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Troops Lined the Streets All Night to
Protect the Returning Workmen and
Patrol la Still Maintained Moscow
I * Quiet Again.
St Petersburg , Jan. 26 , 12:05 : p. m.
The aspect of the city Is almost nor
mal Oils morning nnd the feeling Is
decidedly calmer. Several nowspa-
papers have appeared.
The authorities are following up tbo
proclamation of last night and are doIng -
Ing everything possible to quiet the
public alarm.
With the troops In the streets dur
ing the night in accordance with the
promise to protect all workmen who
would return to work , the patrol still
encircles the big Industrial establish
Moscow Is Quiet.
Moscow , Jan. 20. The streets nro
quiet this morning and the nowspa'
pore , with tlio exception of three , re
Trouble at Llbau.
Llbau , Jan. 26. Workmen hero are
being compelled to leave the factories
! and mlllo by the moro mllftant faction
of the strikers. The telegraph lines
have been damaged.
Thirty Persons Wounded by Cot. ' '
at Helslnnfors.
Bt. Petersburg , Jan. 26. Contrary
to expectation , the first move of the
newly appointed governor general of
St. Petersburg Is pacific In character.
It takes the form of a proclamation ,
jointly signed by General Trepofl and
M. Kokovsoff , the minister of finance ,
telling the strikers that they have
been led Into trouble by evil-disposed
persons and that tholr bcstjnterests
will bo served by peaceful representa
tions to the government. Tbe work
men are also assured that the em
peror has ordered the framing of cer
tain laws for their benefit and the
creation of a system of state Insur
ance that will protect them from
want in case of sickness or disability.
The document will be followed eith
t er by an imperial manifesto along the
same lines , in the hope of preventing
W the spread of the strike , or by specific
proclamations by the local authorities
wherever strikes are In progress. By
promising to yield the question ot
the hours of labor , which are now loCally -
Cally eleven In Russia , the authorities
believe they will meet the main griev
ance of the workmen. This , together
With the guarantee of protection , the
authorities hope will Induce those
strikers who are indifferent to pojlt-
leal demands , and which class They de <
clare constitute a great bulk of the
men , to resume work. It Is certain
many strikers were forced out against
their wishes , but the general effect
ot the proclamation is problematical.
The fears of serious trouble in Mos
cow were not realized. The only au
thentlcated Instance of anything ap
preaching violence there was in the
dispersal of a crowd of about 3,000
workmen by Cossacks. So far as la
known there was no casualties.
From Finland anti-Russian demon
etrations are reported , a collision be
tween a crowd of 10,000 persons and
troops and police resulting in the
wounding of about thirty Finns. In
Finland the agitation has nothing to
do with the labor question , but la
purely political in character.
If a general movement breaks out
among the Finns It Is likely to take
the form of an armed uprising , as al
most every Finn has a weapon In bis
Various political , educational and
mercantile bodies In Russia are
adopting declarations in favor of an
elective representative legislative
body , and denouncing misrule under
tbe autocracy.
Thongh the strikes have boon
spreading to various towns , the sltua
tlon , while disquieting , is not acute
In several Baltic province towns
there has been considerable disorder
especially In Riga , where the military
ere In complete possession.
Sir Charles Hardlnge , the British
minister , received from Captain
Grove , tbe British consul at Moscow
confirmation of the Associated Press
dispatch from Moscow announcing the
posting of a London telegram 1m
putlng tbe disorders to British ant
Japanese Influences , and he will ask
explanations from Minister Lams
dorff today. It Is not expected , bow
ever , that the affair will lead to a so
rloua diplomatic Incident , and it 1
thought the Russian government wll
Blsavow responsibility for the course
of Acting Chief of Police Roudenefl
The dispatch to Ambassador Hard
Inge makes no mention of Roudeneff'i
offer to meet Captain Grove.
Press Censor is Defied.
London , Jan. 20. Some of the Lon
Bon morning papers complain tha
the Russian censorship of news dls
patches has been rolmposod. Thos
complaints are quite unjustified. Tba
no real censorship la exercises la ov
dent from Associated Press and othe
dispatches which continue to comment
with perfect freedom on tbo political
For Instance , the Dally Telegraph's
Bt. Petersburg dispatches this morn-
ins say. "Russia Is cloven In twain
and no human force can weld the
parts together. On ono side stands
the autocrat , whoso behests are still
mechanically fulfilled by his army ,
which , however , Is a section of the
people. On the other hand stands
the entire nation , united In the Inten
tion to dellvor Itself from a yoke
which has now become unbearable"
The correspondent declares that In
the whole empire there IB but one of
ilclal so loathed as TiepofT. and that
Is General Klelghels of ICiofT , wlio
may yet be minister of the Interior
That , the correspondent says , alone
proves that the autocracy has de
clared war against tbu Russian nation
He asserts that auests have been so
numerous that the fortiesses and
prisons ate overclouded
Fighting at Helsingfors.
Helslngfois , Finland , Jan. 21 ! . Al
though the ciowds on the stieets
were smaller , there was seveie light
ing , Cossacks and police firing their
revolveis. Some thlrfy persons note
wounded , ot whom nine were taken
to the hospital. " "
< f 'taring Weather Today From Yester-
4Great Storm Brought Colder
° sy - Than New York Had
' ? /
K ° < v'/ tr Years Zero Mark Limit
Now fork , Jan. 20. The clearing
weather which followed the great
term of yesterday brought Now York
colder weather than It has experienced
n many years. During the early
lours the mercury reached the zero
Terrible suffering Is reported among
residents ot the poorest quarters
where there were thousands of men ,
women and children without sufficient
ieat , clothing or food.
Kansas City , Jan. 20. Tbe weather
of the southwest has moderated today ,
the temperature having risen twenty
degrees In the past twenty-four hours.
Sight degrees above zero is the record
LaCrosse , Wis. , Jan. 20. Today Is
colder than yesterday , the thermom
eter registering at the minimum of
eighteen below.
Des Molnea , Jan. 20. The cold snap
ias been slightly broken here today ,
the temperateure being at four below
this morning.
New York , Jan. 26. Not since the
blizzard of 18b8 , by which all stoima
are estimated as great or small , baa
New York bean so completely snow
bound as it is today. The city ItseU
is lying under a foot ofsnow , that in
many places has been banked by the
wind to a height of several feet. Sur
face tiavel eaily in the day was
abandoned , ovoibead transit was lr
regular and slow and it remained foi
the underground roads to carry home ,
BO far as they could reach within the
city limits , the hundreds of thousands
of workers from the downtown dis
The entire coast line , from the Del
awaio capes north , has been in the
grasp of a storm , which , because o :
the heavy fall of snow , intensity o :
cold and tbe force of the gale , has ex
ceeded in ueveiity anything exper
ienced In years.
Inland from Maine throughout the
New England states and the middli
Atlantic states , all reports indlcati
a most complete winter tie-up. Fa
Into the west there Is snow and a ro
'markably low temperature.
Everywhere railroad traffic is de
layed , reports of disasters to ship
ping are coining In and with the rap
Idly falling' thermometer much suf
fering : must ensue. So severe was th
storm in this city that even during
the day hours several persons wen
frozen to death or died from oxhaus
tion. The hospitals , the police sta
tlons and the House of Refuge an
crowded to their capacity.
On the New Haven road very few
trains were dispatched , and thoa
that arrived were from four to elgh
hours late. The Boston express wa
reported stalled In a snowdrift a
Rye. This was the condition that pre
Tailed on all roads entering : New
Not a vessel of any kind has salle
from or arrived In this port in mon
than twenty-four hours and In th
port of Boston only one vessel was re
ported arriving , that a coaster. I
dozen or more steamers now overdu
bar * not been heard from. Along th
coast of Maine and Massachusett
eeveral schooners were reported
ashore , but the calo gave warning : of
Us coming , harbors were hastily found
and there were many storm-bounrl
fleets , but lying at anchor In safety.
Grlllo Ousted From Presidency.
Chicago , Jan. 26. After a heated
contest J. E. Grlllo was ousted from
tbo presidency of the American asso
ciation and was succeeded by Joseph
D , O'Brien of Milwaukee.
He Is One of the Early Settlers of the
County Came There Years Ago
and Was Later Four Times Elected
Sheriff Once County Judge.
Stanton Nob. , Jan. 20. Special to
The News : Tlio announcement made
nt Lincoln that our follow townsman
Alex Peters had received the appoint
ment of steward of the Norfolk asy
lum was a matter of congratulation
among the people of thin vicinity Irre
spective of political limitation.
Mr. Peters ciimo hero among the
early settlers and took up a claim In
what was then known as the Cana
dian settlement In this county. Ho
proved himself a successful farmer.
Ho was elected by the republicans to
tbo ofilco of county sheriff nnd re
moved to the city of Stanton. Not
withstanding that this is a county
which under normal conditions re
turns democratic majorities ho was
thereafter four times re-elected. Fol
lowing this ho was elected to the of
flee of county Judge. Ho proved n
very competent nnd popular ofilclal
Ho then engaged In the cattle business
for some years. Of late years ho has
boon engaged In the real estate bus !
ness. Ho Is In every way competent
to fill the position to which ho has
been appointed and will undoubtedly
successfully administer the affairs of
his ofllce.
It bad been announced In reports
from Lincoln to state newspapers that
Mr. Peters was n Chadron man. Nor
folk nnd north Nebraska are glad to
learn that bo Is ono of this locality.
American Negroes in Filipino Band
Which Kills Soldiers.
Manila , Jan. 20. Additional details
regarding the attack by ladrones on
the town of San Francisco de Mala-
bon , In which Contract Surgeon J. A.
O'Neill was killed , show that the
ladrones numbered 300. They were
led by the famous outlaws Montalon
and Felizardo , who were aided by two
American negroes. The ladiones were
armed with over 130 rifles.
Besides Surgeon O'Neill , ono pri
vate of the constabulary was killed
and throe were seriously wounded.
The home of former Governor Trias
was attacked and his wife and two
children abducted. The municipal
treasury was looted of $2,000 and
twenty-five Remington rifles were
taken by the ladrones. The robbers
were dressel in constabulary uniforms
and this fact created considerable
The scouts and tha constabulary
now have the band surrounded at the
pueblo of Perez Damarinas.
There was four hours of fierce fightIng -
Ing , tbo complete result of which has
not yet been reported.
In a battle In a river bed near
Sllang between a detachment of
scouts and constabulary and 100 of
the ladrones , ten ladrones have been
killed and seven taken prisoners.
There have been no casualties among
the scouts and constabulary. Severe
fighting continues.
The wife and two children of Gov
ernor Trias , together with several na
tlve women prisoners , were seen with
the ladrones , but an attempt to res
cue them was unsuccessful.
Seek Light on Hock Case.
St. Louis , Jan. 20. Chief of Detec
tives Desmond detailed detectives to
make an investigation of the storiea
circulated to the effect that Johann
Hock , under the alias of John Schulz ,
caused the death by poison of his
wife , who formerly was Mrs. Mary
Becker , here , In 1908. Mrs. Charles
Relnhardt , the daughter of Mrs. Becker -
er , has made a statement telling of
the sudden illness and death of her
mother not long after becoming the
wife of John Schulz. She declared
her belief that her mother's iTeath ,
which was attributed at the ttme to
uraemia , was caused by poison. Mr.
Relnhardt stated that the family now
believed that Schulz and Johann
Hock , for whom the Chicago police
are looking , were the some person.
Schulz departed soon after the death
of his wife and has not been beard
from since.
Yellow Fever on Cruiser Boston.
Panama , Jan. 20. A bulletin Issued
by the American legation announced
one death and six cases of suspected
yellow fever on board thocrulser Bos
ton. The sanitary staff Is Investigat
ing : the causes and fumigating tbe
hip. From July 18 to Jan. 20 eight
ten cases and three deaths from yel
low fever have been reported at Pan
ama and Colon.
Consecrate New Bishop ,
Detroit. Jan. 20. Rev. Charles B
Woodcock , D. D. , was consecrated a
bishop In St. John's Protestant Epls
copal church , of which he has been
factor for the past four and a half
years. Bishop Woodcock has recently
been elected bishop of tbe dtocoso of
Kentucky and will take up his rest
denct at Louisville.
Found Guilty of Assault With Intent
to Kill.
St. LoulH , Mo. , Jan. 20. The Jury
which trlud Xnch Mullwll , llvostock
agent for the 'Frisco railway and a
well known cattla man , charged with
assault with Intent to kill , ban found
him guilty.
The jury anncmiod a punishment of
tinoo yearn In the penitentiary.
liruoHt Morgan WUH nliol while
watching a light between Mulhall and
Couday at n pike flhow In the world'H
fulr luwl Juno.
No Change Today In the Balloting for
a Senator There.
Jefferson City , Mo , Jan. 20. The
ballot for senator today roHiiltod :
Cockrell 70 ; NIodrliiKhniiB 75 ; ICo-
PUB 12 ; fKdilch ! 1 ; Tublm 1.
Four Honatoru nnd four ropronenta-
tlvea worn paired. The only change
on today's ballot was that lloproson-
atlvo WaniHloy , who yoBtorday voted
'or Goodrich , today voted for Tubbn.
The scBBlon adjourned until toiuor-
Summarily Removed for Malconduct
In San Francisco.
Son Francisco , Jan. 20. Mayor
Schmlt has.caused a sensation hereby
by Bummnrlly removing from office
Police Commissioner S. W. Ilutton ,
alleging Improper conduct as an oill-
clal. The mayor gives the date of the
alleged conduct and names n young
girl. Ilutton had been active recently
In suppressing vice Ilutlon denies
the charge.
Lowers Auto Record.
Ormond , Fla , Jan. 20. The tail-end
of the northern blizzard swept down
the Ormond-Daytona buach and while
It chilled 5,000 spectators to the bone
It did not prevent KOIIIO of the fas
cars from smashing all of the woild's
records. The ( list tare wan on
mile , time lilals Louis S Ross. It :
his twenty hoistpowet Mo.unoi , cov
eied the nillo In I5S nut , one SCCOIK
under the world's record made by
Mr. Vanderbllt one yeai ago Mr
Ross held the record hut a short tlnm
Arthur E. MncDonald , In his ninety
horse power car , crossed Uio mile tap
In ' 34 4-f > U remained Tot H L- Bowden -
den , In his 100-horse power car , t
outstrip tlic flold It was but 34 1-
seconds between the pistol reports o
the start and the Hi/Jhj clipping the
Vanilerhllt record down four and four-
fifth seconds.
Wagar Surrenders Himself.
I Cleveland , Jan. 20. After defying
the police through the night from he-
hind barricades , George Wagar , who
killed his brother , John , and later
shot Policeman Klamnyer through Hie
abdomen , finally surrendered after
more than twenty shots had been
flrod Into the Wagar residence , where
the tragedy was enacted. When the
officers entered the house they found
the body of John Wagar lying In nn
upstairs room with five bullet wout ds
In the head.
Wreck In California.
Stockton , Cal , Jan. 20. Two pas-
longer trains on the Santa Fo railway
collided In a fog at Blum , forty-five
miles west of Stockton. Several per
sons were hurt , none fatally. The In
jured , who were brought to Stockton ,
were oil able to proceed to their des
tinations. The trains were No 41 and
No. 0 , both bound for San Francisco
No. C crashed Into the rear car of No
41 while the latter was taking a sid-
Inc. throwing one car off the track.
Boiler Explosion Kills Three.
Terre Haute. Jan. 20. Lev ! Whit
taker , Thomas Patterson and Horace
Colvln were killed and George Davis
fatally Injured In a boiler explosion
that wrecked the engine rooms ' / the
Standard Wheel company's plant
The victims were all firemen em
ployed In the boiler room. The causa
of the explosion Is unknown.
Ontario Liberals Defeated.
Toronto , Ont. , Jan. 20. The Liberal
government of the Hon. G. W. Rosa
was overwhelmingly defeated at the
polls , the vote standing : Conaorva
lives , 09 ; Liberals , 29 , a majority ol
40 seats. Premier Ross retained his
Beat by only thirty votes , while five
of his ministers were defeated.
Alleged Robbers on Trial.
Peorla , Jan. 20. John Ormo , alias
John Lane , and Theodore Brockway ,
alias Percy Warner , charged with
robbing the Second National bank on
Dec. 12 , were placed on trial In the
criminal court The court room was
crowded to the doors when the case
was caMed.
Revolution In Honduras.
Mobile , Ala. , Jan. 20. Advices re
ceived hero by the steamer Espana
are to the effect that a revolution Is
brewing at Puerto Cortcz and other
parts of Spanish Honduras. The cor-
eminent at Tegucigalpa has taken
trenuouB steps to forestall an out
Antelope County Representative In
troduces Two Conotltutlonal Amend
ments Fraternal Life Insurance
Bills Introduced In House.
Lincoln , Nob. , Jan. 20. If RoproHon-
tutlvo Cuunlniham ; of Hamilton lmn
hlH way , football will bo absolutely
prohibited hereafter In Nohraoka. Ho
lutioduced a bill today making It a
crime to engage In the game or to aid
or abet In Hit playing. The Unit of-
fc'iino lii pniiliihablo by a Hue of from
$50 to $100 , or thlity to ninety dajH
In Jail. The iiucond offeitHo ciilln for
Immuiemont In the penitentiary not
lesH than ono year nor moro than two.
Wilson of Pawnee added fuel to the
fratoinal lumiiancn llamo by Inlio-
during a bill to give actual inoinhurH
of lodgea the power to break up the
llfo Hhii't'iiroM now held In ceitaln or-
leiH by cabnlB of olllconi. It provided
i leproHoutatlvo HyHtom of govern'
uetit which given the inemberB nn nc
mil majority In the executive council
nnd pormltR them to amend the con
Jackson of Antelope Introduced two
constitutional amendments. Ono pro-
vldon for Hovon Bupromo court Judges ,
four to bo elected next year and ono
every seven yearn thereafter. The
other pavon the way for n Juvonllo
court by giving the loglBlaturo power
to establish other courts than now
First Hanging In 15 Years ,
Cumberland , Md. , Jan. 20. Arrange
monIn bavo boon completed for the
hanging hero tomorrow of Sidney
Johnson , colored. It will bo the first
hanging hero In fifteen years. John
son was convlcttd of killing two colored
orod mon In a dispute over a game o
New Library at Berkeley.
Berkeley , Cnl. , Jan. 20. Interesting
oxorclBOB accompanied the forma !
opening today of the now Carnegl
library. The principal addresses wor
delivered by Superintendent o :
Schools Waterman and Professor I
J. Richardson of the University o
Troops Being Rushed to the Scene of
Hungarian Elections.
Vioana , Jun 20-The piuilamentary
elections which will begin in Hun
gary today , ate expected to take place
amid scenes of rioting and hlouiKhud
unequalled in anj previous campaign
A state of terrorism Is sure to prevail -
vail throughout tbo country Premier
Tlsza is determined to make an end
of parliamentary obstruction and the
opposition paitlcb aio equally re
solved to defeat the piemlers pur
pose. The question of revising the
rules of patiliiinentary ptocediiro is
the only one put before the electorate
The campaign already has cost sev
eral lives , the latest victim being
Prince Feulinand of Bulgaria's pri
vate huntsman , Michael Krapusnak ,
who was shot during a ( lent between
rival parties at Polnva. Preparatory
to today's polling special tralnloads
of troops have been sent to Hungary
from all parts of Austria.
Firemen Caught Beneath Falling Wall
New York , Jan. 20. While the
worst storm of many winters howled
around them , a do/.cn fire companies ,
under the personal direction of Chief
Crokor , for eight hours fought a stub
born fire In Kips bay brewery. All
the men suffered Intensely from long
exposure to the chilling blasts and
five of them were moro or less seri
ously hurt by being caught beneath
a falling wall. Tbo firemen worked
under most discouraging and trying
conditions. Flying spray froze the
moment It touched their garments
and long before the flra was con
trolled many of thorn resembled huge
Icicles. The financial loss is placed
at about $150,000.
Fire Destroys Oil Mills.
Memphis , Tenn. , Jan. 20. The
plant of the Valley Oil mills , located
at the foot of Llmfen street and the
river , was destroyed by fire , entailing
a loss estimated at $150,000. The in
surance is $110,000. A negro employe
is missing and as ho was seen to civ
ter the burning stiucture , be probablj
Fifteen Killed In French Quarry.
Paris , Jan 20. Fifteen men have
been killed owing to the breaking of
the cable supporting the cage In
which they were being brought to the
surface at the Rennalssanco slate
quarry near Angers. The cage
dropped 450 feet.
Captain William Carter Dead.
New York , Jan. 20. Captain Will
lam Carter , aged sixty-eight , a once
famous horseman , for whom the Carter
tor handicap at the spring meet at
tbe Aqueduct race track was named
died with apoplexy , practically pennl
Temperature for Twenty-four Hours.
Forecast for Nebraska.
Condition of the weather nn record
ed for the 21 hoitni ending at 8 n. m.
today :
Maximum C
Minimum 4
Average 0
Total anowfall for month 11.50
Total precipitation for mouth . . .07
llarometer 30.22
Chicago , Jan. 20. The bulletin In-
Biied hy the Chicago station of the
United Statoti weather bureau thla
morning , given the forecast for No-
hiatikn an follows :
I'm My cloudy tonight and Friday.
Wiirmor oiint poitlon tonight. Colder
Fi I day.
Physicians to Meet.
Cincinnati , O. , Jan. 20. There will
bo u huge gathering of mudlcal men
hot a next \\eok for the annual conven
tion of the Alpha Kappa Kappa frater
nity. The iiocloty ban twonty-novon
ehaptorB , and mon of prominence will
attend ftom all paitn of the country.
lOlaboiato proparntlonii are being made
or the reception and entertainment
t the vlultoru.
till Is Criticised In Sharp Language ,
but Action on the Measure Goes
Over for One Day Proceedings of
the House.
Washington , Jan. 20. In connection
with tl j consideration of the army
appropriation bill , tbero was an ani
mated discussion in the senate of the
assignment of General Mlles to ecr-
vloo In charge of the Massachusetts
tate militia. Tlio controversy was
begun by Lodge , who criticised In
harp language the provision of the
army bill prohibiting the awarding
of extra pay or allowances to ratlrod
offlcora asnlgnod to actlvo aorvlco
when they exceed thono of a major on
the actlvo list. Ledge declared the
provision was directed at General
Mlles and was most unfair. Lodge ,
Proctor , Platt ( Conn. ) , Spoonor , Bai
ley , Patterson , Carmack and Money
took part In the debate which fol
lowed. Spooner , Platt and Money
contended that the cnactmont would
have the effect of limiting the sal
aries of all retired officers assigned to
actlvo duty to a major's pay retard-
less of rank. Spoonor contended the
paragraph was an Indirect effort to
prevent the assignment to active ser
vice of general otllcors and denounced
It as "cowardly. "
Several amendments were suKgeit-
ed , but action on them and on the
provision went over for the day. Some-
200 pension hills weie passed.
Favor Allotment of Tribal Funds.
Washington , Jan. 20. The board of
Indian commissioners , in annual ses
sion here , have prepared a bill for
Introduction In congtesa at this ses
sion piovldlng for the allotment to
the credit of thj Indians Individually
of the Indian mbal trust funds now
hold lu the treasury. These funds ag-
gregate approximately $30,000.000.
Under this general measure , it is pro
posed that the money , when convert
ed from tribal funds to Individual
holdings , shall not bo paid to the In
dians at once , unless the wisdom of
such a course should be apparent In
some cases , but each Indian shall be
credited with the amount he would
be entitled to If the funds were actual
ly distributed , interest to bo contin
Charges Against Goodnow.
Washington , Jan. 26. Representa
tive Hughes ( N J. ) Introduced a resolution
elution directing the committee on
Judiciary "to inquire and report
whether the action of this house la
requisite concerning the otllcial mis
conduct of John Goodnow , judge of
the United States consular court at
Shanghai , China and sa\ whether th
said judge has been guilty of corrupt
conduct In office and whether the ad
ministration of his offlce has resulted
In Injury and wrongs to litigants iw
his court. "
Will Submit Protocol to Senate.
Washington , Jan 26 It can be
stated by authority that it Is and has
been the purpose of the administra
tion before taking any action towards
carrying out the agreement Just con
cluded with Santo Domingo to sub
mit such agreement or protocol to the
United States senate for Its approval.
Commander nilllngham Is understood
to have sailed from San Domingo city
for homo He will come by way of
Cuba , bringing with him the text of
the agreement
Proceedings of the House.
Washington. Jan. 20. The house
passed the District of Columbia and
the military academy appropriation
bills. Except for a speech by Baker
( N. Y. ) , bitterly assailing the pro
tective tariff policy of the Republican
party , the proceedings were iTSvold
of Interest. The agricultural appro
priation bill was reported by Wads-