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otiraSiiriihiHitiulStriiliiH. O.I.-UH Spavin and Illiiubuno. liculH Old SoreM quickly. Ucbt for Catllo ailments. penetrate * to the very bono. Beat thing fur ulumohorao ,
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Suspicion Pointed to the Parleys , nt
Jamison , for Thefts of Recent Date.
Despair Wno Overcrowding the
Prospective Settlers ,
Honostcol , S. D. , .Inn. H. A sensa-
tlonul denouement IIIIH boon brought
to tlio horse-thieving gossip which IIIIH
boon imramoimt huro for Homo woolm ,
In the recent arrest of the Farley
brothers , who reside Just Honth of
JixmlHon , Nob.
A few weeks ago horses wore inlHnoil
by a nuinbor of the HoHuhiul ButtlurB
who were making residence on tholr
clulina along the southern border of
the reservation near the Nebraska
stnto lino. So in o very vnltmblo niul
highly prized nnlmnls were taken nntl
n. gonulno despair took possession of
the ownora In tlio fiilluro of tholr ef
forts to locate the stolen property.
Much advertising was done and liberal -
oral rewards were offered for any
knowledge of the missing animals.
Suspicion pointed toward Koya
Palm county , Nebraska , which Joins
the newly opened lands on the south-
Avost , and where numerous bands of
bad men have boon known to rendez
vous In the past.
A number of weeks passed by , however -
over , without bringing sulllclont evi
dence against any suspected party , al
though the horse stealing continued.
The now settlers , hence , became thor
oughly disheartened and qulto out of
patlonco with tholr now homos.
The recent result of the vigilance
committee's work Is mot with
a wealth of satisfaction. Through
their careful maneuvers and Investi
gation , It was learned that certain
horses were being disposed of down
along the Nlobrara river. Back trackIng -
Ing the clue , guilt pointed to nort and
Clarence Farley of Just south of Jam
ison , n small trading station on the
Nebraska line , thirty miles southwest
of hero. The brothers were arrested
by the committee and turned over to
the sheriff of Koya Palm county , nort
Is now In Jail , while Clarence Is out
on bond awaiting the action of the
The running down of those horse
thieves , If they are the thieves , will
alleviate many fears of the present
Inrush of Rosebud settlors. Horses
nro the mainstay here where there
are no railroads and a continuance of
such wholesale thieving would thor
oughly discourage every prospective
net tier of the now lands
No Poison In Chamberlain's Cough
From Napier , Now /calami. Herald :
Two year * ago the pharmacy hoard of
Now South \Valos. Australia , had an
analysis made of all the cough modi-
clues thntoro sold In that market.
Out of t'-o enti'o list they found only
one Unit thev tieelnrodas entirely
free t'rnui all poisons. This exception
was , Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ,
made by the Cluniliorlnin Medicine
comimiv. Dos Moines. Iowa , U. S. A.
The abronoo of nil mrcotlcs makes
this remedy the safest and best that
can be ) > ad , and It Is with a feeling of
security hai anv mother can give It
to her llttlo ones. Chamberlain's
Cough Romedv Is especially recom
mended by Its makers for coughs ,
colds , croup and whooping cough.
When Mkn In time It prevents pneu
monia. This romedv Is for sale by
Leonnul the druggist.
Messrs. Joe Wltten , Edward Dunn
and Lewis Inhelder wont to Norfolk
on the early morning passenger , driv
ing back In the forenoon.
A new real estate linn has gone
Into business at this place. Geo. Lit-
toll , ex-sheriff of Pierce county , and
John Campbell constitute the new
W. H. Parack , the gentleman who ,
n few months ago , sold out bis drug
business In this city to Peterson &
Patrick , has re-purchased the busi
ness and will have charge In future.
The transfer was made Friday.
J. A. VanWagenon , the republican
county attorney-elect , was Installed In
office hero Thursday , succeeding II.
H. Darnlinrt who has held the office
for six years. W. E. Preston also was
Installed In office , succeeding C. E.
Manzer ns county commissioner.
An Important business transaction
has been consummated nt this place
whereby Dr. P. E. Crossler , who has
been practicing medicine hero singly
for some time , goes into partnership
with Dr. J. T. Prlnglo. This will bo
Interesting news to a number of
Plorco county people.
A fanner named Fields living ten
miles northwest of Plorco , Is under
arrest , charged with plundering gro
ceries , robes , halters and other things
from the wagons of other farmers ,
who had left tholr teams standing In
( ho streets. The arrest was mndo
Saturday night , at which time the
hearing was set for Monday In Judge
McDonald's court. The accused Is
said to bo an Industrious fanner , and
his neighbors and friends will hope
that he will be cleared of the charge.
The Pierce Physician and Ex-Senator
Receives One of the Best Plums to
Fall from the Executive Tree His
Dr. J. M. Aldeu of Pierce , stnto sen
ator two years ago from this district ,
was yesterday appointed superinten
dent of tlio Norfolk hospital for the
Insane by Governor Mickey , the gov
ernor announcing the appointment to
Interested people. Dr. Alden's com
mission will bo mndo out In a few
days and ho will be ready to nssumo
cluirgo of the hospital as soon as the
Institution Is turned over to the stnto
by the contractors. Until thnt tlmo
the new superintendent will bo busy
selecting his force of assistants and
making other preliminary arrange
ments to take charge of the hospital.
Dr. Alden has always had a deep
Interest In the Norfolk hospital and
It was largely through his efforts dur
ing the last session that an appropria
tion of $100,000 was secured to go to
ward the rebuilding of the hospital.
Ills friends have been active In ask
ing for him this mark of recognition
and nil will congratulate him on the
success of the endeavors that have
been put forth.
The New Superintendent.
Dr. John M. Aldcn Is a native of the
great state of New York , having boon
born In Oswego county September 7 ,
IS 17. Ho was brought tip on the farm
In the good old fashioned way and
comes from a stock of sturdy ancest
ors reaching hack to the time of John
Alden and Prlscllla. Ho received nn
academic education and also attended
the state university nt Ann Arbor ,
Michigan. In 1871 he graduated from
the Jefferson medical college at Phil
adelphia and has since practiced his
profession continuously. In ISSt ho
located In Pierce county and has made
his homo theio since. Ho was a mem
ber of the state legislature in 1S91 and
made a splendid record , being again
honored by election ns senator from
the Eleventh district comprising the
counties of Madison , Pierce , Wayne
and Stanton in 11102. serving his con
stituents acceptably during that ses
sion. During the past seven years
he has resided on his farm adjoining
the town of Pierce on the north ,
where In addition to practicing medicine -
cine and attending to his legislative
duties ho has engaged extensively In
the raising of Hereford cattle and Po
land-China hogs. Ho has been Identi
fied with the upbuilding of Pierce
county and northeast Nebraska during
the past twenty years and is known
favorably and prominently In the med
ical profession all over the state.
He has had marked success In the
practice of his profession and his
friends are confident thnt under his
management and direction the now
Norfolk hospital will attain a standIng -
Ing among the eleemosynary Institu
tions of the state thnt will bo second
to none. Ho has shown a clear mind
and steady hand In directing other af
fairs with which ho has boon attached
and In addition to his knowledge of
medicine this will stand him In good
stead In conducting the Norfolk hos
Colonial Products Exhibition.
Liverpool , Jan. 10. The Colonial
Products exhibition , which , ns Its
nnmo Indicates , is Intended to Illus
trate the resources and Industries of
the British colonies , opened In Liver
pool today and will continue for one
week. A similar exhibition was held
hero last year , but the present affair
Is much larger and more comprehen
sive In its scope. Canada is well rep
resented , ns nro also Australia , South
Africa and other parts of the British
Try our Now York buckwheat flour.
Feed store , Pacific block.
C. D. Johnson Reappolnted Superin
tendent of the Poor Farm and Gus
Kaul Reappolnted Janitor of Court
House Salaries and Bills Paid. . .
Madison , Neb. , Jan. J. , 1905. The
board of county commissioners met
pursuant to adjournment. All mem
bers were present. Minutes of last
meeting were rend and approved :
On motion the following bills were
allowed :
Frank Horst , money paid for
road commissioner district
No. 3 $ Cl 40
Frank Horst , money paid for
road commissioner district
No. 1 Cl10
John Wndo , rend work , com
missioner district No. 8. . . . 8 GO
Tlios. Wade , rend work , com
missioner district No. 3. . . . 25 00
Thos. Wade , rend work , com
missioner district No. 2. . . . 25 00
L. B. Baker , lumber , road dis
trict No. 19 771C
L. II. Baker , lumber , rend dis
trict No. 11 48 G5
L. B. Baker , lumber , road dis
trict No. 11 37 37
0. R. Webb , road work , com
missioner district No. 2 . . . . 3 20
A. M. Ixivolaco , road work ,
road district No. 11 8 80
J. L. Derrick , road work , road
district No. 11 22 50
Horst Bros. , merchandise , road
district No. 25 2 50
Herat Bros. , merchandise , road
district No. 21 1 00
L. W. Lyon , road work commis
sioner district No. 1 90 00
F. Dlerks , road work , road dis
trict No. 21 C 00
Guy Done ! , road work , commis
sioner district No. 3 79 GO
John Warden , road work , road
district No. 19 90 00
D. A. Reeves , commissioner
district No. 3 13 50
Geo. M. Mulctz , rend work ,
district No. 8 G 25
T. Waller , road work , road dis
trict No. 17 4 00
F. H. Osborn , commissioner
district No. 3 3 00
Chas. Wotzel , road work , road
district No. 18 3 00
Frank Flood , caring for elec
tion booths 2 GO
Diirlnnd Trust Co. , rent for
building for election pur
poses 5 00
Burt MnpoH , expenses 4 00
W. C. Elloy , court bailiff 8 00
Xack Cov. livery 5 00
G. E. Klerstcad , hall rent for
election purposes , $10.00 , al
lowed nt 5 00
\ V.V. . Weaver , repairs on
grader 1 C5
Dr. F. A. Long , medical ser
vices 3 50
Thos. O'Shca , coal for court
house 38 15
P. H Knott. printing for coun
ty treasurer 3 50
Horst Bros. , merchandise 14 80
On motion the report of the super
intendent of the poor farm was ap
proved as follows :
Cash receipts ending Novem
ber 30 , 190 J $495 11
Expenditures ending Novem
ber 30 , 1901 277 98
By balance In Battle Creek
Valley bank 217 13
The following bills were Incurred
and allowed :
L. B. Baker 4713
W. L. Boyer 14 01
Dr. E. Tanner 2 00
C. E. Hanson 4 00
Jos .Dittrlck 3 95
H. A. Munson 2 00
Frank Ruslck ( paid ) 9 13
H. Miller 41 07
O. II. Maas . 32 05
Jos. Sovera 1135
M. L. Thompson 10 95
C. T. Hnnen C 25
L. F. Morz 7 35
F. Kocstor 13 85
Morris Drug Co 1 30
Aug. Steffen 14 00
J. E. Saunders 1 10
C. D. Johnson 112 50
On motion the bill of Simon J. Fin-
ncgnn , county commissioner , was al
lowed , $38.25.
Gus Kaul , salary , court bailiff and
washing. $00.00.
An ntfldavit having heon filed by
Will McDonald ns deputy assessor for
C. A. Hodman 13 20
the year 1304 showing that ho failed
to reduce the amount duo to the state
from the valuation of $1,200.00 placed
on the no'/t of the no',1 section 30 ,
2) ) , 4 , wild Indebtedness amounting to
$270.00 , the treasurer was ordered to
place the value of said land nt $930.00.
The annual report of Wm , Ilockn-
follow , road overseer district No. 12 ,
was audited , showing amount duo him
On motion board adjourned to Jan
uary 5 , at 9 o'clock a. ni.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Board adjourned to 1 o'clock
p. m. In accordance with a provi
sion of the statutes Mr. Christ Schmltt
becomes chairman of the board for
the ensuing year.
On motion the following bonds were
approved :
Jack Koenlgsteln , county attorney.
0. M. Boyles , road overseer , dis
trict No. 4.
Nick Dohman , road overseer , dis
trict No. 31.
Herman Encker , road overseer , dis
trict No. C.
C. F. Haasc , overseer district No. 1.
L. M. Johnson , overseer district No.
H. J. Morris , overseer district No.
J. F. Jenkins , overseer district No.
Henry Sundorman , overseer district
No. 23.
Ernest Nathan , overseer district
No. 30.
Jacob Jacobson , overseer district
No. 28.
Mlko Novotny , overseer district No.
B. B. McGinnis , overseer district
No. 1C.
W. Uwe , overseer district No. 7.
C. F. Llndorholm , Justice of the
peace , Shell Creek precinct.
E. G. Dennis , Justice of the peace ,
Battle Creek precinct.
J. R , Gnrdels , constable , Battle
Crook precinct.
W. P. Kennedy , constable , Union
Ira M. Hamilton , constable , Nor
folk precinct.
On motion the following bills were
allowed :
Burt Mapes , county attorney ,
salary , etc $205 71
C. W. Crum , salary for Decem
ber 100 00
J. J. Clements , Jailor's foes . . . 88 80
S. W. Hayes , fees state vs. Per
ry Law 3 55
Martin Kane , state vs. Glvens. 10 53
Anna Herman , taking testi
mony nt inquest of Sherman
Ayers 5 00
An affidavit having been filed by
Mark Richardson , deputy assessor , *
that he made nn error In assessing the
furniture of J. M. Bothwell , the same
was reduced from $050.00 to $50.00
and the clerk was Instructed to cor
rect assessment accordingly.
On motion the application of C. D.
Johnson as superintendent of poor
farm at $150.00 for the ensuing year
was accepted.
On motion the application of Gus
Kaul as Janitor of the court house at
$ 10.00 per month for the ensuing year
was accepted.
On motion board adjourned to Jan
uary 10 , 1905.
Emil Winter ,
County Clerk.
Gave a Dinner.
Miss Lena Mills Entertained a num
ber of her young lady friends at a G
o'clock dinner Thursday evening.
Special Barglns In Land.
80-acre tract , improved land ; fine
location , close in , near town , price and
terms right. G. R. Seller.
The Successful Candidate Will be Ap
pointed to West Point He Must be
Young , of Sound Body and Strong
Enough Mentally to Pass Well.
The West Point entrance examina
tion , conducted at the Pacific hotel ,
was taken by the following candi
dates :
Gideon Brow , Columbus ; W. W.
Dobson , Cedar Uaplds ; William Lennon -
non , Hnrtlngton ; William Vogt , Jr. ,
Ponder , Vorn W. Endree , Wayno.
Professor Gregg of the Wayne nor
mal school gave the mental examina
tion and Dr. P. II. Salter of this city
the physical.
Accordion and Sunburst
Pleating , Ruching , Buttons.
The Goldman Pleating Co.
Prospects are Favorable for the Orga
nization of the Association in Nor
folk With Gymnasium , Bath Rooms
and Other Features.
"Yesterday was Y. M. C. A. Sunday
in Norfolk with State Secretary J. P.
Bailey as the directing nilnd of the
movement , and the prospects are flat
tering that an organization will be
perfected here.
In the afternoon at 3 o'clock Mr.
Bailey addressed a largo men's meetIng -
Ing at tlio Methodist church on the
work and aroused much Interest In
the movement among his hearers.
Good instrumental music was fur
nished under the direction of Mr. Ju
lius Ilulff while the singing was di
rected by Mr. Solomon , Instructor of
music In the public schools.
In the evening there was a crowded
house at the M. E. church , the dif
ferent churches of the city uniting In
a mass meeting. Mr. Bailey again ad
dressed the gathering , explaining the
objects , plans and work of the organi
zation , what has been accomplished
in other places and what Is hoped to
bo accomplished here. Ho succeeded
in arousing a deep Interest in the
movement and It Is confidently be
lieved thnt the efforts of himself and
the local workers will bo crowned
with success. Previous to calling Mr.
Bailey a local committee had succeed
ed In securing pledges from thirty-
five prospective members. As n re
sult of the work of yesterday twenty-
live additional names were placed on
the roll , bringing the membership up
to sixty. With this as n starter it la
thought that it will not bo difficult to
get the required hundred names with
in n day or two , but forty being need
ed to bring the required number.
Each man signing the roll promises a
payment of $1 a month for flvo years ,
provision being made for the possible
removal of the subscriber. With 100
names on the roll the now association
will have $1,200 a year for the pay
ment of a permanent secretary's sal
ary and for other expenses. It Is pro
posed to rent rooms , establish a gym-
naslum and baths In connection and
have a place that will bo attractive to
the boys and young men of the city as
well as those who pass through Nor
In other towns the Y. M. C. A. is ono
of the Important Christian organiza
tions , especially in railroad centers
such as is Norfolk and it will bo high
ly desirable for nn organization to bo
effected hero. A committee has been
appointed to assist Mr. Bailey and to
day they are actively engaged In so
liciting the balance of the names need
In compiling the statistics of theonce , and she was soon cured of all
different races of people of the world ,
it Is of interest to note the article of
diet , the manner In which it Is taken
and the extent of medical attendance
as practiced in the civilized world. It
has been demonstrated conclusively
that the meat eaters are the strong
est , healthiest and the best educated
people in the world ; therefore It Is
reasonable to believe that they are the
people who govern the world. As
demonstrated by Dr. Caldwell , the
American people consume on an aver
age of six pounds of meat per week ;
the English four ; the German , three ;
the French , two ; and the Italian , one-
lialf. Statistics prove that epidemics
of contagious diseases more largely
prevail among those people , whoso diet
partakes of less meat and more fari
naceous foods. Good meat Is the most
wholesome of all foods to be taken.
True , It Is not ns fattening as the ce
reals or farinaceous foods , but It is
more strengthening and contains more
blood and nerve producing elements ,
so necessary to strength and good
licalth. What Is required specially for
perfect health is good digestion , plen
ty of outdoor exercise and special care
as to hygiene and all the laws of na
ture. Dr. Caldwell Is a specialist of
many years' experience , and has de
voted much of her time to the study
of diseases of the stomach , diseases
of the brain and diseases of the ner
vous system. From conclusive proof
It has been demonstrated that a llttlo
food properly served and well digest
ed Is far better than a great quantity
of an unwholesome character Improp
erly digested.
Dr. Caldwell has been afforded spe
clat advantages in studying the char
acteristics of the people , their diet ,
their hobbles and the special condi
tions governing medicine as a special
She has been awarded , In contests
with the greatest schools In the world ,
the highest prize and a number of med
als. She has been making a specialty
of chronic , nervo'us and surgical dis
eases , diseases of the eye , oar , nose ,
throat , lungs , diseases of women and
diseases of long standing character.
No matter how long such patients
have suffered or who has treated
them , she never failed to cure these
ailments. In over n quarter of a cen
tury In the experiment , study and prac
tice of her profession In the diseases
of men and women , she has cured
thousands who have been pronounced
helpless by other physicians. People
come to her from far and near to re
ceive her treatment and her offices nro
crowded at the places of her appoint
ments and all speak in the highest
praise of her treatment.
By permission wo nro pleased to
publish a few of some of the cures she
made throughout the state of Nebras
ka. These are only a few , as tlmo and
space will not permit us to publish
more :
Mrs. Sloan , Akron , Nob. , cured of
consumption and nervous trouble. The
treatment she took Improved her at
her ailments.
C. A. Lundeen , Grand Island , Neb ,
was troubled with muscular rheuma
tism and dyspepsia. Those troubles
soon disappeared.
Mrs. R. McBeth , Harder , Neb. , cured
of female and nervous troubles , wan
told by doctors operation would be
necessary. Cured in four month's
Mrs. J. Dobbins of North Platte U.
writes , "she had been doctored for
years without relief for kidney trou
ble , female and general debility. "
Mr. Michael McCabe , North PPlattb ,
cured of cancer of fact with two In
Oscar Emmlt , Columbus , Neb. , cured
of what other doctors called incurable
blood disease.
Mrs. Ella Johnson , Grand Island ,
Neb. , cured of chronic eye trouble and
Mrs. John Conelly , Akron , Neb. ,
cured of cancer.
Mrs. E. Zurlg , Bluovale , Neb. , cured
of female trouble , diabetes and stomach - j
ach trouble. * - *
S. E. Fuller , York , Neb. , cured of
stomach and bowel trouble and kidney
Miss Debore , Waco , Neb. , cured of
skin disease of years standing , had
been treated by many doctors.
Mrs. Oscar Lange , Tekamah , Neb. ,
cured of and other female
Louie Harper , Columbus , Nob. , cured
of Brlght's disease , heart trouble and
Mrs. J. Jorgensen , Coznd , had suf
fered many years from nervous dis
ease , loss of vitality and general weak
ness. She now feels healthy and like
a new woman.
Mrs. J. H. Sommers , Craig , Neb. ,
cured of female trouble , general weak
ness and loss of flesh. Cured In three
months. Mrs. Sommers had doctored
with many doctors.
W. H. Larson , G6 Nesbert St. , New-
ark. N. J. , says : "Dr. Caldwell , after
suffering for 30 years I have found no
treatment equal to yours , I write you
these few lines to speak of the ex
cellency of your treatment and I v < *
think It duo you. "
Mrs. Mary Kraken , Wayne , Neb. ,
cured of chronic rheumatism , swollen
limbs , heart trouble , headache and
general debHIty. Had almost given
up hope , when she heard of Dr. Cald
well , her treatment soon cured her
and she is now thankful.
Mrs. Charles Shaw , Ponder , cured
of rheumatism , almost had consump-
Mr. Nulph Wynduro , Beaver , Neb ,
cured of gall stones of liver.
Joe Carlson , Ft. Wayne , Ind. , cured
of largo cancer of breast.
S. J. Blessen , Platte Center , Nob. ,
cured of stomach trouble of long
standing , nervous debility ; was treated -
ed by many doctors.
Nebraska's most popular epeclaliat.
Dr. O. Caldwell , registered graduate
of the Kentucky School of Medicine ,
will make her next visit to Norfolk