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President Roosevelt Has Directed the
Commissioner of Corporations to
Begin the Investigation Asked for
by the House Last Saturday.
Washington , Feb. 1C. President
Roosevelt today directed Gnrlleld ,
commissioner of corporations of the
department of commerce mnd lubor ,
to begin Immediately the oil Investi
gation requested by the house Satur
The inves'tlgntlon will bo vigorous
and comprehensive.
The president directed n letter to
Mr. Garflold giving directions nnd
presenting an outline of his views.
The Inquiry will ho pressed us rap
idly as possible. Tlio source of In
vestigation and the tlmo It will occu
py can not bo Indicated now. Repre
sentative Campbol1 , pf Kansns , until
' '
or of the house r 'p lon , had a con
fcrenco with the < S > Ment today.
Campbell's Idea Is thu % invostiga
tloa should concern pa. /rly tlic
situation in the Kunsns fu fo , * . ex
pressed to the president his K OjJa
the Inquiry , when begun , vrouS" , x-
' tend to the operation of the Standard
OH company in the Beaumont fields
of Texas and perhaps to other fields.
Secretary Hitchcock Attacks the In
dian Territory OH Co.
Washington , Feb. 13. Secretary
/ Hitchcock today gave out a state
ment arraigning as a."gigantic mo
nopoly" the present lease by the In
dlan Territory Illuminating Oil com
puny of the right to prospect for ol
nnd gas throughout the entire areaol
the Indian reservation and explaining
the agreement for cutting off moro
than half the land operative under
this lease during the next ten years.
Still There Is No Result In the Mis-
sourl Contest. .
Jefferson City , Mo. , Feb. If ! . The
senatorial ballot today resulted :
Nledringhaus 08 ; Cockrell 7C ; Ker
ens 12 ; McKlnloy 4 ; Relchnmn 1.
There were seven pairs. .
Bill Providing Government is Passed
by the House.
Washington , Feb. 1C. The house to-
dap passed the bill providing for a
government for the canal zone. All
amendments were agreed to.
Crew of the Boat Hurled In all Direc
tions Fifteen Injured.
Queenstown , Fob. 1C. An explosion
of gasoline occurred on board the now
submarine boat "A 5" today. The
crew of the boat was hurled In all di
rections. Fifteen members of the
crew were injured , one , a lieutenant ,
dying later. Some of the sailors were
horribly mutilated and others may
Traffic Resumed and Trains Getting
Back on Schedule Time.
Deb Moineb , Feb. lU. Wt-ailier con
ditions in Iowa tavoted llie eftottb of
the railroads to ratbe the blockade ot
the past few days and with anoihur
twenty-four liourb of MID liar uondl
tious passenger bet vice will be lully
resumed and freight tiatflc much im
pioved. All trains In Iowa were still
belated. A southbound Great West
ern passenger train , pulled by tluee
engines , was partially ditched at Nor
woodvllle , north of Des Molnes There
were no injuries. The biuiw plow on
the first engine lore up llie track
ditching the third engine and a day
Snow Plow IB Wrecked.
Lincoln , Feb. 1U. Conditions on
the lines of the Burlington railroad
are Improving. Passenger trains ou
main lines are running with some reg
ularity , but freight tranlc is still de
'k' moralized. On the Sargent branch of
the Burlington a snow plow , trying to
cut a hole through the drifts , was de
railed nnd Engineer Wessman badly
and possibly fatally injured. On ac
count of the accident the work was
abandoned and the line may not be
opened this week. For the first lima
since Saturday Lincoln street can
reached the suburbs.
Grain Rate War.
Chicago , Feb. 1C. The Chicago and
Northwestern railroad has announced
a reduction on grain from Iowa points
to. Chicago. The former rates ran
between 10 and 12 cents and the new
rate is 9 cents.
Death of William Cullen Bryant.
New York , Feb. 1G. William Cu !
Jen Bryant , the publisher ot the
BrooVlyn Times and secretary of the
American Newspaper Publishers' as
eoclatlon. died at a sanitarium In
Malnfleld , N. J. ' '
Butte Man's Ball Reduced From $5,000
to $1,000 Butte Items.
Untie , Neb. , Feb. 1C. Special to
Phc News : Mike Stulcup of Unite ,
rrested on n statutory charge , was
wind over to the district court here
yesterday , the ball being reduced from
5,000 to $1,000 because It bus Just
) ccn leiirned that the girl , who was
up posed to bo u school girl of four-
eon years , Is seventeen years of ago.
There nro ulso rumors Unit other pur-
lea nro Implicated In the affair. The
text hearing of the district court will
jo on March 28.
There nro n number of workmen
msy today shoveling snow from the
Northwestern truck between Fairfax
nnd Anokn , which It Is hoped will rcg-
.ilato . the train traffic In this section.
The young ladles of Hutto guvo n
social dance to the young men , which
was more than enjoyed by all. A
oed crowd assembled nnd the music
was delightful. The Butte Mandolin
lull furnished music.
It still manages to keep cool , yes
terday having been the first day for
a week during which the mercury rose
to zero. The coldest was forty-six
below. . .
Chief of Police Wlttman of San Frnn-
Cisco Has Been Suspended on a
Charge of Neglect of Duty and In-
competency Today.
San Francisco , Fob. Ifi. As n re
sult of the scandal In the police de
partment In connection with gambling
In Chinese quarters , Chief of Police
Wlttman has been suspended from
duty under the charge of Incompeteu-
cy and neglect of duty. v
. NEBRASKAJ , M , C , A ,
Most Successful Convention Ever Held
in Anticipation.
Grand Island , Neb. , Feb. 1C. What
is expected to be the most successful
convention ever held by the Nebraska
Y. M. C. A. was opened here today.
Each local association Is entitled to
from three to ton delegate's and all
without exception are fully represent
ed. Reports prepared by the secre
tary and other officers for presentation
to the convention show that the past
year has been one of exceptionally ac
tivity for the association. The year
was also notable for the large Increase
In the membership.
To Unveil Willard Statue.
Washington , D. C. , Feb. 1C. Kvery-
thing Is In readiness for the placing of
the Frances B. Willard statue in Stat
uary hall of the capltol tomorrow.
The statue is a gift from the state of
Illinois. The event has aroused great
nterest among the members of the
Woman's Christian Temperance union
and they are resolved to leave nothing
indone that will add to the iinpres-
slveness of the ceremony. The nn-
.lonal officers of tha society nnd a
number of the state presidents will bo
n attendance.
First Auto Boat Show.
New York , Feb. 1C. Automobile en-
huslnsts are now turning their atten
tion to the first national motor boat
exhibition over given in America.
which will be held at Madison Square
garden next week In conjunction with
the regular sportsmen's show. It is
the Intention of the engine and boat
manufacturers to prove this year that
they are far In the lead of any other
nation In motor boat building.
In addition to naval officials , who
will be guests of honor on the open'
Ing night , Invitations have been ex
tended to the commodores of the lead
Ing yacht clubs throughout the conn
try , nnd n special effort is being made
to make the occasion tbe greatest as
sembly of yachtsmen ever known.
The exhibits will Include all the - latest
est speed creations for use on the wa >
tor. A number of foreign mnnufactur
ers will exhibit , nnd visitors will have
their first opportunity of comparing
the best products of Europe nnd Amoi
lea In the way of motor boats.
Fatally Stabs Invalid Wife.
Kansas City , Feb 1C. Charles
Vlegar fatally stabbed his Invalid
wife. Kmma Hieger , after which he
severed hie own jugular vein , dying
instantly. A few hours previously ,
Blceer threatened his daughter witli
Ylolnnce bpcaupe she refused to give
him money with which to buy liquor
nd he attacked his wife because he
thought she influenced their daughter
to refuse him money.
Susan B. Anthony's 85th Birthday ,
Rochester , N. Y. , Feb. 16. Susan B
Anthony celebrated her elghty-fiftl
birthday and for several days glfls
and congratulations have been pour
ing in on the pioneer advocate o
woman's suffrage from all parts of tin
world. Miss Anthony Is In excellen
Commanded by the Robbers to Stand
Still , She Gives Alarm and They
Escape In Doctor's Sleigh Big Dog
Attacking Them Is Killed.
Minneapolis , Fob. 1C. Early today
thrco highwaymen wuylald Dr. Philip
Mueller und Coachman Eiull llnggut/ .
as the physician was returning from
a visit to a patient. They shot and
fatally Injured the coachman.
Mrs. Mueller was attracted by the
shooting nnd opened the front door
when a St. Bernard dog attacked the
robbers. The dog was killed und Mrs.
Mueller commanded to Htund by the
robbers. Instead she guvo an alarm ,
the robbers lleelng in tlio physician's
sleigh ,
Looks Out at Public Clock and Drops
Five Stories to Death.
Ditluth , Fob. 1C. Cluudo S. Hnlvo-
ly , a prominent attorney hero , pitched
headlong from a llftli story window In
the Lonsdulo building today and was
killed. Ho hud evidently looked out
of the window to see the tlmo by u
public clock and , being overcome by
dizziness , fell out.
Alleges vnat He Is Man Who Swindled
Her In Land Deal.
Chicago , l''eb. ID. Mrs. Elsie IJrm K
er of Chicago ciealed u scene at ihr
inquobt ot Mis. Marie Wuleker-Hoi I
by exclaiming , "That's him , thai'H
him , " and pointing her finger at Hoi It
She identified lloch as a man who hud
swindled her out of $4C two yourb an (
on pretense of helling her a Hit in li
Michigan. lloch Mulled at the woiiuii
sarcastically , but sat still. In con
trast to his nervousness at the open
ing of the Inquest "last week. Hod
presented n neat appearance and won
a self-reliant air.
When the hearing was resumed aft
er the Interruption Coroner Hoftnmi
announced that the expert modliu
testimony would not be piesentod in
til next Monday , wlum all tlio ovltlene
regarding analysis of the woman'
stomach In connection with the the
ory of poisoning will he suhmiltcd.
Dewey Case Postponed.
Norton , Kan. . Feb. Hi. The case of
Chauncey Dewuy , W. J. McHrido and
Clyde Wilton for killing David Berry
has been continued until the May
term of the district court. The above
named parties were tried a year ago
for the killing of Hurohard H Herry ,
a son of Daniel Herry , anil worp ac
quitted. David Berry was killed dur
ing the same fight , which grew out of
the allegpd persecution of the farmers
by stockmen.
Baptists to Hold Convention.
St. Louis , Feb. 10. The missionary
and educational bodies of the Baptist
church , north and south , are planning
a convention , to be held In St. Ix > uls ,
May 10 , which will be attended , It is
estimated , by 0,000 or 7,000 piomlnent
members of the chinch from all over
the United States. The convention
will not be legislative In any sense
and is being organized for the sole
purpose of promoting closer fellow
ship of the various Baptist churches.
Rope Breaks at a Hanging.
Brldgeton. N. J. , Feb. Ifi. Frank
Raislnger was hanged bore for the
murder of his wife. The rope broke
as the body rebounded and the back
of Rulslnger's head struck a cross
beam of the scaffold and broke his
neck. The physicians present said
death was Instantaneous. It was
therefore not necessary to raise the
body again to the scaffold.
Negotiations at a Standstill.
LaGuayra. Venezuela , Feb. 1C.
The negotiations between United
States Minister Bowcn and President
Castro , in the effort to reach an ad
Justment of the pending disputes be
tween the two countries , nro practic
ally at a standstill. Mr. Bowen's efforts
forts to advance the matter have been
blocked by the evasive and dilatory
tactics of Castro.
Father on TrlaJ for Killing Son
Nebraska City , Feb. 1C. John B
Bocse is on trial in the district cour
for the murder of his son , John B
Boese , Jr. , In this city last fall. Boese
and his Eon had a quarrel at the !
home , which ended In the shooting
of the son by his father. The defensi
will try to prove that the father she
In self-defense.
Banker Hunt In Cell.
Chicago , Feb. 1C. President Will
lam H. Hunt of the defunct Pan-Amcr
lean bank arrived in Cnlcago in
charge of nn oftlccr and was given
cell in the county Jail. Ho expects
to ho released on ball today. Ills
friends will bo compelled to furnish
security to the amount of $14,000. The
hanker wns indicated on four charges
of receiving money , knowing bis bank
to be insolvent.
MAY WHEAT IS WORTH $1,20 , 1-2
Opened Strong on the Chicago Donnl
of Trade Today.
Chicago , Koli. 10. Mny wlicnt
opened on ( lit' board of trade today
at | t.H6 ! ! ( , a illHtlnet advance ever
thu close of yesterday. Considerable
excitement watt caused by tliu rlso.
Two Nebraskans Must Serve Two and
n Half Yearn.
Lincoln. Noli. . Fob. 10. For sloul-
K a wlro fence vahiud at $ 10 Frank
und Harry .lunod , of ( 'hurry county ,
iiiiHt servo a term of two anil a half
yours In the penitentiary. The supreme
premo rourl ultlrmod the verdict c.f
: ho lower court , bill pronounced the
sentence of tlvo yours excessive for
lie offense.
No Trains at Albion ,
Albion , Neb. , Feb. 1C. Special to
The News : Albion has boon without
much train service during the week.
For tliroo days no trains arrived of
departed and the country roads were
m > tilled that rural carriers were put
out of commission.
When Conditions Were Suoposed to
Be Favorable Tellers of Big P'ants '
Desert Posts Mill Owncra Appai
ently Without Policy.
SI. Potersbuig. Fob. 10. Tlio do
pattiiro ol Admit at N'obogaloffh < llvl
hlnn of loin bat1' lilp , ono ciulsci
and two uu\lllai > i misers fiiini Ilinn
to reinforce Vice Admiral Itojostven
fchy's squadron , In ilio tar east In i
Foureo of unitIllriilIon to lln > admital
ty In view of the dlMlciiltlcs caused
by the strike. The point of rendoz
vons with lloJoBlvonsky Is not stutod
but It is iindoi stood that It Is boyoni
the Indian ocean , Vice Ainttlial Ho
jcslvonshy being itndor lust rurtIon
not to delfp Into the monsoon porloi
tlio lesnti on of his ornlso.
Along the Hun rlvor the booming
ol heavy nuns Is sounding the over
tiite of boil lilt los th. arc llkolj ti
IIP opciiPil wlthlti a short ( lino. AhB (
rlntod Press dispatches Indicate thu
the cannonading Is Increasing In In-
Special dispatches from Mukden re
port the wiping out of an entire do-
tHohmenl of Japanese cavalry , which
had desttoypd the railway bridge be
tween Mukden and Harbin. Hnsslnn
cavalry overtook tlio raiders , who ate
paid to have refused quarter , and
fouulil illilll the lust man wan Ullleil.
Students thioimhoiil Russia ate
rosoiiiiig to stilke methods to indicate
their dissatisfaction with existing po
lltlcal conditions and press the demands
mands for reforms. The students at
the University of Moscow , the largest
Institution of the kind In Hussla , hnvp
Toteil not to resume their studies dur
ing the prespnt school year. The spir
it possesses the students of the St.
Petersburg , Kleff nnd other lafpp nnl-
Tersitios , and even extends to the
seminaries and lowpr schools.
Officers From Port Arthur Coming
Home Vowing Vengeance.
Paris , Feb. 10. French special cor
respondents sent to meet the French
( learner Australlen , having ou board
General Slocht > el and others of the
survivors of Port Arthur , forward de
tailed accounts of discord among the
Russian ofllcerB. Th army olllcers
re particularly hostile to the fleet ,
habitually calling It the "frightened
fleet. " Admiral Locklnsky , who was
commander of the tffrpedo defenses at
Port Arthur , Is lengthily quoted as
making n bitter criticism of General
StoesKoJ , Admiral Alexleff and others.
The Matin quotes Ixicklnsky aa
characterizing Vice Admiral Stark
and Rear Admiral Wlthoeft as - bedchamber
chamber admirals not acquainted
with their duties and seasick when
ever afloat. "
The admiral added that VIc Ad
miral Skrydloff prudently established
himself ashore at Vladivostok not
withstanding his opportunity to break
the Ineffective blockade of Port Ar
thur. Locklnsky declared he wouh1
denounce Stoessel , Skrydloff and Alex
left before the court-martial , as he
did not Intend to let himself be made
a scape-goat Ilka Hear Admiral Ouk
tonisky , ' ( who now trembles with fear
In a Chinese hospital. " Locklnsky
cited many Instances of the unpre
paredness of the land and naval defenses
fensos , frequent conflicts of authority
nnd demoralization during critical en
Four Negro Children Cremated ;
Kansas City , Feb. 16. Four negro
thlldrcn , lllchard Carson , Randal
Lilian ! , Ralph Llllard and Roberta
Llllard , Were burned to death In Kan
Baa City , Kan. The mothers of the
children locked them in the Llllard
cabin und went shopping. It Is 'cup
posed Uiat the children found some
matches nnd started the fire. They
were dead when the firemen arrived
fiend Telegram to President Roosevelt <
velt Urging Federal Action to Curb
Standard -Ask That Foster Lease
Be Not Renewed.
TopultH. Kan. , Fob. IU.--A bill pin-
vldlug for tlio uHlMbllshmonl of u
state oil rollneiy was passed by tlio
Kansas house of toptoscntalUoH 1)J a
votu of Ul to UO. Uovcinor lloch will
sign the bill at once , tinder Its pto
visions a rellnury will bo erected at
Peru , Kan. Another penitentiary will
he built thcio to ptovldo convict la
bor lor the lelliiory. An apptopilatlon
of * 110,1)00 ) IH made for building und
maintaining the rellnery and peniten
tiary. It Is likely thai the validity of
the hill will be tested by the state
supreme conri bofoni It goes Into ef
fect. The bill calls lor Iho Issuance
of bonds lor Iho amount necessary to
build the rolluory. Slate Auditor
Wells , It Is announced , will refuse to
resistor the bonds called for In thn
bill until the supreme court says they
are valid. Thcio Is mime doubt expressed -
pressed as to the constitutionality of
the bill and It Is to remove thin that
the matter will bo submitted lo the
court. It was on account of Iho mip-
posed uuconstltutlonallty of the Idea
that most of the opposition was en
countered. Several of the house mem
bers In voting for the hill announced
they were doing no on account of the
expressed wish of tliolr constituents ,
and not In accordance with their own
desires. Seldom tias public sent !
ment boon * > o thoroughly atoiiscd In
the state HH on the oil question. About
twenty llvo ronrlcki will lie necessary
to do Iho work In tlio tellnery. Its ca
pacity Is lo bo li.OOO hart els a day.
Pioducei'E Appea ) to President.
Thu Kansas OH Producers' assorts-
tlon M'lii the following tolcgium to
President Hoohovult :
"The undoihlgnud , representing the
oil ptodnoerh of the Mule of Kunt-ns
and speaking lor the Intelligent and
liidiistrioiiH people of the state , and
voicing Iho spirit of American ( air
play everywheie , appeal to you , and
through your so'Tctary of the Interior ,
and by yon to Iho coiigicss of the
United States for help In the under
taking of the legislature of the state
to protect the oil Industry of the
state from the oppression of the
Standard Oil trust. Because the legls
laturo proBimiCH to exercise a natuiul
function of government by legislating
for the welfare and piotectlon of In
diislriogvllhlii ( he bonleis of the
state against the oppioHslon of all
monopolies , and because the leglsla
tnre proposes to try the experiment
of a public oil tefliiery , as a moans of
preserving and malting profitable tlio
oil Industry , the goiioial manager of
tlie Standatd OH company has de
clared a boycott upon Kansas oil , and
one ol his subordinates has insulted
our people by i > xprohnlng In the pub
lic prints a groundless fear that they/
will destroy the company's property.
. Foster Lease a Menace.
"We further tepresenl to you a
menace to the etude oil market lb a
continued ownership by the Standatd
OH company of what Is known as ( he
"Foster lease" of the Osage Indian
reservation. This reservation Includes
1,500,01)0 ) aeies of land , which con
tains a reservoir of poll oleum so rich
that if Iho Standard contlnneb to own
and develop It that company will
have a supply of oil ttiat will make It
Independent of private production ,
not only in the woht , but all over the
United Slates. The lease Is nominal-
y held by "straw men , " but It really Is
In the grip of the Standard Oil com
pany , and the oil ptodncers appeal to
the president , the secretary of the In
terior and the congress to refuse the
Application now pending for Its exten
sion. It Is too much for the govern
ment to give to the Standard Oil com
pany or Its agents , an organization
which already IK so powerful that It
presumes to be greater than the people
ple or the government , whose courts
give It protection. The Kansas oil
field has been developed upon the
promise of lair play nnd good prices
by the Standard Oil company , but
now that the supply Is sufllclent for
the needs of the company , It , as It has
done In other Holds , has reduced the
price below a profit , and the men who
have Invested their money will lose It
and the Mold will languish unless the
government , state and naTion refuses
to confer upon the company additional
rights and franchises , and turns In
the other direction and legislates for
the people awhile. "
Prairie Oil Company Resumes Work ,
Independence , Kan. , Feb. lii. The
t'ralrle Oil tuid Gas company has ib-
Hied orders for the resumption of
work on Its pipe line from Hartles
rllle to Cleveland , Dkla. , and men
have gone from here to take up the
work whore It was discontinued Men
arc also returning to work at tbe
Cnnev tank farm In this county
War on Rats In Australia.
Victoria , H. C. , Feb. 10 Mall ad
vices were received from Australia by
the steamer Moanu of the outbreak
of bubonic pfacno In Sydney and
Grafton. In consequence war on rats
Is bviing waged In Australian cities.
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebrank.i.
Condition of the weather an record
ed for the 21 hours ending at 8 a. in.
today :
Maximum 25
Minimum 8
Average 10
Total snowfall for month 8.50
Total precipitation for month . . .43
Htiromolor 29.SO
Chicago , Fob. II ! . Tlio bulletin Is
sued by the Chit-ago illation of thu
United States weather bureau this
morning , given the forecast for No-
hrutiku as follows :
Conorally fulr and colder tonight
mil Friday.
Southern Dentists Organize.
Atlanta , ( la. , Feb. 10. At u meet
ing held at the Piedmont hotel today
Htopu. won ) tnlccu for the permanent
organization of the Southern Dental
society. 'Tho society WIIH given a pre
liminary orgtinl'/.ullon at u meeting
held In Washington last spring , IU )
membership will ho confined Htrlctly
to the southern Hint OH.
Much Opposition Develops to Con
ctructlon of Two New Battleships
Swayne Impeachment Hearlrj Pro-
ceodi In Senate.
Washington. Fob. Hi. Thn
continued , hut did not concUde , con
tlderutlon of Iho bill making appro
prlatlons for tUu suppott of the c' > v
rnmunt of lliei District of Columbia
\Vhlle the bill was br > foni the senate
IQIkliiH look flxccpllon lo an Itrm for
tb const ruction of u local hrldco as
In thu > lnloiesl of speculators , and
made u gem > ial plea lor economy In
tlio matter of t. | > | iioii | latloiiH. The
Swiiynu Impeachment lilul held th"
attention of ( lie senate for two hours
The president's message IruiiHinit
ting to the scimie the new San l > o
mlngo piolocol was lead at an exu'-u
llvo session following the passage .if
a muss of iinobjecled pension blltt
Not more than sior seven senatoi'
wore pieKont. The leading featttio or
the inossngi- was that 'In onler t"
maintain the Monroe docliino It win
necessary for Iho United Stales t )
sou Ihnl Just ( latins , ( oiil nirled by
South and C'ential American rcpuh
lies and thuMi of the West Indies
should ho paid , and that therefore It
was In the inteiest of peace for this
government lo take over thn control
of the icvcmics In San Domingo. Tills
subject ol ( lie Mnllioe doclilne is ills
ensued al Home length , especially as
rounds the lelatliins of llie I'nltod
Stale's to the lepiilillcs ol' the south.
The piolocol uas not tend tit the
executive session , but was at once
referred'to the committee on fotuign
rflat Ions.
Debate on Naval Bill In House.
Washington , Feb. Iti.- The question
of nhat the policy of tlio government
Khoiild be ulth respect lo the upbuild
Ing of the navy was again threshed
out In the house , during the consider
atlon of the naval appropriation bill
the debate developing much oppost
lion to the propound addition of two
batllokihlps to the naval establish
ment. As on yesterday the defense
of the Philippines played an Important
part In the discussion , while the events
of tlie war In the far east , from a
naval point of view , were given prom
Ineiico b > the advocates of an In
cieased navy. The house mot an hour
earlier than usual , and with the ex
ception of a btlof period , the entire
time was consumed with llie naval
Indiana Sends an Appeal.
Washington , Feb. Hi. In the senate -
ate Heveridge presented a memorial
from the legislature of Indiana and
Rerry a memoilal from the legislature
of Arkansas , both praying for the en
laig. ment of tin- powers of the later-
klate ( Oinrneicc commission.
Survivors of Italian Bark and Amer
ican Schooner Arrive in New York.
Now Yoik. Feb. 1G.-One shipwrecked -
wrecked crew and u sailor trum an
other vessel , \\hlch lud been aban
doned at boa , weiv hi ought here on
Iho Moamor Sarnia , which arrived
fiom Kingston by wny of Fortune Isl
and. Sl.x ot the bailers \sote stamen
from the Italian bark lilisa Vetro-
mile , which was wtecked on Point
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Horace Boles to Return Home ,
Hot Springs. Ark. . Feb. 1C. Ex-
Governor Horace Holes of Iowa , who
has beeir 111 for sumo time , will leave
for homo today , accompanied by his
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