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Had n Dispute Over 93 Mlnslng From
the Money Drnvrer , With n Threat
to Kill nnd Attempted Suicide by
IliirnlnK Wnn Ilitrued to the none.
ANOKA , Nob. , Sept. 8. Special to
The News : There Is talk now of callIng -
Ing a coroner's Inquest over the caus
es that lead to the death of Henry
Tolor , the Anoka merchant , and the
critical condition 'of his wife.
The funeral of Mr. Tolor was hold
yesterday afternoon and ho was bu
rled in the cemetery hero.
Mrs. Toler Is slightly better , though
etlll in a critical condition from the
burns received. During the night the
physicians attending her expected the
worst nt any moment , but there Is now
some hopes of her recovery.
Since the reputed accident there
have boon rumors that the burning
was not altogether accidental , though
the truth of 'the stories will need an
official investigation. It is said that
there had been trouble between Mr.
and Mrs. Tolor and. that the oil from
whlcti they were burned was purpose
ly thrown on ono another.
Mrs. Toler has admitted that they
hnd n qunrrel over $2 which was
missed from the till in the store. Mr.
Tolor accused Mrs. Toler of taking It.
Bho then throw a raw tomato nt him
and ho returned it with energy , and
threatened that If she threw It again
ho would kill her. With this she said :
"You wont' get a' chance , ns I'll do It
myself , " whereupon she grabbed the
kerosene can and poured the oil over
herself , applying n match to her clothIng -
Ing and was soon enveloped in the
Mr. Toler caught flre from her but
It Is believed he must have likewise
been saturated in oil as the thin shirt
ho wore would hardly have burned so
deeply , by the flre from the shirt
goods. Ills flesh was burned through
to the bone In places.
Track Cvcntn nt the Inter State Fair
Were Speedy One of lite Fn-
vorlteM Dlntaneed.
SIOUX CITY , Sept. 8. Yesterday
was one of the best days of the fair
and ono of the greatest racing days
in the history of the city.
The races were called promptly at
1 o'clock and there was no delay In
the program. The summary of events
is as follows :
2:27 : Pace.
2:27 : pace , stake , purse $1,000
Miss Terrace , b. m. , by Al- .
cantarus ( Pike ) 2 2 1 1 1
Pat C. b. g. ( Whitney ) 1 1222
The Elder ( Avery ) 4 5 4 3 3
Minnie Hern ( Hurst ) 5 3 5 4 4
Annie AVoodlock ( Wilson ) . .343 5dls
Time 2:10 % , 2:10 : % , 2:11 : , 2:13V4.
2:16 : % .
2:20 : Trot.
2:20 : tret , purse $500
.Winkle , b. m. , by Harold , Jr. ,
( Cunningham ) 6 6 1 1 1
Lady Almoneer , b. m
( Bloome ) 2 1 6 2 2
Bonnie Medium , b. g. ( Conly.l ) 2587
Van Hart , b. g. ( McCoy ) 8 7 2 3 3
Harold S , br. m. ( Whitney.3 ) 5746
Lutle C , b. m. ( Rosentell ) 4 4875
Drift Away , b. s. ( Chase ) . . . .7 8 4 6dr
Time 2:15 % , 2:16 : % , 2:17 : % . 2:15 : % ,
2:15 % .
2:11 pace , purse $500
Rex Amerlcus , g. h. , by Green
Bush King ( Woods ) 3 2 1 1 1
Lady Knapp , b. m. ( Whitney ) ! 1543
Baby Kldd , b. m. ( Parker.4 4222
Plenty , br. g. ( Harrison ) . , . .2 3 3 5 4
Tony W , br. h. ( Roby ) 5 5 6 3 5
Lola Mix , b. m. ( Cooper ) . . . .6 6 4 6 6
Time 2:101/4. : 2:09 : % , 2:10 : % . 2:11 : % ,
2:09 : % .
The running race , one mile and re
peat , had to go over until today.
Over Vno Hundred Refused to Attend
Chicago School.
CHICAGO , Sept. 8. Over 200 chil
dren today refused to attend the Longfellow -
follow school yesterday until the
principal who was transferred to an
other school during the vacation is
Later the children decided to go
back to school and submit to the rule
of the new principal.
Clark HowelU nnd Henry Wnttemon
Made Principal Addres e .
NEW YORK , Sept. 8. The banquette
to the democratic editors last night
was largely attended. Clark Howells
and Editor Henry Watterson of Louis
ville , Ky. , made principal addresses.
Tennessee PopulUU Meet.
NASHVILLE. Tenn. , Sept. 8. A
number of populists assembled in
Nashville today to make an effort to
reorganize the party In Tennessee.
An electoral ticket is to be named ,
but owing to the general lack of In
terest among the former members of
the party it is not regarded likely
that any attempt will bo made to put
a state ticket in the field this year.
Three Tliouminil 1'roplr ttinoknl ( lip
Primmer Out of Jnll unit Strung
Illtu tip to Tree In Court Ynril.
HUNTSVILLK. Aln. , Sopt. 8. A mot )
of 3,000 people took Horacu Maples , n
negro from the jail here last night tun )
hung Him to n tree In tlio court yard.
The mob Btooit oft a company of
mllltla , the ( Ire department and police ,
whllo they not lira to the jail and
smoked the negro out.
They then strung him up.
All offortn to cause the mob to do-
slat from tholr efforts were useless.
d nnil thr Soldier * Crcxiii lint *
} at I'M. Nlolirnrn.
* 'VA ° 4 'NE. Hob. , Sopt. 8. Special
to Tlit. ift : The prettiest game of
hall hoi . season was played at
Ft. Nlobr. j sterday afternoon be
tween the 4 > v-tlfth Infantry and
Dcadwood to. A , * The score was as
follows : < $ , * %
Dcadwood . . . .V/ 020000 5
Ft. Nlobrara . . . . & / ' 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 9
Unitary for Deadwood , Clicatwood
and Ml tcli oil ; for the soldiers , Free
man and Reed.
Dcadwood has won 24 straight
games this season out of 27.
WftH Making nn Arrent When the Men
Turned on Him nnd Inflicted Ileep
nnd Fntnl Gahen City Aroimed br
Ringing of Fire Hell.
One of the Fremont police officers
was stabbed several times last night
by n pair of strangers whom ho had
arrested nnd was taking to Jail. The
officer was In a critical condition at 1
o'clock this morning , nnd was not ex
pected to survive until dawn.
The Norfolk ofllcers were called up
last night and told to keep a look out
for the two men wanted there and
they made a search of the freight
when It arrived hero this monvfng ,
but without success.
Yesterday afternoon two strangers
arrived In Fremont nnd commenced
filling up on booze. Later In the af
ternoon and during the evening they
created n disturbance on the streets ,
and at about midnight they were ar
rested by the Injured olllcor and start
ed toward Jail.
In turning a corner some distance
from where the arrest was made the
prisoners turned on the officer and
stabbed him so seriously that he will
probably die.
One of the wounds and the most se
rious was In the left breast , Just above
the heart , where a long and deep gash
was cut by the knife of one of the as
sailants. Another wound was In the
officers back , Just under the ribs , and
a third knife thrust took effect In
the policeman's side.
After the assault the whole town
was aroused by the ringing of the
flre boll and a close search was made
for the criminals , but at the last re
port they had not been apprehended.
The officer was In a critical condi
tion and It Is not believed ho can long
survive the murderous assault.
Telegrams have been sent to all the
towns In the neighborhood and since
midnight there has been a careful
watch kept to prevent the escape of
the men.
Trainmen report that there were a
couple of tramps noticed on the rods
under a car of the freight train that
pulled out of Fremont soon after the
commission of the crime. The men
were noticed at a small station east
of Scribner. At Scrlbner the train was
searched but the men wore not locat
ed and It Is feared that they made
their escape east of that town.
Another search of the train was
made at this place , but no suspicious
characters were dislodged and It Is
feared that the fellows have made
a good getaway.
Senator Kenrnn Head * nn Anti-Mor
mon Movement.
SALT LAKE , Sept. 8. An anti-Mor
mon party has been formed , headed by
Senator Kearns , and supported by the
Salt Lake Tribune , which says that
both political parties own an Interest
In ecclestasttclsm.
Wooilmnn Day at St. Louli.
ST. LOUIS , Sept. 8. This was Wood
man Day at the world's fnlr and mem
bers of the Modern Woodmen of
America were In complete possession
Members of the order came In hun
dreds from all parts of Indiana , Iowa ,
Illinois , Kansas , Missouri , Nebraska ,
Wisconsin , Michigan , Minnesota and
other states , several of the delega
tions being headed by the governors
of their respective states.
Formal exorcises were held In Fes
tival hall this afternoon at which ad
dresses were delivered by President
Francis of the exposition , Head Con
sul A. R. Talbot of the Modern Wood
men , Past Head Consul W. A. North-
cott and by several of the visiting
, SecretnrleM of State.
ST. LOUIS , , Mo. , Sept. 8. A national
convention of secretaries of state was
opened In St. Louts , the secretaries
of a number of commonwealths assem
bling in response to the Invitation re
cently Issued by Secretary of State
Power of Tennessee. The object of
the meeting la to establish some uni
form system of corporate laws , by
which each secretary may bo In easy
touch with the others , and facilitate
the transaction of Interstate business
pertaining : to that * office.
Attempt to be Mnile to Surround the
RiiNKlnii * , mid It IK llelleted 1'lnhl-
Ing Will Soon lie on Himnliui Ion *
17,000 Men In Ten ln > n.
ST. PKTKRHUURO , Sept. 8 , 6 2R p.
m. Kurnpiitkln'H otllclal report from
Mukden , sent last evening , KMVM the
whole of lil.M nrmy arrived at Mukden
and Is tuklng up po.sltlonn around the
city. It scorns evident that ICurupat-
kln Is preparing to meet the Japan-
O.MO again nhouUI Oyanm continue to
press northward.
The Jap.muHo are reported to bo
moving up on either side of the rail
road , with a view to'surrounding Muk
MUICDI3N , Wednesday , Sopt. 7 , night.
Fighting has ceased and the HUH-
Mian transports and army are moving
without Interruption. Tliero Is mui'h
uncertainty concerning the movements
and purposes of the Japanese.
It Is ImposHlhlo to say definitely yet
whether there will bo another buttle
here or further north.
ICuropatkln Is evidently not seeking
a renewal of the battle with the Jup- hut If challenged he will not
decline nn engagement.
Kuropntkln'N I.ONN 17,000.
best Information obtainable at the war
office Indicates ) that ICuropatkln'H loss
during the ten days' battle at Line
Yung was about 17,000.
Kuropatkln reports that he did not
lose a gun during the retreat.
ST. PETERSBURG , Sopt. 8. Lack
of news , cither official or newspaper
dispatches , Is very trying to the pub
In spite of the assurance that Ku-
ropatkln's army Is out of danger , no
word from him has been given out for
thirty-six hours nnd not n single news
paper dispatch Inter than September
fi has been received.
The emperor has received some ad
ditional Information showing the tre
mendous difficulties on countered In
accomplishing the retreat over the
Mandarian road to Mukden , from
which It Is easy to imagine the horri
ble picture of army and baggage and
transportation trains floundering
northward over a road converted by
torrents of rain Into a rlvor of mud.
ST. PETERSBURG , Sopt. 8. There
Is not a single dispatch from the seat
of war to tell of conditions there. The
general start expresses the belief ,
however , that Kuropatkln is out of
harm's way.
LONDON' , Sept. 8. Exports bollovo
that Kuropatkln Intends to go on to
Harbin , and say that the absence of advices from the field means
nothing good for the Russians.
MUKDEN , Sopt. 8. News of a fight
nt some point between Shakhe , eleven
miles northeast of Llao Yang and
Mukden Is hourly expected.
Among the reports current hero Is
one to the effect that General Kurokl
has been killed and two Japanese gen
erals have been made prisoners , but
no one seems to know where the re
ports come from.
Engagement nt Port Arthur.
CHEFOO , Sept. 8. Chlneso who loft
Port Arthur Monday , arrived here to
day. They report that severe fighting
occurred on September 3. The Jap
anese attacked certain Russian posi
tions on the east and west flanks of
the defending army and the Russians
allowed them to approach within a
short distance of the defenses when
they opened a heavy flre and com
pelled the Japanese to retreat after
three hours of fighting.
An Incident of the engagement was
a clash between Japanese and Rus
sian regiments of cavalry , resulting In
the retreat of the former.
Jap * lloinhnrd Conit Town.
ST. PETERSBURG , Sept. 8. Two
Japanese cruisers bombarded Korsn-
kovk , Island of Sakhalin , yesterday ,
and 11 reel torpedoes at the sunken
cruiser Novlk.
No attempt was made * to land.
Ilnttle nt Sea.
WEI HAI WEI. Sept. 8. Firing at
sea was heard hero last night and
boats outside the harbor claim they
saw flashes distinctly.
WEI HAI WEI , Sept. 8. A British
ship was among those which Investi
gated the firing at sea last night.
She reports seven ships engaged and
that they steamed away upon the ap
pearance of the British ships.
ST. PETERSBURG , Sept. 8. A dis
patch from Kuropatkln timed 6:30 : yes
terday evening , received later In the
day , reported ICurokl's army about
twenty-seven miles to the eastward
of the railroad , and that Oku's army
Is twenty miles west of the railroad.
The general staff expects that a big
battle will soon be fought.
MU Mabel McPhernon of Chicago Will
be I > l flKured for Life Men
Took Jewelry.
CHICAGO. Sept. 8. Miss Mabel Mo-
Pherson of 1218 Sheridan road , dis
covered two burglars In her room ear
ly today.
They threw the contents of a bottle
tle of carbolic acid upon her , burning
her face and neck. She will recover ,
but will be scarred for life.
The burglars secured a quantity of
jewelry and escaped.
llllKliieoii In DlNpoxed of null Uelruiilen
nre tllteit Oter to the Kiijny-
nteiil * Prill Ided for Them ,
SAN FRANt'lHCO , Oil. , Hopt. 8. The
hulk of the hUHlnoHK of their annual
triennial convention having been dlH-
POMIM ! of the vlHltlng Knight * Temp-
la were loft free today lo Join tluilr
Indies and frlondx In the enjoymoiit
of the elaborate entertainment pro
vided by San FranclHoo and the neigh
boring cltloH. A largo party of thn
vlHltort ) devoted the day to nn nxour-
Mlon to Santa Crur , whllo other * at
tended the drills nt Golden Onto parker
or took Jaunt about the bay to polntx
of IntoroHt In the vicinity. The Earl
of ISunton nnd the other vlnltorH from
abroad continue to bo the recipients
of muoh attention. ConoertH , rocop-
tloiiH nnd other ontortnlnmontM on nn
elaborate wmlo linvo boon arranged
for the evening.
Iiord .Ml n to l.njii Stone ,
CALOARV , N. W. T. , Sept. 88. Lord
Mlnto nnd party vlHlted Calgary today
and were onthUHlaHtloally received.
The feature of the day's program wao
the laying of the cornor.Htono for the
now Englltih church , nt which Lord
Mlnto proNldcd.
lliiNunnil of One Woninn ( 'luirum the
Other lliiHlinnd With IlenrrllnK Mix
Family nnil Unlim fully Mtlng With
III * Wife for Three Weekn.
STANTON , Nob. , 8opt 8. Spoolnl to
The News : The cnso of the State of
Nebraska vs. Rudolph PHIHHOII ciimo
up for hearing before County Judge
I. N. Vlnlng yesterday , hut was con
tinued until the 20th of the month.
The defendant Is charged with hav
ing unlawfully doMortod hln wife , Anna
DreHHon , on August 5 , 1001 , and from
that data to August 28 , to having un
lawfully lived with ChrlMtlnn Ilamaan
In n state of adultery.
The complaining witness Is the IIUH-
tmnd of Christina Ilamaan and form
erly lived In Dodge county , where ill-
voere proceedings were Instituted
naglnst him by hlH wife.
The defendant IH nn uncle of ChrlH-
tlini' Ilamaan , with whom he Is
charged to have committed the crime.
Workirn In TfiiM arc Di'Ni'rlliiK for
the 1 'Irlil * to the North nnil tin *
.VlnnttTH lire Ki'iirflil of LONH.
HOUSTON , Texas , Sopt. S. Cotton
pickers In southwest , central and pust-
ern Texas nro deserting their Jobs for
north Texns fields , whore the crop Is
much easier to gather , and pIckerH are
In great demand. There Is consider
able distress among farmers thus af
fected on account of the scarcity of
labor , and foar.s are expressed that
the crop will not he gathered before
a spell of bad weather xuln in , which
will ruin that which Is not already
III ah Drmorriillc Contention.
democratic Htato consentlon Is in sea-
Hlon today The convention will nomi
nate a complete state ticket
Voiniilirr ICIrcllon Not Determined hy
Koiult In Hopeli-HMly Republican
Slate In September. lint a Leimon In
Comrjcil to the Party.
ESOPUS , Sept 8. Alton B. Parker ,
democratic candidate for president ,
delivered a speech here today before n
largo number of representative news
paper men from nil parts of tlio coun
Ho said In part :
"The coming election Is not to be
determined by the September vote In
hopelessly republican states , where lo
cal Issues are fought and the candi
dates even are groviously handicapped ,
but the result In Vermont admonishes
us , and there can be no harm in giv
ing voice to the admonition , that har
monious co-operation of all and the
elimination of personal , factional and
unimportant differences Involving no
surrender of principal , are essential
to success. "
Charles W. Knapp of St Louis also
delivered a speech.
Tno Pernonii Killed and Nineteen In
jured , Four Serlouiily , In n Wreck
Lost Night.
TISKILWA , 111. , Sept. 8. Two per
sons were killed and nineteen In
jured , four of them seriously , as the
result' of a collision last night of a
Rock Island passenger train and the
cars of a freight train which had been
derailed near here last night.
A u lnated In Florida.
JACKSONVILLE , Flo. , Sept 8. The
county superintendent of schools of
Leon has been assassinated. Six ne
groes have been arrested. One con
fessed that they were members of the
"Before Day Murder club , " an orga
nization similar to that at Btatesboro ,
Ga. All wore taken to Live Oak for
safe keeping. Innocent negroes are
in great alarm.
or oiiio.
tine faction llelletex II HUH Surrredeil
In lint Inn Niime of llerrlek Adopted ,
nnil finternor IK Notlllnl , hut Other
WliiK With Name of Wllinetl.
WaHhlngton , Hopt. 8. Governor Her-
rlolc of Ohio IUIH been placed In a
HomtHvlmt omtmrntHHlng poMtlnn In
the miming of n poHtollIco In the Hone-
bud tract of Hoilth Dakota. Theie nro
two factloiiH In ono of the cominunltloH
there , one of which Hied n petition
unking that the office bo named \VI1-
mett , whllo the other , which Included
Home natives of Ohio , ruqucMtod that
It ho called llerrlclc. It IH mild that
the HinmtorH nnd lepronnntntlven from
South Dakota IndoiHod both petltlotiH
nnd the 1 lei rick people , concluding
they hud won out , wrote Governor
llcrrlck tolling him of the honor they
had conferred on him. The governor
Hont a warm letter In reply nnd hard
upon Us receipt came the announce
ment that the office had been named
Wllmett Now the Ilorrlck people are
endeavoring to have the name changed.
Vermont Semite nil RepiihllcnnK nnd
HoiiKe HUM I'lte Democrat * .
Sept 8. Thn returns from the state
election show that the Htato senate
will bo solidly republican , nnd that
the benne of the reproHontatlvos will
have but live democrats.
CiiNloni I'Xnlillxliril More Thnn n lrc-
nile AKO IN Ohiirrteil hy Colorado
Town FnmoiiH for Melon * .
ROCKY FORD , fol , Sept. 8 In pur-
Hiianco of n ciiHtom cHtnhllNhod more
than n decade ago and maintained
regularly Hlnco that time the town of
Rocky Ford and the adjacent country
today gave ItHolf over to the celobra-
tlon of "Watermelon day. " The val
ley horoaboutM has long been famed
for Itu wntermeloiiH and cantaloupes ,
the crop being coiiNldorod the tlnoHt
produced anywhere In thn country and
the product finding ready market In
cities IIH far distant ns Now Yotk nnd
Today's celebration was hold In con-
jiiiutlon with the ArkniiHaH Valley fair
and It attracted scores of vl.Hltnr.s from
far nnd near. The Juicy melons of all
varieties wore muoh In evidence nnd
It Is o.Htlmatcd that not ICXH than llf-
teen carloadH of cnntelopes nnd wa-
tormt Ions * were distributed ftce to the
Only T enl.vlT . of the I.'lrrnt Fifty
IteMponildl When Their NnmeM
Were Cnllcil.
Devils Lnk. N. D. , Sept. 8. Filing
on Fort Tottcn lands has commenced
and up to noon of the first day the
regular allotment of the first fifty
lucky number wore culled In the local
land office. Brucp G. Warren of Forest
Rlvor N. D. , who drew No. 1 In the
drawing , was present when the land-
office opened arid made his filing. No.
2 , Alexander O. Rlndahl of Rlndahl ,
Minn . failed to answer the cntl.
Of llfty numbers ended only twenty-
Mix responded , but not reporting
nro nltowed another day to answer In
rotation from one upwards until the
first day's call IH exhausted. No. 61
will then bo called and the next fifty
names In the original drawing record
ed. This method will be continued
until all of the COO entitled to file have
been called. Those falling to report
upon second call will lose all rights
to claims.
Corn IK Coming Along Nicely nnil Only
Wnntu u Little More Time lie-
fore Front.
LINCOLN , Sept. 7 The weekly crop
bulletin Issued by G. A. Loveland , di
rector of the department of agricul
ture Is n.a follows :
The past week has been cool with
scattered' showers. The condition gen
erally has been very favorable for ag
ricultural Interests.
The mean dally temperature has av
eraged 2 degrees below the normal.
The maximum temperatures were gen
erally slightly above 80 degrees on
most days of the week.
The rainfall of the week was con
fined to local showers occurring on
August 29 or on September 1 and 2.
The amount was quite generally less
than half an Inch but In some places
It exceeded nn Inch nnd In a few north-
thern counties It exceeded two Inches.
Threshing and haying have been re
tarded by rain In the central and
northern counties , and in some places
considerable hay was damaged by
rain. In the southern counties haying
and threshing made good progress
and in all parts of the state this work
Is universally well advanced for the
season of the year. The third crop of
alfalfa Is generally a good one and la
largely secured In good condition.
Corn has Improved in condition quite
generally and the early planted Is
maturing nicely. Some fields are now
beyond injury by frost. In parts of
the central and northern counties
where the showers were heaviest corn
has made rather slow progress to
wards maturity. The late planted corn
has grown well but much of It Is quite
late. About two weeks of favorable
weather will place the bulk of the
crop beyond danger by frost , but some
fields of very late corn will need three
or four weeks yet to mature.
Plowing baa advanced well and la
Teiiiprrntnrr for Twenty-four Hoar *
EiidliiK nl H O'clock ThU Mornlntr.
Forernaf for NrlirnnUn.
Condition of tlio wmithor an rocord- >
ml for the 24 hourn ending at 8 a. ra.
Maximum .81
Minimum 63
Avorag" 6B
Total rainfall for month 1,00
llaromotor 29.00
( 'IIU'AGO. Hepl. S. The bulletin In-
Hiied by the Chicago illation of th
United H tat on weather bureau thta
morning , glvox the forecast for Ne
braska nn foliowm
Pair tonight and Friday.
now reported about completed In snv-
eral ( Munition. Very little winter
wheat IUIH boon Mown an yet although ,
needing commenced llio pant wook. In
launy HniitbmiHteni ( Munition llm mill In
Mtlll dry for plowing and Mending. In
oilier purtH of the Htato the neil In gnn-
erully In good condition fur thin work.
I'otntooH are being dug In many din *
trlotH nnd the crop IH nn unusually
good ono. In only a very few canon
have icpnitH of rotting boon rnndo.
Hugitr boetH nro growing llnoly and
promlHo a largo crop.
t'ommnnder Penry I * the Acllie Prel-
dent of the Organisation. . Preal-
denl RnoKeielt Will Receive the
Delegate * After Trip Went.
WASHINGTON. D. C. , Supt. 8. Mon
of dlstlngulHhod appearance and
whoHo furrowed brown ovldanco 1mb-
ItH of deep Htudy and thought flllod
olunibla unlvurHlty hall today when
the eighth International Geographic
oiigreHH wan called to order by Com
mander Robert 15. Peary , U. H. N. , tun
active prosldent of the organization.
'I'ho.Mo preHont numbered Hovernl hun
dred nnd Included eminent scientists ,
oxploiorH , educators and roprosontn-
tlvi'H of learned HoclotloH of America
and Europe.
The sessions of the congress begun
today will continue until the end of
thin week. The papers and dlscus-
Hlons will cover the widest posHlblo
inngo of subjects relating to geogra
phy In all Its branchuH , Including do-
Hcrlptlvo geography , phyHlcal geogra
phy , commercial nnd industrial geog
raphy , nnd geographic education.
Special attention will bo given to the
dlscuHHlon of methodH of surveying
and mapping and to the comparison
of these mothodH ns pursued In other
countrleH with the work of the feder
al nnd Htato surveys maintained In the
United States.
Following the general meeting In
this city the members of the con-
gniHH will proceed In n body to Phila
delphia whore they will bo ontor-
talned next Monday by the Philadel
phia Geogrnphlenl society. The two
following diiyH will bo npcnt In Now
York IIH guo.Hts of the American Geographical
graphical Hoclety , nftor which the
delegates will proceed to St. Loula
by way of Niagara Falls and Chicago.
At. St. Louis the congress will hold
a three days' HOHHOII ! In conjunction
with the Congress of Arts nnd Scloncw.
A fnr woHt trip Is planned after thu
St. LoulH adjournment , and on return
to Washington President Roosevelt
will receive the members of the con-
PreKaed no Hnrd , Montana Hornethlef
Iour * | [ | H Plunder.
Devils Lake. N. D. . Sopt. 8. Sheriff
Carmlclmel and State's Attorney Davis
have returned to Cando , after a threa
days' chano of Ed Brown , a Montana
horsothlof. Brown stole a valuable
horne from Joe Mornland near Cando.
Pursuit was Immediately started by
the sheriff nnd p sxe.
The thief was overtaken by More-
land near Lnngdon In a sod shanty.
Morcland advanced with a rifle and
ordered Brown to throw up his hands.
Brown was armed with n large revel
ver nnd warned Morelnnd not to be
In a hurry. He then throw up his
hands as If to wurrondor and at the
amo time dodged behind the door and
closed It , whereupon Morelnnd fired.
Into the door , but missed his man. '
Brown then dug a hole in the other
end of the sod shanty and ran into a
wheat field , Moreland firing two shots
at him , and Brown returning the fire.
None of the shots took effect.
The thief then escaped through the
wheat field , leaving the stolen horsa
beside two other horses and a buggy.
It Is not known who owns the other
property , but It Is believed to have
been stolen from some farmer.
U Is reported that a standing reward
of $160 Is out for Brown for stealing
horses In Montana.
IIoo-IIoo at Fair.
ST. LOUIS , Mo . Sept. 8. The sharks
of the universe are arriving in the
world's fair city. They may be dis
tinguished about the streets and at
the exposition by their familiar badge
of the black cat , emblematic of the
Concatenated Order of Hoe - Hoe ,
which will begin Its thirteenth annual
convention hero tomorrow morning.
The order la made up mostly of lum
bermen , together with traffic officials ,
trade paper editors and other Inter
ested In the lumber industry. The
coming convention promises to be the
largest In the history of the order.
Largo delegations are already here or
are reported on the way from Texas.
Louisiana , Michigan , Minnesota , Illi
nois , Wiaconaln , Tennessee and other