllle and Nashville track near Upton
and BoU the obstruction removed just
a * the a bo nd Florida flyer pantd
Letter Written by Member of D. K. C
May Result In Incllctmentn.
Oamblor. O. , Dee 1. I'nmtu iittm ;
Attmnoy Stlllwull picRonlcd to Iho
jrnnd jury InvosllKatlm ; Iho death of
Stuart I'lnn-on a lettur said to have
linen written by A. 1C YcnU , a sin
lent at Kcnyon college , lo hlH mother
at Akron , O. , telling how I'loiiion met
IR ! death and dcplnilng tbo tiagody
York VVIIH a member of the committee
: hat Initiated Plni-Min. who w u killed
by u train while buliiK Initialed Into
: ho Delia Kappa ISpRllcin naternlly
York's letter Is tlin fi'rnl piece of tan
gible evidence that hns been piosonl
ed to tin- grand Jury , iind likely \\lll
rpKult In one or moio Indictinenln , an
ictlon which Iho autl.oiltleH did not
oxpiot until they dlscovernil this
c'ttor. I'toHecntor Kllllwell lofusod
to make a when asked
about the lettei.
Llghtbody Wins Cross-Country Run.
Chicago. Ore I The cioss-country
an lot ! hc IntorcolloKlMto champion-
hip. In which teams representing the
inheisltlch o | Chicago. Illlnlim Wla-
o'ulu and Nobiaskn paillcipaiKd ,
was , won by James Llghtbodv of
.Milcago Llghtbodv'n closest compel-
tor W.IH Manner of Nebraska 'I h-
llstunce of the IHCP was five inllcH.
Macedonian Committee Will Try to
Create Situation Which Will Result
In War Between Turkey and Bul
garia l&sues an Ultimatum.
London , Uec I. While in official
( Mules In London it Is intimated
I lie povvoib do not expect the hiillan
to yield as llio icsnlt of the ouuia-
tion ol .Mil } line , It Is slated that oth
ur plans have not been .lelliuU Ij in-
lunged , othei powcin awaiting thu
llniish pioposals Tim fcneign olllco
Inlonned thu Asnoclalcd PIOSH that
the Mulish government does not know
exactly the amount ol loeicion the
ollici poxvets am willing to employ ,
Inn It IH certain none of the poucts
are milling to rchoit lo aitnnlvut -
faro to enfoicu llio demands for HID
financial conliol of Macedonia. TliU
view of the situation makes It qulto
possible that demonstration by'occu
pation may proceed somewhat Indefi
nitely The picsent situation In the
United Kingdom naturally Increases
I lie reticence In olliclal circles lieiu ,
and -ii Cieat Britain IB taking a lead
the movements of the demonstrating
llm.'t may be delayed lor home time ,
pending thu decision of thu cabinet
to resign or the dissolution of parlia
ment The government has received
Information rmm Soda through ofllclal
bonnes that the Macedonian commit
tee has Issued what Is practically an
ultimatum , that unless tin ; demonstra
lion of I IIP poweis shall be cairicd tea
a successful issue , thu revolutionaries
aio pieparcd to announce that they
Intend to create a situation which will
be CPIlain to result in a war bolwoeu
Tm key and Bulgaria. It U well known
that Bulgaria hub been preparing for
eventualities since 1887. An accord
1'aving been leached between nulgarla
and Uoiimanla concerning Macedonia ,
Ihi'se two governments are now pro-
piued to try conclusions with Turkey
should the necessity for such action
Their Scow Crushed In an Ice Jam at
Coal Creek , Near Forty-Mile.
Vancouver , II. C , Due. 1.With
sure death facing I Item and without a
fighting chance irft. eight men were
caught In an Ice jam at Coal Creek ,
below Forty Mile , Alaska , and drown
ed. Ilenjainln F. Sinclair , .lames W
Sullivan. John Luld , C. Johnson and
four others left Davvson on Oct. 25. In
a scow for Circle City. Henry Isaacs
Andy Melberau and C. W. Adamn
who ai rived at Dawson from Fair
banks , say that Captain William
Moore reports having seen eight men
In a f > cow strike -a Jam about noon
on Oct. Ufi. The Ice was heavy at tin
time and the jam piled high One
man got out of the scow and started
to c rawl over the Ice toward the
shore Moore ran Into his cabin to
get his binoculars. When he returnei
the scow had been crushed and Iho
iinn on the ice had disappeared
Alfonso to Wed Princess Ena.
London Dec. 1 The Madrid corre
spondent of the Standard bayb he IE
In a position to a &ert that King Al
fonso IB engaged to be married to
Princess Ena of Battenberg , niece ot
King Edwaid _ _ _ _ _
Needs of the Philippines.
Washington , Dec. 1. Colonel C1 i *
cnce R. Edwardi , chief of the bureai
of Iniular affairs , In his annual repor
to the secretary of war , states that the
tbreo roost Important needs of the
Philippine Islands ar a market , tha
opportunity for f&rnori to borrow
money nt reasonable rntos of Interest
and adequate transportation facilities.
Provision * for tht latt r hat b a
by < ongT ( i. *
First Time Wolverines Have Been De
feated In Five Years Star Tackle
Ruled Out for Slugging Eckersjll
Other Gridiron Battles.
Chluu',0 , Dee L Chicago , 2 , Mich
H'tm. 0. The undisputed hoimi of the.
Vtcslcin football champlntishlp wa
vvoti by ( Mill ago by the close scotn
of two polnlH , eaincd on a nulciy
touibdown in the MM unit half by the
splendid \votk of Captain ( . 'alltn of
Chicago , but also by the poor jndg
inent ( if Clink of Michigan In dying to
inn bai k a punt ol ICckoisail's wl'lch '
haiel ) leiiihod Ilio Mlihlgan goal line
lie was ihiown acuity the line b )
Catlln , aftei he had llnoun nlT Iwo
Chliago lacklets , and two points , a
safi ! > touchdown , woie leeoided foi
Chicago the onlv scotlni ; done In the
Ijanic Cuitls , Ml < hlgan s hi ! laikle.
was disqualified rally In the game lor
ilugglng The vliilm was Waller
Id kcisall , ( Mill ago s ipiailci back
The gamu was devoid nf
fciitntiK. llillllant open bold play by
Chliago , and haul , giindlng man kill
Ing line woik by Mlililgiin was ex
pulled by the 28,000 speclalois thill
surioiindeil the gildlion on Mainliall
held liiil the contrary WHS the < IIHO.
Tilck plays almost Invailably wuro tin-
uuccoshlul ICcketsall , whoso lemaik-
ahlo powers wine expectixl at least lo
hi ore for Chicago , had only ono
chuni'o t a diop kick , and this was
uiiRiicn'HSful Michigan's concerted of-
foiiHc when hulled against the ( Milcn-
KO line , failed lo produce oxpeiled in
stills , and tliii light for Iho honor of
the wentutu fool bull championship
devolved Itself Into u punting duel he
I ween ICekorsall of ( Milcago and Gar
nils of MlchUan but with thin unex
pected ditfi.ieace Michigan utteily
failed lo gain consist ! nlly against Chi
cago's , deft nso , whlli f'blcago , WIOMI |
line yielded lo the niiaiks of neat I )
every team that had played Chicago
this Hcauon1101 only held against the
hunvy line plays of Michigan , but
gained much more ground than did
Michigan on straight football. Part of
this was duo to the disqualification for
slugging In the first half of Cuitls , the
alar tackle of Michigan , for Hckorsall.
ipilck to observe the consequent weak
ness In Michigan's defense , directed
the Maroon's line play against PntrlcH.
who look CurtlB' place. OittKldo of
all this , however. Chicago plainly out
played Michigan and the maize and
blue for the first tlmo In five years
wore defeated.
Cornliutkers , Though Scored On , De
feat Illinois , 24 to 6.
Lincoln , Dec. 1. For the third sue
cobslve Thanksgiving day pnnic Ne
braska defeated Illinois on the : foot
ball field. The final acoro was 24 to
6. The visitors played their beat right
at th start , Captain Moynlhan taking
advantage of a fumble by a Nebraska
player nnd running forty yards for a
touchdown , following up his feat by
Kicking an easy goal After that Ne
braska plaved hc'i Kiiine , and though
Illinois was strong on defense , the
Nebraska goal was never threatened
The ilav was cold and the ground like
flint Mass plays were depended on
almost nntltely for gains , and vvllti
the hard tackling players were frequently
quontly laid out , seven substitutes for
either side xoing In dining one of 111"
two halves Johnson , Cotton , Bern-
diet and Dnnslow wore Iho ground
gainers for Nebraska , while. Captain
Mnvnihan ( 'arm I hers , until ho was In
Juicd , Hate-man and Young played the
best for the visitors A crowd of be
I wren ! i 000 and ( i 000 saw the game
Kent's Plays Prove to Be Main Feat
urea of Game.
St. l > oulg. Dec 1. Outweighed , out
pointed and outfooted , St. Louis mil
vorslty wont down to defeat before
Iowa's speedy backs and plunging
tackles by a score of 31 to 0 To
Iowa also went the football suprcm
aoy of Missouri , as well as Its own
Mate , together with another peg to
clinch ItH title lo the Missouri valle.v
championship. Schwlnn and Kent dt
vldcd ( ho Individual honors. To the
latter's strong right leg Iowa owes
night of Its points Iowa kicked on
lo St. lyOiilR , who fumbled upon the
first play and lost the ball. Iowa was
then held for three downs and Kent
dropped a difficult field goal over the
bar for the first score. He duplicated
In the second half. The only serious
Injury of the game occurred In the
second half , when Half-Hack Robin
son of St. Ixiuls was carried from tin
fleld. suffering from what Is believed
to be concussion of the brala.
Three bailers Drowned.
Duluth. Dec. 1 Three men lost
their lives on the scow George Her
bert , which ran ashore at Two Islands
The news of the accident was brought
acre by the crew of the wrecked
teamor George Spencer. Two mom
btre of the craw of the. Herbert uic
la iavin | themselves.
Ten pernture for Twenty-four Hour * .
Forecait for Nebraska.
Condition of tbo weather a * record
ed for the 24 houra ending at 8 a. in.
odfiy :
Maximum uu
Minimum iu
\veing ( > 17
latomeler IMI.ilfl.
Trnco of lulu.
' rnln for mouth 2 ! lf !
1'iilal tain for year 117 Hit
ChlcniM ) , Dee I The bulletin IH
lined by the Chicago station of the
hilled States weather bureau thli
nooning , given the forccniit for No-
inuika an follown :
Snow or inln tonight with colder
M'st poilInn Kaluidii ) generally fair
ind colder
Kansas Hells Up 24 Points.
KnnniiH ( Mlv , Dec. 1. Hcfoio 7,000
'ontball onllmsliiHlH , the largest crowd
hat ovot witnessed a gildlron contest
n KUIIHIIH ( Mly. Iho UnivoiMty of Kan
ran rnotball I nun defeated the Unlvcr
Hlly of Mls oiirl eleven In Iho fifteenth
iiinual game b ) a score of 21 to 0.
Skull Fractured In Game.
Sullivan , Ind , Dec. I Right Half
lack Wllllnni of the Qwcmwlllc AIM
die club sustained a nurtured skull
\n a football game here. Ills condl
Ion Is scrloun
Cincinnati Woman Invited Young Lady
to Her Home The Young Woman
Fell In Love With Hostess' Husband
and Can't Live Without Him.
( Mnclnnall , Dec 1. "Olvo hint tlmo ,
if'll gel over li. "
Thnl IH the advice Mrn. Marlon Hub
jell ol llopklim Htieet handed out to
ealouKlveH today. MIH. llubbull
mows what HIO | IH talking about , or
liinkH idio docH. Her huHlmnd , an
elect i leal cnglncci , IH In love with
irctty MlHH Vi'Hla Hull , aged 17. of
Wilmington , Ohio.
MIH llubbell and her husband
alked the' matter ever Sunday and the
wife decided thai she would take her
liancc cm her husband lecovcrlng ;
lioin liiH Infnlnutli.n Hither than get
i dlvoice.
[ 'or n week MlHH Hall had boon a
guest In tin ; llubbell homo. She told
Htorlns to the llubbell chlldion , tdio
iclped MIH llubbell cook for thu man
they both love , and MrH. Ilubbell treat
ed her just at : Hho would any oilier
Sunday Miss Hall icturned. Hubbell -
bell took her homo and returned to IIIH
woik today.
"I suppose It seems Htiange lo KOIIIO
people , " said Mis. llubbell , "but I sen
no leason lor separation Irom my bus
liand just hi cam ; ? In1 IH Infatuated
with a pretty girl. Most men are , at
one time 01 another , and tin ; only dlf
feieiicp theio is between myself and
other women Is that I have my IIUH
band's conlldcnco. My husband met
Miss Hall while In Wilmington last
summer , where ho boarded with Miss
llall'H mother. The girl Is full of ro
mance I lei love is a matter of the'
Imagination. Mine is practical. She *
would never wash and slave for a poor
working man ami his two children ,
but llubbell doesn't know this. He'll
wake up some day and our homo will
be as happy as It was before ho met
MISH Hall. "
"I linvu wronged neither of these
women , " said llubbell himself today.
"Thoy aie both good , pure women , and
their only fault , If such It can be
termed , is that they both love so well
that neither can give me up. My at
tentions to MlHH Hall since I knew
she loved me so passionately have
been only those any man would pay
to u gcod girl friend. She simply loves
to be with me and near mo"
Miss Hall said : "I would rather dlo
than cease to love him ; It makes no
dllforunco to me that he IH married.
When be is away from mo my life is
like the darkness. "
Game Ends in a Wrangle.
Columbus , O. , Dec. I The football
loam of the University of Indiana de
feated Ohio State university by I he-
Mine nt n to o The gnme ended In
a wrangle and almost a riot , as a re
sult of vviili h Dr ( ' 1C Harris nf
Illoomlnglon , Ind . head linesman , bad
to be osooitod lo bis hotel under po
lieu protection
Lske Steamer on the Rocks ,
Alpenu Mich , IHe. 1 The steamer
' iJInan-l Schleilnget ran ashore at
I'uUe 1'ic que Isle point , during th
storm The vessel Is on the rocks
at the outer end of the point.
Kansan Burned to Death.
Scranton. Kan. , Dec. 1. Alex Con
nor , nged eighty years , the first mayor
of Scranton. was burned to death In
the destruction here of bis home ,
which he occupied alone.
Standard OH Warehouse Burns. City. Dec. I.--The ware
house of the Standard Oil company at
Kansas avenue and Baird Mieot. Ar-
mourdale , was dentroyed by fire , caua-
U A IOM of $171.000.