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In Business at Oakdale for the Past
Twenty Years and Seventy-five Years
of Age , a Hardware Merchant , III
and Despondent , Ends All.
Onkdale , Neb. , Aug. 31. Special to
The News : J. S. Dewey , who had been
In business here for the past twenty
years and who was well known In Antelope -
telopo county , suicided hero nt 9 : in
o'clock this morning by sending n bul
let through his brnln.
Mr. Dewey , who owned n hardware
store here nnd who had been actively
engaged In Its management for n score
of years , became 111 at about holiday
time last winter and never fully re
covered his health. It is believed that
nfter so many weeks of Illness ho be
came despondent nnd discouraged nnd
finally decided to end It nil with a
gun. Ho wns about seventy-five years
of nge.
A widow at homo nnd n married
daughter survive him. Mrs. Dewey
was In the house this morning when
the tragedy occurred. She was In the
kitchen doing her housework when
Bhe wns startled by the sharp hang of
a revolver. In a front room she found
her dead husbnnd n moment Inter.
The ball had gene straight Into '
head nnd denth , It Is believed , wns i.
A few weeks ngo Mr. Dewey nt-
tempted to dispose of the hardware
store , advertising It on the market ,
but although he received u , number of
Inquiries to the advertisements , no
sale was closed.
Funeral arrangements have not as
yet been completed.
Omaha Indian Held for Murder.
Pendor , Neb. , Aug. 31. Samuel Pnr-
ker , nn Omaha Indian , was arrested ,
charged with the murder of Andrew
Johnson , his uncle , one week ngo.
Johnson and Parker quarreled over
some tribal nlfnlrs , when Johnson be
came enraged. He seized a neck-
yoke , with which ho attempted an
assault upon Parker , who being the
younger , wrenched the wenpnn from
Johnson , striking him on the head ,
crushing his skull.
Boy Drowned at Lincoln.
Lincoln , Aug. 31. Ralph Powell , th
nine-year-old son of Exclsemnn Powell
of Lincoln , was drowned in Salt creek
at Roca. The boy was playing around
' bis father's mill and accidentally
r > slipped and fell into the stream. The
\ -water at the point Is fifteen feet deep
and the lad could not swim. When
the hodv wns recovered all hopes of
resii = cfiation ha > ! to h ° abandoned
Commander of Last Expedition to
Arctic Returns to America.
New York , Aug. 31. Anthony Fiala ,
commander of the Zeigler polar expe
I dition , arrived In New York on the
Bteamer Oceanic from Liverpool. The
expedition , under Flnln , consisting of
two ships , left Norway In June , 1903 ,
and was rescued by the Terra Nova
under command of W. S Champ ,
whose ship arrived at Honnlngsvaag ,
Norway , on Aug 10.
points to the Orient as Market for
American Surplus Wheat.
Grand Forks , N. D. , Aug. 31. James
J. Hill attended the meeting of the
Old Settlers' association of North Da
kota at the state fair and made an ad
dress , saying : "A good farm of ICO
or 320 acres Is a comfortable , happy
home. A man can be a prince on his
own farm. You rob your children of
their heritage when you sell the farm.
Keep the boys on the farm. Learn to
do better and more extensive farm-
Ing. The state of North Dakota could
not raise grain enough to bake ten
biscuits per capita for the inhabitants
f China. That Is a market that seema
to me to be unlimited. I wont to sea
better farming , becausr U In the state
of Minnesota they got the same
nual return per acre of cultivated land
that they get In Iowa , the state ol
Minnesota would have $80,000,000 D
year more money and tbat is too much
to waste. "
Road Makers In Session.
Port Huron , Mich. , Aug. 31. "Road
making Is essentially & work requlr
Ing the supervision of engineers nnd
IB so recognized In England , Franco ,
Germany nnd wherever roads are beIng -
Ing constructed In a proper manner ,
In this country It is regarded as n
holiday occupation , " declared Hon. A. .
W. Campbell of Toronto , provlncla
highway commissioner of Ontario , In
nn address before the annual conven *
tlon of American RoaJ Makers. A. N
Johnson , highway engineer of the
United States department of agricul
ture , delivered an address on "Th
Alms and Purposes of the Office o
Public Roads , " In which ho gave In
terestlng statistics showing that $50
000,000 Is spent annually In this coun
try In the maintenance of country
roads. One-half of this expenditure ,
ho said , by conservative estimate , baa
I-/ /
- been productive of no good results.
Distribute ! Nearly Three Millions In
Public Bequests.
Hnrtford. Conn. , AUK31. . The will
of Mrs Samuel Colt , widow of the In
ventor of the Colt firearms , was pre
sented for probate Practically the
entire estate , which IB thought to he
$3,000,000 In valuo. Is distributed. The
city will receive the magnificent
grounds around ArniRincro , the Colt
mansion , for park purposes at the
death of Mrs. Colt's brother , Richard
W. H. Jarvls. The house will bo for
the use of a homo for widows and or
phans of Protestant Episcopal clergy
men. A fund of J800,000 In trust Is to
bo used for the maintenance of the
Church of the Good Shepherd , the me
morial parish house , the dwelling nt
Armsinere and the Caldwell H. Colt
Rush Work on Venezuelan Gunboat.
Philadelphia. Aug. 31. After being
dismantled for nearly two yearn , the
Venezuelan Kunbont Restnurndor Is
being hurriedly reconstructed at
Cramps' Ah In yards Orders have been
received by thn company to have the
boat in rendlness to pall for Caracas
within sixty days. II. 7 Clarke , naval
constructor for the Venezuelan gov
ernment. Is In charge of the work.
° ,
RUBBI. . 'q Mtary Party Thinks Wltte
Could Y"Made ? Better Terms
No Word r'rom Japan About Recep
tlon of Tidings.
Portsmouth , N. H. , Aug. 31. Actual
work of drafting the "treaty ot Ports
mouth" has boon begun. It was dona
by M. De Martens and Mr. Donnlson ,
acting ns legal advisers for the re
spoctlvo sides. While the "bases" ot
peace have been accepted by the plenl
potentiarles , consideiable detail re
mains to bo worked out In the elabor
ation of the articles of the tieaty.
This Is especially true in regard to
the articles dealing with the Chinese
Eastern railway and the surrender of
the leases of the Liao Tung peninsula
end Port Arthur and Talienwan
( Dalny ) .
Expected Wltte to Fall.
A very anomalous situation exists
as to the Impression created by the
conclusion of peace. While the out
side world applauds , In Japan there
Is evidently great disappointment In
the terms , and in Russia , where It
would seem that there should be unl-
Tersal rejol&Ing over the great diplo
matic victory M. Witte has won , the
government seems to have received It
cdldly. With the people it will make
M. Witto a great ana popular figure
and add to his laurels , but at court
evidently the very victory that M.
Wltte has achieved , makes It all the
more bitterly resented. It Is an open
secret that when the emperor ap
pointed M. Wltto chief plenipotentiary
the "military party" expected him to
fail. Instead , upon the very terms
upon which the emperor told Mr.
Meyer he would make peace and upon
which the military party did not be
lieve it possible for peace to be nego
tiated , M. Witte succeeded In securing
a treaty honorable and , under the cir
cumstances , favoiable to Russia This
ha ? evidently only exasperated hlb
enemies the more , ana Intrigue is
npaln at work to discredit him. Since
Japan was In a conciliatory mood ,
they say he made a mistake In surren
dering half of Sakhalin. Yet ho did
FO bv the car'8 orders nnd himself
Insists that personally ho would have
stuck to the end to his original decla
ration not to cede territory or give
No Word From Japan. ,
Not a word or a line about the re
ceipt of the news ' "raea out of Japan.
In view of the altu . ton , both at Toklo
and St. Petersbuic" alarmists are In
clined to make much of the fact that
the minutes of Tuesday's fateful meet
ing have not been signed by the pleni
potentiaries of the two powers. It Is
pointed out that either side could still
repudiate the agreement , but both
plenipotentiaries refuse to admit even
the possibility of sucb a happening.
The following statement of the Japa
lese argument which governed their
decision to waive the question of ln <
demnlty can bo accepted as AUlho lta <
live. Japan realized fully she was
making a sacrifice for peace , but she
was looking to the future. It was not
a question of whether the war could
be successfully continued , but of
whether peace was not now more ad
vantageous to Japan. Japan had al
ready gained all she fought for. H
was only "the spoils of war" that re
mnlncd/nnd having achieved the real
objects of the war she could afford to
forego the spoils rather than be placed
In the position of fighting for money
While Japan believed she was en
titled to the spoils , she felt that her
position was so strong , her successes
EO complete that she could yield with
out detracting from the force of her
The armistice was not arranged ,
nnd It Is not Improbable that the
armistice will bo concluded directly
by the generals on the field of battle.
The Natives In Manila Harbor Flocked
on Board With Many Valuable Pres
ents for the President's Daughter
and There Was Notable Farewell.
Manila , Aug. 31. Secretary of War
Tuft und his party from the Ui ted
States walled on the transport Lognn
at noon today for Japan , on the 10-
turn trip.
There was n notable demonstration
In the buy Just before the Logan
Many valuable gifts wore proHented
to MlHH Alice Roosevelt by the natives ,
just after she hud gone aboard the
Thoio was prolonged cheering and
well wishing as the big boat Hulled
out of the harbor.
President Roosevelt's View of Situa
tion at Portsmouth ,
Oyster Hay. N. Y. , Aug. 31. "Wills-
tip softly , wo arc getting Into the thin
timber , but we are not yet out of the
woods. " This homely admonition rep
resents nccuintely President Reese
velt's view of the situation at Ports
mouth Pence Is In sight , but Is not
yet an accomplished fact. Profoundly
as ho is gi at Hied at the results al
ready achieved by the plonlpoten
flarios , the president realizes fully
that the most Important work remains
yet to be done Until that Is ncroin
.pllshed , It Is scarcely the part of wls
dorn , he thinks , to do rnoro than
"whistle softly"
The president has no definite Idea
how long the plenipotentiaries may b .
engaged In the negotiations of the
treaty of peace He believes that It
ought not to take a great length of
time , because the points of difference
having been resolved , the Incorpora
tlon of the tentative ngreemen'
reached becomes piactlcally only a
question of phinseology. The import
nnce of the text or the various sec
tions of Ihe ticnty Is not mlnimlxed
by the president and he appieciates
thoroughly that obstacles may arlsr
at any monunt that might d ( lay serl
ously the negotiations , or possibly
wieck them entirely. The woods wll
not be cleared entirely until the treaty
la signed and scaled.
Two Killed In Wreck.
Augusta , On. , Aug. 31. City Police
man F. J. Murphy , acting as tjuaran
tine officer , was killed outright , Flag
man G. J. Lott so badly Injured tha
he died at the hospltnl shortly nfter
ward and three others were sllghtl >
Injured In n wreck of a Southern rail
way passenger train on Its way to
Charleston , within the city limits here
Prince Louis In Auto Accident.
Toronto , Aug. 31. Prlnre U > uis o
Battenherg narrowly escaped injury
while on his way to Berlin , a German
town In Wateiloo county. As th (
party neared the town , the touring
car on which the prince was ridlnf ,
suddenly took to the ditch. The chauffeur
four had his wrists badly hurt , bu
the prince was uninjured.
Head of Navy Department Thinks Re
port of Court of Inquiry To
Lenient With Officers of tne II
Fated Vessel.
Washington. Aug. 31. Secretar >
Bonaparte , in his action upon the
findings of the court of Inquiry In the
case of the Bennlngton explosion , se
verely arraigns some officers of the
vessel for failure to look after the
lafety valves , orders Commander
Luclen Young before a court-martial
to "clear himself of the charge of neglect
lect of official duty. " directs the court
martial of Ensign Wade on the charge
of "neglect of duty , " and disapprove *
the court of inquiry's finding that the
Bennlngton was "in an excellent sta'
of discipline and in good and efflclen *
condition. '
Ensign Wade was In charge of th °
machinery The action as to Com-
maruler Young was taken In vlow of
the fact that the court of Inquiry In
Its findings and opinion did not pass
expressly upon hU conduct and the
question of his responsibility for the
explosion. Secretary Bonaparte , how
ever , approves the court of Inquiry's
endorsement of the creditable conduct
of all the survivors of the crew of the
Bennington "after the explosion oc
curred. "
St , Louis Attorney Tires of Life.
St. IxJUls. Aug. 31 T. 13. Talston , a
prominent attorney , for years chlel
counsel of the Wiggins Ferry com
pany , committed s-uiclde by shooting
hluiself In the stomach.
louses and Barns Demolished In Penn
sylvania Mining Town.
Bcrauton , Pa. , Aug. 31. A tornudo
truck the northern part of Carbon-
ale last night and demolished a acorn
f housed , burns and railroad cars , but
ortuuatcly caused no fatalities The
tonu came from the west and whirled
ownrds the east , having u path of 200
nnifi. Its center hud the appealanco
t a funnel-shaped cloud , not black ,
tut luminous. Them WIIH no accom
paniment of lightning , thunder or rain ,
and the stars weio shining Immediate-
y before nnd after It paused. A no-
ullarlty of its effect wna that adjoin-
ng buildings were blown In diametric
ally opposite directions. The pranks
of the storm eeom nlmont Incredible.
A barn was blown away and a cow.
which It housed , loft unharmed , lying
on the floor calmly chewing her cud
A horse was found bruised nnd
maimed on the porch of Its owner's
residence. 200 foot from the demol
lulled barn In which It had been sta
lled A six-Inch beam , which came
rom no one knows where , passed
hrough a door of a residence , thence
hrough the ground floor and then
passed Into the ground for a dlstanco
4 UUM f ot
Two Physicians at New Orleans
Among the List of Stricken by
Scourge New Cases Hover Around
Same Figures for Three Days.
New Orleans , Aug. 31. Yellow fe
ver report ; New canes , 40 ; deaths ;
total cases , 1,878 ; total deaths , 271 ;
new foci , 13.
The number of new cases has hov
ered around the same llguro for thicu
days The new feature of the bltua-
Mori outside the city was the develop
ment of two cases at VIcKbhurg Oth
er country reports show new cases a
follows' Patterson , 7 ; St. Hot mini
parish , 2 ; Corlnne , 2 ; I'olnte Celeste
Plaqtiemlne. 2 ; St Rose , 4 ; Pecan
grove , 2 ; Amelia , 4 ; Hanson City , G ;
Kenner. 2 ; Oulfport. 2 , Xatihez , 1.
Following a shower In the forenoon ,
the \\eather turned warm again , and
It Is probable that the low tempera
lures of the last few days are over
for the present. If the weather set
ties , orders are to go out for fresh
Inspection nnd for a repetition of the
salting of the gutters Among the list
of Htrlckon are two pnyslclans , mak
ing four In all who have succumbed
The latest victims anDr J T Wolf
who lives below Canal street , nnd has
a large practice among the yellow fe
ver patients In that quarter , and Dr.
I * A Meronux , health olllcer of St
Bernard parish. Doth were undoubt-
erly Infected by stet-omvia while mo
Ing among their patients
AB to the Gulfport Infection. Gov
ernor Vardnman of Mississippi Bftld
that It came from Mississippi Otty
and that Mississippi City got It
New Orleans before quarantine '
put on , due to the fact that the attt !
Hies here acted In bad fnlth In
cenllng the fever A controrr rny <
largo proportions Is expected to I
velop ns to who has been citiMbl * .
Chief of Bureau of Animal totfuttry
Found Not Guilty of
Washington , Aug 31. The Investi
gation of charges that D 13. Balmon.
chief of the bureau of animal tadustry
of the department of agriculture , was
a member of the Howard Isabel com
pany of Washington , which bus the
contract to furnish meat Inspection
tags to the government , was concluded
and that ofnclal completely exonerated
of any wrongdoing. It was determined
also that his administration of the
meat Inspection service hod been as
'air as appropriations warranted. The
Investigation was conducted by Solic
itor George P. McCabe and approved
by Secretary Wilson In the following
comment :
"Inquiry discloses the fact that Dr.
Salmon had an unfortunate connection
with the firm of George B. Howard &
Co. While this connection was not an
Ideal realization of a government olll-
cor to have with n firm doing business
with the department , I am convinced
that Dr. Salmon never Intended to
profit by work done by Mr. Howard
for the department of agriculture and
that ho has never been connected
with the Howard Label company or re
ceived any benefit from the contract
of that company with the department.
The case does not seem to call for
further disciplinary nctlon. "
Burglars Carry Off Safe.
Stamford. Conn. . Aug 31. A steel
snfo of considerable weight , which Is
understood lo have contained $150 In
cash and Jewelry valued at over $20-
000. mysteriously disappeared from
the summer residence of Paul Bonner
at Nlrvnna , on the sound , during the
night The family believe that burg
lars entered the house through a win
dow on the lower floor nnd convoyed
the safe to the shore and placed It
aboard a vessel.
Purchased From .1 Chicago Catalogue
House as n Bargain , the Metal Part
ly Melted While the Wooden Handle
Remained Intact.
Plerco , Neb. , Aug. 31. Hpeclnl leThe
The News : The uino factory of Mr.
Pcutlco caught tire here thlH morning
llcforo the bln/.o wan oxtlngulHhed ,
the building wan gutted and gieat damage -
ago had been done lo ( he Hindi. A
min-her of canon In ( he building were
rallied. A Illo that had been purchaHcd
of a ChlciiKO catalogue IIOUHO IIH a
huigaln , melted In the Hume while the
wooden handle remained Indict. Pro-
pili torn of the Chicago department
store didn't turn out to help light the
lintIt WIIH the Pleico department ,
composed of homo moichant lolk , who
did that.
American Consul Falls to Respect the
King of Sweden.
Washington , Aug 31. The fltafe de
partment has been supplied wllh
copies of newspapers published In
Gothenburg , Sweden , attacking the
American consul there , Robert S
ncrgh. hccniiHe of alleged failure on
bin part lo show proper respect for
King Oscar on the occasion of his
hlilhdny anniversary. The Aftoubliut
( hinges that the lings of their roun
trhrn were hoisted by every fotcluii
consul In the town except by Mr
Heigh This caused much remark and
speculation on the part of the towns
people , who Inquired whether King
Oscar had In any way offended I'resl
dent Roosevelt that ho had ordeied
Ills consul to refrain from joining In
the celebration. The papers call at
tenllon to the fact that Mr. Bergh Is
n Norwegian bv birth , hut does not
Milnlv thin li" I- ' ' evi'ii'-Pd In
View of Ihe po H" i lie ofciipli-s As
'Islam S'fin'iaiy ! uini.s IIIIH decided
to i all on Mr. Mergh for an explana
Boycott a Failure at New Chwang.
WiihhliiRton , Aug 31. Consul fieri
eral Summons nt New Chwnng lias re-
pnr'ed ' lo the "tale department h.s
follows In re > : nJ lo the promost o"
the antl-Arnerlcnn boycott In rhino-
In regard lo the attempt made h re
to nroiiFe a feeling of hostility to
Arnerlran poods , I have the pleasure
to teporl that the movement has been
n failure Several attempts have been
rnad < to nrgnrilrn the null-American
sentiment , hut each meeting resulted
In stinncer derlaratlon In oppoMtlon
to Interfiling with the nle of Amer
lean good * A numb r of Ihe lending
Chinese merchants fissured me thai
tliev would hnve nothing to do with n
movement to boycott American goods
nn'l tliov ndvl " > d their friends to re
frain from ngltatlng Ihe subject"
Observe Eclipse of Sun.
St Johns N F. AMI ; 31 All sin-
Moris nlong this coast report sntlsfae
lory observations of the e'llpse of
'he siin btt' lai k of telegrnj hie corn
munlcntlon with l nbrndor innKcs It
lmpofisllle ) to lenrn If fully fnvorcd re-
sulls n"ended the efforts of the scion
llflc parties there.
One is In Meriden , Conn. , and the
Other In Freehold , N. J. Both Old
Ladles are Still Enjoying Good
Meriden , Conn. , Aug. 31. Mrs. Ellz-
nbeth Hunt , who lives with her grnnd
laughter , Mrs. H. Wlckes In Brooklyn.
N. Y. , arrived hero lost night and Is
spending the day with her relatives In
his city , celebrating her 105th birth
day. The old lady la still fairly strong
nnd healthy and her mental faculties
are scarcely impaired to any extent.
She has n wonderful memory for the
events of her enrllcr llfo , but cannot
remember occurrences of a Inter dnte
with equal accuracy. She spent the
day quietly with members of her fam
ily and received many callers and
scoreri of letters and telegrams of con-
Mrs. Hunt wns born In Lancaster ,
Pn. , coming from Dutch pnrentnge
She wns the oldest of six children , nil
of whom renched nn ngo of sixty or
more yonrs. Ono of her sisters died
two ycnrs ngo at the ngo of ninety-
one. At twenty-three Elizabeth be
came the wlfo of n man named Hunt
nnd loft the old homestead In Lancas
ter to go with her husbnnd to Now
York. She lived most of her llfo In
Brooklyn. Her husbnnd died more
than forty years ago and she never
married ngnln. She had six children ,
of whom only two nro living now. She
has twenty grandchildren , thirteen
great-grand children and four great-
Temperature for Twenty-four Hour * .
Forecast for Nebraska.
Condition of the weather nn record-
oil for the 24 bourn ending at 8 a. m.
today :
Maximum 73
.Minimum 02
Average ( J7
llnromeler 29.80
Rainfall tl ) !
Itnlnfall for mouth 3.32
Total iiiliifall for the year . . . .28.ID
Chicago , Aug. 31. The bulletin hi-
nued by the Chicago ntatlon of the
United Blalon weather bureau thin
morning , gives the forecast for No-
ImrHkn an follown :
Kliowct-H ami Ihuiider Htorms with
cooler tonight. Friday fair ami cooler
Krenl grand clilldren.
Freehold , N. J. , AUK. 31. "Aunt
Helmiy" Coward of Allenlown , the old-
enl woman In llilH part of the country ,
IH celebrating her lOllli birthday to
day. The Cowards were IUIIOIIK the
early set Hers of Upper Freehold town-
Hhlp. They 1110 of Quaker origin ,
"Aunt BotHcy" was born In Allentown ,
but spent moiit of her llfo In Upper
Freehold. Hhe Is still In good health
and comparatively strong nnd vigor
ous nnd loads her paper every dny.
Miss Jennie Bell , Daughter of Govern
or Bell , Stood ns Sponsor for the
New Battleship When She Broke a
Bottle of Champagne Over the Bow.
Qiilney , MIIHH. , AUK. HI. The now
American ImttleHhlp Vermont was
launched hero today In the presence
> f a largo niimher of Invited guests
ml ropieHentatlvoH of the govern-
nent. Governor Hull of Vermont , ac-
'ompanled ' liy Mrs. Hell , MHH ! .lennlo
tell and her younger nlHtcr , the mom-
lerH of the governor's staff and many
imminent cltlxunu of the BpoiiHorHtato
iirnvod hero thlH morning and were
received by representatives of the
'ore Illvor Shipbuilding cjmpnny ,
ivlilch hullt the battleship. Miss Jon-
ilu Doll stood na sponsor and chrls-
ened the new battleship by breaking
ii liotU" of chunvngno over Mio how
when ( .ho big hulk smootlily slid from
the ways.
Engagement of the War.
St Pf ti'iHhuiK , AUK 31 A dispatch
from LldzlapiHbc rnnlalns the details
of what will ptobably he the laat en
gagement of thn war Thin encounter
took place on AUR. 28 nnd resulted In
an advantage to Hie Russians , who
took 130 prisoners. A number of Japa
nese were killed The Russian losses
worn elKht killed. The remnant of
the Jnpnnese retired , bearing their
Results of the League Contests Played
Throughout the Land.
American League Detroit , 6 ; Now
York , 3. St. I > ouls , 4 ; Boston , 0. Cl
cage , l ; Washington , 1 (15 ( innings ) .
Cleveland , 2 ; Philadelphia , G. Na
tional League Boston , 3 ; Chicago , 1 ,
American Association Kansas City ,
3 ; Louisville , fi Milwaukee , 1 ; In
dianapolis. 5. St. Paul. G ; Toledo , 2.
Minneapolis , 0-6 ; Columbus , 5-4. West
ern League DCS Molnes , C ; Omaha , 1.
Pueblo. 2 ; Sioux City , . Denver , 10 ;
St Joseph. G.
Butte Takes Second Place.
Butte , Neb. , AUK31. . Special to
The News : Butte defented Bonesteel
yesterday , 15 to 10. The score stood
12 to 2 up to the seventh Inning , In
favor of Butte nnd nt the end of the
ninth It stood 10 to IS. This gives
Butte second plnco In the league.
Bloomers Easy for Lynch.
Lynch. Neb. , Aug. 31. Special to
The News : The game between Lynch
and the Bloomers wan attended by 1-
000 people. It wns sort of n picnic for
the home team , the girls being alto
gether too light. Score 10 to S.
By Innings :
.ynch G 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 x 10
Bloomers. , . . .200200020 5
Pretty Game at Stanton.
Stnnton , Neb. , Aug. 31. Special to
The News : Stnnton bnll team defent
ed Wlsnor In one of the best plny-d
'jarncs ' over seen on the local diamond.
The fenture of the game wns the pitchIng -
Ing of Laub who held the Wlsnor team
down to four scattered hits and struck
out ten men , score 3 to 1.
Summitry : Three-hnse hits , W. Hoi-
stein , two-base hits , J. Holstoln and
Hurd. Base hits : Stnnton 10 nnd
Wlaner 4. Struck out by Lnub 10 ,
Atkinson 1. Umpire , Kltterman.
Time of game one hour and fifteen
Standing of Bonesteel League ,
Club p. W. L. Percent.
Lynch 10 8 2 .800
Butte 10 C 4 .COO
Bonesteel 10 4 C .400
Spencer 10 4 C .400
Fairfax 10 3 7 .300