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The Outcome of Which , If the Japanese Succeed In Crossing Kuropatkln's
Rear , Must Mean Utter Crushing of Russian Forces Oyama's Move
Tuesday Was Feigning.
Toklo , March 16. The Japanese oc
cupied Tie pass at midnight March 15.
Details of the occupation have not
yet been received.
The Japanese are In hot pursuit of
the Russians.
Tokio , March 1C. The Japanese oc
cupied Sengklnjang , sl'ated ; eighty
miles east of Mukden. >
' ' '
'I "to
St. Petersburg , March 1C.
from the front la again very serious.
Oyama Is striking a blow at the de
feated Russian army. In splto of the
exhaustion of bis forces , after a long
twelve days' struggle , ho lias been
able to organize a fresh turning move
Tuesday's attack upon the Russian
advances at Fan river , It Is now ev
ident , was only a feint while the Jap
anese columns -were being worked
around to get a position to fall upon
the Russians.
A dispatch to the Associated Press
from Auntokup , eight miles north of
Tie pass , dated March. 15 , says that
a desperate battle Is raging.
Kuropatkln Taken by Surprise.
That Kuropatkln was taken by sur
prise is a fair inference from the man
ner In which , Tuesday night , ho aban
doned his position , leaving so hurried
ly that he was obliged again to burn
his stores.
With the Japanese In pursuit be
hind the Russian army at Tie pass ,
Kuropatkln's position Is extremely
Once the Japanese are across his
rear In force , Kuropatkln would have
to cut his way out or surrender.
New Chwang , Marrh Iti. The Japa
nese occupied Tie pass Wednesday
St. Petersburg , March IB. Flanking
tactics by the Japanese apparently
are in piogiess again , the Assoclat
, d Press correspondent , who leinatns
at Tie Pass ; telegraphing that General
Mlstchenko on March 14 briskly
engaged a Japanese force on the Rus
Elan right. It is possible that the
attacking force was a Japanese col-
nmn which disappeared from observa
tlon during the battle of Mukden.
The Japanese do not appear to have
renewed the frontal attack , the'flemon-
stratlon on Tuesday having shown
that the Russian" were prepared to
make a determined resistance.
The censor's office has already been
removed to Santoupe , a point eight
' miles north of Tie pass , and there are
Intimations that It may soon be estab
ll'shed even farther north The As
sociated Press correspondent though
Baying nothing regarding the commls
aarlat arrangements for the troops
declares that the newspaper corre
spondents have practically been
tarved out 6f Tie pass. This may
perhaps be'an Indication of the
amount of food available for the army
Immense quantities of which were de-
Btroyed at Mukden , where practically
the entire reserve commissariat had
b en accumulated.
According to Chinese reports , the
covernor of Mukden gave a banquet
In honor of the Japanese generals aft
er their triumphal entrance Into ti
city , and a Russian journalist wire. *
that owing to the occupation of Hut-
den by the Japanese , Russia's pres
tige with the Chlnesa has been utter
ly destroyed. He say * even tri
umphant victory would not restore
Russia to the place In the estimation
of tha Chinese which she heTH a. year
It IB rumored that an order for an
other general mobilization Is being ;
prepared and that a new army will be
forwarded to Manchuria as fast as
possible by railway and summer
steamer service.
Squadron of Twenty-two Vessels After
Russian S'econd Pacific Squadron.
Ivondon , March 1C. A steamer ar
riving at Bingaporo reports having
passed a squadron of twenty-two Japanese
aneso warships about twenty miles
east of the entrance to the straits of
Malacca. Two Japanese cruisers and
two auxiliary cruisers previously ar
rived at Singapore. Presumably thcsa
vessels are on their way westward In
search of tha Russian second Pacific
squadron , last reported In Madagas
car waters.
The appearance of Admiral Togo's
fleet In the track that would he use'd
in any attempt by Admiral Rojestven-
eky to make for Vladivostok is the
most Interesting news of the day. Ac
cording to the Dally Mall's correspond
ent at Singapore , who visited the-
ths officers wore unusually retl-
n'wo Jalancso omcera landed
ii0' iferred with the Japanese con-
ul and It was understood by the cor
respondent that the squadron would
hortly sail again , as It required noth-
UB. The presumption here Is that Ad
miral Togo acquired some Information
concerning Rojcstvcnsky's Intended
So far as known In I/indon Rojest-
vensky's squadron Is still off the coast
of Madagascar , but as the Ice In 'the
jarbor of Vladivostok Is probably Ue-
ginning to give , the Russian admiral
must soon make a decision whether
o dash for Vladivostok or return to
[ Russia. Naval experts here belief *
kat Togo will not come much farther
n quest of the Baltic squadron , on
the ground that ho cannot afford to
run unnecessary risks.
No further news bus been received
of the fighting on the Tan river and
llttlo Importance Is attached to tbls
Isolated repulse of the Japanese. The
London papers continue In the belief
that to all intents and purposes the
campaign Is closed , that It will bo
next to Impossible for Russia to put
a new army In the field , anil that the
talk of doing so Is mere- bluff , Intend
ed to Influence the inevitable negotia
tion of peace terms. It is also TTe-
lleved that the French govt-rnment
has utilized the financial lever to con
vey to Russia her view that It Is the
proper course to seek to arrange
terms The rumor persists that Rtis
'a ' has acquainted France with her
willingness to discuss terms , but not
on the basis of an Indemnity , which
Russia contends would ruin her pres
tlge. claiming that she would rather
continue the war than submit to such
a demand.
Battle Near Tie Pass.
Eantoupu , March 16. A satlgulnar :
combat occurred ou March 14 on the
center advanced line of the Russian
army , eight miles south of Tie pass
The Russians repulsed the attack and
eren made a small advance through
a thousand corpses of Japanese and
MtvanclKg a large force on the rlgh
link , where General Miatcnenka
who has taken command of his detachment
tachment , though his wound lias no
yet healed , is holding the Japunusu Ii
check. The Russian troops have re
gained their noiinal spirits and
cheerfully. It is rumored thai Chi
nese killed eighty lon-Uuers In MnK
den after the Russian evacuation ol
that place Including , It Is said , cor
respondent Richard II. Kittle of the
Chicago Daily News
Cockrejl Develops Great Strength , But
.Three Ballots aFII.
Jefferson. City , Mo. , March 10.
Three Ineffectual ballots were taken
today for senator. The supporters ol
Nitidrliigbuuij returned to him. Thu
lirtit ballot showed decided strength
for F. M. . Cuckrell.
Thu Hist ballot : Cockrull 80 ; Nlud-
ringhauyUU ; Pvttijohn 18 ; Parker u ;
Warutir L'v ; Bartholdt 1 ; Speucer 1 ;
necessary to choice 80.
zFrisby changed from Niudringhauu
to Pettljohn.
Second ballot : Cockrell 81 ; Nlud-
ringhaus 59 ; Pettljohn 12 ; Parker 12 ;
Warner 1 ; Kerens U ; Spencer 1 ; nec
essary to choice 87.
Third ballot : Niedringhaus 58 ;
Cockrell 81 ; Parker 13 ; Pettljohn 1 ;
Spencer I ; Kerens 1C ; Harrington 1 ;
Warner 1 ; necessary to choice 87.
Important Deal In Pig Iron.
Cleveland , Munh 1U. Thu Leader
says : "A ttuiibUciKm of Immense im
portance Is just about to bu put
through by the Bessemer Pig Iron as-
aociutlon. Thu bale of over 100,000
tons of Uesemer pig Iron Is about to
bo closed , entailing delivery through
the remainder of this year ami the
first half of 1906. This transaction Is
considered one of the most vital
pieces of Industrial news of the past
six months.
Mr. Brown and the Two Children of
William Wilson , Enrouto to the
Home of Dick Wilson , Become Lost
and Searching Parties Start ,
Redburg , Nob. , March IC.Speclal
.o The Nuws : liutwoun Sunday night
ud Monday morning the northern
orllon of Holt county and the tenth-
rn part of Hoyd county wore thrown
nto intontto oxcltomont ever the din-
ppearanco of a mail and two chll-
run , who had started from ono farm
.o another lu a miowsturm and who ,
aving lost their way in the blinding
light on the pralrlo , wuru out for Iho
lours , wandering aimlessly about , bu-
'oro they tlnally dlscovorud a llttlo
, 'ulhnv light which cut out a square
u the blackness and which brought
horn to a spot just thruo miles t'loin
liulr starling point. Suarchlng par
, ios wuro formed quickly lu the task
of rescuing tno lost man and uhlldion.
The man was Mr. LJrown , of Boyd
county , who had buun visiting at thu
lomo of William Wilson in nortbuin
Holt county. Accoinpaniud by the
sou und daughter of Air. Wilson , ( Juy
uul Fay , iigud ton and Lwuho , ho
tjtiirtud out ut night unroutu to the
ionic of Dluk Wilson , thu children u
.tnclo. Losing bin way in thu snow
storm , Air. Brown drove back and
forth for no long a tlmo that itaa
foarud surlous accident might lm\o
overtaken him.
Telephone lines , which thread the
whole country , wuro kept busy with
Inquiries of unxlouu friunds until , alter
tor midnight , thu trio was located.
Wisner Man Seriously Hurt When Mil
tens Catch in Feeder.
Winner , Nub. , Alarch 15. Special
to The Nuws : Alntt Hanson , u tann
er living six miles southwest ofVla
ne r , was seriously hurt while shelling
corn. Ills mittens were caught In
the feeder and diow nearly his whole
urm Into the machine. Mrs. Dr. Morse
attended him. One of the lingers was
amputated but It is thought the rest
of his arm will be saved. Ho had not
slept for two nights previous to the
accident on account of a barb wire
scratch ou this same hand , which maj
indicate that the blood was In had
shape and complicate matters some
Will Priestly , Who Died Suddenly , Was
Burled Today.
Oakdale , Neb. , March lii. Special
to The News : Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Priestly returned yesterday afternoon
from Phoenix , Arin. , bringing the r -
mains of their son , Will , who dioil
HUldc-ily ( last Thursday night. They
hud been at Phoenix since before the
holidays. Funeral services woic hold
held lit 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Had Changed Grips.
Wisner , Neb. , March 1G. Special to
The News : A drummer representing
an Omaha optical linn was surprised
here yesterday when .he went to show
his samples. He found that Instead
of lenses and gold spectacles he had
a grip filled with ladles' clothing.
Grips had boon phanged at Norfolk
Wisner Postmaster.
Wlsnor , Neb. , March 15. Special to
The News : Frank C. Kvuns has re
ceived his appointment as postmaster
at Wisner.
Conductor Fatally Injured.
Lexington , Neb. , March 16. Owing
to a rear-end collision of two freight
trains at Orerton all enstbound trains
were detained here for several hours.
Conductor M. J. Herln was brought
kere for treatmentt as was J. E. Costello -
tello , the brakcman. Both were taken
to Omaha No hopes are entertained
for th recovery of Herln , but Cos-
ttllo's Injuries , though Sever * , ar not
erioui. Th wreck was a mass of
flsranr and a tejnporary track was
madr- Around It to permit traffic to
Stiles for Head Consul.
Omaha , March 16 About 173 dele
gates were In attendance at the morn *
Ing meeting of the head camp juris
diction A. The entire forenoon was
devoted to the election of officer * for
the ensuing two years , which resulted
as follows : Karle R Stiles of Omaha ,
head consul ; J. W. I.ecrone of Ken-
nard , Neb. , advlhcr ; J D. F. Dudley of
Arkansas City , iKati. , banker ; N. II.
Wolff of Topeka. Kan. , clerk ; H. M.
Cole of Crete , Neb. , escort ; J. I *
Hotichln of Omaha. Neb. , watchman ;
C. Q. PrUcbman of Crete , Neb. , escort.
Union-Pacific Corn Special.
Omaha , March 1C. The Union Pa-
clflc corn education special left Lin
coln this morning and will run three
days , closing the Intlnerary Saturday
evening nt Kearney. The train will
top nt most of the stations on the
main line hranclicn. Alfred Darlow ,
advertising manager of tlio Union Pa
cific , will hnvo dinrKu of the train ,
Professors l.yoiiH , Avtiry , Burnett and
Cutler of the agricultural department
of the Nebraska university will give
ccliircs and demonstrations , The
stnto press In well roprasented by a
corps of newspaper mini.
McGrew-Harrls Wedding.
niooniliiKlon. Nob. , Match 16. Tha
marriage omirn'd note of Miss Kdlth
Petrl Miic\v ( daughter of Iho prnsl-
dent of tln > Itiooinlngion Huto hunk ,
and Cllffoid 1C llimln , a slate keiiiktor
of Sunnier ,
Omaha's Mayor Take * * Urld .
Phoenix. AnMimh Hi.Finnic 18.
Mouros , mayor ot Omaha , and MfTis
Mary U. Malutirt , also of Omaha ,
were married heiu. Mr. Moore *
tha winter In Phounlx.
Man Named Davis Shoots Town Mar
shal In Dattlo Today.
ArUniiRiiH City , March It ! . A man
ving the niuiio of JiinioH DuvlH , want-
I'd for alluded complicity In the rob-
lory of a hank at Rcnfrow , Okla. ,
March 10 , WHH nrroHtod here today
nflcr a doRpe-nito HlniKKlo with olll-
corn In which ho Hhot City MiifHhnl
Soylor. The wound IH not norlous.
DiuisVIH located In a building on
Main Htieot InHl night. An attempt
to nrroat him at that tlmo by a do/.uu
men wna iiiiHiiccuHHful , DuvlH driving
thorn back at thu point of two rovolv
pfs. Soylor wan Blow In retreating
'iiul wan flliol by I bo nlloRoil bunk robber
bor In the Hhoiihlor. Davla had boon
bail-loading lilB room and Iho olllcorH
laid siege till daylight , when they
forced nn entrance to thu hulldlui ;
uul arrcHtod tholr man.
County Commissioners Refuse Stan
dard Oil Permission to Build.
Poorla , March 1C. The Pralrlo OH
and (3iiB company IIIIH boon refused
permission by the board of miporvln
orH to lay the plpo line projected from
KaiiHiis City to Indiana through this
Meyer Guggenheim Succumbs to Pneu
monia In Florida.
Omaha , March 1C. A dispatch from
Palm Beach , Fin. , loportB the doutl
of Meyer CiiiBgcnholm , the copper cup
ItallHt. Ho succumbed to pneumonia
Ho was fovcnty-oight yearn of ago. ,
Negro Man and W'-.ite ' Woman Given
Chance to AppeajIn Court.
Ilarils'iuri ' ; Pa. , March Pi Tha
Peiiiiyhn..a : auiiieini' couit having
decided to send the case of Samuel
Greason , colored , under HcnM-nce of
death In Reading for thn ni'inlrr of
John Kdwurds In 1901 , back to the
Berks county court , the hoard of pa'
dons granted a ( ontimrinio in hN
case and nlso In that of Mrs Kate
Kdwaids , white , who Is also con
diMimcd to death for thu same crime.
At the Fflnunry sc.ssion of ihe pardon
board the condemned coup ! " weie re
prieved until ten days al'lt'ithe pres
ent meeting of the board , HO that the
attorneys could again taUn the case
of Greason before the mipicmc court
The decision of the board acts as a
stay , pending the disposal of the case
by the Berks county court.
Farrls and Smith Again Indicted.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Match 10 The
Cole county trand ; jury , whTtli was
ordered by .Judge Martin to invent !
gate charges of legislative bribery , re '
turned Indictments against State Sen i-
ators Frank II. Farrls and Charles A.
Smith on charges of accepting bribes
of | 100 each from Daniel J. Kelly ,
legislative agent of the baking pow
der trust , for defeating the alum bill
In the legislature of 1901. Former
Governor John A. Lee , who is at pres
ent residing In Chicago , was Indicted
upon a charge of perjury In connec
tion with tin- alum deal. ' The rea
son for the Indictments against Farrls
and Smith Is that , In tha opinion of
Attorney General Hadley , th' Indict
ments under which they are now
awaltinit trial are defectlro.
Italy to Fortify Frontier.
Tlenna , March 16. The report frona
Rome that the Italian war ministry
proposed to ask the chamber of depu
ties for HO.000,000 to fortify th east-
am and northern frontiers of Italy ,
was reiterated and caused consider
able comment In Vienna , where It
was taken as rlienc of Italy's grow
ing distrust of Austria and was char
acterized as the Indirect result of the
weakening of Russian power In the
far east and the consequent loss of
Russian Influence In the Balkan pen-
Whitman on Trial.
Buffalo , Match 16 , The Jury In the
case of Alonzo Whitman wassecured
and his trial on a charge of larceny
begun. Mr. Southard of the City Na
tional bank of Hudion was' the only
witness called. Boothman , who -was
Indicted on a similar charge , will be
the stkte's star witness , it I * tald ,
Final Effort Will Do Mada to Secure
Support of Enough Democrats to
Make Majority Debat * In the Sen
ate Proceed * .
Wabhlnetoii , Match -Itepubllcan
loader * of thu nonnlu aio till at SPA
respecting tlio action advisable to
take In regard ( o the Santo Domingo
treaty. Recognizing that tlio Domo-
crata control more than ono-tlilrd of
the votes and that two-third * are re
quired to ratify the convention , the
Bonllmcnt of ( he Republican loaders
Is that tlio treaty should ho with
drawn by tlio prosldout , Ou thin sub
ject Iho senate and the prosldent do
not agroc , and the Idea pi.jvall.4 that
after one or two dn.VH nioro of Incon-
seqiiontlal debate the special ucunlon
of the KoiiHto will bn allowed to ad
journ without ditto und ( ho treaty
lapte. Hut ihlH pluii IH not popular In
the HoiuilH und u way to avoid It In
being sought.
Ono alternative , which In the dis
cussion concerning It wan termed
merely an excuse for Inaction. Is that
Senator Cjillom should offer a resolu
tion directing the president to appoint
a commission to mnko an Investiga
tion of the Santo Domingo debt and
other questions Involved In the pro
tocol. This plan W H uBift'd on ten
tntlvely ns the piogram most deslr
able under existing condition espo
clally a's It In
bullovud that such a
rosoltitlon could be adopted without
debate. No decision was reached
which may not ho changed , however ,
and otbor plans have been suggcstud
or arc brewing.
Senator Norlands offered a resolu
tlon culling on tlio president to for
ward to the senate certain Informa
tlon believed to bo In possession of
the state dopurtment In relation to
Santo Domingo affairs. It was whin
pered that If
the resolution worn
adopted nnd the Democrats felt that
If all tlio Information oblnlnablo
would bo given , three or four Demo
cratic voten might result. This
would ratify the treaty. The minor
ity party , on tlio other hand , took t. . .
position that no Information could ho
forthcoming which would change the
principle Involved In the treaty and
that It Is Idle for the Republican * to
hope for aid from that sldo. The rcso
lutlon nevei iholons remains undls
posed of nnd there was talk among
Republican lemlfMa of adopting It an- '
putting It to a tent as a vole getter
Among those who talked for Ihi
treaty were Senators Spooner Ilev
burn P'ntt ( f'ntin. ) nnd Fulton , while
thrw oppo 'l fn It w r < > Senator'
McPlearv. Morgan , l'nlbor on. New
lands , Mallorv. Clay nnd Halley.
Governor of Tennesiee Caucu * Noml
nee for United States Senator.
Nashville , Tumi. . March 16. Gov
ernor .lames Ii. l-"ra/.ler was nominated
for United States senator by the
Democratic caucus of the state legls
lature. The vote wan by acclamation
no other name bolng presented to the
caucus. Govoinor Frny.ler's oleUIot
Is assured , as the legislature is vcr >
largely Democratic. He w.111 succeed
the late Senator William B. Bate
who was himself elected by the pres
ent legislature and therefore practlc
ally has a full senatorial term before
him. Tuesday , March 21 , Is the day
set for the formal election by th
Joint assembly. Governor Frazler wll
be succeeded In the guhornalorla
chair by John I Cox of Sullivan coun
ty , tke present speaker of the senate
Lading Casea Indefinitely Postponec
Washington , Marcii 16. The hear
Ing hofora the Interstate commerc
ommlfeslon of the uniform bill of lad
lag cases , which was set for Marc
22 in Washington , has been Indefinite
ly postponed upon a stipulation slgne
by the chairman of the uniform bll
of lading committee and counsel rep
resenting numerous petitioning shl ]
pars and commercial organlzattoa
Tha stipulation provide * that ( lie ol
bill * of lading prescribed In officla
classification No. 25 shall be uic
pending the Investigation and a rapor
by a joint committee of tea , com
poifd of five representative * of th
slippers aid flva repraiantatlva * o
tk * railroads.
laze on Steamer Wlldtnfel * .
Boston , March lt > . A tkreatenln
tre , which broke out on the Hans
Use tteamer Wlldenfels of Bremen
cauied damage to Its cargo estimate
at 150,000 and for thre hours kept
large division of tha flre department
throwing water. In addition to tke
damage to the cargo , many of her
plates warped and her compartment
walls were damaged. The WiUenfels
carried a general cargo valued at
Double Tragedy at Sedalla.
Sedalia , Mo. March 16. Edward
Heurman. a bartender , shot and killed
Ruby Burton , a notorious character ,
and then ( hot and killed himself.
Heurrnaa and tb wsiuia aad bttm
Temperature for Twenty-four Houn.
Forecast for Nebraska ,
Condition of tlio woutlior ail recorded -
od for thu ZItouru oiidltiK nt 8 a. m.
loduy :
Miixlinuin 41
Mliiliuum 33
Avonu'.o 37
Precipitation 42
Totul iirculiiltittloii ftr tlio month .77
lluromotur 30.0 *
Chicago , March 1C. Tlio bulletin In-
Htiod by tlio Chicago ntutlon of th
Unllod Btnton weather liuronti this
lornlnir , iilvcm tlio forecast for No-
raaka nn follows :
Hal 11 tonight nnd Friday. Wuruior
orlhwoHt portion tonight.
Steamer Alameda Sails for San Fran
clico With Body.
Honolulu , March IS. The remain !
of Mm Jam ; l.uthinp Smnfurd , wun
died ai Uui MIMIU liulul heio oil till
night of I'VJ. ' ! . wi-io omoiic.d from
ho undoi taking Ui.ulillHlinn.-iil. wucio
they liavu lulu blneo tliu moialnc to I
owing her death , to lliu COIIKIOKU.
llonal Central Union chinch by otll
child of tlio pollco department , othci
terrltotlul ollUmkj. a Urge nuuibor ol
cllUoim und tlio following pallbearers-
David Starr Jordan , president of Btuti'
ford university ; Timothy J. Hopkltn ,
nieinbor of Iho boiml < if truatoua ol
tlio university , and ( Jovornor Cartur ,
QU well uu by many graduates of tha
unlvorulty residing In Honolulu.
Thu chuit'li , which In one of lh
rfiCBt In Honolulu , < NUH crowdud
The uorvlcefi wore opened by the llor
\V. M. Klncald and tlio Kplaconat
burial service wan rcud by Ltlahoj
Hor. Mr. Klncald , In his prayer ,
paid an oloiiuunt tribute to the 11(4 (
of Mm. Stanford anil inudo mauy refer
nceB to tha grout things nhc haa doni
for the catuo of education , th ad
TBiicoinont of civilization uud the up
lifting of humanity.
At the conclusion of the scrvlc *
th cortngo proceeded to the wharf ,
whuro there wag an Initnenso gatherIng -
Ing of pooph ) . The remains wera
placed on bonrd the strainer Alameda
through the pott Tlio Ahunodiv then
left the wharf and began her voyag
to San Fiancluto.
Army Man Make * Suicidal Dash.
Vancouver Itairncky , March 16.
Lieutenant Francis lloouo , who was
ordered discharged from the United
Btntes army on the charges of desor
tlon , absence without leavo. nonpay
mcnt of debts and conduct unbecom
Ing an olllcor , made a dnsh from his
sunn'with UH'.lhern'w suicidal Intent ,
It Is reported , and before recaptured
was shot and probably fatally Injureil
Boone was being c-onihu toil from tin
guard house ( o the Rnrrlson hospital
when , without warning , he broke
away and started to run. He was or
dorcil to halt , but pnld no attention
to the command nnd the guards
opened fire. One bullfit out of th
five fired nt the prisoner took effect
IB the head. Another broke his collar
bone. Boone rose to the ofllco of lieu
tenant from the ranks. He Is said to
belong to a wc 'thy New York family
And has n. wife and children IB Sao
Police Raid Women Gamblers.
Now York , March 1G. The police
raided u pool room and gambling
house In Forty-second street , which ,
they declare , was patronized almost
cxrluhlvfly by wives of wealthy New
YorU-rs The evidence was obtained
by a woman detective The allegoH
pool loom was located In a fashionable
apaitmeni hou f : . The police had to
break down two doors to reach tba
room. Their end mice was followed by
a scene of wild excitement , the worn
n , mobt of whom were gathered
around a roulette table , screaming
and attempting to escape by the windows
dews and doors. After they had given
their names and addresses the woman
were allowed to go.
Deposition In Santa Fe Case ,
Chanute , Kan. , March 1G. The tak
ing of depositions In the still of tha
itate against tb Atch.son. Topeks
and Santa Fe and other railroads for
utter was rt'fciimed here. The rail
road law > ers > objected to the hearing
B the ground of intumclency of no-
tic * , but Mr. Moneit went ahead. Th
firit witness wat Foster AlUn. gen
eral manager for I. N. Knapp. Allen
began by explaining how Knapp built
p a large business In fuel oil in
Ksncak Okr , Omaha and other polnti
Independently of the Prairie Oil and
Gis company and how the continued
advance In ralt-s forced him to an alli
ance with the Standard company.
Steer Stampede at Alton.
Alton. 111. . March Iti. For two dayi
Alton has been In the throes of a tnad <
deiind steer stampede through the
busltiHSb streets and Harry Holllday
a boy who endeavored to deliver tha
steers. to a butcher , was badly In
jured in the melea. A drove of seven
steers tooK lrliit ! and ran at large
through the town. Four were finally
captuied. but three continued to roam
through the afreets , doing damage to
property. Pursuers only served to
render them more terror stricken.
Stveral citizens have had narrow es
capes from Injury. The steers fled to
tha outskirts and men witk rifles